Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sister Act

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2

In this week’s Maggiecentric Grey’s Anatomy, just about everything than could go wrong for Mer’s secret half sister did – and then they went wronger still. Here’s how “Puzzle with a Piece Missing” ultimately fit together.

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COLD FRONT | Even when Maggie met Derek and Zola in the hospital cafeteria, Mer was so chilly to the newbie, she could have given them all frostbite. Later, Maggie tried to demand that Mer at least look at her when they’re speaking… and was interrupted by a singing telegram from her adoptive parents – a singing sturgeon telegram, no less! And, as we all know, nothing says “Take me seriously!” like a warbling fish!

OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT | At first, it seemed as if Maggie was bonding with Jo after yelling at her (explaining that nice, young, pretty women like themselves have to “bring the thunder” at work in order to be taken seriously). But then, Alex’s girlfriend bragged about his likelihood of winning Cristina’s board seat – without revealing that they were dating – and Maggie congratulated him in front of Dr. Butthole… who, having no idea he was quitting, canned him. In turn, Maggie axed Jo from her service. Temporarily, anyway. (Maggie couldn’t help but forgive Jo when the resident marveled that, in just one day with Pierce, she had learned “a crap ton.”)

YOU WIN SOME… | Although Maggie’s interest in genetics piqued Bailey’s interest – and sent Miranda back to her locked-up genome lab – it wound up getting Pierce in hot water with Owen and affording her a chance to mouth off to Jackson before realizing what a lofty position he holds at Grey Sloan. However, her renewed investigation into the mysterious case of the McNeils – you remember, that unfortunate family Cristina treated last season – yielded impressive results: Genetics were to blame for the kids cardiomyopathy diagnoses.

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YOU LOSE SOME… | After Richard and Amelia encouraged Maggie to get to know Mer in spite of her prickliness, the half sibs’ relationship reached what appeared to be a point of no return when Pierce let an elderly cancer patient die (per the wishes that the patient’s daughter wouldn’t grant). Initially, Mer – unaware of the woman’s readiness to go – was so outraged that she ran straight to Owen. But, upon learning the facts, Mer supported Maggie when she had to inform the deceased’s daughter that her mother had passed away. Encouraged by this, Maggie finally blurted out to Mer that Ellis was her biological mother. Rather than respond with empathy or even curiosity, Mer hissed that Maggie was wrong or lying, and either way, she wanted nothing to do with Pierce. So, no hug, then?

WORKS IN PROGRESS | At least, Maggie seemed to have made a friend in Amelia. (Since they both admitted that they hadn’t gotten lucky in a long time, can a girls’ night out be far behind?) Meanwhile, on the back burner, Callie and Arizona argued about the latter’s desire to accept the fellowship with Dr. Herman when they were already planning to have another baby. In the end, Arizona decided to turn down Dr. Herman, at which point, naturally, Callie insisted that she go for it.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Is Maggie growing on you? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sara says:

    Awful episode. Awful character. A centric episode for her wasn’t needed.

    • RReg says:

      Quite a good episode. Glad that someone besided Mer did the voice over. Glad someone besides Mer was the focus of the episode. Mer cannot and should not be the focus of every episode

      The singing sturgeon was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. This episode is a keeper.

      • Mika02 says:

        This In spades!

      • abz says:

        While I’m liking Maggie so far and did think it was a good episode, I completely disagree. Meredith should be the focus of the majority of the episodes and have a significant story arc or arcs for the season. For too long her character has been pushed aside because the show brought on endless amounts of characters, new interns who had way too much time devoted to them, etc. It’s only fair that with Cristina gone, Meredith should be brought back to the centre of the show. I’m not saying to abandon stories of the other characters entirely but she should be focused on a lot more than she has the past several seasons.

    • Crys says:

      I quite enjoyed the episode. Maggie is going to be a major character on the show and I appreciate not waiting numerous episodes for Mer to find out she was her sister. I HATE when shows do that. I do admit the long lost sister bit is overplayed on Grey’s but am expecting a different dynamic. Lexi was the quintessential little sister (like me) wanting Mer to love her. Maggie and Mer are on the same level so it will be more push and pull. Like Maggie= she’s quirky not dark and twisted. Love Mer, she’ll come around. Thought this was one of the better episodes in the last two seasons.

    • Debbie says:

      i agree with u

    • Debbie says:

      I mean i agree with u sara it was awful

  2. Jessica says:

    Terrible episode, I hate that she did the voiceover, I hate everything about it. Meredith’s reaction was on point, I wouldn’t believe her either.

  3. Francisca says:

    Awful character. Awful episode. Awful voice over. This was terrible after such a great beginning. I don’t care a single iota for Maggie or her back story. Such a bad decision to make the SECOND epi her centric episode.

  4. Hayes says:

    It probably wouldn’t be too bad if she wasn’t such a terrible actress.

    • Heather says:

      Her acting was actually really great. You’re just one of those many idiots who don’t like new characters. Get over it.

      • Hayes says:

        Aw, did someone piss in your Cheerios today?

        • Heather says:

          Nope, but someone definitely peed yours. Christina is gone get over it and move on.

          • Hayes says:

            LOL. I merely stated my opinion on her acting skills. Note that I said nothing about Cristina. I said nothing about the new characters. This has nothing to do with the storyline because I am still going to keep watching, I’m loyal like that. Don’t put words in my mouth, and don’t assume. I commented on the subject of her acting and nothing else.

      • ekolint48 says:

        Agreed. Her acting is good. Like the character.

    • I didn’t see anything bad about her acting at all.

    • say what? says:

      Her acting is brilliant! Some viewers disapprove of her because she doesn’t fit their idea of what Meredith’s sister would look like. You don’t have to imply it but the thought is still there. Some people on this site are so full of crap it’s exhausting. Some viewers make up their minds to hate a character before hand. It’s the way the world works, we judge others based on stereotypes, IMFO!

  5. Steph says:

    Sorry I’m not really missing Christina. I really like Pierce, which may be residual from her role on Emily Owens, but I think she’s nailing it and I love love love that Caterina Scorsone is a regular on the show now.

    • Holly says:

      I agree with you on all points. I didn’t think the episode was anything to write home about but the actress who portrays Maggie is not any worse than any other actor on Greys. As usual, the newbie is getting the usual Shonda hazing (written to be disliked by everyone and their mother) and of course the vintage Grey’s fans hate her like they do any other character/actor that isn’t an original or the actor cute by their definition.

      • Steph says:

        Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking! No one new is ever liked. Also I think the fans are angry about Christina leaving and are taking it out on the new girl who is being made out as trying to replace her (which she’s not and I don’t think that’s the intention.) But leaving was Sandra Oh’s choice and she got a better send off than most of the actors who have decided to leave the show (i.e. she lived through it). So we should be happy that both the character and her actress are satisfied and give these new story lines a chance.

        • Sofia says:

          *You did what Yang couldn’t do* or something along this line. If this new chick isn’t a pathetic attempt of replacing SO, I don’t know what it is.
          She seems a 12 year old butterfly bouncing around the halls of the hospital, which is sad because we really need someone really interesting to help to ease Cristina’s absence.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t know if it is because fans are angry Christina is gone but I do feel that they are pushing to much of Maggie at us. This is the second show of the season and it was all centered around her. Personally I am tired of them have a mysterious Grey child show up, feel like we have been there done that. Her acting was fine I am just not sure I like the way the show is going. Time will tell.

  6. Rick Katze says:

    I see the Yang groupies are out in full force. FYI: I was quite unhappy to see Yang leave.

    It was a good episode opening up a lot of potential storylines. I see Richard and Meredith having a heart-to-heart hopefully next week and we still have the Board Meeting to look forward to.

    • Agree. I will always miss Yang, but if I wanted to wallow in the past, I’d just stop watching GA and watch the DVDs up to now. Or watch the repeats on cable, which I do regularly. :P

      New characters are cool. Opens up new possibilities with all the established cast.

      • Sofia says:

        wow, the minions of GA’s production are here in full force promoting the new character. They’re really investing in it. Cool. But strange anyway that are so many rabid fans of Maggie already in episode 2.

  7. Addie says:

    I think having a whole episode devoted to a brand-new character who our main character doesn’t even like was a bit of a misstep. Especially the second episode back from a long hiatus. And especially having her make the wrong impression on characters who we’ve been siding with already. But I’m choosing to be optimistic and hope that it’s partly so we can just know who Maggie is and then kind of move on a little and not have every episode about this storyline.

    • One of the only reasons I’ve stuck with Grey’s, and have come back after not watching for a couple seasons, is because the show NEVER has written Meredith as being perfect, or right 100% of the time, or a woman who can do no wrong.

      It’s entirely possible Meredith is wrong to be so cold to Maggie. It’s entirely possible Maggie is expecting far too much from Meredith. It’s organic drama — and actually well-written.

      Let’s not forget, Meredith hated Callie at first. Referred to her in various derogatory ways, including suggesting she was a slut, and also crazy in some way. Would you say Meredith was “right”?

      • Sophie says:

        This. Push & pull dynamic is always far more interesting than a character mulling over a secret forever. keeps the writers on their toes as well. Meredith now has the power to push reallt hard back b/c she knows Who maggie’s father is– and then we”ll get even more fireworks! Cannot wait to meet her parents: I wish for Stockard Channing or Allison Janney as her mother or Tracee Ellis Ross would’ve been perfect if not for Black-ish commitment. Her dad and his hilarious crying, i couldn’t even begin to think—deeelightful anticipation there… Who do ya think??

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think we needed to dive into the new character because waiting til mid season for Mer to find out would have stupid. The sister drama needs to ramp up quick, so when it levels out and they “kinda” get along.. Then they can blow up things between Meredith and Derek… (That is a storm brewing).
      I found that after all was said and done.. I am starting to like Maggie. I love Amelia full-time on staff and I think this is going to be a solid season. Once people stop comparing Maggie to Yang (they are completely different types of surgeons).. Then I think people will turn around about her.

      • Layla says:

        I really loved this episode. I thought the season opening was a bit slow and the bits that were supposed to Be humourous I thought were cringe worthy. But this second episode was brilliant. I love this new character, and we finally have a storyline to follow through the season that doesn’t involve Callie and airizona wanting to have a baby… I have to say that couple is getting so old and boring now

  8. Kai says:

    For a show on its eleventh season, you would expect the writers to not make such a rookie mistake. A centric episode for a secondary character that was only introduced a few episodes ago is too soon and too unnecessary. Not to mention her storyline is just a recycled version of Lexie and Teddy’s (the half-sister trying to fit in the hospital as the head of Cardio).

  9. Tony says:

    I thought it was a decent episode. I’m not missing Cristina that much so far (nothing to do with not liking her). And I am glad Maggie came clean with Meredith now and not as a cliffhanger mid season or end of the season.

  10. N says:

    I liked Maggie!

  11. Amber says:

    So I missed the season premiere….why does Mer hate Maggie so much? It can’t just be because she took over for Cristina after she chose to leave. That would be stupid.

    • Steph says:

      No it’s even more stupid than that they got into a pissing contest over a patient (in which Meredith was wrong) and that’s why she hates her also yes probably because her bestie moved away and is intent on hating the new person in her job (because she’s twelve.)

  12. Temmera says:

    I really like Maggie. I think she’s great! What is it with people always hating new characters? Christina is gone and isn’t missed. Her replacement is great!

  13. Luli says:

    Amy is hilarious! So glad Caterina Scorsone is now a regular!

  14. JB says:

    If Maggie was hired as head of cardio, how does she not know who is on the board? She does not exude “Cardio God/ess” like Burke or Teddy. She’s just not believable as a leader. I think that’s my problem with her.

  15. Jamie Barker says:

    So far I am really not liking Meridith this season. She got what she wanted from her husband and is pissed about it, and it wouldn’t have mattered if God himself took over the head of cardio position she would have been mean to them. I do understand that she has had sister’s coming out of the woodwork over the years but just dismissing it out of hand with no consideration is harsh. I mean what could this women gain by claiming Elis is her bio-mom? It’s not like she left a bunch of money or anything and she really couldn’t cash in a the notoriety the Grey name has (or what is left). I really hope Mer pulls her head out of her a** and gets it together, her best friend moved she didn’t die. I am looking forward to Maggie finding out Richard is her bio-dad, I just hope it doesn’t crash and burn too.
    I kind of liked seeing the characters from a different prospective we can get caught up in all that we know and forget how they can seem to outsiders.

    • There have been plenty of times where I have not liked Meredith. It makes her human for me. Sometimes she’s got her head so far up her a** … that the acrobatics required are amazing. Other times, she’s an amazing human being.

    • sharona says:

      I totally agree with you. I thought the whole point of the episode was to show them from an outsiders perspective. Also think Meredith is getting more and more unlikable. I was on her side with staying and pursuing her goals and not moving for her man but she’s just not a sympathetic character to me any more. I kind of feel like this new sister is a way for the show to go on as GA after Ellen leaves.

      • Mary says:

        I look at her as human. Her person moved and took a position away from there. Then her husband decided to not take his dream job to stay home. She feels that he will end up regretting that and she will be held responsible. In her mind it is like full circle, her father did the same thing in the beginning with her Mother. I think she is trying to work out her anxiety and then load and behold here is another long lost sibling.

    • abz says:

      That part about her being pissed about her husband, I think you’re looking at it too simplistically. Her reaction to is perfectly natural. Just like she knew she’d grow to resent him if she went to DC, she’s also worried that after some time has passed, Derek might grow to resent her and regret not going.
      I agree with you on the sister thing somewhat. A really bad quality Meredith has always seemed to have is that she dismisses things almost instantly and takes a long time to come around. She dismissed Lexie and took a long time to get to know her.
      On the other hand, Cristina was her best friend and her confidant. The bond between them was almost indescribable. They were family. And now here comes Maggie who not only is claiming to be her sister (something that she’s already been through once before and painfully ended up losing her sister), but has also taken over Cristina’s exact position. So maybe Meredith at the moment sees Maggie as a physical reminder of a few of the most significant people (Cristina and Lexie) to enter and leave her life (yes, I know Yang only moved, but things would never be the same for them.
      My overall point being, no character of Grey’s is 100% likeable. It’s in the name of the show “Grey”. A lot of the characters are flawed or gray.

      • monica4185 says:

        Thank You for explaining why Meredith is pissed at Derek for not taking the job. She just doesn’t want him to regret it later and resent her for it. She wanted him to take the job but she also wanted to stay in Seattle and find a way to make it work without either of them giving up what the wanted to do professionally.

      • monica4185 says:

        Here is the differences between Meredith’s attitude towards Lexie and Meredith’s attitude towards Maggie is that Mer did know who Lexie was because Susan told her that about Lexie back in S2. In this case Meredith doesn’t know who Maggie is and there is absolutely no reason for her to be nice to her or even like her. To Meredith, Maggie is just some new doctor who took over Cardio. Meredith is not being unprofessional she just is being indifference towards Maggie and Maggie is taking it personal and overreacting because she wants to be accepted by Meredith. The only person complaining about Meredith attitude here is Maggie, no one else seems to think that Meredith is being unprofessional or mean just Maggie. I don’t think Maggie is registering in Meredith’s radar at all and Maggie is taking it personal.

        You know who you all should be disappointed in Webber, he know who is Maggie and yet is not doing anything to let Meredith know so she could ease up toward Maggie.

  16. Janet Marie says:

    What should have happened: Bailey (the baby Bailey) should have gotten sick, needed bone marrow…. they all sign up to get tested… Mmm…. a match… Mer gets all so curious, because, face it, she didn’t like Little Grey for the longest time either! Genetics, genetics and… BAM! PoW! Mer figures out on her own, now she doesn’t know if she should tell 1/2 sis, and she figures out its also Richards daughter…. this, would have been a FAR better way…. emotions on many sides of the coin instead…. we get Pissy Mer….

  17. tahina45 says:

    How long before Meredith takes her head out of her a*s. She is undergoing Cristina’s withdrawal, I get it. But she is getting on on my nerves, besides I like Maggie. Also enjoyed her with Amelia(she is a trip, so unlike her bro)..One set-back though, little time for my favorite couple, Calzona, but even with 5 secs of screen time, they shine! Hope Callie really meant she supports her wife! :)

  18. MAGGIEFAN619 says:

    I Love Maggie!!!

  19. Schelli says:

    That was genius using ear buds on Maggie for her monolog to talk to her mom!! Genius!

  20. Pam says:

    This was probably the first episode in eleven seasons that I didn’t like of Greys. Sure there have been some bad episodes but there is usually at least something I liked about them enough to rewatch later. Not this time. Think this was a bad choice creatively. It’s only their second week in ABCs death slot. They should have waited a little bit before doing an episode like this if it was a must. Can’t stand Maggie and I was indifferent to her before. New characters need to be eased in gradually, not shoved down our throats.

  21. Kc says:

    Well after Dr Pierce said who her mother was, I know it took us all only about a half of a second to realize who the father is.Lol! I’m glad that they didn’t come up with this idea,but Shonda Rhymes had it planned out from the beginning.Thanks Me Rhymes for giving us some really good shows to watch on tv.It takes a lot more effort and work to create a fictional show vs just setting up a camera in some people’s houses and watching them live.We need a lot less reality shows.

  22. Kc says:

    Someone said that they didn’t like that Dr Pierce did the voice over.I didn’t like that either.I hope they are not trying to make the new lady the star of the show.

  23. pat mayer says:

    The new character that replaced Yang is AWFUL!!! This is the first time I have ever commented about anything !!! I have watched Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning and I am ready to stop! She is ruining the show!!!

    • Benedict says:

      No, she’s not ruining the show and she’s damn good. I really, really like her. Meredith is the one being a grouchy ice queen. She’s been that way since the end of last season. I don’t understand why Grey fans are always mean to new characters. You guys decide you’re going to hate them before you even get to know them. Every new character that has came on the show always get a lot of hate before the fans warm up to them. It’s really ridiculous.

      • Mary says:

        She is not being a ice queen, she is trying to work out her feelings. She never wanted to be her Mother and yet here her husband decided to stay and she feels that it will come back and bite her in the A.s. Also having her best friend who has been through it all with her leave in reality there is a mourning period. Yes she is not dead, but it still in not the same. New characters are one thing, but really does everyone have to be a Grey sibling?? I think it was a misstep to have the show center around Pierce this early in the game. I understand they are trying to get us to know her, but personally I thought she came off a little bi..y. and arrogant. There is a way to make friends and influence people and for me Pierce doesn’t have the personality to do that.

  24. Decent enough episode but I am really missing April and Jackson. Can we get the expectant couple some more screen time?

  25. BostonGreekGirl says:

    Um wasn’t this already done like 5-6 seasons ago? Talk about played out. How many secret sisters can Meredith have? Time to end this show

  26. Connie says:

    So mad about this episode! I look forward to Greys every week and this was such a waste! 100% the worst episode they’ve ever did. Thank goodness for Amelia (love her) and the Mer at the end. The only saving graces of the ep.

    I really feel like they’re trying to overly push Maggie on us and it’s just making me hate her more. The fact that someone so new got to do a VoiceOver and have an episode completely centered on them just seemed disrespectful to the rest of the cast members who never have. Makes me mad. Strong opinion.

    • Crys says:

      I’m pretty sure that singing episode was the worst episode ever. Lol

      • Connie says:

        See I thought about that but at least the musical ep had a strong storyline, featured all the characters, and had Addison. This was significantly worse for me.

  27. May says:

    I love Maggie’s character and I loved this episode…. also, last week’s flashback scene from Meredith’s childhood was the perfect way to lead into this episode. I’m glad they didn’t drag out the “secret” for half the season and I’m really looking forward to next Thursday. I mean, without Maggie’s storyline, what the heck else were they going to do post-Christina?

  28. Jaclyn says:

    Love Maggie..loved the episode!! Love this season so far and I love Grey’s!!!

  29. Brooke says:

    Grey’s fans are acting like Meredith towards Maggie hahah give the chick a chance. It’s only her second episode on the show and yall act like she’s already ruined the ENTIRE thing. Chill out. Is it so horrible that they dedicated ONE episode to a character that we don’t know and that’s a HUGE part in the most major storyline this season so we can get to know more about her personality and what type of person and surgeon she is?

  30. Abby says:

    I like the character and the actress but did not like the episode. Was too much character too soon. Feel like Maggie is being forced on me by Intravenous therapy instead of using controlled release tablets so I can slowly work her in my system. Episode 1 of Season 11 was off to a good start hope this episode was just a hiccup. But the special effects are cartoon like if they can’t do the effects right just don’t do them at all.

  31. Anna says:

    I didn’t like the episode; I agree with what was said before, this episode was too early in the season. I don’t really care for Maggie yet, so I didn’t really wanna see a whole episode from her POV yet. I’m not a huge fan of secret siblings as a plot device in general, buuuut we’ll see where this goes, I’m definitely gonna giver her a chance.

  32. laura says:

    Already hate Maggie. Awful episode. Awful character. A centric episode that wasn’t needed.
    You can’t focus an entire episode on a secondary character that was only introduced a few episodes ago and give no screentime to the people we already love like japril ( we barely see them for the second ep in a row)
    Seriously this is horrid! Does Shonda want us to stop watching? Because I think I might just do that!
    the only thing I save from the ep is Ameliaand the little merder and zola scene

  33. Pat says:

    As a long time viewer of this show I would have to say that last nights episode, was not a major fail but it certainly was not up to an “A” rating. I think that the character of Maggie has been forced, to quickly. I do not blame the actress, but I do blame the writers and producers. I hope that they take heed and pull back on this. She is a good actress and her character could be more likable instead of having her look like a bull in a china shop, from the very first episode.

    • ronE says:

      We, the loyal fans are the ones to blame… The writers/producers know that we will be there week after week regardless! We have to send them a message. They take us for granted; case in point, they took off most of November and December last year knowing that we will be there whenever the show returned. Wholesale changes were made, and this season started out with what seems to be a lack of quality writing. But we are still there eating it all up. We need to send a message to Ms. S R, bring the show back to its high standards.

  34. EM says:

    The actress is fine and she will fit in but way too early for a Maggie centric episode IMO. It’s the writing of this story line that is an issue for me. We barely know this character and what a waste of time spent on the phone talking to the invisible parents that I have zero interest in. At least we got to see Zola.

  35. Katie says:

    I enjoyed the Maggie centric episode – it was different and interesting.I’m also pretty they are setting up an Owen and Maggie relationship

  36. Ashbash says:

    I’m just not liking the Maggie character at all and no it’s not because I want Christina or Lexie back. She’s extremely childish about everything and most of her problems are caused by her either not opening her mouth or opening her mouth too much and then she gets upset with the people that correct her. I get she’s a new character and new at the hospital but some of her mistakes could have been avoided through proper communication. I’m just not jelling with this character yet I guess. And I definitely liked Lexie’s introduction better than Maggie’s at least with Lexie it seemed so wrong for Meredith hating her but with Maggie I completely understand. Hopefully when we learn more about her I can come to love the character…hopefully.

  37. can't touch this says:

    Excellent episode. The voice over was perfection and I’m so thrilled with the Brillant Shonda Rhimes.

  38. Marie Cleary says:

    Do not like Maggie – Awful actress – Do not like her doing the voice over put Meredith back – She was so much better- Please do not break up Mer & Der – Not Greys without them –

  39. LaLa says:

    I actually appreciated this episode, and the chance to get to know Maggie. She (and Geena Davis’ character) are the unknowns this season, and I’m glad to learn how and where they will fit in. Also, if Maggie is the HEAD of Cardio-thor-a-sic surgery (cause I know nothing about medicine), why isn’t she afforded the respect that that position calls for? The whole “oh, she’s the new person, so I don’t have to pay attention to anything that comes out of her mouth,” attitude is so unrealistic and unprofessional. I felt like I was watching some teen bullying movie.
    I’m really disappointed in Meredith. Man, if she isn’t having the major snit of all snits this season. She needs to grow up. I know that eventually she will have no choice but to come around to accepting Maggie (even if she never likes her), but my goodness. I am so turned off by her attitude. And then running straight to Owen. That was a straight *rhymes with snitch* move if I ever saw one. Owen not wanting to entertain her ideas for testing for those kids because Cristina hadn’t thought of it? What was that? Alex jumping all down her throat – well, that was excusable.
    Overall, I liked the episode, but Mer needs to get over herself. I understand that Cristina left her believing she’s “the sun” and all, but Cristina only meant in her own little universe, not everyone else’s.

    • Sara says:

      It really bugs me that any time the show decides to refocus on Meredith, they make her a complete and utter jerk. Her behavior towards Maggie (before learning her parentage) is completely unreasonable and unprofessional.

  40. katrina says:

    I really enjoyed this episode! It was nice and had some funny moments. Not sure why there are so many haters!

    • Lerbert says:

      I enjoyed it also. I was hoping we would get to know Maggie from the start and I think the immediate focus on her shows that there is a commitment to the character. Kelly McCreary’s acting is on point. And all the callbacks to Lexie? Really? It was not exactly a love-fest when her character was introduced. I say thank goodness we didn’t have to wait half a season for her reveal to Meredith. I don’t think waiting for a mid-season reveal is necessary to keep the dramatic pace going if the writing is strong.

  41. anonymous says:

    Really liked this episode! Really made me like Maggie a lot, when before I couldn’t care less. I liked her dynamic with Amelia and Arizona, too! The writers continue to prove they learned their lessons from Erica Han (?). That was an unlikable character.

  42. Sara says:

    Why is it that anytime the writers and producers decide to make bring the focus back to Meredith, they always make her such a complete jerk? They can’t refocus on her and make her likeable? It has been 10 years, the “dark and twisty” thing only goes so far these days. There really is no reason for her to be so completely unprofessional with the new cardio-thoracic doctor.

  43. Tom says:

    Here’s the thing:

    It’s not that I don’t like Maggie. I don’t know her yet. And that’s the problem. Where they masterfully rolled out Lexie slowly, I feel like they’re forcing Maggie on us. She doesn’t deserve an entire voice over much less an entire episode. She hasn’t put in her time. I don’t care about her because I don’t know her. The jury’s still out. This may have been a good 9th or 10th episode where we’ve met her and she has already told Meredith about herself. It was just too soon.

  44. Maar says:

    Doesn’t seem like they want us to like Maggie. Why have her bash Meredith the ENTIRE time…the character we have been following for 11 years and get Alex fired?? Seriously

  45. Elle says:

    Yes, I miss Sandra Oh, have no problem with Mer having a half sister she wasn’t aware of (again), but I dislike this character, her pompous attitude and I think we are being hit over the head with her. As of now, I find her annoying, and mouthy.

  46. Elle says:

    Meredith says that Maggie is five years younger than she is….how on earth does she know how old Maggie is?

  47. Sherry says:

    Has anyone noticed that Meredith and Maggie have the same, but very slight, lisp when they speak?

  48. Debbie says:

    Awful episode, why do they have to let maggie become the center of the episode. I feel like im not watching grey’s anatomy but the maggie pierce show that was so boring. Disappointing

  49. Question: if Maggie’s five years younger than Meredith, how is she the head of a department?!

  50. jj says:

    Maggie sucks as a character. She is whiny and annoying. Her lisp is annoying. Her desperation is annoying. Please let her get Ebola and have Meredith not save her. Thanks shonda.