Mistresses Renewed for Season 3

The forecast for Summer 2015 is steamy with a high chance of exposed man-torso.

ABC announced today that it has renewed its addictive sudser Mistresses for Season 3 — guaranteeing some resolution to the multiple cliffhangers faced by sisters Savi (Alyssa Milano) and Joss (Jes Macallan) and their close friends Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle Aytes) in the show’s sophomore finale.

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The renewal comes a month after the show’s Season 2 finale — which aired on Labor Day — drew 3.5 million total viewers and a 0.8 rating, dipping a tenth in the demo week-to-week, but down 10 and 27 percent from its freshman finisher (which did not air on a national holiday).

Like Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 will consist of 13 episodes; it will air in Summer 2015.

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mistresses-joss-harry-kissWhen we last saw the show’s four central protagonists, Joss had fled her wedding to nice-guy Scott and was locked in a steamy embrace with ex-brother-in-law Harry — while sister Savi unwittingly headed down to the beach where the verboten duo were crashing wave against shore (so to speak). Karen, meanwhile, learned she was HIV-negative — but then her doctor threw in a cryptic, “something else came up…” As for April, she’d learned that presumed-dead-but-secretly-on-the-lam-from-a-drug-kingpin ex-husband had been murdered (for real) — and then got the double whammy of having her pre-teen daughter Lucy learn the whole truth via local TV report. (Read the full recap here.)

Executive producer K.J. Steinberg told TVLine in August that the show’s writing staff “would never have written [the Season 2 finale] to be an ending to the series. We architected it for a Season 3. And we have hope that we will get one so we can continue to tell these stories and play out these dramas.”

Steinberg added that in the wake of Joss and Harry’s hookup, “Watching how the [four central] women are going to navigate it in terms of their friendship” would be “the centerpiece of Season 3.”

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“How long does it take for people to forgive after a betrayal or a transgression? And how does that path to forgiveness happen?” Steinberg wondered. “That’s what I think is the interesting part and that’s going to be the dramatic part to watch — if the forgiveness thing ever happens. And God knows if Joss will ever forgive herself.”

Excited about this renewal news? Any ideas for Season 3 story arcs? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:


  2. Evelyn Houston says:


  3. demoniam says:

    So happy!! Started watching during the 2nd season and got hooked on this show harder than I expected to! Now I’ll go back and watch Season 1.

  4. Trish says:

    This is truly great news! Now, if we can keep all of the characters pregnancy-free for the next season, that would be ever better news ;) *here, she coughs* xo

    • CC says:

      I bet Karen is pregnant

      • Dana Conrad says:

        In the original series one of them fights cancer. I’m certain it’s this, they don’t usually test for pregnancy unless they are looking for it specifically, and the nurses do that with urine. A blood pregnancy test is only done if urine comes up negative and they have strong reason to believe that’s a false neagtive, or to test pregnancy hormone levels (but the doc already knows you’re pregnant then). They do, however, check for leukemia and other cancer markers during workups. If she was due for a physical, that’d probably get tacked on.

  5. I saw this coming…a show that can garner between 3-4 million during the summer is actually pretty solid.

  6. Kay says:

    Yay!!!!! My favorite summer addiction will be back

  7. M. says:

    Pretty happy about it!

    Can’t wait for another season of train wrecks & bad decision making :)

  8. Eric7740 says:

    YAY!!!! More Mistresses!!! One of my summer guilty pleasures!!!

  9. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t wait to see what happened in the Mistresses third season. I know that it will be a winner.

  10. BrittBrat says:

    Yes! But Summer 2015 seems soooo far away!

  11. Amy says:

    Yay! This is awesome news!

    • cdhaskell says:

      I am happy. I can’t wait to see what will happened in the third season. Will the four female finally get their act together and learn that they discover true love. As I read this note I suddenly know that they won’t discover true love because their true fan don’t want a happy ending .

  12. Diana says:

    So happy to hear!! Looking forward to it!

  13. Iakovos says:

    Some very good news indeed! Show should be hotter without trying to hide Miss Milano’s pregnancy. How will they write out the jackets and large bags that performed so well as supporting characters?

  14. Jeanne Marie Wallace (angeljeanne) says:


  15. Nancy says:

    I so cannot wait for season 3!!! The end of season 2-was fabulous!–so glad Joss and Harry are together. The chemistry between them is off the charts!!! :-)

  16. Rhoda Tubrett says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!!!

  17. Jordana says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! Super excited

  18. sarah j says:

    So freaking excited!

    • sarah j says:

      However I do not like the Joss and Harry hook up.

      • Denise says:

        I agree! I wanted Harry and Savi back together and thought that Scott was darn good for Joss! I would like to see the good Dr. and her partner back together I thought they were a cute couple and that Daniel and April were a good couple! But I don’t see any happy endings in their future. I think that Savi will walk up and see Joss and Harry and that their relationship will now be destroyed because of it.

  19. Whitney Thomas says:

    I absolutely love this show and hope there are many more seasons to come. I only wish there was a little more clarity before episodes subside. Obviously, we all love Mistresses and will continue watching.

  20. Kelly says:

    OMG that is great news, love this show.. keep it coming

  21. Florence says:

    So excited
    Thanks ABC

  22. EdnaM says:

    YEAH!! So happy they renewed.

  23. katie says:

    I really want joss with Scott her and Harry is gross.

  24. Katrina Warren says:

    Bring savvy back to ex husband and joss tell savvy what she did. Make Karen pregnant and try to find out who her child father , Bring happiness to April who should find a excellent choice in this famous man who be iris alba

  25. Tara Smith says:

    Im so ready for this show I loved every episodes im re watching them now

  26. Eden says:

    I knew the show would not be cancelled. It’s a summer show so ABC doens’t expect it to get huge ratings as long as it does decent and yeah can’t wait for the drama and the Joss and Harry hook up was crazy but HOT! What will happen to them now? OMG so many questions!

  27. NaKisha says:

    Love the show…

  28. Nikki says:

    Omg omg..i am extremely excited that there will be a season 3. I love this show!! Its a ripper.

  29. scorpio says:

    can;t wait its a great show yeah glad they renewed

  30. scorpio says:

    Glad is renewed love that show

  31. Barb says:

    Very excited to see it’s coming back! Can’t wait to see where it’s going to go with the girls. It’s my wine time!

  32. MaryBeth Brewer says:

    I am so glad to hear this news! Mistresses is one of the best shows on television!!

  33. Heather says:

    thank you for renewing Mistresses!! Thank you for the ending with Joss and Harry they belong together!!!

    Savi needs a make over hardcore!! She looks old!!

  34. ChrisGa says:

    Definitely great news for Mistresses, as well as the S3 renewal for Devious Maids; both are two of my favorite hours on TV, summer or otherwise. Hoping against hope that Reckless gets renewed too(although CBS seems to have far less use for shows in the 3-4 million viewership range so I’m surely that one will be highly unlikely).

    • Krystle says:

      Yes! I agree with Mistresses and Devious Maids! My all time guilty pleasure.I am not a fan of drama series shows but those two are amazing beyond belief! THANK U ABC!

  35. sonny says:

    Yeahhhh..love this show

  36. sonny says:

    Love this show

  37. tammy says:

    happy to see the show’s been renewed but I do not like the ending from last season

  38. Lee Ann says:

    I am so thrilled! I really enjoy this show – it is a perfect summer addiction!

  39. Awesome sauce! I love this show to the moon & back.

  40. Donna Smythe says:

    Yahoo! Love this show. Josh lip-locked with Harry, not going to last, she’s lost, girl can’t be happy with no one, now she has betrayed Savi. April, her role as mother just got tougher, and Karen no HIV, but pregnant, who’s the father? Was stupid about diseases.Keep the show on so good.

    • cdhaskell says:

      You wanted this show and You wanted to say damn my life is normal and quiet. Josh isn’t happy until she get a big fat drama. It is irony that Savi for year try to become a mother when she is a mother to her sister. I got feeling that the father of Karen’s baby will be one who thought give her HIV germs. Karen was lucky that she didn’t have the HIV germs.I got a feeling Karen will be giving birth by the time she make up her mind. I wouldn’t be shock if Sav will be raising the baby.

  41. Diana says:

    Awesome. This and Ninja Warrior are the only summer shows I watch. I hope they come up with some way to clean things up with Joss & Harry. Still ewwww on that one.

  42. Ana says:

    Waiting for the summer of 2015 is way too long you forget about what’s going on and you lose interest…

  43. karen says:

    Thanks for renewing mistresses. Omg
    Best show on tv. I cannot wait for it to come back.


  44. PF says:

    This news would be more exciting if Alyssa was not leaving the show

  45. Tanya says:

    I’m glad the show was renewed for a 3rd season but in all honestly I think they will continue to lose viewers if they keep focusing on Joss all the time and having everything fall at her feet … I lost interest when I saw that they were going the tired route of Joss/Harry… It’s nasty & creepy that Harry watched Joss grow up while being married to her sister, but now wants to screw her….
    I love everyone on the show, except for Joss… I loved her in the first season but they changed her character too fast and now I find myself wishing she would take a long vacation and come back as the lovable screw up she was before…
    I was VERY disappointed with the with the finale but hopefully the show takes a new direction when it comes back … I can’t wait to see Savi, April & Karen …. If the focus is on Joss/Harry, I will tune out …

  46. Sheila says:

    Was excited until I found out the main actress will not be returning! No Savi (Alyssa Milano) no show for me. Keep the show in California so we can have
    All the actors on the show!