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Castle's Season 7 Premiere: 12 Teasers

Castle Season 7 Kate

ABC’s Castle won’t unveil its Season 7 premiere until Monday, Sept. 29, but TVLine just caught an early showing of the much-anticipated hour.

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To help tide the rest of you over (and more importantly, add fuel to all those theory-building fires), I jotted down a few non-spoilery thoughts about the intense, even twistier-than-expected episode, which was penned by new showrunner David Amann. Take a look:

* The cold open, which picks up immediately where the finale left off, is gorgeously directed by Rob Bowman, as Kate processes the ghastly scene before her, fights tooth and nail to get a closer look and, at first, can only believe the very worst. Watch it below:

* All told, the first seven minutes (leading up to the first commercial break) are quite frenetic. Real edge-of-your-seat, no-coming-up-for-air stuff.

* Bracken, 3XK and a third blast from the past all get name-checked as Kate takes stock of her and Rick’s assorted enemies.

* Rick is first seen about one-third of the way into the episode — and in a most unexpected context.

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* Someone at one point is made to wonder about the missing groom, “Maybe there’s a secret side to the man nobody knows?”

* Someone at one point is made to wonder if Rick perhaps had last-minute “misgivings” about marrying Kate.

* Among the guest stars, Jon Lindstrom (General Hospital) plays an FBI agent who makes Kate at least consider a harsh reality, while Matt Letscher (Scandal) plays someone with information that throws the investigation into a peculiar new direction. (And before everyone asks, yes, Tory is in the episode.)

* Make no mistake, the best-selling novelist’s vanishing does make headlines. Lots of ’em.

* As first reported by TVLine, there is a decent-sized time jump about midway through the premiere.

* Dueling theories about what transpired (and who may have had a hand in it) will put Esposito and Ryan at odds.

* Whomever is behind this mystery is deduced to have “unlimited resources” at his or her disposal.

* There’s a long-lost Derrick Storm novel…?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Will do teasers for all the fall shows like Homeland, Elementary, etc.. ?

  2. Sammy says:

    If anyone within the core characters (I.E: Espo, Ryan, Lanie, Gates) believe that Castle just got cold feet or willingly left/disappeared I’m writing that character off in my head. B/c even if you believe for a second that Castle got cold feet .. would he really put his daughter & mother through this hell? And the core character would/should know this, in my opinion.
    ……But then again Espo and Lanie were the ones that believed that Castle could have killed that woman in Probable Cause so …

    • i think the person to that one might be Espo, the’re at odds with each other and that might be why……now I don’t see Lanie even there at the scene with the rest of the group……that makes me wonder too, or even where’s Jim……ummm…….

  3. Teri says:

    Lots of intrigue and what ifs. I am so excited to see how this is handled and hope for a Sweet Caskett reunion .

  4. Kourt says:

    How could any of the core characters (Espo, Ryan, Martha, Lanie, Alexis) think that Castle had misgivings/cold feet about marrying Katherine. Castle was nothing but over the moon/excited about marrying Kate. Alexis will be written off in my head if she is the character who thinks Castle had cold feet. This just screams Alexis to me.

    • carbono says:

      Cripes I can’t wait!!!

    • Fran says:

      There’s no way its Alexis. I don’t think she would ever believe he would do that to her and Martha and I doubt the show would try and go there (at least I hope not!) Im sure it’ll be Esposito and that’s why he and Ryan are at odds.

      • Patrick says:

        The captain, who is very unlikeable, and who doesn’t like Castle, would be an obvious way to raise that theory.

        • John NYC says:

          But she isn’t portrayed as having a personal dislike for him, rather he doesn’t fit her idea of what “her” team should be bothered with (and even then she’s shifted). Now Esposito as others mentioned has gotten a lot snarkier with what sure looks like personal animosity towards Castle. The writers haven’t developed it beyond sniping but it’s been there for a few seasons now that I’ve noticed.

        • Harvey says:

          Actually captain is quite average, the show made her great in Veritas, though scenes like her dancing in The 70’s Show were foolish. Mostly she looks unlikable when you think about Montgomery, but then again, he was him afterall. Though, as for her raising that theory, no way, she has congratulated Beckett and all, but saying something personal like that wouldn’t come in her character, she has mostly just made Castle as somebody who doesn’t fit in the team (rightly said by John NYC), nothing actually personal.

        • ummmmm……i know that she doesn’t really like him, but……i don’t see that!

    • zaza says:

      Actually, I could see someone wondering if Castle had cold feet, BECAUSE he loves Kate so much. Martha might be worried that Richard became afraid that, after all his failed marriages, he wasn’t good enough for Beckett and it would be better to let her go. However, he would never do it with a flaming car crash and disappearance.

    • c-mo says:

      People, people! Matt didn’t say someone pondered that he had cold feet, they offered that maybe there was a secret side to the groom…secret side does not equal cold feet.

    • that would kinda be funny to see, but i think….i leaning more to Espo in this one.

  5. Alex says:

    It’s Esposito doubting Castle. Ugh he annoys me since season 4.

    • John NYC says:

      Yes they have written him rather snarky in recent years haven’t they?

    • Fran says:

      Yeah from what I’ve read on other sites, that seems to be the case. That’s one thing that has been driving me crazy. Esposito was always cool with Castle and then all of a sudden… he was all snarky and rude to him. It made no sense.

    • lkh says:

      first of all, he’s great looking and actually, I think he’s just a little protective of Beckett

    • Harvey says:

      No actually that’s good, that’s like Beckett and Castle, different logics, different everything type situation. Esposito was an army man, a marksmen, that means a lot of things, lot of hard things to deal with, to accept, and that’s what makes it believable when he gives a benefit of the doubt to somebody. While Ryan is more of a family man and just believes the good thing.

    • the worst one was in season 5 “scared death” or something like that, anywhere espo says that Castle’s death will be sad and all and then he has the guts to turn around. to ask Castle what’s the value of their relationship? who does that…..was he just pretending to be friends with Castle for the benefits? of being around the “rich”? makes me think…..and not really like his character.

  6. lkh says:

    Feds of some denomination. Was the ‘found’ Derrick Storm a real case?

    • RBA says:

      What the finale was all about has just become clear… It was all about setting up the new Derrick Storm series if there is one…. An unpublished Derrick Storm novel means that Castle wrote a novel that probably revealed too much about an actual mission he participated in when he was following Sophia. It will turn out that Derrick Storm was not a Castle creation but an actual agent who they worked with.

      My guess is that Marlowe will revisit Castle’s disappearance in the two parter or the season finale, and he will used those Castle episodes as a backdoor pilot for his new series based on the Derrick Storm character.

      • lkh says:

        cynic! :D But, you might be right!

      • JC1 says:

        I actually kind of like that theory. :)

      • c-mo says:

        Intriguing theory, one that I could get behind. I hate when a show does a backdoor pilot that looks like it should be a stand-alone pilot but it’s not because the showrunner is trying to ride the coattails of the original show. Backdoor pilots should be more organic to the original series and leave you wanting it to become it’s own series. (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “pilot” so many times in one paragraph before in my entire life…pilot)

      • Patrick says:

        I think it would be great if it turned out that Castle was an analyst for some intel agency. He got the research access through his dad (unknown to him), and his creative ability shown through to the people he worked with. He would go on to create mission strategy and backstories for agents and missions. Not full time, but on a consulting basis for a top-secret, restricted access covert team. His main job as a successful writer would give him great cover for doing this. All of which is classified and he can never, and has never, talked about.
        So he has some info that bad people want.
        I would love, love, love for there to be a real Derrick Storm. Who is cool, and bad arse, and awesome. Who loves Castle like a best friend, and respects his mind, and who just doesn’t think Beckett (or anyone, really) is good enough for his buddy. With her being a fan girl, it would be hilarious if the object of her fan girl ness was just indifferent to her, no matter how great she is. That would make for a great episode at some point.

        • cl woodal; says:

          Just wondering, exactly when would Rick have the time for all this outside intrigue? He spends most days in the Precinct, most nights with Kate, and his ‘spare time’ is used to write his novels. Sounds interesting, but he’s a busy boy – don’t know how he could fit all this into the life we see on the show.

          Can’t wait for the new season – I guess I’m one of the few NOT disappointed that the wedding was delayed. And, some of the stuff I’ve read today on other sites has made me a bit leery that the writers might be throwing my beloved Rick to the wolves, turning him into a secret bad guy. The thing I love about the character and show is the total humor, the “little boy” nature of Rick, that he’s still a kid at heart, and all the hits to his heart he’s taken over the years by Kate’s blatant ignorance or carelessness of his total devotion to her.

          Nathan’s talent is his wonderful face – he projects so many emotions, and you can read exactly what Rick is feeling or thinking every time he sees Kate hugging or just being with one of her other boyfriends, or taking a jab at him verbally. And when she did something flirtatious (1st 4 seasons), the little glimmer of joy on his face.

      • Luis says:

        An excellent hypothesis!

      • Rick says:

        I think that you have nailed it. Any thing they do with this show wouldn’t surprise me. Kate who was a well written, hard driving, NYPD homicide Lt, became a bimbo who didn’t even know that she married the loser she was drunk and sleeping with. Then NYPD and FBI don’t check marriage records for her clearances. Heck green aliens in a space ship showing up would have done less to destroy this shows credibility. So having Castle show up as a hit man or CIA agent would not be beyond the writers limited imagination. And before I get the usual brushoff by the people paid by the show to write glowing things about a bad episode i have watched this show for all 6 seasons and I probably will watch at least the first couple in the limited hope they can recover some of the magic that made the show interesting and watchable not something I would say about most of broadcast TV.
        Also Espo has the hots for Kate and I think an alternative episode would have her with Espo and Castle with his first love from college Kyri(?)?

    • You’re reading my mind, Lkh. I’ve been thinking that for a few weeks now.
      And that’s how the spin-off is introduced.

  7. Mary says:

    I´m even more intrigued now! “Decent time jumping”? As in Castle will be missing for several months?! And in what kind of context will he be seen in the episode?! Argh, too much waiting…but more important, do you, the people who saw the premiere, enjoyed the episode? Because, usually, I kind of agree with Matt about liking or not an episode (suppose we got similar tastes):)

  8. Alex says:

    The previews from the screener are weird, it made it sounds like Castle turned out to be a bad guy … Maybe he’s going to be the new villain ;-)

  9. Alex says:

    Matt you’d also liked the last season finale which turned out to be … well. Should we be scared ?

  10. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for not injecting your personal opinion about the episode into your review of the teaser. Since you give just the facts, and not personal opinion, yours is the only review of the teaser I’ll read… I don’t want someone else’s opinion coloring mine.

  11. Dj says:

    I want it to be 3XK because he seems to be Castle arch enemy, but this sounds like this will have something to do with Jackson Hunt.

    • John NYC says:

      I’d prefer Jackson Hunt or some other “other” direction, the show drags these things on far too long, IMHO, the mother business etc. etc. I’d welcome something new and with Jackson Hunt while the character was introduced a while ago there’s really been no dwelling on that direction. And some “why” of Castle’s backstory is overdue.

  12. carbono says:

    I don’t know the more spoilers I read the more it seems like they are going to completely rewrite the Castle character. I’m obviously going to wait til I see for myself but I’m a little bit leery……ah who am I kidding I can’t wait!!!!!

  13. Matthew Weber says:

    I cannot wait. In a way I wish there would be no spoilers for the first episode because every time I get more I get more excited and it isn’t doing me any good. I know I have this premier built up so much in my mind that it can never live up to my expectations.

    I just started watching Castle this summer, and have now watched every episode many many times. It’s my favorite show, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Giddy is the word I’d use to describe it.

  14. Grace says:

    This sounds terrible and like they’re rewriting the show to be about castle because they screwed up his character for years.

    No thanks.

    • Jessica says:

      “they’re rewriting the show to be about castle”

      What did you think the show was called up until now?

      • Alex says:

        I wouldn’t say it like she did but I feel like they’re going to change Castle’s character, inventing him “dark” secrets just to have something to tell about him. And 7th season is a bit late to change one of the main character :/ But let’s see.

      • grace says:

        it feels like they’re rewriting his character to make him more a centerpoint to the show, rather than the one telling the story. he’s always been the one telling a story that was sort of not about him, but about the people around him (beckett). now it seems they’re rewriting his backstory to make up for the fact that they’ve ignored really looking at him for YEARS. BUT. they’re rewriting it in a really cheap way using stunts and a crappy story.

        • lkh says:

          I agree that he has been the storyteller and that I am most comfortable with him in that role and have argued that the stories are not really about him nor should the be. Come to find out, folks want to know more about him–don’t know if I do–but anyway, it might not be a crappy story. We’ll see, no?

        • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

          You’re right, the story has been about the people around him (Beckett). But, her story is over now so they have to start telling a new story. If not about Castle who would you like to see the story about? I am fine with the new story being about Castle myself because there’s no other character on the show that I would really want to see a long, drawn out story about.

        • Fran says:

          I don’t know, I think I’ll and wait and see how the story goes before I call it crappy or cheap, but to each their own. I guess I don’t get this storyteller aspect of the show that you’re referring to.

        • Briggs says:

          I don’t know where people got the idea he was there to tell the story, especially since there are so many times he’s not in the scene, especially starting season three or so. And since the show *is* named after him, I’d say it was about time we got more of his story. We know a lot already, I just think they’re adding to it, not doing a complete rewrite. It sounded *to me* like there was *more* to him than people thought, which does not invalidate anything else we’ve been told, really, just that there’s something we don’t. As Fran said, let’s just wait and see. I was skepical over the 70’s ep, and I loved it…

          • Harvey says:

            I agree, him telling a story and all that is not really right I feel, I think people just think that because Castle writes book about her, the idea just fits into people’s head, but he doesn’t exactly narrates anything, or something like that, so even I don’t know exactly what this ‘telling a story’ is about.

          • lkh says:

            Harvey–perhaps a tad more subtle than that…

          • KCC says:

            I don’t think people are saying he’s writing the TV show, but that the TV show is about a writer following a cop and writing her story. That’s why the show is basically about Beckett’s life and not Castle’s. Since the Beckett story seems to be exhausted, now they have to find a new focus for the series or end it. So long as the writers keep up the excellent work they’ve been doing I’m on board with any direction they want to take it.

          • Briggs says:

            The impression I got was that they were saying the show was from his POV, which doesn’t work if we keep going off with one char or another while *he’s not with them*. Like when he went to Atlantic City with the boys. Beckett stayed at the precinct and we had a subplot with Alexis. Castle didn’t even know Alexis had had anyone over the night before aside from her friends, let alone the number that showed up. *That’s* why I didn’t understand the whole ‘he’s telling a story, not being the story’ thing. I know where you were going with your response, and I’m sorry for the confusion, but I had a different idea when I posted.

  15. imnot bothered anymore with castle

  16. E. L. Dawson says:

    lol Castle is pulling a “Misery” Kathy Bates has kidnapped him, as she is his #1 fan :)

  17. Nikunj Dixit says:

    Honestly, this does not sound promising. They seem to be retconning the one thing that made the character unique in the first place. He was charming, likable guy who had a relatively normal life until he met Beckett. That made him more identifiable to me. I think the writers mistake creating a mythology for a character as the same thing as exploring a character’s backstory. Why not create a mythology which has nothing to do with backstory and instead has to do with the character’s actions in the present. My hope is that they don’t destroy the basic characteristics of Castle that we have come to love, just for the sake of creating a shocking mythology. Also, whoever suggested that Castle may have run away due to “misgivings” about marrying Kate is an idiot. I just hope its not one of the main cast. I mean who runs off from their wedding leaving their mother and daughter frantic, with their car burning in a ditch?

    • Jessica says:

      Relatively normal?!?!

      • Nikunj Dixit says:

        Yeah! I mean he didn’t have this big angsty shadow in his past like so many tv characters did. He struggled with poverty with his mom and never had a dad growing up, but there is nothing suggesting that his life before meeting Kate had anything particularly dark or dramatic in it as he carried no sense of angst coming into the show.

        • Harvey says:

          Actually that’s what makes it believable that he has some secrets of his own, a struggling mother, home sick boy, no father, probably poor, the kid would need to be strong to survive that like he did, and might have to do things that were not exactly something everybody would agree on but were the only things he could do. You see his life being relatively normal didn’t always stand out with me, I mean, he risks his life easily, being a writer who doesn’t always have to do that, he was always there for Beckett, despite being a jackass, something must have happened, and other things like this.

          • Nikunj Dixit says:

            Well I see people who have lived through similar conditions like his all the time. His struggles were the sort that a lot of normal people go through. Struggle to earn money for the family, struggle to prove your self individually etc… I never saw him as jackass ever in the show. He’s always been a good good person, he was just a bit roguish at the start of the series so I don’t see why there needs to be a reason why he is always there for Beckett other than the fact that it is just in his character.

        • Harvey says:

          Yeah, maybe, but he didn’t have a father either. Many guys turn out to be alright, but this adventurous, this understanding jackass, not all. And, mostly the guys who do go through these conditions are always strong guys, while till now Castle hasn’t actually been shown as that strong, I don’t mean just physically. Things would have happened.

          • Nikunj Dixit says:

            I don’t understand what you mean by strong. Castle’s always been a very strong character, personality wise. He’s been shown as a caring, understanding son, father, and boyfriend. That in itself shows strength in his character so I’m not sure what you are getting at. There’s no need for a dark mysterious past to explain why he is this way because there are many people in the world who go through hardships like Castle did and are extremely strong and caring like Castle,

        • Harvey says:

          Caring and understanding is still far from strong bro. Actually it’s difficult to explain ‘Strong’ for man, but I mean somebody who’ll risk his life for even a stranger type one, he cried when Alexis left, has gotten sad many times and everything, no wicked or strong back reply, the only time he has almost ever given a reply a little aggressively was when he said ‘Well it’s not good enough’ in the Belly Of The Beast.

          • Nikunj Dixit says:

            I still don’t get your point. What in Castle’s character that we have seen up until this point suggests that there is anything angsty in his past. People risk their lives for strangers all the time without having a reason. You think all cops have an angsty past like Beckett which made them want become a cop. I don’t see why there needs to be an explanation to why Castle saves people other than the fact that he just likes solving crimes and puzzles. He doesn’t actually risk his life all that often.

          • only for the woman that he loves!

        • Harvey says:

          Needed, nothing is needed. I mean, if the marriage would have happened on season 6 finale, then nothing else would have been needed, Bracken was over, we can just say 3XK died, there was no ongoing father storyline, end. It’s not only about needed, it’s about adding something that isn’t totally out of question. Not every cop has a past, but if she does, that’s not out of question, same way, the way Castle had grown up, all the research he used to to for books, that even made him have a contact in the mob, he also had something in his past, that’s not out of the question. Honestly, it was about time that the story gave him a kind of other reason to have an interest in the job, I mean, researching reason was over years ago, for Beckett reason is okay, but now they are about to get married, it looks like he is rather following his wife than partner, and any other storyline in the future, like even a baby, that can only come if Rick has a good enough reason to be in the precinct.

          • Nikunj Dixit says:

            But that’s exactly what was refreshing about the character. He had no obvious reason to be at the precinct. He just enjoyed solving crimes and got a giddy kick out of playing cop. By constructing an unnecessary backstory, they are basically robbing the character from that great character trait. From where I am standing, one doesn’t need a reason to be helpful to others and that’s what makes the character so great. Instead of retconning a backstory, how about create a story which has to do with events that happen in the present rather than what has happened in the past. That would be way more satisfying.

          • maybe it has to do with both, have you see the premier? anyway i get the point for me he didn’t really need a reason. he was lovable and can be with a back-story!

    • KCC says:

      I don’t think they’ll change Castle’s character. He’ll still be the fun loving smart a$$ he’s always been. He’ll just have this story from his past the show can explore. Making him dark and brooding would be a mistake and I think the show runners know that.
      As for someone making a comment about Castle second guessing the marriage, that’s just a cop being a good investigator. That’s why they don’t let cops that are too close to someone in a case do the investigating. They “think” they know someone and will dismiss a theory without investigating it. Sherlock Holmes: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” It’s not impossible Castle got cold feet so it has to be considered.

  18. Well I just read that Nathan’s contract is up at the end of this season and his comments didn’t sound too positive about re-signing for another season. Maybe this is the shows way of giving him more drama and acting for his character to entice him to stay.

    I have read over the last couple of years that he is not that interested in the show.

    • maybe it is……but i don’t believe anything i read on NF or this show to be all that true……unless he comes right out and says I through with it, screw it (he wouldn’t say it like that though). than i might believe it more. Both actors contacts are up at the end of the year not just NF’s, so you’re right there might be a lot riding on this season. I will take what i can get and not worry about all the little things…….just enjoy. i think this new side will be fun. I always wondered what he was like before……

  19. I would like to say thanks for all the info without to many spoilers………
    I’m more intrigued now than ever…….Agh……………………………..when is premiere going to get here! This is going to keep me on the edge of my seat…….can’t wait!

  20. New character sounds a lot like “repelant”on “Bones”…no thank you!!

  21. JC1 says:

    This sounds awesome! Can’t wait. This is the season premiere I’m most excited for. :)

  22. Just one thing says:

    This’ll likely be my last thesis-like comment for a while, because 1.) I (finally?) find myself descending into casual indifference about the ONLY show I’ve watched live over the last three years; and 2.) contrary to the ever-classy and faceless TRivera’s claims, I actually do have a pretty happy, thriving life…
    But, yeah, I can’t help but feel a major disconnect with Castle leading up to the premiere. There’s an attempt to add even more melodrama than usual, from the lazily and cheaply Photoshopped poster to that first scene that’s been made available to the general public.
    The over-the-top way they executed that crash site sequence, with the framing and the water and the editing… It all completely undermined the acting. Granted, the sneak peeks are often hacked to bits, so maybe there’s more meat there in the final edit.
    Regardless, it’s hard to get behind this “new mythology” about Castle anymore, when it seems like the concept was only born within the last year. It’d have seriously helped if Marlowe or Amann had said they’d been kicking around this precise story for a while, but it truly feels like they made it up out of the blue.
    And to even raise the question that Castle was behind his own disappearance in ANY way is rather disturbing. They hinted a while back at that, and I failed to heed that clue. But if that’s a question in any character’s mind, that means Castle saw the threat coming. And if Castle saw the threat coming in any way, that means he has essentially been keeping secrets from Beckett and maybe even leaving a double life for the last several years… And that’s all supported by other previews out there.
    So, while there’s no doubt Caskett is “endgame,” I’m not quite sure why there has to be so much doubt about Castle’s innocence and honesty. Because if all the above is true, congrats: They’ve somehow managed to surpass that ri-donk misstep with Kate’s first marriage by completely ret-conning Rick’s character. Yay?
    Maybe it’s all leading up to a major storytelling reversal. Maybe Castle is 1000% innocent, and the writers’ seemingly last-ditch effort to add depth to their title will feel “organic” and make sense. Here’s hoping…

    • lkh says:

      First–forget TRIvera. Second–thanks for the analysis. Third–my feeling is, and I might be way off here, but I really believe that Marlowe really did have an outline of this story. There’ve just been too many mentions early on that actually, eventually meant something (like them there elephants–how many times did I say ‘why does she have those elephants on her desk-has she been to Africa, etc [note: no one tell me they’re not African elephants-don’t care]). But here’s my concern. Did that story outline end with solving Beckett’s mom’s murder and subsequently the marriage? Was the series surprisingly successful and now Marlowe et al have found a need to keep going and have twisted the original premise and characters to start a ‘new mythology’ I, like a lot of folks, am feeling a little uncomfortable–but, will hold my breath and see what happens. By the way, 1000%–that’s huge, actually, unheard of…

      • Thanks again. :-) And I’ll totally watch until the series end. It may just be DVRed and days later… Oh, well.
        As for the elephants, those were allegedly gifts from fans a couple seasons ago, and one of the newer writers came up with the idea to include them in the big reveal. I always looked at that as a late-in-story Easter egg for major fans, and not a sign of some big master plan. :-) Unlike the questionable, much-talked-about Tyson cameo in Disciple… That went nowhere.
        I’ve always been a fan of Castle’s potentially dark side. I’m not, however, a fan of Castle’s potentially dark, inexplicably pathological liar side.

        • lkh says:

          The elephants were just mentioned as an example of somethings we see and which eventually has some meaning. There are many examples of this, this observation does not only apply to the elephants-many other examples exist. This just makes me feel that there is a connection from story to story which has existed for some time. There a filler episodes which may exist only so they can produce 23 episodes in their season. Actually, some of these are my favorites and I have watched many times. ex Still. Others many folks like, I’ve watched once and will never watch again. I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched them and how many I’ve only watched once and will never watch again ex Season 6 finale.
          My latest idea is that Castle is part of WITSEC because of stuff he knows from his previous life. Did know that family gang leader; told that story about the boy dying on the beach–which he pretended to be made up, many other examples, seemed to have a least a passing knowledge of other unsavory types, etc. He may just have divulged too much from a prior information source and crime. Maybe in the ‘found’ Derrick Storm book. Maybe not.
          Just some late night thoughts.

          One thing that sorta alarmed (may be too strong a word here) but not so happy with the just released dvd–had season 1-5, so piled 6 on top of the stack. Usually buy these for the bonus features. Not what I was expecting. Stana almost not present. Bloopers were from previous seasons in many cases.

          . Short film which turned into Stana modelling her wedding dress. The biggest thing was that Stana was missing from the groups. Don’t really care as long as the actors do their jobs, but some folks who post here seem to be indicating that some of the actors, one specifically, is calling it in. Certainly, individuals may be too busy to participate and/or don’t want to. And most of the favorite episodes/moments were from prior seasons. Guess this goes back as to whether the team can get along. Hope so, but they may need to put more energy into this.

          Bottom line: 1. Castle may be some sort of protection because he was a prior witness or had knowledge of a crime and now needs to hide for a bit. 2. There may be some dissension in the crew resulting in one actor being marginalized and another being bored and disinterested. Maybe all will change with the new direction and mythology.

          It’s pretty late, hope this isn’t too goofy. Forgive me.

          • I really like the idea that all the times he played something off as a joke or lie were actual true divulgences of truth. That’d be great. However, it would’ve been nice if he had clarified those truths to Beckett before or while they were engaged.
            The whole series has been about open-book Castle getting tight-to-the-vest Beckett to open up more and be more vulnerable. It’ll be a slap in the face to Kate when she finds out Rick had perhaps even deeper secrets that put him in almost as much danger as Bracken did for her – yet he never trusted her enough to let her in.
            And therein lies the drama this season, sure, but at what cost to past elements of the story as a whole? Again, if the writers are willing to do 180s on their main characters pasts at the drop of a time, why should long-term viewers care about anything else they establish from here on out? Give them five more seasons – or less – and they’d do likely it again. :-P
            As for the actors’ dynamics… I’ve said way too much about my thoughts on that here. The only new thing I can add to yours is that maybe there was a recognition at the studio and network level last year that the focus on Castle and #1 on the call sheet had strayed. It certainly didn’t stray in how they marketed the show, but when it came to content, adding more focus to him this season and on the DVDs may have been their attempt to rectify that. Not sure where the actors stand on all that.
            Certainly #2 on the call sheet has gone above and beyond to do her part in helping carry and promote the show, with very little direct recognition from the network. So, when opportunities are presented, I’d hope BOTH actors are given equal weight in determining how they move forward.
            Alright, back to lurking for realzies. Have a nice weekend, Lkh!

          • lkh says:

            wow–that’s a hot mess that I wrote. not responsible for anything that happens after midnight :)

          • Harvey says:

            @Just One Thing :
            I agree on that one, Castle having secrets won’t do, I wish it’s a secret that wasn’t exactly very important, I mean, maybe Castle was doing different jobs and one of them led to something dangerous which he thought was over, or anyway, it should be something that was definitely over, or Castle wasn’t actually a huge part of, or didn’t think he was, or something like that.

        • i like the darker sides too, but who said Castle was ling about who he was…….

      • to me that’s what it’s all about holding your breath and sitting on the edge of your seat! I want to see what happens to them……can’t wait and 1000% not possible to reach at all but i get where that was going. if he really had been part of it, i don’t think that he was then he has a good reason. remember what he said in “teen spirit” esp “I did everything cause it lead up to this very moment with you”……..

    • sigh says:

      I actually look for your comments when I come on here, so don’t stop commenting too much! You masterfully articulate what I am already thinking. :)

  23. Dark Defender says:

    Love this.. and the sneak peek ABC is showing of those first few minutes. :D

  24. Teri says:

    100 people, 100 different thoughts. EVERYONE WATCH AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. I would never take the words of others wholeheartedly because it could be the total opposite of how I feel. The Castle writers have a new arc and it is going to develop over a season, or many seasons. Take it slow and give things time to be GREAT!

  25. GPJ says:

    All of this still feels like a “kiss and make up” to Nathan Fillion after his 1-day hold out last year. Figure out how to make Castle important again and I might think about staying. It’s why everything since that incident feels disjointed in the story telling on the show. Nothing flows anymore.
    I don’t blame Fillion. The wrote Castle as a buffoon the last few years. I don’t blame Stana Karic either. Her character has always been more interesting. I blame the show runners.
    I really, really used to love this show. And I want so badly for this coming opener to be worthy of sticking it out for the whole season. Call me gun shy sfter the finale if S6. Here’s sincerely hoping its good or I fear….Like many others…I am one and done for what I think is the last season of this once great show.

    • rexs says:

      Well, if you believe that Fillion is a fan of melodrama (after all he used to be on soap) and demanded to be written at last as some dark brooding lying cheat with mysterious past? Problem is, I never got that vibe from him, and in every interview I’ve read or seen, when asked about Castle’s success he always emphasized its lightheartedness and its comedy side, he calls Castle “the show that it’s easy to like”. And not everyone from the Castle team gives this answer about its lightness as a key to success so I’m guessing it’s his real opinion. In other words, I can’t see him suddenly asking for some dark and twisted past or a double life. Unless you’re right in that the writers want to make Rick important, but don’t know how without retconning his character into some unbelievable mysterious figure with tortured past. But I believe this won’t change Fillion’s mind if he decided to leave. Especially if it’ll be as huge of a mess as it sounds right now, and ratings prove that.

      • i see it as making his character come out more, i don’t see a double life or tortured past….but who knows

        i do want to know more about the character that i have come to like and i don’t think NF or SK and others will decide on just this if they want to walk or not…….

        i don’t really see the mess, i didn’t like the finale the 1st time i watched it but it grew on me after seeing it two more times, yes i did say that, yes they are going in a different direction and to me that’s a good thing something to keep it fresh-will all people like this direction can’t say…..only time will tell that and if there are more seasons.

        i don’t really trust in all the reviews and spoilers that go around, i have to see it for myself and then decide if i want to continue to watch a show or not. i look at the big pic not individual esp which some do here.

  26. Briggs says:

    Might be her dad that wonders if he got cold feet. Or Gina, since this is supposed to grab many headlines *and* have a time-jump. But I don’t see him putting his family *or* Kate through that. No way.
    The part that really got my attention was the long-lost Derrick Storm novel. The way Rick procrastinates, I wouldn’t think there’d be one. Maybe it’s the one from that deleted scene (was it season four?) where he considers bringing him back? Maybe there’s a different version of the one where he kills him off ‘for good’? And what does it have to do with his disappearance (since I don’t think for one minute they’d mention it if they didn’t intend to pay it off)?
    All in all, I can’t wait until the premiere. So excited!

    • KCC says:

      I’m excited too! My guess is the unpublished novel is the first Derrick Storm novel he wrote. After observing the CIA and writing the novel he would have to submit it to the CIA to review before it could be published. The CIA redacted the majority of the novel so Castle started over from scratch. Somehow the original novel got into the wrong hands and the thinly veiled details were deciphered and now they’re coming for him.

      • Briggs says:

        That would make sense. :) I wasn’t sure how that would work, but it’s possible and might actually be what happened.*nods*

  27. put caster on netfilx ples I love watch him

    • lkh says:

      I’m not sure I understand you, but if you want to stream it to your TV, it’s on Hulu Plus–actually, here, the next Tuesday morning after the Monday night airing. And, you can watch the entire season there.

  28. James D says:

    Great stuff thanks Matt. Spot on by the way the opening was beautifully shot. not sure i buy into the idea that characters think Castle got cold feet the thought might pop into their head maybe mention it but then dismiss it pretty quickly. Castle is eccentric to say the least but fake his death to get out of marrying his supposed soulmate is a bit of a stretch IMO. Can’t wait to see where this leads and finally after six years we can get some good Castle centric mysteries.

  29. Carl says:

    After reading the many comments about what happened or what may have happened in the last episode their are clearly dozens of potential scenarios but the two that seem to hold the most credence are 1. Did Castle get cold feet? 2. Was this a twisted plot of revenge? The first one is absolutely NO and the second is probably right on. However, the question remains…Who would plot such an evil act? Take your pick and then ask yourself which character could be so devious. As soon as you think you have it figured out then another piece of the puzzle jumps up and you start having second thoughts and you begin again to eliminate possible scenarios. No matter what it should be a very interesting Season 7 for all Castle fans. One more thing, at the end of this season Nathan, Stana and perhaps a few other cast members contracts are up for negotiation and when you have a show that has staying power and chemistry like “Castle” it would be foolish not to continue with something that has your star power rise to the top. If it has anything to do with creative differences then work it out but don’t throw away the best thing that has happened to all of the cast members of “Castle”. If Season 7 is as good or better than Season 6 then Season 8 is a sure thing. So keep riding the wind and let it take you wherever and in what direction it goes.

  30. Brigid says:

    OMG! I loved the Season Finale and can not wait for the season premiere. It sounds amazing and I am so looking forward to it.

  31. Luis says:

    I’ll say I had mixed feelings about the season finale, but the whole season felt a little tired, which may be why AM moved on. I am keeping an open mind, hoping that this “new mythology” might breathe new life into the show and give it at least two more good seasons before it retires.

  32. John NYC says:

    She sound a bit disappointed the car was empty to anyone else?

    Subtext there?

    • Briggs says:

      I heard distress, not disappointment. If he’s not in the car, then they have to find where he *is*. If he’s a briquette in the car, at least they can bury him at some point. But since he’s nowhere to be found, they have to start looking.
      If she was disappointed, that might have been why. Generally, actors know what’s happening in a scene, so I’d say no to subtext. Unless they themselves say that they don’t like working together (those specific words), there is really no subtext to be had.

  33. Rich Abey says:

    Alrighty!! Getting more and more excited for Season 7 after the bad aftertaste of that S6 finale. All credit to Matt for indulging us with these tasty Castle tidbits!

  34. ilppoppo says:

    My $$$ says Castle’s dad is the culprit. He ha access to unlimited resources (the CIA). He snatched is son to hide him from a fatal plot. To cover he has CIA, with help from FBI, plant story that Castle was killed in the fiery crash. Does Beckett know of plot? She must because she knows there was no body I burnt up car. If that’s not the plot it SHOUZlD BE! Bring back dad and keep him popping in and out of seasonS.

  35. Kathy says:

    Love the wedding dress..very cute!!

  36. KCC says:

    I don’t get all these people worried about the behind the scenes rumors. To me the only thing that matters is the quality of the series I’m watching. How that comes about is immaterial. If Fillion is unhappy or Katic and Fillion hate each other, I don’t care. Personally, if there are issues, I don’t see them reflected in the performances. If you’re seeing perceived issues in the performances they must not be very good actors. I think the entire cast, at the very least, are very good actors. I don’t spend time watching the show looking for clues that there are troubles on set. “Oh, Fillion turned his head away from Katic, they must hate each other.” As Freud said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I would suggest stop reading the rumors and looking for clues in the performances. Just enjoy the show, I know I do.

    • Briggs says:

      Thank you! This is exactly how I feel. Stop trying to read into it and enjoy the show. There may be absolutely nothing to the rumors, anyway, so why pay attention to them?

  37. Ruth Magowan says:

    I can’t wait already!!!

  38. Millie says:

    If they don’t get married , I will stop watching ! It only took them 4 years to get together!!!

  39. RET says:

    I have watched all 6 seasons and have the DVDs. In my opinion, if Castle and Beckett do not get married in season 7,and ultimately live happily ever after, the writers do not really care about the viewers. If Castle and Beckett never get married, in my opinion, the entire series is a waste of excellent acting and entertainment. Andrew Marlowe did say, in a previous interview, there are many storylines that could be written after a Castle and Beckett wedding. May Castle and Beckett get married and the fairy tale continue. And when the series comes to a close, may the two walk into the future happily together as husband and wife.

  40. goldie says:

    Castle’s father!!

    Spy, intrigue, enemies…grab Castle to blackmail spy-dad.