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Teen Wolf EP Talks Derek's Evolution, Parrish's Secret and More in Season 5

Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers

Between Derek’s big change, Parrish’s new mission and Kate’s dramatic exit, there’s a lot still to be discussed from Monday’s Teen Wolf season finale.

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Below, executive producer Russell Mulcahy — who also directed the super-sized installment — talks about the episode’s biggest twists, and how they might affect the drama’s fifth season.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the ending. Argent leaving with the Calaveras felt oddly final. Could this be the end of the Argents’ saga?
I wouldn’t say that. Right from the beginning, our mantra was “sexy, scary and surprising,” and I think all doors remain open [for anyone to return]. All things are possible in Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | One of those “surprises” was Derek’s evolution. Since that’s a new concept for the show, can you kind of explain what happened?
I think it’s what you want it to be. In the mythology, there are various interpretations, but he’s evolved to a different level. It’s a rite of passage, a natural evolvement in the mystery of the werewolf syndrome. It all comes from the mind of [creator] Jeff Davis; he’s brilliant, and he keeps me on my toes. There were bets going around about who the Benefactor was, and most of us got it wrong.

TVLINE | I’m also glad you didn’t kill off Braeden. Will her hunt for the Desert Wolf remain her top priority moving forward?
It could be. Next season is going to be a real eye-opener. We haven’t done too much planning, but from the hints I’ve heard of what’s to come, it’s going to be a really cool, interesting season.

TVLINE | The other mystery is what Parrish is. Do you know what he is?
[Laughs] I don’t. I think they’re still going through the bestiary, trying to figure it out. He obviously seems to be impervious to fire, and he has a good amount of strength. I don’t think he‘s even aware of what he is yet.

TVLINE | And he’ll have Lydia helping him. Do you see their relationship ever turning romantic, as a lot of the fans are hoping?
The chemistry seems to be really nice there. Whether that turns into a romantic thing, or just becomes a close friendship, I don’t know. But there’s definitely a bond that you saw in one of the final scenes of them together. It’s a very strong bond forming between them.

TVLINE | Lydia also spent much of the finale with Mason, and after what he saw, there’s no way he can pretend like he doesn’t know about the supernatural world. Will he be more in-the-know moving forward?
Oh, absolutely. It’s a bit like Stiles’ dad. Throughout the seasons, he went from being a regular sheriff in Beacon Hills to finally knowing about werewolves, lizard men, witches and whatever else. So his eyes have definitely been opened.

Teen Wolf Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Stiles had a funny moment at the end of the finale, where he got handcuffed to the desk; it made me miss the old, funnier Stiles. Might he return to his lighter side?
I don’t think it ever really disappeared, but I know he went to a really dark place in Season 3B. When he was possessed, we really saw his dark side. But that lighter side — and, specifically, the lighter side of Stiles and his dad — will continue.

TVLINE | Scott and Kira’s relationship is also a fan-favorite. Will you continue throwing new obstacles at them in Season 5, or might they actually get some alone time?
They care for each other and love each other very much, but you know, it’s still the early days [of their relationship], so there will always be new conflicts.

Teen Wolf fans, your thoughts on the finale? Hopes for Season 5? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Lol since when have scott and kira been a fan favourite? Pretty sure everyone still wants allison back!

    • alistaircrane says:

      Speak for yourself! I love Kira and I love her with Scott.

    • Cory says:

      I liked Allison but something I realized five minutes after the end of the episode where she died… I was perfectly fine with her leaving. Malia and Kira are a breath of fresh air to the show and I enjoy the new group dynamics, and again, while I did enjoy Allison I am also super beyond happy we are relieved of any angsty chats between her and Scott. They were getting tedious.

      And Scott and Kira are so adorable they’re certainly a favorite of *mine*, I don’t know or care what the rest of the fandom thinks about them.

    • Dominique says:

      except they don’t. the fanbase is actually pretty 50/50 on allison, so there are a lot of people who love kira, and scott and kira, and don’t want allison back.

      • leah says:

        I like Kira alot but the chemistry between her and Scott is not the same I’m not saying Bring Allison back

        • Chloe says:

          I agree with you… I like Kira, but there is barely any connection there I feel like. with Allison and Scott it felt like a real and relatable relationship, even though they were getting tedious with the fights and issac and everything.

      • Claire says:

        I say keep them both? why not.. a lot of us like kira and a lot like Allison.. bring her back, but keep kira. spice it up a bit with the romance!

    • dancmh says:

      I thought the exact same thing. I don’t need Allison back but Kira is useless and the chemistry is non existent.

      • DL says:

        I don’t feel quite as strongly about Kira, but I agree that the chemistry isn’t there between them the way it was between Scott and Allison. I’m fine with her at the moment simply because I have no interest in watching breakup drama, but I’d prefer Scott gets another love interest at some point that has the same level of chemistry and Stiles and Malia do. For me, they’re the couple to watch on the show, with Derek and Braeden a surprising second.

        • george nganga says:

          should scott learn how to kill?

          • piuspius says:

            if scott hearn how to kill that makes him a bad person he don’t want to he is always a good guy helping his friends all the time they need him scott mc

          • Jenny says:

            That would go against the whole reason why Scott is a true alpha. He is a true alpha because he got where he is from not killing and from being a natural leader, and having good morals. Him abandoning his rule to not kill would go against all of that and go against what makes him Scott.

          • Carol says:

            No, I don’t think Scott should learn how to kill. I like Scott the way he is. It makes him a good leader and makes him a better Alpha. If Scott started killing then he is no better than the ones they fight against.

          • gscott1979 says:

            bit late in finding this but anyway,scott knows how to kill if you’d paid any attention to S4 he almost killed several of the assassins that came after him and satomi’s pack while they were holed up in chris argents warehouse, only reason he didnt cause he held back

        • wolfy says:

          Shut your mouth you have no idea what chemistry is between characters

        • Jillian says:

          The reason Allison was killed off is because Crystal, as much as she loved the show being on it and her cast family, she was ready to move on to new things. Personally after season 2 I started hating Allison but she wormed her way back into my heart. Was I said when she died? Yea but do I want her to come back? Not really because it brings an aspect to the show that wouldn’t be there if one of the main characters died. And plus, do we need another sassy-zombie character? Haha Peter is about all I can handle.

      • O-Town says:

        Allison was a bit dreary and very one dimensional. Kira provides the same level of innocence that Scott has/had. I honestly believe people have a problem with Kira’s ethnicity. Maybe I’m reading too much into the heavy hatred against Kira because I don’t believe Scott and Allison were anything last season. Yet, when Allison moved on with the other guy, there wasn’t such a avalanche of hatred for him. But with Kira, it was like all the vitriol that was being directed at her sounded like a bunch of jealous ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Arden Cho is a wonderful actress. Maybe not Oscar award winning caliber yet but neither was the chick who played Allison.

        • leah says:

          I didn’t like Allison and the other guy together either it’s not about kira’so ethnicity at all she is beautiful I guess maybe her acting is not as good as crystal’s

        • scesd says:

          Obviously it’s not a race thing. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun. The fans who don’t like Scira love Derek and Braeden together. Scira is just not popping. Stiles and Malia, Derek and Braeden, and Scott and Alison (whatever your feelings about her) have tangible chemistry. Alison and Isaac also had chemistry, which is why it didn’t bother the fanbase as much as Scira. When it comes to Scott and Kira they’re so all over the place and seem to have so little in common. And it’s not even a dislike of Kira, it’s just a dislike of who she is with Scott. Both of them become more boring. The one time I found Kira relatable and interesting was when she and Malia were hanging out and she was talking about how much she sucked at dancing. And if there is any bitterness that seems to be coming from anyone it’s more the fact that when Alison died no one seemed to care at all, except Isaac, who because he was her lover that one time somehow inherited all the feelings Scott had for her, while Scott ran off into the sunset with another girl.

          • Brooklyn Goforth says:

            scott thank u very much did care that alison died she died in his arms and he cried so u can not say that isaac is the only one that cared because scott lydia and isaac cared so dont be that way

          • Jenny says:

            Finally someone who understands EXACTLY how I feel, especially when you were talking about how Scott and Kira are just boring. I felt that way about them from the beginning. When Scott and Allison went on a bowling date it was more exciting and made me want to hold on to every moment then the super romantic date Scott planned for him and Kira at Derek’s loft. It was so boring that they had to make Beserkers and Kate crash their date. I feel like every moment they have together I am just like “Move on to the next scene please”. Its not there like it was with Scott and Allison or like the other relationships on Teen Wolf and I don’t even like Stiles and Malia very much but I can’t deny that they don’t have chemistry and things in common.
            I felt the same way that you did about Allison’s death. Maybe it was just that they got over it faster then expected or maybe it was just that they didn’t emphasize on the funeral or anything that would come with her dying enough. Even with that I do still know that they did care about Allison’s death it just wasn’t focused upon enough to live up to her legacy.

          • sandro says:

            Bring back jackson as well…it would be cool to have another Beta there and also bring back isaac

      • deey says:

        I dont like kira.there is just no spark between her and scott.

      • Grey says:

        I disagree…There was a point in the Scott/Allison arc where she was turning into a mini-version of her mother and was rather nasty toward Scott. Kira is a fairly new character with a different chemistry level with Scott, but the thing is, she is also coming into her own powers, while supporting Scott as he comes into his as well.

        If you remember, Allison walked away from Scott while he was dealing with a rather intense growth.

        Allison was more smoke and fire in relationship to Scott. a chaotic anchor at best.
        While Kira is more earth and stability to him. a more stabilizing influence.

    • Ari says:

      I prefer Kira to Allison by a lot. After season 2 I really strongly disliked Allison. I think they just need to find a better way to use Kira on this show.

      • Nicolas says:

        Estoy de acuerdo contigo, Kira como el amor de Scott no me llama la atención, ella es muy aburrida, ella sería genial si se ganase su lugar en la serie por ella misma, no por ser la pareja de la protagonista, “evolucionando” dejando la apariencia débil que tiene. Por otro lado no se si sea el único que lo nota pero hay un extraño vinculo entre Liam y Scott, mas alla del mordisco. Un Scoam no estaría nada mal XD, ya han trabajado el homosexualismo en la seria, por qué no integrar el bisexualismo, Scott y Liam harían una linda interesante.

      • Andrea says:

        Kira as Scott’s love, I don’t like, she is boring, will be great if she win her place in the show for herself, don’t for be the couple of alpha, “evolving” leaving her week appearance. For another hand, I don’t know if I’m the only one that realize it, but I see a stranger feeling between Liam and Scott, and isn’t only the bite. Scoam wouldn’t be very bad XD. They had worked homosexualism in the show, why no add bisexualism, Scott y Liam would make an interesting couple.

        • O-Town says:

          I like Kira and Scott but I really like the idea of Scott and Liam getting together even more. Great observation, Andrea!

        • leah says:

          Not feeling that at all

        • Linda says:

          “Homosexuality,” and, “bisexuality,” you mean. “Homosexualism,” and, “bisexualism,” aren’t words.

        • cosmo says:

          andrea stop smoking weed. and look at the serious as a whole….

          • Dacara says:

            I actualy think that Andrea’s right… Yeah, Scott and Liam sound quite nice :3 But, getting back to the whole Alison-Kira thing, isn’t it possible for Scott to be… single? Does he really need to jump from relationship to relationship because … what? He would look like a looser without a girlfriend? I know it’s a teen drama but still. Even in high school the whole world doesn’t have to be about relationships especially since they have this multitude of problems with both mundane and supernatural stuff. I’d like to see more of Scott -Stiles friendship rather than another romangst.

        • Taylor says:

          Honestly that wouldn’t even work because Dylan Sprayberry is a minor. He wouldn’t really be able to do anything with Tyler Posey.

          • Grey says:

            Actually, that is not exactly true…It depends on several factors.
            While there is a difference in of ages between the actors, there is only a couple years between the characters.
            Kissing of any type is legal regardless of age difference. Though some areas have laws against PDA’s
            Sex acts or portraying them depends on the actual location of the filming.
            The age of consent is not consistent in the US…Depending on the State, it is 16,17 or 18. I live in a state where it is 16, for example.

            That being said, I honestly don’t see it happening between Scott and Liam. A Bromance, maybe. A large amount of hero worship, most definitely.

            Stiles becoming bi or gay, that has been hinted at in the story line, so I can see that happening.

        • CJ says:

          I agree. They should throw a bisexual in. And I agree that Scott and liam would make a cute couple.

          • Brooklyn Goforth says:

            no no no no no scott is no bisexual I dont have any thing against bisexual people its just that danny and liam should get together u know

        • samanthalaurie says:

          Actually I have been thinking about that, But I like the idea of Scott and Isaac mix things up a little bit. But Scott and Liam doesn’t sound bad. It’s just you don’t feel the love between Kira and Scott.

        • Van Dien says:

          I think Andrea right because Liam awaked Scott when he was a Bond monster. The way they looked it’s not brotherly.

    • Dude says:

      People who blame Kira for Allison leaving should probably redirect that anger at Crystal Reed. I liked Allison and Scott together but I’m loving Kira with Scott now. They have great chemistry and I love that their relationship is totally different from him and Allison. She was his first love but people generally move on from their first loves and I respect the show for managing to shift focus from their central pairing and create an equally dynamic one. I’d also point out that Allison wasn’t particularly well liked following the events of season two so I’d say your “everyone” comment is off base.

      • leah says:

        The chemistry isn’t equal I don’t hate Kira because Allison is gone things change but she’s not as good as Allison but I still love the show and the events there in

      • Linda says:

        I agree. Allison wasn’t killed off because of Kira. She was killed off because Crystal Reed wanted Allison to be killed off, because she wanted to leave, “Teen Wolf,” and move on. I really wish people would take a break from their anti-Kira rants and … oh, I don’t know … do some research and find out the truth for a change.

      • Inat says:

        I liked Allison and Scott together in the beginning but their relationship became annoying. Kira is a breath of fresh air. Kira and Scoot together is soft, sweet, understanding… a more mature relationship. A definite keeper. On a another note Derek and Breadon was pleasantly surprising. I like their chemistry. Love the idea of a wolf evolving, can’t wait to see what happens with Derek. Can’t wait for season 5.

    • Sonita says:

      Um you’re on an island alone. Most fans ship Scira. They are more scira shippers than Allison and this doesn’t include over 10 facebook pages instagram accounts and tumblr accounts. And everyone does not want her back I can’t stand the bitch. I want her to stay dead. So speak for yourself because Scott and Kira relationship is a fan favorite

    • Linda says:

      Please speak for yourself, and not for everyone else. I, for one, love Skira.

    • Linda says:

      Also, not everyone is a fan of Allison, or her relationship with Scott. And not everyone wants Allison to come back.

    • chelsmay says:

      same!! I do not like kira with scott i want allison back :(

    • Bob says:

      I think that crystal (Allison) quit the show teen wolf and moved on D:

    • Walking says:

      I’m sorry but after Kira showed up I just realised that there was finally a diversity in the female part of the cast
      oh and I know so many who see that Isac was perfect for Allison
      They looked sweeter together

    • Genevieve says:

      Allison screwed around a lot though. She dumped him and got annoyed a lot, then got with Isaac – but when she was dying she only said stuff to scott.

    • Claire says:

      ME!! I WANT HER BACK! I really hope she comes back. I just don’t feel the Kira thing.. Not working for me!

    • Tina c says:

      Definitely what I was thinking

    • stephy says:

      I was super sad when Allison died!! I would be happy if she came back! Sad for Kira but happy Allison came back!!

    • David says:

      Yea i really miss i prefer scott nd kira

    • Patricia says:

      Pensando lo mismo amiga

    • exactlyy i want allison backk as i said ,, in one other post that shocking return for me is allison :D ohhh then it will be osummmm for fifth season , even drama between these three :D

  2. Skittles&Bits says:

    This season didn’t really work for me. It felt, per TW usual, disjointed and slow. Very, very slow. I feel like they could’ve told the same story in half the episodes. I wish they’d make Parrish a phoenix. It’d fit with the whole impervious to fire and being able to come back from the dead (if he really did die in that car explosion). Surprisingly, the Stiles/Malia pairing grew on me. I especially love the family moments the two have with Stiles’ dad; it’s sweet. Scott/Kira is quite bland; wonder how their relationship is going to evolve seeing as he stabbed her but knowing TW it’ll probably go under the rug. Also, I’m not sure why she needed to break glass in order to feel pain and heal. Wasn’t she in enough pain (both emotionally and physically) from Scott stabbing her??? Glad Derek’s not dead and that he got a power upgrade. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the impetus he needs to find out more about his mother since she was also a true wolf. Kate getting away really ticked me off. Even if Chris didn’t want to kill her, he could’ve shot her in the leg to keep her from getting away but of course the writers couldn’t find a more interesting way to get the Argents and the Calaveras off the Scooby Gang’s back.

    • DL says:

      It was disjointed, hit or miss, but I thought it had some very good episodes, alongside the odd ones. It reminded me a little of Season 3A, but thankfully didn’t descend to the same level of convoluted and confusing. Season 3B has been far and away my favorite thus far, and I hope that Season 5 will echo that one more.

      • RemyLee says:

        I agree. Season 3B blew me away and 90% of the reason was Dylan O’Brien. I knew he was good from the pilot but season 3B made me realize he’s going to be great someday. He made a phenomenal villain; equal parts emotionally riveting and revolting. And yes, on 3A being very convoluted; it felt like they kept changing writers for the 3A arc and then hired a completely new set of writers again for 3B, which was why 3A was so messy and 3B was so different from 3A. To be honest, I’m kind of hoping 5A takes on the same tone as 3B since, to me, it’s been the strongest season in terms of pacing, writing, development.

        • DL says:

          Totally agreed. And yes, O’Brien is fantastic. I think he’s the strongest of the young actors on the show (although Holland Roden is pretty good as well, as was Crystal Reed). I’m actually planning to see The Maze Runner, which I’d normally have little interest in, simply because he’s the star.

          • RemyLee says:

            Same here! I read the book a while ago but didn’t enjoy it. However, I’m definitely going to see the movie because of O’Brien. I agree also that Roden is good too! If the writing were stronger, with talent like O’Brien and Roden, this show would be a whole different beast.

          • Inat says:

            Just saw it this week, awesome movie! Dylan is perfect for the role—regular looking guy (“without the mtv hairstyle”) with an inquisitive nature. The realization of the maze from the book to the big screen was beyond anything I ever imagined. Great direction moving the plot along. Can’t wait to see the sequels.

        • Been says:

          3b was most definitely the best season in terms of writing characters were introduced perfectly too. I wish stydia could become canon though. I like Malia but her backstory is weak and her main role is to be a live interest.

    • nfmalik says:

      I really agree with u both..

    • leah says:

      I also think parish is a phoenix or the same as Kira different type though

  3. alistaircrane says:

    I loved Season 4. Season 3B and Season 4 were excellent. I hated Season 3A and wasn’t all that into Season 2, but these most recent seasons really worked for me. But NO to Lydia and Parrish! Lydia and STILES belong together!!! The geek needs to get the girl!!!

    • DL says:

      Me, I’m really enjoying Lydia being focused on discovering her powers and becoming the supernatural Velma of Scott’s Scooby gang. I don’t want Lydia and Parrish together because I’d rather she stay single and learn more about being a banshee. That said, the geek already got the girl, and her name’s Malia. ;) I really like their pairing, actually, more than I think I’d like “Stydia.”

      • Ari says:

        Stiles and Malia are a much better match than Stiles and Lydia. Styles had a school boy crush on Lydia for years. His relationship with Malia is real. I love the two of them together. They are so perfect together. Both feeling like they don’t fit in and just wanting to find their place.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I can’t stand Malia. Shelley Hennig replaced the excellent Shayna Rose as Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives in 2007 and I have held a grudge against her ever since.

    • BiBiii says:

      I actually really liked 3A tbh.
      But I agree with u Lydia and Parrish should just stay friends.
      And stydia must happen cuz stalia is just to wrong , rushed and especially forced!
      There are so mANY “holes” in stalia’s story and honestly malia shouldn’t be in a relationship I mean come on all we saw in malia this season was her “relationship” with stiles . I think the most important relationship ( dad & daughter/ Peter & Malia) wasn’t developed at all !
      Stydia have an emotional tether, a connection , a story and LOGIC!
      ” The best relationships come from friendships”
      Stydia forevezz

      So yeah,

    • Jada Lewis says:

      OMG! Lol, Stiles and Lydia does belong together! I strongly dislike Malia! The geek needs Lydia! The girl he wanted since season 1.

    • Pretty princess says:

      You’re my fave comments rn

  4. Mary Kate says:

    NO NO NO please just let Lydia and Parrish be friends! Am I the only one who’s still holding out hope for Stiles and Lydia? Sigh. Guess I’ll just wait another season.

    • Jada Lewis says:

      Your not the only one Mary Kate who still has hopes for Stiles and Lydia in Season 5. Im obsessed with the thought of Stiles and Lydia. i love those two! Im getting mad at Jeff davis! He needs to put Lydia and Stiles together! I never liked Malia. Stydia forever!

    • erhabor joshua says:

      NO NO NO… Lydia didn’t like stiles.. That kiss was just out of pity.. I think stiles was just one sided love with lydia.. But with malia,stiles is a whole. So lydia screwed up

      • Jada Lewis says:

        I know Lydia didn’t like Stiles at first erhabor joshua, but Lydia DOES NOW. She didn’t pay attention to him in Season 1 and 2 but when Season 3 hit, she worked with Stiles to solve mysteries and she started developing feelings. If you think about it, Lydia is Jealous. She never liked Malia. It took Jackson to Leave for her to see that she actually likes Stiles. Stiles is blind to see right now that Lydia has fallen in love with him, because he is with Malia. He is blind to see it, Just like Lydia was when she was with Jackson.

  5. Leo says:

    Someone ask them why people on this show only transform into to werewolves once every 10 episodes. They transformed every episode in season one and two.

    • bar says:

      If that’s what you want, watch those seasons. Personally I find the makeup to be very distracting and odd-looking. I’m at a point where I can perfectly identify Scott and Derek as wolves without them wolf-ing out.

  6. Jared says:

    The Teen Wolf finale was awesome but that was expected. Loved the addition of Liam and Parrish this season.

    • Inat says:

      Rooting for Parrish and Lydia in season 5, they got good chemistry. Parrish as a Phoenix rising from the ashes would make perfect sense.

  7. Jen says:

    So…. am I the only one who thinks there is a GIGANTIC continuity error in Peter’s character. In Season one he was this massive, scary (although completely CGI) beast!! But this season he just has terrible face makeup. I like the show but “wolf-man” makeup is cheesey. At least they don’t have Scott Running on all fours anymore.

    • Erin2 says:

      Peter was an Alpha in season 1, therefore was able to shift into the complete cgi wolf!!!

    • bar says:

      Right but in between then he died, lost all his power, and came back. The CGI was really just a way to mask his identity and to draw a bigger line between betas, omegas, and alphas.

  8. Thomas says:

    Season 4 was a big letdown for me. I stopped watching halfway through due to poor writing and inconsistencies. I DO NOT support the stiles / malia relationship. The reason being is that it has shown to be abusive, stiles appeared uncomfortable being the ‘little spoon’ and it was implied that malia gave him scratch marks or something along those lines that he was again, uncomfortable with. In my opinion, these things have happened because malia has been in coyote form for most of her life, so she has no experience or knowledge about what an actual relationship is. To be honest, malia’s character is not consistent with her situation. She has been living as a coyote for a good portion of her life, so she should have the mentality of a person much younger than she actually is shown to have. Also, due to her little hiatus from the human world, it would make sense for her to not want to be in a relationship at all. Most girls at the age malia was temporarily removed from society are still in the ‘boys are gross’ stage. Furthermore, if malia was shown in the correct mental state based on her backstory, she should not be able to be able to give consent and be in a consenting relationship at all. Alas, malia is shown to be at stage quite close to her peers, due to the plot holes so big you can drive a truck through them.

    Speaking of relationships that don’t make sense, I also have a few issues with derek / braeden. While i admire both of their characters apart, I dont like how braeden has gone from being a tough mercenary to nothing more than a love interest that seems to live in derek’s bed. I dont understand why derek would want to start another relationship so quickly based on his frankly troubling past of being manipulated, abused, and used in his recent relationships. And why would he choose to start one with someone who kills frequently? What is that, the third one so far? You’d think that derek would be more careful about getting into relationships with murderers, especially with how the last two worked out. Actually, you’d think that derek would be more cautious about getting into relationships in general, if at all. Based on his history of being abused, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he would be put off permenantly from relationships. Again, I do admire both of the characters seperately, but together they just don’t add up.

    S4 wasn’t all bad, however. I liked scott / kira, even if kira is quite a stereotypical character. Their relationship is fun and refreshing, its good to see scott move on after allison. (a very tough thing to do, allison was beloved by all of us in fandom and by a great majority of the charcters as well.)

    Overall, S4 had a great deal more issues than seasons in the past. Plot holes were frequent, and that’s whaf put off myself, and a number of other viewers, based on the ratings. The main villain of the season, the benefactor, wasn’t written as well as it could have been. Certain questions remain unanswered. Who was the man that robbed the hale vault? How did Meredith know about the computers at Lydia’s grandmother’s beach house, and more importantly, how did she get there and activate them? The rocky introduction of many new characters was also a problem, and the lack of focus on the main characters & pack dynamics. This was supposed to be a lydia-focused season?

    Advice to the teen wolf writers- develop your core characters more before you throw new characters at us with little introduction beforehand. And when you fire out new characters and relationships without proper development and setup beforehand, dont expect fandom to love and embrace them unconditionally. Especially the fans who analyze and, so it seems, expect too much of the show.

    • Tiffany Hill says:

      We haven’t really seen any indication that Braeden is in fact a murderer.. Actually her relationship with derek seems to be the healthiest i’ve seen for him.. She’s not evil, she showed him how to protect himself when he felt the most vulnerable, she dove in to help derek protect scott and his friends fighting by his side, she guarded over him when he was mortally wounded, oh yeah and they have intense chemistry together… They’re too extremely attractive adults , do you really think there wouldn’t be a sexual thing happening as well. Braeden is an intense character, but she’s still a woman, why does she have to be single , to be badass… She’s shown to really care about derek, and oh yeah btw haven’t attempted to kill Derek , or his friends… I honestly don’t see where all the hatred for her character.. IT’s as though the fan base wants to overlook her positive traits, simply because they focused more on the stalia thing then the derek/braeden thing.. Yeah she’s a mercenary, but all we’ve really done is see her rescue Peter/derek, oh and help scott and his friends locate where derek was when he was missing.. When peter hired her to find kate, she dropped that mission when she felt bad for derek, after he saved her life, and showed genuine concern for her… SO there ya have it , not need to bash her character, for lets face it jealousy.. Women wouldn’t be satisfied with anyone derek chose to be with it seems… She wouldn’t stand a chance getting with the most alluring man on the series… Don’t kid yourselves

  9. Socks says:

    I sincerely hope that Braeden doesn’t come back. She was completely pointless, unless you count warming Derek’s bed to be a purpose. It wasn’t cute or whatever they were intending, it just made Derek seem so strangely written that people thought there were two of him going around. There wasn’t a spark for that ‘relationship’, it came across as a sex only sort of thing, and the crying bit at the end? Nowhere near as emotional as the writer’s were obviously intending. People who dislike seeing Stiles and Derek anywhere near each other agreed that the look back between them was more emotional than whatever Braeden was doing.

    If she’s coming back, plenty of people won’t be. Not that a huge number wasn’t ditched the series already due to Malia, the new relationships (Stalia and Draeden), Braeden and most importantly the plot. I mean what was that mess? You could watch the first episode and the last and have felt as though you didn’t miss a thing. There was no progress, the plot is more or less back to where it started this season. We just got a wolf and a couple of unnecessary make out scenes that turned people off watching.

    • Lena says:

      Whether or not people see chemistry with characters is subjective. I’ve seen tons of fans who enjoy Braeden and Derek. However, I see your point, especially since you threw in your dislike of Malia as well. Hello, Sterek fan! I think the real mess with any show is when fanbases think they can force the showrunners to see things their way.

      • S says:

        I think the real mess with any show is promising things you won’t deliver. Like, say, the obvious queerbaiting that has been going on since almost the beginning of the show. How dare people not like all the awesome and wonderful het ships we get!
        So yes, people are disappointed because they came for a show that presents itself as having great LGBT representation and only found straightness everywhere! (minus that little break with Danny/Ethan, where the only thing they did together was making out)

  10. Rachel says:

    I’m really exited about season 5 teen wolf when does it come out

  11. Luk says:

    SERIOUSLY, is it just me or am I the only one thinking that Chris hunting down his sister with the calaveres may just be a spin off. I mine the ending was just like an episode that will create a spin off.

  12. Annie says:

    I’d prefer Malia to run and never come back, because her story didn’t make sense from the beginning. Don’t tell me otherwise, even Davis knows this and hoped “we would just forgive”. Nope, don’t construct a story around a feral child if you only intent to make her “wild” when it’s convenient for you. Always ready to have unprotected sex in dirty basements. Wow. Very edgy. So wild. Much hate.
    But due to Hennig’s contract this will sadly only stay a wish, so I definitely won’t come back for season 5.

    And for the love of god, please don’t let Breaden come back. Tandy might be an excellent beauty queen but she’s got no talent for acting at all. Her scenes in the final were so painful to watch. As she stared to “cry” I started to laugh and couldn’t stop for 3 minutes. You do not want to ruin emotional and dramatic scenes with somebody who can’t act to save their lives, no matter how much you like the actress.

    • shelton23236 says:

      Braeden will probably come back. At the end she was saying the reason she wasn’t a u.s. Marshall anymore was because she got obsessed with hunting down somebody called the desert wolf. Malias mom is the desert wolf so braeden was unknowingly hunting malias mom. I agree with Derek and Braeden I don’t really like them together. I feel like the only reason she with him is cause she felt bad for him losing his powers and not being able to find kate for him. They should throw in somebody like alison for Derek or like Kira who is already supernatural so he doesn’t have to worry about Paige happening again.

      • 2L2H says:

        I wish Jackson would come back to th show, not as anyone’s other half (that scene with he and Lydia in finale of season 2 was painful and unnecces) but he was the best Ying to Derek’s Yang not sexually but their scenes were always intense and Jsckson help keep all the characters on their toes. It would be great to see Jackson as a werewolf in his own and matrue without all of the insecurity and an ally to Scott and Stiles his nemesis, maybe not a friend but a real ally. Jeff Davis really messed up when he told Colton his character might die at the end of season 2 and then he found another job. Jackson as werewolf would’ve been awesome, plus Derek was a poor alpha to Jackson, which to see that dynamic develop would’ve been nice. I don’t buy in to Braedon and Derek’s relationship, it could be forged out of necessity only, but Derek looks uncomfortable in all sex scenes, not just with Braedon, but with Jennifer as well. Thus far the only hookups that look unforced were Scott and Allison and she looked far to old for him (cougar) and Stiles and Malia. I think Scott and Malia would not neccessarily make a better couple, but their love scenes would be explosive. I still hope that Stles and Lydia get together and I hope they dress her better in season 5 then they did in season 4 and I know it’s unlikely, but I wish Jackson would come back if only for a cameo, that storyline is so unanswered and we actually need his hotness. Liam is cute, not hot, Isaac was cute/pretty depending on the angle but not hot. The twins not hot. Brett’s tall and really good looking (sexy eyes) but lacks a dash of something that makes a guy hot. Derek is hot, but his hotness is on the verge of trying to be/play much older which for me makes him more of a DILF and he’s only like 4 years older then I am. Parrish is sexy with a nice body and a lot of nerd (Ben 10) in the face which is almost hot, but still that certain dash of something is missing, good looks and a nice body does not make a guy hot, it helps, but it’s not the end all!

  13. Annie says:

    “There were bets going around about who the Benefactor was, and most of us got it wrong.” – This might be because it made not freakin’ sense! The story was

    • Inat says:

      Have to agree with that, leading up to the identity of who the benefactor was, was a great idea, but why it was the person it was, was a let down. Spoiler—-it would have been better if Peter wasn’t dragged into it, and the person was a mad genius themselves. Or if it turned out that Lydia’s grandma was alive and was the benefactor– and some twisted story as to why she went on a killing spree. —and banshees could live long lives.

  14. Annie says:

    “There were bets going around about who the Benefactor was, and most of us got it wrong.” – That might be because the whole story made no freakin’ sense?! It was weak writing all together.

  15. Tanaja says:

    Stiles and Malia will be End Game

  16. teen wolf says:

    Oh dear, please stydia!! Stiles and Lydia

  17. Steven says:

    While I didn’t think season 4 was the best one I have seen I still really enjoyed it. Although a little slower it gave us more insight into the development of the characters. It is obvious they are all growing and maturing as the show goes on. This was specifically seen in Derek’s transformation. He is growing more and more and it is all because he has realised that he doesn’t need his powers to be the leader he needs to be. His friends come before his own life now.

  18. joel says:

    i love this movie
    can you send me a link on how i can watch the season 5 online?

  19. Markria says:

    I have a feeling that Peter is gonna come back trying to steal Scott’s power. What if that three-eyed dude sees something that Peter could use to escape and kills Scott? I just want Season 5 to come out. So excited!!! Parrish discovers his power, the desert wolf is found, Kate is found, Derek gets stronger, Chris Argent might help along with the Calaveras. Good job cast, producer, director etc

    • shelton23236 says:

      I think argent might not be coming back. Holland roden said somebody’s not coming back for season 5. The ending felt like a final send off for argents character to me. The only thing he has to live for is hunting kate. Wife’s dead daughters dead father is dying and sister is a psychotic killer who also happens to be a were jaguar

  20. Allison says:

    Here’s my thoughts about the finale: OMG DEREK. What happened to him is one of many thngs that I wanted for him and I hope he’ll have more screentime next season because he’s been criminally underused in S3b and S4. Let’s hope so since he fit that mantra pretty well.

  21. leah says:

    I hope scrotum over comes what Kate I doing to him like he has everything else, I also think parish is a phenix or a kits in a because his eyes glowed like Kira the chemistry between Scott and Kira isn’t as intense as the chemistry with Allison

  22. Silvia says:

    i’ve read a lot of the comments about Scott and Kira, and on that thought, i know that the thing i don’t like about her, is not that she’s with Scott and that i would prefer him with Allison, is actually that she seems weak! i mean she’s a kitsune she could be fierce and not play the victim screaming for help most of the time; but I do think Arden Cho is beautiful and an all around good actress; just don’t see the love interest as a necessity for Scott, on the season finale Liam was the one that brought “back” Scott and not Kira so for me that saids a lot.
    Doesn’t matter what, I’m definitely watching next season, with the season finale they just left me with so many questions. Love Stiles, Derek and i know he’s evil but you gotta love a good villain and Peter makes a great one.

    • Akshay says:

      I agree. Kira is shown to be weak in most of the fighting sequences unlike Allison who, even though being a non-supernatural, was able to hold her own. The writers also need to make Kira’s character stronger and show more of her abilities. Honestly i can never see Lydia and Stiles being together coz there was nothing from Lydia’s side and Stiles has realized it and moved on. The only reason Liam was able to reach Scott when he was a berserkers is because he is Scott’s Beta. Betas and Alphas have a connection. Just like Derek, Scott is also evolving as an Alpha which can be seen in the fight between Peter and him. he was moving faster than ever. I hope the next season is a bit more exciting and faster and doesn’t include Peter trying to kill Scott its kind of becoming boring. Bringing back Jackson in the fold for Season 5 would definitely spark things up a lot. The last thing we heard about him was Lydia saying that he was in London and people have completely forgotten about him but he still is Derek’s beta. Jackson as the part of the group having some hidden motive. They should have concealed Parish’s true form, it is pretty must predictable that he is a phoenix as no other mythical creature is impervious to flames. And what about Cora Hale? Where is she? lots of questions about lots of character. Hope it is answered in the upcoming seasons.

      • Mark says:

        Last year after starting to watch this awesome show and catching up on all of the season s and then Jackson left.I have been waiting to see for his return.his character was a jerk but was still interesting.also,what happened to Isacc? I HAVE LOVED EVERY SINGLE SEASON!!!

        • daniel says:

          Isaac is not coming back cos he started acting in another series called the originals….he aktually jst started in the season two so no hope of him coming back ever

      • Christal says:

        To begin with, I agree with most of what you are saying, however; Peter trying to kill Scott is not really getting boring. This shows Peter’s character and what he is after and has been after all this time. It’s actually interesting how with everything that has been going on, they’ve found a way to lead everything back to Peter, and since it all began with his bite, it is important to be constantly reminded that he turned Scott in to a werewolf [leading to his revelation as a true alpha] and yet is so determined to take that away. Also, I really don’t think that it would be a good idea for Jackson to return. Yes, Jackson was an “interesting” character, but he is not really important to the current events that have been going on and will continue from. Honestly, he might be a bit of a distraction and that’s the last thing that Scott and his friends need right now. And him being Derek’s beta is nothing compared to Derek’s evolution. This is one of the many things that really has the fans at the edge of their seats and Jackson is just not important enough right now to suddenly be thrown back in the story. Same thing goes for Cora Hale. I’m not saying that these are bad characters and don’t deserve to be brought back. I’m just saying that it’s not the right time. Or at least it should happen at the beginning of the season. Not until something happens in the plot to reel them back in. And finally, thanks for the insight on Parrish’s form, but you kind of ruined the mystery, if your correct, and you probably are, that had a lot of people interested, including myself. But i really liked the insight that you gave on what you feel might be approaching in upcoming seasons. And hope that the questions are answered in upcoming seasons as well.

  23. John McKenly says:

    producers should make Scott have nightmares/hallucinations of Allison, which will make it hard for him to move on with Kira because he will feel guilty. It would be an interesting idea to tackle.

  24. Jonathon Yee says:

    producers should make Scott have nightmares/hallucinations of Allison, which will make it hard for him to move on with Kira because he will feel guilty. It would be an interesting idea to tackle.

  25. Abel Sanchez says:

    Will Peter still be in the show??

  26. Gregory says:

    whats gonna happen between scott and his dad? Is he gonna tell his dad everything or keep him in the dark about beacon hills?

  27. rascal1324 says:

    I think Stiles and Malia should continue what they have and Lydia should get with Parrish! I also don’t really like Kira but I know bringing back Allison isn’t an option.

  28. Tony Rivera says:

    I would like too wonder what happened to danny. Is he gonna back?

  29. Robert Woodard says:

    When will Scott take his true form and make his first evolution of being the alpha

    • shelton23236 says:

      Notice how nobody tried to kill lydia the whole season? Everybody was being chased but not her. Come on she was the second most valuable person on the list but nobody took a shot at her?

  30. shelton23236 says:

    Notice how nobody tried to kill lydia the whole season? Everbody else was being chased around but not lydia. Come on now she was the second highest on the list but yet nobody took a shot at her?

    • Pretty princess says:

      Please just don’t. Seriously. We need Lydia on this show. Alotof guys I’ve spoken to. Only tune in cos “holland is hot”

  31. Jolene says:

    I cannot wait for season 5 but really Peter needs to be dealt with eventually the whole plot if him never being killed is getting boring now. However I love that they didn’t kill Derek, big ups on that. Can’t wait to see how he Scott work together again in the next season. My 2 favourite wolves. I am so addicted to this show. It makes me mad I have to wait so long for the next season.

  32. josianne says:

    I hope that Lydia goes out parrish

  33. dustin says:

    Can’t wait for season five best show

  34. Deb Black says:

    Paige (Derek’s First Love) should totally be the desert wolf lol

    • Sher says:

      Yea that would be just great 😀

    • denise says:

      Maybe I’m wrong or getting my facts mixed but the desert wolf is Malias mother correct? So in order for Paige to be the desert wolf ergo malias mother that would mean she slept and had a child with her ex boyfriend’s uncle ??? Or am i mixing the characters? ?

  35. Brenda says:

    I rather see Scott and Lydia get together

  36. CSix says:

    There would’ve be more chemistry between Scott and Malia. Styles would have been a better match for Kira.

  37. rayquan bonham says:

    I think allison should come back but kira and scott are meant to be and will malia find her mom. Will derek return to bacon hills and will parrish and liydia be a couple and last malia. And styles😘😍😍😄😃😀😃😄😄😂

  38. richard says:

    yea,i think the relationship between scott and kira is cool and i like them together.but what i want is to see more of what is really special about the True alpha.

  39. Fanny says:

    What is the outcome of season 5, can you give us a brief description on what is going to happen? Will their be a new threat for the team to take on? will Mason be shown more in season 5 as well as Liam? Does Liam have an affection for Mason? Does he see Mason more than his friend? I sometimes catch him giving a jealous type of look, but as well as a loving look. If they were that would be interesting Lol. Because I also catch him acting feminine, but I would love to see that, for I do miss watching one of the twins from season 2.

  40. Jay says:

    I thought Parrish was fire kitune. The color of eye seems similar with Kira which Kira also doesn’t get hurt from lightning…

  41. Alpha says:

    Great finale but hope Daniel sharman returns he’s my favourite

  42. Sher says:

    I want Allison to return by some weird act just like Kate was returned…:)


  43. Sher says:

    I also loved Isaac, missed him he was really cool… Want him back as we’ll. just saying😊

  44. Been says:

    The writing of season 4 has been simply terrible. I still love the characters but it was so disjointed and soo many plot holes it was ridiculous. We got more sex and make out scenes than moments if character development which is pathetic. Stiles and Malias relationship felt so sudden, forced and completely on a whim with no lead up or development since then. Kira felt so boring and bland tus season; I love her but the writers did virtually nothing with her. The only character I could stand was Lydia this past season..

  45. Jasmine says:

    Am I the only person who wants that “secret” that Stiles knows to be that Scott and him are actually brothers? That would add a whole new dynamic to the show, and an amazing plot twist.(Officer Stillinski and Melissa McCall hookup) Also, Parrish doesn’t have to be a Phoenix, he could be a fire kitsune. (Parrish is resistent to fire) And not saying I don’t love Chris Argents character, because I do, but I hope he is the one leaving the show (Holland Roden’s interview) Im not sure I can deal with any of the other characters leaving. I also want character development for the first few episodes before any new thing from the beastiary shows up to be the “bad guy” for the season. We haven’t really had a chance to settle because of how much info they have been pumping at us.(How many bad guys can there be? And how can they all come in succession so close to each other) Issac or Jackson could come back to the show and I’d be okay (example of adding characters without giving us too much to think about because they already existed) This show has a great representation of women so I thought… then they brought Kira along and she was kind of a damsel in distress. She needs to expand her powers and hold her own and take a little weight off Scotts back.(Kira as damsel in distress?) I love the idea of Stiles and Malia but Malia definitely should of struggled a little more with the human behavior. They could of added some quite humorous scenes of her sniffing things, pottying outside, etc. But she is a strong character.(Malias character development) There is a small part of me that hopes Stiles gets some kind of supernatural power and I think they could use the possession of the Nigitsune as an excuse of a sort.But saying that, I love his human characteristics and how subtly adorable his character is.(Supernatural Stiles?) Personally I don’t want Allison to come back but that person who said that they should give Scott nightmares was right. I think he may of moved on too easily from that relationship. (PTSD) FYI Ducalien and Kate and Peter and the Nematog are all still alive) And is Scott going to make his first kill?(will it be an accident) Some of those characters I just listed need to be killed off because we don’t want to have a huge backlog of unfinished story. Idk. Whatever happens I will definitely be watching season 5. Oh and Derek’s character development is extraordinary but I do think he should NOT be dating Braeden so soon after all that has happened with his relationships. Braeden is hunting Malias mom so she will make an important character but hopefully not with Derek.

  46. For some reason I believe Parish is a fox, kinda like Kira. When Kira’s mom was explaining about foxes she said there were two types: lightning and fire. If a lightning fox has immunity to electricity and such, I believe a fire fox would be equally immune to the blazing flames. Just a thought though.

    • Chris says:

      but the thing i dont understand is when kira gets electricuted she doesnt get hurt, but she absorbs it. Looking at parish he definitely was hurt by the fire, but he healed. And unlike Kira he healed on his own, while Kira had to teach herself how to heal. Im definitely interested in what his character has to offer! Cant wait for season 5!!!

    • Lydia Mayes says:

      I love that theory. I never even thought about Parrish being a fire fox!

  47. Awesome says:

    I like having Kira and Scott together now, they seem like the cutest couple as well as Malia and Stiles. Ever since Allison died, I was like so heart-broken, but you know what the “Show must go on.” If Allison passed, there wouldn’t even be an on coming season like now. Everything happens for a reason and we just gotta trust our directors on what their trying to accomplish. If Allison were to come back theirs gonna be a “Glamorous Smack Down” that would be something Lol but what am i to say, Who knows?

  48. susana funes says:

    In my opinion I love Kira and Scott. They really shouldn’t bring back Allison.The only reason Scott and Allison were the perfect couple was because they were just starting the show.Kira and Scott just more chemistry and loveeeee doveeee moments.

  49. susana funes says:

    I love Scott and Kira.!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kiki says:

    About Derek.. Why did he look like a DOG in the finale. I was hoping to see a more physically dominant creature! Not a black dog!

    • Chris says:

      You are really ignorant! Have you not watched the rest of the show?? He took on the exact same form as Talia Hale. Derek is becoming stronger and a more powerful werwolf and now he can phase to complete wolf… By him becoming more like his mother he is carrying on the Hale lineage. Why do you think Derek evolved to this rather than Peter? because Derek deserves it and Peter deserves to rot in Eichen house. Although we will definitely be seeing more of him later on in season 5. I dont think anybody has the capability of killing Peter, but man does he really get on my nerves. If anyone were to kill Peter it would be Derek. But he isnt a “black dog’…. He is a freaking full on wolf. Who else thinks that Talia Hale is still alive?????