Mistresses EP Talks Shocking Season 2 Finale: 'Soap Operas Live and Die on Unforgivable Acts'

It was never K.J. Steinberg’s plan to upset fans with the quadruple cliffhanger of Mistresses‘ explosive Season 2 finale.

But if ABC fails to order a third season of its steamy (and very much on-the-bubble) Monday-night soap, the executive producer has a philosophical outlook that she hopes can help calm the nerves of fans reeling from the series’ half-detonated bombshells, including: Joss succumbing to her desires and tackling chiseled ex-brother-in-law Harry on the beach (all with sweet fiancé Scott waiting for her to come down the aisle); Joss’ sister Savi quickly approaching the sexy “surfbort” moment; Karen’s doctor calling to tell her she was HIV-negative (but that he had other news to drop); and April walking in just as daughter Lucy learned, via the local news, that her presumed-dead dad had been alive for years — and had this time been gunned down (for real) in a drug-related killing.

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“We would never have written this to be an ending to the series,” Steinberg explains. “We architected it for a Season 3. And we have hope that we will get one so we can continue to tell these stories and play out these dramas.”

That said, “if we have the misfortune of not getting [renewed], we still feel that we’ve told some great stories this season and ended the series on some great, great questions,” she continues. “Ultimately, these women’s lives go on — and the complications keep tracing back to every action they’ve taken since the pilot. That feeling and that train keep moving. If it ends here, it would be very, very sad for us. But if I had known that it would end here, I don’t think I would have ended it any other way.”

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Steinberg (who wrote the Season 2 finale script) says she’s expecting ABC to weigh in on Mistresses‘ fate — be it a pickup or a cancellation — by Sept. 30. Until then, TVLine is happy to provide a forum to address the decisions that went down in the writers’ room, the birth of a verrrrry intense/awkward family triangle, and the seeds that have been planted for Season 3… if and when it resumes.

TVLINE | OK, we have to start with that ending: Joss and Harry locked in a passionate embrace on the beach, Savi heading down the stairs toward the ocean, and — bam! — that’s all she wrote. You do accept the fact that you’re evil for leaving us there, yes?
Evil in the best possible way, right? [Laughs]

TVLINE | [Laughs] Did you guys always know that the season was going to end with Harry and Joss in that embrace?
We always knew they were going to end up there. We just didn’t know how we were going to tell the story in the finale — whether it was going to be the final, beautiful image or whether it was going to be in the middle, or even open the episode.

TVLINE | Leading up to the climax, so to speak, we had Joss in the restaurant telling Harry they couldn’t be friends anymore. That had to be the most heartbreaking scene of the entire series. I was like, “Grab me a tissue.” Just brutal.
I’m so glad it was. Wasn’t Jes Macallan brilliant? She’s such a wonderful actress and she and Brett have a real profound connection as actors. To me, that scene is what the series is about. That was a woman looking at a huge potential betrayal right in the face and saying, “I choose not to be tempted. I choose the less passionate option because it’s the right thing to do.” And you see how pained she was in doing so.

TVLINE | Did you feel like you needed that scene to be able to get people who were on Team Scott to understand the depth of Joss’s conundrum? Did she have to make the “right” choice first before she could be with Harry?
I don’t think it was to get the audience on board. We thought it was honestly what Joss Carver would go through. She’s always been a deeply feeling woman. And despite her loose sexual morals, she’s always been a great sister and a great friend and a good person. So that scene just reflected what we felt would be the organic journey for her — a journey that eventually led to her grabbing him and kissing him.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that, though. How did she go from the restaurant scene — literally closing the door on their connection — to completely surrendering at the engagement party/surprise wedding?
The whole season for Joss and Harry has been about the sublimation of their true feelings. Their feelings for one another have been in their subconscious and popping up to the surface at different times for both of them. So, when she shows up at the Malibu house, she’s thinking, “We’re going to be engaged for a year. I’ll have time to work out my conflict. I’ll push Harry aside. I’ll recommit to Scott. I will focus on my love for Scott.” Because she really does love him. I mean, it is a viable choice.

But when the gauntlet is thrown down by Scott and suddenly the [surprise] wedding is upon her and she’s in the dress and she can’t breathe — she puts it all together, she realizes, ” I don’t have time to grow to embrace this as my first choice, as my true love.” And then she asks Savi the question that she really does in her heart know the answer to, which is, “Who told Scott about the record player?” She knew it was Harry and that meant to her that Harry knows her better than anyone in the world.

TVLINE | I loved that call back to the record player, because it was one of those nagging things: Scott pushing for a wedding so quickly when there was so much he didn’t know about Joss.
Right. When we met Joss in the pilot she was a person who abhorred monogamy. And here she is at the end of Season 2 in a wedding gown. And no matter how much we grow as people, and we do hopefully, you know that fast-track [wedding] goes against everything that she believed in and everything that she was just two years ago. It was too much, too fast and too antithetical to who she used to be.

TVLINE | I’m sure a core group of fans were pulling for Joss and Harry, but there had to be at least an equal amount who will look at the finale and say, “This is an unforgivable betrayal of her sister. You cannot under any circumstance go and explore romantic feelings for your ex-brother-in-law, especially only a year after their marriage dissolved.” How would you respond to that? How much debate was there in the writer’s room regarding what this says about Joss and Harry as people?
Soap operas live and die on unforgivable acts. And I think that we have to embrace that controversy. There were definitely fights in the writer’s room. There were writers who wanted them to get together in Episode 6. And I was like, “I can’t even…I can’t.” I could hardly get my mind around Episode 13.

I was probably the most squeamish in the room about it. And those people who say it’s unforgivable and can’t get behind what Joss did, that’s totally valid. The other side is valid too. How long does it take for people to forgive after a betrayal or a transgression? And how does that path to forgiveness happen? That’s what I think is the interesting part and that’s going to be the dramatic part to watch — if the forgiveness thing ever happens. And God knows if Joss will ever forgive herself.

TVLINE | Of course, you just had to have Savi coming down the steps to the beach while this hookup was happening. [Laughs] I’ve been not-so-secretly on board with Joss and Harry as a couple all year, but as I saw Savi approaching, I was literally screaming at the screen, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” I know the wedding gown is beyond saving now that it’s been rolled around in the sand, but could this destroy the sisterhood between Joss and Savi, too?
It could. It remains to be seen. We’re not saying that just because you’re in love makes betrayal OK. We’re saying it makes it risky and complicated and has the potential to cause a lot of pain. But at the same time Savi has been all over the place. She threw Harry away in the most humiliating and heartless of ways. She hasn’t looked back. She betrayed Dom. She has shown herself to be a lost soul when it comes to matters of the heart. And so in a way you can understand how Joss thought her sister was really done — really, really done. And it’s not like she’s sleeping with her sister’s husband. She’s sleeping with the man who her sister discarded.

TVLINE | OK, so moving on to another one of our major characters: We know Karen is HIV-negative, but is she pregnant?
Maybe. I cannot tell you that.

TVLINE | It certainly felt like you were hinting that, with her doctor saying, “but there’s something else…” Plus, in terms of her character growth, she’s been looking for a love connection with men for two seasons — and it seemed to me like she was undergoing the dawning realization in that final conversation with Anna that there’s a different kind of love. Choosing to stay in LA with her friends, too, rather than following a man to Boston was another realization of romantic love not being the only option. And maybe that’s what can save Karen in the end. Am I reading too much into all it?
That’s so, so insightful. That is what we were going for — her realization by the end that there are other kinds of love and, in fact, that she was a mother to Anna. She not only derived meaning from that, but that realization saved her own life. She was looking pretty suicidal in that moment [before Anna called from Korea]. She was really throwing in the towel and thinking this is her lot in life — death and pain — with not much to live for. And then that phone call came in.

TVLINE | In a lot of ways, Karen has been a total hot mess for two seasons — making some of the worst decisions imaginable. If there’s a nSeason 3, can she continue in trainwreck mode? Or do you think she has to evolve into someone a little more down-to-earth and grounded?
There will always be a part of Karen that is a little bit of a mess, but she has evolved. And we really do believe that she has passed the point of consciously bad decision-making. By quitting her job [as a psychiatrist], she has shed one of the things that caused her a lot of pain in her life. She was living in the wrong skin. And now that she’s shed that layer, she’s going to see her life a lot more clearly and make decisions that are more in line with her journey toward actual happiness. Whatever news her doctor had for her on the end of that phone call, though, is going to make that a tough road to hoe. But I think at the end of it, she will see the light.

ROCHELLE AYTES, RICKY WHITTLETVLINE | April’s resolution felt the most completed. Paul is dead, and that drama is done. Were you planning right from the beginning of the season that Lucy would learn the truth about her dad before it was all said and done?
We’ve been architecting since last season that Lucy would find out the truth. We wanted to wait until the actress was old enough to handle the story. And we thought it made sense to have her be into her teen years, when life was already a clusterf–k hormonally, to tell that drama. We also thought that watching her react to that news as a teenager would live on our show more appropriately. So we’re looking forward in Season 3 to what that’s going to look like. Of all the love relationships on this show, [April and Lucy] is the purest. Her daughter always comes before any man, and therefore this heartbreak of all the heartbreaks she’s experienced is going to be the biggest one of the series for her.

TVLINE | Is there any way April can continue on with Daniel given Lucy’s discovery?
Well, Ricky Whittle is on The 100 [on The CW]. [Laughs] So, it really depends. I mean, from a storytelling point of view, given that he is in bed with the men responsible for driving Paul to his death —because you know Olivos would not have killed Paul if Paul hadn’t been in cahoots with the FBI — it’s going to be hard for Daniel to get back in the good graces of Lucy. In her mind, for all intents and purposes, [he’s] going to be one of reasons why her father is dead for the second time.

TVLINE | I was a little surprised that you guys had that final sex scene in the cabin between April and Daniel — with Lucy asleep in the bedroom. But then I was like, “If this is the swan song for the two sexiest people on television — quite possibly ever…”
They really are the most beautiful, beautiful couple. They give Brangelina a run for their money. But I wasn’t thinking of that. Lucy was asleep. Parents know how deeply their kids sleep. And what was happening was that storyline was really all about the role-playing of family, and of Daniel and April’s couplehood. They were trapped in this bubble where only the three of them existed. And the missing piece to that, of course, was the intimacy and the lovemaking, which was April saying to him “I forgive you. I want this life. I want to be with you and I want you to be in mine and Lucy’s life as my partner and as her father.” And that’s what she expected to happen before Lucy saw the news.

TVLINE | As devastating as the news of Paul having been alive — and now being truly dead — will be for Lucy, I can’t help but feel like Savi learning about Joss and Harry will be somehow worse. You had told me previously that there were some dark elements of Savi’s Season 2 story arc that you had to abandon because of Alyssa Milano’s pregnancy. Was there an idea of going back and exploring some of those issues with her in Season 3, and of using this bombshell revelation to set that off?
Yes. And let me just say if and when Savi finds out, it will destroy her. But that’s if and when.

TVLINE | It stresses me out thinking about what Joss and Harry’s decision will do to the core relationship of the four women.
Yes. Watching how the women are going to navigate it in terms of their friendship is going to be the centerpiece of Season 3, if we get one, because as you know Karen is armed with the knowledge that no one else has at this point.

TVLINE | Right. And knowing how April has this sort of moral hard line, I can see that creating tension between her and Joss.
Maybe — or maybe April’s world has been so upended that she’ll surprise us. Maybe Savi will expect her to be rabidly on her side and see it her way, and maybe she won’t. I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.

What did you think of the Mistresses Season 2 finale? Which cliffhanger has you most anxious? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Someone says:

    You mean Karen isn’t HIV negative…I have a feeling her doctor was going to tell her she’s pregnant.

  2. T says:

    Oh yeah Im here for Joss and Harry. Will be very soapy considering Savi

  3. Jenna says:

    The doctor was calling to tell Karen she was HIV negative, not pregnant. But I think that is actually what she is.

  4. iammusic says:

    “Karen’s doctor calling to tell her she wasn’t HIV-negative” – you might want to make that “WAS HIV-negative” :)

  5. Amanda says:

    So not on board with the cliche of falling for the sisters husband. I was afraid we were going to see Joss pregnant next season when she mentioned the dress being tight. Hoping for another season though.

    • Sara says:

      I agree I never can see them together just are so opposite. You never got to see him fall for her it just doesn’t sit right or make any sense

      • Brendan says:

        For me, having Joss and Harry end up together at that moment was like a double betrayal. Not only did they hurt Scott and Savi by not just saying something about their feelings – but to do that on the beach with Scott and his family and friends nearby is completely immature and uncalled for. I also think that their connection is not as strong as it seems to them. Harry has known Joss for a long time and never saw her in a romantic way until Scott came along and helped her grow and mature. Scott helped her become a more well-rounded person and Harry was attracted to that and swooped in to steal her away. Scott loved Joss the whole time and despite not knowing about the records, he was thoughtful enough to ask her loved ones for advice and when they had disagreements, he met then head on (the car, the bills, etc) instead of just putting it off. Scott is a mature wonderful man and in the end, Joss deserves Harry. They will crash and burn….

        • amanda says:

          I couldn’t agree more!!!! I love Scott!! I can’t help felling sad with this finale… so so so so disappointed!

          • jade rac says:

            Agreed, and I’m also not impressed with K.J. Steinberg’s reply to the interviewer’s questions. It left me with the impression that the writers were more committed to the shock value caused by these cliffhangers as opposed to remaining true to the characters. Joss sleeping with Harry?! Come On! This lacks creativity. it seems like a ploy to get fans up in arms to contact ABC to renew the show. Prior this this I would have protested a cancellation as well, but since the writers seem to not care about the characters they developed or the fans. Maybe, I should stop caring too.

          • Alexandra says:

            I love scott too!!!! scott and Joss should marry!!! Harry is nice too but he needs to find someone else. poor Scott :( betrayal on his wedding day. he was soooooo awsome :( he does not deserve to be treated like that.. dissapointed :(

        • Dee says:

          I agree with you Brendan. They finally give Joss a good storyline but mess it up with her and Harry kissing on the beach when she is supposed to be walking down the aisle to marry Scott. I am not happy with this season and hope they don’t pick up another season.

          • elsie says:

            I agree with u . I don’t think I will continue the next season : how can joss do that to her only sis savy? This movie is stupid

        • Mshep says:

          Well said. Brenden…I agree!!

        • debbie says:

          Tanks brendan, u spoke my mind, so not in support of d stupid romance, wasn’t @all romantic just immature and stupid, a huge betrayal to scott, I so much love dem togeda, it was pure. #rolling eyes#

        • SK says:

          Couldn’t have said it better! Scott is so good for and to Joss. She shouldn’t have said yes to his marriage proposal then if she’s not too sure.

        • Agree 100%. Harry is selfish, has a bad temper, self centered, moody, and arrogant…he will not only destroy Savi but Joss as well. He was hurting Savi long before her attraction to Dom. Joss is wrong for acting on her feelings, but I blame her less since she is still evolving and in a way did not know how to handle love as seemingly complete that Scott has for her. Harry is reckless in relationships. Knowing about the records does not give him a one up, he had just been around her more which gave him that insight. Scott has been making heartfelt decisions regarding Joss since day one. To hurt such a good man for as she put it “mean as a snake Harry” is so low. I could never see her and Harry working out once that initial flame dies. They are both going to crash and burn hurting others along the way.

        • Dianne says:

          I totally agree with Brendan. I also may not watch Season 3. There’s too much back and forth and drama with them all. Some of it is predictable, but some of it comes from left field!

          • Tracy says:

            Really? This show is fantasy and it is all about back and forth. Honestly Savi suddenly realizing she still loves Harry troubled me and seemed unrealistic. I felt something brewing with Joss and Harry a long time ago- .

          • TM says:

            I think you all will watch next season. I can hardly wait too see what happens!

        • Missp Yolelo says:

          Couldn’t have said it better myself! Hope they kill each other :(

        • E.L. says:

          That is so true! I didn’t like how that ended. I feel sorry for Scott and his whole family and of course Savi because she wanted to work things out with Harry.

        • I agree totally. I am heartbroken with this ending. It is so cruel. I am so disappointed that I am not at all sure if I will watch next season, if it continues. There were so many other ways to end.

        • Tonya says:

          well said I agree,i love scott for her though

        • Lana says:

          OMG, what’s wrong with you guys ?…I will never vote for Joss and Harry. Don’t you think that super super weird for you to be in love with your sister’s husband (and they’ve been married for a really long time, not like 1-2 years) ? . And since the beginning of season 1, we all knew that Joss love her sister-her only family sooo very much, like blooded sisters, why can she change such a great love, great relationship into her (Joss) normal needs. I don’t get it…
          Come think about it, can you sleep with your blooded sister’s husband and totally break your sister down like that ? Can you do that to your sister ? After she lost her child, got into a life-dead car accident,…, she lost both Dom and Harry, and her baby she has got nothing now. Beides, she always treats you right, you know that she loves you.

      • keyshawn says:

        What was worse to me was that they were on the beach when she knew that Scott and his family were waiting for her. Seriously? have enough maturity and decency to back and deal with that like an adult before you give in to your “desires.” I think it is creepy how much Harry has talked about practically helping raise Joss and now he wants to sleep with her? He has been openly critical of her from the beginning, not to mention he knows all the details of her sex partners, etc. It just makes no sense unless they are going to play it that part of the reason Savi strayed from the marriage is because she always knew he wanted someone else? Also, she has been telling Joss everything else, about the motorcycle guy, etc., why conveniently did she tell Karen and not Joss that she wanted Harry back?

        • Tracy says:

          This I agree with. I’m a fan of the fine but I didn’t think it at all plausible that she would leave everyone waiting.
          But in the other hand, brides get left at the altar all the time.

      • c says:

        I just don’t like Joss with Harry. There’s just no chemistry. The attraction & relationship to this point between the 2 of them wasn’t developed enough for me to get the 2 of them. It doesn’t work in my opinion. Here’s an idea. How about something happening between Dom & April? I don’t care for Daniel.

      • Tracy says:

        True. I think there was perhaps more evidence of her noticing him in a new way. But– Harry is a guys guy and it makes it all the more romantic that this finally came out. Ahh..tv!

    • allison says:

      Yes yes.. They did not need to put Harry and Joss together.. I saw it coming and I was hoping it went the other way. Her character has so evolved within these two seasons and for her to fall for her sister’s ex..eeewww

    • Mika says:

      I love Joss and Harry. Savi kicked Harry to the curb and treated him like dirt. She cheated on him and chose another man. She is undeserving of him.

      • Athena says:

        I agree! Savvy hurt Harry horribly whether she wanted to or not so now she has no right to be upset. However, Scott is the ideal man and seems to really care for Joss. He also has the perfect family and Joss’s decision to throw it all away shows the intensity of her feelings towards Harry. But is it love on her side or is she just touched by the fact that Harry knows her so well, makes her feel special (which she has been deprived of), comes back for her, etc.? I mean, wouldn’t she have ended up being married if Harry hadn’t shown up at the right moment?

    • Patricia says:

      I can’t believe this is the message the Producers want to send…..betrayal! Get up and go marry the man that proposed to you. Every one of the Mistresses can’t be so darn confused and troubled. Let there be a Season 3 and let there be light to someone being happy!

      • eliana says:

        yes they are troubled but if they weren´t the series name didn’t make any sense, were are mistresses are trouble :) and it’s much more interesting than a series without problems, it wold end right away

      • Oyinda says:

        ikr, i am so dissappointed. i hope that in season 3 the rubbish harry and joss think they have will end

  6. charlene says:

    I absolutely love this show. Definitely my top show.

    • Dee says:

      I really enjoyed Season 1 and was looking forward to Season 2 but the finale was so stupid and cliché. I was so mad and kept talking to the screen like how could the writers be so dumb. lol

      • LB says:

        You spoke my mind… since last year i looked forward to season 2 and then the fianle!!! i was so upset all night i couldnt sleep! WHATTT!!! so against the rules. How do you hook up with your sister’s ex HUSBAND!!!

        • Lisa says:

          I know right. You should never EVER EVER EVER hook up with your sister or best friends ex husband. Writers must have been DRUNK. Harry was a father/older brother figure to Joss and now all of a sudden they are hooking up on the beach. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    • Athena says:

      I absolutely agree! I watch it all the way from Greece along with many many friends and we cannot wait for season 3!!! It is by far the best series and we adore it!!!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Totally disappointed!

  8. Rina says:

    Hoping for a season 3….i looked forward to hanging with these women every Monday

  9. ... says:

    Absolutely hate Joss/Harry. The core of Mistresses is the friendship between Joss, Savi, April, and Karen – they’re there for each other no matter what, they love each other in ways that the men in their lives can’t, they’re never put in the position to fight over men. It was incredibly refreshing that a soap decided to focus so heavily on adult female friendship without feeling the need to turn things catty, but the show’s insistence on shipper pandering and dedication to this cliché, borderline offensive storyline is so disappointing. I expected better from this show and if there’s a third season, I don’t know if I’ll be watching.

    • Pamelicious says:

      I completely agree …..so totally wrong the relationship between Joss & Harry… he was married to Savi for 15 years ….yea that did it for me ….don’t think I’ll watch next season….if there’s a next season

      • Dee says:

        I too agree. Season 2 left a bitter taste in my mouth and from reading most viewers didn’t enjoy the finale.

        • I thought it was really good! Cant wait for season 3! It’s not ideal of what is happening between Joss & Harry, plus I do worry about the damage it’s going to do- but they obviously love one another. Sometimes you grow to love someone & just simply fall in love. Have they not got a right to be together just because Savi was married to Harry-,the woman who cheated on him and ditched him for Dom? What goes around comes around as nasty as that sounds

    • See, I agree 100%, Joss is not germaine to the storyline…she came is as a mooch, no job, nothing to offer, just abusing Savi’s house and even Harry saw her for what she is!!! Stupid storyline and unbelievable! She gets a Tesla, and she’s unhappy? She does not have enough brain to have scruples.

    • Diana says:

      Very well said… They didn’t listen to the majority of the fans stating it was disgusting. I hope season 3 never happens!

    • Madeine says:

      I totally agree with your comment. I don’t like the idea of Joss and Harry together. I don’t understand why the show went this route. What I really loved about this show from season 1 was how important their friendship is to another. I liked that the show was different. I am really disappointed with the show. I hope they can fix it and bring it back to way it supposed to be.

    • Mshep says:

      Agree as well. It’s becoming nasty…for a lack of a better word…and not in a good way.

  10. susan says:

    You know its a shame. There is some really fine acting here but the plot is absolute drivel.

  11. hana says:

    Please please bring back mistresses it was such a great show and I give a standing ovation to joss and Harry for there acting I seriously cried my eyes out……they have so much passion together u got to bring them back have them get married and have kids ……..I’m obsessed!!!!!!

  12. Trish says:

    Love the ending! It’s exactly how I wanted it to end…for the season

  13. Kara says:

    Just loved it! This has become one of my favorite shows. Fingers crossed for season 3.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Loved every minute of it. Fantastic finale’!! Hoping for season three :-) :-)

  15. Linda says:

    Lost a fan for channel 7 show Mistresses with the Joss and Harry mess.
    Are you kidding really , unless it’s all been a bad dream for next seaon. No where to go from there, but down.

  16. AD says:

    This show is absolutely disgusting.I Will not be watching next season. You dont embrace any type of affection in that manner and when joss was crying in the kitchen. I was like girl please. There is not that much passion in this world for a man that will make me betray my sister like that.

    • penelope says:

      Thank you! !! I don’t think I could continue to watch either. Hate it!

    • Kenyonna says:

      Agreed very disappointed with the finale. Poor Savy though what a great sister Joss is… NOT.Definitely lost another viewer for next season even if that happens. I wasted my time watching this.

  17. Amy says:

    Loved tonight’s episode! The ending was exactly what I was hoping for especially when it came to Joss/Harry. Joss realizing that Harry is the person that knows her best and then the two of them subsequently admitting to one another in some fashion that they’re in love with each other was perfect. I hope we get a season 3 so I can see Harry/Joss navigate a relationship with the Savi drama. If we don’t get a season 3 then I’ll be fine as well b/c I got the ending that I wanted with Harry/Joss!

  18. Vj says:

    The ending was terrible!! Why put Joss & Harry together? Savvy and Harry back together would have been a better story line. Too many hurt lives in this ending. Give Karen cancer, not a child. The story line should be realistic! I’m so disappointed

  19. Ian says:

    I’ve been cringing over the possibility of Joss and Harry the whole second half of this season, and I have to say again, I was so disgusted and disappointed with this finale. Not only will this destroy and overcomplicate so many of the best things about this show (these four women’s relationship- they’re ALL like sisters, not just Savi and Joss!), but it was just so FORCED! This entire plot, with the record player and everything, ugh, I just hated it. And no, Jess and Brett are brilliant together as FAMILY, not…. this. And now its irrevocably ruined. Harry’s going to have to leave the show now at some point if they get another season. He can’t even backtrack now and realize that, no, it’s Savi that’s still his real soulmate, not Joss. They can’t have their cake and eat it too with that. It can’t work that way. ARGH! I hate these writers!

    I’m done. And its really too bad, because this show had one of the most amazing ensembles ever with the chemistry their cast had with these brilliant actresses, and there was so much to love about this show’s style and attitude and one-liners and emotion.

    It doesn’t really matter if they come back for another season or not. Not for me.

    • Emmeline says:

      I so agree especially the Harry plot line this season…it felt so contrived!! It really just came about so randomly like oh we have these 2 single characters let’s throw them together…bah!

    • Pinky says:

      Harry/ Joss / Scott had the most exciting storylines throughout the season and I loved the finale. Savvy and Harry can not happen again, it wld be like chewing an old bubblegum, maybe Savvy and Dom getting together again.
      The show is far from ruined, I would love to see where they take it from here, its good to push boundaries,

  20. Heather says:

    I was pulling for Scott and Joss….did not want Joss and Harry…ugh.

  21. Michelle Vajcner says:

    This show is amazing and could be as popular/even more popular than Desperate Housewives. The problem is the name. No one wants to watch a show about “Mistresses”. I work at the busiest salon in my area and often when I ask if someone watches it they answer that they don’t want to watch a show about kept women and men cheating on their wives. Fix the name and I bet you’d have a smash bit on your hands!

  22. Allie says:

    Ugh! The Mistresses hangover just has me like Ugh! I screamed at the TV, “Wrong way, Joss! Scott is the other way!!” It really just makes me mad because Joss has come so far and then to have her revert back to season one selfish just made me throw my hands in the air. I adore Jes Macallan and she is a phenomenal actress. I just hate that when season 3 premieres,( yes when because this show must have a season 3), Savi will have seething hatred towards Joss. I love their sisterly bond and I would hate to see that broken; although it would entail some very juicy story lines and there would no doubt be some great acting done by both actresses (Alyssa Milano and Jes Macallan). It would be a dynamic story to tell for the writers. I want to know what happens to Karen!!! She finally learned that she is not just a series of accidents and bad decisions, she is also a good doctor. She restored Anna’s relationship with her family and for once there was happy and not deeply troubled Anna! As much as Karen makes me have to constantly reapply wrinkle cream, I heart her! Every time she is onscreen I tell everyone to “shush”! April and Daniel I could have done without, but I do appreciate that one last shot of shirtless Daniel! I also like that they wrapped up the story line with Paul. When Lucy went missing, I was scared that someone had nabbed her. Then I was relieved when I saw her watching TV, then I was devastated when she heard her father’s name after the words “victim” and “body found.” I knew Paul would be killed off because that was the natural direction for the story, but for Lucy to find out the way that she did, just broke my heart. There goes that loving mother-daughter relationship. Lucy will never trust her mama again. This show simply must be renewed for a third season. Whose mailbox do we have to bombard with requests? #renewMistresses

    • Alison says:

      I completely agree 1000% with your comment. I couldn’t believe how much this finale left me screaming and seriously can’t wait to hear about a season 3 coming out. Fingers crossed!!

  23. penelope says:

    Hate Harry and Joss hookup. It’s reckless and only in tv land. I would punch my sister in the throat if she hooked up with my ex husband and we would never talk again ever. #teamscott

    • Jeani m says:

      lol Penelope! Ditto! #team scott

    • Tessa says:

      Seriously, not only was I thinking I hate them together, but it is so unrealistic. You have to be a serious psychotic chick to run from a wedding to the man of you dreams and go have sex on the beach. If this show is supposed to be about real down to earth women, Joss is definitely not one of them. I hope the other women ex-communicate her. Plus Im kind of in love with Scott! I mean I will gladly come step in to marry him in season 3….

    • Pinky says:

      That the problem, this ain’t real life, this is fantasy, its not anyone’s sister. Enjoy and appreciate the story as it is. It would be so boring if tv shows were just cinderella stories with no drama or glitches. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

    • Tracy says:

      Yes! It’s TV Land! Let it be!

  24. TLC says:

    need a list of the songs played tonight on the finale

  25. Leanne Shelley says:

    Can’t wait for next season!
    I loved how the story unfolded this season. I hope you can get “Daniel” to be a permanent fixture on the show. .. he, along with the other men, are nice on the eyes.
    My moral and ethic compass points due north with my marriage. So mistresses gives me a fun way to have that sultry and exciting life of secrets and lies.
    I love it !!!! My husband thinks I’m a nerd. . Lol.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. . But my advice… keep it real. Don’t get cheesy and too unreal.

  26. L says:

    Really enjoyed the finale and love Joss and Harry together. I had to rewind and watch it again it was fabulous. I feel sorry for Savvy but she made her choice and he has moved on. I really didn’t like Scott at all and found he and Joss were strange together, it just didn’t fit. The chemistry between Joss and Harry is obvious and their crying scene together was brilliant. I truly hope this show comes back for another season because it’s one of my fave shows.

  27. Mari Larson says:

    I love this show!! Yes, Joss with Harry is messy, but so is life. Life is messy and you don’t always fall for the “right” person. What is it that they say? The heart wants what the heart wants? I want to see Savi happy as much as I want to see Joss and Harry happy, but Savi can’t blame anyone but herself for letting go of Harry in the first place. Please don’t cancel this show. Yes, some complained about it, but the fact that they took the time to post a complaint means that they care about the show and will probably tune in to see what happens. More often than not people take no notice of a show at all, but they notice this one! Why? Because it is addictive!!!

    • Dmac says:

      Actually you are wrong, most people who complain and say they won’t watch will not watch. This show was a must with friends and I, we texted back and fourth during the show, yes our husbands laughed at us but it was fun. Last night our last txt to each other “I just deleted this show from my DVR” and deleted it will stay.

      • Mshep says:

        Yep, ..they were going for shock appeal….but in the end they lost viewers. The writers should rethink things…..

      • Amy says:

        Comments like this make me laugh b/c some people were okay with Savi and Karen having affairs with married men but a single man and a single woman (b/c when she went to Harry she chose him over Scott) who just so happen to be ex-in-laws get together and suddenly it’s an affront to people’s morals. lol

  28. maria yang says:

    I was yelling “No, Joss!”. Literally. When it came to the doctor calling Kim, and telling her that she’s HIV negative & then says ” But there’s something else.” Got me thinking that she can be pregnant. I want a season three lol. I hate cliffhangers, but honestly this one was one of the best. Also, the situation Savi had with her having that flash of clarity seeing her with Harry, I wonder how she’s going to react to the whole Joss & Harry situation. And it looks like Scott will be devastated although he knew her for like a couple of months & just popped the question out. Crazy things!!

  29. Danna says:

    Using the record player as a motive for Joss’s choice is silly. Of course Harry knew her better, that doesn t make him better than Scott, it just means he was around Joss longer, him beeing her brother in law for so many years and all. The fact that Scott went to Harry a guy we know Scott had doubts ab shows how much he loves her and cares ab what she wants and likes. Joss is a dead character to me, you don t do that to your sister and you don t leave the man you claimed to love just a few days ago at the altar. Tell him, break up with him if you wanna shack up with another but don t wait until the last minunte.

    • Team Scott says:

      Soo true! Im furious at the fact of Joss and Harry. Why would they make her betray her sister like that? Too many cliffhangers. I absolutely did NOT like the season 2 finale. Piss me off!!

      • Koko says:

        I agree! I was devastated. I was so team Harry and cried with him. But to be with your sisters husband, whether it be ex or not. You just DON’T DO IT. I was raised with 4 girls and my grandmother always told us….. your sisters boyfriends or husband’s are off limits period! I taught my daughter’s the same!

    • SK says:

      Yes. That’s what I said.

    • Tracy says:

      Agreed. The whole show is based on infidelities right and left. Don’t watch if it’s too much ! The Earth will not stop rotating if certain disgusted people no longer watch.
      The rest of us want the show to continue!

  30. Nikki says:

    Loved it! Joss and Harry ya its complicated but thats why its considered a “soap opera”. Bring on season 3!

  31. Debbie says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Joss & Harry!!!!! 😄

  32. kg says:

    This is one of my favorite shows. Such good writing and acting. This show shows such great friendship between all the women and it also deals with life in general. It is messy. I was do emotional watching tonight’s episode. I love the chemistry between joss and Harry but wanted her to marry Scott. It broke my heart when April’s daughter found out about her dad. I have also grown to really love Karen we have seen her try to find her true calling in life. I really feel this season was so exceptional. This has to come back as I need a season 3! Why is it all the horrible reality shows go on forever and truly fantastic intelligent shows like this get cancelled? Please keep this show on the air…just love it!

    • LOU ANN says:

      I have asked myself the same thing! I really hope it comes back! I got so into it,. it’s almost like they became my circle of friends, its going to be weird not having them to “play the game with” anymore.

  33. norma says:

    Love the show but cannot stomach the idea of Joss and Harry. That’s her sisters ex husband!! So wrong in so many levels. Am not happy with that story line. Hoping this was just to keep us on our toes and the writers get some sense that it’s no man’s land to come between sisters.

  34. Please please please bring us a Season 3!!! I thought the whole episode was amazing. I kinda had a hunch that Harry and Joss would develop feelings from the very beginning of the show and I’m glad they did, they’re so cute and perfect for each other and make a much better looking couple. I know Savi won’t be thrilled, but she loves her sister and wants her to be happy. Can’t believe she was about to see them making out on the beach!! Great ending!! :) please keep Harry and Joss together! I’m obsessed with this show, session 3!!!!

    • Dmac says:

      They are sisters and of course you want your sister to be happy BUT not with your ex. Yes, Savi is a complete idiot for throwing Harry away and she deserves to see him move on BUT not with her sister. There is no bond quite like sisters and for the writers to go in that direction is a complete farce. You can’t come back from that; the one person whose had your back since birth??? They are not friends they are sisters and it was beyond wrong and no their relationship could never and would never be the same. Joss threw away her sister for a relationship that ultimately will never work because at the core if it will be guilt. My fun summer guilty pleasure has turned into a really awful soap opera.

      • daphne says:

        Agree totally. All those who think its fine and sweet for joss and harry to be together, just imagine if you’d like it if your own sister and ex-bf/husband fell in love. The very idea hurts and disgusts doesn’t it? A show no matter how much it needs to shock and titilate to maintain ratings should fist n foremost be palatable and not vomit-inducing. Seriously i mourn the death of the sisterly bond that can never be restored again no matter even after a zillion sorrys and a thousand years have passed. It isn’t about how savi has treated harry but about how two sisters who have only each other and loved each other so much, it is just wrong, gross and shameful. #allisruined

  35. EdnaM says:

    Season 3 please!!

  36. Pamelicious says:

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!! This finale was SOOOOOOO PREDICTABLE….. this sucks but is so typical…the relationship between Joss &Harry is incestuous!!!!!!!!!!! And disgusting….. REALLY I could have written a better series….if the season is renewed I’d be surprised

  37. Chinaa says:

    Harry started Season 2 very sad & I believe it’s only fair ending it happy, he deserves it… They both do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Joss being happy with her sister’s cheated-on & dumped ex-hubby, seeing them kiss gave me extreme JOY… Team Joss & Harry

    • Dmac says:

      Umm except they are sisters and everything is wrong with it. Apparently you don’t have one because if you did you would know they’re are some lines you never ever cross. Savi and Harry were married for 15 years… There is nothing the writers can do to fix that and it crossed the line

      • Pinky says:

        Every line can be crossed when dealing with tv shows esp soaps, they were married yes but they are not together anymore, Harry is fair game

    • Tracy says:

      Lol. Me too unrealistic as it is. We forget that Savi had her chance to be jealous when Harry and Joss began working together.

  38. Shirley says:

    I am a relatively new comer to this show and I really like it. I just don’t particularly like the way it ended. Jos with her sister’s X, when she is getting ready to walk down the isle and her sister on her way down to see what has happened? I hope the writers do a turn around and make like someone is Dreaming this is happening?? I know this is just Hollywood!

    • Kiki says:

      YES! PLEASE MAKE IT A DREAM! That is the only way that I will watch this show again! Ugh! Do NOT like Joss with Harry. Gross.

  39. MEME says:

    Hate Joss and Harry. Hope this is a dream! Why your sisters ex? Leaving Scott at the alter is ok. Don’t hurt Joss & Savi sisterhood & the show’s girlfriend relationship. Did’t like the ending!

  40. Ash says:

    Oh God, I hope Joss isn’t pregnant…but she may be because she said her dress was tight…and the baby might be Scott’s! NOOOOO!
    And Karen, what if she’s pregnant? Who’s the dad? Jacob? Ben?

    • Tracy says:

      I really don’t want Joss preggos either. I want to see the Harry storyline play out and not have her stay with Scott bc of this! I’m bad I know.

  41. Luna Wear says:

    Its make believe guys! Its entertainment! Everyone is so offended as if these characters did this is real life. I watch TV to escape, maybe learn a lesson or two to apply to my own life. Obviously it’s wrong what Joss and Henry did and most people (hopefully) would NEVER do it. But for me this show is wildly entertaining. Sorry that last scene was hot, you cant deny Joss and Henry have chemistry on-screen. I hope there’s a next season for sure!

    • jade says:

      You said: “I watch TV to escape, maybe learn a lesson or tow to apply to my life” “It’s make believe” Yet, what’s the lesson here, how to be a predictable writer. People know it’s not real, but I would venture to say fans expect better writing. Even if this show is my guilty pleasure, I expect quality entertainment.

  42. Lori Krol says:

    I love Joss and Harry together! I really hope this show gets another season….just love it!!!

  43. Jen says:

    Disappointed and disgusted with finale… :(

  44. Jay says:

    Loved the finale and particularly how Joss realized that Harry was the man that knew her the best. It was a shippers dream come true watching these two and their incredible connection. Go writers ! Savi comes across as emotionally unstable and all over the place. She needs to go and get some clarity on herself instead of going in for another relationship. It is really funny that so many fans want her with Harry when she barely gave him a thought all season and probably much of the previous one also. Rooting for poor karen and fingers crossed that the doctors news is good news and not more bad. April and Daniel really are the hottest TV couple ever.
    Seems like most fans that are threatening to not watch this show anymore don’t realize how the show is about evolving characters and building up these characters. The writers have done an awesome job of showing just that. Love this show and hope it comes back for Season 3. But if not, we have been given great closure on the major storylines.

  45. Dmac says:

    Reading the comments here I came across a few ” it is a shippers dream” Grow up!!

    I am so tired of shippers and their quest to destroy shows based on pairings that never should happen. Shippers live out there fantasies through shows like this and it shifts from what made us love the show: the girls friendships and ruins it with Joss/Harry/Savi triangle. This isn’t Twilight and the fact that adults are shipping and are Team Harry or whatever is asinine. They took a great show and turned it into fan fiction to placate shippers and ultimately ruins the one thing myself and many others loved about the show and something you don’t see too often: accomplished women with messy lives who always have each other’s back. Congrats I am sure you made some women with their Team Harry shirts very happy, but at what cost???

  46. LaLa says:

    Great interview! I hope it’s renewed. I really, really love this show.

  47. I HATE JOSS!!!! She has no relevance!!! She’s an annoyance since the first season! The other 3 have rich storylines, she;s just a filler!!! How did you let her end up w/everything? Harry, belongs with Savi!!! I am so disappointed you gave him to her . He of all of them correctly points out all her shortcomings, constantly! Scott, gives her the end of the earth, and she wants a pre-nup! i totally wish you’d given her HIV so you could write HER off the show!!!! Why does she win? She deserves to go down ib flames…not the others!!!! Not watching next season…You’ll probably make her Queen…..Is she screwing the director????

    • Also, pairing her w/Harry, will never work unless he goes back to Australia, and takes her with him!!! Now, I’m very upset at Savi about Dom…but now that she’s over that, she deservs another shot with Harry! This will never work if they all stay in the same city. I don’t see Karen or April forgiving Joss either. They will never sit at a dining table together ever again. Savi, will not be able to see them together and not die a little inside. But Joss, is selfish so I expect nothing less. I can almost forgive Harry, as he was deeply hurt, but not with Joss….cannot work, but, no longer my concern, I won;t be watching again.

    • Athena says:

      That is so mean! OMG Joss is incredible has always been truthful to everyone and fought for what’s right! She just can’t fight her feelings, is that such a crime? She is a fantastic actress with an amazing role and face it: it’s just a series not real life!

  48. Dianne says:

    I was upset to see Joss and Harry together last night. This is Joss’s ex brother-in-law. There should be some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Afterall, he was mean to Savi. Joss should not let his so called affection be taken any further. She only talked to Karen regarding the kiss from Harry and if she had talked to the other girls since they talk about everything else, they would tell her that this would be a mistake and that she will hurt the feelings of Scott and Savi. Scott is the sweetest person and how could she not know what she has. It seems that her relationship with Savi has grown and by Joss being with Harry her relationship with Savi may not recover. I hope the writers would re-write this script for next season and let Joss come to her senses and not hurt Scott nor Savi. I do love this show!!

  49. Donna Phillips-Leonard says:

    Fantastic end of season episode,loved it.Can’t wait til next season great writters.Also the song played at the end was great,what was the title of song??

    • Tracy says:

      I think the fans are super polorized. I hope they listen to those of us who still want to tune in. Please continue the show!!!

      I too want to know the name of song. Fabulous ocean shots.

  50. Diana says:

    KJ Steinberg… You messed up a season 3. You didn’t listen to the majority of the fans and it’s pathetic that you stated if you knew this was the finale, you wouldn’t change a thing. I know many fans will not watch if their is another season. You crossed the line when you wrote in the Harry and Joss storyline. I was disgusted!