True Blood Series Finale Spoilers: Sookie Faces Life 'Without Bill,' New Death Mystery Emerges and More

True Blood Series Finale

Buckle up, Truebies, because HBO just released the log line for True Blood‘s Aug. 24 series finale — appropriately titled “Thank You” — and it’s a lot to drink in.

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You ready? OK, here goes:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance.

Admittedly, Sookie having a future “without Bill” seems unlikely, especially considering Brian Buckner’s comforting words during True Blood‘s panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

“This show worked because of the chemistry [Moyer and Paquin] shared,” Buckner said. “I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie.”

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But will the couple end the series together? What’s this “choice” Sam has to make? And will Andy’s inheritance come from his Bellefleur family fortune, or will he have a dead fairy benefactor?

We’ve got a lot to speculate on before True Blood finally fades to black, so drop a comment with your theories (the weirder the better!) below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Sam’s “choice” will be whether to leave and go be with his baby mama or stay and hasn’t Sookie been pondering life without Bill for awhile now?

  2. Ameer says:

    Although the show is a different animal today compared to its early seasons, I’ll still miss it a lot.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Agreed. And despite a few stray story lines (*cough* Tara *cough*), I feel like this final season has been a solid throwback to what the series once was.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree. It has been great getting back to the old “feel”. What the heck was that crap with Tara anyway. I feel like they just had to have something for her to do and that was the best they could come up with. It was meaningless.

        • Andy Swift says:

          I was mostly disappointed with the lack of pay-off. (That gun? Lame.) It felt just like the Lafayette/baby Mikey storyline. A lot of drawn-out weirdness that served absolutely no purpose in the end.

          • Jimmy says:

            I think the producers wanted to give some closure to the whole Tara/Lettie Mae relationship, but like you I though it was a total distraction and unnecessary.

          • sunny says:

            A lot of drawn-out weirdness that served absolutely no purpose in the end.

            The complete series box set should use this as a tagline.

          • jennifer says:

            I wish they had done more with Lafayette’s medium storyline. I thought that was interesting but for some reason the writers kept having good ideas and never flushed them out.

  3. Jose says:

    well if Bill dies…. his estate goes to his closest relative and since the law doesnt recognize progeny as a relative… his closest family member is Andy….. since Bill is his grandmothers great grandfather…..?

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m wondering what the purpose of the official S7 poster was now, is Sookie becoming a vampire in the series finale? Either that, or she needs to make a clean break of all these vampires. I haven’t been a fan of B/S since. . midway through S1. Too bad the writers are still obsessed with that lukewarm pairing.

    • Em says:

      I agree! I am over Bill and Sookie

      • Sunny says:

        Yeah me too!! I wish they would have stuck closer to the books when it came to Sookie and Bill’s relationship- meaning ending completely in book three or aka season 3. I’m sorry that the show has been so obsessed with them as a couple. They did a disservice to the books and to the fans by cramming that relationship down our throats..

    • robynnewberry25 says:

      I was wondering that about the Poster of Sookie as well, but then I remembered the creators of “Dexter” pulled the same thing with the final season…fooling fans into thinking he was going to die in the finale! Such a waste!

  5. Sandy says:

    The last few seasons seem to follow the same route as the book series. The last few books were written as if Charlaine Harris was bored and didn’t care about the characters. The final book with Sookie ending up with Sam was so unsatisfying that when I finished it, I wondered why I had invested all those years reading the series. Her Sam coupling just felt tacked on.

    • MichelleOhD says:

      I didn’t even bother to read the last book after reading the comments from other fans. I didn’t read any side stories about Sam so it would never make sense to me that Sookie chose him. I was pretty bored by Deadlocked so I’ll forever leave the story open/unresolved.

    • AT says:

      I really liked Sookie ending up with Sam. Sam in the books was way different than Sam on the show. In the books, he and Sookie were really good friends and he was always there for her, frequently risking his life to help her. Given that she wanted a family and to live in the daylight, Sam made sense.

      • Karen MT says:

        I agree. Book-Sam is a much better person than TV-Sam. Considering their friendship and how Sam was always there for Sookie, I was rooting for them all through the books. TV series, meh. I’d rather Sookie end up alone.

      • AnnieM says:

        Book-Sookie was a lot more pleasant, too.

    • Di says:

      Totally agree! The last book was especially boring,the sam thing was just yawn!

  6. Dave says:

    This happy endings really piss me of…ok, not happy but so obvious, itf they had to end up together they could finisch the series with season 2 after he proposes…still holding for eric…even if they’re not going to end up together I think they were the most reasonable thing in this show…

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed, I’m shocked the writers even gave E/S scenes this year but I have no complaints. I’ve always loved their dynamic and chemistry.

      • Dave says:

        I’m hoping that all this thing “bill and sookie are totally gonna end up together” is something used to distract us, maybe in the last episode there’s gonna be a big twist…who knows…waiting sucks

        • Nicole says:

          I honestly believe that Bill is going to sacrifice himself to save Sookie from the Yakuza

          • Nicole says:

            Finally redeem himself for being such a turd! At least I hope that’s what’s going to happen, otherwise he should’ve been dead long ago.

    • Storyfan says:

      I don’t see how Bill and Sookie can end up together. I think the show runner quote was just a misdirection – they revisited it but it doesn’t mean they will end there. After all since Sookie is HepV positive, even if Bill took the cure they couldn’t do anything. Sookie can’t be turned because the vamp turning her would get HepV and they’d both need the cure and the Japanese corp isn’t selling the one time cure. And Bill doesn’t like himself as a vampire or other vampires. I think he has to die. I think it will end with Eric asking Sookie on a date (after regaining his humanity) or Sookie inviting him in for breakfast.

      • sunny says:

        How it ends or who Sookie ends up with makes no difference now, anyway. For the majority of her screen time on the series she only interacted with Bill, for good or ill. Time that could have been spent on more interesting characters and/or suitors was wasted on Bill pretending to suffer for his lost humaniteh. [but in actuality, doing nothing but asserting his authoriteh]

        • Jen says:

          It would have been nice if the producers had bothered to read the series. Bill is an asshat. I really hope he splats, that would be awesome. I would be ok with Eric or Sam but Bill was just an aweful character. I am glad the show is ending, now I wont have to suffer the crap writing anymore.

          • khole says:

            Ya you’re right , they made this whole series and never read the books. Sookie and Erick just have to end up togther! It makes sooooooooooooooooo much sense!

      • Bookfan says:

        I think that if the purpose is to keep S/B together, the producers will have Sookie slash her throat or something drastic like that, in front of Bill to force him to turn her and stay with him.

      • jennifer says:

        If he drinks from Sarah he will be immune to hep. V just like Eric is.

  7. Wtactualf says:

    Bill needs to die already.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      My only issue with Bill dying is the rumored movie but I guess there’s always a way around that if they want/need the character to be a part of it.

      • Wtactualf says:

        I thought Stephen Moyer said there would be no movie? They discussed doing a True Blood musical though.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’ve heard yes, I’ve heard it’s always a possibility, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure it will all boil down to money. Everything always does.

  8. helene1204 says:

    I still can’t believe they are going down the Sookie/Bill ending. Sookie/Eric would be so much better. They are going to break my heart!

  9. Bill dies and Andy gets his estate, Jessica turns Jason and they leave Bon Temps, Pam turns Ginger, Eric falls for Sarah NewMe, Sookie runs into Hoyt after his mother’s funeral and they kindle a romance.

    • Cassie says:

      There was way too much about Hoyt being “drawn” to Jessica in this past episode, so I’m thinking they’re going to get (back) together and I’m guessing Jason will end up with Hoyt’s new girl. She was talking in this episode about having kids, and Jason mentioned not long ago wanting them, while Hoyt didn’t seem thrilled about the idea and with Jessica it wouldn’t be an issue. Not that that necessarily means anything, just something I noticed.

      • Hmm says:

        I would hate EVERYTHING about that.

        • DT says:

          Ditto that! Hoyt is so boring! First love does not equal soulmates and for everyone posting about that, I don’t think you’ve really been watching. Jason and Jessica have arguably the most chemistry of any couple on the show IMO, and Jason brings out the very best in Jessica, and she in him. Those characters need to end up together, Hoyt’s return should have been a one and done appearance.

          • Fran says:

            No, we’ve all been watching. People just have different opinions. I do agree that Jason and Jessica have fantastic chemistry but I always saw it as the kind that would fizzle out eventually. Thats why I would lean a little more towards Hoyt. I don’t think nice and safe equals boring. But that’s just my opinion. I’d honestly be fine with her ending up with either guy though because both make sense to me in their own way.

          • Nicole says:

            I absolutely agree DT. Jessica and Jason have much better chemistry and are so well suited for one another. Bringing Hoyt back was yet another mistake IMO.

  10. Valerie says:

    I could not disagree with the showrunner more that the Sookie/Bill thing was why the show worked. I always thought its one of the things that dragged the show down.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed. Sookie/Bill is the worst part of the show now and has been since season 1.

      • sal says:

        Agree here as well. Bucky’s insistence on forcing Sookie/Bill, when they should have been over for good after the season 3 Ratt Reveal that I’m sure Bucky will retcon before the series ends, has pretty much killed the show for me. Sookie/Eric would have been AMAZING, but since Harris killed that in the last book, I guess Bucky had to do the same for the show.

        True Blood worked DESPITE Sookie/Bill. By forcing Sookie/Bill, among other writing problems, it no longer works.

        • IMHO says:

          I agree.
          The Bill/Sookie thing is such an uncomfortable pairing now,at least it is for me.
          I’m kinda hoping Bill does die it would make up for all the flashbacks.They have spent an inordinate amount of time showing us Bill’s back story during these final episodes.

          • jennifer says:

            And the flashbacks of bill’s past were sooooo boring and pointless. Inusually enjoy any and all flashbacks but I never saw any profound reason for any of the scenes.

  11. Tom says:

    Bill will die and reappear as a lumberjack.

  12. pam-a-lam-a-shingdong says:

    joey should end up with pacey, NOT dawson!

    • DT says:

      She did, and that is why the ending to that show stunk. It was called Dawson’s Creek not Pacey’s Creek…he should have gotten the girl!

      • D&J says:

        Hear hear!

      • westwingwolf says:

        Let’s be honest, by the end of the show, it was more about Joey than it was about Dawson. She is the one who appeared in every episode. The final episode of the 6th season (before the series finale) even ends with Joey. And if you think about it, the point of view of the title comes more from Joey than Dawson. She would have described that creek as Dawson’s Creek while from his point of view would have said My Creek.

        Besides Dawson got what he always wanted: a Hollywood career & a meeting with Spielberg. Not too shabby an ending for him. Everyone got their dream or closure in some form or another. It was a pretty good series ending as far as finales go.

    • westwingwolf says:

      I’ve been rewatching Dawson’s Creek & I got to thinking that Bill is like Dawson but with fangs. (The worst degrees of Dawson amplified: self righteous, egomaniacal.) Eric is Pacey. (Bad boy with moments of vulnerability & a high lust for life.) And I don’t think Sookie can claim to be as smart as Joey, but she sure does go back & forth in her feelings like her. Bill, like Dawson, tends to talk more while Eric, like Pacey, tends to act more.

  13. Wtactualf says:

    I think it would be sort of poetic justice if Sookie became a vampire and Bill turned human.

    • DarkDefender says:

      This is interesting. Last week it crossed my mind that Bill’s HepV is rapidly progressing because of Sookie’s blood, but because fae blood also gave vamps the ability to walk in the light, I thought maybe when mixed with the HepV, it would actually turn hill human again. That would be THE showrunner’s wet dream of a happy ending .. It would just be a great effin twist if our girl Sooks was turned vamp before he became human again.

  14. DarkDefender says:

    Pretty certain someone has brought this up.. But here my thoughts:
    1. Bill probably dies the true death, which will give Andy most of everything (even if Jessica gets some, Bill will make up for her killing 3 of his girls) or he just gives Andy some mullah. Of course, Jessica could still die (maybe saving Hoyt).
    2. Eric and Pam will take out Mr. Gus. That’s a no brainer.
    3. The season 7 posters kinda imply Sookie will become vamp (it’s probably what will give Bill the will to live, although I’m pretty sure the flashbacks mean he will die). I am hoping she turns for Eric.. But that’s just my wish. He does fly off with her from Bellefluer’s Bar & Grill parking lot in the previews.
    4. Sam’s only decision is to move away from BonTemps to be apart of his child’s life or stay with the cray, cray.
    5. I hope the reported “long awaited sex scene” is Sookie and non-amnesiac Eric – but I bet it is an Eric/Ginger flashback.

    • lajayden says:

      No, Ginger never slept with Eric. She wants to very badly.

    • Becca says:

      Instagram has photos of what looks like an awkward sex scene with Eric (both were clothed so I’m thinking it may be just her rubbing on him). Also, I thought the same with Andy’s inheritance but when Bill visited the lawyer’s office she told him the VRA never passed so it makes me think he couldn’t pass his money/property to anyone. Unless Bill goes to Andy before he dies and gives him money.

  15. Truefan says:

    I think Jose’s comment was really astute. I think Bill wants to die and be reunited with his family. I hope Hoyt and Jessica will end up together like Arlene and Keith. Eric and Pam will take over the NuBlood operations and become rich. Sam will decide to stay in Bon Temp but who cares? I agree with the others who said the TV Sam was really different from the Book Sam. First of all the Book Sam was much younger than TV Sam. The Book Sam’s personality was really developed.
    Let Sookie end up with Sam or alone. Sookie was such an unlikeable main character that I wouldn’t mind her dying of hep v.

  16. Storyfan says:

    Took me a while but I have my ending. Pam leaves Eric (finally realizing she forced him into the relationship and he’s sacrificed other loves for her.) Bill dies. Eric asks Sookie to use her fairy ball of death on him because otherwise he won’t leave her alone, he’ll be at peace and she’ll have the normal life she wanted. She does and it kills the vampirism, but not Eric. He’s human, she’s human. Remembering her muttered comment in the cemetery about these guys never just asking her on a date it ends with Eric asking Sookie if she wants to go see a Dracula movie festival.

  17. Mikael says:

    Didn’t Bill basically tell Sookie that he tried to force himself to love her in order to erase all the bad things he did in the past? And then Sookie said there was real love there because she loved him? This season seems like Bill just wants to be with his wife/children. And what was up with Pam telling Bill that Sookie will never choose him? Bad writing (probably) or a hint that Sookie/Eric will be the end? Oh and bringing back Hoyt and Jessica is just stupid. It didn’t work!! I hope the whole thing is just leading up to Hoyt being unglamoured.

  18. Dave says:

    As long as Pam doesn’t die, I’m happy, absolutely love her. Why did they bring Hoyt back with his new girlfriend, does he end up with Jessica and Jason end up with Hoyt’s girlfriend. P

  19. Becca says:

    I assumed that Bill would die and Andy would get the inheritance from him but I’m starting to question my theory. In one of the last episodes when Bill went to the lawyer’s office she said the VRA never passed so wouldn’t that make it impossible for Andy to get it? Therefore, when/if Bill dies wouldn’t it just be abandoned like Bill originally found the house? I’d like to know what y’all think!

    • Taleea says:

      The house wouldn’t just go back to being abandoned… Bill has fixed it up and it would remain that way no matter what happens to him. It doesn’t matter if the VRA hasn’t gone through as Andy is Bill’s last remaining relative so the house has always really belonged to him.

  20. stacey richards says:

    I don’t think this show should b cancelled u have so much potential for more stories. And with all of the people who watch this that would b the best thing. I know when its over im canceling hbo because. that’s what i got it for do us a favor don’t cancel.

  21. Lara says:

    Andy getting an inheritance suggest Bill’s death. Remember he is Bill’s descendent through Bill’s daughter Sarah. Wouldn’t he want to leave everything to Andy??

  22. Tom says:

    If the comments are monitored then why are there people saying what happens from the books!!!

    Come on people this is a tv section

  23. Kit says:

    Sookie and Eric are endgame for the following reasons (SPOILERS AND PREDICTIONS FOLLOW): 1) Sookie staked Bill(ith) in season 6 and we see Eric is thrilled by this major *choice*. 2) in season 7, We see Sookie going through each of her various relationship options and we get major closure on each of them (Sam w/a baby and mama, so not an option, Alcide, dead so that’s all wrapped up). Now the big time closure on the Bill and Sookie saga, Bill *will* get the hep V cure to save Sookie but die in his effort to save her because he can no longer call Jessica to help (as he has released her). This leaves Eric. As we’ve already seen Eric having to choose between Pam and Sylvie early in season 7, in the finale we will see he has to choose between Sookie and Pam. Shockingly, He will choose Sookie. Sookie will be critically injured and the only option will be make her a vampire or true death. I predict they’ll make her a vampire as we already know that fairy vampires are a thing (Warlow)…so Eric/Sookie and as a vampire fairy

  24. Henry Wood says:

    Bill was Sookie’s first vampire lover and later Erick. Sookie should be with Bill because Sookie reminds him of his human wife before he was made into a vampire.

  25. Haley says:

    Didn’t anybody catch that it says “Sam makes a choice” for THIS episode?? Didn’t he already make the choice to leave last week? So he makes ANOTHER choice? My bet is Nicole somehow gets attacked and dies, Bill dies, and the show ends with Sam showing up on Sookie’s porch. Remember last season when she went to Sam before her “wedding” to Warlow and said she always thought they’d end up together? She didn’t go to Bill, she went to SAM. Plus, it’s how Charlaine intended the series to end. They deviated completely but I think they’ll come back to how she wanted it to end.

  26. Dot says:

    My daughter thinks this virus is turning Bill human!!

  27. Mary says:

    I really liked Sookie and Eric together.

  28. Richard Tomberlin says:

    I think Sookie is gonna kill herself when Bill dies, or she’s gonna be with Eric

  29. Sarah says:

    Well, Andy is related to Bill, so maybe (and hopefully) Bill dies, and Andy inherits his money.

  30. It drifted so far from the books that I absolutely lost interest. Just taking a look to see how different it ends up.