True Blood Recap: The Thirst Is Not Real

True Blood Season 7

Like an unclaimed Diet Coke in the office fridge*, Sarah Newlin’s miracle Hep-V cure was rife for the taking on Sunday’s True Blood. But which infected vamp refused to take a sip?

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It wasn’t Eric; he jumped at the chance to suck down Sarah — ahem, New-me‘s — life juice. In fact, he even did a self-congratulatory howl (RIP, Alcide!) after tossing her aside like a right-wing rag doll.

The answer, of course, is the ever-noble Bill Compton, who believes that dying of Hep-V is simply the fate he must endure as punishment for being a creature of darkness or whatever. (To play Devil’s Advocate, maybe this is also Bill’s punishment for putting us through so many old-timey flashbacks this season.)

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Now, let’s see what else went down in (and around) Bon Temps this week…

FAIRY BIZ | A few out-of-nowhere loose ends were also tied up this week, including Bill finally telling Sookie why Queen Sophie-Anne sent him after her in the first place. Apparently his original orders were to find Sookie, determine if she was part fairy, then bring her to Sophie-Anne… who planned to breed her. You see, Sophie-Anne caught wind that Queen Mab (remember her?) intended to bring all fairies and halflings back to her realm for good, so breeding Sookie would have meant keeping more light-people on our side. As random as it was, this was a surprisingly clever way of explaining some of the series’ weird, lingering plot holes. Plus, it was nice to see Beell and Sookeh getting all Season 1 with each other, even if he was mid-death.

True Blood Season 7VIOLET IS BLUE | The more Violet lets her freak flag fly, the more I find myself endeared to her — I invested nothing in her relationship with Jason — so imagine my delight this week, as the madwoman welcomed Jason, Jessica, fairy girl and that other guy to her world of pain. The following is a breakdown of the torture she planned to inflict on each member of the motley crew:

1. Wade: Violet would begin by crushing his skull, small as it may be.
2. Adilyn: Violet had a special contraption for ripping off Adi’s “sweet, barely formed t—s.” Violet has such a way with words.
3. Jessica: Violet was going to rape Jessica every 10 minutes with a red-hot dildo. (And because she’s technically an eternal virgin, it would feel like the first time. Every. Single. Time.)

Fortunately, we’ll never have to hear any of her words ever again, because Indiana Jones Hoyt crashed the party with his plus-one, a wooden bullet aimed right at Crazy Pants’ forehead. Bang! Dead.

‘A TASTE OF THE FAMILIAR’ | As any true hero should, it looks like Hoyt is also going to get the girl — though maybe not the girl we’ve been expecting. After fighting with Bridget about not wanting to have kids, then going to drop off a bag of blood at Chez Compton, it seems like we’re headed for a full-on Hoyt/Jessica reunion before the series finale. Granted, Jessica and Jason also shared a couple-y moment (she said their relationship is the least complicated one in her life), but I’m still betting on Hoyt and Jessica. She’s the love of his life, and if there’s one thing Jason knows how to do, it’s bounce back into bed with someone else; they’ll all be just fine.

True Blood TaraONE LAST TRIP | More good news: Tara’s freaky, tongue-speaking side plot — which, like Tara herself, seemed like it was never going to go away — finally reached its conclusion this week, sending her into the afterlife with a clear conscience and an expertly woven side-braid. It turns out Tara had buried a gun in the front yard of her childhood home, a gun she wishes she’d used on her abusive father, thus saving Lettie Mae from a lifetime of alcoholism, demonic possession, insane hair, etc. The two shared a nice little moment, as Tara forgave her mom for being a crazed mess. (Moment of honesty: This storyline’s pay-off was so weak, I’m starting to think it was all just an elaborate excuse for Mama Thornton to get her V fix.)

* Sorry (not sorry) to whoever’s Diet Coke that was.

OK, your turn to talk: Were you satisfied by Tara and Violet’s conclusions? Do you think Bill will change his mind? And who do you think Jessica should end up with? Watch our interview with Stephen Moyer below, then drop a comment with your hopes for the final two episodes.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kiki says:

    The character of Tara was treated like crap from day 1. Her fans and the character deserved more. But she’s not white or male so she’s treated like crap till the very end.

    • Msfe says:

      I totally agree…i am glad someone else noticed that…so muc stereotypes and negative symbolism with Tara, Lettie Mae, LaFayette, and Eggs. Sookie is always that desirable golden child and Tara’s character always gets the short end of the stick…the abuse, the rape from that vampire, the death, the true death, no love, etc.. What a shame!

    • keen says:

      What you say is true, but I never read any of the books so I don’t know how true they stayed to her character.

      • not at all. in the books, Tara was white, a businesswoman, married with to a gorgeous dolt, had a child(or was it twins? she was so boring i forget.) and never became a vampire. in other words, had far less storyline than this version, and was pretty forgettable.

      • A says:

        It’s way off! She gets a happy ending in the books :/ but then again they didn’t just veer off of the books after season 2 but went to a completely new world (a very bad one) entirely lol

    • Ray says:

      Tara became beyond grating in season 3. Good riddance!!

      Seeing Tara and Lettie Mae in that final scene with both of their lips quivering….God lord, it was far too much melodrama. My eyes almost rolled into the back of my head. Someone should phone those two actresses and tell them the quit the trembling lip routine. It really pulls the viewer out of the moment.

    • Me says:

      I feel like the very best scene in the whole series was our introduction to Tara in the first episode. She was working at some sort of corner store and told this lady off and quit.

      However, I do not feel like your point about gender/race makes sense as this is a fantasy tv show based on the characters in the books written by Charlaine Harris.
      If they had hired a white actress for that part, she would have had the same role to play…Make sense? Would you complain then?

      The character Tara, had a very relevant role that lasted from the first to the last episode.
      She is a fine actress and really brought the role as Sookies best friend to life.

    • Katie says:

      Are you serious? She had as much screen time, if not more than the other actors on the show. Her character went deep, and she was given a shining role. Your projections are distorted and completely wrong.

  2. L says:

    This season has been so unbearably slow i really hope that things pick up in the last few episodes.. no more boring flashbacks please.

  3. Lauren says:

    Of course Bill is going to be a martyr and not drink the cure. He wants to let Sookie be free, & that is cool with me. I stopped caring about anything he did back in season 3.

    The Tara storyline was dragged out for too many episodes. Could have wrapped that up in like episode 2. I get they needed something for the characters to do for the remaining eps. But they could be focusing on Sam, who seems to have just disappeared.

    I am enjoying the whole Hoyt and Jessica finding their way back to each other stuff. And Eric being healed was a relief. Anxious to see how everything will wrap up.

    • dan says:

      They so could have wrapped Tara’s storyline up quicker for that payoff. And that gun was buried half an inch deep, how did no one find it?

    • Elaine says:

      Sam. You’re so right. Let’s give Sam a great ending with his baby mama.

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        blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
        I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get guidance
        from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  4. JJM says:

    I’ve been watching this show from day one and as much as I sound like a terrible fan, I’m actually so happy that the series finale is only two episodes away.

  5. Ian says:

    Was that… was that seriously the resolution of the Tara storyline? Sookie’s been chased around by hot guys for 7 seasons, and Tara, a woman who had a truly hard life, gets her life cut short like this? She could have had a happy ending with Sam, or gotten rich, or ANYTHING but this weak mess. Whatever, True Blood. *eyeroll x infinity*
    What they’ve done to Tara sours even my love for Hoyt and Jessica, as much as I loved them in the past, I couldn’t really care less now. I hope Sookie, Bill, and Eric all die painfully, Pam goes off and lives a fabulous eternity, and Jason gets his junk cut off. #MyPerfectTrueBloodEnding

  6. Diane says:

    I liked tonight’s episode. Love Hoyt and Jessica. I though it was well written tonight. Even had a tear in my eyes a few times. BYE Violet

  7. S says:

    Its sad how the actors who play Tara, Lafayette and Sam have got treated. Its like they didn’t know what to do with these characters after a few seasons. I thought maybe the Tara sl would get interesting but nope it ended lame. Meanwhile, Eric gets treated like dirt by Sookeh because she has to save Beel. However, I did like the Jason, Hoyt, Jessica stuff… and Yay Eric is cured!!

  8. ironhawk22 says:

    I only recently began watching “True Blood”, but have been reading the recaps of this season, and my theory is that Bill will spend his final hours with Sookie, and after he dies she’ll get together with Eric. That way both shippers get what they want, these recaps are amazing by the way.

    • pamela says:

      I seriously hope so.

    • Lou says:

      Yeah, I think the reason we saw Tara’s afterlife and Bill’s flashbacks was to set up Bill’s death. I’m guessing spend his last hours with Sookie, then will reunite with his flashback family in the afterlife, leaving Eric as the last Sookie suitor standing. And since Sookie grieves dead lovers for like a half a day, tops, she has a clear path to Eric.

      Anyway, the best thing about this last season is the unexpected return of Hoyt. I hope they don’t screw it up. I am pulling for a Hoyt&Jessica reunion and a Jason&Hoyt reconciliation. Jason seems like he’s at a crossroads where he’ll decide either be single forever (but never lonely, amirite) or finally settle down and start a family. Since Hoyt doesn’t want kids maybe Jason will end up with Hoyt’s Alaska girlfriend.

    • AnnieM says:

      I’d be okay with that.

    • a fan says:

      Bill deserves a hellofalot better than that.

      • Ray says:

        Actually he’s getting a lot better than he deserves. I’m sick of the writers forcing this revisionist history of Bill down our throats. He was an absolute monster and its clear they’re trying to redeem him and make him sympathetic to the viewer for a Bill/Sookie endgame. It makes me livid!

  9. Wtactualf says:

    Bill needs to either take the cure or meet the sun already. His self righteous lectures are not needed.

  10. tigersmurfette says:

    hoyt shot violet in the heart, not the forehead

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yeah, I agree. I think it was the heart/chest too. Also, the first thing Violet was gonna do to Wade was pull his fingers off. Then she was gonna squeeze his head all medieval style.

  11. TraciTV says:

    The first episode this season that I didn’t fwd thru for boredom. actually had some action like true blood past. Has enough of tara’s kookie mother though lol!

    • Ray says:

      Really? I found the episode extremely slow, uneventful and anticlimactic. I must have pulled up the time ticker on my DVR at least 30 times.

  12. Nqmgirl says:

    I think Sookie is going to end up with Sam just like the way it ended in the books . I bet in the last episode they flash forward and Sookie is with Sam. He doesn’t want to leave Bon Temps just like her and he can give her children and a some what “normal” life. I think both Bill and Eric shippers are going to get screwed.

    • AnnieM says:

      Dear God, I hope not. :-p

    • Elaine says:

      Now that’s interesting. I never read the books so wasn’t aware of the Sookie/Sam ending. It wouldn’t be the worst ending in the world. Sam always had a thing for her right from the beginning. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind seeing a “10 years later” kinda final scenes.

  13. AnnieM says:

    Any thoughts on how Hoyt knew exactly where to go to save everyone? I couldn’t figure that one out, or missed the explanation if they gave one.

  14. paulaf says:

    Great writing & great episode! I’m thinking that Bill is giving up, while Sookie is risking her life to help him again… Does that mean that Eric will get her in the end? Love the pharma analogy of having the cure, but keeping someone just sick enough with a drug, but not cured for mega profit.

    • Elaine says:

      Yeah, that was fascinating, especially considering there’s always been that rumor that the cure for cancer was out there, but big pharma would never put it out there for the same reason they wouldn’t put the cure for Hep-V out there. (yep I know cancer is way more complicated in all it’s variations, but, I’m just sayin’)

    • waterbug says:

      yeah, when I saw the “cure” being turned into the “fix”, I realized they are using reality in their storyline when it integrates the practices of our present day pharmaceutical monopoly.

  15. Truefan says:

    There were some wonderful moments in this show. I like the way Hoyt and Jason started their friendship again. I liked that Hoyt knew their was something special about Jessica even though he didn’t remember her. I liked that Hoyt’s character became so manly but that he showed the decency he always had.
    I think the flashbacks showed that Sookie was just sex to Bill and that his one true love was his wife ,Caroline and their children. I hope Bill dies so he can return to them.
    Sookie and Eric? Never! I want Eric and Pam to roam the world for other adventures and hopefully another series.
    Tara, Lafayette , and Sam were just minor characters and their stories were boring.
    I remember reading that the show runner said Harris’s stories couldn’t be followed closely because otherwise Anna Pacquin would have to be in every scene. Yet in the new series Outlander, the heroine is in a lot of the scenes.
    But on the other hand Pacquin managed to make the Sookie character so unlikeable, that it’s just as well Sookie was not in every scene.
    More of Arlene and Keith please.

  16. Bandit says:

    Bill was turned into a puddle if goo and rose from it with the blood of the original vampire, Lilith. So the normal rules of vampire death no longer apply to Bill. Mortal Bill and Sookie will be able to breed a bunch of fairy children, and she will keep the virus, making her offspring lethal to all future vampires. Andy, Bill, and the rest of the Scooby gang have a double wedding officiated by mayor Marlot, who chooses Bon Temps over every other town, making him it’s most worthy mayor. The end.

  17. Elaine says:

    Jessica with Hoyt, absolutely. Those two were meant to be, once Jessica had a chance to have some life experiences and grow up to appreciate what she had in Hoyt.

    The flashbacks (boring as they were) did seem to be setting up Bill for letting himself die in order to (he hopes) be with his family again in heaven (since it looks like that’s where Tara went, then likely Bill will be welcome there as well — since he is obviously haunted by the things he’s done as a vamp and so sorry for what he did.) It would be fitting that Bill die in the end — he never seemed to be happy or even content being a vamp. It does seem he longs to be reunited with his wife and chidren after agonizing over leaving them behind.

    Glad Tara’s moved on… though I hope we’ll still get us some Lafayette resolution as well.

    The Violet scenes were True Blue Blood kinky all the way and it’s fitting she went out as she lived — wild and (until the point of true death) in control of her destiny.

    It’d be nice to see the Bellefleurs happy in the end. The end. Only 2 episodes left? This is going by way too fast. I’m hoping they give us a totally cool story for Lafayette (and his new man); and for Pete’s sake, let Eric realize what he has in Pam — open his eyes to the fact that she’s more than loyal — she loves her maker, and damn it, he should be in love with her too. Let Sookie become something she’s never been. Alone. And happy to be on her own and looking toward the future. (And any comedic scenes will be more than welcome.)

    • dottie says:


  18. Hessica says:

    I’m so glad it seems like Hoyt/Jessica are going to be getting together. I hated that they were broken up, but I do like how it looks like the writers are going with the storyline of the two of them growing up and shaping themselves in different ways and then coming back together as people who will love and appreciate what they have entirely.

  19. Kevin ulrich says:

    After hearing bill talk about this last seasons cake talk. What would it really take to keep this crew together? Money? A new mind bending story? Both? There are too many series out there still living to this day after decades. What is stopping this wonderful, incredible, brilliant v story to keep striving. If its characters just replace them… you added more this season and last. Why kill something that’s so great and is growing so much. Give us one last story. Show us you have what it takes to bring all of us viewers back to life with a last minute change. This would be what every loving viewer wants in a series they love. For it not to die… Every time u see a series about to end you hate that it’s going to die. Change those facts somehow. Keep this show alive by any means whatsoever. This cast and story line is beyond excellent. Ive seen its ratings online and offline beyond the companys views. You guys have a show that’s winning and if u kill it then ur just killing your own victory with this soap that could be a new generation of popularity. We all have witnessed movies and TV shows alot like this and nothing compares. Keep this in the movement for one last year or at least bring it back somehow with some sort of extra episodes

    • dottie says:

      kevin i understand how you feel but sometimes its best to let a good series like this leave off on a high note. a lot of great shows has done it the same way: Breaking Bad, Big Love, etc. they all had to end. but hey, there is always the wonderful DVD sets you can buy!

  20. Alyssa says:

    People keep saying “Pam and Eric!” Thing is, Pam and Eric IMO are not IN LOVE with each other. They clearlynlove and care very deeply for each other but I don’t see it as a romantic, “I want to marry you and be the be-all, end-all of loves in your life” kind of love. IMO it’s more that they respect and love each other in a familial way, so to have them end up together would be very strange to me.
    My prediction: Bill will die in attempt to atone for all his horrible actions as a vampire, thus allowing him to be reunited with his long-dead family. That would explain all the god-awful flashbacks they keep doing – to show how much he loved them and how much he wants to be with them again. I definitely agree with people saying it always seemed like Bill didn’t want to be a vampire or relish it the way others, say Eric, do. So for another of the vampires who clearly enjoy and savor vampire life, like Pam or Eric, to die and for Bill, who seems so miserable as a vampire, to live makes no sense to me.

  21. liz says:

    Why did Sookie still have Alcide’s truck? You would have thought his dad would have taken it. I know she did not have a car since hers was destroyed by the “demon” Lafeyette.

  22. Ginger says:

    Unfortunately Sookie is probably going to spend the final 2 episodes persuading Bill to stay alive for her, when if she had any sense, she would be shagging Eric!

    • dottie says:

      you know how i can really see this ending?…….sookie wakes up from having this really wild and crazy dream. she is late for work at “MERLOTTES”. she goes into the restaraunt, there is Lafyette in the kitchen cooking and cursing and Tara at the bar with Sam and then, sookie comes out of the kitchen and then she sees Bill Compton at the booth. The ending is the very Beginning of show.

  23. a fan says:

    Bill has to live. Their world needs more noble men like him, so does Sookie. He has to learn to forgive himself. That is the miracle Niall spoke of. But Bill always puts Sookie first. Love him and hate him for that. No, just love him.

    Not surprised eric greedily drank numies blood, a nobrainer.

  24. a fan says:

    ooooo love Stephen Moyer, dam sexy cute sweet well spoken Brit. Gives the best interviews. Thanks for the memories. Love Bill, Bill & Sookie, Steve & Anna.

  25. Kasey says:

    I was thinking that maybe the little girl who lived at the house Tara led them to was somehow going to be the daughter that she secretly had and gave up for adoption, most likely because she didn’t want to end up like her own mother. So then there would be a family reunion and actual pay-off for this storyline. It just seemed weird that we saw that little girl last season and a few times this season, and apparently the only reason was because she had a gun buried in her yard? I know the timeline of this show probably didn’t even allow enough time for anyone to have a secret kid, but that was my best guess.

  26. waterbug says:

    Sookie and Jessica are the biggest sluts in Bon Temps.

  27. sladewilson says:

    Thank God there’s only two more episodes left after that last debacle… Tara got robbed one last time – that whole storyline was time I can’t get back. Please kill Bill. It’s my only reason for watching this show now since you killed Violet and she at least was fun to watch. Batshyt cray cray is always fun to watch. As for Jess and Hoyt – I’m over it – I’d rather her with Jason but if it makes all the long time shippers happy, yea for you. Eric is cured, Pam is Pam (Thank God for that!!!!), and everything else – just end it. You guys should be doing Ray Donovan recaps instead – it’s smoking this right now. True Blood should’ve ended it at least two years ago…

  28. Sebastian says:

    Gots a question about the section on Violet. What does t–s mean? Haven’t been watching this last season, waiting till the end, so if I’m left to believe she grew tentacles.

  29. venia says:

    well I am a Bill compton fan and I never could understand why True blood fans were so hard on him. I liked him and was hoping that he and sookie would get back together, but it looks like it’s not going that way, and I am sad of that . Despite how the show turn out I am sad the show is leaving , no matter how ou feel True blood was a show that was fresh new and somthing for us adults to enjoy, so I will miss it. I also agree about Tara she deserve a better ending than what the show did for her.

  30. LaBete says:

    I thought this episode was better than the last and am hoping the last two keep getting better. The previews look exciting, so we may yet get an epic ending! I liked that we got some answers to the fates of some of our favorites while still leaving many questions to be answered by the finale.
    I was happy to see Hoyt and Jessica possibly getting back together; however, I feel like someone (Sookie?) needs to un-glamour him or he would always be at a disadvantage in the relationship; I’m surprised someone in town (or even his yearbook) hasn’t already tipped him off about his past with Jason and possibly Jessica!
    I was also glad that Eric was saved! But I can’t believe he is going along with Mr. Gus, Jr.’s nefarious “fix not a cure” plan for New Blood–maybe he is playing along before exacting his final revenge on the corporation, the Yakuza, and Sarah/Noomi.
    I was sorry that Tara’s finale seemed somewhat anticlimactic, but at least she looked beautiful as she “went into the light.”
    I was happy to see Sookie and Bill have an honest exchange about their past, relieved that Eric was going to provide the cure for Bill, but frustrated with Bill’s “drama queen” response to being cured. Wait? Everyone there was risking their lives to cure Bill, and he just. couldn’t. ?? If he was a real gentleman, he’d take the cure and then leave town if his motivation is just to spare Sookie from his “darkness.”

  31. Ash says:

    So sorry I know it’s not worth anything since I’m comparing books to tv show please forgive me I just have to say it! Lol Bill refusing the cure is the best way of ending this show :) I just couldn’t forgive him in the book series after his many screw ups and the show down played so much of it :( and no I’m not a Eric/sookie shipper. Quinn and sookie for life! Haha again sorry book readers would know him!

    • Deion says:

      Sookie never deserved Quinn. Which she proved quite well when she dumped him when he needed to care for his family.

      • Storyfan says:

        Naw she was right to dump Quinn, the author just explained it wrong. It shouldn’t have been because his family was first, it should have been for stupidity or lack of survival instinct. Not only was he willing to stay silent and let a coup happen that killed a number of people/vamps Sookie cared about, but Quinn also failed to protect his family by sending his sister too late to do anything but get caught. Sookie needs better protection than that. Personally I like Sookie and Eric, but I don’t think they’ll end up together on the show. I do hope Bill’s refusal remains and they let him die. He seems far more manipulative, power-hungry and dishonest than Eric ever was. Eric’s deceits always had at their core the protection of his constituents or Sookie – even tricking her into drinking his blood let him know when she would be in trouble.

  32. B says:

    All I know is I shut my ears off as soon as the Sookie/Bill scene started, as I have zero interest in that duo ending up together. But thanks to the recap for explaining what I missed!

  33. Hmm says:

    No to Jessica and Hoyt. Aside from killing off Alcide, that is the one big thing I didn’t want this season. So if I’m going 0-2 it looks like I might just quit and spare myself a few more weeks of annoyance. This show is beyond repair anyway; thank christ it’s the final season.

  34. DT says:

    I stopped caring about the Sookie love triangle a long time ago…I have no vested interest in who she winds up with anymore. The only thing I’ve enjoyed the last few seasons is Jessica and Jason and there will they won’t they, and now may not even get that. Why tease about a reunion at all this season if they are just going to make her wind up with Hoyt (ugh)? When Jason asked what that wonderous feeling of being in the clouds when you’re with someone was called during this episode I was hoping at least one of them would come up with the word love. So aggravating. With these latest developments I’m not going to even bother watching the final 2 episodes. If I hear from somewhere that it ended differently, I’ll just watch them on demand or something. I’m not going to waste another Sunday night watching this garbage.

  35. Deion says:

    There’s definitely an end coming. But if they wanted to give Tara resolution, killing her in the first episode was a bad way to go about it. She’s got issues with everyone and her mother is the one she gets to resolve them with? Poor form, True Blood. Lettie Mae wasn’t the only person who loved her. No interaction with Jason, Sam, or Sookie before she’s gone? Bleh.

  36. Damieko says:

    I’m so happy Violet died. She was so annoying and I like how it was Hoyt who killer being that she killed his mother ( not knowingly) and I think Hoyt will get together with Jessica and Jason is going to end up with Bridget. I think Bill will drink the blood and heal and then he will end up with Sookie like it’s meant to be but Eric won’t give up without at fight!

  37. Storyfan says:

    Does anyone think Eric and Pam might end up together? The actress playing Pam cried at the final – she’s the one who has stood by him. Looking at next week’s preview it makes me wonder.

  38. Valarie says:

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that doesn’t buy that Hoyt doesnt remember Jessica? I feel like he gave her a bag of bad blood. Hasnt’ the whole glamoring thing worn off before?

    • AGG says:

      I wondered about that too and was thinking g about how he treated her before he was glamoured. He was a different man than the one from season. I was wondering if the blood he gave her may be tainted but I thought it was for her at the time. I’m only meh on Hoyt/Jessica.

  39. Blair says:

    The Tara wrap-up was a waste

  40. TBFanTillTheEnd says:

    I kept thinking Adilyn would just use her fairy power against Violet, but so glad that nutjob still met her true death. Y’all take these stories WAY too seriously. They haven’t been verbatim of the books since day one – or we wouldn’t have had the fabulous Lafayette all these seasons! I think Bill cares about Sookie more than Eric. Eric is still too much of a bad boy, a hot bad boy, but no not for Sookie. I just hope he and Pam live past the finale and continue their hijinks together. I have loved this last season. Not perfect, but loved the return of Hoyt and the return of Bill with Sookie. My hope for the finale is simply everyone lives happily and I hope Jason doesn’t piss off Hoyt by banging his girlfriend. Can he for once turn the dick off and the brain on?! Anyone remember that bit from a few seasons back, lol.

  41. LaLa says:

    Yay, Eric’s saved. I’m good, this could have been the last ep, and I’d be satisfied. Here’s hoping that Lafayette gets some sort of happy ending. I could care less about the rest of Bon Temps.

  42. Olivia says:

    Did anyone else think it was weird that Tara didn’t say a word to Lafayette in their last scene? He has always been there for her, especially when her mom was abusive. I feel like he deserved better. Actually the character deserves better from everyone, especially the writers. I hope his story line ends with him being happy.
    While I love Pam and Eric as friends and family, I don’t want to see them together romantically. I love their relationship as is.

  43. Brigid says:

    I’m sorry but all vampires are monsters. There is nothing redeeming about them. They all rape and murder for the fun of it. Not one of them deserve Sookie. The hell that they put her through. I’m tired of “fans” making excuses for the character that you like and holding the same things against other characters. It’s so dumb!

    Meanwhile, I cried when Tara and her mom finally got some peace and forgiveness, what a beautiful scene. It was so awesome seeing Jessica’s face as Hoyt saved her life. I could feel the chemistry bewteen them the moment she saw him. This season is very enjoyable and I’m loving every minute of it.

    Andy Swift, Violet was shot in the heart with the wooden bullet, not the head. A bullet to the head wouldn’t kill a vampire.

  44. Katie says:

    Should have ended a long time ago. So hard to see my favorite show get this lame.

  45. Katie says:

    Bill already died, twice….this new Bill even told Sookie the old Bill is gone. I thought the scene where she showed up at his door and suddenly they were having sex was the worst writing, next to the Warlow sex scene (“lets just get this over”). SO lame!!!!! Here he is thinking about his old wife and suddenly he is in bed with Sookie, but it’s not the old Bill…confused? And why would she jump in bed with him after he told her that? The sweet innocent Sookie we all fell in love with at the beginning of the show is long gone and a tramp has taken her place. I would have use the s— word but I don’t think they would have let me. I hate her character and they ruined the show. Terrible writing! The only good character writing has been Jason, Jessica and Hoyt, and then there was Bill and Sookie in the first season, Eric and Pam in the first season, Lafayette first season and Russell Edginton his whole season, beyond that it’s been so, so lame.

  46. lololee24 says:

    i loved Taras ending but then I am one of the few who loved character through out the series. While everyone was complaining about her being some stereotyped black chick, I saw her much different. I felt that the writers determined that her harsh and abusive upbringing, would have led to Tara developing into someone who mistrusted the world around her. That back story of Taras upbringing is why she was to temperamental, impatient, and cynical. I felt despite her out look of the world made her a strong person, who didn’t take any crap from anyone and that to me only made her character more interesting to me.
    I have to wonder if the majority of people who complained about Taras so-called stereotyped character is white, because 9 times out of 10 its white woman who do all of the complaining over the plight of black women ( and yes I am black, and a woman). I am simply making a observation while explaining the writers personality. The bottom line is she grew up in a harsh environment and that shaped who she became. And please stop acting like everyone who grows up in a abusive household, develop into bubbly, spirited individuals, In a perfect world maybe but not realistically. The writers played around with that view and out came Taras character.

  47. Damieko says:

    I’m just happy to see Violet go! She was just evil in the end although In the beginning it was good to see a woman give Jason a taste of his own medicine making him wait and she was in control. But then it started to get a little old and she was just getting annoying to me. I did feel her pain when he slept with Jessica but kidnapping Andy and Holly’s children was going to fair and then torturing them torture jason he’s the one who cheated and I can see why she hates Jessica. She was a threat to her from the beginning. But I do like how Hoyt pulled the trigger being that Violet killed his mother that was awesome I just kept rewinding that over and over on the DVR so happy to her go. I think it will be Jessica and Hoyt and Jason and Bridget because the both want children. Eric and Pam I hope they stay together but not romantically and either Bill needs to drink the blood and be with Sookie or just accept his fate and leave her be. And Sookie should just end up alone everyone she gets involved with either dies or comes close to dying. I do kind of want her to end up with Bill I want everyone to have a happy ending. And where is Sam in all this did he go with Nicole if so it would have been nice to see it. And you go Lafayette although what you did was kind of wrong but it made things a little better for Jessica. What do you all think?

  48. Sook&Eric says:

    I think it’s safe to say Bill will die. Why else would they do ALL these flashbacks? I’m worried that Mr. Gus is going to kill Pam. I Think Eric will either turn Sookie or glamour it all away if she were to loose her fairy power that is. It would be nice after 1,000 years that our Viking king FINALLY have a queen by his side.