True Blood @ Comic-Con: EP Hints at Bill-Sookie Reunion in Series Finale

The best of Bon Temps assembled Saturday for True Blood‘s (last-ever!) panel at San Diego Comic-Con to reflect on the past seven years — and, of course, to tease the HBO drama’s final five episodes.

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First thing’s first: Will Bill and Sookie get back together before the Aug. 24 series finale?

“They might,” teased executive producer Brian Buckner. “They’re in each other’s spheres, for sure. At the end of the day, it’s a television show, right? This show worked because of the chemistry they shared. … I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie.”

And in case you’re wondering why there have been so many flashbacks this season — besides the fact that it’s the final season — Buckner said it’s all about helping the characters find themselves again.

“With Bill, we got a character who we turned into a vampire god, and he wasn’t that nice,” Buckner explained. “The thinking there was, as Bill tries to find his way back to himself, let’s give him a little help by flashing back to his human life.”

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As for that True Blood musical we’ve been hearing about, Stephen Moyer confirmed he would not be playing Bill, should it actually come to fruition.

“Nathan Barr, who does all the wonderful music on our show, came to me about two years ago with this idea [for a musical],” he explained. “I went to his house and basically laid down a couple of tracks, playing Bill, and we recorded the songs for him to give to Charlaine [Harris] and Alan [Ball] and see if it would be something they’d be interested in doing. They signed off on it, but that was the only thing I was ever going to do for it.”

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More scoop from the panel:

* The James-Lafayette relationship is “not done evolving,” Buckner confirmed. There is so much more to come.

* We “haven’t seen [Tara’s] last day,” Buckner added, hinting that her story is about to take a crazy turn.

* On the topic of Sam’s future with Nicole, Sam Trammell said, “We’ll see how committed I am to her and how committed she is to staying.”

* It sounds like Arlene will also be getting her freak on with new vampire Keith. “I don’t think you introduce a hot vampire on True Blood without doing something with them,” Carrie Preston said. “This season, I feel like I really arrived on True Blood because I got a vampire exploding in my crotch … and maybe there’s some stuff coming up between Arlene and Keith that I’ve never had to do on camera before.”

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