Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang, Sleepy Hollow, Once, P'hood, NCIS, Reign, Mindy Project and More

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Question: Any info on the Big Bang Theory season premiere? —Joey
Ausiello: For those curious about Sheldon’s whereabouts all summer, I can confirm that he did, in fact, get on that train (vs. just squatting in the station, as some have speculated). The bigger question you should be asking yourself is whether he ever stepped foot outside the train during his epic journey.

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Question: Can you tell us anything about this new woman that Tony will meet this season on NCIS? —Mel
Ausiello: As previously reported, the woman due to enter DiNozzo’s life will do so via a case, and as such his dynamic with her will be “completely different” than what he shared with NCIS colleague Ziva David, show boss Gary Glasberg tells us. “The trick will be casting somebody where the chemistry [with Michael Weatherly] is there, but we’re excited about the opportunity,” Glasberg adds. “We’ll give it a shot and see what we can do.”

Question: Please give us scoop on Jude and Connor from The Fosters before Season 2A ends! —Julius
Ausiello: I will do nothing of the sort! Instead, I can offer you fresh details on the major new love interest the show is introducing for — apologies in advance, Jesus — Emma. His name’s Gabe, he will first air in the Season 2B premiere, he’s a charismatic, easy-on-the-eyes Latino student from a rival school, and, last and most importantly, he’s a fellow wrestler. Gabe becomes infatuated with Emma, and he’s not the least bit concerned about a certain ex-factor. (Again, deepest sympathies Jesus.)

Question: In a previous Falling Skies promo, we saw Ben and Maggie kissing. Any news when this is gonna be shown? —JustinAnn
Ausiello: In the time since you sent this in, that “dream” hook-up has already aired. But what if I told you a real lip-lock ‘tween the two was on the horizon…?

Question: Any scoop on 24‘s return? Comic-Con came and went with no announcement. Are we getting more or has Jack Bauer finally run out of time? —Matthew
Ausiello: All signs point to more 24, but probably not until the 2015-16 season at the earliest. Everyone connected with the stellar Live Another Day — namely, Kiefer Sutherland and his fellow EPs — are taking a little breather.

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125528056EC075_2011_ShowtimQuestion: Got any Banshee Season 3 scoop you can share? —Hayley
Ausiello: As if the twin threats of Chayton and Proctor weren’t enough to keep Lucas up at night, the Cinemax hit is throwing another antagonist his way. I can exclusively confirm that The Newsroom‘s David Harbour (pictured, right) is joining Season 3 in the recurring role of Dalton, a ghost from Lucas’ past who runs a black ops outfit. He’s been pursuing Lucas for years and, like a good hunter, does not easily abandon his prey.

Question: So I shamelessly binged both Seasons 1 and 2 of Orphan Black last week, and now I’m in Clone Club withdrawl. Got any deets on next season? —Syd
Ausiello: Oh, do I. I’ve been saving my exclusive, überjuicy Comic-Con Q&A with EPs Graeme Manson and John Fawcett for a special occasion, and I think the first Ask Ausiello of August qualifies as such. In the following video, the pair not only (sorta) confirm that trans clone Tony will make a reappearance in Season 3, but they share behind-the-scenes scoop on how Tatiana Maslany was able to perfect the character’s deep, masculine voice (spoiler alert: she had help!). Also, if you’re curious how many Castor clones we will meet in the new season, the following vid has the answer to that, too.

Question: Do you have any Once Upon a Time scoop that isn’t related to the Frozen storyline? —Katia
Ausiello: I think so…? For Season 4’s fourth episode, the ABC series is casting the role of an elderly, grizzled and unflappable knight who for many, many years has dedicated himself to serving a righteous cause. Anyone else getting a Holy Grail vibe from this…?

Question: Any chance we are going to get a Laurel and Felicity friendship on Arrow, now that Laurel knows the secret, instead of some ridiculous catty girl nonsense? —Samantha
Ausiello: EP Marc Guggenheim says that with Laurel now in on everyone’s secret, the dynamic between her and Felicity will be “a lot of fun” — and decidedly not in a catty way. “These characters [including Sara] should all be more than just who they are to Oliver,” Guggenheim notes. “We’re always trying to flesh out Felicity’s character and Laurel’s character and Sara’s character beyond whether or not they’re going out with Oliver that week.”

Coby Ryan McLaughlinQuestion: What can you tell me about the Season 6 premiere of Parenthood? I am dying to now. —Daniel
Ausiello: The dude to the right is the latest obstacle facing Joel and Julia. Actor’s name is Coby Ryan McLaughlin. Character’s name is Chris. He’s Julia’s ex-boyfriend from law school. He’s also her new colleague. THIS ISN’T GOING TO END WELL!!!

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Question: Do you have anything juicy on Bones you can share? —Cassidy
Ausiello: The Hodgins-Angela relationship will continue to be the show’s “emotional rock,” but they won’t be without their challenges, previews EP Stephen Nathan. “Life won’t be easy for them,” he continues. “Angela’s still pulled in two directions — working [at the Jeffersonian] and being with Hodgins. I think there’s a sense for all the characters that their lives might have other demands for them. People are going to be changing and wanting different things — as would be the case with any group of people you’ve known for 10 years.”

Question: Any cool Crane-Abbie moments coming up on Sleepy Hollow? —Jeff
Ausiello: I haven’t seen the Season 2 premiere yet, but exec producer Mark Goffman promises the Sept. 22 opener contains a “pretty shocking moment in purgatory” between the two, adding, “I don’t think anyone’s going to see it coming.”

Question: Any Danny and Mindy-related Mindy Project scoop? Love them together! —Elaine
Ausiello: If their romance crashes and burns, they’ll only have each other to blame. “The primary difficulty between the two characters is how different they are,” previews exec producer Matt Warburton. “Every little issue — like the fact that Mindy can’t keep a tube of toothpaste in Danny’s house without him being bothered by it — will be the primary driver of story, at least for the time being. We know the characters love each other, so introducing a lot of people from the outside just to upset that would feel phony. Our motive in the beginning is just, ‘What makes it impossible for these two people, who love each other, to get along?'”

unnamed-3Question: I don’t care about Hayley and Elijah on The Originals. I want to know about Mikael and Esther! What’s that crazy couple up to in Season 2? —Ashleigh
Ausiello: Funny you should refer to them as a couple, Ashleigh, as their relationship is going to be explored big-time in the coming season. “We know about their marriage, and we know that they made their kids into vampires, but do they like each other?” executive producer Julie Plec muses. “Do they hate each other? We’re having so much fun writing the history of Esther and Mikael right now.” Sounds like their future is just as mysterious as their past.

Question: Just wondering if I can get any spoilers on season 2 of Reign. Especially if any of those spoilers feature Francis. — Michelle
Ausiello: I hope you like demons, Michelle, because Francis has plenty of ’em. “When Henry died, he talked about what it was like to take a life — it’s a big weight you carry with you,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy says. “One of the things you’re going to see this season is that Francis is carrying that weight; he’s carrying that guilt from killing his father. It was a justified killing, but a killing nonetheless.”

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  1. Alicia says:

    This column gets more and more boring by the week. It used to be a mid-week staple of mine up until a few months ago.

    • Lauren says:

      lol Lets guess what show of alicia’s wasnt covered? Glee? Real Houswives?

    • Same here… maybe it is just that summer TV in general is the PITS!!!

    • Bwhit says:

      Really? Ausiello never let’s me down with scoop! He usually has it before most sites and by the time it reaches them, I already know because of this column. He can only cover what he has to work with and most fall shows barely have filmed their first or second ep, to each their own I guess.

      • Lena says:

        It’s really about what the sites choose to cover. For example, there have been tons of spoilers about one of the biggest rating cable shows on television, but TVLINE is not covering it. As a fan of The Walking Dead, I go other places to get a scoop on that show. By the way, that show is coming on this Fall and they have already filmed the seventh or eighth episode, so the lack of spoilers for certain shows won’t work here…

    • English says:

      Did you ever stop to think there wasnt anything to report because everything was on hiatus until about 2 weeks ago? Don’t be rude. He is trying create something from practically nothing and does an awesome job!

    • Josh says:

      Sorry this information, which cost you nothing, by the way, was so disappointing. Your sense of entitlement is adorable. Except by adorable I mean pathetic.

  2. Angela says:

    Intrigued about that moment in Purgatory for Crane and Abbie! Considering that they’re still stuck there in that episode I’m guessing the shocking moment will be shocking in a scary, dangerous way…but be it bad or good, I’m anxious to see what happens!

  3. Tran says:

    If Fox is planning to do another 24, it should be the series’ last.

      • I want at least one more season. 24 should definitely get renewed, but I was hoping it would come back in the next TV season.

        • Tran says:

          I predict that the next season of 24 which will be the last is going to pick up right where Live Another Day left off with Jack Bauer in Moscow and maybe a couple of returning characters like Chloe O’Brian and possibly Kate Morgan will do whatever they can to save him.

          • Pat says:

            Might be wrong there, depends on what the Tony extra on the blu ray set is. I bet he’ll break out of jail at the end of it and the focus will be on him and Jack. Maybe Tony helps chloe break Jack out of russia.So could be right too.

    • Moment says:

      I agree completely. Jack Bauers story is coming to an end, he just needs that happy ending to go along with it. It will come, that one final season to close out the series.

    • Mike says:

      If they do not do another 24 quickly, Fox won’t be a network! They only have Bones and Sleepy Hollow along with a couple of cartoons.They need a new shows to hit quickly or they will be best friends with the WB!

    • Fido says:

      If they ever decide that THIS will be the last series then please let them have it start the day BEFORE the day the clocks go back. Then the final ep can be a 2hour super event covering what happened between 1am and 2am, then 1am and 2am. :) – or would this be too confusing ?

  4. Joni says:

    As always, thank you for the NCIS (Season 12/Episode 4) scoop. I’m looking forward to finding out who has been cast in this potentially important role and what career she has that brings her in contact with Tony during the case that week.

    • Darlene says:

      I’m with you! Very happy to know that Tony will meet someone. Maybe he’ll meet her while investigating a navy-related murder that happens during a triathlon he’s participating in. Okay, far-fetched. I’m just looking forward to a fresh and different relationship dynamic than we’ve had in the past few years.

    • Michael and Cote’s chemistry was once in 20 years. Bellisario was the best in the business for finding characters and chemistry, and he knew he won the lottery with Cote. I wish Gary luck in finding someone in the next week or so. His characters have all been colossal fails.

  5. Liz says:

    Thank God for no girl fight between Laurel & Felicity. Like most Laurel involved things I love Sarah better. Her relationship with Felicity was very fun. I hope Laurel’s relationship mirrors something along those lines. If Felicity does anything is make people likable.

  6. Kristen says:

    MORE 24!!!!

  7. GildedRose says:

    Always happy to see Felicity’s character expanded and explored. Really looking forward to that for this season.

    Looking forward to seeing what Big Bang does now with Sheldon since he ran away from home. LOL.

    • Claire says:

      I agree! Felicity’s development outside of Oliver’s character is what I am looking forward to. These two definitely have a rich dynamic that I enjoy watching, but Felicity is such a great character unto herself that I am thrilled to see her get the development she deserves.

      As for the rest I think using Felicity as fodder to make other characters likable is wrong and will likely backfire.

  8. The next 24 has to be 24 episodes long.

    • Zayne says:

      Strongly disagree. Part of what made this past season so good was the condensed time frame and the lack of fluff.

      • I never saw it as fluff. The show was always two different story arcs strung together, with each one taking 12 hrs to cover. Had they followed on from where this one ended, we would have followed Jack with the Russians for another 12 episodes. That would hardly have been fluff.

      • Ken says:

        Now I strongly disagree with you,24 was always a fast pace series (apart from season 8,
        which derailed it)and always leave you wanting more at the end of each season.So I do
        believe they can give us a full season (24 episodes) without any fluff, as you put it.

  9. violetvaper says:

    I’m actually getting more of Don Quixote vibe from the OUAT item.

  10. bigredeo says:

    I’m getting more of a “Don Quixote” vibe from your OUAT spoiler than Holy Grail (and I was just in a production of “Spamalot”).

  11. as524 says:

    Excited to see what is in store for Tony this season. the show did a great disservice to the character and the actor letting him linger in the background last season after 11×2.

    Here’s hoping this new lady in his life is the antithesis of his ex-partner as well. that will definitely make it easier to accept the character for many fans of Tony who hated the crap that was dished up for MW to play during the eternally ridiculous, boring and eye-rolling era of ‘tiva’ nonsense

    • VeeGee says:

      He was stuck on Bishop Babysitting Duty all of season 11. I was hoping they’d give him something to do, but I was hoping it would be something related to being an agent. Oh well. Glasberg has a lousy track record with women characters so I’m not expecting much. Hopefully it will crash and burn and we can get it out of the way, so he can finally be an agent.

      • Rocky W. says:

        Couldn’t have said it better! There were times during the Director Shepard era when Tony was a competent guy!
        Glasberg had his share of incompetent women on NCIS! Bishop covered it all!
        Time to get a real female agent for NCIS! If Cote doesn’t want to reprise her role as Ziva producers should get Diane Neal as Borin!

        • as524 says:

          Borin is barely tolerable during her yearly visit. & talk about a character not making sense on team Gibbs then Borin would be it – almost as much as ziva never made sense on that team.

      • as524 says:

        LOL….loving the mistruths since Ellie was only in ELEVEN eps during a 24 ep season 11.

  12. D.R. says:

    For Michael re: Bones, isn’t the tug-of-war for Angela between Jeffersonian and *art*? At least in the past, Hodgins has never seemed like the source of her career problems.

    For Alicia re: this column, way to blame the messenger. Summer TV is a pretty strange mix of shows most of us watch and shows we watch but mostly don’t care about watching. It can be easy to make hay out of that or to spend months upon end previewing the fall season.

  13. VeeGee says:

    “Completely different dynamic”? Well that went so well when he talked that way about Bishop, not. Good luck finding someone with chemistry like Tony had with Ziva.

  14. Rich Orpen says:

    For OUAT the grizzled old knight gives me more of a Man of La Mancha vibe than a Holy Grail vibe.

  15. Mad Hobbit says:

    well while the three on BBT get 1 mill the other two original stars also helped get the show to where it is,unless they get a mill each, will there not be hard feelings?

  16. MaggieH says:

    My family will not be interested in seeing Tony with a new woman, he belongs with Ziva. I don’t think we will be tuning in for this story line.

    • Angie says:

      OMG! people–give the Tony & Ziva thing a rest. It is over & personally I am GLAD! Ziva did not concern herself with her fans when she left (well, Cote) so I am NOT concerned about her now. Let’s give the “new” love interest for Tony a chance before we slam her, ok? I hope they make a dynamic couple–Good Luck Tony & ?. May it sizzle<3

      • Milton Wedman says:

        It will not sizzle. Nothing Glasberg does sizzles. The Tony and Ziva ‘thing’ will never be over. NCIS is dull without Ziva.

        • VeeGee says:

          More like, fizzles. He’s good at that. It’s funny to look at Bishop now after all the fanfare when she started. She’s such a complete dud.

          • Annette says:

            Totally agree! The show is flatlining due to Bishop and the only way to give it a little life so it goes out on a high is to bring back Ziva!

          • Totally agree with you about the fizzling storylines of Glasberg. He can’t write a decent long-lasting character to save his life. If anyone thinks he’s going to start now, they might be in for a disappointment. There just isn’t much chemistry on that show at all anymore.

      • Gabi says:

        Cote came back to finish her storyline. It is not her fault that Glasberg only wrote her in for nine minutes with a completely illogical exit storyline with so many plot holes that a Navy carrier could go through it. Then decided to ignore the character and her connection to the team for an entire year and counting since it seems they will continue to ignore her existence on the show from what they have they have told us of Season 12.

        • Tina says:

          Sad all these comments basically saying that Michael Weatherly will never have chemistry with another actress except Cote. He might as well just give up acting all together if he can’t act with Cote anymore. Give me a break. I look forward to seeing him play Tony with a new woman and maybe a real relationship. Ziva was an interesting character and yes Cote worked well with Michael, but she’s gone. Good luck to the new actress. Hope she has a hard shell. I’m sure she’ll get the wrath from those that can’t let go. Hope I’m wrong.

          • Terry Anders says:

            Totally agree with you. Most of the above commentators with their, “Only Ziva will make it happen. Everyone else will just stink. Tony will not EXIST in the universe without ZIVA–blah,blah,blah” get very annoying. I’m reminded of people who think their honking helps during rush hour. How very boring and consistent they are.

          • darkangel200 says:

            Absolutely agree! How insulting to Michael Weatherly. But then again, the majority of Tiva fans only care about Ziva anyway. Michael Weatherly has chemistry with everyone. I have no idea if I’ll like this new woman or not, but Tony deserves someone who cares about him, and I’ll give her and the storyline a chance. Sadly, the Ziva fans have already decided to hate any woman who dares show an interest in Tony.

          • TullaT says:

            I used to think Weatherly had chemistry with everyone, then I saw him with Emily Wickersham.

        • as524 says:

          actually it is her fault….if you read the interviews about 11×2, it was rather plainly stated that the script was written without knowing how much time cdp was willing to give the show & this was after she refused to do a simply voice over scene in 11×1. Can’t blame GG when the actress isn’t willing to commit to a length of time.

      • Guest(real name STILL won't be revealed) says:

        @Angie (in Garterbelt’s voice) SHUT UP!!! (in normal voice) OMG! WHY can’t people respect other people’s opinions?! Ziva was a FAN FAVORITE so OF COURSE THEY STILL WANT HER ON THE SHOW! As for slamming someone before giving him/her a chance, WE can do that! Why? Because WE have an opinion. You’re talking about letting “Tiva” sizzle, well you want to know what i believe? It’s time for this show to sizzle because it’s getting predictable! I don’t get why viewers and critics like it what’s so good about it anyway?! The only person that needs to give it a rest is YOU!!!!! We have opinions and you CANNOT run from them. And don’t reply back to me because you won’t win this argument. (in Roman Reigns voice) BELIEVE THAT! (The truth reigns plays)

  17. Ben says:

    Any AHS FreakShow news? I know they added John Carroll Lynch to the cast at comic-con, but I was hoping you’ve got some more scoops, haven’t been any in Ask Ausiello for a while.

  18. Ryan says:

    For Once Upon a Time, I got more of a Don Quixote vibe based on the scoop

  19. I know it’s probably a very silly thought but, re:- Tony’s new girlfriend in NCIS, what about the return of Jeanne? There was definitely a spark even though it was work for Agent Di Nozzo. It almost killed him when as she left he told her that none of what he felt was real.

    • TullaT says:

      I think that ended forever when she accused him of murder.

      • NoChance says:

        Whereas Ziva committed an aggravated assault upon him (pulling her gun changed it from simple assault to aggravated – finger not on the trigger wouldn’t matter in a court of law), accused him of a jealousy murder, told him he was worthless, and tried to get Gibbs to transfer Tony off the team. Why is this different than what Jeanne did – other than Jeanne not physically assaulting him or telling him he was worthless or maybe even trying to get him fired (by filing a complaint)?

        • I love how the Ziva haters have actually checked out the law to prove how evil she is.

          • NoChance says:

            How about an answer to the question instead of jumping back to “hater”? Why is Ziva’s accusation of Tony committing a jealousy murder when he killed Rivkin different than Jeanne’s accusation of Tony killing her father?

          • that’s actually a reasonable question. Well for one thing, Tony really did kill Rivkin, the issue was his motivation. He didn’t kill the Frog, and Jeanne knew it, she was motivated by nothing but revenge.

  20. TullaT says:

    This should be interesting, since Gary Glasberg has not created a likeable woman character ever.

  21. Annette says:

    Nobody will ever match the chemistry Tony and Ziva had. And you can’t force chemistry when it’s not there.

    I hope we get to see the smart, witty & competent SFA this upcoming season cause we most certainly didn’t that last season with Tony pretty much having to babysit Bishop. We only saw that side of him in the first two & last two episodes of season 11.

    • TullaT says:

      Well we’ve seen what happened when they spent the whole season trying to force chemsitry with Bishop. it’s just not there.

    • KLM says:

      You are right, you can’t force chemistry when it’s not there. For example, the flat, lackluster relationship between Delilah and McGee.

    • as524 says:

      they forced chemistry & ‘moments’ with Tony & ziva when it was so very obvious that it was the last thing MW wanted to do….

      We saw plenty of competent Tony in season 11 – mostly after the awful first 2 eps.

  22. SameOld says:

    So In other words, Bones will one again be driving down the same boring paths. Because you can’t rehash Angela-Hodges-Work-Free Spirit thing enough….

  23. BigDeal says:

    So In other words, Bones will one again be driving down the same boring paths. Because you can’t rehash Angela-Hodges-Work-Free Spirit thing enough….

  24. Lisa says:

    That Once Upon a Time scoop popped a picture in my head from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.

  25. Give me a break! Gary tried someone (Bishop) that is the polar opposite to Ziva and she is not working at all! So we are to expect that this new woman he creates will have chemistry with Tony? I highly doubt it. You cannot create chemistry, it is either there or it is not. Tony and Ziva had chemistry that was not forced, it was natural and electric. There is no comparison.

  26. Briggs says:

    Yay! Laurel and Felicity actually getting *along*! That would be great. Though, that might make Oliver worried. I know they talked about finding out who these girls are when Oliver’s not around, but girls will talk about what they have in common, and unfortunately for Oliver, he *is* a commonality, so at least one conversation will be about him…

  27. Jeanne says:

    Gary Glasberg’s record creating characters that work is not good at all. He will never find anyone else that had the chemistry Muchael and actor had.

  28. darkangel200 says:

    Thank you for the NCIS spoiler. I hope they pick some someone who clicks with Michael Weatherly. Looking forward to someone who can look beyond the joking and deflections and actually see the wonderful, multi-layered character that Tony is. It gives me hope that they’re planning a different dynamic than Tony had with Ziva, which was fun in the earlier seasons, until Ziva’s snarky dismissal of Tony became off-putting. Time to let Tony be happy.

    • Ziva looked beyond the joking and the deflections years ago, and she knew him like no other. Her “snarky dismissal” was based on mental and sexual trauma from being in a prison camp.

      • darkangel200 says:

        Yeah, “years ago” she *did* look beyond the joking, but since S6, she did nothing but diss and dismiss Tony. And your trying to condone her bahavior based on your “speculation” that it was due to trauma, is a bit desperate. But typical, because Ziva fans, like Ziva herself, never admit any wrong-doing on her part. “I have done nothing wrong” was her mantra.

    • Sherri says:

      I agree. I’m hoping for a different dynamic in Tony’s new relationship. He needs someone who can appreciate him.

  29. Jeannie says:

    Gary Glasberg’s track record creating new character’s that work is pathetic. He will never find anyone that had the chemistry Michael and Cote had. Such a shame he wasted it.

  30. margaretames says:

    I love RECKLESS~!~

  31. Marie Hixon says:

    Are you kidding?! Another woman for Tony DiNozzo?! The chemistry he has with Ziva is perfect! GG had chemistry with them and did not get it.

  32. Karen says:

    Gary Glasberg’s track record creating new characters that work is not very good. He will never find anyone that had the chemistry Michael and Cote had. It’s a shame they let it go to waste not getting them together on the show.

  33. Eleanor Shea says:

    NCIS /GG had the chemistry with Michael and Cote why they wasted it is a great mystery to me. They have the $$$ do get Cote de Pablo back. They can pay 5 actors who work for a half hour comedy show one million a piece per episode!

    • Pete says:

      So you are saying that de Pablo was a money grubbing young actress who stormed off because they wouldn’t pay her as much as she believed she was worth?

      Just trying to be sure what you are saying here.

      I thought she said she left “for personal reasons”.

      Silly me.

      • ninamags says:

        Isn’t that exactly what happened?

      • she didn’t. she said it was a “personal decision”. All decisions are personal. Most people understand that “personal decision” is code for they don’t want to (or are not allowed to) talk about it. Since she tried to negotiate a contract, we know she intended to return. That’s logic.

        • Thomas Powell says:

          I hope you never take a logic class–it will be an immediate F for you. Since you are speaking for Cote now, please ask her why she left–you must know everything that happened. Well, at least you are writing like you do. SMH

          • NoChance says:

            Why wouldn’t she be able to talk about it (speak in coded language)? No contract means that after her previous contract expired in April when Season 10 filming was done she was free to say or do whatever she wished. She chose to keep her reasons private and anything any of us say or think is just guessing.
            Negotiating a contract is different than actually signing one even if deciding at the 11 hour to not sign it.
            Didn’t Michael say that when he met her in NYC last Fall that she was happy with her decision?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Incorrect, an NDA (if there was one here) remains in effect beyond date of contracted employ, until a designated future date.

          • thanks Matt. I am under two NDAs for life. one company went bankrupt in 2002, I can never talk about it for the rest of my life. this is normal. have you guys ever had a job?

        • Actually, no, we don’t. We don’t know what she was asking for or what CBS was offering. For all you and anyone else know, Ms. de Pablo deliberately asked for more than she knew she would ever get as an excuse to get out of doing the show without looking like “the bad guy”.

  34. JohnS says:

    As for Sleepy Hollow – I hope they get a little more realistic with the casting. In the show, 60% of the characters were black. According to Wikipedia, the real Sleepy Hollow is just 0.83% black. Who’s the casting director – Shonda Rhimes?

    • Pat says:

      What a terrible thing to say. Let me guess, your a racist and you cannot stand the fact that one of the main characters, who also is a woman is black. Buddy, this is 2014 not the 1950’s.

    • Angela says:

      Yes, because a show that has a headless horseman running around or supernatural beings battling two witnesses of the apocalypse is the first place we should all naturally look to for realistic depictions of everyday life in small-town America.
      Seriously, though, oh, wow, the majority of the cast is black. And…? There’s lots of shows with heavily white casts living in cities and towns where it’d be logical to have a few non-white people lurking about if they want to be accurate with their diversity percentages, after all, so if they can get away with it…*Shrugs*.

  35. tp says:

    I can’t wait for this Chris guy to come between Julia and Joel! He was such an unforgiving ass last season.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes and let’s hope it’s done in the first 1 – 2 episodes. Please, just rip off the band-aid and get it over with!

  36. Jeannie says:

    Gary Glasberg’s track for creating characters that work is pretty lousy. Delilah is the only one I can think of, and he’s wrote her out. The only one that’s had chemistry with Michael is Cote, and I can’t see anyone else doubt that. The chemistry they have us rare.

    • Dee says:

      I doubt it.

      It amazes me that people say Michael had chemistry with that woman……he didn’t.

      The character hated him, had NO respect for him, mocked him, wanted him dead, and generally was a complete BITCH to him.

      How was that “love”?

      I’m looking forward to whomever they cast for this new role.

      Michael and certainly Tony deserve better.

      • most fans, critics, not to mention the producers of the show disagree with you about chemistry. Not to mention, CBS shamelessly used Tiva to market the show.

        • Pete says:

          If they had such fantastic chemistry, why did the writer’s have to keep scripting moments where extras told Tony and Ziva – and the viewers – that they made such a great couple?
          When the viewers can see it they don’t need to be told.
          No one has answered that question yet.

          • Well, why did CBS promote TIVA for years then….they even included TIVA in the best things about NCIS back in 2013? And why did Michael Weatherly claim on this very site that Season 10 was the Year of TIVA? So why did CBS spend all that time promoting TIVA if they weren’t gonna follow through?

          • TullaT says:

            Mitovich himself can probably tell you, the vast majority of viewer questions when she was on the show were about Tiva.

          • Gabi says:

            @TullaT I think Matt Mitovich once tweeted in response to a question about this subject and he said the ratio of Ziva and Tiva question to other questions regarding the show is 10 to 1 so it is not surprising that there is always an interest in anything related to Ziva and Tiva. Now we only need TPTB to get it through their thick skulls.

          • LOL at those who still believe Tiva is a figment of the imagination. Cote was hired by Bellisario because of her chemistry with Michael, and Bellisario knows what he’s doing.

          • NoChance says:

            It looks like CBS and Michael and the show defined Tiva differently than fans of a romance between the two characters. TPTB seemed to see Tiva as any scene that had just the two of them in it. Michael never seemed to be keen on an actual hookup and even said it would be a disaster for the show and compared it to herpes.

          • Oh, you mean Michael, the one who stated on this very site that it was the Season of TIVA aka Year of TIVA(his own words), which clearly indicated that it was going to turn into something more in Season 10 for Tony and Ziva?

          • Michael Weatherly is an infamous fan troll. If you try to analyze any of his interviews, you will go insane.

  37. Cheryl Gress says:

    Really ?! Another women for Tony. Some people complained it was a soap opera…but this season coming we have yet another Gibbs ex wife, Bishop’s Husband, and Tony met’s another woman…They need to bring Jesse Stern and Cote as Ziva on NCIS. I would not miss it for the world.

  38. It’s interesting that you chose to use a picture of Ziva when the story is actually about Tony, could it be because Ziva gets more clicks and comments than any other character, even when she’s been gone for a year?

    • Gabi says:

      I also noticed that. Part of the reason I even opened the article was because I saw Ziva. Sucks that I had to read Gary Glasberg open his mouth and state the utter rubbish that Tony’s romance with another women is going to be amazing. Glasberg needs to learn that nothing he ever does will ever come close to the chemistry between Tony and Ziva.

      • he has created half a dozen female characters, and all but one were epic fails. only Delilah was great, and I credit that to the amazing actress Margo Harshman. She was so great he shipped her off to Dubai. God forbid she should make Bishop look bad. Because she made Bishop look really, really bad.

  39. Bree says:

    What’s so speacial about Tony? Frankly he was the reason I quit ncis got fed up with his bullying Tim, endless Tiva blah blah blah. :-/

  40. NCIS Season 12 from what Gary Glasberg has been telling the media is going to be a 3 ring circus soap opera. Between Bishop’s husband, Gibbs ex wife .another one at that. Then we have Tony meeting another woman. My family and I just do not understand why Gary and CBS wasted the chemistry between Michael Weathery/ Tony and Cote de Pablo/ Ziva. They had lightning in a jar and they blew it. I am glad the Big Bang theory actors held out for pay parity.

    • I agree with everything you said Ruthann. A soap opera is right. isn’t that what they were always so afraid of, about putting Tony and Ziva together? I guess now they’re out of other ideas.

      • Rocky W. says:

        Maybe someone working for CBS will stop this Glasberg guy! He is the perfect example of how a showrunner can ruin a perfect show!
        With his silly ideas NCIS has already lost any action or excitement with the Mossad stories gone! His villains could be created by 12 year old writers!
        Glasberg had great writers, great actors but all he does is getting rid of what really worked and what viewers loved!
        Viewers might have had different opinions of TIVA but they had chemistry in love and hate and they brought action, fun and excitement!
        Now all is slowly replaced by cheap characters and cheap writing!
        Viewers keep complaining for NCIS to get rid of this Bishop Barbie but she’s still there, what’s next scoop for NCIS: Abby building sand castles?

  41. paula says:

    Thanks for sharing the Orphan Black interview! I love that show. The episode that introduced Tony was one of my favorites, and I look forward to seeing more of him. :)

  42. A says:

    From the bottom of my heart- thank you for continuing to bring us great Arrow scoop! I really appreciate it, especially when it’s about Felicity (but I’ll take anything)

  43. Gabi says:

    Glasberg should give up before he continues to alienate more fans. He will never find any actress with as much chemistry with Michael Weatherly as Cote de Pablo. So he should really stop this romance before it starts and focus on coming up with some storyline to make Tiva endgame again. Otherwise the show will continue to sink.
    Lastly I do not want to hear them saying rubbish such as Tony being a wounded bird. Last I checked Ziva was the one left alone, broken, and crying in a tarmac in Israel. Ziva tells Tony he is loved and he leaves without answering back despite the fact that she was emotionally unstable. Ziva give Tony her Star of David which is her most prized possession and he never bothers contacting her again or even worry about her. Therefore Tony needs to man up and stop acting like he is the wounded one when Ziva was the one left alone in Israel where she has no family left in the middle of a mental breakdown.

    • Erin says:

      Ziva and her tragedies were the ultimate soap opera. The show had become ZCIS and I for one am delighted that Tony is finally getting a story centered around him. Ziva was well, something of a b—- to Tony and so conceited and sorry for herself that I couldn’t stand her for the last 4 or 5 seasons. Good riddance! All the “tiva” crap was all about flattering Ziva. I’m not too trusting about Glasburg and company’s ability to write a romance that isn’t somehow a Tony humiliation story, but I’m not worried about chemistry. Weatherly has chemistry with everyone he shares the screen with. It’s pretty amazing and one of the things that make his screen time far more interesting to me than the other actors on the series. I just hope that tptb don’t give him some barely there flirtation and then go back to GCIS as usual. I’d really love to see Tony get a great crime arc but since he hasn’t had one in 7 seasons, I’m not holding my breath.

      • He has no chemistry with EW at all. It looks like he’s bored just looking at her. But i do agree with you about Tony needing to stand up and be a real agent and that Glasberg doesn’t seem to be able to show that part of Tony, which is a shame, since that’s what i love about him.

      • Dee says:

        Completely agree, Erin.

        He really does have fantastic chemistry with everybody. Especially the silver-haired fox.

      • Gabi says:

        I thought Tony had no chemistry with EJ and his relationship with Jeanne was extremely boring. I will not even comment on his lack of chemistry with Bishop.
        Tony is still portrayed as an idiot even though Ziva is no longer there. He is made out to be an idiot not to flatter Ziva but to make Gibbs look better. Tony actually always came out looking like a great agent and an outstanding man in many of the episodes which were focused on Ziva such as Truth or Consequences, Shiva, and Past Present Future.

        • Erin says:

          Even though he was not portrayed as an idiot in ToC, Shiva, or PPF, those episodes were still all about Ziva. Tony didn’t get much of anything that was actually about Tony. He always had to prop up Ziva and her multitude of dramas. Most of the time though he was portrayed as an idiot so Ziva could be the tragic and superior wonder agent. I agree that Tony’s competence is also sacrificed to make Gibbs the other super agent. Let’s face it. Since Don Bellasario left, tptb are obviously not allowed to give us any significant story arcs that revolve around a super competent Tony. They go out of their way to make him look foolish and give the hero and dramatic moments to others.

          • Tony’s deepest desire is to be a hero. he wanted to be James Bond. With Ziva, he was finally given the opportunity. Gibbs never did anything but slap him down, except when Ziva needed help, then he handed control to Tony. He was never a better man than when he was putting himself on the line for Ziva. She brought out the absolute best in him in ways Kate and Gibbs never could, and he loved it.

          • as for being portrayed as an idiot, he always has been. That’s the default. He was an idiot in seasons 1-2 and he was a bigger idiot than ever in season 11. That has nothing to do with Ziva. However, Ziva was the reason we saw his full potential.

          • Gabi says:

            You arguing two separate things here. One is that Tony is portrayed as an idiot for the sake of Ziva and another is that Tony should have more storylines. As I said episodes such as Truth or Consequences, Shiva, and Past Present Future are Ziva centric but they portray Tony as a competent guy and agent. He is always rock solid in these episodes. Tony always stepped up in these Ziva storylines. Often Ziva needed a hero to save her and Tony became one when it came to her. The same cannot be said for Gibbs storylines where Tony comes off as an idiot.
            Your second point is that he never had more storylines because of Ziva. We saw a season without Ziva and he actually still had no storylines and was more idiotic than ever. Therefore the problem was never Ziva whose storylines often portrayed him in a positive light but Gibbs who has always been there and still is and needs to put down Tony in order to appear as Super Agent Gibbs. TPTB clearly have no sense of balanced storylines and are awful in their portrayal of Tony when Ziva is not there. If you want more storylines for Tony the problem is clearly the showrunner and the writing.

          • Exactly. Tony is always the whipping boy. He was the whipping boy before Ziva, and he was the whipping boy after Ziva. He is always the idiot. It had nothing to do with Ziva.

      • TullaT says:

        I used to think he had chemistry with everyone, then Bishop joined the show. His interactions with her make me cringe.

      • drama means drama. The spoils for the upcoming season promise more soap opera drama than ever before. Hope you can tolerate it.

    • NoChance says:

      Nothing wrong with the ratings in the 2013-2014 season. Sunday Night Football was #1. The Big Bang Theory was #2 and NCIS was #3. Taking a stab in the dark here but I don’t think CBS is worried about their #1 drama and #3 show over all broadcast networks.
      Ms de Pablo decided to move on with her career. She said she left for personal reasons (not money) and I chose to take her at her word (not doing so implies she’s lying).
      It sounds like you all wanted Michael, who was still under contract for last season, to damage his own career by walking out on his job because Cote decided to not come back.
      I don’t follow her movements but do know she did a small part in a movie filmed in Chile and is going to be one of the stars of a CBS mini-series. With no evidence to the contrary, it appears she’s happy with her decision to leave and if truth be told I think she showed a lot of courage in leaving a sure thing to try her hand at other projects and roles.

  44. Me says:

    In Once, would be be a knight that says “knee”?

  45. Ray says:

    Umm….who is that girl next to Mikael? That does not look like the Esther I know and remember?

  46. Callie says:

    So, so sick and tired of no Ziva. It’s been over a year. I need my show back.

  47. I am going to give a sout out for “The Mindy Project” scoop! I am very eager for Season 3 to begin. I can just see Danny getting sideways over Min squeezing the toothpaste from the middle.

    • S. says:

      Loved the Mindy scoop. I can count on Ausiello to provide it as he shares our enjoyment of this show. So glad they’re not gonna be doing a bunch of breakups we all know won’t take. They just got back together and immediately went into how many kids they’re gonna have. It’s half-kidding about the number, but they basically admitted they see each other as the future. We all know how Dr. L has no problem imagining that kind of thing and in Danny’s got someone who actually wants that with her, the real Mindy that he knows very well. She’s his best friend/lobster. ;) Now for the fun part of watching them get on each other’s nerves for awhile.

  48. estefania says:

    thanks os much gary for killing what great donald bellisario created… he wante what 2 agents in the future get married, bc he wanted to show this side of real NCIS , these ppl were tony and ziva .but the only thing gary did it was childish and inmuture , he and other producer wasted wonderful , unique especial chemistry what cote and michael has , he never gave what fans wantes, we know this is produceral show, but all we know what ncis it was more than this and this made so especial to diferent now it is produceral… how michael weatherly said a couple years, ago , ncis in the some way it is a soap-opera uncovers.. but now he wants tony get girlfriend, maybe get married and child , kill the great story was built during 8 years… also we dont have bad blood , right gary?.. well we know ziva left, but they should keep remember her how they did and does with kate and other … haters or fans cote/ziva can never forget she was one of mainly factor what made to NCIS once time so special, wonderful and unique show… understand tony character is a man and he has needs and well , but nothing important relationship it will be… I hope ]? but we know for better or worse all we know untill cote/ziva haters what tony and ziva are endgame … the only thing what i dont want to see what this shw what i loved to die so slow, bc producer what during 15 , 20 years and lose all what it was one day. what organic thing whaat gary said , he did the last year as ziva charater never existed , we dont need they said her name every episode , but sometimes…so… well this is a theme for another moment

    another thing: we know this gary does, bc this isnnt only way social media is so espectant what he does and why tvline uses cote pic, if she left ncis around 1 years ago… i know … bc cote brings more comments, disccuss … pro and against … well one character and actricess is popular this happen, well there should be gary or michael pic, dont you think ?

    • Erin says:

      By the way. I think it’s pretty cheezy to use Cote de Pablo’s picture in this “article”. She quit the series and no credible source has hinted in any way that she is coming back.

  49. lame says:

    Saying you’re looking for someone to fill the chasm left with the departure of Cote de Pablo seems easier said than done. I’m not sure anyone can replicate the chemistry developed over the years. To suggest someone can do so in one episode or half a season, particularly when that character won’t be a steady member of the ensemble cast seems a flight of fancy. Look no further than the newest member of the team and how odd that fit was and is. Good luck, I hope the search for that actress is comprehensive, Glasberge will be treading in a minefield.

    • I agree with you, and i doubt that there will ever be anyone else who has that kind of on-screen chemistry with MW other than Cote. As we have seen, GG’s record of developing characters, especially female ones, is less than stellar.

      • Erin says:

        Tony had great chemistry with Jeanne, but of course Tony’s one and only arc was written when Don Bellasario was still calling the shots and he obviously valued Tony far more than his predecessors.. I don’t know that tptb are even allowed to feature Tony enough to give much thought to his stories these days. They don’t really seem to care much about any character but Gibbs now that Ziva is gone. I thought that Ziva and Tony had some light hearted flirtatious fun in the beginning but by season 10 the show turned into the wonders and tragedies of Ziva, and she treated Tony with disgust and as if she thought she was far superior to him. That’s not chemistry. It was a blood bath with Tony sacrificed at every turn to accentuate Ziva. I would be really disappointed if she returned even though tptb still don’t seem to value Tony much. At least we don’t get the weekly Ziva humiliates Tony with her smug superiority scene. As a Tony and not a Ziva/tiva fan those got really old.

        • TullaT says:

          That’s so funny because I actually thought Ziva was sacrificed to make Tony look like a tragic hero. Glasberg turned her into a mental case and Tony did everything to save her.

  50. Lizo says:

    If they do bring back 24, I’d like to see it move to new shoulders. Jack’s story feels done for me but I want to know more about Kate; Yvonne added such a breath of fresh air to the season, she was really the highlight of it. I’d love to see 24 do it’s own ‘regeneration’ if you will.