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Vampire Diaries Season 6 Photo Shoot Teases a Bonnie/Damon Connection

Vampire Diaries Season 6

It seems the end of Damon and Bonnie’s time on Earth was merely the beginning of their journey together.

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The Vampire Diaries gang assembled Sunday to shoot promotional pictures for Season 6, and thanks to the CW drama’s Twitter-happy stars, we have an early look at the smolder-y shots to come.

But unlike previous promotional photos, which paired Elena with one (or usually both) of the Salvatore boys, the Season 6 promo shoot veered in a slightly different direction. This time around, Damon is sharing the frame with Bonnie in a powerful — and dare I say sexy? — pose.

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During the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Julie Plec insisted that Elena’s feelings for Damon are still strong and real — but who knows what’s happening with Damon’s feelings on the Other Side? (I know these are only behind-the-scenes photos and don’t necessarily reflect what will ultimately be released, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in the meantime.)

So click through the new gallery here, then drop a comment with your theories below. Which pairs are you rooting for when The Vampire Diaries returns Oct. 2?

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  1. Nara says:

    They should just do an orgy!

  2. spindae2 says:

    I’m surprised U didn’t do a panel with the cast at SDCC! The girls are looking really good.

  3. Hodan says:

    Can’t wait. Love me some Damon Salvatore.

  4. MommaSqwirl says:

    They are trapped on the other side together. It would make sense that they have promos together. Though, that does not mean that something else might happen, but just the photos alone are not nearly enough.

    • Guest says:

      You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty bold to enter in this soulmate territory with Damon & Bonnie. The Vampire Diaries is still seasons away from Sleepy Hollow’s Ichabod and Abbie, but color me impress. I might even this show again.

      • StefanAndBonnieRule says:

        ARE they entering soul mate territory with Damon and Bonnie?? Where did you hear that?!… PLEASE! I need that in my life! Would honestly be one of the MOST INTRIGUING things the show has done! :o

      • Meow says:

        Who mentioned soulmates? Lol.

        I honestly think these two would be good for each other. Two people whose entire lives have revolved around Elena for so long I don’t think they know what caring for someone else actually feels like. Yes, Bonnie loved Jeremy but honestly if things came down to it she would still sacrfice herself over and over again for Elena even if it killed Jeremy to do so.

        Maybe it’s time for these two to have a love where they can actually just be and not have to worry about losing the girl to his brother or losing the boy to a ghost. These two would be so passionate because they are stubborn, fiercely loyal and they never back away from a fight. They would die for those they loved. It would be a nice slow build to watch. Them evolve from being frenemies, to best friends and then potentially something more with no outside influences.

    • I thought the end point of the last series was that there isn’t an “other side” anymore.

  5. kendra says:

    Loving the shots, rooting for Bamon! :)

  6. Brigid says:

    I hope Damon and Bonnie get together, it’s gotta be better than he and Elena cause that ship sailed 2 seasons ago!

    • Agree! I’m here for some Bamon action!

    • TrueLove says:

      I hate to say I want any self respecting woman to date Damon, sorry his one-liners are funny but he’s just awful, but I’m all for Bamon. He needs to be as far away from Elena as possible. D/E was a trainwreck that ruined Elena. Maybe he can manage to be a decent person with Bonnie and maybe she won’t throw away all her self respect and dignity for him, but D/E was a huge mistake and needs to end forever. It is in everyone’s best interest if D/E comes to a swift and permanent end like now.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Who did Jeremy’s hair? Yikes.

    Your gallery doesn’t work for IE still.

  8. Ian says:

    I’m definitely rooting for Bamon. Have for years now, and it could finally be happening.

    Kat looked STUNNING at this shoot, too. And plus, Ian and Kat are best friends bordering on friends with benefits in real life, lol. He’s always all over her at these press tours and things they do together and she loves the crap out of him back. And it seemed like they were definitely implying that Damon and Bonnie are going to be on quite an adventure together and Ian and Kat will be working together more than they ever have when the new season starts.
    And with that fake promo of them at Comic-Con and where last season left them and what the rumor and spoiler mill is like now, Damon and Bonnie must be being given all the setup and material they’ll need to really bond, one way or another… And the one thing I think I’m glad of most of all is that Bonnie’s finally stepping into the spotlight.

    • anesu says:

      Kat is married so l doubt the friends with benefits thing would go down well with her hubby who she appears to love a lot LOL.
      I hope Bonnie stepping into the spotlight is not a dud like seasons 4 to 5 , Damon and Bonnie relationship was always interesting.

      • Danijela says:

        The fact people can look at Kat and Ian and think there is nothing between them is very annoying to be honest. Do you know Kat said her and Ian can make a romantic couple in front of Cottrell? Do you know Kat said Ian inspires her and not her fiancé? Do you know Kat said Ian makes her a better artist but not Cottrell? Their body language is not appropriate to be just friendly. She is all over Ian too. This started last June when he crashed her panel and after that, there was July where they couldn’t stop touching each other and flirting. There was also May and June of this year. During the Brussels con, Ian actually grabbed Kat’s ass. His hand was literally on it. During the Brazil con, they shared a chair and were very cozy. Next came the San Diego con. There was a moment where both leaned in with their lips an inch from kissing. He caressed her hair. They held hands when they walked on stage. The body language is personally intimate. How she acts with Ian and how he acts with her is too sexy.

        • StefanAndBonnieRule says:

          They are just very good and intimate friends, I must say. They are friends, who DO have AMAZING chemistry, and do inspire one another! :) In those interviews, Kat was being asked about Ian, so she was talking about Ian. :) If asked about Cottrell, I’m sure she would say the same – at least where inspiration is concerned! ;) She and Ian have chemistry, she and her fiance are IN LOVE! There’s a difference, and this is plain to see when she is with her special guy.Let’s please try not to slander or speak otherwise. This is what the actors have said, and what imo is plain to see, and words do have repercussions! ;) Let’s just enjoy the beautiful Bamon! :D

        • Meow says:

          I don’t know about the nature of their relationship, but I notice that they are extremely close…like cosmic twins close.

          I do agree with the fact that people just can’t “believe” something is there between the characters, as if it’s just so appalling and unbelivable that Damon would dare look at little Bonnie. I guess they never read Ian’s interview back in May that said he was so excited with working with Kat again since they pretty much kept the characters separated on purpose. Too much chemistry and the fact that the show is about the triangle and not Damon and Bonnie. It was very apparent and I noticed that in season 1. I honestly thought that was the route they were going to take but they didn’t.

          People get angry when Bamon is mentioned. No other character ship gets shot down as much. Hell, I even read some that said they would like Caroline and Damon. It’s like Bonnie shouldn’t be with anyone outside of Jeremy, while the other two female leads have and had tons of prospects. It’s stupid.

        • Adeola Oni says:

          i almost hate to admit this..but! am afraid u might be right!…..they are truly all so over each other…..i cant help but wonder wat Cottrel must be thinking right now…………

      • Ian says:

        I was really just joking, anesu, but the proof’s really in how they are together, like Danijela states. They HEAVILY flirt all the time, and that’s just when they’re doing publicity together. I’m not saying anything’s going on, but when they’re always touching each other and nuzzling and Ian’s always going on about what a fantastic actress he thinks Kat is and how beautiful she is and she mentions him constantly, assumptions are going to be made.

        • Ginger says:

          That’s not proof of anything but them making sure they hook people who like to ship actors in real life(like yourself) as their fangurls

          • StefanAndBonnieRule says:

            I don’t think they are “hooking” people, by any means – BUT, I do believe people are reading too much into things! Ian and Kat are very much cut from the same cloth, in fact he once called her his “cosmic sister.” ;) I think they are just very “one in the same:” flirtatious and dare I say, sexual individuals, very “comfortable” in their own skin. It’s why they get along so well, they can be themselves without things getting serious or out of hand! They are very lovey dovey, affectionate, playful, and sensual personalities.

  9. Rachel says:

    I am so freaking excited for Bonnie and Damon’s storyline! It’s something new other than the whole love triangle and it’s refreshing :) Personally, I would love them to have a romance, kind of a fine love between love and hate thing.

    • Rachel says:

      *oops fine LINE between love and hate

    • Guest says:

      I like the idea of raw feelings pouring out now that there are no bodies to hold them back: Damon & Bonnie have always had this terrific dynamic that never quite takes off because of Elena and I want to see what they are like once there’s no one around,

      • StefanAndBonnieRule says:

        AGREED! They’ve always had this unspeakable bond, trust, and dare I say care/affection for one another!… He was AFFECTED by her death! And people can say he was thinking about Elena, all they want, but he didn’t cry when JEREMY died, and that affected Elena HUGELY! ;) … And she TRUSTS him! Whenever she’s in a TRUE BIND, she’s always coming to him! It’s strange, but rather beautiful and subconscious! He’s always saving and rescuing her! He searched an entire island for her, and hugged her when he found her! :o They argue like cats and dogs, she judges him, he gets annoyed by her, and yet there is SOMETHING THERE under the surface that makes them confide and trust in one another! I would LOVE to see this explored!!!!!!! :D

  10. Nisha says:

    Yes!! Love this, can’t wait to see more of Bonnie and Damon together this season!

  11. Angelica says:

    can’t wait to see how the final pics looks because kat and ian look hot :)

  12. Keyanna says:

    Can’t wait til s6, if the promo shoot was any indication it’s going to be a great season.

  13. Lisa says:

    YESSS!! rooting for bamon :)

  14. CBWBDK1 says:

    It looks like Julie plec can’t take her hands of Damon!

  15. Cas says:

    Now everyone is going to try make something out of these photos. While it’ll be nice to watch Bonnie and Damon develop a friendship, I’m over the spin the bottle type theme they play so hopefully they don’t actually try to go that direction. And using the whole “we thought we would never see you guys again” would be complete Bs because really after all the crap they have seen and lived through there is no way they could possibly think they are actually stuck there.

  16. AnnieM says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bonnie & Damon as a couple, or at least get to the point that they were in the books – which I don’t think was really *romantic*, but they did care about each other very much, with Damon being especially fond of her. I can’t stand Damon & Elena as a couple, and don’t want to see Caroline with Stefan that way, either. If I ever hear the word ‘doppelganger’ again, it would be too soon, but I prefer Stefan with Elena – I found them believable. The only close to realistic thing I see about Damon & Elena’s whole “We’re terrible for each other – let’s keep making out anyway!” thing is that your twenties are when you should get all that ‘toxic relationship’ crap out of your system. And, while I love Caroline to pieces, and her _friendship_ with Stefan, I’d rather see her move over to ‘The Originals’, as I think she & Klaus are the hottest couple. ::shrug:: Cami can go, as she’s really unnecessary at this point. With Rebekka gone, they need a likeable female, and Davina is not quite there yet.

  17. JA says:

    Oh, please. Those are the least romantic Damon/Bonnie pictures ever. This whole article is just something to fill the time until October. That being said….I love how Damon is trapped with Bonnie, a character he’s never wanted to be bothered with unless she’s useful to him. I think being stuck with her will bring out even more of his humanity, and I love it when Damon gets a little more compassionate despite his best efforts to be an uncaring jerk to anyone but Elena. And after that finale? I doubt the writers will ever truly dissolve Delena. Elena never cried that hard for Stefan, even when she thought he was gone for good. I think the idea that they’re bad for each other is just an excuse when they’re scared or hurt. Like Rose said, Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst thing, and it seems like the writers are trying to prove that he’s the best thing for her. I can’t see this show going more than 2 more seasons, and I think Damon and Elena are endgame.

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      Yeah…I doubt they’ll do anything with Damon and Bonnie. It would be nice for them to have a friendlier relationship, since most of the series they’ve all but hated each other, but I wouldn’t want it to be anything more than that. Besides which, isn’t Bonnie/Jeremy a thing again? I don’t know, I didn’t watch the latter half of S5 yet. :\ Waiting to catch up on DVD.

    • Liza says:

      well i hope that they are not endgame it would be nice to see damon falling for a woman who doesn’t look like a petrova dobbelganger. And damon and bonnie have waaay more chemistry then delena will ever have. And why? because they like eachother in real life. How awkward will it be for ian and nina to play madly in love when they just want to be away from eachother, everyone noticed that they were weird on comic con. And yes ian made one hell of an performance when he said goodbye to her in the season finale, and they are doing a great job with delena’s relationship, But i think that if bamon gets together on a romantic way it will be like fire.

      And elena did cried that hard for stefan, season 2 episode 6, they breakup because katherine made jenna hurt herself with a knife, and then she breaks down in front of her door. But maybe you are right maybe they are endgame, but i think it would be really strange if stelena isn’t going to make a comeback, like you said this show has 2 seasons to go, this show is about a love triangle, then where the hell is the triangle? we haven’t seen stelena since season 4 episode 6. So i think that delena will break up at the end of season 6, and why not because damon and bonnie got together on the otherside? it would be a good reason for a breakup. And then in season 7 elena makes her final choice between damon and stefan, or she dies in that season or damon and stefan leave her for good and she becomes human again.

  18. maria says:

    Bonnie and Damon relationship?? No pliz I like them as friends and getting close as friends cause they always were against each other but not like a couple plizz

  19. kaite says:

    hello, delena!!
    I have been rooting for the since season 2 because we all know damon is just yum with Elena!

  20. Olivia says:

    I hate how you leave people hanging I think I might die if I can’t know what happens to Damon.

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