Vampire Diaries @ Comic-Con: Will Elena Thwart 'Steroline'? Plus: Alaric (Finally) Gets Some!

The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2014 Season 6 Spoilers

The early part of The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season will be Rated G… for Grief.

Having lost her boyfriend – and her close friend Bonnie – Elena (as well as her pals) will still be feeling the sting of loss when the CW drama undergoes a four-month time jump following its devastating Season 5 finale.

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“It’s been enough time for everyone to make some big choices in their life,” previewed executive producer Julie Plec, at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday. In the aftermath of the Season 5 ender, everyone is dealing with the loss in different ways. “Some are doing it very well, and some are not doing it very well at all.”

Added star Nina Dobrev: “[Elena is] definitely not in a happy place. She has a strange, confusing way of dealing with her grief,” which does not include comfort sex with a new guy, for the record.

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“If she did that, that’d mean that her experience and her love for Damon wasn’t real,” Dobrev said.

HOT FOR TEACHER | Recently returned vampire Alaric will be “be living outside of Mystic Falls, having compelled his way into a teaching job at the local university,” Matt Davis revealed. And he must be getting some! “If anyone deserves a little naughtiness, it’s Prof. Saltzman,” Plec added.

STEFAN’S NEW LOVE | When the topic of “Steroline” came up, Paul Wesley was quick to note, “Stefan’s been pretty good. He deserves some action.” But will Elena pull the sisterhood card on a possible romance between her ex and her BFF? “That’d be so hypocritical,” Dobrev said. “She dated both of the brothers. She keep it in the family.”

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LITTLE GILBERT | Helping Jeremy through the loss of Bonnie won’t be easy for Elena and Alaric. “Having to deal with him when neither of them can actually enter Mystic Falls is complicated,” Plec shared.

‘STELENA’ REDUX | Is there a chance that Stefan and Elena will get back together? “Right now, the love between Damon and Elena is so strong, and the friendship between Stefan and Elena has grown so strong,” Plec replied.

Excited about these Season 6 teases? What else would you like to see from The CW’s bloody-good hit? Sound off below!

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  1. ro says:

    No more Damon and Elena.they’re a ball of suck.

    • Chris says:

      Yes please! I can’t even pronounce Delena without vomiting. Enough! I’ve been disgusted and offended by them too much already.

      • An says:

        Then you’re watching the wrong show, because majority love them.

        • Fran says:

          I dont know. They’re definitely the most vocal on social media, but that doesn’t mean they’re the majority. It seems to be pretty split now. Personally I think its time to let Elena be by herself for awhile. They’ve made her character pretty unlikeable the past few seasons.

          • Bong says:

            What makes you think it’s pretty evenly split? I mean, what precisely leads you to believe this? Polls, forum posts, the amount of fanfic for each pairing…? Frankly, it seems to me that Damon/Elena is way more popular than Stefan/Elena. I wish both guys would find someone else since I’m not a huge Elena fan.

          • Fran says:

            First, I meant evenly split in terms of pro-Delena and anti-Delena (not Delena vs Stelena). And I judge that by what I read on recaps and such, here and on EW. People seem to be very sick of the way the show has portrayed Damon and Elenas relationship. I don’t pay attention to polls and fanfiction since I don’t they’re an accurate way to judge anything. But I’m with you on both finding someone else! Damon and Stefan are much more enjoyable without Elena.

        • Dmav says:

          And yet the ratings and DVR playbacks tell a different story. Social media does not indicate the “majority” of anything. What is does is show that Tweens and middle age women with cats have too much
          time on their hands and keep tweeting the same tuning over and over again. Same for MTV awards, teenagers at a slumber party with iPhones can completely skew the votes. If twitter equaled viewers you would be correct in your “majority” but the ratings are not even close to “Dalena rain kiss” on twitter. Long explanation short you are wrong you are not the majority you just have more time on your hands to go on social media sites.

    • A says:

      “A ball of suck” ha ha ha ha ha that’s the best reaction I’ve seen/ read.

  2. Ken says:

    Will the witch twins, Liv and Luke, be returning for the season? I grew to like their characters and think they work well against the cast.

  3. casi says:

    None of this sounds good. I think I’m finally done with TVD.

  4. Dmav says:

    Elena and Damon’s love is so strong and Elena & Stefans friendship is strong??? Does she even watch her show: Elena/Damon are toxic 1010 and Elena isn’t a strong friend to anyone, least of all Stefan.

    And with that I believe I am done… I will DVR it, read the recaps and if sounds like a good episode I may watch it. Who am I kidding there is no way I am going to watch more Damon/Elena and a possible hookup with Stefan & Caroline.

    *sigh* I use to love this show…yea for the Dalena tweeting fanatics you ruined the show along with Dries and Plecs obsession with all things Ian/Damon.

    • Kirsten Cardwell says:

      Exactly! How is their love “so strong”? Them being together was horrible, they both became completely different people, you don’t become someone else just because you’re with someone, that’s not healthy!

      • Kirsten Cardwell says:

        Plus how can their love be so strong when Damon is dead/in limbo!?

        • An says:

          If you think love turns off just because someone dies then you must be a child.

          • Dmav says:

            I find it funny that when someone calls someone a child they are the ones that usually
            are. LOL. She was being sarcastic and the post wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

          • Kirsten Cardwell says:

            Oh no you’ve figured out my secret, I am a 33 yr old child! Lol! I was being sarcastic as the poster below easily figured out.

        • 80s says:

          I don’t think you guys understand how sarcasm works (hint: it involves irony)… Not that I’m trying to take sides or anything. Delena vs. Stelena is not my battle.

    • tp says:

      “Elena isn’t a strong friend to anyone, least of all Stefan.” Never have truer words been spoken. I just binge watched the first 4 seasons of TVD. Elena is the worst friend ever and a totally unlikeable character. How in the world did she fall in love with a man who used and abused one of her best friends? I don’t understand how Bonnie is still Elena’s friend. Most importantly how is Stefan still talking to his brother or Elena?! Damon is selfish and seems to not want Stefan to ever find any happiness.

      It would be gross for Caroline to get with Stefan. Or do they just plan to keep swapping sexual partners within their group?

    • Leo says:

      I agree about Ian/Damon being overrated. Thay guy is so toxic and won’t think twice about sacrificing people to get what he wants which is Elena. That guy is beyond redemption and yet he always get this “oh-I-am-bad-stay-away-from-me” sob story.
      And Ian’s acting thing with his “I-am-serious-my-eyes-are-so-big” is so overused and that smirk…God. It’s sexy at first few seasons but now meh….

    • Babybop says:

      Thank you! Glad other people feel the same way.

  5. Alexis suazo says:

    I would like to Stefan and Elena to be together again!

  6. A says:

    I am so excited about The Vampire Diaries this season. Alaric back alone is enough for me to have a reason to watch. I truly think the show went downhill when he left. It just wasn’t the same without him and I think all the other stuff sounds great! Bring on season 6! :D

  7. Christi says:

    I think I am done with this show. It makes me sad because this was my favorite show but the last 2 seasons were horrible. I think it is time to break up with The Vampire Diaries.

  8. Hodan says:

    I enjoyed watching this panel. Can’t wait for TVD season 6. Delena!

  9. Ian says:

    I really only care about Bonnie, I’m afraid. She barely gets any real screentime, but when she does, it’s so extraordinary, and Kat knocks it out of the park.
    She had to say goodbye for the real last time to her Grams in the finale, did away with Silas once and for all, and got pulled into a mysterious beyond with Damon. So why aren’t we finding out more about what’s going on with her? I couldn’t care less about Elena or any of these triangles.

    • Leo says:

      Kat is awesome but Bonnie may be the worst plot device in the history of tv. So much potential for the witch but the constant dying-resurrection thing kinda destroys it.

      • Ian says:

        I agree, but this is the first time I’ve been excited for a season since VD’s first. It’s practically given this next season’s got to have more going on for Bonnie than any previous after what happened to her in the finale. So many things to answer and resolve. She has to get her darn powers back, lol. And the dynamic with Damon’s always been something that’s like a sleeping lion. Wherever they are together, their relationship’s got to develop, one way or the other, and it’ll be the one thing this show hasn’t done yet.
        I was so moved when she laced their fingers and told him how she’s knows that they’d prefer to be with a million other people than each other right then, and he corrected her that at most it’s maybe only a couple thousand.

        • An says:

          I’m excited for more Bonnie too, she’s way more interesting than Caroline and not used nearly enough. Her and Damon’s scenes are always fun so I love the direction it all went in the finale.

      • Mia says:

        what else can be said except the people writing that show.. can’t write….. they butcher her (Bonnie ) every chance they get…. I kid could write the show better..

    • Bella says:

      I watch for Bonnie and Stefan & Damon. How about Bamon this season? That would be nice :)

  10. Lexi says:

    Damon and elena are sooooo cute and they have to stay together and Damon’s last season can’t be season 6 the show won’t be the same without him I LOVE DAMON!!!! He’s the reason I watch the show!!

    • Dmav says:

      Well of course, the greatest love stories in the history of mankind is because each partner is cute. You forgot a few adjectives, like abusive, psyco, kills her brother and her friends, basically rapes her best friend (yes, compelling is rape) sleeps with her mother, kills her brother again, threatens her friends, kills an entire bloodline, kills another friends of hers…Oh and Dalena sleeps together the day after she breaks up with his brother. Your right they have to stay together.

      • Bong says:

        Now, now. Deep breaths, count to a million slowly while rubbing your back in circular motions. After you reach each hundred in your count, repeat to yourself: “It’s just a tv show, and I can stop watching anytime I want.” When you finish all of this, you should have no trouble separating fantasy from reality. Good luck! :D

  11. Nicole says:

    Since when is Elena’s love for Damon “so strong”? She’s always has been hot and cold with him (with both brothers, actually!), it’s hard to believe the “Oh! The love of my life is dead! Boo hoo!” routine. I feel like Elena crying takes up the majority of TVD and the percentage has only increased in recent seasons. For me, it’s annoying and it doesn’t pack the emotional punch that Plec and Dries think that is always does (this is not an insult to Nina Dobrev- this is an insult to the sloppy, recycled writing).

    Also, the rest of this seems very bland. I assume this is just a brief overview of the S6 arcs, but even so, I feel like it’s been said before. “Alaric is getting a love interest!” Like the one that barely started or stopped with Meredith? “Jeremy is adjusting to life!” Like he has been for SIX SEASONS?! “Will ‘Steroline’ happen?!” OBVIOUSLY because of the teasing you’ve been doing for the last four years, but the REAL question is, will it be sometime this DECADE? “Elena will have to deal with losing someone she loves” At this point, I don’t care. I really don’t. She’s not some innocent little flower who this is all just happening to- most of the “loved ones” deaths she’d had to “endure” were HER FAULT. And she “deals” with NOTHING because she always has the Salvatore brothers running after her like puppies! Also, everyone keeps coming back to life (well, except for the interesting characters, who are either still dead or on The Originals)! How am I supposed to care about precious Elena’s grieving when I know by winter break, Damon and/or Bonnie will be back and suddenly there’s a new, all-powerful evil in Mystic Falls?

    I really think I need to just let this show go. I keep holding on for the actors, for a few of the characters, for the hope that it will go back to being the well-written, suspenseful, fun show it used to be, but I don’t see that happening. :(

  12. cas says:

    Clearly some of you didn’t watch the last few episodes. I feel they made it pretty clear Damon and Elena had pretty strong feelings for each other, hence the always coming back to each other part. Also, I tend to think that Elena and Stefan were in a good place at the end. They shared some very nice scenes together and I sort of liked the friendship angle. I think it would be interesting to explore when Damon isn’t around. Not in a create a triangle sort of way but in a explore a new territory sort of way. When I watch the show, I watch it for just pure no over analyzing enjoyment. I don’t expect much from it and I feel the show turns out better then.

    • Dmav says:

      And season 1-3 Elena has pretty strong feelings for Stefan and look what happen. I don’t agree about Stefan and Elena were in a good place it was basically one sided with Elena running to Stefan to whine or pout about Damon…the brother she slept with a day after they broke up and the brother she had the summer of her life with so could Stefan get better quick because she doesn’t want to feel bad about…thanks. If Plec and Dries really think that Stefan would become BFF with Elena than they are beyond ridiculous. They have received so much push back about that storyline and most if us are not buying it. Stefan isn’t a saint and the fact he doesn’t get pissed is completely IFC the rails. They wonder why their ratings are so low try story lines like this.

    • An says:

      I’m with you Cas. It’s obvious the direction the show is going in, Stefan was her teenage love and now a good friend, Damon is her adult love and the one she saw a future with.

      People need to just enjoy everything and don’t take it too seriously.

      • Dmav says:

        When the writers start writing compelling stories other than Delena by the fireplace than I
        won’t complain. This obsession over the toxic Delena is ruining the show and killing the ratings.

      • Becca says:

        Adult love? All they did was argue, lie to each other, and have sex.

        And this is coming from an ex-delena shipper/non-stelena shipper. Please stop. Damon and Elena are not nearly as evolved as people make them out to be. It’s a shame that this is what TVD has taught young people about love.

      • Dmav says:

        Well of course because when you are an adult you want to spend the rest of eternity with someone who kills an entire bloodline because he can or kill your friend because he thought you broke up with him. RIP Aaron or threaten and torture your brother because he was mad. Adults especially like to deal with their problems in the relationship by sleeping together so they don’t have to deal with them. Even better when you are adult can forget you have other friends and family and go on a death mission with your “adult” boyfriend because what’s the point of living without that other person because all you need in your life is them. Yep, what was I thinking Damon & Elena are the poster child of an adult relationship….in fan fiction.

  13. Stacey says:

    Ugg, to Damon and Elena, such a toxic relationship. I found myself rolling my eyes and fast forwarding through all of their scenes together, and no I am not a Stelena fan either. I wished the writers handled the Delena relationship better but they just ruined it to the point that I hope they never get back together. I would be more interested at this point seeeing a Bamon relationship. And of course nothing is better, than Alaric and Damon, but maybe if they add Enzo to the mix it will be an awesome threesome drinking during the day! And please no Steroline, I love their relationship as friends, adding romance would ruin it.

  14. M3rc Nate says:

    I think I will be done, especially because over and over (as JP has admitted) they are tearing them apart to have tension and wanting and all that crap build up and then bring them back together again over and over. Dameon and Elena are yet again separated, which i dont really care about because i think they are a toxic couple and she is gross doing what she did with both brothers having said how disgusting it was for Catherine to do it, and yet she did it to Stefan easy peasy.

    Id say the thing that has me the most wanting to just cancel the DVR season pass of TVD is on the panel they teased Dameon and Bonnie hooking up just cause they are alone together on “the other side” and cause Dameon is just a horn-dog. I think thats really annoying, one of the last really sweet great things about the show was Bonnie and Jeremy and how they were a pretty good, healthy, sexy relationship. To tarnish that with him waiting for her in Mystic Falls while she potentially hooks up with/lonely bangs Dameon…i feel like thats the line Season 1 of TWD wouldnt have crossed cause its just gratuitous and goes into soap opera level melodrama and hooking up for the 13 year old girl fans to oogle over and fight over.

    The first two seasons of this show had such potential, it could have been really good if it wasnt on the CW aka catered SO strong to teen girls. Granted True Blood has the same problem but they are catering way to hard to 45 year old women with their love triangles/melodrama/nonsensical unrealistic story lines and overall bad writing.

    • Ian says:

      You are aware how Jeremy was so in love with Bonnie, but then was cheating on her, a couple seasons back, right? I fully expect for his moving on process to involve another girl in this upcoming season too. What else do they do with Jeremy but hook him up with whatever girl’s left over. That’s even how he and Bonnie started.
      And I don’t even ship Bonnie and Damon. It’s more like I think there’s such a potential there for such a strong respect and friendship and genuine caring between them, that it’d be something that not even Damon would ever betray.
      What am I even talking about. He and Bonnie could seem as if they’ve grown a wonderful bond, and then he’d turn around and wouldn’t care at all if Bonnie died if it meant saving Elena’s life. Sigh.

      • Dmav says:

        Damon crossed the line with his own brother, I don’t think Bonnie stands a chance.

        • Becca says:

          I think if the writers stop dragging Damon at Elena’s coattails he absolutely could learn to change for himself. And when he does, he’d care about other people. They just really need to stop this Delena nonsense, it’s awful.

      • Becca says:

        Beremy?……People ship that actually?…. Besides the fact that he cheated on someone as awesome as Bonnie and didn’t even tell her about it (Caroline did) they’re just so….boring? And the actors have no chemistry. Bonnie has way too much potential to be saddled to someone so irrelevant to the show’s storyline.

  15. An says:

    Delena, Steroline and Alaric! I’m so excited for S6. Looks like they have a much better grasp on where it’s going this year too.

  16. Liza says:

    pff.. we haven’t seen stelena for 2 seasons long!! when is elena ever going to get her feelings back for him? i thought this show was about a love triangle, so when are they going to be back together season 7 the last episode? yeah right, it is a shame what they are doing with this ship. And delena has been a big huge mess this season, it only showed that damon still hasn’t changed after 5 seasons and that elena is more crazy then in season 4. I really don’t know if i should watch this show next season, it really sounds like delena’s journey back to eachother.. and then there is the rest with some boring storyline’s and just because they don’t know what to do with stefan they just put him with caroline well many fans just want them as friends. This show needs kevin back!!

  17. sarah says:

    Im still thinkin why tvd turned out to be like this. I wish they’d cancell s6. Its been already ruined. Even if they add 10 more seasons, they cant fix it. And Ian/Damon would make a good decision with leaving tvd. And now that Damon is gone, Elena can get into new realationships with other characters!lol

  18. Amy says:

    I think Elena and Damon are very cute together!! And hope in season 5 that Stephan and Caroline will be together!! xxx

    • Dmav says:

      Stefan and Caroline are friends and not all relationships between men and women should cross that line. When “Steroline” was mentioned on the panel there were way more groans, Julie Plec looked a bit uncomfortable after that. This isn’t fan fiction and pairings should make sense and those two pairings don’t make sense b

  19. Helene says:

    I just wanna say Stefan and Caroline is a no go!!!!!! Never in life should they two be together eeeeev!!! I am still a hundred procent on team klaroline!!! I LOVE KLAUS!!!!!!!!!!! I am also very existed about Alaric being back it just haven’t been the same without him so yay!!! I hope they bring Damon back soon, it’s not TVD without him! Because though Elena is the main charector she I diffenetly not the reason you love and watch the show, quite frankly I don’t like her and I find her really annoying!!

  20. Fran says:

    I’m still trying to figure out when Damon became Elenas great love. One day it was Stefan and literally the next day, it was Damon. I hear the argument that Stefan was her puppy love and Damon is her adult love… which is super strange to me. I think it seems more like the other way around. Damon and Elena together have this strange codependent relationship where their personalities both had to completely change in order to be together. That sounds more like a toxic teenage relationship to me. I thought the two could have had potential as a couple but the writers ruined it. Honesty I like both Damon and Stefan much better without Elena. And I know I’m watching the wrong show for that, lol. They need to at least bring Elena back to being a character that people root for. Her me, me, me attitude has become unbearable. At this point I’m only watching for Paul Wesley. The unlikeable characters and nonsensical storylines the past two seasons have been pretty bad. I hope they can it together. It makes me sad to remember how good this show used to be.

  21. Baileigh says:

    Am I the only one who would love to see both Salvatore brothers turn their backs on Elena and work on their relationship as brothers? Elena brings out the worst in both brothers and honestly I do not see why anyone would want her with either of them.

    • Becca says:

      PREACH. I actually like Elena and I think it’s awful what the writing has done with her character. That said, I have no desire to see her end up with either of them. Paul and Ian said the same this weekend, at Comic Con.

  22. Becca says:

    Over Damon and Elena and so are most people I know who watch the show too… Shipped them for four years and this season was the nail in the coffin for me. Don’t ship Stelena either. Give me Steroline and Bamon, everyone in the triangle needs to get as far away from each other as possible (except for Damon and Stefan, obviously). More storyline for Tyler, too, while we’re at it. I’m looking forward to next season just as long as it doesn’t become the Toxic Delena Diaries again. I don’t care how loud the fandom is on Twitter/polls/etc. The ship needs to be sunk for good.

    • Baileigh says:

      I would be interested to see how many fans of Delena and Stelena are actually fans of the individual characters Damon and Stefan first. My history with these characters starts with the books that the show is semi-based on and honestly even in the books that L. J. Smith wrote I always got the impression that Stefan was in love with what Elena represented to him. Stefan wanted to be human more then anything else in the world, in the books he had hid in the Salvatore family crypt for hundreds of years not wanting to face what he really was….a vampire. Then here comes this girl, who looks exactly like the girl he fell in love with hundreds of years ago in Florence Italy. The same girl who represented warmth, generosity and everything good in the world (until he found out that she was really a vampire named Katherine). Elena is simply (in my mind) a memory of what Stefan shared with Katherine when he was a human, a memory that he is so desperate to hold on to that he has transferred his feelings for Katherine unto Elena. In regards to Damon, I never brought into the idea that he was also in love with Katherine. I always saw his relationship with Katherine as a means to screw with his brother. In the books, at least for me it was obvious that Damon and Stefan’s father favored Stefan heavily over Damon and I think that comes across in the show as well in the flashbacks. Damon loves being a vampire there is no question about that however, it wasn’t until Elena came into his life that he started caring about someone else besides himself. Elena made him feel again and at first it frightened him, and it may have very well pissed him off too in the begining. But, the more she kept pushing him to regain his humanity the more he began to realize his feelings for her. Frankly, yes I do think that Damon is in love with Elena for all the right reasons however Elena simply is to self centered and naive for both Stefan and Damon. I came into the television show with that believe and it hasn’t changed six seasons in.
      The only love story in the show that I care about is the one between Damon and Stefan, everything else is simply window dressing as far as I am concerned.
      As for the potential of Stefan and Caroline now that could be interesting (especially given the fact that Stefan would be eating his words from the pilot episode), as Caroline appears to be bringing out the best in Stefan over the course of this past year especially. He also seems to be turning to her in times of trouble and not Elena. Although, I have to admit that I would like to see how Klaus and Elena react to this potential pairing. I honestly think that Bamon will happen this season, if not only because of what Bonnie and Damon share being trapped on the other side/limbo for four months. What they will expereince is something only the two of them can share and I think it will serve to be a powerful bonding expereince. Now how Jeremy reacts to this pairing should be interesting.
      Correct me if I am wrong on this assumption but isn’t Tyler dead? I read somewhere that there was supposed to be at least one death from the finale that stuck.
      Okay I’ll stop rambling now, hopeful something made sense in all of that.

  23. Isabella says:

    I love delena so I hope damon comes back because he’s my favorite character of the show. And i really don’t get why people watch this show if its so terribly written. Go watch something else then. Its for entertainment its not reality.

    • Dmav says:

      That is all well and good but the problem with they should just “go watch something else” is that many did take your advice and the shows ratings have tanked. The rest of who are just hate watching are all that stands between your love of Delena and cancellation. When we have had enough or run out of wine whichever comes first than I highly doubt this show can go past season 6. No matter how much you trend on twitter that doesn’t help the ratings at all and ratings are the bottom line.

  24. DamonLover says:

    Seriously…. I can’t pronounce Stelena without vomiting!!!! Argh!!!! If they get back together I’m gonna kill myself!!! Stelena is far from epic!!! If Elena’s love for him was true then she would’ve never fall for Damon!
    Bring my DELENA back!!!!!!!
    There’s no TVD without DELENA!!!!

    • Dmav says:

      Okay…overreact much. There was TVD before Delena and there will be TVD after Delena. If you think they end up together than you will be in for a big disappointment. Personally I think Elena will end up human again and both brothers will leave her for her own good and there’s. End game Matty Blue Eyes.

      • Rk says:

        Well someone’s so against “Delena” or “Steroline” that they’ve got to go comment against everyone who encourages it. Get a life.

  25. Raquel says:

    Caroline needs to head down to New Orleans and shack up with her soul mate, Klaus. Of course, everyone knows Stelena should always be together. Damon always wanted everything that belonged to Stefan.

  26. MaKh says:

    That was hilarious !
    very well done :D
    Bring them back !!

  27. Eve says:

    Elena and Stephan’s love was too suffocating and they just never used to communicate just alot of eye conversation, Damon makes Elena’s character fun and enviable am rooting for Damian to come back so that we can still watch Elena without getting bored.

    • Dmav says:

      Umm having sex because you do t want to fight isn’t communicating… I think the worst thing show ever did is convince their teen age twitter fanatics that true live us dangerous, exciting and all you need is each other. Damon & Elena are toxic together and bring out the absolute worst in each other and yet you equate this with true love and soul mates. Trust me when you are an adult (and don’t respond with I am a 30 year old with children, because your not) you will realize after several years after getting your heart trampled on by your version of Damon, you will realize that the good guy isn’t suffocating you, he us supporting you and that boring guy isn’t boring he is responsible and this so called bad boy with a heart if gold is never going to be changed by your love and than finally you will understand that Delena was awful and toxic together.

  28. ulook4me says:

    I would like Damon to come back and do something crazy like run for town major. Bonnie needs to come back to hook up with Damon’s friend Marcos. Bonnie needs a bad boy so she could stop being so judggie maybe she can give him one of her magical brain freeze so he can snap out of bring such a psycho over a dead chick.

  29. Michelle says:

    #savebamon plz let them stay i mean how would jeremy elena cope that theyre soulmates are gone plus caroline would be devastated. i mean come delena are like the cutest couple it wouldnt mean nothing if boman wasnt there. #savethem

  30. yeganeh says:

    please damon and bonnie have to come back plz plz

  31. Chantall says:

    Well im totally a caroline fan and i do not ship caroline and sefan the whole friendship will just be ruined by sex…now i ship enzo and caroline

  32. danielle says:

    Well I really enjoyed the video and I really really hope they bring back bonnie and Damon there perfect for there characters and idk but b if they weren’t in the show I think it would be pretty different we have to have b on niece and Damon :) and b I also read about Alaric and elena , that would be a change but also interesting !

  33. Anika Cobriana says:

    Love Damon and Elena together! I’m all for the bad boy getting the girl!

  34. Kat says:

    Stefan and Caroline have had such a good buildup for so many seasons that it would be ridiculous for them to not get together. Their chemistry and moments together are so precious that it’s kind of stupid to deny their potential with one another. People have to stop being so closed minded and try it out! They complain that the show is getting monotonous yet they want stelena back. And to top it off, dries praises their relationship as friends to be so strong – when Elena only came to Stefan for Damon advice (not best friend material). You can tell Caroline cares way more about Stefan making her truly the right one for him. Thank you very much.

  35. jessica says:

    All these comments are about people complaining lmao, if you don’t wanna watch the show just because certain chatecters like or even love eachother than just dont watch it and dont make a comment about it, vampire diaries will always be my favorite show no matter how much it changes and no matter who gets together. Lol vampire diaries is a very popular show and I’m sure they’ll do fine without you negitive people😂 k. Bye.
    k, bye

  36. sina llddd says:

    Yes please! I can’t even pronounce Delena without vomiting. Enough! I’ve been disgusted and offended by them too much already.

  37. Aedan says:

    I’d like to see Stefan & Caroline as the real deal and Damon & Bonnie get back. I want Bonnie to get her powers back and I want Lexie to be a permanent cast member – in Mystic Falls. I want Damon to get back & accept Elena’s memory loss but them to find each other again anyway – proving for the third time that it was ALWAYS Damon who was to be the love of her life. Stefan was sweet and he was her first love but Damon is more. My first thought was that Grams was in the house with Damon & Bonnie – but she wouldn’t have known the crossword answer, so maybe it is Lexie. *crosses fingers* I’m loving the Groundhog Day thing, but I wish Damon had gotten a smart-alack line about it.