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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Arrow, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Longmire, Castle and More

NCIS Ducky Origin Story SpoilersWhich NCIS vet is getting an overdue origin story? Is Arrow‘s newcomer keeping secrets? Which Dexter alum is heading to Criminal Minds? Will a Castle quasi-couple finally get their due? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any new info on Arrow’s Ray Palmer would be appreciated! –Rida
Hmm, I do like to be appreciated. Playing the Arrow newcomer, onetime Superman Brandon Routh is (like onetime Lois Lane Teri Hatcher) “spectacular,” EP Marc Guggenheim tells TVLine. “He has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations. And what’s fun about the way Brandon interacts with everyone is we wanted someone who would offer a bit of what Grant Gustin did — someone who’s a little more on Felicity’s end of the spectrum in terms of color, and at the same time is very different from Grant. And Brandon, he’s just this change agent that shakes up everybody.” That said, a guy’s gotta have his secrets. “You’re going to see that there’s a lot going on with him,” Guggenheim hints. “He’s not what he initially appears to be.”

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Any more Supernatural scooplets coming out of press tour or Comic-Con? –Deb
If you’re a fan of the Men of Letters, count on seeing them again this season — just not right away. “One of the reasons for that,” EP Jeremy Carver explains, “is that the boys are on the road actually for a good portion of the first run of episodes. It takes them a while to get back to the Men of Letters.”

Any scoop on Criminal Minds? –BrandonCSLee
This just in: Dexter alum C.S. Lee will guest-star in this season’s second episode as a high school English teacher with a deadly obsession that began in adolescence, when his academically rigorous father would make him and his older brother read in their shed for hours as punishment for supposedly poor grades. Gee, can’t imagine that has manifested itself too badly in adulthood.

Any stuff coming up for Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds?- DD
The season-ending shooting will have affected both Reid and Garcia more than either of them let on in the Oct. 1 premiere. But over the course of the subsequent three episodes – including a Reid-centric Episode 4 — the show will surface their true feelings. “It was a traumatic event,” affirms showrunner Erica Messer. “It was certainly something Garcia’s never done and certainly isn’t used to.”

I would love any scoop on Longmire’s remaining episodes, especially the finale. –Michelle
Just as a key discovery is made in the David Ridges case, Walt cannot deny that Branch’s erratic behavior is intensifying, making him a danger to himself and others. Meanwhile, as Vic’s marriage continues to unravel, she is forced to make an important decision about her future in Absaroka County.

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Are we going to get the backstory on how Abby and/or Ducky started with NCIS? Also, What is the title of Episode 1? –Barbara
I’ve got nada on Abs thus far, but showrunner Gary Glasberg says that Episode 3 is “a Ducky origin story, where people learn all kinds of things about his past and see a younger David McCallum, so we’re excited about that.” The Season 12 premiere, meanwhile, is titled, “20 Clicks.”

Whatever happened to the ABC Family horror drama The Final Girls, with Jamie Lee Curtis, that was announced last September? –Vince
Still in development, I am hearing.

Since Scott Michael Foster is nowchasing-life cast on Once Upon a Time, does that mean he is toast on Chasing Life? –Sarah
For one, I reckon that an ABC Family summer series has a very different, non-overlapping schedule with Once, which just started shooting Season 4. But then there’s this, from Chasing Life EP Patrick Sean Smith: “We don’t want to [kill Leo]. But every character has its purpose on the show.” That said, he notes, “We’re finding so many new opportunities in his relationship with April that we hadn’t considered before.”

VIDEO Once Upon a Time Stars Preview ‘Passion,’ a ‘Complicated’ Triangle, Hook’s New Look and Cool Frozen Twists

Hello, I was just wondering if we will find out who killed Chicago P.D.’s Jin? –Kim
Solving that mystery will be the focus of the Sept. 24 season opener. “Voight looks like a shoe-in for it,” says Jesse Lee Sofer, who plays Halstead. “We’ve got to see what happens and … see who sticks by him and who doesn’t. And whether or not he did it or not, we’ll find out soon.”

Any scoop on Castle’s Esplainie?–Marine
In a word from series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, “Yeah” – but I truly believe him, based on some body language I picked up on as he said. It. “We do have a couple of things that we’re working on, in that relationship,” he added. (To which I suggested: They should quickly make use of the wedding venue! He laughed: “If only we could go back there and afford the location fee!”)

VIDEO Castle‘s Nathan Fillion Asks: ‘How Much Longer Can We People Wait for a Wedding?’

Will Wilke be coming back to Switched at Birth now that The Carrie Diaries is cancelled? –April
Exec producer Lizzy Weiss allows that, since Austin Butler is no longer busy as Ms. Bradshaw’s beau, such an encore could happen. “Like the fans, we love Wilke!” she effuses. “So yes, it’s entirely possible.”

I am a fan of ABC Family’s Twisted — is it coming back? –Erin
“We love Twisted,” ABC Family president Tom Ascheim said when I asked about a possible Season 2, “but we’re going to announce pick-ups toward the end of the summer.”

I understand some of the new Amazon pilots are being made into series, but I haven’t been able to find out when the next episode will be released. Able to help? –Dewey
As reported during TCA, this is as much detail as Amazon is offering right now about Bosch and others.

Will Homeland address the passing of James Rebhorn (Carrie’s father) this season? –Melinda
Remembering Rebhorn as “one of the kindest, most supportive and wonderful men to work with,” EP Alex Gansa Homeland Quinnwas mum at TCA on how exactly the show will write in his absence. ”We want to honor him,” he said, “but how we actually go about doing that, I’d rather not say.”

Got any juicy scoop about Homeland? I love Carrie and Quinn — what’s in store for them in Season 4? –Jane
Again, top secrecy. “We’re all very much invested in the Quinn character,” is all that EP Alexander Cary would say at TCA. But as a consolation prize, Jane, I offer this from Gansa: “I can say unequivocally that Dana Brody will not be back for Season 4.” [And the crowd goes wild.]

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email InsideLine@tvline.com! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Andy Swift)

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  1. m. says:

    I actually laughed out loud when I read the Dana Brody-comment. So, thanks for the laugh.

    The Castle-scoop can’t be really called that, can it?! I just hope next time there’ll actually be something to report. *fingers crossed*

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Or, I could just not publish the answer at all and leave Marine hanging another three months…. Decisions!

      • LaLa says:

        How do you and Ausiello have the patience that you do with the Castle fandom? They complain way too much. NOTHING seems to satisfy them and they are a bunch of whiny, pervrlerted fans who only.want Caskett to kiss and make out in every episode. They don’t care about the story or the other characters, but Caskett have to make out in every episode or else the episode and show sucks and Caskett are lacking in some way.

        I commend you for using sarcasm in response. I just want to yell at them and tell them to shut up and turn the channel already. Ugh.

        • LaLa says:

          Perverted fans who only want Caskett to kiss and make out in every episode.

          • S. says:

            Yeah don’t lump us all in with the ‘gotta kiss or Imma quit watchin’ crowd. They’re loud and cranky and not the large part of the fandom, just a particularly vocal part. They decide that because they’ve found some people that agree with them that they can make threats about what ‘the fans’ will or won’t put up with (or threaten they’re leaving or about to leave as if anybody is gonna go ‘wait wait! don’t go! we’ll change the plots to make you happy!’) and it’s just ridiculous. I trust that we’re on a journey and they know what they’re doing. I think TVLine’s doing a great job getting us info on the show in general, and I’m glad to hear something about Esplanie even if it is vague. Jon and Tamala do excellent work and the characters have an arc that needs to be developed. I knew it would be eventually.

        • Angela says:

          No comment on “Castle” itself as I’ve not seen that show, but considering how…intense…fans in general can be on here (“Supernatural”, “NCIS”, the days when “Gossip Girl” was a thing, the “Arrow” fandom is young, but they’ve had their heavy duty debates here and there, to name a few), I suspect the people running this site have spent a few years building up some sort of resistance/deep well of patience :p. I’m all for fans being passionate about the shows they love, lord knows I’ve got my things I’m a huge fan of and feel very strongly about, but it is interesting to see just how seriously some people take storylines/characters/etc.

          • JustMe says:

            I do not understand how the original post deserves any of these answers. I can’t sense anything perverted or ill-affected. It was just stating that AWM’s wording actually says nothing at all and therefore isn’t really a scoop.

            This fandom is so judgemental and fast on bashing other people that I do understand why some choose to never voice their opinion at all.

          • Angela says:

            @JustMe: Oh, no argument there, you raise a good point, too. I won’t argue that some of the reactions to the criticisms are just as over the top (again, can’t speak for “Castle” itself, but in regards to the general mindset of thinking people who want to see more “romantic spark” between a couple on TV apparently means they want “constant sex scenes”…errrrr, no. Not even close. There are plenty of ways to show a couple madly in love on TV that don’t involve that-flirty banter, little glances, the occasional “innocent yet slightly innuendo-laden comment”, sneaking up behind your significant other when they’re in the kitchen making breakfast and giving them a hug, etc., etc. I don’t really get the whole thing with automatically interpreting “romantic spark” to mean “wanting something akin to porn scenes” that I’ve seen some people do on here). People are just as entitled to not be happy with the direction of a show as those who are happy with it, and they’re allowed to voice that opinion, too. It’s not worth jumping all over them about it. But if you’re a fan, it can be frustrating sometimes when you come onto a site to simply gush over a show and come up against constant negativity, too.
            Still, though, people are still entitled to criticize if they so choose, and like you said, the post in question here didn’t involve any of that, it was just a simple response to the info they were given. Not really something to jump on the poster about.

          • Angela says:

            @magicallysuspicious: Ha! So I did! Yes, they certainly belong on the list as well.

      • fibber says:

        Mr. Mltovlch (and others):
        Please keep us in formed of all “Castle” updates, I like them. This is what has gotton me through the wait….and I thank you (and all the others) who have spend their time getting these scoops for us.

  2. Teri Shannon says:

    Matt, it sounds like you want a wedding as much as we do whether it be Caskett or Esplaine!

  3. Sleepwalking says:

    Any word at all on the Enlisted to Yahoo! Screen talks?

  4. s. says:

    Marlowe should have made good use of the wedding location fee when he had the chance with a Caskett wedding! Stupid comment.

    • I totally agree. I am so bitter about the Castle season six finale that I can’t even watch the series on re-runs on TNT. It has totally turned me off a series I have loved because Andrew Marlowe pulled the rug out from under the fans with that stupid soap opera burning car finale. I really don’t even care if they marry now because how much of a more old married couple can Beckett and Castle act already? They act like they have been married for 20 years and there is just no sizzle in the the couple anymore.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I disagree and agree with your comment. I too didnt like the finale, but not so much for the burning car cliffhanger and us getting no wedding, but im more burned by the “Beckett was previously married” thing…that removes some of the charm of her never being married before and being a “one and done type of woman” personality. I feel like they took that too lightly and joked about it and had it be their “fun adventure pre-wedding” but didnt realize the impact it would have on the Kate character. (Similar to Rachel on Suits, who **SPOILER MOST RECENT EP** went from a fairly lovable woman who you liked but knew she was with a married man in her past, to the show showing it in flashbacks and seeing HER be the aggressor who seduces the married man into an affair, which totally ruins her character IMO, making her gross to me from now on).

        I think they had to add new mythology/A-plot somehow, and it had to involve Castle because as the showrunner has said, the show is now re-focusing (bout time) on Castle. So I could see the show coming back and its premier being Beckett looking for Castle desperately and who took him is now the BIG story (like Kate’s mothers murder and who’s Castles dad was in the past). My hope is once she gets him back, and he gets healthy (who knows maybe hes tortured, has PTSD, nightmares, isnt thinking wedding ASAP cause of what hes going through), they hurry up and get them married (Mid season finale).

        However like you said, its hard to root for them to get married, when they are already acting like a immature old married couple with very little spark…him playing video games not sexing her up, her responding to that immaturely, her holding back her feelings and him having to pry them out…etc.

        • LaLa says:

          Immature? Um. Did you see any of the growth in S6. Castle doesn’t have to pry anything out of Kate these days. She’s way more open and honest with him and when she does something that signals she’s about to shut him out they work through it without them getting mad and walking away from each other. He kept his father from her, yet when she found out they worked through it. This season has shown them both more willing to open up and work through things. They rarely ha e conflict these days that they can’t work through.

          Your comment is so S1-S5, imo.

          They won’t always be perfect. Conflicts and challenges are needed in fiction and I love how they can overcome them when presented.

          I still feel like I watch a different show than some of these Casle fans.

          Lack of spark? Just because they aren’t humping like bunnies and making out in every episode like some want doesn’t mean they have no spark. Seriously!

          Castle will never be Scandal or Grey’s, nor do they need to. Caskett and StaNathan still have some of the best chemistry on tv. The writing is still good 99% of the time. I didn’t like the Beckett is already married plot, either, but it doesn’t ruin her as a one and done kinda girl when she knew nothing about the marriage. She had a wedding with Rogan. Not a marriage.

          We were told numerous times Beckett had a wild streak. What she stupidly did as a teen has no affect on the woman I’ve been watching S1. Castle is still her first true love and the one she will one day share a marriage with.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Lol ya and i think you lost us all when you said “The writing is still 99% good”. Right there is why you arent like any other fan of Castle. Fact is Kate isnt that great of a GF, through and through. Alexis for being this “mature amazing daughter” is quite naive, immature and bratty. The show writes good episodes probably more like 40% of the time. Lol do we need to see them humping like bunnies? No…but a spark isnt a bon fire. A spark is a really great look, its a touch, a holding of hands, a really loving kiss, its a flirtation, its so many other things than just a straight up sex scene. Fact is they WOULD be humping like bunnies IRL after the sexual tension and time spent not together but wanting each other. Yet the show only showed it once on the first night and since then its been Pie walking into their bedroom as they just lay there talking, and him playing video games not interested in her as she tries to be sexy, and there are a ton more examples. Im not saying that means they should show it…but this show has been all about Castle and Beckett…their chemistry, their relationship, their flirtation and their spark. Most of the time that spark isnt really there. They are just working together, and talking at home, no spark, no flirtation, no nothing.

          • Briggs says:

            What show are you watching? The character names are familiar, but nothing else is. There’s having a different opinion, and then there’s being so out there that I hardly recognize what show you’re talking about. Granted, not all the eps have been great, but I should at least be able to see your point. And i don’t.

          • Brigid says:

            LaLa: I agree 100% with what you said. The spark is still there with the looks, the banter…the strip poker!! I don’t know what is wrong with Castle fans but I’m pretty sure if it was written the way they wanted, they would still be complaining about something else. It’s what grumpy people do.

          • fibber says:

            very well said , I agree we must be watching differently then everyone else here. I love the direction of the show. would i like to see more bedroom/loving scenes sure who wouldn’t but it doesn’t make the show good or bad. the show has the two characters growing and we need to grow with them. I enjoyed about 98% of all the esp, with a few (due to experiences myself) won’t watch. One of the best shows around. As for the spark it’s there you just have to look for it….I thought the Beckett married thing was funny, and it didn’t really ruin anything for me. we got to see her past and that’s what i like the little things we see as parts. They are sharing everything with each other and they get through it. Even the married thing he was willing to help her overcome, how can one say there’s no spark? Can’t wait to see more. Hope season 7 is a good one too!

        • Terri says:

          M3rc Nate, 100% Agreed!! I don’t like it when they sabotage Kate’s character…she is the inspiration, strong woman…a “one done type of woman”, & suddenly been married and she doesn’t even know about it? worked with FBI, NYPD – & no one knows? Why they have to do that? so frustrating…

      • Jean says:

        Frankly, it’s time to pull the plug on Castle. It was good for a few years, but not worth watching anymore. Castle is getting doughy, Kate has lost her starch..she’s not the touchy feel mush the writers are throwing at us.

        • 1. 13 million viewers in the US alone disagree.
          2. Who says a strong woman can’t be mulifaceted? Guys have been allowed to be driven action heroes with love interests and family values for decades. Why not a female protagonist in the 21st century?

        • fibber says:


          if you want to leave this show, that’s fine…..there’s the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out.

    • Well, it’s his story, his show. Still, I think he may joke about Castle’s (low) budget more than most executive producers of shows that are in the same tier of length, which continues to be vexing.
      Why does Castle have to continue pinching pennies, while younger series with larger casts, lower ratings and 0 syndie deals continue to have production cash thrown their way?

    • MARLOWE need to stop playing games with the fan. Before he wakes up one morning and Castle going from #1 on Monday night to#0 because of games playing

      • fibber says:

        could happen i don’t know, but i’m not going anywhere! love the show and actor/actress to much to let one esp, spoil the whole series.

  5. Linda says:

    “I am a fan of ABC Family’s Twisted — is it coming back? –Erin | “We love Twisted,” ABC Family president Tom Ascheim said when I asked about a possible Season 2, “but we’re going to announce pick-ups toward the end of the summer.”” – in other words, NO.

  6. “Whatever happened to the ABC Family horror drama The Final Girls, with Jamie Lee Curtis, that was announced last September? –Vince
    Still in development, I am hearing.”


  7. Angela says:

    So intrigued to see how Reid and Garcia deal with the fallout from the shooting in last season’s finale. I hope it allows them to bond and become closer friends in the process, and help each other through the aftermath. And I’m looking very forward to the episode that will be centered on Reid as well!

    • Tammy says:

      You know Erica Messer is going to make it all about Garcia and somehow squeeze JJ in there somewhere because she is in love with AJ Cook….We’ll see…

      • Angela says:

        Well, considering I like Garcia and JJ, too, I’m fine with them being involved in the story in their own ways. And besides that, um, yeah, Garcia probably will be heavily involved in this one in particular, since she was, y’know, kind of heavily involved in the storyline in the finale.
        But as you yourself noted at the end, maybe we should just wait and see before we start jumping to conclusions?

        • Tammy says:

          Yes, I have no problem with Garcia, I love her, it is JJ that I cannot stand… but like I said, I do not have my hopes so high because season9’s “Prsuasion” was not good, It was REid centric, but still bored me outta my mind. And I hate that even when an eppy isn’t about JJ, she still gets 99.9% of the screentime. JJ needs to take a sabbatical for season 10

          • Debra says:

            @ Tammy I had mixed feelings about Persuasion. There was way too much unsub and I disliked immensely that story line about Reid’s mother. The whole idea that his mother had been given some sort of miracle drug that made her well enough to be able to visit the Grand Canyon,and it was all done without the prior knowledge of her son,whom I always assumed was her legal guardian as well, was beyond stupid in my opinion.

            However that aside I really liked Reid in this episode.He got some really good screen time in it.One other thing, while many fans labeled this is a Reid centric episode, CBS and the show itself never did.

          • Mandy says:

            JJ has totally grown on me since she stepped into the role of profiler. I love that she is a strong woman who is also a mother. They show
            Her balancing so much, with a super supportive husband. I love that. It makes her so much more interesting than single people who dedicate their whole lives
            To the job. They explored the job destroying Hotch’s marriage, it’s interesting to see JJ make hers work.
            I also love her relationship with Reid. She is a huge support for him.

      • Fyrkat says:

        Garcia shot a man…something that she is NOT trained to do. I think the only thing that is going to keep her sane is the fact that she didn’t kill the guy. So yeah, part of the story for the first few episodes is totally going to be about Garcia. And not just because of the EP.
        I’m interested in how Reid is going to handle the shooting AND the fact that, like with Gideon, he is the person asked to turn in the remnants of Blake’s career with the FBI. Can the kid please get a break? Everytime he invests emotion into a relationship with people, he gets his heart broken.

        • Angela says:

          I’m interested in how Reid is going to handle the shooting AND the fact that, like with Gideon, he is the person asked to turn in the remnants of Blake’s career with the FBI. Can the kid please get a break? Everytime he invests emotion into a relationship with people, he gets his heart broken.
          This! At least he got a chance to say a proper goodbye to Blake, but yeah, even so, he deserves some true happiness in his life for a change. Be it from his friends, or a future love interest should they come up with one for him, or any mentors in his life, or his mom…or hell, all of them…he just needs some love.

      • Margie Clark says:

        I agree. Everything seems to circle around JJ. Erica Messer did mentioned in another interview that Reid may go back to drugs. Jeez, lady, that’s been run into the ground. That a hint from your fans and give Reid a girlfriend, one that makes it past 2-3 episodes. And please, keep JJ to a minimum in the episode.

        • Angela says:

          I will say this, though…to be fair, it wouldn’t exactly be out of the realm of possibility for Reid to return to drugs after all he’s been through within the last year plus. If Emily’s “death” had been enough to make him consider going back to Dilaudid, and if other events in earlier seasons had triggered his cravings (circa the time of “Elephant’s Memory”), then certainly witnessing the murder of his girlfriend and having yet another near-death experience would make him at least consider the idea. Plus, drug users do have relapses sometimes.
          That said, however, I see your point about returning to an old storyline again. As for the comments about JJ, so apparently I’m in a minority of people who still likes her, then?

        • I’m amazed by this fandom and tbh not really in a good way right now. I love Hotch, Reid, Emily, Rossi, Morgan & Garcia and enjoyed their storylines but I am honestly amazed how apparently it’s ok to focus on all these characters but give JJ one season that is a bit focused on her is a big no no.. the JJ plot of season 9 wasn’t even that long/big/well executed as the Emily stuff (or the Reaper or Tobias which Reid was shown dealing with and was even mentioned up to season 7 that was?) and yet ppl complain.. there is no aftermath while Reid had millions of aftertmaths and episodes dealing heavily with his issues and traumas and past and yet ppl complaining about JJ.. this bugs me lol really if Erica was in love with AJ or JJ as ppl might think you’d think they’d do better job with character and not have her automatically be “fine” no matter what .. that’s lazy.. maybe they only take time exploring Reid and Hotch, etc. but don’t really care about JJ.. seems like it to me right now :(

          yes I may be a bit bitter… seems unfair to me that 200 is just skipped over though it was very traumatic. *sigh*

          • Angela says:

            Well said. I too love all of the characters, so I’m more than fine with seeing what ALL of them are up to. People really need to remember that this is an ensemble show. By definition, that means the attention is going to be spread around. One season one or two characters might get the majority of the storylines, another season it could be somebody else. I love Reid. He’s my favorite character. I’m always happy when any episodes/storylines focus on him-a lot of them tend to be my favorite episodes of the series in general. But I’m also fully aware that there’s six other characters on the show, too, and that they’re going to get their moments in the spotlight.
            I really do not get some people’s obsession with counting out who gets more screen time than whom-this is something I’ve noticed fans do with a lot of shows on TV and I don’t understand it. It’s fine and logical to want to see your favorite character on TV as often as possible, but if you have a show with multiple characters, that same logic dictates they’re all going to get a turn in getting screen time.
            And I fully agree that this show should do more with the aftermath of “200”. They had all that buildup for JJ, with the secrecy and the flashbacks to the stuff she went through during her time away and the torture she’d endured when held captive…and then it got put in the background. I’d personally be interested to delve a little deeper into how she’s faring after all of that, just as I’m interested in seeing how Garcia and Reid are dealing with the aftermath of the shooting, or hell, finding out how Hotch is doing after his heart scare last year. And now that the actor who played Rossi’s old military buddy passed away, I think there could be a good story about how Rossi would handle that. And so on. All sorts of good stories to share here with the team at large, and I’m up for watching any of them play out.

          • Debra says:

            To be fair,people have also been complaining about Morgan.I heard CM being referred to as theJJ/Morgan Show thru out season 9. And while I can no longer stand JJ, I do understand she has fans who want her to have some focus.The issue I had was with the excessive amount of screen time JJ was given.It was like they felt this character had to be prominent in just about every damn episode.I swear JJ was in just about every other scene.There was less than a handful of episodes where I didn’t feel like she was being shoved down my throat.

            As for “200” that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many fans as far as JJ was concerned.People like me who already saw her as a Mary Sue,now saw her as an even bigger one.And then there were many people who may not have viewed JJ as a Mary Sue,but after “200” they did.

            TBH when I first heard that JJ was going to be the focus of “200” I was downright angry.IMO she did not merit that milestone episode.Nevertheless after being advice to by someone,I decided to take a wait attitude.My hope was that it would turnout to be like “100” which was Hotch centric,but the team itself was very prominent in that milestone episode.

            Except that was not the case with “200”.Besides that ridiculously implausible story line,there was also the fact the JJ character got a whopping 27 minutes out of the 42 minutes that make up an episode.While the team as a whole got about 4 minutes,not to mention Morgan and Reid’s individual screen time was less than a minute. So their total screen time was less than 5 minutes.That was an outright disgrace the amount of time they both got,considering they are probably 2 of the biggest reason the show had reached it’s 200th episode.

            That milestone episode should have celebrated the team and what they did for a living,but instead they chose to have it celebrate EM’s golden girl JJ. When the hell is Erica going to realize not everyone is as enamored with that character as she is.And shame on CBS for even signing off on this travesty of an episode known as “200.

            The bottom line is, it’s your perfect right to be upset with the attitude of some in the fandom towards JJ. However you may want to consider the fact that CBS, Erica Messer, and even the actress herself,played a huge part in bringing it about.

          • Angela says:

            @Debra: So, you know that there are JJ fans out there who want her to have some focus. But you can’t stand her yourself and seem to be so very detailed in your analysis of who’s getting more time on screen than whom, let alone how many scenes they’re in (seriously?). I’m really curious, then, as to what you would consider to be the “appropriate” amount of time she should be on TV, in a way that would make her fans happy and make you happy, too, as well as the amount of scenes she should and shouldn’t be in?
            Also, while I certainly won’t argue that there were things about the 200th episode that were unrealistic…if you’re going to hate on an episode for that, then there’s a LOT of episodes we’d need to start knocking down for that.
            I’m really, honestly not getting the intense hatred for her. It’s a fictional character, people.

          • tannerose5 says:

            Wow, bitter much? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter who agree/disagrees with said opinion. No one is going to agree about any character. Some like Red, some don’t, Some like JJ, some don’t.
            As for Erica loving the character of JJ, there has been some boring, bad writing episodes. The bad writing episodes are outnumbering the good ones.
            I’m just excited about Season 10 and to see how JLH fits into the group.

        • Tammy says:

          I really think the Reid & drugs stroy will not resurface ever again, especially because the people who wrote that story are gone, and Erica Messer admitted that she cannot write for Reid’s character anyway…

          I would like to see something new and interesting for Reid, no more hurt, abandonment, and lonliness…I think it is about time Reid gets something wonderful in his life, and I do not only mean just a girlfriend who lasts past 4 episodes, but how about being appreciated as an agent and not only a “statistics man”; how about an office like everyone else, as he has been stuck in that BAU pit since season 1.

          And yes, shuffle JJ to the rear for season 10, “200” was a mess and an insult to me as a fan.

          • Debra says:

            @ Angela.What would appropriate screen time for JJ be. I would say somewhere in between JJ having to be prominent in just about every damn episode thru out the season to her getting little to no screen time at all.

            And unless it’s revealed to me that CBS had some sort of secret feedback showing them JJ was the biggest reason the show reached it’s 200th episode, I will continue to be of the opinion that the excessive amount of screen time she was given in that milestone episode, vs the relatively small amount given to some of the other long time characters, was down right disgraceful.

          • Angela says:

            @Debra: I dunno, I guess I’m just really not seeing this insane overabundance that you are. The fact is that she’s part of the team. She’s part of the cast. So, yeah, she’s going to show up in practically every episode at some point, just like all the other characters. I don’t see her dominating things the way you do.
            Besides that, even if she was, well, again, if the main storyline for that season is focused on her, then she’s probably going to take more of a prominent role. Again, just like any other character would when they get the big storyline. Same with the episodes that focus on them. I do not get why this is that big a deal.
            I’m just going to say these two things as well: I find it funny that people are so against her now considering the massive outcry when AJ was let go in season 6. I don’t get how people can go from demanding they bring JJ back to suddenly hating her. And, considering how big a mess that whole situation was for AJ, perhaps giving her a little more airtime is one way for them to try and make things up to her.
            This whole conversation is going in circles at this point, so I’m just going to stick with my general “Do not get the anger and complaints about JJ” mindset and leave it at that.

    • Tammy says:

      Yes, Angela, I would love that! Reid and Garcia are my favorites, and I love them together, however, They haven’s let Reid do anything special since season four….he doesn’t even get to drive the FBI’S SUV’s, so this eppy 4 that is Reid centric–I do not have high hopes for as last season’s “Persuasion” was pure crap.

      • Angela says:

        I dunno, he’s had some moments even past season 4 from what I can recall (besides that, considering Matthew did have that knee injury, and has been doing various movies in recent years, that would probably explain a great deal of any potential reduction in screen time/action for him in latter seasons).
        I rather liked “Persuasion”, myself-the case was kind of weird and eh, but I liked the stuff with Reid in relation to his mom. But yes, all for more entertaining stories with him next season. On that we can very much agree.

    • Debra says:

      I’m thinking that Reid’s issue might be that he unfairly blames himself and feels guilty over the fact that Garcia was put in a position where she had to shoot someone in order to save his life.Sort of like JJ blamed herself and felt guilty about Reid being kidnapped, even though it wasn’t her fault.

      • Angela says:

        That’s what I’m thinking will be the case, too. Reid does have a tendency to blame himself for things, even when it’s not his fault. So I can easily see him doing that again here.
        If that’s the case, then I hope Garcia can help reassure him about that, just as I hope he can reassure her for the choices she made. I loved seeing them interact as they did in the finale, I love the way she looked out for him, so I do hope this strengthens their friendship even more.

        • Debra says:

          Well like one of my online friends says,The only people who should feel guilty are the ones who left Reid’s safety and well being in the hands of an on untrained woman.
          The team is damn lucky they didn’t lose 2 team mates that day.

  8. Stephanie says:

    A young version of Ducky! That’s going to be fantastic! (hope the next scoop is casting for the role ;)

    • Darlene says:

      I’m looking forward to that episode, too! It’d be funny if they had a pic of David when he was on The Man from UNCLE. It will be fun to see if we’ll see Ducky at different stages in his life from boyhood on.

    • Larc says:

      I’m thinking they could use existing footage from other shows, maybe including The Man from U.N.C.L.E. if CBS can make a deal with NBC. David McCallum has had a long and busy career in TV and movies.

      • BJG77 says:

        I remember David also appeared in an episode of The A-Team when Robert Vaughn was a series regular (toward the end of the series).

    • I remember in one episode someone mentioned ducky looked liked the guy from “man from uncle” a role he played in the 60’s..

    • OlivaJ says:

      I’m also looking forward to this episode, while Ducky has been on since day one–it’s only been little bits of a tantalizing story line about his past. Am a big fan of David and will relish a glimpse into his background.

    • elaine says:

      So looking forward to this episode too. I have loved David McCullum since the U.N.C.L.E. and it’s great to have an episode all about “Ducky”. Would love one on Abs too.

  9. ... says:

    Kind of disappointed about Leo staying on Chasing Life for the foreseeable future. I think Scott Michael Foster is really good and I like the role that Leo plays in April’s life, but it feels like a cop out to make him terminal and have no plans to follow through with that. If he doesn’t die, his entire character will be pointless, because the main thing he’s given April thus far is the inspiration to live for herself, to use the time that she has remaining to focus on her own journey and not allow anyone to force her into anything she’s not ready to do. The reason she’s able to take inspiration from Leo? The fact that he’s terminal. As much as Chasing Life is a show about April learning to live and all that, it’s also a show about death and the way death impacts the loved ones of those who pass away; if they choose not to show how Leo’s death impacts April’s way of looking at both life and her diagnosis, it’ll be a sign that the show doesn’t take its subject matter as seriously as it should.

    • Momo says:

      I totally agree with you, but at this same time I think I have become too attached to Leo’s character and I will be devastated if he dies. Then there’s a part of me that wants him to die just because I agree with what you said about how his death will impact April and what it would mean to the show. As long as they don’t kill him and then bring him back as a ghost, I’m good LOL.

    • Jules says:

      I completely agree with you … , Leo should die in the foreseeable future in order to be sticking to the plot and to show how April will deal with his death. However, in order to see him a little longer, it depends on how quickly they advance the storyline. If he still has 4 months to live, tell the story in weeks and they can keep him til at least the end of season one. I would not want him to get a miracle cure, I believe that would take a lot away from the subject matter. But- I could see him living past the predicted 4 months, so that April gains new hope for his prolonged survival only to have his sudden death be even more crushing.

      • Nikki says:

        I agree with the both of you about not sticking to the subject matter and being true to the story. But I also want to see more of Leo. SMF and IR have crazy chemistry on screen, and love triangles are huge in tv. Also if you watched the last episode he told April there is a surgery he can have to try and remove the tumour, but he’s decided not to to through with it because of the risks.

        I think the smartest way to play this story is to have April convince him to go through with the surgery and then before its scheduled to take place have him have a seizure but put him in a comma. That way it gives Leo and April some time together. And that would take us to the end of season 1. And with any luck the show will get a seaaon 2 and they can lead with either the surgery happening but not knowing if it works. Or him dieing and April losing it. They do have some options here with this story. Either he gets better or he dies or the tumor can come back. Theres a few possible ways take this. I just hope they don’t kill him off before the 1st season ends. And even if Leo never existed I still don’t like April and Dominic. Theres just something about him, plus the chemistry isn’t there.

  10. Rida says:

    Thanks for answering my arrow question! :)
    I’m going into the season not really trusting Ray Palmer. *having Chuck flashbacks* Hoping he doesn’t break Felicity’s heart though. Love her too much.

    Also the Castle scoop, Esplanie…I dnt get them at all. I wish you would have rather asked Marlowe/Amann abt Castle and Beckett getting married sometime finally. (I’m guessing more people care abt THAT couple ;) No matter where. Just let them get married because I dnt think anyone wants more planning. *sigh* maybe you are waiting for sometime later to post abt that, at least I hope so lol

  11. ED says:

    Esplanie? Who cares. Marlowe should be focusing on Caskett before he decides to revisit a couple that no one is really invested in..

    • I agree. I have no desire to see story lines on supporting characters. They are supporting characters for a reason – to support the leads. I am already frustrated they let Ryan go through everything, marriage, baby, before Castle and Beckett. Don’t focus on these scene sucking supporting characters especially the worst of them – Alexis. And that comment she made at Nerd HQ panel about Alexis dealing with PTSD after what happen to Castle makes me want to vomit and scream I DON’T CARE!!!

      • Mary says:

        Well, I DO CARE! Alexis is Castle´s daughter, so it´s only normal that she experiences some feelings after being close to lose her father! Would I want a lot of focus on her? No, I wouldn´t, but a little doesn´t hurt…

        • Momo says:

          Well said. I like Alexis. Would I want them to focus the show on her? Definitely not, but a little supporting character action never hurt anyone. Not to mention, Jenny and Ryan are awesome, so don’t knock Ryan’s storyline.

          • Briggs says:

            I’m not asking for an Alexis ep, but showing her reaction to her father’s possible death isn’t going to kill anyone. I really don’t get all this Alexis hate, or what she did to deserve it, but it needs to stop. Not for the least reason that she’s a fictional character and there are other places for that kind of passion to go…
            Jenny and Ryan are adorable, and I got really teary-eyed when it looked like we might lose Ryan (even though I knew we weren’t). The fact that they’re played a by a real husband and wife just gave the moment more feels, IMHO.
            And I, for one, *am* invested in Esplanie, every bit as much as I am Caskett. Kindly do not make generalizations, ED. If a few people complain, you can bet there are plenty more who choose not to say anything.

      • That’s a bit short-sighted. Castle and Beckett can’t be the focus all the time; the actors need breaks and their colleagues deserve some limelight throughout the years.
        The supporting characters’ stories should come secondarily to the lead characters, but they still deserve play.

      • fibber says:

        then you are not a real fan of Castle to say that! no i don’t want them to be in every moment but their storylines tell the whole story. As for the bashing of Alexis is just wrong, look I don’t really like her character either but it tells the story between a father and daughter and well told. get over it or find another show!

    • fibber says:

      i like all the characters that’s what makes the show, so yes there are some that care about the others.

  12. BJG77 says:

    Thanks for answering my NCIS question. Looking forward to Ducky’s origin episode but still hoping for an Abby origin. 20 Clicks… Let the guessing begin!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “A click is a kilometer,” explains Glasberg. “It speaks to the story that we set up.”

    • Darlene says:

      I know! What does it mean? I already googled it, and clicks (or klicks) refers to military speak for a distance (with one click equal to 1,000 meters).

  13. Alex says:

    I couldn’t care less about Esplanie honestly. It was cute when they introduced them in season 3 but what they’ve done with this couple since then hasn’t make any sense. The break up coming out of nowhere after the dinner with the Ryans, in 4×11 they go to the wedding together then 2 episodes later Espo is all over another girl, same in season 5 before they spend Valentine’s day together, he flirts with Tori in season 6 then he is close to Lanie in 6×23 etc …
    Are we suppose to believe they are soulmates who has to end up together ?

  14. wait ... says:

    Espo & Lanie, Alexis PTSD … that’s the spoilers we all want to see …

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol lord, she is already a horrible daughter who acts like a brat, now you want her to have PTSD and act even worse? Yikes..i say stop writing everyone as saying shes mature and actually write the character as mature (her actions, words are meaningless) and have it be Castle who has PTSD when he gets rescued from who ever has him, and his PTSD scare Kate/his Mom/Alexis and they (along with Espo/Lanie/Ryan etc) have to help pull him outta it and be there for him.

      • Briggs says:

        Okay, you expect her to act her age? She’s a young college student, on her own for the first time, and testing her wings. I have seen absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t expect from someone her age, in those situations. I don’t understand all the Alexis hate, but it seems to stem from not understanding what the writers are actually trying to do. Make her more human. She’s had to be the mature one for so long because, obviously, the two adults in her life up to the first season where not. So it’s time for her grow and change. It’s called ‘going through growing pains.’ It’s not like Castle’s taking her transition any easier. Where are all the complaints that he’s overprotective? Remember his reaction to her outfit in the ep with the sci-fi con? That was overblown, but understandable. Why is Alexis not being given the same benefit of a doubt? I’m just glad she finally dumped Pi…

        • Briggs says:

          Hmm. That went places I wasn’t expecting…

        • S. says:

          Amen. She’s been the adult despite having 2 parents. That seems to back up on people eventually. We’re lucky we only had to put up with Pi this long. I knew she’d eventually snap out of it. Remember, she didn’t let her ties to Ashley make her act blindly. She did the right thing. It shows that she was loved and taught to respect herself. She’s unsure about life like any young person is but not lacking in self-confidence. Her foundation’s solid even if she’s testing things out so things will be okay in the end.

  15. Paula Kuiper-Moore says:

    What is happening to the Inspector Morse series Endeavor? We were left in utter suspension and are desperate to know if the series will continue.

  16. Re: Arrow/ Ray Palmer…I wouldn’t have thought there was a lot going on there…its more likely to be a little….

  17. I love criminal Minds and Reid and garcia in the show love Longmire, im waiting on all my fall shows

  18. Lysh says:

    Thank you, Rida, for asking about Brandon Routh! His character interests me so much and I cannot wait to see more from him.

  19. Santiago says:

    Matt can you tell me why there haven’t been any scoop of The Killing lately? I know TVLine loves it (you help me go through all the others seasons), but there was so little coverage of season 4 and is the last one! Tell me you have something in store for me please!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The Inside Line mailbox, prior to today, has not received a Q about THE KILLING since January. The fourth/final season drops on Netflix this Friday, Aug. 1.

  20. M3rc Nate says:

    Not a fan of the Vic-Walt flirtation/looks/implied future cheating. First off its just gross cause (no offense to the actor) Walt looks OLD. He is no Clooney, which would make more sense for the gorgeous, fit, young Katee Sackhoff/Vic to want to be with…but all of those shirtless Walt scenes? Lol no a good look. Hes got old man 15lbs overweight saggy chest. His shirtless chest looks 60 where as a shirtless Clooney looks 30. So right off the bat visually its just totally unrealistic and weird to me.

    Add to that my strong dislike of affairs/cheating (IRL and TV/Movies), and you have me not a fan of this plot at all. I get the husband is not a good fit for her, but unless she serves his with divorce papers, it just makes me dislike the Vic character and not root for her anymore. And shes kinda a hard character to like to begin with, not many redeemable qualities.

    Unfortunately it seems to be guaranteed to go that way, apparently it happens in the book, and Katee Sackhoff in an interview said as much and that its gonna happen (basically)…so thats disappointing.

    • OlivaJ says:

      Well, different stokes for different folks. While I’m not overjoyed with the storyline–having problems with one’s husband/wife–get a divorce then move on. I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at Walt I find him to be a very attractive man. As far as “old” well, you can play the best music on a Stradivarius. Each to their own. (He hardly looks 60 and Clooney looks 30–well, maybe not–unless you are in the habit of seeing Clooney without his shirt all the time.) I certainly wouldn’t call it unrealistic.

  21. Linda Magoon says:

    Longmire is my favorite show. I hope it comes back for a 4th season.

  22. Linda Magoon says:

    I love Longmire. I hope it will be back for a 4th season.

  23. kath says:

    They might as well rename Longmire “The Manpain Years” because that’s what it seems to be about. Henry is suffering from being accused of murder and his ex stealing his money, Branch has gone wacky and chasing someone who may be a ghost, and Walt is suffering from it all, his wife’s death, Henry’s trial and Branch’s problems as well as the possibility of losing Vic. And don’t forget Vic’s husband who is suffering from being kidnapped and worrying Vic prefers Walt.
    Meanwhile Cady is pretty much recovered, Vic’s story is more about the men in her life than herself, and that nice lady in the sheriff’s office is just there to help the guys, whoever she is. The show’s got ridiculous.
    I much prefer Arrow. Oliver’s got lots of manpain too, but he’s the only one. It’s far better balanced.

    • OlivaJ says:

      Oliver is the only one? Diggle torn between helping the Arrow and being near his baby’s mother. Roy moping after Thea but still wanting to be a member of the Arrow team. Malcolm Meryn almost destroying the city, but still wants his baby daughter. Lance finally getting his daughter back, but then losing her again and collapsing at the end of the season. Hell, this whole season was all about Slade’s man pain of losing Shadow and being jealous of Oliver. See? You can create man pain for any show, and it’s just as unbalanced. If you don’t like a show fine, you don’t like it, but at least try for a more valid excuse. It’s called a story line and plotting the season. The show is no more ridiculous than any other one out there, what I find ridiculous is your comments.

  24. A says:

    I feel like its Christmas everyday with all of this Arrow scoop! Love it! Can’t wait to meet Ray. Thank you for all of the scoop!

  25. Arlene Pouliot says:

    Ababs on NCIS had a brother what happen to him?

  26. emily says:

    i hope paget comes back to criminal minds! she and reid are really good friends

  27. EdTV says:

    Reading about Ray Palmer in Arrow I remembered that Moira’s Lawyer was Jean Loring. In the comics Jean was Ray’s wife. But with the age difference between the two actors (17 years) I’m assuming it won’t be a factor, I’m sure using Jean Loring was just meant to be an easter egg when it happen.

    • JC1 says:

      Marc Guggenheim told GreenArrowTV “I’ll tell you this: Jean Loring has already been on the show, and if he was involved with that Jean, there would be a bit of an age difference. We will be acknowledging the Jean Loring that appeared in the beginning of Season 2 as Moira’s attorney, in the context of Ray Palmer, just not as boyfriend and girlfriend.” So I’m guessing they’ll have some kind of connection, just not a romantic one.

  28. sarah says:

    Well I am sure that the chances of Twisted’s renewal is slim, it should have been on this summer and is not….

  29. as524 says:

    Thanks for the Ducky news! Will be nice to see him featured…here’s hoping they do justice to the origin story & remember all that was previously revealed about the character (since the writers aren’t very good with sticking to canon at times)

    Interesting title for 12×1…

  30. Laura C says:

    Why is it people insist on joining names together? Sounds like elementary playground stuff. Caskett? Esplainie? Really? Is it really so hard just to use their given names or are ya’ll just plain lazy? It sure isn’t cute, that’s for sure. Love Castle AND Beckett.

  31. curtlyon19 says:

    sure hope that guy from Criminal Minds is wearing a wig. If so it’s really a bad one

  32. vdofan says:

    This season of Longmire is only 10 episodes. Does the decrease in the number of episodes from the previous season (13 episodes) spell bad news for the show being renewed?

  33. Cas says:

    The Criminal Minds posts about JJ are ridiculous. Over the years each character on the show has had various arcs about them. JJ had hers last season, seemed fitting since oh she was missing a few seasons back. We’ve seen Reid’s arc with drugs, his mom, his GF, and I’m sure I could think of others. We’ve seen plenty of Morgan and Garcia. We’ve seen lots of Hotch. We saw a season of Emily. They have all had arcs and they have all been great. It’s not like it takes up every episode and they each deserve it. IMO the season JJ wasn’t in the show, well it sort of sucked. The best part was Emily that season and I believe she had reduced episodes. I think if the producers/writers love any one it’s Hotch or Reid (again not complaining as I love them all). Either way, I love JJ and her adorable son and most importantly Will (let’s see more of him this season-let’s keep him alive too!)

    • Tammy says:

      I disagree, in fact I didn’t even notice that JJ was gone in season 6 she has always been by far the most boring, vanilla character I have ever seen, an since she came back, her only emotions are arrogant and bitchy. This character did not merit episode 200, and yes the other characters have had their arcs, but in season 9 they make JJ to appear like the most important character ever to be on the show and a better profiler than everyone else when we all know that is not the truth. Everyone else out-ranks her except Garcia

      • Cas says:

        Well I think fans disagreed because when her contract wasn’t renewed there was an uproar and petition to get her back. Hence, her return the following season. And vanilla? Please Alex was way more boring these last few seasons plus I don’t think anything they have done has been trying to show she is the best profiler.

        • Tammy says:

          Blake wasn’t boring, she was just quiet, and besides, to me Blake was still more interesting than that NinjaBarbieMomWannabe ever was.

        • Debra says:

          @CAS You do realize that the fan backlash wasn’t all about AJ Cook. It also involved Paget Brewster, as well as the Seaver creature. I was one of those who protested to get the girls back.The problem for me and so many other,is that we didn’t get the original JJ(our media liaison) back.

          Not to mention the fact that they went out of the way to show us how important JJ’s role as the media liaison was and how no one else was capable of handling this difficult job as well as JJ was.

          So what do they do when they get the character back,they suddenly decide that role is no longer necessary. So lets make JJ a profiler, after all it isn’t like the show had enough profilers already.

          At the very least they could’ve kept JJ in her media liaison role,even though they choose to make her a profiler. In fact becoming a profiler probably would’ve enable her to do her job as the media liaison even better.

          • Tammy says:

            I wasn’t part of the fan uproar, because I didnt even notice when JJ was gone–That showed me how unimportant her character was, because they could still do cases without a liason. I had no problem with Seaver, she was ok for me. I did notice however that there was something missing when Prentiss left–When Blake came, it was different and I hated her at first, but then got used to her.
            But I agree with you that no more profilers were necessary.

  34. Mel says:

    Thanks for the Homeland answer, and the NCIS info.

  35. tannerose5 says:

    As much as I love Spencer Reid/MGG on Criminal Minds, will someone fire the hairdresser and find someone who can make MGG as good looking as he really is? And PLEASE, have someone find a comb for the poor man.

  36. But no one said anything about getting rid of the 5th wheel, the square peg trying to be put into a round hole namely Bishop on N.C.I.S. . I and no one I know will watch N.C.I.S. ubtil she is gone

  37. Buck says:

    I find it funny how upset people get about a TV show. I love Castle or did and don’t want to hear these comments about not being a real fan. I fell for the show last summer on TNT and watched started watching season 5 side-by-side and was struck but how much the chemistry disappeared between Castle and Beckett and how much his character had changed. I watched the first episode of season 6 and basically tuned out for much of the year. It wasn’t interesting to me anymore. I have seen the last handful of the season to see how the Bracken story played out and what was going to happen with Castle and Beckett. They need to find a way to get the vibe back in seasons 1 through 4 to make it interesting again. Not sure why people are upset about the marriage. Are they that unhappy in their own relationships that they want someone else to get married in a dream ceremony. Just make it interesting to watch or I won’t tune in. I won’t be the only one. The pressure is on this show after they got the TNT crowd like me as new fans

  38. Ron Erickson says:

    Longmire should be on a network that would give it a full season of episodes. It is by far the best show ever! Who’s with me on this??? Write in campaigns just might have an impact.

  39. Only thing i want to hear is NCIS got rid of Bishop!

  40. please bring twisted back.love thatshow