Bones @ Comic-Con: Booth Behind Bars, Remembering Pops and a Return — Plus: Watch the Season 10 Trailer

The clink won’t be kind to Booth when Bones return this fall, the show’s stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan revealed at Comic-Con on Friday.

The action will pick up four months after the events of the Season 9 finale, with Booth feeling the effects of a life behind bars. “We will see a different side of him,” Boreanaz previewed, adding that his alter ego will suffer from PTSD.

“He’s definitely in a state of confusion with his present state of mind, with his state in the bureau, with where he is with Brennan,” the actor said.

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Things won’t go much better for his wife back at their (new) home. “She’s with her child, alone,” Deschanel said. “It’s very worrisome for her, because Booth is not safe in prison. He’s a federal agent. He’s put a lot of people in prison who don’t like him. Even the guards don’t like him.” True to form, Deschanel added, the forensic anthropologist “puts her focus in her work when things are overwhelming.”

Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian team will do everything in their power to spring Booth in the season opener. But just because [Spoiler alert!] Booth gets out doesn’t mean life will immediately return to normal for the G-man.

“This is the first time that he’s been betrayed by an institution that he’d devoted his life to,” Nathan noted. “It really shakes the foundation of the entire premise of the show – whether he can trust the FBI, how he can get back to work.”

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Meanwhile, the conspiracy that was unveiled last season is “something that’s been going on decades” and will continue to live on, Nathan continued. “While they can catch one murderer, that doesn’t mean all murder stops. They will put a stop to this within the first few episodes, but the reality of some kind of shadow government won’t go away completely.”

Other highlights from the panel:

THE BIG ONE | Next season’s milestone 200th episode will be “one of our odd ones,” featuring “not a typical murder,” teased Nathan, who will likely partner with creator Hart Hanson to write the hour. Boreanaz will helm the installment.

MURDER AND MAYHEM | Among the cases on tap: an undercover episode; the murder of a Rush Limbaugh-type figure; the show’s version of Wolf of Wall Street; hours dealing with the world of psychics – “We want Cyndi [Lauper] to come back, definitely,” Nathan said – and human trafficking; and a murder at a forensic convention.

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SIBLING LOVE | Hodgins’ brother will return, Nathan revealed.

R.I.P. GRANDPA | Will the show pay tribute to the passing of Ralph Waite, who played Booth’s grandfather? “We don’t want to exploit his death,” Nathan replied, adding that events at the start of the season make an homage difficult, “but we do plan to address it.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the first Season 10 trailer.

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  1. abz says:

    I think this should really be the final season. The show has been on a downward decline in quality for quite sometime in my opinion. The cases are all the same and aren’t interesting. Many of the characters have become very repetitive and boring (don’t get me started on my hatred for Arastoo and Daisy characters and Angela is just a snob) and overall the show is a chore to watch. I’d quit it but spending 9 seasons is a lot of time so I’d like to see how it ends overall I guess. The last finale was definitely one of the more entertaining episodes among a pretty lackluster season. Hopefully they keep that same level of entertainment this coming season.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      If you don’t like it anymore, stop whining about it and rub two brain cells together and change the channel. It’s not all that hard.

      • abz says:

        Well I usually try to stick with a show as much as I can especially if I’ve invested so much time watching many seasons of it. Sometimes they improve and sometimes they don’t. For example, the first half of Grey’s Anatomy this past season wasn’t all that great IMO but the second half I thought was very strong and I really enjoyed it.
        You may be perfectly happy with a once-decent and entertaining show decreasing in quality but I’m not and I voiced my opinion on it. The fact is, Bones is an aging show and it hasn’t always been aging that well.

        • MiaS says:

          So, because you decided it has “deceased in quality”, and isn’t “aging well” the show should end–on your say so? I agree with madbengalsfan85–stop whining and stop watching–you won’t be missed. (Pardon me if your “opinion” doesn’t blow wind up my skirt–being pretentious and annoying rarely does…..get a grip.)

          • abz says:

            If you actually take a minute to search around the internet and read other people’s opinions about the show over the past few seasons, you’d see that I’m not being pretentious or anything and many others actually share a similar opinion to mine. I think it has definitely decreased in quality over the past several seasons and it doesn’t compare with many of the other shows out there. I’d personally rather a show know when its final season will be so they can finish on a good note with a well-thought out and planned final run rather than just dragging things out with lazy writing and then find out with short notice that it’s going to be cancelled and then have to rush the storytelling. Look at Breaking Bad for a recent perfect example of a pretty great final season.
            No one is telling you to agree with me. I just posted my opinion on this OPEN message board. You being “annoyed” by my opinion doesn’t make my opinion wrong.

          • Rusty says:

            Really? Just because you can’t understand abz’s comments you resort to name calling? I agree with abz’s comments. The show has come down on quality. This is not a only ‘happy happy’ comments section. It is for opinions. It used to be a good ‘who dunnit’, now it seems to be a continuous how can we show all the trials and tribulations of the two main characters personal lives. Now their hinting at somehow bringing Palant back??? The writers should go back and watch season 2 and 3 to see how good writing was done. I wish that someone would slap Angela, maybe knock some sense in her. Considering her personal past and the crazy crap she has done. She should shut up and stand in the corner.

          • abz says:

            Thank you, Rusty. There are legitimate criticisms for this show and I understand that some people are more hardcore fans than others and don’t like hearing it, but to flat out refuse to even at least acknowledge that there may actually be some real problems with the show is pretty immature. I mean Bones is definitely far from the best show on television but it was still entertaining for several seasons.
            I agree with you on Angela. The character is just no longer likeable for me at all. She comes across as very snobby and thinking she’s better than everyone around her. Her supposedly “caring” nature comes across as very fake. I also hate the way she continues to treat Brennan. I can’t tell you how much I’ve come to despise her condescending tone to Brennan when she says stuff like “Okay, sweetie.” After so many seasons you’d think the show would at least be somewhat consistent with the amount of growth Brennan has undergone, yet lately I’ve noticed they still keep regressing her character and we constantly have Angela and Booth “teaching” Brennan the same lessons she’s previously learned at one point on the show.

    • Sharon Lay says:

      The comments I have read here by a certain 2 people are actually funny! Have you been watching the same show as I and millions of others have. I don’t think so! Bones has increased in quality,content and production value with every single episode. And fyi we are not “hardcore fans” we are loyal and appreciative of their hard work and dedication to making a quality show. Considering your comments maybe you should stick to reality TV. If you want an excellent show and great special affects you are welcome to keep watching BONES with us. If not well too bad, you will miss some great entertainment an excellent acting. I am hoping the show lasts at least another 5 years. I know that is a bit much to ask for but that is how I feel. GO BONES< WE ARE WITH YOU!!!

      • abz says:

        That’s the great thing about opinions. We all get to have them. Judging by your comment, it seems that you are the one who may not have allowed herself to be exposed to a lot of real quality television if you actually think Bones has been increasing in quality. Bones has been decreasing in quality and I will continue to stand by that. You don’t have to agree.
        Oh and one more thing. Loyalty does not mean you have to think everything a show does is amazing. I am loyal to many shows I watch, but that doesn’t mean I have to sit back and think that everything it does is flawless. The whole purpose of these message boards is to create discussion about shows and offer up opinions, praises, and yes even criticisms (some people take the criticisms a little bit too far and get pretty mean, but I don’t think I did here). If you’re willing to sit by and worship the show regardless of its many flaws, then more power to you. We’re not the same.

      • heather says:

        I agree I’d love to see Bones last another 5 years, the show is great. Ive been watch since the beginning and its great. I cant wait to see what the team has to deal with this season. 

    • Jen says:

      Bones is one of the most interesting series I’ve watched and i love the fact that Bone’s character keeps growing emotionally and anyone who says different should hold it in. I will miss Sweets and Hus comments i hope the introduce a similar character.

  2. Martoukian says:

    I’d like to see them plan a final season and not simply drag it out as long as the network lets them, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be THIS season–if they can keep the story moving and believably develop the characters.

  3. Tex Mike says:

    I’d like to see Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt come back.

  4. jm says:

    i will love to see Zach again They let him in prision for something he didnt really do

    • Wendy says:

      Zack was still an accomplice. So he wasn’t innocent completely. And with a record, no way would he be allowed back at the Jeffersonian.

    • MP says:

      I miss Zack, too. After he left I stopped loving the show, although I still watch it. I would love to see him back on Bones. I’m sure the writers could think of some way to bring him back if the bosses wanted and if the actor was available.

  5. Tay says:

    I still believe that the show has room to grow, and that there is still so much to find out about most of the characters. It is an amazing show and I would hate for season 10 to be the final.

  6. Dotti says:

    Bones has changed, one has to expect that with a series that has been on as long as it has. Like life, not all change is good or bad it just is. I appreciate the fact that it is one of the few programs that has portrayed a regular nuclear family with jobs, co-workers and the usual mix of daily problems mixed in with the show’s hook. Many of the secondary characters had been as interesting as the main characters. Bringing back Booth’s brother might be a mistake, he never really contributed much but Zack or Gordon Gordon would be welcome. Please let Pelant remain dead. That story line wrapped up poorly with lots of hanging threads but it needed to end.
    Of course Angela is a little snarky, her lifestyle took a huge drop when Pelant stole the family’s fortune. She’s living on a Civil Servant’s wages with Hodgens and her son. No fun for her. That needs to be addressed, especially since Hodgens gave lots of money to the Jeffersonian. There are plenty of plot points to explore. Move the focus back to the group and the show will be more fun. I miss the humor.

  7. lar says:

    love this show and am looking forward to this new season!

  8. Colli says:

    I have watched Bones since season 1 and I would agree with the reviewer that it has increased in quality season to season. Everyone has their favorite episodes and those not-so-favorite episodes. Still . . . season to season it has been upward as far as I am concerned. Five more years of Bones would make me a very happy guy.