Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Bones, TVD, Sex, Arrow, Fargo and More!

Castle Season 7 Spoilers

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Question: Any word on who will be writing Castle‘s season premiere? —Ben
Ausiello: The good news: Newly coronated showrunner David Amann is penning the Season 7 opener. The even better news: Rob Bowman is directing. And now, the provocative news: Castle will return with a two-parter, and to that end is casting the guest-starring role of “Henry,” a highly intelligent yet unassuming gent who’s deft at blending into a crowd. (A spook-y nemesis of Jackson Hunt’s? 3XK with a new face c/o Dr. Niemann? Discuss.) Also being guest-cast for the premiere are a Hamptons police sergeant, a doctor, a shrink and… a Coast Guard captain?!

Question: Will FX’s Fargo be renewed for a second season? —Jacqui
Ausiello: Yes. A formal pickup is imminent. And, despite talk that Season 2 will feature a brand-new cast, Allison Tolman seems to be leaving the door slightly ajar to a Molly comeback. At the very least, she’s not ruling it out! “I just don’t know,” she tells TVLine. “There’s discussion of there being a second season and it being a brand-new cast, [but] I’m just not sure.” If it turns out we have seen the last of her detective, she admits “saying goodbye to that” will be hard. “Being my first experience making a television show, it was really special. I was very well taken care of. I loved the people that I worked with. It was really a blessing.”

Question: Very much looking forward to Madam Secretary – even more so after your nice review. Any early casting news you can share? —Jeremy
Ausiello: Nothing on the casting front, but I can tell you that the producers behind CBS’ Madam Secretary won’t be shying away from dicey political issues when the drama premieres this fall. TVLine has learned exclusively that the rookie drama — which stars Tea Leoni as a former CIA agent unexpectedly appointed Secretary of the State — is mounting a storyline that will echo the real-life Benghazi imbroglio (a crisis that continues to haunt former SoS Hillary Clinton). The Secretary plot, which will be confined to one fall episode (titled, appropriately, “Another Benghazi”), will find Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord desperately attempting to prevent a Benghazi-like disaster at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

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Question: Dying to know who sent Dash that e-mail in the Witches of East End premiere! Any hints? —Char
Ausiello: Hold tight, Char, because the big e-mail mystery will be resolved over the next couple of episodes. However, it sounds like the entire East End gang is in for much bigger trouble come Episode 10, when a mysterious woman named Raven Moreau arrives in town to investigate a string of murders. Smart, intense and not at all opposed to having a one-night stand, Ms. Moreau has dedicated her entire life to accomplishing a “secret mission.” In a nutshell, this is bad news for everyone.

Question: Do you know any info about Ryan Murphy’s HBO drama Open? Will it be picked up to series? —Chris
Ausiello: It’s still very much in contention, although we likely won’t get official word on a series order until later this year, and here’s why: Several new scenes are being added to the pilot but, due to actor availability, shooting can’t commence until fall. 

Question: Anything on the Devious Maids finale? —Christian
Ausiello: I’ve got two scoops for you, both of them courtesy of co-star Tiffany Hines. “For those people that are Rosie and Spence supporters, we will get to see Rosie and Spence move forward now that Reggie is no longer in the picture.” (That’s Scoop No. 1!) “I believe that we may see another major character’s life hanging in the balance at some point.” (And that’s Scoop No. Deux!)

Question: Do you know what the episode title is for Bones Season 10 premiere? —Gina
Ausiello: I do! Thanks for asking.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Bones? —Cassidy
Ausiello: Here’s something that may interest you: The title of the Season 10 premiere is… “The Conspiracy in the Corpse.”

23660_002_0402.JPGQuestion: When is Ground Floor returning? —Rose
Ausiello: It looks like November-ish. It also looks like the cast will be expanding. I hear the Bill Lawrence is adding a new female associate to work upstairs at Remington Trust. Her name’s Lindsay, she grew up in the same small town as Briga Heelan’s Jenny, and she’s a genius. She’s also a social misfit. No internal censor. Completely awkward around other human beings. The works.

Question: Is it just me, or is Mistresses setting the table for a possible Joss-Harry romantic entanglement? My first thought is that dating a sister’s ex is the biggest No-No and a line you don’t cross, but this is a glamorous evening soap opera, after all. —Rachel
Ausiello: It’s not just you, Rachel. Executive producers KJ Steinberg and Rina Mimoun admitted in an episode preview we posted Monday that they’re seeing forbidden sparks between the current party-planning partners. “They have a very deep connection that’s only going to get more confusing,” teases Steinberg. But wait — don’t count out Harry’s future with ex-wife Savi, either, the showrunners warn, pointing to the way the couple held hands a little too long as they finalized their divorce papers this week. “We are giving the audience a glimpse of how things were before they tuned in to our very first episode. Harry and Savi were married for a long time and had a deep and good connection before they started the ferility madness and their marriage started to fray,” Steinberg notes. “You’re going to see more of that in the episodes to come.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Mistresses? —Connie
Ausiello: We also asked Mimoun and Steinberg if they’ve gotten any hints from ABC about a possible Season 3 pickup. “We hear they’re happy with the numbers,” says Steinberg, but as Mimoun notes, the network has “a tendency to wait until very last minute, and in our case, the very last minute would be sometime in September.” With Labor Day a good two months away, the EPs point out that the time is right for a grass-roots fan campaign. “Everyone needs to send panties to Paul Lee — sexy, sexy panties,” suggests Mimoun, chuckling heartily. “That is my dream groundswell.” Adds Steinberg, “I love that idea, I would only request that the panties be unworn.” And that small but important distinction, Mistresses fans, could be the difference between a home run and a total strikeout.

Question: Scoop on Season 2 of Masters of Sex, please! —Alex
Ausiello: I just screened the first two episodes and, be forewarned, there are a lot of loose ends being tied up as well as new seeds being planted, and the result is a somewhat choppy, disjointed narrative. My guess — or, rather, my hope — is that once Bill and Virginia resume their sex study things will get much more focused. On the scoop front, one major character comes thisclose to death, two recurring characters exit and… Greg Grunberg is back!

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Question: Anything about The Vampire Diaries Season 6? —Valentina
Ausiello: Devastated over the (apparent) loss of his brother, look for Stefan to turn to a surprising source for comfort.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Arrow? —Trudy
Ausiello: EP Marc Guggenheim just announced the title of the season premiere on Twitter, and I’m repurposing it here for your convenience. The Oct. 8 opener is called… “The Calm.” Oh, and I’m guessing you saw this?

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Michael Slezak, Vlada Gelman and Nivea Serrao)

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  1. The Arrow October 14th opener? I don’t think you have the date right there Michael.

  2. kathyb1953 says:

    I have been a huge CASTLE fan since the first episode, but the season finale this past spring was–forgive me–totally lame. I even watched it again to see if I judged too harshly, but no–it was still contrived and weak, plus it seemed as though Nathan Fillion was phoning in his performance in that episode. I certainly hope that the season opener is an improvement. It would have to go some to be worse.

    • Texcastle says:

      Ditto Ur thoughts

    • Ben says:

      Seems like it may be continuation of FBOW. If so, I quit.

      • Just one thing says:

        Well, they’ve gotta finish the story, and explain where Castle is and why his death was faked. As long as they don’t try to insult everyone’s intelligence along the way, things should be good.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree, i honestly think Nathan Fillion is bored by the show. When asked what he loves most about it etc, he always talks about the crew (not the plot/story lines/cast), he never ever mentions Stana, he always says his favorite show is Firefly (& fav character Mal), he isnt getting much to actually do on the show (Castle) besides be a comedy relief, i mean the scripts have NO meat on their bones for Nathan. He faught for that 4 day work week…he always argued for Caskett to not get together (where as Stana argued for them to get together ASAP), i mean everything i ever read or hear from him screams “im so flippin bored…but this show isnt bad, im making huge $ and once its done i will still be a handsome 45-46 year old great actor with many big movie roles in my future). This show just seems to be the “Beckett” show now.

      Honestly…get back to form Castle. Start giving Fillion some meaty plots/scenes/story-lines. Involve Castle in the solving of crimes using smart unconventional ideas again, instead of being the comedy relief only saying “maybe its aliens!” as of the past few seasons. Im not liking the idea of this show continuing on its path but add to that married couple arguments…pregnancy…baby…more immaturity from Alexis…lame crimes…etc. This show would GREATLY benefit if its seasons were shorter…like 13 episodes not 22. Way too much filler currently. Only a small handful of episodes are good a season anymore.

      • tp says:

        I thought I was the only one that felt like it was the Beckett show. Thank goodness I’m not alone. It’s been a real turn off.

        • LK says:

          I agree – they need to put the focus back on Castle. Katic isn’t a good enough actress to focus so many episodes around her.

          • Just one thing says:

            “Most-watched season” with an average of 12-14 million viewers, and most fans agree agree that it’s been Castle-lite. Guess all those millions of viewers disagree?

      • MSK says:

        I doubt adding more Fillion to the show will help it out. Castle’s problem is the writing in general. And replacing the showrunner won’t help any, especially if its only more of the same.

      • Jamie says:

        I would stop watching Castle if the show focused more on him. He’s always been the least compelling character of the lot.

      • shirley says:

        I don’t see a bored Nathan.
        Maybe I’m watching a different program than the others.
        I would like to see them as a married couple solving crimes together-maybe add a baby to the show.
        I’ve seen Nathan interviewed and he seems to be proud of the fact that he has a steady job and is working more than he has as in his career before.
        So, I’m sure that I am watching a different show than others.
        Beside, if so many are unhappy with the way it’s going-simple-change the channel.
        Then you don’t have to be bored anymore.
        You can complain about the next program your watching

        • kathyb1953 says:

          Honest discussion about a show is only done when people care. I started this thread because I am concerned about a show I love losing its way. It is not criticism just for the sake of criticizing, but meant to promote improvement.

      • kathyb1953 says:

        You know, I had not really thought about that before, but I have to reluctantly agree. Yes, FIREFLY was a terrific show, but Nathan seems more-than-a-bit hung up on that brief series. I have loved CASTLE from the beginning, but as you commented, they have gotten away from the formula that made the show go; namely, the back and forth between the two leads and led to them solving crimes. I like Stana very much and yes, I am glad they finally got them together as a couple, but I see no reason why the scripts need to be so hackneyed and boring, as MOST of season six was. I think the only truly standout episode this entire season was the fire one and even then, Nathan’s performance seemed rather wooden to me.
        In any case, I am hanging in for now. I still have hope that the show will perk up.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I agree, but i would say Nathan (and the rest of the cast) have great reason to be hung up on Firefly. I mean he is invited to panels for reunions that get the huge hall (Hall H) and 5,000+ attendees…it has a huge cult following and is a staple of nerds to watch that show and hopefully love it. So while yes he is hung up on it, he’s hung up on it for good reason…if you watch that show and movie, you will see how much better the writing is than say Castle, how much more unique and fun and interesting the characters are than on say Castle.

          • Just one thing says:

            Before I discovered Castle, I purchased the first season of Firefly so that I could understand the hype. I still have yet to finish the DVD set.
            I really like most of the characters on Castle. They’re fun and interesting to me.

          • DarkDefender says:

            If you watch any of the YouTube footage of ANY Con panel with Nathan Fillion during the years Castle has been on the year the overwhelming majority of questions are about Firefly, and then about his role on Dr. Horrible.. It’s like him playing Castle is an afterthought. Add in the lack of promotion by ABC of the show and the lackluster scripts (though fun shows, and I still absolutely LOVE this show.. he’s reduced to comic relief and not an equal as a detective as he was in the earlier seasons) it’s no wonder he doesn’t engage in much conversation and you read little about his thoughts on Castle.. Hardly anyone ever asks him about it and ABC seems to not care that he is the title character.
            And it not just Nathan. Stana promotes the show when asked and in the presence of AM, but she rarely tweets about it or interacts through social media on her own accord.
            I think they both wish it were better

          • KC says:

            Firefly only had a 14 episode run. I wonder if it lasted over 100 episodes if it would still be as talked about. I doubt it. It’s like a summer romance you had as a kid. It’s always thought of longingly but that’s before the ups and downs of a long lasting relationship ever have a chance to happen.
            I still enjoy the show and will continue to watch even though I was disappointed by the season finally. I like the development of the characters and their relationships progressing in a believable way.

      • carbono says:

        Man you’ve just said what I’ve been saying for 3 seasons now! I’m glad I’m not the only one to see that or feel that way. I love Stana as well but Nathan is a damned good actor & he’s simply being wasted in this show. It’s no wonder why he’s bored w/it.

      • M3rc, your observations and wishes of the show seem rather contradictory. On the one hand, you acknowledge that Fillion doesn’t seem all that jazzed about the show and asked for less time to work, and on the other, you state that things would be better if they focused more on his character.
        This chicken-egg discussion has been tackled by me since early 2013, but I’ll say it again: isn’t it possible that his character’s focus correlates more with his interest in the show and NOT vice-versa?

        I do wish things were different for Castle. For starters, I wish fan behavior wasn’t so extreme, where the actors almost seem like they’ve been held hostage… With Katic hunted down in Europe by the same groups of fans, and Fillion unable to date anyone without being harassed to the point where he pretty much acts as if the mere utterance of his co-star’s very name in public is the equivalent to a curse word. I know a lot of TV actors deal with this, but those two definitely seem to experience a heightened level of intensity from fans.

    • Castlefan says:

      NF has been phoning it in for the last three seasons. It is beyond me how he gets accolades for playing Castle. I have not seen his other work, but judging from his performance in Castle, he is a mediocre actor at best.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        No its not his talent as an actor…hes got the skills, i think he really is phoning it in, i think the material is not fun or interesting at all to him, he is constantly reminded of Firefly and constantly in his mind is how high quality that show was, how amazing the characters and stories/plots/lines were (written by Joss)…and now hes on Castle, essentially playing himself (which probably adds to him getting accolades, the character is so near him in humor and bravado that people love it). But still, you watch him in Firefly and you KNOW he can act. I think hes a really good actor, just not trying on Castle.

        • Nory says:

          Imho, NF should have realized a long time ago that the Firefly ship had sailed
          and it is not coming back his way. Don’t see any movie offers either. Castle is it for now so how about some effort? Amor con amor se paga!

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Lol do you know his agent? No? Then how the F do you know if hes getting movie offers or not? For all you know hes on multiple short lists for parts in great movies but they always come back to “hes only free 2-3 months a year, hes on a 22 episode a year TV show, hes busy”….Lol please…and Firefly isnt coming back? It doesnt have to come back…he gets consistent HUGE love from thousands of fans at a time at every con he goes to when they do a Firefly panel…

      • missteff says:

        the movies I seen are okay. but I think it has to do with the writing of that particular character. not him as in actor.

    • shirley says:

      There was much disappointment with that final.
      I can forgive.
      I just want a wedding for these two.
      I don’t want it at the end of the season.
      We fans deserve that.
      Most of us have been there from the beginning.
      Give us a wedding in the first episode or second.



      • kathyb1953 says:

        Yes–I would like to see the wedding come off as well and sooner rather than later!

      • missteff says:

        2-parter and a continuation (from season 6) with no time jump…….could happen but I don’t think it’s in the works….

    • Ben says:

      Amann writing this would ONLY be good news if he negated s6 finale, which I really doubt. I’m afraid it’s going to be more of the same MILMAR B.S.

  3. TV Gord says:

    I’m encouraged to know that Fargo might be back for a second season! The last thing I had read about it, showrunner Noah Hawley said that neither he nor FX were interested in doing another season if it couldn’t be as good as or better than season one. That left me feeling fairly discouraged.

    I was hoping it would come back under an American Horror Story model, with many of the same actors returning in new roles.

  4. Ian says:

    They’re going to ruin Mistresses for me, God please NO to any Joss/Harry romance.

  5. Missy Kelly says:

    Castle needs Hampton’s Sheriff????? Didn’t they do an episode in the Hamptons with a young deputy that was very helpful and a sheriff that wasn’t???? Why don’t they bring one of them or both of them back instead of casting anew?

    • missteff says:


    • DarkDefender says:

      The spoiler said they were casting a sergeant from the Hampton’s police. We met THE Sheriff, but a sergeant is lower in rank and it is likely a small part to show the “on scene” officer at the car fire. Easily explained.

      • DarkDefender says:

        And aside from the actor who played the chief sheriff, the rest of the officers were such small parts there is no requirement to bring them back (they were bit parts).. I’m guessing this sergeant has more lines and the gravity of the incident wouldn’t require the “chief” to show up on scene.

  6. Spoiler Junkie says:

    If Fargo is back for a second season and has a new story to tell with new characters, I sincerely hope they cast Allison Tolman again. She was awesome in S1 and I really want to see more of her work.

    Re: Vampire Diaries : Surprising source of comfort for Stefan? Hope it’s Caroline ;) but what about booze or some other form of addiction.

  7. Suhail says:

    That was barely a scoop for Arrow.

    • Arrow says:


      • brenna says:

        LOL!! However, we can’t complain about TVLine and their coverage of Arrow. They always seem to be the first to break casting news and always give Arrow good press. Thanks TVLine!

  8. Tara says:

    Seriously, no NCIS spoilers?! What gives! Come on :( It’s been a while, since we have gotten spoilers or anything at all really, on NCIS and the cast goes back out to work soon. So surely there must be spoiler or something of the sort that can be shared? Or not. Okay fine, I’ll wait…. But don’t take too long ;D ;P

    • Lauren says:

      I always wonder when I see comments like this – did you send in an NCIS question? LOL

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol watch previous seasons, take what they have already done, mix it around, and thats whats upcoming in the next season…NCIS is the same old stuff over and over, the characters havent changed, everything is stale…its a money printing machine and they wont change a thing in fear of killing the goose that is laying the golden eggs…at least NCIS LA has plots that move forward and characters that grow and change and they are actually getting Deeks and Kensi together. NCIS is a joke.

      • StevenR says:

        That’s your opinion. I always look forward to each new season. As far as “getting Deeks and Kensi together”, yeah, right–the same garbage that was pulled on JAG and on NCIS will be pulled here. They “got together” for one night, now they are apart again. *Yawn*, talk about the “same old stuff”. NCIS may be a “joke” to you, but it isn’t to others who watch it. Love your sour grapes……

        • M3rc Nate says:

          You obviously never watched JAG….JAG did a whole lot of nothing at all until the very last episode. Good for you, you enjoy it, im not saying you just saying there is no development at all in that show, it is consistently the same show, and they wont change a thing or take a risk (like say getting Ziva and Tony together before she left) cause the show prints cash in the truck loads. Sorry for not liking a show that doesnt take any creative risk for fear of losing out on money. That doesnt sound like the recipe for a good show. Constantly churning out scripts that overall change nothing, just crime after crime, the characters always back to square one…Gibbs still the same Gibbs as in the pilot, Tony still single at like 50 and not leading his own team, etc etc etc.

          • StevenR says:

            Well, maybe you should re-watch JAG, granted they never placed Mac and Harm together until the bitter end, however they played cat and mouse with the relationship, until it became boring. Just as it has been done on NCIS and now NCIS:LA. Frankly, I grew quite weary of the whole Tony, Ziva match. As a matter of fact, the show was almost ruined by it. Creative risk by putting them together? Please. I have read other comments by you, what baffles me is this, you cry it’s not “creative”, they churn out the same storyline, blah, blah–the same thing that could be said about any other long running shows. However, (per you,) it would all be different if they had put Tony and Ziva together before she left–taking a risk, as you said–so, because they didn’t follow your “plan”, it’s “same old stuff”, and a high rated CBS show not interested in money? Horrors! Guess what? Television shows are on the air to *GASP* make money–otherwise, they get canceled–understand that concept? That is the recipe for ANY successful show. I’m waiting for your “cancel it–it’s done” next, of course I believe you have made similar remarks like that before. As I said, love your sour grapes. Sorry for loving a show that “disappointed” you for having enough sense to keep it as a procedural crime drama and NOT a romantic soap opera–here’s hoping someone has enough sense not to ruin NCIS:LA as well. Go watch Scandal, it sounds like that is more your speed. Since NCIS is such a “joke” to you–why do you show up every time it’s mentioned and trash it when you obviously hold it in such disdain? Sour.Grapes.

          • Terry Anders says:

            “Tony still single at like 50” wow, seriously? Michael Weatherly is 46 years old–just what the hell is your problem? You snipe at NCIS like it’s your life goal–don’t like it? Bored with the “same old stuff over and over”? Don’t freaking watch it. I’ve worked with law enforcement for the past 30 years–guess what? There are a great many guys (and women) who are in their mid to late 40’s who aren’t married. Marriage among law enforcement is not the best at any age–however, in your little mind I guess all the guys are hot and twenty five. How old are you–15? What a sad little person you are.

          • Jake says:

            NCIS will never change because the fans won’t let. Remember how many fans nearly had brain aneurisms when Tony was in a romantic relationship with the Doctor who was the daughter of La Grenouille?
            In 10 years they’ll have Marc Harmon in a wheel chair slapping Weatherly on the head…….

  9. Tara says:

    I like Madam Secretary scoop though, thanks! And you did a review for it?? I’ve to read that!

  10. daveedtjr says:

    Is ’24’, being renewed?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol come on dude…if anyone even heard a whisper of news on 24 like renewal or rebooting or continuing with Kate or would be plastered all over TVLine and the internet.

  11. Tom Charles says:

    Anyone think this Lindsay character could be a great role for Anna Kendrick? Could she be persuaded to do such a series? Please?

    • Gwen says:

      When I read the character description, it sounds like a female version of Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory”!

  12. Jactavia says:

    Darnit, I thought for sure there would be something on the 100 this week. :(

  13. justme says:

    hmmm, “The Calm”
    … in the calm before the storm?

  14. Teri says:

    Yes, Castle starting with a 2 parter is perfect to have more time to delve into this scenario of what just happened in the Finale. Bring on the suspense, drama, romance, love and wedding. Caskett deserves some great things to happen.

    • DarkDefender says:

      My guess wedding right before the winter break.. Leave the fans happy for the holidays.

    • shirley says:

      Yes,Yes!!!! Agreed.


    • kathyb1953 says:

      I just felt like the whole “Ohmygosh Becket is married” and the “accident” right at the end felt contrived. I usually look forward to the fall premiere, but not so much this year. However, I will hang in for now and cross my fingers that there is a return to the former excellence that was CASTLE.

  15. Shannon says:

    Mystery person on Castle has GOT to be 3XK with a new face! Who else would want to harm Castle?

    • DarkDefender says:

      How about this.. The new guy is someone entirely new to the scene.. With a beef against Castle (making Beckett secondary to the saga for a change).
      Leave 3XK for the February sweeps (and have Brolin back then)..
      My dream plot for the 3XK return is to have a Rick clone in place for at least an episode to see how Beckett takes it.. And to give Nathan something to do dramatically (Nathan should start watching Tatiana Maslany’s master class in playing a character pretending to be another character).

  16. Leo says:

    season 3 of mistresses please!
    it’s so hard to find a show that’s just pure fun, sexy and you love all the characters.
    I still wait for harry and savi’s reunion

  17. Carol says:

    Good to know ‘Ground Floor’ is coming back for another season; I’ve missed it.

  18. 1mars says:

    Thanks for the Bones premiere title, but, I could care less about B & B solving cases for the FBI until the conspirators and caught and the FBI is cleaned up. #FreeBooth

    • A says:

      I have a feeling the the Bones ep title will have to do with one of the dead ninja guys, isnt that the latest conspiracy that put Booth in jail? The key in getting Booth out? OR Brennan finds new evidence from the conspiracy blogger’s corpse, the guy from the s9 finale, to link his death for certain to the dead ninja guys who successfully killed him and tried to murder Booth. i.e they killed a blogger, they werent normal joe fbi guys, hence clearing Booth’s name. jmho

  19. Cindy says:

    Does the “Brand new cast” for Fargo includes a replacement of Billy Bob Thornton

  20. lame says:

    Castle was supposed to emulate the “thin man”. Nick and Nora Charles were a married couple who constantly had sassy, smart conversations,like the ones Caskett was going to develope, we hope. Once David Amann rescues the series from that 6.23 disaster, maybe he’ll let Rick return to that brash, reckless, fearless guy he was in the first two seasons. Where are all those shady contacts Rick used to have. Give RC his permit to carry, let him evolve into something closer to Mike Hammer than Bud Abbott, after all it is “his” series.

    • MSK says:

      You’re assuming Amann has any creative say. It’s very clear from the Marlowe camp it’s still every much his show that Amann is purely window dressing to appease us distrustful types.

    • Smiley says:

      The problem is the whole “married crimefighters” thing is already being on another show and, as much as it pains me to admit, is being done very well. Castle has missed a real opportunity here and whatever happens from now on in it will never be the first in its generation or seen as special. I hope all involved in the cr@pfest that was last season are pleased with themselves. Urgh!!

    • kathyb1953 says:

      I like this idea! From your fingers to the writers’ ears!

    • Just one thing says:

      “… maybe he’ll let Rick return to that brash, reckless, fearless guy he was in the first two seasons.”

      Whenever the topic comes up in interviews/panels, Fillion always jokes that he’s happy to avoid danger where and when he can. He once said at the last Paley red carpet something about how he’s happy to let his stunt double handle stuff like heavy lifting and fight scenes… among other things.
      We never see Castle involved in complex action sequences or long running scenes anymore. And if we do – even for relatively short shots like Castle picking Beckett up in the hallway in Veritas – it’s from behind the back of his head.
      And I completely get it. If, as an actor, you’re worried about any sort of injury, you’re gonna let the pros do their job. But the show is still (1) an action-oriented drama, (2) in what’s now become a very competitive time slot, (3) on a network that’s struggling. So, yeah, they’ve gotta keep the action – the fight scenes, the street chases – in the show, and that means it’s going to fall primarily on Beckett. There’s just no way around that.
      I totally understand how fans of what can probably now be dubbed “Old School Castle” want all these things to transpire, with Castle taking the lead on storylines and playing a more active role – both literally and figuratively – in episodes. But I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen.
      Over the last few months, I’ve begun to think that the first three episodes of Season 6 might have been a sort of experiment after all. A way for the network and studio to test the waters in how the audience would respond to a supremely Castle-lite Castle. (If so, I’m surprised they even bothered.)
      When the audience responded like they did, that was probably confirmation that they’d never get away with removing the title character from the equation in any way, regardless of how well-liked Beckett is. (Um… Duh?)
      So, again, at the risk of sounding like a horrific broken record, I fail to see how the onus in fans’ minds continues to fall solely on the writers when things don’t go their way. It’s not always Marlowe or Miller or Bowman – or ABC’s supposedly stringent S&P that SOMEHOW manages to skip nearly every other 9 & 10 p.m. drama on the network’s slate.
      And it’s not always gonna be Amann, either. But I guess they’re all easy targets, so people will continue to blame them anyway.

  21. Lies says:

    Strange if stefan is going to a suprising source for comfort, then it isn’t elena or caroline that would be to easy. Maybe we are going to see him in new orleans with klaus as the first crossover? He has no friends besides damon, caroline and lexi and i don’t see him going to matt, tyler and jeremy. Or maybe he just goes to vegas for some killing and girls(love ripper stefan!)

    • Rain388 says:

      I was trying to figure out who would be suprising and I originally had nothing. But I’m thinking maybe he turns to Enzo – no one else would really suprise me. I’m with you though, I love ripper Stefan so if that’s the way it goes I’ll be happy!

  22. Aries says:

    Bones and Castle need to end. Both have gotten really bad! 2 parter premiere? No thanks…

  23. “Anything on the Devious Maids finale?” REALLY, Christian?! We already saw the promo fo episode 2×13. MORE IMPORTANT question is that “Will Devious Maids be renewed for a third season?”.

  24. Sibi Stella says:

    Devastated over the (apparent) loss of his brother, look for Stefan to turn to a surprising source for comfort.

    I really hope it’s not Caroline, she should go to NOLA.

    • Nsfa says:

      But Caroline has absolutely no business in New Orleans. I’m very skeptical of sending her there JUST to be Klaus’s little girlfriend.

  25. Lois says:

    Can you tell us who wrote the season 10 opening episode for Bones?

  26. Ukno1stanafan says:

    Having Amann write 7:01 is not great news at all! He co-wrote INTOTB and wrote The 70’s Show, two of the worst episodes of S6. The first ep should have gone to Terence Paul Winter, the best writer of the lot IMO. He is the only one who writes Caskett as mature adults, and remembers what has happened in the past, and respects it! I fear S7 will be more of the same dross as S6.

  27. sarah says:

    Mistresses: I do not want Joss and Harry to hook up. I really want Savi and Harry to get back together and when they talked and briefly held hands after they signed the divorce papers I saw some love there still and I want them back together!

    I wonder who Stefan will turn to on the Vampire Diaries, Caroline would not be a surprise source so I wonder who it will be…Alaric?

    • murley says:

      I somehow forgot we have Alaric back full time next season. Maybe I thought it was too good to be true. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  28. Kathie says:

    This is just my curiosity getting the better of me, but I have been wondering if the change in Kate’s wedding gown in the Castle finale was always planned or the result of the outcry to get rid of the ugly original. My dream came true whe the ugly one got moldy, lol.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Totally because of the fan response. I’ll believe nothing else. They thought they had a great couture dress(and never indicated otherwise) until everyone hated it. But I will admit, that wedding was never gonna happen in season 6.. So maybe it was supposed to be bad so we wouldn’t miss it when they destroyed it as part of the “wedding is crapping out” shenanigans.

      • Just one thing says:

        It was clear to me from the moment they started promoting the episode introducing the first dress that it would be annihilated and replaced with a second. (I, along with many others, also called their wedding plans going kaput in epic fashion. Though I never in a million years would’ve guessed they’d go so low as to make her married before. Yikes.)

        • DarkDefender says:

          JOT.. I didn’t think throughout the season that the plans were necessarily going down in a chaotic ball of flames (pun intended).. But what was abundantly clear was that the viewers were being given every single detail of the wedding before it happened which could ONLY mean no wedding in season 6, lest we see everything about it twice (which would have made for bad television). And I totally get the whole “we wanted to bring Kate down a peg” in the self righteous “one and done” arena..
          It’s just that the story line was poorly executed.
          It could have worked wonderfully if it was all a set up by Castle in payback for the birthday murder [ala #100]…
          I’ll tell you the best cliffhanger would have been the last minute reveal of Rick’s “surprise payback” with him and Beckett left on a plane to a secret wedding/honeymoon destination we’d have gladly waited until season 7 to see.

          • Just one thing says:

            Nah, I think it could’ve gone any number of ways, and there would’ve been enough evidence along the way to say, “See? The clues were all there!” They didn’t only have two creative options for the season finale here; they had many. And, as has been the case for the last couple seasons now, they chose a path that was out of left field and plot-based, yet got people talking. Yay…?
            For a show with fun characters who are generally more liked than the cases, and for a show about a writer, I expect more focus on character-based plot twists than “Gotcha!” plot devices that negate past character development and have little effect on future character development in equal measure.
            You and I have different opinions about what’s acceptable and entertaining, and that’s cool! Personally, I didn’t think Beckett needed to be taken down a peg, and I thought it was strange logic to employ. Certainly a strange way to justify what many are calling character assassination. This is a character who has essentially had three of the most important people in her life risk their own safety and well-being for her, and the audience is rarely allowed to witness a moment of sincere gratitude or apology. It’s merely implied, while she has made demands of them for years.
            Beckett’s fears, insecurities and quest for justice have been used season after season as a way to create obstacles in the Caskett relationship. She mentioned being a “one and done” girl 4-5 years ago, and the writers never had her bring it up or hold it over Castle’s head as a way of one-upmanship. If anything, the FANS have clung to that line and history, but it certainly was never used as some form of emotional or relational currency on the show.
            What HAS been used as currency between Castle and Beckett on the show is the level of knowledge he has about her life versus what she has about his. They writers ignored opportunity after opportunity to have him divulge details about his life, and then had Meredith essentially throw that is Kate’s face last year in a way that suggested Kate may somehow overcome that obstacle.
            And then they dropped it, opting instead to gloss over her fears, ignore his very real (and canon) guardedness, and make her the bad guy for the sake of drama. Again. Because, see, it wasn’t enough that she had to do the same thing the season prior, and then essentially go to his home and grovel for forgiveness. (Castle’s lies were A-OK, though.)
            The fans are the only ones who’ve made “Castle vs. Beckett” a thing, and while I appreciate the fact that those behind the show clearly follow the online conversations about the characters, the “taking Beckett down a peg” has zero roots in Castle canon.

  29. paulemile says:

    i want to know if teenwolf go to play on mochmusic please

  30. Hmm says:

    If you say Stefan finds comfort in Elena, I will sock you in your Adam’s apple.

  31. Cas says:

    I like Joss and Harry. I think they have good chemistry and face it Savi was kind of a whore and broke his heart so she really has no say. Her little explanation of why she left in the first episode was crap. People just toss marriage aside these days instead of work on their problems, even in TV. Plus I really don’t like Dominic. However I wouldn’t be opposed to a Savi and Harry reunion either as I thought she should pick him the entire time but I don’t think a will they or won’t they thing is warranted. So basically screw Savi and let Joss and Harry be happy! As far as VD, let’s hope Stefan does something interesting so we aren’t bored. So him hanging with Enzo could be fun but I would expect Alaric because he did hang with Alaric before too occasionally. They should be looking for ways to get Damon and Bonnie back because they know nobody is gone forever in their town by now.

  32. Tracy says:

    What’s the point in watching Ryan Murphy’s new show? He ruins them after the first season and runs off to chase something else! Or he plays favorites and plays politics and ruins them! Either way, it’s bad!

  33. Tracy says:

    Madame Secretary will be good if there are liberal, conservative and independent viewpoints represented! If it’s simply an homage to being liberal it won’t be worth watching!

  34. Nice scoop on #Castle. I kind of want to guess whom they’ll cast as Henry… And the shrink and Coast Guard bits are tres intriguing.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Kinda sounds like whoever kidnapped Castle has him on a boat off the coast of the Hampton’s. :)

      • Just one thing says:


      • lame says:

        I hope David Amann writes a good tight plausible story, not something that was thrown together to fill the requirement for 23 episodes with gaping impossibilities.
        You’re on the timer and everyone is waiting, David.

        • William says:

          Given the negative fan reaction post the Season 6 finale and the forthcoming negotiations with the lead actors for extension to their current contracts, I think the ahowrunners (whether it be David or AWM fro behind the scenes) will need to address the marriage and where the relationship is expected to go once they walk down the aisle.
          I am a lot more interested in this supposed new mythology for the show which has me wondering if they are going to bring in a new character (who has perhaps a connection to Castle or his father) that will become the anchor for the Castle-Beckett story going forward (replacing Bracken and Kate’s mom’s murder). It would be tricky to explain to the audience and get them invested into, but if they go down this route and succeed, it might give the TPTB a theme to build the show around for another 2-3 seasons if the actors are on-board for the ride.

          • Just one thing says:

            Good points. I think it’s going to be very, very difficult to secure another season or two of Castle. Not just because I think Fillion is out, but also because I keep getting the impression that Castle, despite being a veteran series on ABC, has two leads who are being supremely underpaid.
            Salary speculation aside, it would be nice if they were able to develop a new storyline to freshen up the series. I’m not sure if adding a character will help, given how four of the eight actors continue to be underutilized. But I would be open to ANYTHING that shines more light on Castle’s past, or explains how he may be on a new path due to this trauma.

  35. Mike says:

    No glee scoop concerning Season 6 yet?

  36. William says:

    Hi. Can someone please tell me why my comments aren’t being posted. I tried to do my best to abide by the rules to be adhered to while posting my comments. A response would be appreciated.

  37. William says:

    @JustOneThing I have to agree with you wrt the status of the show beyond this season. Nathan has been saying for more than a year now that he would like to finish the series while its on a high. And for the first time Stana in her interviews during her visit to Greece openly talked about her plans post Castle (Her reference to another year of Castle was alarming too even though she might have just meant that they had atleast another season to go and who knows if the audience likes it and whether the network is willing to extend it beyond S7).
    But what does give me a little hope is AWM’s firm insistence that Season 7 wasn’t Castle’s last and that he was looking to do his best to get it up to Seasons 9 and 10. A tad optimistic by all accounts, but the longer the series goes the more money in royalties for him and the network. And even though they have stepped aside a little to try and develop more series for ABC, they have already pitched 2 ideas to the network since the end of Season 4 and none of them were even picked up for a pilot. So despite their plans and given the extremely low success rate of series getting picked up and making it beyond the first couple of seasons, it is definitely in their interests to continue to milk the series while it keeps on churning money for the network. (Which it does by all accounts)
    The salary stuff is kinda alarming though. After 6 seasons of a highly successful series, Nathan and Stana are getting peanuts compared to other actors on long-running shows across the networks. Granted it depends on the marketability and popularity of the show and the actors, but still the figures are very low when compared to other shows and actors having similar profiles and fanbase.
    It is also interesting to note that Nathan and Stana didn’t negotiate for higher salaries (And even more so the fact that they agreed to their respective contracts separately when David and Emily on Bones have been a lot more successful in earning raises and Executive Production rights by negotiating together), with Nathan instead pitching for a 4 day work week (Which was rejected). With Nathan’s switch to his new agency (which has previously handled contract negotiations for other very popular and relatively high-profile actors like Patrick Dempsey), ABC will certainly have to offer him and as an extension Stana much better contracts (wrt salry and lighter workloads if the demand be) if they want them to continue onto Seasons 8 and beyond.

  38. Mimi says:

    I don’t understand why there is so much contention for picking up Open! Do you know what the issues are for HBO?

  39. Shannon says:


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