Teen Wolf @ Comic-Con: Stalia's 'Rocky Road,' Derek's Human Future, Another Major Death and More

Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers

The Teen Wolf pack assembled Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con (to banshee-level shrieks) to drop some serious bombs. Because in addition to touting the show’s 20-episode renewal, there was another big announcement: Newly beta’d cast member Dylan Sprayberry will be a series regular come Season 5.

Now, onto other important matters…

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“They’re unique,” Shelley Hennig said of Stiles and Malia’s relationship. As for whether or not they have sex — thank Tyler Posey for that question — Hennig said that “of course” they do… before executive producer Jeff Davis killed all of our happiness by adding that Stalia has a “rocky road” ahead of them. (The secret of Malia’s “parentage,” Davis said, will cause major issues.)

Speaking of secrets, Derek hasn’t told everyone about his whole ‘I’m losing my powers’ debacle. “He’s going to have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf,” Tyler Hoechlin said of Derek’s big change. “It’s being a human, moving on and finding your identity.”

Lydia will also struggle to find her identity as a banshee, a journey that will kick into high gear this season as we learn more about her family and her past. “One of the things we’ve really enjoyed about crafting [Lydia’s] arc is that we can do it slowly,” Davis said. “We can do it over seasons and seasons. It’s a struggle for her to master her powers, and we’re going to see in the next two episodes how she struggles with that.”

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A montage of scenes from upcoming episodes found every member of the pack in dire straits, including Derek, who — don’t shoot the messenger! — appears to be dying. The gang is also changing the rules of the dead pool game by making their own list of assassins to kill.

There’s “a lot of decision-making” in the coming weeks, Davis explained. “A lot of character arcs [are] coming to a finish. One of the last lines [Peter] says is, ‘It was my bite that changed your life; it’s my bite that can end it.'” (Spoiler alert: Peter was in full wolf makeup when he made that threat.)

So, Teen Wolf fans, who do we think is going to die next? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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  1. paris says:

    I’m still waiting for them to really mourn Allison…or a flashback to her funeral!!!! Its as if she meant nothing

    • James says:

      Enough time has already been passed between 3B and 4 so they have already moved on from that dark chapter in their lives, except of course Papa Argent.

    • Ray says:

      It’s been months, and most people don’t want to watch 12 episodes of the pack sitting around moping.

    • I thought that her death scene was very beautiful. Chapter closed.

      • Crystal says:

        I totally agree with you. And what’s more important is that Crystal was happy with it. And I don’t find that they’ve forgotten about her.

      • jose says:

        I tik Allysin is coming back…


        she is 29, and she does not want to play a 17 year old girls… but dont miss judge me: She is to old for just living a good show… for example… Michelle on buffy, buffy ended just when the main character was 17 years old in real life, not 29, almost 30,… and whit many series ending after the first season,… she will come back… time to time

    • A. says:

      i think Allison will end up coming back to life, so Jeff might not want to dwell on that subject. But i also think if and when she comes back, she’ll be a little bit like ‘Winter Soldier’ and not remember anything and be a killing machine

      • krissy says:

        I think your right i think she may be the benefactor i think it could be her or lydias grandmother

        • That is extremely unlikely. Unless they replace Crystal for the part of Allison. She has already said in interviews, etc. that she won’t be coming back. It’s why they killed her off, she insisted on it, she was moving on with her acting career, and made it clear she wouldn’t return.

          • Harli says:

            Thank you Stephen. Everyone keeps insisting they will bring Allison back and shes the benefactor etc etc.. Crystal Reid did not want to continue with teen wolf, She had moved on and Asked, Again, She asked to be written off. She is not coming back!

    • mera says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Scott is cheater he didn’t even think twice about kissing Kira or feel bad about it. It is like Allison was nothing to him and don’t even think of her . Issac loved her and was really sad but Scott was sad about two minutes and then got a new girlfriend and she was the love of his life what a joke .l feel bad for her . l hope Issac and Allison get bake on screen and get together . wonder what Scott will do ??

    • mera says:

      I am sorry for being a little harsh on Scott he is a good guy but Allison was his first love and love of his life for 3 seasons .it was ended with beautiful scenes but short really really short . l just can’t imagine Scott with Kira .

  2. emily says:

    ” before executive producer Jeff Davis killed all of our happiness by adding that Stalia has a “rocky road” ahead of them.” all of our happiness? sorry no. we don’t all like stalia. stydia forever. so this news makes some of us happy.

    • Ray says:

      ‘all of our’ could technically mean every bit of THEIR happiness. ‘All’ could apply to the amount, not the number of people.

      That said, I can’t stand Stydia because Lydia treated Stiles like crap for so long and clearly DOESN’T want to be romantic with him.

      • Alaska says:

        Lydia has grown a lot since season 1, and quite frankly hun you’re not paying attention enough if you don’t realize how jealous Lydia is. I’m not even a Stydia but I see it.

      • Yeah Lydia doesn’t want Stiles romantically but you can’t blame her for ignoring Stiles in season 1. The thing is that he was almost stalking her (sometimes it seemed like that) and she just decided to ignore it instead of making something like calling police and saying that he is practically stalking her.

    • Mary Kate says:

      OMG yes! My thoughts exactly! Bring on Stydia!

      • Ari says:

        Why would you want that for Stiles? Lydia has treated him really badly and has made it very obvious she doesn’t want him. Why wish for him to have a one sided love when he can be with Malia, who actually reciprocates and appreciates his affection?

        • Crystal says:

          I agree & disagree with some of these comments. Yes, Malia does reciprocate Stiles’ love & appreciates him. And yes, Lydia did treat him bad in the past. Key word being past. Lydia treats him so differently now. She really does care about him. I think she does love him. I like both couples. I just want everyone to be happy and for Jeff to stop killing everyone! Can’t he just let them live for the rest of the series? Just kill the bad guys!

    • Alaska says:

      Thank you! I’m so happy their over

    • Steph says:

      I just hate the idea of Stalia sex. I mean, come on!! Why does it have to be Malia??? D:

  3. caro_brasil says:

    love Stalia =), human Derek, no fox? Liam in season 5 =), scott?

  4. V says:

    Derek better not die!!!!

  5. Nick says:

    So how did Peter became an alpha again if he hadn’t kill Scott yet, when he delivers the line? That’s interesting. Also, could he be the major death we’re being teased with? He isn’t part of the main cast, but has been around since season 1.

    • Ashbash says:

      I think that since Derek gave up his alpha powers last season being alpha reverted back to Peter since someone in the hale family has to be the alpha of the family (I think werewolf families act as packs).

      • Nick says:

        It doesn’t work this way, the alpha powers is either stolen from another alpha, or very rarely obtained by pure force of will (true alpha, like Scott). Why should the Hale family have an alpha just because they’re a werewolves family?

        • Anna says:

          Isn’t that how laura got her alpha powers in the first place, it got passed down to her after talia died.

          • Nick says:

            I always assumed that Laura killed her mom to get her alpha powers once her mom was doomed in the fire.
            At any case, Derek sacrificed his powers to heal Cora… so that power did not get lost with a death, but was spent. Well at least, that’s how Peter explained the practice.
            Finally, if Peter was to be an alpha, how is it his eyes are still blue?

        • Alaska says:

          Peter is not an Alpha yet, that’s why in the midseason trailer he is after Scott, to kill him and take his power. Let’s just hope Scott doesn’t kill him and loose his Alpha juice.

          • Nick says:

            Why would Scott lose his “alpha juice” in case he kills Peter? He’s an alpha by now, it’s not like he’s gonna lose his powers just because he killed a (very non-innocent) werewolf who attacked him.

          • Crystal says:

            They never even hinted at Laura killing her mother to steal her power. There was no need to because she was going to be the next alpha. If I remember correctly, I think it was said that she was being groomed to become alpha for when Talia was ready to give it up. And in 3A when Peter killed Jennifer/the Darach, right before he did she asked him something about wanting to become an alpha again. His response was that he has always been the alpha and will always be the alpha & he showed his red eyes then killed her. So, my question is, how is he still the alpha & how the hell does he make his eyes show blue and not red?

    • Hmm says:

      I don’t think he is an alpha again? Maybe it just means that the person who bit you can also take away your powers. For example: if Scott bites Liam again, he could take his power away. Maybe it’s just a power that wolves who turn other wolves have.

      • Ari says:

        I took it to mean that Peter bit Scott and turned him into a wolf, Peter was willing to kill Scott to get his alpha status back.

  6. FireFox says:

    i can imagine how confusing it is when they shoot. this show have 2 Tyler’s and 2 Dylan’s. i remember the story of taylor swift when they have to shoot the movie valentines day with Taylor Lautner. whenever the director says, “taylor you do this and that”, when she turns around, the director will say, “No, Not you the other Taylor!”

    • Alison says:

      OMG I seriously hadn’t thought of that. They’ve got to have nicknames on set. It does help they’re all not in scenes together all the time, though.
      Definitely excited for the rest of this season. I’m liking the Stiles/Malia pairing; they seem to think very similarly most of the time. I’m a die-hard Stiles/Lydia shipper, though…so torn.
      More Derek in trouble/danger just means more bloody/dirty/half-naked Tyler, and I’ll take “mmm, plot” scenes over almost anything. Stiles’ snark is a close second. Aarg I love this show!!!

      • When the Tylers have been on WolfWatch they refer to them as Posey and Hoechlin, and a few weeks ago the new Dylan was called Lil’ Spray (but I think that might have been by the old Dylan).

    • Cary says:

      As an actor, while I’m working, I prefer to use my character’s name rather than my own, since I’m in character at the time.

  7. Mare says:

    I’m really not happy with the Derek storyline. And how can he lose what he was born with? He isn’t a made werewolf, he was born it. He shouldn’t be able to lose it. Lame.

    • Ian says:

      I agree. But it’s a trope that happens, because it’s a way of exploring a character who’s empowerment is so strongly a part of their identity.
      Derek’s a Hale werewolf, and to strip him of his powers and make him human is a way to take him on a journey and test him.

      That said though, it’s yet to be determined if Jeff’s found any good way of explaining how Derek’s losing his powers. It was ridiculous that Derek was made a teenager again, which was really just an excuse to bring back the actor that was his young portrayer, so who can know if this won’t be silly as well.

      • michelle says:

        What is davis problem with derek. He cant be happy for more than one episode lol. I agree geneticly how can he not be wolf when he was born one. What about Kira. He sure likes the bromance relationships better. I think everyone was dismissing peter because they thought he did not have his power but he has never been one to be trusted

  8. Kait says:

    Did he accidentally admit that it’s Peter that dies? “One of the last lines he says.” I’m hoping he just meant in the season or mid-season trailer.

  9. I can’t really say that it “killed all of our happiness” about Stalia. I’m still not entirely sold on that. On other news, I’m happy to hear more about Derek and Lydia’s storylines.

  10. JT says:

    So everyone is just going to pretend that they don’t wanna know where Isaac and Ethan (I think he left after breaking up w/ Danny idk I forgot) are?

    • Will says:

      And not to mention, where’s Danny? It’d be nice to have all three of them back. And I’m really worried about the “a lot of character arcs are coming to a finish…” I hope that doesn’t mean Kira is going away. They need to keep her, and make her into more of a badass. I like the levity she brings, but really. Let’s bring out some hardcore kitsune action.

      • I’m like 90% certain that Malia (thank god) is gonna be one of the characters that die. little Dylan is coming back but Jeff said nothing about Malia. And Danny is coming Jeff said so at Comic Con

    • Cory says:

      Aiden is dead so Ethan has no need to return. If Isaac comes back I hope it’s for just a very brief arc, I was actually surprised by how much I don’t miss him at all. I like the energy Malia and Kira bring so I’ve been really okay with all the departures.

    • michelle says:

      what did Isaac do and i want to know where he is

      • Isaac went to France with Argent and Alison’s ashes. The assumption, until the show says otherwise, is that he stayed there.

        • Crystal says:

          Jeff said Isaac was staying in France. Danny is no longer a part of the show. I read somewhere that it was because there’s no reason for Danny to be on the show now that Jackson & Ethan are both gone. I think that really sucks cause I LOVE Danny & we just found out that he’s known the whole time about the werewolves.

  11. I really want them to bring back Allison Sorta like how they brought back Kate

  12. Sabrina says:

    Please don’t kill off Derek! He is to amazing and hot to be killed off!

  13. ssnaicc says:

    Anyone but Stiles, Derek, Kira or Lydia can die!!

  14. WHAT?! Derek is dying?! NOOO !!! That’s not fair! Don’t let him die! That would be a too big lost for the pack (and me)! He is one of the reasons why I am watching the show!
    I hope the authors think twice about it and give Derek back his powers and let him stay in the show.
    So, Malia and Stiles? Not really my favorite couple, but it’s okay.
    Since Parrish and Lydia are working a lot together I can see them as a nice couple too. :) Still wondering, why the Deputy is on the list and what powers he have to be worth so much of money.
    Hope they gonna find and kill the Benefactor soon!

  15. daniela says:

    dizem que na 5ºtemporada do teen wolf , o scoot e o stiles vao morrer

  16. dociarose says:

    Scariest thing anyone could say, “arcs coming to an end.” So, if they could kill Allison…would they kill Stiles or Derek or Lydia….Jeff Davis..DON’T do that! Work with Dylan O if other work calls to him, flex your schedules, keep him! And we LOVE DEREK and Lydia…and we love Papas Stilinsky and Argent and Moma Melissa – SOOO good. PLEASE!!!!!

  17. Allison says:

    I think they’re teasing Derek’s death every season I guess to keep people watching. I barely hold on to the show because of him.

    • Nick says:

      Ok, clearly it’s not Derek the one who’s gonna die… because this death will happen by the end of the season, and we learn that Derek is in bad shape in episode 6. They want the death to shock us, so no. Kinda like Cora and Isaac last season, they were in bad shape for the second half of the season, but Allison’s death was sudden and unexpected.
      My vote for the dying character goes to Peter. Especially if he turns against Scott, he’s doomed to die. It could also be Papa Stilinski, considering the scene where Melissa is so desperate… besides Scott (and he can’t die, b/c Jeff said that he’s still the Teen Wolf), the sheriff is the only one I could think of that would provoke such a reaction in her. Maybe Scott’s dad too, but he’s not really a main character.

      • Dj says:

        I think they have been holding back on Scott until this moment they want Scott to get over the fear of becoming a monster and losing control and I think when he see’s how much of a monster peter he will be like I’m nothing like that I’m not a monster and I think his true alpha powers are kicking in more you see how his teeth are changed

      • Maria says:

        I’M CRUMBLING INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hmm says:

    I’m full on terrified that Derek is gonna die. Like how much more stuff can they throw at him before he actually crumbles. His poor character never gets a break or happiness. Maybe for one hot second and then it’s onto the next crisis for him. I hope that if he does turn human that Scott will bite him to turn him back. On another note what is the deal with Peter going dark side again? I’m so confused and on edge for the rest of this season I can’t even think about season 5.

  19. gaby says:

    please dont kill off derek, that would b way 2 much sexy to lose

  20. Keeley says:

    I really hope Lydia doesn’t die because people are talking about that.

  21. Deandria says:

    I think Peter will die because Scott is the alpha not peter and I think Scott might rip him to shreads or just injure him badly

  22. Dee Bee says:

    I hate to say this, but based on the title of next week’s show, I think Sheriff Stilinsky is going to die. That would sadden me.

  23. Sarah says:

    Jeff Davis saying that some character arcs are coming to a finish is the scariest thing I’ve heard yet! Reading through the comments it seems like most people think Derek or Peter might die but I’m going to go out on a limb and say maybe it’s Stiles.. I mean last season he was the greatest threat of dying but this season he isn’t on the dead pool and is technically safe from assassins so he would be the last person anyone might think would die, which is kind of how Jeff played Allison’s death last season. Dylan O’Brien is also making quite a career for himself outside of the show, so he could possibly want to move on… I don’t want to believe this and I think that he won’t die, but it’s a possibility

    • Crystal says:

      Yeah, I don’t like the arcs coming to a finish thing either. I think it’s Derek or Peter. But, they’re making it too easy for us to think it’s Derek. But, on the other hand, they love to play mind tricks on us. So, maybe they’re making it easy so we think “ok, they’re making it too easy to think it’s Derek who is gonna die” & it actually turns out that Derek does die (does that make any sense?) I would seriously cry if almost any of the characters died. But, Derek is finally in a good spot. He’s content & semi-happy. He’s not a loner anymore, he’s got a pack & he’ll do anything for them (any of them). It would be horrible if Jeff killed him. I really hope it’s not Papa Stilinski because that would be beyond cruel to leave Stiles without both parents. He seriously might break if that happens. And it would be horrible if they killed Mama or Papa McCall seeing as Scott just lost Allison. I love Lydia, Kira & Malia…don’t want to see any of them die. The only person I would be “ok” with dying is Peter. Let our pack be happy for a change!

    • Maria says:

      Why would they kill Stiles if hes the problem solver? And if it was up to the pack to kill him they wouldn’t do it. Stiles is Scott’s best friend he wouldn’t kill his best friend, remember season 3A, Scott wanted to kill himself. Stiles said that they’re brothers so they’re going to do together, and he didn’t want Scott to kill himself. AND IF STILES DIES, I’M DONE!!!! I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! (i’m pretty sure if stiles dies ill still watch the show, its hard to stay away.)

  24. J.W says:

    Has any one thought back to season one when they say to cure ur self from being a werewolf u have to kill ur maker….. doesn’t that mean if Scott kills peter in fighting he will be human?

  25. Jeff is very good at keeping us on our toes. The young lady who played Allison went to Jeff early in the season to let him know she wanted to leave the series. Jeff made the comment that she came to him early enough that he could write a great script. Not sure who it is who will dye but don’t thing it will be any of the orginal cast. Although a think that a lot could be done with kira’s character, I don’t think that she is a good match for Scott. She has none of the wonderful characteristics that Allison had. Logic, compassion, elegance, sincerity, and just the look that Allison had. Sure Kira can be funny and good fighting with her friends, I just don’t believe that she has what it takes to be with Scott. I find other things to do when an inimate scene with Scott and Kira comes on. Just lacks the compassion. Hopefully they will become good friends and he will move on and find some body that will match or suprass what Scott and Allison had.

  26. damilola says:

    Tyler hoeclin will die next

  27. christina snapp says:

    i think Derek is next

  28. just let jackson and allison come back. Every one will be happy…

  29. laura says:

    I just hope Malia and styles get back together soon, I miss their cute kiss and cuddle scenes

  30. pleas lett allison come back pleaaas

  31. Elyse says:

    Neither Lydia or Derek are confirmed for season 5, and there was no mention of Peter but that may be just because he isn’t a main cast member. I feel like if one of those characters go then the show will be losing it’s roots, and won’t be teen wolf as much. We’re losing all the base characters from season 1, and it just wouldn’t be the same. Who wants a bunch of new characters running around not knowing or experiencing the things in season 1 that determined the lives of the original characters today. On the other hand I do love DSprayberry as a new character because the relationship between him and Scott shows how much Scott has changed since he was first made into a beta. And lastly I do truly hate Kira being portrayed as ‘a badass’ and she’s just a try hard and clearly can’t defend herself as she’s been slapped down twice now and can only fling a sword round to make up for her lack of fighting skills. I’d much rather her kitsune character be explored and focus on her powers of that rather than a sword.

    • Halle says:

      I think that holland is coming back because she promised a fan a video chat for the cystic fibrosis Diease that they supported. She promised a video chat when she gets to set in January

  32. Fan says:

    What bothers me is that every character has gotten an explained exit and while I appreciate that Jeff kept Issac alive for the actor to possibly return, they have not even bothered to reconcile where he went. They even made the effort to at least put a quick scene of an Ethan “I’m leaving town” and for Erica, they at least did a flashback for a character that was dropped by the actress who was at least kind enough to take the time to film that flashback. But Issac doesn’t even get a mention? And Morrel, I will always wonder what happened to her. Last I heard, Scott wasn’t going to let the Alpha’s kill her in the woods…and we have never seen her again.

  33. Malia James says:

    I think Peter or Kate is gonna die next

  34. Malia James says:

    I think Peter or Kate is gonna die next and I hope Malia and stiles are together during season 5

  35. Ilove teen wolf i can watch it over and over again

  36. almamy says:

    i thint derek is going to die next

  37. Sofi says:

    If Derek doesn’t come back for season 5 I’m not watching the show again, seriously.

  38. zac says:

    Derek’s HUMAN future? but he evolved into a black wolf and got his powers back

  39. Oce says:

    I love Stacia for so many reasons … just the look stiles gives Malia makes me melting…

    It’s a little bit sad that they aren’t mentioning Allison anymore. But I prefer it more than a crying gang because of her death. Sounds harsh but it’s the way I think sry

  40. juliana says:

    Please bring alison back she is one of my favirote caracter se inspires me and the twin brothers lida and he wil make a great couple scott and allison together again please teen wolf inspire a lot of people even me.and age does not matter your the glue that holds the groep togheter

  41. juliana says:

    Why must we stil watch teen wolf if everybody is life like jackson ethan danny aliison isaac and derek is dieing and stiles has not have a great relasonship he needs a reel girlfriend how likes him and derek needs one two he ‘s ancule killed his first girlfriend en he but he love her and allison se is my favorite character in teen wolf and lida and mila well a lot of people but allison is the one thaqt stands out se alway s lose somebody and then gets angry and fighet for her family and the direckter must give her a nother chance and allison don’t give up please you can give it a noghet chance.

  42. reeneawolf says:

    I think k it will be scot because he is the star and if they end the seres you must kill the star

  43. stefano says:

    una serie televisiva, che ti tiene incollato al divano. visto l argomento trattato riesce a non essere violenta , ma il bene e l amicizia vince sempre su tutto e lo stare uniti,
    gli attori guardando le intervisti sono davvero uno spasso

  44. jose says:

    I tik Allysin is coming back…


    she is 29, and she does not want to play a 17 year old girls… but dont miss judge me: She is to old for just living a good show… for example… Michelle on buffy, buffy ended just when the main character was 17 years old in real life, not 29, almost 30,… and whit many series ending after the first season,… she will come back… time to time

  45. Noelle says:

    Honestly I love Malia and Lydia both and of course I love how Stiles has a forever crush on her but I think malia and stiles are so cute together and I think Lydia isn’t really looking for a relationship after everything that is happening to her.. Maybe her and Parrish will get together? Who knows! I really hope Isaac comes back.. He has always been one of my favorites. Jackson too. And tbh I don’t think Allyson is ever going to come back. Of course there will be flashbacks of her but I know as an actress she does not want to come back. And everyone hates on Kira but she’s honestly not that bad.. Scott just can’t spend every season pining over Allyson he needs to move on and I think Kira is perfect for that. Can’t wait for the season to start! <3<3<3

  46. Jenna Lee pont says:

    Guys stop. STEREK FOR LIFE! I reeeeally hope Stalia dies off and Sterek lives even though Derek won’t be in season 5. Peace out.

  47. Shouldn’t stiles be a werewolf since he got bitten by Scott in season 4

  48. Will stiles become a werewolf because he got bitten by Scott in season 4