Extant Recap: Crappy Birthday to You

Extant Season 1 Recap

It’s Molly’s birthday – well, sort of — this week on Extant, and to celebrate, the universe gifts her with a giant box of WTF?!? (Hope you kept the receipt, universe: Molls already has that.)

The episode revolves around party John throws to make up for his wife’s spending her special day alone in space. But what he should celebrate is the fact that she finally ‘fesses up about everything she’s been keeping from him… which is a good thing, because by the end of the hour, Molly’s inner turmoil creates a lot of outer turmoil for her entire family — and then some.

Read on as we review what went down in “Wish You Were Here.”

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THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING | Thanks to a little veterinary facility B&E, ISEA Director Sparks becomes aware that Dr. Sam took an unauthorized peek at what’s growing inside Molly’s uterus. As he wonders how best to bring the astronaut in for further study, we learn that Molly was pregnant once before, with Marcus’ baby, and she miscarried in the same car accident that killed Marcus.

Over at Casa Woods, Molly lies in bed and remembers the day that John first pitched the idea of raising Ethan as their own child. The short version: She wasn’t psyched. “You can’t just plug-n-play a family,” she counters in the flashback, adding that she’s just signed up for a stint on the Seraphim. In the present day, though, John and Molly are much happier and chat about the business of the day: Ethan’s school orientation, Molly’s aforementioned make-up birthday bash and – most importantly – some morning sex. (Yes, we’ve covered this before, but John could proto my type anytime he wanted. Moving on!)

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THE CIRCLE GAME | A meeting with Sparks doesn’t put any of Molly’s fears to rest; he lies explains that a “covert program in the medical center” at ISEA pulled some nanotech kung-fu and reversed her infertility without her knowledge or consent. So their cover is that instead of alien ghost rape, Molly instead is the victim of mini-robot rape? Awesome.

I’m going to chalk Molly being upset to her overly dramatic and clunky monologue when, at Ethan’s orientation, a few other parents object to “a toaster with hair” being allowed to learn alongside their children. “He’s not dangerous, he’s different. And you don’t have to be afraid of different,” she says. Non-toaster’s dad looks about as excited about that romp through Free to Be You and Me as I am, Molls.

Later, Molly swings by Kryger’s trailer and finds him gone (permanently?), then notices the same circular pattern that popped up on her abdomen inscribed on his wall. She takes a cell-phone photo and leaves, but it soon becomes clear that ISEA is tailing her and doesn’t even care if she knows.

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FOR SHE’S A JOLLY SCREWED FELLOW | Still, once a futuristic Evite has gone out, it must be honored, eh? So Molly’s friends and loved ones show up at her house for the second time in, what, two weeks? for another party in her honor. Dr. Sam brings a blood-draw kit (disguised as a gift? Is that level of subterfuge really necessary?) and takes some from Molly, promising to return in two hours with the results of the baby’s DNA test. But right after she leaves, those circles pop up on Molls’ arm and she doubles over in pain, flashing back again to Faux-cus (yeah, I’m still gonna use that) on the ship telling her that it’s OK.

She recovers and comes downstairs in time to greet Tim, Marcus’ brother, whom she hasn’t seen since the car accident. They reminisce a little and he mentions seeing Marcus everywhere. He means it metaphorically, at least that’s what we’re led to think until the end of the party. More on that in a minute.

Ethan gets in trouble with John for breaking the rules – he went outside and trapped a bird, which isn’t helping your creep factor, kid – but Papa Woods soon is distracted by his son’s mention that Molly is keeping a secret. When John confronts his wife in their bedroom while the guests revel downstairs, Molly has no choice but to admit that she’s expecting. “The ISEA did it,” she says, and he completely buys it. Not that I would want him to jump to the adultery thing, but isn’t it possible John’s a wee bit too trusting of his totally shifty wife?

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NOWHERE MAN | Anyway, back to Tim: As the festivities wane, Molly asks John if the guest in question has left yet. John has no clue what she’s talking about… because Tim was never there. A group photo taken earlier in the evening backs that up: Though Molly clearly recalls Tim standing next to her when the flash went off, there’s just an empty space by her side.

This realization sets off a Jupiter-sized freakout that sends Molly off with Sparks for more tests. John, rightly, is all, “They robo-knocked you up, and you’re going back there?” So she spills everything else she’s been hiding – about seeing Marcus on the ship – and hops in the car with Sparks.

At that exact moment, some strong-armed goons are confiscating everything in Sam’s ISEA office. So she calls John to find out where Molly is and sends off an emergency text – “Get out of the car! – to her pal before the big guys can stop her. As Molly and Sparks tussle for the wheel, he sees the circles bubble up on her abdomen. When he finally pulls over, Molly jumps out and runs away, straight into the path of John, who’s come to rescue her.

When an ISEA assault team (totally normal for a scientific entity to have automatic weapons and riot gear, right?) storms the Woods home, they find it empty. “They’re gone,” an officer informs Sparks.

Now it’s your turn. Did you think the Julie-Ethan stuff was sweet? Is John too trusting of Molly? Are you surprised that Sam isn’t one of the bad guys? And where’s Yasumoto? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Horrible tv show… Seriously. I watched two episodes and decided not to waste my time on this show again. Even though I like Halle and Goran… I think this show is a big failure… It will be cancelled any time soon! Hopefully!

    • Spencer says:

      This comment wins the award for most irrelevant comment on a post. Good job!

      I am still really intrigued by the show and I’m excited to see what happens next. Also, Kimberly, your recaps are absolutely spot-on and hilarious!

      • Ross says:

        How possibly is the comment you’re referring to ‘irrelevant’ ?
        You need to look up the word, you ignorant troll. This persons comment is completely relevant (and justified for that matter)

        In other news, you take home the award for ‘most ignorant comment ever on a post’
        Good job!!

        Feel free to respond with a ‘relevant’ (now that you’ve looked up the word) attack on me.

    • James says:

      It’s a limited series.

    • hud says:

      Agree. CBS puts money into this tripe, and let’s good programs like the Mentalist float around with no time slot. Can’t wait for Madame Secretary no doubt another winner…

    • melsano says:

      The acting is amazing, and the premise is interesting; you obviously are not.

      • The acting is amazing? What, are you watching this while wearing a blindfold?

        • zigzagzoey says:

          I agree with you. I don’t think the acting is good at all. Halle Berry is pretty overrated as an actress. She’s not the worst, but she is not great at all.

          • Don`t get me wrong: I think Halle Berry is not that bad actress. She was excellent in MOnster`s Ball and some other films. The thing is, in this film I don`t see that Halle Berry I like. I also found too many stories in one tv series. I just stopped watching this… that`s all!

      • The acting is amazing? Well, if you want to see real acting, then watch “The Mentalist” or “Fringe”, watch “Sex And The City”, or The Game of Thrones.
        I don`t see any good acting in “The Extant”…

      • Ross says:

        The acting in the show is horrendous!
        The dialogue is awful and the characters are two dimensional.
        Incredibly disappointing show……I was truly expecting much better quality here.

  2. herman1959 says:

    I’ll continue to watch, since all my other shows are on hiatus (even Endeavour is over), but I do have one bone to pick – the ending made no sense! Molly manages to get out of Sparks’ car, runs (s-l-o-w-l-y) in the opposite direction and is met by her husband (in his car). The very next scene is ISEA storming the unoccupied house then informing Sparks that “they’re gone!”. REALLY? When Molly was found by her husband, she was only a matter of yards from Sparks in his car, there was no crash, and Sparks wasn’t hurt. How is it possible for the entire Woods family to get away from Sparks and disappear?

    There are only two answers to this riddle: (1.) A few minutes were edited with associated continuity problems, or (2.) Sparks knows where they are/helped them get away (a 180 degree turn by him). The first is unacceptable, and the second still makes no sense unless we see some serious back-flash footage explaining it all next week. Until then…

    • James says:

      We can assume a significant amount of time was skipped between the last two scenes so Molly and his family had more than enough time to pack up and leave in a jiffy.

      And yes, there was no crash but Sparks got knocked out cold when his head got hit by the steering wheel during the commotion.

      • herman1959 says:

        OK James, I’ll give you this one – I reviewed the scene TWICE and Sparks does appear to be slumped over the steering wheel (but without apparent injury, blood, or blow to the head) as Molly exits the car, The fact that I had to look this carefully to see it makes me think that the original scene was longer, but edited awkwardly leading to my confusion. I can admit when I’m wrong, but I’d still like them to explain it next week.

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    Really? A Extant recap? Why are you guys so in-consistent with what shows you recap and post on? Where are the Suits recaps and what not? The popular ones you get 50 comments on? Rachel just cheated on Mike and he got fired (aka it was a HUGE episode) and Extant gets a recap? The show that is being made fun of everywhere and is gonna get cancelled soon?

  4. laurelnev says:

    I had such high hopes for this show. How many better sci-fi shows have been canceled just when they were getting good, and THIS drivel is what brings Halle back to TV? Like “Under the Dome” and “Intelligence,” I’m not sure WHY I keep watching, but I do. Maybe I hope they’re going to start coming together at some point. Thank GAWD they canceled “Intelligence” so I no longer suffer through crap, only for a little smidge of eye-candy.

    • hud says:

      What to suffer, wait for NCIS NO.

    • R.O.B. says:

      Under the Dome is SOOO cheesy. I am still watching but I am on the verge of checking out. A lot of bad acting, but especially the boy and his girlfriend. Horrendous. There are so many good shows sprouting up now, these network shows really need to up the ante. And meanwhile Hannibal, one of the best network shows to come around in a long time, is unwatched. I blame the folks.

    • I started watching “The Strain” and I really liked it. If you have seen “Fringe” then you`re gong to love this one too.

  5. Ian says:

    I really like the tone and the feel of the show, and with this episode, the conspiracy and the mysteries just got even more interesting. I do think this series is headed toward quite the satisfying conclusion.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    I’m really enjoying it. Haven’t watched some true sci-fi in quite a while.

  7. Chilly20 says:

    I don’t think John is being too trusting of Molly. I think he understands the turmoil she has been through – the boyfriend dying, miscarrying, being in space for 13 months alone and seeing dead people. Its traumatizing and I think he is very sympathetic to her issues. He is being the understanding husband. The question is how long will he continue to be such, especially when the baby’s paternity comes into question?

  8. zigzagzoey says:

    They tell her it was a fertility experiment….So WHY would they do it to the GUY? Of course, she doesn’t think of that. And I really cannot stand the guy who plays her husband. Why would they play that video of stuff she missed while in space at her birthday party and not the homecoming party?

  9. R.O.B. says:

    This show has been removed from the DVR. Too cheesy. It’s not Halle Berry. For one thing, it’s the completely fake relationship between her and her husband. He’s too happy go lucky – I don’t buy the relationship at all. It’s like she’s married to Mister Rogers. And the robot kid is cheesy as well. Never mind the “we have 100 friends ready to attend a party any time” cliche. As for the kid attending school, that was accepted way too quickly by the parents, who were rightfully skeptical. Also cliche calling him a “toaster” like in Battlestar Galactica. Why not just a “robot” or a “computer”? Why is “toaster” the go-to metal object? Do they even have toasters that far in the future anymore?

  10. kirads09 says:

    I am enjoying this series for what it is. And I like Ms. Berry.

    Am I the only one who thinks Molly’s husband is himself involved in the conspiracy somehow?
    As is the assistant lady from the lab. She seems to want to take Molly’s place or something. For sure she wants to possess Ethan. Maybe she and hubby had something going the 13 mo’s wifey was in space? Just very suspicious to me.

    The robot kid freaks me out. Not just because he is one. But he reminds me A LOT of Damien from the Omen and I don’t like that he really seems to enjoy killing/abusing (his interpretation playing with?) animals.

  11. Zigg Oz says:

    The show is at the beginning, I at least do not know whether it will be good or bad. Really the Extant has a very interesting initial script, excellent actors, and careful production, it can not be denied these qualities. And if the story arc be directed to the side of science fiction, I’m really going to applaud, because I like it is. But if the show is leaning more toward a family drama, I’m out.

  12. Ross says:

    ….and the networks are wondering why their failed shows and dwindling audiences have us abandoning them and running to cable. Quality, quality, quality!!!

    This show reeks of bad acting, convenient plot motivation, poor editing and sub-par direction.
    Step up or step aside CBS. You can’t hang your hat on a ‘concept’ and then fail to deliver week after week. I had high hopes for this (given the pedigree) but I’m struggling to stay involved.

  13. Nahla says:

    Get rie of halle berry recast her role with paula patton or zoe zaldana and the. You will have a hit these women can bring a sensé of reality to this si ci halle berry can Not act , Halle is boring old and full look at her hand they look like she is 90 years old have you ever looked at her ugly hands, ugly face and ugly attititude. halle has took h personal bag face to participate in évén an ensemble role Halle is is finished washed up

  14. Nahla says:

    House of cards Game of thrones vikings max m’en , évén american hot for store staring jessica Lang was excellent. The word starring zoe zaldana, the White Queen all these grreat shows i watch , Now you tell me why would I évén watch a trailer that Halle Berry is in I just heard about Halle berry few years ago when someone said she don an oscar for some mobie called Mondters Ball well everyo ne i know says her movies are about mostly ghetto prostitution drugs, I dont watch mess like that except when you have a génétique like Quentin Tarantino writing and dire hing but if Quentin put halle berry in one of his movies I would not watch it either not because of qui ton Tarantino Tarantino is awesome but because Halle Berry is simple a horrible actor, Sûre i love Steven Spielberg but i will not watch anything Halle berry is in no mattert Who the director is because Halle berry cannot hold the attention of an audience for one second when someone cant act they cant act But scarlott johanson Paula’. PattonVanessa wiliams, évén jada pińettte can really hold an audience attention if they made a mobie just with 2 people in it, Steven speilberg is a gold director but why did he décide to throwing away his réputation to put Halle Berry in something he is dire gong speilberg should have cast me instrad or an unknown to play milky i guarantee you he would have had the greatest ratings but it just juń when the movie is cast with halle berry its just ruined with an actor Who can not act halle berry cannot act

  15. I am finding myself increasingly liking this. Some of the sci-fi elements are derivative, but it’s done surprisingly well, especially given that it’s on CBS (I can’t remember the last time I watched a CBS drama of any kind).

    Kimberly, your first paragraph is a truly inspired bit of snark. Kudos!