NCIS Alum Cote de Pablo to Star in CBS' The Dovekeepers Miniseries

NCIS fans holding out hope for Cote de Pablo‘s return to CBS are getting their wish — sort of.

The actress has signed on to star in the Eye Network’s miniseries adaptation of The Dovekeepers, Alice Hoffman’s historical novel about four women in ancient Israel whose lives intersect at the siege of Masada. That real-life event occurred in 70 C.E. (aka A.D.), when 900 Jews who’d been forced out of Jerusalem by the Romans held out for months against Roman troops at a mountain fortress in the Judean desert.

The four-hour project, from executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, is slated to air in 2015.

According to a network release, de Pablo will play Shirah, “a sensual, mysterious and fiercely independent single mother with uncanny insights and a quiet and mysterious power. She is derided by many as the ‘Witch of Moab,’ as she covertly practices forbidden ancient rites of magic and is keenly knowledgeable about herbal remedies. However, those in need don’t hesitate to approach her for her help and generosity of spirit.”

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“We are thrilled to have Cote de Pablo starring in The Dovekeepers,” said Roma Downey. “Her talent, strength and beauty will light up the screen in the important role of Shirah.”

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  1. Darlene says:

    Well good for her.

  2. DAG says:

    Great casting. But, I have no idea how they’ll boil that book down to four hours of TV viewing.

  3. So excited for Cote de Pablo! And glad that CBS and Cote are on good terms. :-)

    • Dean says:

      Which only confirms the rumors of CBS ‘firing’ her were just that. Rumors

      • Darlene says:

        What else in all those theories flying around were just false rumors? Makes ya wonder.

      • Maggie says:

        Apparently there’s also no truth to the rumors that no producer (certainly not at CBS) would ever hire her again.

        • Maria says:

          Who came up with that rumor? Seeing as she already has two roles including one at CBS this was was invented by someone looking to smear her reputation.

      • Exactly!!! Question is, though, why hasn’t she been asked to guest star on NCIS in the meantime? Clearly, CBS isn’t the problem as she’s doing a miniseries for them. :-)

        • Znachki says:

          Perhaps she has, and shhe doesn’t want to Or more likely, she asn’t. After all she’s the one who left – and at the last minute

          • Q says:

            “After all she’s the one who left – and at the last minute”
            She is only one from two!
            Yes, for negotiation you need two sides, and Cote was only one of them.
            Negotiation was fail not just because she, but AND because second side of negotiation table.
            So, be fair.
            50% her leaveis Glasberg and co. fail.
            Until now, we don’t know, what’s really happen, and you journalists, dont have balls keep asking, until you heve correct ansver for us.
            We still read blah blah, but serious info, during last year…, none, null….

        • leia says:

          CLearly nothing was the problem as it was CBS who was negotiating the NCIS contract. SHe wanted to leave so she could do other things, like a movie, an miniseries and have a life on the side. She hasn’t been asked to guest star for the obvious reason, that it would start a firestorm all over again. The other actors don’t deserve a reboot of the h*** delivered to them last year by crazed Ziva zealots

        • Glenda says:

          the mini series was done and played on the history channel already then cbs wanted it

      • flootzavut says:

        It takes a lot of massaging of the facts for anyone to still believe she left for any reason except because she wanted to… but I don’t doubt some will still cling to the idea CBS pushed her out. Anything to avoid the reality, that she decided to leave.

    • Jeanne says:

      I’m so happy for Cote, and can’t wait to see her in this mini series. So glad she will be able to show her remarkable talent.

    • Jeanie says:

      I’m really excited to see it too. I can’t wait to see Cote in screen again.

    • Glad to hear she will be on another series. We love her. We have comcast. What channel wil,she be on?

  4. Maggie says:

    This is great news!!! so excited for this. It will be great to see her on my TV again. And when she finishes shooting, she can go do some episodes of NCIS (fingers crossed)

  5. kath says:

    Glad to see this. It will give her the chance to stretch beyond the ‘wash, rinse’ repeat’ that was her life as Ziva.

    • Chris says:

      She’s playing an Israeli woman with special powers.
      Sounds like rinse and repeat to me.

      I will say congratulations to Cote de Pablo! This sounds like an awesome project and a great opportunity.

      • John NYC says:

        Indeed and one would have thought they could have found four actual Israeli women to play the roles.

        No doubt why they call it “acting”.

      • TullaT says:

        She’s playing a woman who lived 2000 years ago and was a witch. It’s hardly typecasting, unless all you can see is “Israeli”

  6. That’s awesome! can’t wait to see it! She is a terrific actress and I’m so happy to see her back.

  7. I will be watching! She is so talented! Congrats Cote and good for CBS for getting her back on their network! It’s about time! :)

  8. Rachel says:

    So happy to hear this!! I’ve missed seeing Cote on my TV screen. Can’t wait to see it!

  9. mia says:

    Miss de Pablo is sorely missed so I’m very happy we’ll be able to see her on the screen soon. As Roma Downey says, “her talent will light up the screen”.

  10. Claire says:

    Sign me up! I have missed Cote terribly and am very excited for another chance to watch this gifted person in action.

  11. Maria says:

    I am so looking forward to this. I love Cote and want to see her in more stuff. The role and miniseries series sounds like really exciting stuff. Cote will be great in it.

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    Could be cool…if the production value is REALLY high, but its network TV which makes me think we are gonna see the white washed PG version of this real historical event, instead of what really happened.

  13. I loved watching NCIS, I still watch it, but I do not like Bishop. They could have done a much better job picking someone else who would continue the flirting and antagonism that kept the characters on their toes, but instead went with another McGee or Abby; mistake. Get rid of her, and find someone better please. Love this show.

  14. Jenna says:

    Good for her! I’m excited to see Cote back on my tv. And this seems like the perfect role for her.

  15. milton wedman says:

    Mark Burnett and Roma Downey – You could NOT have picked a better person. I am thrilled for Cote. She is an amazing actress. NCIS loss. Now pull out those Gibbs ex-wives Glasberg and try and do some sort of interesting story Hah….Oh, that’s right you did that 3 times already.

    • Dean says:

      And that is what shows weather you’re an NCIS fan or a Cote fanatic who would disembowl babies in her name. I’m sure you know which one you are.

    • Get a clue... says:

      How is it NCIS “loss” when she bloody quit the show? Logic certainly ISN’T your friend is it?

      • Q says:

        “Get a clue… says:”
        And what about your logic?
        Is she quit show willingly?
        She quit after fail negotiation.
        So, that is 50% her, and 50% Glasberg and co. fault.
        Or I am wrong?
        Glasberg and co. was wait until last moment, and don’t give her, what she want.
        So, she leave.
        Until today we don’t know, what was problem.
        Glasberg is extremely silent.
        I ask why?
        And whe I ask here, and give some question about that, “journalist” dont have balls to ask him about that.
        And keep asking, until get full answer.

        Sometime use logic mister.

        PS: Slezak or Mitovich, when we get full story, about this unsolved problem?
        I know, you boys without balls…you newer get this story out for us.

        • Adam says:

          So you know everything about the negotiations that happened? You do understand contract negotiations are between the two parties and not prone to discussion to the rest of the world unless stipulated by the two parties. After 8 years the woman decided to leave her job for HER reasons–not yours–what those reasons are, isn’t any of your damn business. Yet, using your LOGIC you demand answers. Tell you what, “Q”, since you are so in the know about everything and making insults at others–why don’t YOU get the answers–from a credible source with documentation–and show us, what great balls you seem to have. Otherwise, zip it. Only one with a problem I see is you.

          • Q says:

            Adam, your logic is really fare away from you.

            “After 8 years the woman decided to leave her job for HER reasons–not yours–what those reasons are, isn’t any of your damn business.”
            Not ONLY HER mister, but AND THEM, because fail negotiation.
            HER is ONLY 50%, others 50% is Glasberg &co.
            Yes, you correct, two partners, why you forget for second side?
            She is NOT decided to leave wilingly!

            How I insult you, or someone?
            Whe I say “boys without balls” ?
            Well, when they feed us with empty words, they deserved it.

            “…answers–from a credible source with documentation…”
            Mister, this is journalists job, not my!
            They have time for that, they get money for that….and when readers ask for that, they give us just sh..t!
            Now check, how many times in discussions readers ask for those answers.
            100’s times!
            Answer, zero!

            Check how stupid answers they get it from Glasberg.
            No coment from them, no next question, no pushing for right answer, just pasive position.
            That is NOT journalism.
            If you say diferent, you don’t know, what you talking about.

            If you like be feeded with sh..t, enjoy it.
            But if someone want real info, not only blah blah blah, just shut up.

          • Adam says:

            Well, obviously English is not your native language. Yes, your words are insulting and if you are trying to make a point it has been lost in the translation. I respect people who make reasonable comments. You seem to enjoy insulting people and that shows your lack of respect for other people’s opinions. FYI, journalists are invited to do interviews on certain subjects, not browbeat people for answers UNRELATED to the subject matter of the interview. It’s too bad you cannot COMPREHEND the fact that Cote CHOSE to leave because SHE wanted to, too bad that doesn’t fit into your fantasy world. I know quite a lot about journalism–too bad you don’t. As far as shutting up–you first.

        • leia says:

          umm once again GG didn’t have a hand in the negotiation nor did MH or Charles Floyd Johnson, it was CBS and only CBS. That she’s going to work for them again speaks volumes. But it will never silence the nonsensical fanatic hoard that can’t let go and have to blame someone for their pain. that they still hold this pain one year later is psychologically significant as DR Kate’s sister would say. I’m happy to see her in such a significant story, lovely lady, just wish she’d had a talk with her colleagues and fans before she left.

    • Yes, Cote is an amazing actress and I look forward to seeing her in The Dovekeepers. And agreed, it’s NCIS loss, but CBS’ gain. :-)

  16. Shaun says:

    I’d like to see her on Agents of SHIELD at some point.

  17. Evan says:

    Oh great, devout Christians telling a Jewish story. No thanks! You’ll no doubt keep mentioning how we killed Jesus every 5 seconds.

    • J says:

      Good job negating your complaint about religious bigotry with MORE religious bigotry.

    • Q says:

      Don’t worry Evan. All religions is for idiots, you are (and your religion as well) is not diferent.

    • Ralph Spooner says:

      Evan, I am a devout Christian and I do not blame the Jews for the death of Jesus. Jesus came to this earth to live and teach us, those that would accept it, the will of God and how he wanted us to live our lives. He willingly gave his life up on the cross. There was a process, although human, that had to be gone through to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies.

  18. Kristie says:

    Great news. Sounds like an interesting role. I figured it was only a matter of time that she would start gracing the big and little screen. She was so fantastic in her final year on NCIS. Really an underrated actress but NCIS never gets any respect anyway. Critics treat it like a cartoon. I never realized how much I missed her until I started watching this season. Great to see her in a period piece.

  19. JaKe421 says:

    I’m so excited to see Cote de Pablo return to television! I will always miss the character of Ziva David but it’s great we’ll get to see Cote de Pablo’s range as an actress. Looking forward to The Dovekeepers and The 33.

  20. ralph says:

    i love cote in anything she does . she is most awesome and i will miss her on ncis. the show will not be the same there now is a huge hole in the show. but rest assured i will be watching the dove keepers. just to see her work her magic

  21. Great that Cote will be back on TV and even better on CBS!
    And this book is so amazing, it will be a great mini series and Cote will be fantastic!
    So CBS never was the problem that she’s not back on NCIS!
    But maybe Mr. Organic comes to his mind and does what CBS already did: Get Cote back on his show because NCIS will never be great again without Ziva and TIVA!
    Anyway, Congrats to Cote and the producers of the mini series!

  22. Dmav says:

    I am absolutely appalled that the moderator on this site has allowed the unsubstantiated accusations that David McCallum sexually harrassed Cote’ and that it is a “well known fact” he has done it before. It is vile and disgusting, David McCallum is a well respected as an actor and a human person. God forbid he speak up when asked about her. All he said is that she left in a bind due to her late exit. Do you think for one minute the network would keep David on the show if there was a hint of scandal and yet you have no problem posting an outright lie. Some of you are treading into dangerous territory are treading very close to libel. What the heck Andy you know this is a complete fabrication of the facts behind her decision to go. You people are pathetic.

    • Esther says:

      What in the world are you talking about Dmav? There is no mention of David McCallum in this article.
      Ms. dePablo is doing exactly what she said she was going to do when she chose to leave NCIS. She is pursuing other avenues for exercising her acting skill.
      Period. End of story.

  23. Great, she is a super actress I am sure she can handle the role. Looking forward to seeing it

  24. cindy says:

    Very happy that she has a good role and it sounds like an interesting series; we’ll be watching (I don’t know much about Roma Downey but Mark Burnett produces wonderful shows; I hope we Americans can do as good a job as the British do

  25. cdn says:

    I am so glad to see her return to a CBS show. You can bet I (we) will watch every one of the episodes.

  26. Patti says:

    Ziva needs to return to ncis. Bishop is terrible. We went from Kate to Ziva, NCIS took a step up. With Bishop NCIS has fallen two steps down

    • Sandy says:

      I like Bishop. I loved Ziva, but the role was at a dead end with nowhere to go. It was time for a change for the show and for the actress.

  27. HYMN says:

    Fantastic news. will be looking forward to seeing her work again,it has always been a pleasure. All the best to her.

  28. Ebby says:

    I don’t really care which part she’ll be in but I do like her back where I can watch her on daily or weekly basis. She rocks anyway. But to see Cote to NCIS is an explosion. Booooom! I am so happy for her. Hugs & kisses to you, Cote!

  29. Mary Brown says:

    SOOOOOOOOOoooooo glad to see my girl coming back to tv!!! I’m looking forward to this production!

  30. LaCelle says:

    Sounds like a good mini series coming up! Look forward to seeing her on the screen again. Still miss her very much on NCIS, though.

  31. Dorothy Lucente says:


  32. No. “NCIS fans holding out hope for Cote de Pablo‘s return to CBS are getting their wish — sort of”. The fans are waiting for her to return to NCIS not CBS. They couldn’t care less what network.
    I don’t care if she comes back or not. The “Ellie Bishop” haters need to grow up. Personally I like Emily Wickersham and the Bishop character. If Ziva comes back for an episode or two, fine but I’m not holding my breath. Glad she’s doing the “DOVEKEEPERS”. Looking forward to it.

  33. mary says:

    We really appreciate her unique magnificent acting and Looking forward to seeing this series, especially because of the topic and the fine actress. We have missed her. When will it be on?

  34. nikki morrow says:

    Not really interested in a mini series. Great for her. Hope she gets many more mini series.

  35. Artist says:

    Can’t decide if I want to burp or fart in her face for leaving NCIS. I hope the show bombs!!

  36. Jeanie says:

    Great casting.

  37. BRING BACK ZIVA AT ANY COST. She was such an important part of the show. She just shined. Not nearly as interesting now. In fact have actually switched off to another channel. Just not the same without her. LOVE all the other characters.

  38. sharon says:

    Can’t wait to watch it; I miss Cote on T.V.!

  39. Teresa Martin says:

    oh I cant wait looks really exciting and Im looking forwards to seeing that program on air soon yuss some decent TV .

  40. isn’t that thee mount of Masada.

  41. Maryann says:

    I am so happy that she is doing well. But, I want her back. I know so many so get over it. Well what they have is awful on NCIS. She has no class, has not pulled the group together, seems that she has no idea what is going on and Tony would never give that warm part of the family. We still miss you Cote. You gave the show every thing the show needed.

  42. I am a huge fan of CSI and NCSI, I dont care if they do not talk to each other, maybe she needed a move in her carrer, what I realloy want to know is will romance ever happen between Abby and Mcgee?

  43. Amanda says:

    NCIS is not good without the character of Ziva!

  44. Marti McCrady says:

    I am so excited to see her on tv again. I don’t watch NCIS anymore due to it being so male oriented with no humor. But I will definitely watch ZIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Glad to know she will be starring in this new series. We love her & missed her so much.

  46. Dr. Rafael Rodriguez says:

    She is a great actress , she will do great on her new endeavor………Rafael

  47. Harvey says:

    Bring Ziva back. My favorite show is starting to stink.

  48. Carol says:

    I still have hope she’ll go back to NCIS. Her replacement just isn’t as good.

  49. BOB MURPHY says:


  50. charles says:

    I am a big fan of hers and love to be her Lover in one of her epe and we make love and she peses my spreret love Charlesmorris x x