Big Bang Theory Stars Still Waiting for Pay Hikes, Production Starts In 2 Weeks

Big Bang Theory Contract Talks


With production on The Big Bang Theory‘s eighth season set to start on July 30, original cast members Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg still have yet to ink new contracts.

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TV’s most watched and highest-rated comedy, CBS’ Big Bang was renewed this spring for not one but three more seasons, though that deal was contingent upon the in-limbo cast members re-signing. Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco-Sweeting negotiate as a trio, and reportedly are aiming to increase their per-episode salary from north of $300,000 (plus a quarter-of-a-point on the back end) to possibly a cool million — though the actors and studio Warner Bros. TV are said to be far apart, with two weeks until showtime.

Helberg and Nayyar currently draw $125 and $75K per episode, respectively, and also are seeking sizable raises. (Later-season additions Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik are on different contract cycles, and thus do have deals for the coming season.)

UPDATE: CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said on Thursday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour that she is “very confident” new deals will be struck.

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Our sister site Deadline reports that even if the July 30 deadline is missed, even a post-Labor Day production start would afford the show enough time to deliver its hour-long season opener (airing Monday, Sept. 22).

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  1. Alicia says:

    Ugh. Ingrates.

    • Temperance says:

      Yes, the hundred-millionaires that make 90% of the money and do none of the work are most definitely ingrates. The actors (and writers) need to press for the salary they richly deserve.

      • Dude says:

        They finance the show so I wouldn’t say they do “none of the work” seeing as they’re the reason the show exists. At the end of the day, no actor deserves a million dollars per episode, I don’t care who you are. Maybe they deserve to make more than they’re making but not THAT much more. They’re not curing cancer, they’re playing make believe for a few hours a week. Expecting that kind of money for it is ridiculous.

        • dman6015 says:

          The actors deserve $1 Million per episode if the producers, studio(s) and network are each making 10 times that per episode.

        • Temperance says:

          Con blather. If the 1% disappeared today, the world would be much better off. Oh, and lots and lots of TV would still be made. People should be paid by their worth – thus the actors deserve their pay (they are essential to the product that people pay for).

    • ArchieLeach says:

      Yeah but look at it from their point of view, none of these guys are leading men in film, they’re going after the dorky best friend or comic relief roles, or just maybe if they’re lucky they get work on another sit com and the actress who plays penny is on burrowed time like most other actresses in Hollywood who are forced into retirement after their forties. This could very well be the last time in their lives that these guys get to make real money.

      • ArchieLeach says:

        Yeah but look at it from their point of view, none of these guys are leading men in film, they’re going after the dorky best friend or comic relief roles, or just maybe if they’re lucky they get work on another sit com. And it’s worse for actress who plays penny because she’s on burrowed time like most other actresses in Hollywood who are forced into retirement after their forties. This could very well be the last time in their lives that these guys get to make real money.

  2. Considering it is one of the most watched shows on TV I’d imagine they can afford to pay them pretty well. Wasn’t crazy about last season but hey, if they’re getting those kinds of views, back up the money trucks! They have those, right?

    • Josh says:

      But a million? I think only certain shows deserve that million marker, ones who are more culturally impactful. Think Seinfeld and Friends.

      • Jenny says:

        The Big Bang Theory HAS made a cultural impact though…

      • Mick says:

        For context Ashton Kutcher is making about that for Two and Half Men and Charlie Sheen was also for 2 and 1/2 Men and is making more that for Anger Management (a show nobody watches.

        • crog says:

          No Ashton is getting like $750k and Jon like $500-600k. Charlie was making a little over a million when they got rid of him. At least on two and a half men the 2, sometimes 3 leads actually do something. The big bang theory has a larger cast and has gotten super unfunny as it has grown

          • Moment says:

            You will find he’s on more than that. CBS have signed him to new contracts yearly, and with that comes a pay increase.

        • Temperance says:

          Precisely – and that show is inarguably garbage.

        • dman6015 says:

          Here’s some perspective for you. Kutcher is currently the highest paid TV star at $750K per episode. Back in 2002, the Friends cast banded together and got $1 Million per episode EACH, plus a piece of the syndication rights.

      • Guaranteed ten seasons and record number of viewers, plus people constantly debate if the show’s improved or hurt the way nerdy people are viewed by pop culture. While I’m definitely in the latter camp as of late, might as well go for it. CBS was willing to kick Sheen over a million for Two and a Half Men, so even if they get negotiated down to something like $700,000 each that won’t be too bad. They may get producer credits to help allow for this, that’s pretty common.

      • Badpenny says:

        What is wrong with a million? The Friends cast made a million, and they have been off the air for a decade. Seinfeld turned down 5 million an episode to do another season. It’s TV’s #1 comedy and makes big money in advertising; especially since each episode is 1/3 commercials. :)

      • Temperance says:

        Seinfeld was junk; BBT is vastly more culturally relevant (and yes, I was there to witness (gags) Seinfeld and all it’s (non-) glory.

      • John NYC says:

        It’s a business: the balance sheet determines who “deserves” what.

  3. Suhail says:

    Apparently the three leads are asking for a million per episode. The other two guys are really underpaid compared to them

  4. crog says:

    They don’t deserve anywhere close to a million. If anyone can get close to that much it should be Jim parsons. At least he is pretty funny, even though the past few seasons have been horrible compared to the first few.

    • dman6015 says:

      Two words: ‘Friends’ cast.

    • Moment says:

      The show is a huge audience draw, repeats of the show easily beat most originals on the network in the 18-49, infact CBS frequently beats a lot of other network shows in the 18-49 with repeats of the show. It’s the only show on TV that can easily hit a 2 in the 18-49 for repeats.

  5. Mick says:

    They are probably going to get what they considering the cast of HIMYM was pulling in 750,000 to a million an episode and they weren’t doing half as well in ratings or syndication. Also 20 million people watch this show a week and the ratings went up not down this past season.

  6. Jenny says:

    I think they deserve it. The show is making a lot of money and they’ve been around awhile.

  7. TullaT says:

    Where is my tiny violin?

  8. Booger Presley says:

    Pay them already!

  9. MattArmando says:

    The studio is probably negotiating around $600,000–which is still far from the $1M they want. I’d say they’ll probably settle around 850K… Probably won’t go any farther than 900K in the end.

    Helberg and Nayar are WAY underpaid. They should at least be making $200,000 each an episode.

    • Non says:

      Also with incremental pay raises for the next two seasons. CBS and the production company are looking to put them under contract for the next 3 years. So each side is not just looking at salary for this year.
      Terrible about how underpaid the other two main actors are, but I suspect they have little leverage. CBS has shown a willingness to get rid of leads if they ask for too much. CSI, CSI: Miami, NCIS, etc. So those two unfortunately have little negotiation power.

  10. Josh Emerson says:

    Of course they should be making a lot of money. It doesn’t matter how their salaries compare to those of average people…..the show is also bringing in millions of dollars each week. They deserve to share in that. Whether that’s 1 million each, we don’t know. But they should certainly all be making great money from it.

  11. TV Gord says:

    Deadlines, shmeadlines. Just pay them, already! All sorts of execs are raking in their share of the profits, so the stars deserve their shares. I wouldn’t want to think of the next three years without any of the seven cast members, and that’s what it comes down to.

    Incidentally, I wonder what Carol Ann Susi makes for playing Mrs. Wolowitz? ;-)

  12. Johnathan says:

    What happens if they walk?

    • A potentially long, ugly legal battle that sees the show off the air since production would be halted. Unless they resolve it quickly like happened with CSI back when it was a hit show.

      This obviously won’t be like the infamous events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where three main cast members walked and were just replaced in a pretty obvious fashion.

      • Cyclone says:

        Why would there be a legal battle?? The actors aren’t breaking a contract; they don’t have a contract at this point.

        A deal will get worked out because that is in everyone’s interest. They are negotiating as a group. Without the 3 leads, there is no show; and if there is no show, there is no money for anyone.

    • Mark says:

      As other shows have proved in Hollywood everybody is replaceable — Friends soon died when the cast demanded that sort of money — And there is no guarantee TBBT will continue to be number one with schedule changes and weaker story lines they can only keep it going for so long before it becomes stale or something newer and fresher comes along and takes there crown at which point be it this year or next are they still worth a million an episode. Give them a pay rise no doubt but tie it to the ratings and awards that way they can not just pitch up and expect the money like the later episodes of friends…..

      • TV Gord says:

        Friends didn’t die when the cast got a big boost in their salaries. It went on for more successful seasons, and left while still successful.

        As for The Big Bang Theory’s ratings, it’s one of the few shows on TV that still pull in bigger ratings when its reruns air against new programming.

        • Mark says:

          Well that’s 66 million just on three actors before the other four start for the next 3 seasons and there is nothing to stop the other 4 from banding together and demanding a million a shot next contract negotiation. Considering the claim there is only three main characters is madness as each is on screen almost an equal amount of time and all contribute equally to the shows success in the beginning yes there was only three main characters but not anymore. And no one can really see the network stumping up 154 million a series just on wages for the 7 cast wages (7 *1*22*1000000). I mean can there even be a Big Bang without Wolowitz, Koothrappali and co.

    • Tenney says:

      They’re not going to walk. While it would be horrible for the network if they have to delay considering how much money the show brings in; it would also be horrible for the actors because where else are they going to go and make that kind of money? Coming to an agreement is financial advantageous to both sides.

  13. Ella says:

    Why does Nayyar get paid so much less than Helberg?! That feels a little white supremacist…

  14. lilk says:

    if the 3yr renewal was contingent upon pay raises why announce the 3yrs ?
    dont annoucne until ALL contracts are signed!
    1mill for each of the leads is 3mill for the next 3 yrs plus the cost of the 4 other supporting characters.. that is expensive. Way more expensive than the friends casts 1mill (as it was only final seasons 9 and 10 and the season 10 was short, only 18 eps) and mad about you’s 1mill an ep (only 2 leads). seinfeld i dont know. did they get $1mill an ep ?

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      That’s not 3 million for 3 years.. They are asking for 1 million PER episode, which means it’ll be 24 million for 3 year so in total, that’s 72000000 after the 3 years is up. Unless the episode count drops from 24 each season which it could if the ratings begin to slip.

  15. Fine. Cancel it. No great loss.

  16. Faye says:

    It’s good the three are negotiating together. The show hinges on those main characters and I cannot envision the series without any one of them.
    I hope Simon and Kunal get large increases; their characters are essential to the show ..Simon in particular.

  17. JJM says:

    A woman getting paid more than two other men on a CBS tv show? Impossible.

  18. JB Smooove says:

    i thought there was supposed to be a point where people make too much money?

  19. azu says:

    See this is why I dislike amc. The walking dead actors work much longer and brutal hours and yet are paid far less than these guys who work shorter, Airconditioned, cushy without threat of ticks bites and heat stroke hours!!!!!

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      Although I agree with you that they should get paid more over @ TWD, the fact is, AMC is a Cable Network and although the ratings have been rising on the show, the channel and company is just not big enough.

  20. adamcala1234 says:

    I’m not fussed it they get paid millions, it’s not as if I’m going to see any of that money… So someone should.

    • TV Gord says:

      I agree, and it’s not as though it’s going to cost us any more to watch! :-)

      • Miffay says:

        Yes, it will cost you more to watch. You do get that CBS charges cable providers re-transmission fees, right? And the cable providers pass that cost along to you. And the more CBS programming costs increase, the more CBS will charge the cable providers, and so on. Les Moonves stated last year that he feels CBS is worth eight times more than cable providers currently pay him.

        So all of you who are saying “pay them”, just remember: as CBS programming costs go up, so will your monthly cable bill.

        • Brandy says:

          Thank you,was just gonna say the same thing. Plus, dvd prices will go up too. Friends cast and Charlie Sheen only got paid. 1 million in thier final season also, not seasons before.It wasnt just Friends cast wanting out or Charlie’s bad behavior why Friends got a final season and Charlie got fired, it was thier salaries were too exspensive.You also have cateers,writers,directors,prop people,warddroe people,lighting ect people ,actors that play Stuart,Brenadette,Amy ,Howard’s mom, extras ect.Those three aren’t the only people the network or studio has to pay for on the show.

          • sells says:

            All good points, but considering this is a 3 BILLION DOLLAR franchise, WB can afford to pay all of the above, plus you, your family, your grandkids, your great grandkids, and then some. 1mill/ep x 72 eps (for 3 years) = 72 mill x 3 = $216,000,000. Yes, that is a LOT of money. But considering the money WB is making, $216,000,000 is PEANUTS.

        • TV Gord says:

          That’s ridiculous! Never once have cable companies claimed their rates are set by actors’ salaries. Actors’ salaries on network TV are paid through advertising rates.

          • Brandy says:

            Do you Remeber last summer CBS ‘s battle with Time Warner Cable?CBS ‘s costs rose so they wanted to charge TWC more for retransmission fees( for airing thier shows)& TWC said no & briefly dropped CBS from airing.Now, TWC charges it’s cable customers more to afford the higher retransmission fee they pay CBS .So yes, it is a direct link.

  21. Fido says:

    I’ve always wondered how they underpaid feel when they know they’re doing about the same amount of work as the others but getting paid 1/3 of the amount. Everyone looks like they’re all best buddies on the show (ish) but this wage disparity would rankle me too bits.
    Also wondering what would happen if Helberg and Nayyar refused to sign and so left when their current contract ended. Yes they aren’t the MAIN stars but without them there methinks the big three wouldn’t look so bright. If only I was a billionaire :)

    • John NYC says:

      Casts routinely have a wide variety of compensation: some people are stars, some are critical to the show and others have smaller roles with far fewer lines. yes the entire production is a whole but the parts aren’t equal in value and they all know it.

  22. Cassidy says:

    Also keep in mind, when this show ends… How many of them will be able to get another major job? Sorry to say that’s how these things go. Yes, parsons is brilliant on broadway but they don’t pay nearly as much. It took how many projects for Seinfeld cast members and Married with Children stars to find another steady job? If you were in the same situation where you were the “golden child” making millions for The Man, and it came time to renegotiate your pay; you’d do everything to secure your future too.

  23. mike says:

    I love this show. I watch it nearly every night its on in syndication, even when I’ve just seen the same ep the week before…but a million PER episode??? absurd.

  24. Forget TV ads, this show is making MILLIONS in merchandise! Parsons has 3 Emmys! At least HE deserves the million dollar per episode contract. Also, he has the most complex character to play… Cuoco? She doesn’t know how to act. She’s been suuuuuper lucky!

  25. Moment says:

    In fairness it is the highest rated network TV show in the 18-49. CBS were happy to give Charlie Sheen more than a 1 million an episode during the height of Two and a Half Mens popularity. CBS should spread the wealth, as TAAHM is full of overpaid cast members, yet the show gets less than half the ratings of Big Bang Theory.

  26. Mark says:

    In light of of the huge pay differences and what seems to be something that isn’t going to be fixed any-time soon if the show doesn’t come back (hypothetically) Was the season ender a good Series end with Penny and Leonard finally moving on and getting engaged. Sheldon cutting the umbilical cord with Leonard and going off on his own. Raj finally in a relationship of sorts with Emily. And the Wolowitz’s finding there savour in Stew so they could move on with their life. The only person left out in the cold and her story not finished was Amy.

    The reason I bring this up Friends was on NBC and not CBS. CBS has never paid a a million an episode. At the moment the highest paid person on scripted TV at CBS is Mark Harmon (NCIS) the most watched show on the planet ($525 000 plus a share of the profits). Ashton Kutcher (2AHM) does receive more per episode at $750 000 but doesn’t share in the profits so what makes the three from TBBT worth £1 000 000 an episode going against the above pay scales. And as stated before what’s to stop the other 4 banding together next year seeking a 1 million dollar handshake per episode. Seen as its been green lit for 3 more years. If they go ahead and pay this to these three come contract negotiations right across CBS on all there popular and long term shows all there actors are going to be demanding larger than normal increases which will then have a knock on at other networks. More money on Networks means less money for production/ special effects. I mean what price would you put on the cast of Game of Thrones. or any other em-my nominated show.

    Well according to

    Lena Headey & Peter Dinklage (GOT) $150 000 per episode
    Araron Paul (Breaking Bad) $150 000 per episode
    Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) $ 225 000 per episode
    Claire Danes and Damian Lewis (Homeland) $ 250 000 per episode
    Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) $ 200 000 per episode
    James Spader (The Blacklist) $125 000 per episode

    That’s just name a few…. Now are these three really worth a million an episode for half an hour ???

    • John NYC says:

      I’d have to see the balance sheet for the show to answer that: if the show brings in proportionate money, yes they are.

    • sells says:

      CBS isn’t paying them. WB is. The same studio that produced Friends. Your examples of other “Emmy nominated shows” are meaningless. None of them are as highly rated (not even close) or bring in NEARLY as much revenue as BBT. Ratings and revenue stand for more than awards.

  27. Boiler says:

    I love BBT but it is time to take a stand and cancel the show. Let the actors see what they can make elsewhere. This is just nuts

  28. Belle says:

    I really wish we’d stop hearing about these types of “holdouts” & “negotiations”! I then feel so disgusted/betrayed by the actors, how can they be so greedy when millions of people are out of work and can’t even feed their children each night, let alone afford cable to watch their TV show. We put these people up on pedestals and they love to look down on us all and laugh at how awesome they are, and that they deserve extravagant raises!!! Ugh, Famous Americans of all areas (acting, sports, music, etc.) are really a bunch of entitled brats living in their own little reality. I know their are exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between…so thanks to those who do give back and help without being asked!!!!

    • sells says:

      You’re not getting it. This is a 3 BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE. Warner Brothers is making a fortune off of this show. Don’t you think the actors are entitled to a fair portion of that? $1mill/episode is NOTHING when you think about the money this corporation is bringing in. They should ask for more.

      • Courtney says:

        “millions of people are out of work and can’t even feed their children each night”

        “This is a 3 BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE. Warner Brothers is making a fortune off of this show.”

        My solution? Not for the actors to make more money, but for the company to start giving to charity! I know the companies big, but that doesn’t mean the actors deserve any more. Making ONE MILLION DOLLARS for filming ONE episode of a 30 MINUTE television show is INSANE. There’s other people that need&deserve that money so much more. This is disgusting, in my opinion.

        • sells says:

          That’s a lovely solution. And how do you know that WB AND these actors don’t already make large charitable contributions? And how do you know that they won’t make larger contributions if/when they get raises? It may be “disgusting” to you, but the actors are entitled to their fair share of the proceeds.

          • Courtney says:

            I don’t know that, it would be great if they already do… all I’m saying is that the actors&the company already get paid a lot (and, in my opinion, a lot more than they should) so instead of ANY of them making even more, they should give all this extra money to those in need. They get more than their fair share, all this is just extra. I guess I’ll just never be okay with actors, musicians, and other ‘celebrities’ making more money than Doctors and such. I’m not trying to sound high&mighty, it just really bothers me.

          • TV Gord says:

            I agree with you, but you have to understand that it does sound “high and mighty” to tell other people what they should do with THEIR money. We all should give what we can to those in need. Maybe they do, and they just don’t publicize it. After all, whenever a celebrity does do something charitable, there are always those who will say they are just doing it for the good publicity. You can’t win in the court of social media. It’s their money; they earned it. It’s none of our business how much they get or what they do with it.

          • Courtney says:

            True that it isn’t our business, but these things are (clearly, as seen here) put out for the public to know about, so of course people (like me) will have their opinions. &I guess it’s just that- I don’t feel like they did earn it. I wouldn’t be wanting to tell people what to do with their hard earned money, but I just don’t see how filming on episode of television series warrants one million dollars. Whatever, though. This kind of topic can have a conversation/debate/fight lasting foreeevver. Everyone’s going to feel what they feel, I suppose… and I just don’t feel it’s right.

          • TV Gord says:

            Sure, they’re making more than doctors and (I would add teachers) and that’s a disproportionate distribution of wealth. No question. Unfortunately, doctors and teachers and firefighters and police don’t rake in multi-millions for the work that they do. If they did, they should get their share of the profits.

            A bunch of nameless faceless executives are getting their share of the profits from The Big Bang Theory, so the stars who actually bring people’s eyes to the show should get their share, too. I hope the writers are getting their fair share, too. They are the real stars, in my opinion.

  29. J.Norman says:

    No, In reality nobody is really worth $1million or even really $300K a week for basically playing make believe.
    But the world is not a fair place as the saying goes.
    The fact is that they are going to get the huge bucks. So they producers and the studios can stop playing macho man wtih the lip service and just cave now instead of later.

    If they show producers had the stones, they could cancel the show. Think they are going to do that?

    It is more of an injustice concerning what the other main characters are getting based upon the shows ratings.

  30. Brigid says:

    I think this show is horrible, BUT it makes the producers and CBS a ton of money. The actors are the big draw and they along with the writers made this show the success it is and they should be paid accordingly. However, the 3 main leads should be paid more than the others as they are the ones who started the show and brought the fans to it.

  31. Pierre A. Duval II says:

    No offense they get enough money, why should they get more.

  32. GS says:

    While I can’t agree anyone is ever worth that much to act, what is even worse to me is how much less Simon and Kunal make than the main 3. I mean seriously? In the beginning, it was more about Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon but not so much now. Simon and Kunal deserve a lot more than what they are getting. I wonder how much Mayim makes since she is the Emmy darling along with Parsons? I can’t imagine making that kind of money but I guess I can’t blame them for grabbing what they can while they can. Look at the cast of Friends. None of them have come close to that kind of popularity again except for Jennifer Aniston. The rest are on cable shows or no where so I guess it’s good they got their payday while they were hot.

  33. CBWBDK1 says:

    This show should have been cancelled a long time ago. It hasn’t been funny in years!!

    • Moment says:

      Seriously? Where else do you expect CBS to get a show that frequently pulls because 16-20 million viewers, and a 5-6.0+ 18-49? The 18-49 figures are like 2 and a half times higher than NCIS.

  34. Tisha says:

    $300K per episode isn’t enough?! This whole article makes me sad.

    • Moment says:

      They’re in a great bargaining position all things considered. CBS has nothing that even comes close to the ratings the show pulls, and if they got rid of it, the comedy block would collapse. The show inflated The Millers numbers. It inflates pretty much anything put on after it.

  35. Boiler says:

    I agree with many posters that this article is just sad and frustrating. Matt perhaps TVLine can do a write up of why this is a monster money maker and where does the money come from and who gets it, who pays the actors, etc. I would be willing to bet there is a lot of money consumers pay part of. Oh well, doubt we’ll get it bit wanted to ask.

  36. Molly says:

    The comparisons to Friends are inaccurate. Friends was far, far more popular than BBT. The boom in original programming across hundreds of cable channels has made it so that no show will ever reach the ratings of something that was popular when your choices all aired on network TV.

  37. Brandy says:

    This just makes me sad-Kunal,Simon,Mayim,Melissa already make only a third of what of what Johnny,Jim,Kaley do.I bet the writers,directors,hair/makeup, wardrobe people also don’t make nearly what those three do eevven without another raise.The show couldnt go on without Johnny,Jim ,Kaley but it couldn’t go on without the behind the scenes people either.Shows that are sucsessful have good writers,good cast,good cast chemistry.They are people hungry,starving,homeless in this world, people that can’t afford to buy thier kids Christmas gifts or clothes or school supplies or Thankgiving dinner for thier family yet those three want $1 million an episode for about half the year for a half hour episode?!There are people more deserving of that kind of pay-firefighters,EMTs,paramedics,doctors( though some drs are rich) or disabled vetrans like my hubby that risked thier life ,limbs,mental health fighting for our country.The cast is great,I love the show but this is crazy.Even my hubby a disabled retired vetran makes far less a year than they do even without a raise.If 99% of us went to work and asked for a raise of Million dollars every week or two for half of the year,our boss would laugh in our face,fire us and have us escorted to the looney bin for asking for that much pay.Not one of the main 5 or maybe 7-8 characters(Penny,Leonard,Sheldon,Raj,Howard,Bernadette,Stuart) are more valuable to the show than the others, it’s an ensamble.

  38. MJG66 says:

    The original 5 should negotiate together, like the cast of Friends, but since it seems that ship has sailed, the Helberg and Nayyar should partner up to be paid the same–and more.

  39. sure asking for a millions seems greedy to us, but really its not in hollywood/sports/big business. if the company is making millions/billions, then they (actors/athletes/business folk) should get a percentage. it’s not how much you think they deserve, but how much they are bringing to the table. the show would not exist without them.

  40. dan says:

    if the main characters on “the big bang theory” want that much of a pay increase, i say kill the show