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Arrow EP Teases Season 3's Big Bad, a Big 'Date' and Non-Oliver Flashbacks

Arrow Season 3 Olicity Romance

After Greg Berlanti appeared at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour to tout the new NBC drama The Mysteries of Laura, TVLine reached out to the uber-producer to solve the mysteries of Arrow Season 3.

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Echoing that which series lead Stephen Amell shared with TVLine at the may Upfronts, the Arrow EP said that the next Big Bad will “feel different” from Season 2’s Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. That said, the incoming adversary “has some personal elements of connectivity to Oliver, which we’ll learn about” — in part via flashbacks, Berlanti allowed. “Hopefully, fans of the DC Universe will be really pleased by who it is.”

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Speaking of the show’s flashback device, Berlanti said that Season 3 will “not just flash back from Oliver’s perspective.” As the hit drama has done on rare occasion with the likes of Laurel and Diggle, “There’s some backstory stuff that’s going to come out for some of the other characters.”

One provocative Season 3 plot point that will very much take place in the here and now, meanwhile, involves Oliver, a certain blonde beauty and the popping of a question.

As revealed in the official logline for Season 3, “with Arrow now a hero,” crime down in Starling City and while “basking in his success,” “Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) out on a date.”

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Berlanti told TVLine that rather than standing alone as a brief blurb within a larger logline, there’s a “better context” for the proposition in question.  But yes, it is happening.

“They’re real characters to us, and they had that conversation on the beach, and they had that conversation in the house to help capture Slade,” Berlanti reminds. “So the question you have to ask is: Does Oliver have real, genuine emotions for her? And how aware is he of that? And how aware does he make her of that? That is an active part of the season this year.”

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  1. E says:

    I think I just died a bit

    • Tracy says:

      All these spoilers! I would love for it to be October right now. Oliver and Felicity are amazing together

      • Joey says:

        I love the build up of Oliver and Felicity. They slowly built their relationship, it’s one of the best parts of the show. Seriously it goes every and all things Team Arrow, Oliver’s heroic journey and Olicity. SA and EBR have so much chemistry all their lingering looks and shoulder touches. It’s unreal.

        • Ellie says:

          I am in need of Felicity and Diggle flashbacks. They are my two favorite characters. I love them. It’s awesome to see Oliver finally growing into a man and a hero. Felicity and Diggle bring out the best in him.

          I’m so looking forward to Oliver and Felicity’s romance. They timed it perfectly. Season 3 is a great time for their romance to flourish.

        • Izzie says:

          This show is my guilty pleasure. I just adore Arrow from the moment they introduced the character of Felicity Smoak I just fell in love with her. I was already falling for Oliver Queen and John Diggle. But she took my heart.

          I’m so excited for Olicity. But I’m sure they won’t officially get together till the end of Season 3. That’s ok. I’ll love everything in between.

          • Mandie says:

            I haven’t shipped anything this hard since Mulder and Scully!

            OLIVER AND FELICITY!!!

        • cinthy says:

          yes but no too slow because I will die!!!!
          I need season 3 now, but I’m sure that whole date thing is a joke or they are undercover or something like that. I don’t trust them after season 2 finale

      • Penny S says:

        Olicity for Season 3! Thanks for the awesome spoilers!

      • Wyatt says:

        Then enter Ray Palmer who will get between them lol. I think it’s good for Oliver to reflect and take baby steps. We’ve watched him just hoop in the sack with women and although he’s had a past with them it’s been pretty meaningless.

        Oliver and Felicity have something truly special. Glad writers have taken the time to develop them at a true pace. It’s beautiful watching the dynamic between them strengthen and unfold.

        The progression has been gradual, it’s a relationship built on trust, respect, admiration and a true joy and lightness they bring to one another.

        I’m so glad to have Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards because they bring such an emotional weight to their characters especially when they are together.

        I don’t think I would have cared for Oliver and anyone else. Or Felicity and anyone else. I would have been like screw the romance if you can’t do it justice. But they struck gold with Amell and Rickards. It’s all them.

        I’m looking forward to Ray Palmer the character – but getting in the way of Olicity better be a temporary thing.

        • Trish says:

          Wyatt you’re going to make me cry. I complete agree. I’ve been spreading the word about Arrow all Summer and part of the reason is that more people should return to the show if they gave up on it in Season 1. I see so many things that the show has done to improve upon. This is by far, my guilty pleasure and I regret nothing. I adore Oliver Queen now. I’m obsessed with that delightful creature Felicity Smoak, and John Diggle has stolen my heart. I even think Roy is growing on me. And don’t even make me go there with how smitten I am with Olicity and this slow burn story they’re telling between these two.

        • Sam says:

          Thanks for this comment. Felicity and Oliver’s relationship growing strength to strength has been the reason why I’ve stuck around. Their chemistry is spellbinding.

        • kia says:

          This is so true! This is exactly my sentiments. Oliver just kiss women and get into bed with them. I’m watching ep 2×13 now and damn oliver. He just kisses girls whenever he feels bad or hurt. Argh. Kissing laurel after she broke up with tommy, kissing that Helena because he felt that he needed to help her. McKenna because she seems tough. Sara because he is sad. Arghhh. He has so many issues. Can’t he get over it and face life? I want him to be a one woman kind of guy.

          I can’t stand him kissing women and going to bed with them. He kiss them and they all end up in bed. Sara, Laurel, Helena, McKenna, Isabel. I hope he takes Felicity seriously. She’s the only girl who’s not an angry ex, a psycho, a super hero, a cop or a villian. She’s a friend. His partner. Felicity is the only person who knows when he’s angry. The only person who never wants Oliver to kill for her. And yes, the stares and the holding hands and the comfort is what makes them flawless. We look forward to every episode because they writers tease us with a little and baby step actions of Oliver and Felicity. Only Felicity brings out the best in him. Not any woman. I hope when he sees Felicity as the woman for him, he stays to loyal to her. After all, Felicity was the only woman and I must say the first woman he trusted with his secret.

          • dare says:

            seriously? he need laurel

          • wonderwall says:

            How so? — Evidence points to the contrary. He didn’t need Laurel in season 2. He needed Felicity because if it wasn’t for her, he probably would’ve caved in, listened to Q Lance and killed Slade. Oliver wouldn’t have been the hero he is if it weren’t for her. Laurel didn’t even contribute a fraction to his journey.

          • Susan Bewley says:

            Why does he need Laurel? Because the whole ploy of the fake out was to protect the real person he loved -Laurel. That was kinda obvious. In the comics Oliver slept with just about anyone you could imagine but his heart was always Laurels. There is no way its going to end well with Felicity.

          • Briggs says:

            Funny how he showed his love. :P A guy sleeps with my sister while he’s with me, they might not find the body.

            Besides, no one ever said he didn’t care about her. But, after being ‘done’ in Heir to the Demon, I don’t see that going anywhere romantic. True, she cleaned up her act, and good for her. But there’s still, and there’s always been, way too much baggage in that relationship, comics or no. They might be able to make to work, but that doesn’t seem to be his direction.

            I’m looking forward to her reaction to that (possibly) adorable 7-year-old secret even he doesn’t know about. She was on drugs when she reacted to him with Sara again (or was she? She didn’t take any pills out of the bottle before her father got there), so I could be wrong, but the idea that he got someone else pregnant while he was still with her is going to sting a bit.

          • wonderwall says:

            @Susan, you actually didn’t answer my question. Also, I think you’re suffering from a little bit of selective memory issues as earlier on in the episode, Oliver didn’t even bat an eye when he found out that Laurel had been taken by Slade. And the ruse with Felicity wasn’t to just save Laurel. It was to stop Slade from killing anymore people, including Laurel. There’s a major difference.

          • kia says:

            Thanks wonderwall! You totally got my point.
            Hi Susan, Oliver did that not to protect Laurel but just to make sure everyone is okay. After all, he owes it to Quentin and Sara to make sure laurel is safe. Whoever the person to be kidnapped by Slade, I’m sure oliver would have done the same thing. I truly feel he felt connected to Felicity and trusted her to the point that he said I love you and then said you understand don’t you while giving her the cure. He trusted her. He did not even mention the plan but she understood. That was the point why he chose to do it with felicity. They have this connection no one ever had with Oliver.

      • Lacey says:

        it should be illegal how much i love olicity. how are we suppoesed to wait till october when we keep getting all these hints and spoilers.

        i need a plane ticket to canada to watch live.

        • Georgia says:

          I want a love triangle between Oliver/Felicity/Ronnie – Robbie Amell is so delicious!

          I’m just throwing it out there lol.

          Can’t wait. Oliver and Felicity are the best couple of the show. I enjoyed Barry and Felicity and Oliver and Helena in s1 but nothing compares to Olicity.

      • Whitney (i love arrow) says:

        Grinning from ear to ear over these spoilers. I’m sure Olicity is in for some serious angst because of Brandon Routh but i’m ready. SEASONNN 3!

    • Ophelia says:

      I think I did too. I love Olicity <3

    • Ophelia says:

      I’ve waited patiently for Olicity because they are so worth the wait. And season 3 is just the perfect season to really take their incredible chemistry oozing relationship to the next level. Season 3 Olicity!!!

      I expect angst, heartbreak, action, villians, killer fight sequences and epic life or death choices.

      And I NEED DIGGLE!!!

    • Dex says:

      So pumped for S3. The second half of season 2 started getting a little sloppy. The first half of the season was stellar!

      I’m back on board. Main things: Oliver, Diggle, Felicity (and Roy) Team Arrow. Superheroes. Supervillians. Malcolm Merlyn. Thea Queen. Detective Lance.

      And of course Olicity, such juicy spoilers!

      • Lou says:

        Agreed. The middle run of episodes from 2×11 to 2×19 maybe 2×20 weren’t the best but they got back on form towards the end.

    • KC says:


  2. Suhail says:

    Ugh at “Olicity”.

    • I know! Felicity’s awkwardness got old real fast and shouldn’t they focus more on Green Arrow and Black Canary? Plus, Felicity is the stepmother of Firestorm so Oliver’s not her guy.

      • Velocity says:

        She wont be the stepmom on the show. They make quite a bit differences to the comics so not sure why people are hanging on its in the comics idea.

      • A says:

        BC and GA don’t even know each other in the New 52 Green Arrow comics. They are, however, adding Felicity to them.

        • Thomas says:

          Well, actually, Black Canary is seen at Green Arrow’s funeral crying over his death in Futures End. So… I think to be more accurate, they don’t know each-other YET.

      • arrowfan says:

        I doubt they will be together……Felicity will be a love interest of Palmer and since we probably get flashback of her…….her father could be Ivo who Oliver killed

        • Velocity says:

          I think that ship has sailed, when they pushed Felicity’s backstory to season 3. And AK mentioned that hints of Felicity’s backstory were droped already in S1, so that means no Ivo.

        • JC says:

          Palmer will likely just be angst for Oliver and Felicity. Since Ivo is dead there’s no point making him her father.

      • kath says:

        The show is called Arrow, not Arrow and Black Canary, but hopefully Sara will be back. Because Laurel Lance is nowhere close to the awesomeness of Dinah Drake.

      • Kimmy says:

        They should focus on Green Arrow because the show is called Arrow. BC should hardly come into it or the show would be called Arrow AND Canary. Stop clinging onto the comics so hard. They’ll use some detail from them but not all. This is a show BASED on the comics, not the comics made into a TV show.

      • Hodan says:

        You mean the toxic couple of GA and BC from the comics. Just no. BC and GA were toxic in the comics and they are toxic in this show. So, I don’t want to sit through that ever!

      • A says:

        I’d almost definitely watch a show about Black Canary, but I think she’s too big of a character to be Oliver’s sidekick on an already crowded show.

        • Ashley says:

          This isn’t a Laurel dig, but I’d watch a show about Sara and Nyssa and the LoA. I think that would could have some awesome stories and character backgrounds.

    • Sierra says:

      My thought exactly! I’m not a big fan of Felicity in the first place, though. Where other people see their chemistry, I just don’t. She’s like the ‘Chloe Sullivan’ of the show. In my eyes, Oliver’s meant to be with Laurel…eventually…down the road.

      • emily says:

        you said like it was a bad thing, she does like cholie sullivan, just like green arrow’s partner and wife on smallville and if laurel end up with a guy who cheated on her and banging her little sister, I feel sorry for her

        • Sierra says:

          I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. I should’ve re-worded it. Sorry. What I meant was: Chloe was Clark’s best friend. They had a great relationship together and it didn’t have to be romantic. They had their moments, but that was it. That’s what I loved about Smallville, and that’s how I see Oliver & Felicity. I personally think that would ruin their relationship if they went that direction. He doesn’t have to hook up with every woman that’s on the show. And yes, I agree with you about him cheating on her. However, he is a different person now. Plus, it wasn’t just Oliver who betrayed her, but Sara did as well…and Laurel forgave her.

          • Alynn says:

            I used to support Laurel and Oliver too but I think they missed the boat on fixing them at this point. Bringing Sara back from the dead forced me to look at the physical evidence – like it’s one thing for us to hear her mentioned occasionally or see a picture but a whole other thing when she’s back and sleeping with Oliver again. It’s like a bomb that Oliver keeps throwing in the middle of her family with no regard for collateral damage. Like I don’t even think they care about fixing it or they wouldn’t keep doing stuff like adding Tommy and Sara and also this random woman Oliver got pregnant. After all this I want Laurel to find someone better and they can do whatever they want with Oliver.

          • Julie says:

            Here is what always confuses me about Olicity shippers (this coming from someone who watches for everything BUT the romance). Some of them are just outright rude to anyone who likes Laurel because she is in the way of their ship somehow? Fine, whatever.

            The ones that really confuse me are the ones who try to be nice about it and say that Laurel deserves better than someone who cheats on her and hooks up with her sister. By that logic, doesn’t Felicity also deserve better than a philanderer? Honestly I don’t think that Oliver is worthy of any of the women on the show based on what happened with Sara last season. But apparently because it’s Olicity, the Oliver is a scumbag argument no longer applies. It’s weird.

            I try not to even read comment boards or anything and just enjoy the show for what it is because fans (Olicity and otherwise) who try to put down the actual real-life people behind the scenes are just dirtbags with nothing better to do than put people down on the internet.

          • kath says:

            @Julia — there are a lot of Olicity shippers here but I have yet to read anything rude about Laurel.

            There are nasty fans in every fandom and for every pairing. Just skip over them.

          • Julie says:

            kath, I appreciate your respectful tone and I agree that the fans who bash other fans just because they don’t ship the same people aren’t worth the time of day. However, a cursory glance at the comments to this article reveal several anti-KC/Laurel comments. I enjoy the show, I enjoy ALL the people on the show, and it bothers me that people are mean to actual actors just because they’re in the way of a fictional romantic relationship.

          • JC1 says:

            @Julie, I wasn’t going to get involved here, because I’m actually not an Olicity shipper, but this particular argument really irritates me. It completely ignores the fact that Laurel is the only woman Oliver has ever cheated on, and he did that multiple times, at least two that we know of for sure, and hints of several others. Yes, he’s had relationships with multiple people, but Laurel is the only one he cheated on. He didn’t cheat on McKenna, or Helena, or Shado, or Sara. Why should people assume he’s going to cheat on Felicity? He’s not that person anymore, and any relationship he has with those people (except Sara, because she was a participant in cheating on Laurel) isn’t going to have that baggage, that history.
            But even if he’s not that person anymore, any relationship he has with Laurel is going to carry the baggage of all the times he cheated on her particularly, all the times he broke her trust, all the times he went behind her back. They can’t just wipe that away and pretend it didn’t happen. The difference between Laurel and Felicity is that Oliver and Laurel have a history, and a bad one. There is no such history between Oliver and Felicity. Now, if Lauriver fans want to say she can forgive him and get back together with him, fine, that’s your prerogative. But many of us consider that relationship toxic because of all that history and baggage, and that’s history that he would not be bringing to a relationship with Felicity.

          • brenna says:

            @JC1 Well said!

          • Julie says:

            JC1, I am not a Lauriver fan, nor do I think they should get back together. I also don’t think that Oliver is good enough for Felicity. Yes, he has only cheated on Laurel (that we know of), but he also comes off as kind of a douche when it comes to how he treats women. Obviously he has improved somewhat but I still think that outside of being a hero or whatever, he doesn’t seem like a good boyfriend. Olicity wouldn’t have the same baggage as Lauriver but men rarely change. Oh, but Felicity is different and will make him better? Yeah, alright… Once a cheater, always a cheater.

          • JC1 says:

            The whole point of the show is that he is not the same person he was before the island. So no I do not believe “once a charter always a cheater” in this case unless they specifically show me that on the show. It had nothing to do with Felicity making him better – it has to do with what he’s been through changing him. I don’t believe he’s the same person he was when he hit on that boat with Sara. And it has to do with the history. Felicity never knew him when he was a cheating jerk. Laurel did (and for whatever reason seemed to want to stay willfully blind to it). I don’t see why people don’t get the difference.
            I have no investment in him being with Felicity. I honestly don’t care who he’s with as long as it’s not Laurel. But that particular relationship just has too much toxic history (and Laurel doesn’t even know about the child yet) for me to ever accept.

      • Terry Rhoda says:

        In your eyes Oliver is meant to be with Laurel..eventually. Love it. That is what you believe and so you should. In my eyes Oliver is meant to be with Felicity…eventually. Love it. This is what I believe and so I should. We are all different sides of the same coin, looking and living life the same way but with different perspective.

        • Sierra says:

          To be honest, I don’t really care if he ends up with anybody. That’s not the point of the show…but going by the comics, he was with Laurel. For me, it’s just like Lois & Clark – their history was already established prior to Smallville through comics/TV/movies…so you knew once Lois entered the picture in season 4 that they would be the endgame.

          Basically, I prefer the Felicity we met at the beginning of the show. I never wanted them to have anything more than a friendship with one another. The show-runners/producers, etc.. have made it their own & I respect that. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just look past what I don’t like & move on.

          • Hodan says:

            Okay. Whenever talking about Oliver and Laurel, please don’t use the comics as basis for your argument of how they are meant to be. In the comics, they are DIVORCED! And, he cheated on her multiple times. So, they are not endgame as you said.

            Most importantly, please don’t compare Clark and Lois to the GA/BC. Those two couples are nothing alike. I think that is just plain insulting to iconic couple that is Clois.

          • smiller2080 says:

            First of all, I was NOT comparing them -as a couple- with Lois & Clark. I was simply saying that they were already established as one in the comics. Obviously, Lois & Clark had a better relationship than GA/BC. Everyone should know that. And I couldn’t care less about the comics. They’re constantly changing, as if they don’t know what to do with the characters…so they reinvent them.

            In my first comment, I said, “In my eyes, Oliver is meant to be with Laurel…eventually.” I’d like to retract that statement because I don’t particularly care who he ends up with, if anyone at all. I’m gonna let the writers decide that and just go along with whatever it is they plan to do. Okay?

    • Claire says:

      Totally with you on the “ugh”.

  3. LOVE the idea of flashbacks from Diggle or Felicity’s perspective! And of course, very excited to see where the story takes Oliver and Felicity this season. They are definitely the core of the show. :)

  4. A says:

    What does a “better context” mean? I hope Oliver asking Felicity out on a date is not another fake-out…

  5. Kimmy says:

    If they’re not gonna go there with Olicity and are just teasing us then they should stop teasing us because it’s not fair to lead us on.

    • A says:

      I think this “date” thing is just another game, it’s getting annoying. Luckily I’m used to their games and don’t take anything the EP’s say at face value anymore…

      • Kimmy says:

        Yeah, I figured. I love Olicity but they are more than just teasing now. They bought love into it and are really focusing on it. This is more than stolen looks, this is emotions and I think it’s unfair to play with them if there’s gonna be zero payoff.

        • Vicki says:

          I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s not a “fake out” but rather misrepresented. Just spitballing here, but maybe Oliver asks Felicity to a soirée he needs to attend because he’s Oliver Queen and he thinks it’s a “date” but she doesn’t. Or vice versa. That goes along with the spoiler and with Greg’s mention of how well does he make [Felicity] aware of his feelings. This would definitely add a twist onto the pairing and make them no so in sync.

        • A says:

          It’s one thing if Felicity doesn’t know if Oliver has feelings for her or not, but I think that the audience should know for sure if Oliver does or not. It’s been two years, either Oliver has feelings for Felicity or he never will.

          • raisenofool says:

            These are all good comments. I also think this “date” isn’t what everyone is thinking it will be, a glorious start to a beautiful relationship. I think someone, maybe Oliver, will put themselves out there only to realize that it won’t work right now. Kind of like how they did in season 2. I do find myself hoping for something between Oliver and Felicity but I won’t be devastated if it never happens. I’d actually like to Felicity and Diggle spend more time together and just really focus in on team Arrow. I’m also excited Sarah is coming back. No amount of leather jacket swapping is going to turn Laurel into a believable female superhero like Sarah is.

  6. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to see season 3 now. Oliver and Felicity’s journey, together with Team Arrow (Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and Roy) are what draw me in and keep me watching week after week.

  7. Yule says:

    Sounds like another fake out with Olicity. I feel bad for Felicity having to be with a douche like Oliver. Also, Felicity is getting a love interest this season- I remember a casting call goin out for that? Hopefully it’s some hot and someone who will treat right instead of emotionally manipulating her- felicity needs to stop pining for oliver and go get herself a better man. #teamfelicity

    • gina says:

      They casted Brandon Routh as her love interest. If you look thru the arrow tag, you’ll see the article for more info :)

      • Yule says:

        You SERIOUS???? OMG… yes Felicity deserves a hot superman. Thanks for this bit of news, made my day!!!! YAAAAAY!

  8. Columbus says:


  9. JJ says:

    Really hope the flashback will be from Felicity’s pov. I’m really looking forward to her backstory, she’s been a mystery for two seasons now. The Oliver/Felicity development is exciting, hopefully it will continue at its pace, it’s been natural and organic. I’m in it for the long haul. A little disappointed we didn’t get any Diggle scoop but I’m sure that will come along later, as well as Sara stuff.

  10. Thomas says:

    So, are we ever going to get news on anything other than Olicity? I mean, I know it gets page hits and stuff, but what about Laurel, Diggle, Thea, Roy, Malcolm, and Quinten? Any news on them? What are their arcs for the season looking like? Because all I’m hearing about is this stupid date. There are people who don’t watch for Oliciity.

    • Lena says:

      Arrow seems to be all about olicity now. You should go look at the twitter account.

      • Kay says:

        How is Arrow all about Olicity? The Lance sisters had a huge arc in S2. Oliver dated Sara for most of it. Diggle had his own episodes a couple of times. Olicity only shared a handful of moments overall. Please.

        • Arrow says:

          Haha thank god someone’s thinking like me !
          A lot of people say that now Arrow is all about love stories. Please, it’s just about 5mins in one episode, the last 35mins are about kicking badass and doing comics stuff (which are amazing by the way) !
          We had 2 episodes for Dig this year (in Russia and with the Suicide Squad), a lot for Laurel and Sara. I think that learning some stuff on Felicity is important, considering that she’s the heart of the team. We even know Roy better ! ^^
          Anyway, I’m existed to see what that season is going to bring on Felicity and maybe her relationship with Oliver. (And I’m dying waiting to know who is that big villan this year)

          • Lou says:

            Agreed! Olicity is just a small part of the show but their moments together are so important and meaningful. But everyone who says the show is all about Olicity isn’t watching the show at all.

        • Yas says:

          “Oliver dated Sara through most of it” wrong. Oliver dated Sara just over a couple of episodes of it; 14 to 19 if am not wrong.

    • arrowfan says:

      it still early…….I sure we know about Roy, Thea, Diggle later on…….and this is not really Olicity new it only Oliver and the S3 villain

  11. Azerty says:

    Who is the new big bad? I thought it would be Malcolm Merlyn?

    • Moment says:

      Merlyn won’t be a big bad again, at least not for a while. He’s trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter.

    • Thomas says:

      I think unnecessary shipper pandering will be the big bad this season.

      • Kimmy says:

        I bet if it was about Laurel you wouldn’t say it was pandering…

        • Thomas says:

          If it were about Laurel, then no. Because it wouldn’t be pandering. Laurel isn’t the (or even a) fan favorite. Anything the writers do with Laurel (or with her relationship with Oliver) is simply what the writers want to be doing with Laurel and Laurel/Oliver. Those choices aren’t being affected by an outside source (aka the fans). The same isn’t true for Olicity, because those fans and its popularity do affect how they’re written.

          • Simon says:

            I’m sorry, I don’t care about who Oliver dates but I love Felicity. Also, the EP’s already have S3 planned out, they’ve said several times that they plan the main arcs, then fill in the details. You sound more like a butt hurt Laurel fan than anything else, if you really believe the writers are allowing the fans to dictate the story. Do you forget that when they write a script it has to be approved by the CW network & DC, I’m not sure if it has to go through Warner Bros as well. If they were just fan pandering, and throwing stories in because fans ask for it, I’m sure one of those entities would step in.

            I, more than anything, want some Sara scoop. Yes, Sara. I love her a BC (and yes, I’m a comic reader), so I really want to know whats happening with her. I’m not gonna moan and groan every time an article comes out that doesn’t mention her. Felicity is a big part of the cast, she deserves real screen time, and a real backstory, and if she ends up with Ollie… who cares? I’m here for Oliver and Team Arrow, the awesome villains, the great stunts. This show continues to top itself. The only thing I’ve ever had issue with is Laurel, I just don’t care for her. Dinah she is not, but I deal with. If tomorrow they put out a spoiler about her, good for them, good for the fans. Get over it, it’s a TV show, and Felicity is a beloved character.

            If this is fan pandering then everything about the show is. Every time there’s an easter egg ,only comic fans will get, mentions of someone from the comics. That can all be applied to your logic, but its not. People throw that term around when they’re unhappy, not knowing what it really is.

          • Kimmy says:

            I disagree. I think Laurel has been changed because the audience weren’t liking her character. That’s not fan pandering though, that’s understanding what works and what doesn’t. They’d be bad writers/producers if they didn’t listen to the most important voice – the people who actually watch the show.

            Also I think you’ll find that Felicity was bought onto the show because the EP of the network thought she was amazing and wanted more of her. This was BEFORE any episodes had even aired. So how do you explain that?

          • Trish says:

            That’s bull, because based on your theory about what constitutes pandering, anything they do with Oliver & Laurel is “pandering” to the comic book fans clinging to the hope that the show will bring the comics to life verbatim on a TV show in which the two actors have zero chemistry and one has struggled with being well received by the fans. So people need to leave the pandering B.S. and call it what it is, they’re not telling the story that’s pandering to your fandom needs.

      • Playhouse says:


      • Zack says:

        Fans can’t help it that they hate Laurel. She sucks. It’s not our fault.

        I’d rather fan pandering than fan snoozing. Anything related to Laurel is a snoozefest and barely worthy of mention.

        To each our own.

        I’m sorry they aren’t pandering to the minority of fans who like that plank of wood masquerading around as my precious Dinah Lance.

        And no I don’t ship anything. I just call a spade a spade.

        The show works with the dynamic between Oliver, John and Felicity, romantic or not. The show’s characters fit and gel together including Quentin, Malcolm, Thea, Moira (RIP) and Roy.

        Laurel has and always will be the weakest link of the show. Make her the worst BC (even worse the SV’s) and get it over and done it.

        • Sam says:

          Yes. Laurel is definitely the weakest link, for sure. I wouldn’t miss her if she wasn’t in an episode but I’d really miss Felicity and Diggle. They are the heart of the show.

        • Christopher says:

          Interesting news about the season villain. Don’t care so much about Olicity but I think people who call it fan pandering don’t understand how DC properties work. These story arcs and scripts all go to DC and DC has never cared about what people on here are calling ‘endgame’ that’s a chick shipping term. DC sales went down with a lot of BC/GA books so in the 52 they started over and a lot of comic fans like me were happy about that. I’m here for Arrow not Arrow and Canary. Sara at least brought in the League angle and we don’t have to waste time training her. Laurel is a waste to the overall Arrow story and now we have to wait around while she becomes an acceptable Black Canary. As a Green Arrow fan I don’t like it but I’m not calling it pandering. And DC must like Felicity because they’re adding her to the 52 GA in the fall, and she’ll be close to the show version and not the Firestorm version. That’s a business decision and they like mixing it up these days. I like Felicity okay, she’s nerd hot and funny and serves a clear purpose on the team like Naomi in the 52 – better actually now I think about it. As long as they keep the action ahead of the romance this Olucity thing doesn’t bother me.

      • Ella says:

        This comment is WIN. I am so fed up of Olicity and their shippers, they’re ruining the show for me.

        • S says:

          Stop watching then. Olicity shippers aren’t the ones writing and creating the show. You’re just disgruntled because your ship isn’t popular.

          • Julie says:

            It’s possible to think Olicity fans are obnoxious and not be a fan of another ship on the show. Maybe shipper neutral fans are just sick of the pandering, because it is pandering.

          • wonderwall says:

            Julie, what S said wasn’t wrong. The original poster said that Olicity and its shippers were RUINING the show for them, if it’s ruining the show for them then they should simply stop watching because clearly Olicity and its shippers aren’t going anywhere. I think you just missed the point of what S was trying to say.

            And pandering goes both ways regardless of the size of the fandom. The writers can easily pander to the comic book fans and give Lauriver and Laurel as BC a shot (even though by the way things are going now is completely an unnatural development in the Arrow world). And to be honest, I don’t see any neutral fans who are complaining about this development. Neutral fans are NEUTRAL. They have no opinion on Olicity, thus them being neutral. If they’re not neutral then obviously they’re anti-olicity or anti-(insert ship name here)…

            Again, please don’t spew hate where it’s not warranted. I don’t see what the shippers did to you. And if they were rude, they’re probably just pre-teens who try to feel important by putting others down. It’s best to ignore them and not let them get into your head.

          • Julie says:

            Well I appreciate that you aren’t one of the rude ones. I’m a bit jaded by being bashed (by Olicity fans) for not sharing their Laurel hate. I’m not a Lauriver shipper and yeah, I guess I can’t be described as neutral because the bad Olicity fans have totally turned me against Olicity. Even if they are only 10-20% of the Olicity fandom, the bad fans are loud and rude enough that it does affect the experience so I also understand where the original commenter is coming from. Just because you’re not a psycho fan, doesn’t mean that there aren’t many (several just in this post being rude and writing off opinions if people aren’t Olicity fans).

            I was offended by what S said because he/she wrote off someone else’s opinion just because they A) either ship a couple he doesn’t ship or B) stood up against the shipping at all and thus needed to be undercut by being called a disgruntled shipper.

        • wonderwall says:

          To be honest, I don’t understand why YOU would be personally offended by what S said to someone else. S wasn’t being rude. And again, your assumptions with zero basis are making your bitter for no reason. You instantly discredit yourself and your POV when you make such assumptions and insinuate other people are obnoxious over one little comment.

    • A says:

      The EP’s are obsessed with Buffy, so I think it’ll be like The Initiative (maybe ARGUS?)

  12. Moment says:

    I liked the Felicity + Barry Allen thing, but that wasn’t to be.

  13. Elena says:

    I want to get excited about this development between Oliver and Felicity, but after that fakeout in the finale I’ll wait to get too excited until seeing the episode and finding out what this “better context” is. Honestly, I love the idea of them together but a long term slow burn between them wouldn’t bother me either.

    • Kay says:

      Me too. I’m a big Olicity fan but I’d rather Felicity had a love interest for a while and Oliver dealt with whatever Lance sister he’s screwing with and wrapped that up before anything happens with Olicity for real. They have such a true love growing between them and it’s beautiful but I want it done right. Not be got out of the way to make way for Lauriver because that’s just boring.

      • Ashley says:

        For real!! I don’t want to see Laurliver, but I’d be okay with it if we see Felicity happy and growing in a new relationship and Oliver can be ending things forever on the Lance front.

  14. GildedRose says:

    I’m so excited for Season 3 of Arrow. I’m actually interested in the flashbacks this year which is a refreshing change. I can’t wait to see what happens with Oliver and Felicity after last year’s finale. I love them together. I thought I’d never find a woman I’d want Oliver paired with, so when Felicity showed up and was added as a regular, I was thrilled. I hope season 3 brings them closer and keeps building that relationship. I want to see that trio of Team Arrow brought back into focus as their characters are delved into, and I really hope we see lots more Paul Blackthorne involvement as Quentin Lance works more with Team Arrow. Can’t wait to see who the villain turns out to be, but am hoping that if (when?) Felicity’s dad shows up, he’s of a villainous nature. I think that would just be more interesting. So, so much to look forward to this October.

  15. cici says:

    I don’t care about Olicity!!!!!! Can I just get good Laurel scoop.

    • Ty says:

      I don’t care about Laurel. Please please no scoop on the most useless character in CW history.

      • Alynn says:

        I think Lana Lang was the most useless character in CW history actually. I keep hoping if they take Oliver out of her story and actually give her something to do she’ll get better but after two seasons it’s not looking good. And this is our next Black Canary *sigh* I bet Gail Simone cries when she watches Arrow

      • Julie says:

        Oh, another obnoxious Olicity fan. Shocker…

        • wonderwall says:

          Oh, Julie… I’m going to stop you right there. How do you know Ty is an Olicity shipper? It’s like me assuming you’re a Lauriver shipper. Just don’t do it. I don’t understand where all this vitriol towards the olicity fandom is coming from, because all fandoms have their fair share of bad seeds (yes, even the laurel stans), but it feels like to me that you just love to hate on that particular fandom… You pointing out obnoxious olicity shippers over and over again doesn’t paint you in a positive light. Sorry to say it, but it doesn’t. The real problem isn’t the shippers, it’s the writing. A lot of people who hates Laurel (yes, the olicity shippers too) have valid reasons for hating her, Ty didn’t say anything wrong nor was he being obnoxious, because if you go by your logic, the original poster could be considered obnoxious too. I’m not trying to be mean here, but you really need to stop harping about the shippers as if it’s the only problem the show has.

          • Julie says:

            Maybe it’s not kind to assume but the original comment was as follows: “I don’t care about Olicity!!!!!! Can I just get good Laurel scoop.” and the response (which I replied to) was: “I don’t care about Laurel. Please please no scoop on the most useless character in CW history.” I don’t think it takes some great leap in logic to assume that Ty was offended by cici saying that she didn’t care about Olicity and then turning it around on her and saying something rude about Laurel. If I put money on it, I’d like my odds that Ty is an Olicity fan (just based on my experience in the fandom and the comment he responded to). I also think that the first comment was much less obnoxious than the second one (cici didn’t say she hates Olicity, just that she wants scoop on something else which I think is fair considering how often the people asking for scoop only ask about them anyway) Frankly, I don’t care if all of the Olicity stans in the world think I’m obnoxious because I’m just giving them a taste of their own medicine. A loud, obnoxious group of them has existed since season 1 and I’ve kept my mouth shut but I don’t think I should have to anymore. You shouldn’t be offended by this. If you are a nice Olicity fan, then what I’ve said doesn’t apply to you. If you’re getting defensive because you’ve been rude to non-Olicity fans, then my comments are directed at you anyway. I agree that the writing for Laurel sucks. I also don’t think she should get with Oliver (I also think Felicity shouldn’t either, she could do much better). But there is a vocal group of fans that have existed since the Olicity shipping started who have relentlessly bashed Laurel and Katie Cassidy as a person because they are in the way of their ship. As a fan of ALL the actors and characters on the show, I think it’s totally unacceptable to essentially try to get someone fired just because you don’t like their character. Saying you don’t like Laurel because of the writing is a good thing, and something that hopefully the writers take into account as they continue to shape the characters. Saying you don’t like Laurel because you like Olicity just makes you look like an idiot.

          • wonderwall says:

            I’m not saying it’s not kind. I’m saying it’s ridiculous and quite (pardon my rudeness) stupid to assume such things and use said assumptions against people in a distasteful manner. It won’t affect Ty because I don’t think he cares. But it’ll affect you because no one here will ever take you seriously. Stop being rude to people because you’re just stooping down to their level. And by ‘their’ level I mean the people who bashed you for your opinion. Again, this doesn’t make you look any better. If you don’t care about sounding obnoxious (a comment you have below) then maybe you should end this hypocritical stint of yours. Yes, it is hypocritical

          • Briggs says:

            Yeah, doing what they’re doing because you feel they deserve it doesn’t help anything or anyone. Especially with your double standard. I don’t care of there are two or 10 of them, if you call one side on behavior, but not the other, *you* will be called out on it. it doesn’t matter. If they’re doing the same thing, they need to be called on the carpet for it, too. Period.

        • S says:

          You didn’t call cici an obnoxious Lauriver fan and they said a similar thing to Ty. Why the hate? Just stop with it already. You’re the one being rude and obnoxious here, going down the comments and replying to every one you don’t like. That’s pathetic.

          • Julie says:

            I don’t call the few Lauriver fans obnoxious because there are like 10 total and I don’t really have a problem with them fighting back. Olicity fans were the ones who started all the fandom drama in the first place, way back in season 1, bashing Laurel and Katie Cassidy because they wanted Olicity to become a thing. As a fan of the show and ALL of the characters and actors on it, I’m just not a fan of that. I’m not replying rudely to any respectful Olicity fans but Ty was rude to someone for wanting scoop on Laurel. Just in my experience in this fandom, the biggest Laurel haters are the Olicity fans.

          • Julie says:

            S, this is your comment taken from above.

            Stop watching then. Olicity shippers aren’t the ones writing and creating the show. You’re just disgruntled because your ship isn’t popular.

            That’s rude. You’re completely disregarding someone’s opinion because apparently they’re a butthurt shipper? They expressed an opinion on the toxic, drama-filled fandom wars and were shut down because they are a minority in that fandom. I don’t care if you think I’m pathetic, because I know you’re right there with me.

          • Briggs says:

            He has a point about your responding to all of the commentors you don’t agree with and being generally unpleasant. Now, I haven’t gotten through the entire thread, so I could be wrong, but have you said anything positive in this comments section that wasn’t tied to something negative in an effort to defend yourself?

          • Julie says:

            Briggs, you’re clearly not illiterate. There’s your positive comment.

          • Sarah says:

            To be fair I’ve seen hate from Lauriver AND Olicity fans. Some people just take things too seriously. I’ve come across it in all fandoms. The best thing you can do is just speak out for what you love but don’t mention things you hate. It’s unnecessary.

          • Briggs says:

            *snort* Julie, really? Really? I know I’m not illiterate. And your ‘tone’ could use some work.
            And I generally ignore those that show absolutely no inclination towards good grammar and punctuation, Sarah. That being said, you have a good point.

  16. Drew says:

    I hope they go on a date, and it is totally awkward. I hope it feels like they’re dating their brother/sister and they drop this Olicity thing forever. Sometimes getting people together ruins the dynamic and the chemistry (Mulder and Scully). I think that would be the case here. I get that there is chemistry between the actors, but that doesn’t mean that the characters should be romantic.

    • Autumn says:

      Mulder and Scully are like the perfect TV couple…And they didn’t get together until like the end of season 7, and even that was ambiguous. I think you’re on the minority on that one. And the “brother/sister” argument for anyone who doesn’t like a pairing is getting old. I’m sorry, but they are NOT like brother and sister.

      • aunni says:

        drew is a wanna be bc or kc fan, of course she does not like olicity. haters new mantra is that it will ruin team dynamic…

        • Drew says:

          I couldn’t care less about whether or not Oliver ends up with Laurel. I don’t watch the show for the romance. I am a man.
          What I’m talking about is the balance of chemistry on the show. Just because I’m not a completely irrational Olicity shipper (and I cringe just using the stupid name mash up) doesn’t mean I have some secret agenda.

          • aunni says:

            i did not said u r a o/l shipper. i said u r a wanna be bc fan. most of the comic fans i know personally loves sara as bc.

          • Drew says:

            Regardless, what you said makes no sense. I like Sara as BC, but I am open to Laurel’s arc playing out as it will. So… What does that have to do with anything?

          • Kimmy says:

            Wow. You’re also a misogynist if you think only women watch the show for romance.

          • Francine says:

            Oh for heavens sake- a misogynist? Because he mentioned he doesn’t watch for the romance and said he was a man? That doesn’t even make sense. I have no stake in this argument but he mentioned he was a man because the previous poster said “she” and implied he didnt like the storyline because he “shipped” someone else. Lets not start throwing insulting words around for no reason.

          • Drew says:

            Kimmie, your calling me misogynistic turned out to be sexist. Backfire!

          • aunni says:

            if u really don’t care abt whoever Oliver end up with then why come in several olicity related article n post the same sibling n team dynamic thing? why bother DUDE if u r not into roamance ? there only 5min of that, right?u don’t ship o/l but u want them together in s7..!!! im really confused dude, it must be a GUY thing

          • Drew says:

            Aunni, is English your first language? I never said that I wanted Oliver and Laurel together in season 7. I said that we don’t know where their arcs will lead or where their relationship will be in season 7.
            I don’t care about the romance, but I do care about the team dynamic that is the core of the show. If Oliver and Felicity form their own little team (as they would in a relationship) then Diggle is just a third wheel. He becomes a lesser member of the main trio.

        • Julie says:

          It’s possible to think Olicity fans are obnoxious and not be a fan of another ship on the show. Case in point.

          • AT says:

            It’s also possible that many fans enjoy the Oliver/Felicity romance without actually being obnoxious Olicity shippers if that makes sense. I seriously think there should be a distinction between “shippers” and those who just enjoy a good love story. There are many average viewers if you will who enjoy the show, the dynamic and the romance but have no association with obnoxious over the top behavior. Just saying. That all said, I have no problem with actual Olicity shippers as long as they’re not rude. :) I don’t care how people enjoy a show.

          • CJ says:

            So the non-Olicity fans making digs at Olicity fans are NOT obnoxious? Wow. Nice double standard there.

          • Julie says:

            CJ, I frankly don’t care if you think I’m obnoxious. As AT pointed out, there are rational fans and I appreciate them because fandom shouldn’t be a drama-filled thing where people bash each other for differences of opinion. But when there are “fans” of the show who bash other fans for not being into their ship or try to get actors on the show fired because they don’t like them for being in the way of their ship, I find that obnoxious.

            My comment was in response to aunni’s comment where she basically wrote off Drew’s opinion because he’s apparently a Katie Cassidy fan. That’s obnoxious. No double standard necessary. If you’re getting defensive because I called out an Olicity fan’s obnoxious behavior, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re one of the obnoxious fans that I referenced in my comment. A rational Olicity fan who doesn’t treat non-Olicity fans like crap would not take that comment personally. Only someone who knows they behave obnoxiously to other fans and doesn’t like being called out on it would take offense.

      • Drew says:

        Mulder and Scully were a lot like Oliver and Felicity. They had great chemistry and worked well off of each other. They were a solid team, always there for each other. They loved each other. However, when they tried to turn it romantic, it was just awkward and gross. It completely ruined the relationship that they actually had by forcing this romantic idea that never really existed. I never bought the idea that Mulder wanted to get into Scully’s pants. I do buy that they would drink beer and watch a movie together. And look at the most recent movie, which featured them as this couple… And the chemistry was completely gone.
        Sometimes a writer needs to listen to the characters and not the fans. Oliver might want to beat up Felicity’s dates, but I don’t see him wanting to bed her. She is his friend and the person who keeps him flying level. She should be the Xander to his Buffy. Close as family, but without the baggage.
        On top of that, the group dynamic would be completely ruined. Suddenly Diggle would be the guy who spends all of his time hanging out with a power couple, just awkwardly standing in the corner while they do their thing. He wouldn’t be their equal. He wouldn’t be a part of the team anymore, because two thirds of the main trio would be in their own team. People don’t realize how dangerous it would be to go down this path. If Olicity works super well as a couple, Diggle is a third wheel. If it doesn’t go well, it isn’t like they’re going to write Oliver out. Felicity might end up not fitting anymore and she would be gone.
        The chemistry on the show is great, but chemistry like that is delicate. Shifting the balance for the sake of a useless romance (and really, how much story do we expect the couple to get on a comic book action series?) would be a mistake.

        • Mo says:

          I actually always bought the idea that Mulder wanted to get in Scully’s pants. I never bought that she wanted in his. Just saying.

          And I can’t see Diggle ever awkwardly standing in the corner. Yes, the group chemistry is balanced so well now, but I think they can handle a romance (if it happens, not saying it should) without completely throwing it off.

        • Autumn says:

          Sorry, I can’t agree on everything (though I do agree that Oliver/Felicity is similar to Mulder/Scully). I get what you are saying, but I just recently re-watched X-Files from beginning to end and it was definitely romantic almost from the beginning (if not the beginning). It is about subtext and a slow build-up. I think the thing some people miss is that Mulder and Scully wasn’t about a sexual/lustful romance, it was about two souls coming together on this deep, intimate (non sexual) level. I see the same with Oliver and Felicity, which is why I cringe when people go off about when they are going to sleep together. It is about more than that, just like Mulder and Scully was about more than that.

          And the chemistry wasn’t ruined in the film. It was the script really and poor direction that was the true problem, not that Scully and Mulder were now a couple.

          • AT says:

            Exactly! Though it should be reiterated that even though they are portrayed as having this ideal, pure love, their relationship does go beyond platonic love. It is sexual, but in a pure way. Oliver and Felicity are definitely using similar story techniques that Scully and Mulder did. Or even the Doctor and Rose. It’s probably why they work so well and the majority of the audience likes them.

          • Drew says:

            I would say that Ollie and Felicity are more like the Doctor and Donna. She keeps him in check and definitely holds her own, but their relationship doesn’t seem sexual to me.

          • Drew says:

            No, wait… Switching to the Doctor and Amy Pond. Sassy but not as temperamental as Donna. Still not romantic. Felicity needs her Rory.

        • Cee says:

          I hear a lot of what you’re saying. It’s the classic (Moonlighting) argument of not getting characters together so that the current dynamic doesn’t change. We’ll have to see. But this is where I disagree:

          “Suddenly Diggle would be the guy who spends all of his time hanging out with a power couple, just awkwardly standing in the corner.”

          Diggle was never an uncomfortable part of the equation when Sara was working with the team. He was right in there with them as a part of their crime fighting. It wasn’t awkward.

          I’d also like to point out that Diggle has been the one voice on the show that seems to call both Felicity and Oliver out on their feelings, even if they don’t realize it themselves. He’s not awkward about it – he’s been the most forward in vocalizing their inner developments.

          Personally, I’m semi-neutral on this so far (leaning towards a yes), but I do think the writers are very good at slowly developing characters and building not only their stories, but relationships and exploring them well.

          • Vicki says:

            I completely agree with your assessment of Diggle’s part in the Oliver and Felicity story. Diggle was the one who said something to Oliver about his not having a problem with Felicity’s performance until Barry came along. And Diggle said to Felicity something about how it must be upsetting to her to see Oliver with Sara. He sees the connection there, be it romantic or otherwise, and the writers wouldn’t reduce him to the role of third wheel.

          • Drew says:

            Diggle does set them straight. But it wouldn’t be his place to interfere in an actual relationship between them. It wouldn’t be his place to sit outside of Felicity’s home to protect her, unless Oliver specifically asked him to.
            Sara was different. She isn’t part of the core of the show. That core is Oliver/Diggle/Felicity. If you put two of those characters together, the core dynamic has no choice but to change.

        • At Leisure says:

          Ok I. Don’t care if you’re a man or sexist or a misogynist but I REALLY like your reasoning here even though I’m all for an Oliver/Felicity romance. You’ve made a brilliant point.

        • Terry Rhoda says:

          Hi Drew, I like to think that Felicity and Diggle have a strong enough friendship for them to both have their own power dynamic within the 3 of them regardless of O/F moving their relationship to a different level. Besides (unless my understanding of S2 was off) Diggle is aware of the other twos attraction to each other and has been actively encouraging it. The only dynamic that would ruin the team is adding Laurel to the mix because (again unless I’ve read it wrong) Diggle does not like Laurel at all. I believe he would have bigger issues with her in the team.

    • Kay says:

      haha lol if my brother looked at me like Oliver looks at Felicity he’d be sent to therapy.

      • Drew says:

        I said that I hope their date was that awkward. I never said that they should actually be brother and sister.

        • Kay says:

          My bad, sorry! It’s just I’ve seen the brother/ sister argument before and I’m just like WHAT. Haha. It doesn’t make sense to me. But I read your comment wrong, so sorry!

        • CJ says:

          No, you said that you said “I hope it feels like they’re dating their brother/sister and they drop this Olicity thing forever.”. So when Kay responded with “if my brother looked at me like Oliver looks at Felicity he’d be sent to therapy”, she was arguing about you saying that you hoped they had a brother / sister type of relationship.

          You brought up the brother / sister angle. Not Kay.

          • Drew says:

            Saying that I hope their date feels like they’re out with their brother/sister is not the same thing as an actual brother/sister date. It’s awkward, but it’s not something disgusting or disturbing. It just means that you misread the relationship and the closeness that you feel with a person. The key word in what i said was “like” I hoped that it was *like* being out with their brother or sister. It’s a figure of speech, meaning that it is awkward.

    • AT says:

      I think your hopes are probably in vain. However, I do think that the writers will opt for a slow build like Scully and Mulder rather than getting Oliver and Felicity together right away. As for your last point, I think that ship has already long sailed. They’ve already made the characters romantic, whether or not one chooses to pay attention to subtext, well that’s up to them.

  17. Sam says:

    What is AIR? I need Season 3 right now! I can’t wait for all the action and OLICITY! Bring it on!

  18. kath says:

    The middle of last season dragged but the finale episodes were great so I’m excited to see what happens next season. The new big bad will probably be Count Vertigo although I’m crossing my fingers we get to see Ra’s al Ghul.

    If they’re doing flashbacks, first in line should be Felicity because we know more about everyone on the show, from the Lances to Diggle to Roy, than we know about her. I’d also like more on Diggle, maybe with a side of Suicide Squad.

    It’ll be nice to see Oliver finally ask Felicity out but I have a feeling it’s going nowhere in the near future — too many bad guys in Starling City to take time out for a life.

    I hope Sara is back in a recurring role.

    • A says:

      I hope we finally get Felicity backstory too. We know more about Sin’s backstory than we know about Felicity’s! I’m really hoping for a Team Arrow (O/F/D) goes to Vegas episode, so we can find out more about Felicity.

  19. Sparky says:

    I am fan of Olicity but I’m a bigger fan of Team Arrow and I’d hate to see Oliver, Diggle and Felicity’s dynamic effected in a bad way if they don’t handle this storyline well. But in the meantime aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  20. Foshi says:

    I’m so excited to see the Team Arrow trio back on my screens. I think the show is at it’s best when it focuses on that and not on Lance family drama or the “villains of the week”. I enjoy seeing characters I’m invested take up the majority of screen time. I’m excited to see Lance promoted to Captain and hopefully he will be helping the team a lot this season. I love the banter, chemistry and interaction in the Arrow cave and Roy is welcome as long as that unit isn’t broken. I think Oliver and Felicity have amazing chemistry and she is the person who brings out the best in him. Steve Amell said at a con recently that while Oliver loses his humanity in the flashbacks he will be question how much he wants to get back and Felicity is a big part of that. Hopefully the writers handle this relationship with care because it could be amazing if done properly. Is it October yet??

  21. Ben says:

    Chuck season 3. Brandon Routh is big bad. Chuck and Sarah finally settle down a fantastic will they/won’t they chemistry into a solid and lasting relationship… Arrow season 3, deja vu?

    • Ben says:

      Should I end there? Brandon Routh was a romantic competitor for Chuck (sounds like he will be for Oliver, specifically with Felicity).

  22. sinisteravenger says:

    This whole obsession with Oliver and Felicity is really weird. We all know Oliver and Laurel are THE couple. They are Green Arrow’s version of Clark and Lois. Peter and Mary Jane. Getting mad that Oliver isn’t going to end up with some made up random character is non-sense. Everybody should’ve known Oliver/Laurel is the end game as soon as they started watching a Green Arrow show.

    • Kay says:

      I see your point but what works in the comics might not work on screen and I think the show has proved that. Laurel and Oliver have no chemistry and he slept with her sister and cheated on her so many times. How can anyone want that as endgame? Their relationship is toxic and not very watchable. To me I think the ‘obsession’ with keeping Oliver/Laurel as endgame just because it’s in the comics is weird.

      • Drew says:

        I am not tied to Oliver and Laurel ending up together. But I think that Laurel’s arc for the series is all about becoming something that she wouldn’t have imagined in season 1. It is hard to know where that will lead her and Oliver… They weren’t right together in the past. Right now, they’re really just learning how to be friends. Who knows where they will be in season 7?
        Like I said, I am not saying that they need to be together. But I am interested in seeing the evolution of her character and how that changes her relationships with the people around her.

        • Kay says:

          That’s fair. I’m not really invested in her character arc as much but I can see why people are. But to me, on the relationship side of things, all that applies now – the cheating and the sleeping with his sister – will still apply in season 7. That won’t change for me. It’s still toxic in my mind. But I see your point completely.

          • Ashley says:

            I don’t dislike Laurel, but what ‘strong’ female hero can want to be with someone who cheated on them many times, sleep with their sibling and lied to them for years? Who would even want to be friends with that person?! I think if Laurel is going to become the BC it needs to be away from Oliver and Starling. Maybe she can go to the LoA with Sara and Nyssa.

      • janean137 says:

        AMEN :)

    • aunni says:

      starling city does not exist, its star city. oliver has no sibling, shado raped him etc… oh laurel does not exist its dinah darek lance. dont compare olie to clark uggg

    • JC says:

      We don’t all know that. Things change and nothing is set in stone.

    • Ben says:

      I did ‘know’ that Oliver/Laurel was endgame.

      However, things change. Lots of things in the world of Arrow are inconsistent with the comics. Oliver and Felicity have serious chemistry. I’m no shipper, and I really don’t care what the endgame is. But I disagree with your assertion that people should know Oliver/Laurel are endgame at this point. Who knows how it will work out.

    • Lee says:

      I think many people assume Oliver & Laurel are end game. I think it, but I also pray to the fangirl heavens that they are not. Yes, I do enjoy Oliver & Felicity, but liking them is not the main reason why I do not care for Oliver & Laurel. I just think Katie Cassidy is a horrible, horrible actress. I recall watching the premiere, and really thinking, wtf, I hope this is not the lead actress – and she is. There are characters that you’re supposed to like and there are characters you’re not supposed to like – but there should always be something in the acting that makes even the worse character likeable, if this makes sense. For me, the acting doesn’t balance out the hype of this ultimate comic book couple.

    • CJ says:

      Hmm. I didn’t know that Oliver and Laurel are end game. I don’t even know that GA / BC are end game in the comic books. Didn’t they get divorced before the reboot of the DC universe? Have they met in the new 52? Aren’t Peter and Mary Jane divorced in the current series? Isn’t Superman with Wonder Woman in the new 52?

      I wouldn’t rest on your laurels (pun intended) because Arrow is its own universe, its own canon. Yes, it’s based on the Green Arrow comic book series, but the show’s producers have turned things on their heads too much (for dramatic suspense, for their own creativity) for any viewer to predict what the end game is going to be.

      And for Felicity being a ‘random character’ it’s funny that she’s so central to the Arrow story, and Oliver’s hero journey. I think she started out as an easter egg character but ever since they made Emily Bett Rickards a series regular and written her in as an important character, she can no longer be relegated as a ‘random character’. Now, they’re writing her in a romantic potential to Oliver Queen, and they’re including her in the GA comic books, calling her a ‘random character’ at this point is what is non-sense.

    • S says:

      lol @ random character. Felicity Smoak is the one who set in motion Oliver’s journey to being a hero. She was the one who told him he could find another way (other than killing) and she was the one who had his bow handmade and first put his mask on and called him a hero. Felicity Smoak is ANYTHING but a random character. She’s the making of him.

    • Alynn says:

      If you’ve read the comics you should know they’re ALL random made up characters with altered relationships and histories. Oliver is not like comic Oliver. Neither Sara nor Laurel embodies the BC of comics. Laurel is so little like comic Dinah Laurel Lance I could cry. The best I’ll say is Sara fits into Arrow better while Laurel so far feels expendable. That’s a dig at the writing for the character. And I don’t know which comics you’ve read but Dinah was royally shafted in a lot of Green Arrow books. She’s really too big a character to be Oliver’s sidekick love interest. Shippers using comic arguments on all sides give me a headache. BC started off in Flash in the 40s. She’s starred in her own book not related to Oliver Queen (Birds of Prey.) Ship whatever but all the people using comics to support ships make me cringe. I’m not a shipper but I’m anti- Oliver when he’s messing with the sisters and they need viewers thinking he’s a hero not a douche

      • Terry Rhoda says:

        What I have learnt about the Green Arrow comics from reading Wikipaedia is that they kill off characters, rebirth them. change their identities and remake them when it suits. Everyone talking about Oliver/Laurel as end game….does this mean that the comic series has now come to an end? I thought the comic series is ongoing? If it is ongoing then how can we already have an endgame?

        • Alynn says:

          I don’t think there is an endgame yet. Maybe the producers had Laurel and Oliver in mind in the pilot, maybe they still do, but they’re obviously considering other options now. And no way does CW or DC decide it has to go a certain way because the GA/BC romance isn’t even consistent in the GA books. In comics there are two BC – Dinah Drake Lance and her daughter Dinah Laurel. Dinah Laurel has the shortest history of the two. People saying endgame because comics are probably looking at a specific time period (2007? 2008? Can’t remember exactly) when DC used Dinah Laurel in the Green Arrow and Black Canary romance as a giant publicity stunt from proposal to wedding. It might have boosted sales in the short term but it ended up royally backfiring with many GA and BC fans both mad as he#%. Sales dropped so DC divorced them and wrote Dinah out. Now in the 52 universe they’ve reinvented everyone. The BC is Dinah Drake Lance again, she’s married (not involved with Oliver) and she’s in her own book (Birds of Prey.) Oliver is in his own book. They added Diggle from the show. Apparently they plan to add Felicity now. The Birds of Prey book is ending soon, so it’s possible they could add Dinah to the GA book again, but DC won’t be looking for a repeat of the comic fandom backlash. But yeah, in 70+ years of GA comics there’s no specific endgame and I think DC will let them run with whatever they think pleases the most viewers because they’re trying to build a TV franchise that rivals the Marvel movie franchise. Ironman and Pepper Potts weren’t endgame in Marvel comics either, we’ve seen Spiderman movies with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, Superman is dating Wonder Woman in comics but the more well known Lois Lane in movies. If Oliver/Dinah were as iconic as Clark/Lois I’d say maybe it’s more that plan on Arrow, but truthfully that’s not the case. I just don’t believe DC cares which means it could go either way based on writing and fan reaction.

    • AT says:

      Actually we don’t know that. This is their own version of the story. Even on Smallville where they were obsessed with following comics didn’t have Oliver end up with the Black Canary. Instead he ended up with Chloe Sullivan (a “random” character) so I guess it’s not nonsense. Also, the actual comics are now going to be written by the same writers of “Arrow” and they are adding Felicity into the story, making the comics more like the series. So I’d say anything is possible. Laurel or Felicity are both real possibilities when it comes to end game.

  23. Nicole says:

    I really want Oliver and Felicity to get together! Olicity ftw!!

  24. rachelle says:


  25. Stephanie says:

    I have the biggest smile on my face!! bring on season 3!!

  26. Rachie says:

    I am so excited to hear the real possibility of Oliver & Felicity dating. I love them together. I think Felicity is his future. Sara & Laurel are his past.

    • lulu Lily says:

      And laurel the past will come back and bite you guys in the ass and felicity too because laurel is apart of Oliver life and will eventually be apart of the team and back together with Oliver as a couple and how is felicity is going to feel about it and how is felicity going to feel when Oliver getting closer with laurel knowing Oliver will always have a soft spot for laurel and from Katie Cassidy interview laurel will be trying to be apart of team arrow and working along side Oliver and with the writers making laurel black canary which season 3 will be laurel journey into being the black canary from what Katie Cassidy said and not only that but Katie Cassidy is learning how to shoot a bow and arrow and which is how laurel was able to use a bow and arrow in episode 21 or 22 and Katie Cassidy is even working out to be physically fit to become black canary .

      • Kay says:

        There are these things called periods, they’re punctuation. You should try using them because I can hardly make sense of what you’re saying. You’ve just written one huge long sentence.

      • Ashley says:

        Laurel fits into the story as a lawyer and detective type. Adding her into Team Arrow (or as people say about Olicity ‘shoving her down our throats’) will only be a bite in the ass and everyone will suffer in the end. The story, the characters and what works about the show will all get lost because KC was promised BC. I have nothing against KC and this must suck for her, but it just doesn’t fit into the story right now and shouldn’t be forced. It’s great she’s working out and getting into shape (she seems like a dedicated actress), but that doesn’t mean Laurel is going to be good for the Team Arrow! This isn’t a Laurel dig…it’s common sense to the storyline. I’m sorry…

      • emily says:

        we already have canary on arrow and her name is sara “badass” lance

  27. Lou says:

    Excited but also nervous about the Olicity spoilers. I love them so much but I don’t want them to be ruined. I’m more than happy with a slow burn.

    I’m just looking forward to some Felicity backstory as well as Diggle finding out who killed his brother and the H.I.V.E mystery. I’m just here for lots of Team Arrow greatness and maybe some help from Quentin Lance. I’m also looking forward to Thea’s arc with Malcolm. Lots of angst coming our way. Everyone else I don’t care about.

  28. Mo says:

    Not a shipper, but I’m happy they’re exploring the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. They put the L word out there in text (even if it was part of a fake out) and it needs to be addressed. This is a relationship that’s important to fans, yes, but it needs to be handled as more than just fanservice because it’s an important relationship to the characters in the show. I want them both to think about their feelings. I want Oliver to ask Felicity on a date, and I want her to question it. I want Oliver to examine whether his feelings for her are real, or if he just wants her around when it’s convenient for him or when she shows interest in someone else. I want Felicity to think about whether her feelings for him are real, or if it’s only a crush, or if she just doesn’t like it when he shows interest in someone else. I want them to maybe pine a little (not all season) then maybe move on, then maybe be so glad they moved on or realize they can’t move on without trying for more first.

    Whatever it is, or isn’t, I want it to be something that colors their interactions for a long time, not something that is glossed over with rainbows for a HEA, or brushed aside like it never happened if not. I want whatever emotions they have to feel real and earned, and whatever relationship they have to have consequences outside the relationship.

    That’s not a lot to ask, right? LOL

  29. Hodan says:

    I can’t wait for Arrow Season 3.


  30. A says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!! Oliver and Felicity sitting in a tree

  31. Samantha says:

    i’m dead, my heart can’t take this, I need Arrow and Olicity NOW!!!

  32. Cassandra says:

    I am really hoping we’re not endlessly jerked around about Olicity. I want it to be endgame, so I’m willing to suffer the slow burn because I truly believe they are right for each other. Oliver just has to decide he’s the man Felicity knows he is deep down. He doesn’t inherently have that confidence in his ability to be a hero or his goodness, but Felicity believes in him. That is so important and needs to be respected. This is a TV show, so I expect bumps in the road just as long as we get there eventually. I’m totally excited about them.

    What I’m also excited for is the Felicity backstory. We’ve been promised it forever now, so it better take place in the first half of the season, because my patience has almost run out. I hope we get a fuller picture of her life before Team Arrow, and she gets her own flashback episode. I will tell everyone I’ve ever met to watch. lol

  33. Shelley says:

    If only this could be true. But, their relationship is a slo burn, I like that. Just makes all the looks, words, and touches even more noteworthy each time. It doesn’t matter to me that Arrow follows true to the comic stories. I like the creative process the writers have done so far. It makes it even more unexpected.

  34. GY says:

    OMG OMG OMG… Olicity!!! I’m so happy.. SO EXCITED. And finally felicity’s backstory with some flashbacks i presume. This new season will be great!!!! i can’t wait.

  35. Meg says:

    I love other characters getting flashbacks. I loved the Diggle flashback and his history with Lyla in Afghanistan last season. I am very much looking forward to all Diggle Centric episodes maybe even one with his brother Andrew prior to his death.
    As for the Olicity stuff cool, let’s us watch and see what happens. Felicity is such a “fun” character on TV and so there is potential for a butt load of humor with all these triangles forming ie Barry Allen and Ray Palmer, or should it be a square with Oliver thrown in there. She will have some great lines this year. I just don’t want to watch her broken hearted that will be tragical. I love the humor and fun she brings to Arrow.
    Please bring Sara back! I love Sara as BC she is great!

    • Ashley says:

      I was so scared the entire finale she would die, but now I’m scared she’ll die at the beginning of the season for Laurel to become the new BC. It’s not that I don’t like Laurel, but I just feel like there is so much more story for a strong bisexual hero that has really been through difficult times and is learning about love. I just love the Sara that is in my head and hope we see her and she doesn’t die! :(

      • Meg says:

        The writers would have to work really hard to make Laurel a great BC. I am not opposed to it completely. It would have to be brilliant writing and acting to pull it off. I just think why break what works with Sara. I would love to learn her League back story via the flashbacks, how she was taken in by Nyssa etc. I think that story would be super compelling.

        • Ashley says:

          I’m very much a fighter for a BC spin off showing Sara’s background and LoA and her relationship with Nyssa!! :)

  36. Rick Katze says:

    Obviously something major will go wrong on the “date.” That is to be expected.

    Long range, I think they will slowly get together but probably not until at least season 4 or maybe 5. If the writers don’t, eventually it will be a deathblow to Arrow. You can’t tease what the audience wants and then go in a different direction.

    • Trish says:

      Hi Rick, I completely agree with you. I’m ok with the slow building of the relationship and a season 4 or 5 move. I’ve got all the time in the world as long as I get Team Arrow, Felicity’s backstory and Digg’s H.I.V.E. story.

      • YES!! H.I.V.E!!! can we PLEASE address this writers??!!!

        • Trish says:

          You have no idea how much I longed for Digg’s H.I.V.E story in season 2. I think this is the main reason why I can’t warm up to either of the Lance sisters, because the show continues to over-saturate their arcs at the detriment of my beloved characters who lack the writing for their stories. Arrow is entering into Season 3 now, it’s long past time they learned how to write a balanced show. I give Agents of Shield props for this. I like every single character over there. No one is lacking for a story or back-story.

  37. Lee says:

    I find it difficult to fully commit to Oliver & Felicity just given the knowledge I have of the comic books. I was a bit gleeful reading that Felicity would be added to the new stories. However, I watch half expecting an old switcheroo, or a, “don’t you know the comic books, dummy. It was Oliver & Laurel all along.” oy.

    • JC says:

      Arrow the show resembles the comic books so little that I don’t think anything that happens in the comics has anything to do with this tv show.

  38. Trish says:

    Matt, you beautiful man, I could kiss you right now!!!!
    All I know is that I finally, finally get my Felicity Smoak flashbacks and back-story. This is so long overdue that it makes me weep and fear her true value on the show. I know she’s one half of an insanely popular ship, but she, as well as Diggle get to have their lives and individual backgrounds as well. This is very encouraging indeed.
    And it sounds like Olicity will have a lot of great and amazing angst all season long. Outstanding! I’m going to eat up every minute of it. I’m excited to see Season 3 now that I know they’ve heard my cries for my favorite characters. Can’t wait. Bring it!
    P.S. – Hears hoping this is also a sign that John Diggle get’s back to the business of H.I.V.E!

  39. Murph says:

    What happened to Sin?

  40. janean137 says:

    I don’t believe it! How can I believe this is going to really work out after that huge fake out out form last season?

  41. Domino says:

    I can’t wait to see how Oliver reacts to a little competition for Felicity’s attention. So ready for October!!!

  42. Ashley says:

    Good lord these two are the biggest ship I’ve ever had. I’ve liked other couples in the past but I actually spend time thinking about them. What is wrong with me?! I just started watching Arrow because of an Olicity gif set on tumblr. I don’t watch CW shows, but they sucked me in. Anyways can’t wait for October. I know there is going to be a lot of pain, but I’ll take it for the adorableness…though at some point there better be a payout! :)

  43. So excited for S3! Olicity slowburn will continue! There will be NO FAKE OUT! The writers have already used that plot device with them. The Date WILL HAPPEN!!! All EPs have stated this! The date will be interrupted though, by something massive and it will make Oliver pull back again, but I am ready for the heartbreak! Felicity and Ray is going to be great and Oliver will be miserable. I just love Olicity!!!

  44. Kate says:

    Flashbacks featuring other characters’ backstory??? *Gasp, maybe Felicity’s? Oh, show, please go with that. Her story/history is truly something I’m interested in. It’s a credit to the writers, executive producers AND Emily Bett Rickards for creating such a fascinating and interesting character in Felicity Smoak.

    As for the love interest, I’m actually looking forward to Ray and Felicity, to seeing how Felicity handles a romantic relationship, even if it’s not with Oliver YET. I hope we get to see how this relationship affects Felicity, affects her relationship with Oliver (and I don’t mean jealousy, or just jealousy). I want to see her grow from it. I want Oliver to watch them and grow from it. I hope Ray and Felicity get a fully fleshed out relationship at the same time Oliver and Felicity’s relationship deepens. You can do this, Arrow writers. Don’t drop the ball. You’ve done very, very well with developing Olicity as a relationship worth rooting for.

    “Does Oliver have real, genuine emotions for her? And how aware is he of that?” I think from watching the season finale Oliver has real, genuine emotions for Felicity. I hope we, the audience, get that acknowledgment from the show in that first ep. It’ll make watching the tension between them more delicious and entertaining.

    Thanks, Matt! You give us great Olicity goodies!

  45. Amber2 says:

    I’m way too old to be a shipper but Olicity delights me. I know it’s not ‘canon’ for the Green Arrow but I just want more and more of them. Sometimes when I write a story, a character jumps into the mix unbidden and takes over the thing. Then I have to decide whether or not to run with the new direction or stick with the old. I’ve found that 99 times out of a 100 it’s best to run with the new story. Let it be what it wants to be and you end up with something far better than the original plan. I get that Black Canary is an integral part of the Arrow universe – that’s fine – but my heart wants Olicity to be the endgame.

  46. Sasha says:

    Oliver and Felicity!!!! I am so FREAKING excited to see where their story takes them this season. They are the best developed couple on TV at the moment. Their journey is so beautiful to watch. Can’t wait til these crazy kids finally get together. I am enjoying the ride!

  47. Lucy says:

    I’m so excited about season 3 and all the reveals. I hope we see some Felicity flashbacks. I can’t wait to see more original Team Arrow! And I’m over the moon thinking about all the angst ahead for Oliver and Felicity before they admit their feelings for each other. That said I hope it’s more action and less soap opera in season 3.

  48. Eileen says:

    I think that Diggle is on board with Oliver and Felicity being together. I like the slow burn, and I hope they go undercover for the date :)

  49. CJ says:

    I’m really looking forward to where they will take Oliver and Felicity’s relationship in Season 3. My hope is that they exhibit the same care they have had in developing this relationship thus far.

    No unexplained, unjustified ”I just can’t help myself around you, I don’t know why, but I just know we share a great love so even though you’re a douche and I’m with a guy who loves me for reals, I’m going to jump into bed with you the first chance I get” (sound familiar?) for Felicity.

    No making Oliver and Felicity into saps who can only focus on how much they love each other that they lose themselves and the importance of what they are doing for Starling City.

    No disregarding of other Team Arrow members to give way for their relationship (like what they did when Oliver and Sara hooked up again).

    No co-dependence.


    I want what has been great so far in the Oliver and Felicity dynamic to continue. The mutual trust. The sense of humour and flirting between them. The focus on their common mission and their team. The acknowledgement from both of them that they are both equally heroes. The long loaded looks. But now with a verbalised and obvious romantic angle.

    And yeah, I want one of those non-Oliver flashbacks to be Felicity’s. I want to know her back story. I want to know her better. Please.

  50. Indigovine says:

    Olicity have the best chemistry since Smallville’s Lois&Clark! I am super excited to hear that they will be exploring Olicity in season3 of Arrow.