Arrow's Stephen Amell Shoots Down Batman V Superman Movie Speculation

Batman V Superman Stephen Amell

TV’s own Green Arrow will not pop up in the highly anticipated Batman V Superman movie, the CW series’ star made clear on Thursday.

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Stephen Amell used his Facebook page to snuff the speculation, which started when word spread that other DC Comics heroes would first make cameos in the Dark Knight/Man of Steel mash-up (starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill and swooping into theaters May 2016) before populating a Justice League movie (targeted for May ’17).

The Arrow “crossover” theory then amplified when Amell himself teased “big things” to be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

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“I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm, but not everything I post is a cryptic indicator that I’m going to be in Batman V Superman. I’m not going to be in Batman V Superman,” Amell wrote. “The next time that I either do a video or an interview with a journalist that I like, I’ll be happy to explain why this is the case. Short form: It’s not a barometer on ability or the quality of genre…. Everything here boils down to logistics.”

Amell then enthused that “playing Arrow on television isn’t a consolation prize. We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe.”

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  1. Duke says:

    It gets annoying having to repetitively tell people that shooting the tv show and shooting the movie(s) would be a scheduling nightmare.

  2. D says:

    They need to keep them separate. the TV universe is so much better than the MoS PoS.

  3. A says:

    Keep the Arrow articles coming, it helps the hiatus go faster :)

    • A says:

      Seriously, I am so ready for season 3. Is it here yet? Can they do a web series with minor characters or something to tide us over?

    • Johnh says:

      I’m just starting season 2, Jealous?

    • Briggs says:

      I want more, too, but I want something of substance. Stephen has already had to answer this question so many times. I want to hear more about what present day is going to be like (though the Hong Kong handler looks hot…).

  4. Yule says:

    Thank god. Amell’s acting is terrible, glad he’s not gonna be in the movies. WB would be pretty stupid to have CW actors who cant act play such iconic characters on the big screen. Let Amell do his thing on the garbage CW network and cast the best actor in Hollywood right now for Oliver (if they ever cast him). Glad this is cleared up so we don’t have to hear about no more.

    • mikey says:

      Go and take a cold shower, you are overreacting

    • chaouad says:

      Stephen is a brillant actor tho and arrow has 73% on metacritic its much more than a lot of show that are in big network.

    • Jess says:

      Okay but then what’s your defense for Ben Affleck?

      • jag says:

        an award maybe or nomination? So annoying when people rant about actors they constantly watch. Yeah a long cold bath with ice on the tub.

    • Jana says:

      Stephen Amell’s acting is not strong nor is he a big enough name to draw people to the theaters.He barely carries the character on tv. It would be a struggle for him to do so in a movie.

      • Mel says:

        Stephen Amell can act well. This movie is going to be crap, the first one was crap. I’d rather watch an episode of arrow than sit through man of steel again. A big budget movie does not ensure better writing, acting , action or that it’s automatically superior to something on television, even the cw network. This is all just my opinion.

    • Briggs says:

      Those that don’t like Stephen Amell’s acting…. don’t watch. Don’t comment. Why are you watching a show whose main character you don’t like? And why comment if that’s the case? If you don’t like him, don’t watch. I know I shouldn’t be telling people what to do, but if I can’t stand the main actor, I don’t waste my time.

      Which makes me wonder if Yule and Ginger aren’t trolls. You can usually tell, when they don’t come back in to defend themselves. They just post, then sit back and watch the fireworks. Kind of apt, considering what day this is in the United States…

      • Vanellope says:

        I don’t particularly love Amell’s acting, but that doesn’t mean I should just not watch Arrow nor does it mean I shouldn’t comment to express my opinion. I have enjoyed watching the last two seasons and honestly cannot wait until season 3 to come out. Despite this, I am entitled to believe that Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen could improve as I find his acting to lack expression at times and be a little too stiff.

        If you cannot handle people disagreeing with you, then you are going to have a very hard time dealing with life.

        • Briggs says:

          So… a guy who just came back from a place (or places, apparently) where he may not have had a lot of good human interaction for a very long time, and who’s poker face may have saved his life more than once, is supposed to come back to his former life and act normally? For a guy who has to have been through a lot of trauma (especially one as coddled and sheltered as Oliver was prior to the island, despite his lifestyle, I give you how his mother handled the babymama), he’s doing fairly well, but he’s not going to react normally to… anything. This is the origin story, not Justice League Oliver. He may be healing, but he’s definitely not okay.

  5. Sally says:

    He would have been a great addition to the movie, but it’s their loss. Stephen is one hell of a brilliant actor and amazing guy all around. Hopefully he will have bigger and better stuff in the future.

  6. M3rc Nate says:

    Its a shame cause the overall concept of one universe (TV/Movies) that Marvel has going on is pretty awesome. Now yes, SHIELD isnt that good IMO, and they dont seem to be able to pull in many (or any) guest appearances by Thor/Iron Man/Banner/etc…but they COULD and thats awesome. I think it would blow peoples minds if Arrow and the Flash had been created in a way that it lined up with the DC movies so Batman could show up in Arrow, Superman/Clark Kent on The Flash…but they didnt and that kinda sucks. Full integration is my favorite.

  7. Amanda says:

    I figued this would be the case since it was annouced WB and DC is going to make an actual movie about The Flash so that ruled out Grant playing the role. It’s not realistic. I know it has worked for Marvel with “Shield” and soon “Agent Cartner”, but those shows debuted after the movies the characters were in. There’s no way WB would use Stephen or Grant but use film actors instead.

  8. Nate Mayhew says:

    I think people should learn how to read. The article ends with him stating that they are the definitive versions of their characters in the DC Universe. He just confirms he’s not in BvS. This doesn’t mean that Arrow and Flash will not be in FUTURE movies. You know, like that Flash/Green Lantern teamup in a few years. If our Barry is the definative version, that means he MUST be the Flash in that movie. Which means that our Arrow is in that universe as well.

    • Johnny 5 says:

      I think you should learn to use common sense.
      1)The show and the films have complete different tones.
      2) first time the Justice League will be at cinemas they’re going to use the main characters. Green Arrow has never been a main character in JL
      3) if they were connected they would have announced a long time ago that way for the people following the films will know they should follow the shows and vice versa. That would benefit them bothin viewers
      4) Batman is already in there so there’s nothing Green Arrow can bring that can benefit the team that Batman can’t already do many times better

      • Nate Mayhew says:

        Back to learning to read I guess.

        1.) Arrow and Flash series have different tones entirely and they’re in a shared universe. I don’t see why that makes one bit of difference. See: Guardians of the Galaxy vs. The First Avenger)

        2.) I never said he’d be in JL.

        3.) A shared universe doesn’t mean you have to follow everything. Also, it is only your opinion that they would do anything. Unless you run DC.

        4.) Okay, now tell me why Flash won’t be in the movie/on the team. I just said that if Flash is used then Arrow is in the same universe and could cameo in a movie. I never said which one

        Maybe if you had actually read my post and tried to understand it instead of getting butt hurt about my first sentence and wanting to put me in my place you would have composed a more rational… related… reply.

        • Johnny 5 says:

          I guess you have no common sense at all
          1) no they both have very similar tone just different approach
          2) then they are not connected
          3) really? Again by announcing they are connected it would only benefit them both Arrow does good for CW numbers but not for network SHIELD does all lot more even though it’s awful. There’s no logical reason they wouldn’t have announced it.
          4) Flash is a main character but again different tones not to mention Grant looks 12 and not that good of an actor. Do you really think they can’t hire a different actor to play the same character?
          Don’t hurt yourself with reason and logic

          • Don says:

            1) who the frak cares
            2) who the frak cares
            3) WHO THE frak cares
            4) WHO THE FRAK CARES (battlestar galactica love it)
            5) stop fighting with each other. this is why i skip most comments. now that being said I have to agree with Johnny as far as flash, because If they used Grant they would need to do a lot more work with him on his acting. If you saw the leaked pilot of flash his character was a little rough, but that’s to be expected for a new actor in a new tv spot. Unfortunately Grant has never had any big lead roles. The problem would be that Superman v batman is set to come out in 2016 so they could use him if they work with him. now from what i’ve read it seems that they are not going to cross over the superheros from tv shows to movies, which I think is a mistake, but is understandable because they then have to restrict themselves with writing because they have to base a character on an already established character. that is much harder to do from a writers stand point, so starting from scratch and not having to incorperate a developed character from the tv show makes a lot more sense for tv and movie. After the movie, the tv show would have to adjust because of the movie and every thing just gets confusing. But hey you don’t have to agree with my opinion. I am basing it off of my own experience as a script writer, and comic book fan

  9. Eve says:

    He’s such a class act. Excellent response!

  10. Jared says:

    Batman vs Supermans loss.

  11. DarkDefender says:

    Wicked Bummah!

  12. MD says:

    Jason Mamoa also denied being in Batman V Superman. Just saying.

  13. Gerald says:

    “We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe.” So well said Stephen. Couldn’t agree more.
    I love that we get 22-24 hours of Arrow a year as opposed to 2hrs on the big screen every couple years.

  14. Jerry says:

    I figured one of his surprises at Comic Con would be him working out for an hour in a glass box that you can walk completely around and oogle/take photos

  15. Mel says:

    He should be in the movie, that’s lame.

  16. Gaz says:

    @Yule you complain that Amell can’t act and shouldn’t put him in such a high profile movie… they cast ben affleck as batman ffs

  17. Gregory says:

    You have lost your mind Man of Steel was awesome