Teen Wolf Recap: Party Monsters

Teen Wolf Recap

If Monday’s Teen Wolf is any indication, teaching Liam the ways of the wolf will be easier said than done. Much easier.

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Fresh off last week’s big bite, Scott and Stiles did their best to wrangle the rambunctious — and understandably anxious — new beta, but not even duct tape could solve their problem. (And as we all know, duct tape solves everything.)

And that’s when Liam learned a valuable life lesson: When a bunch of older high school kids invite you to a cool lake-house party, there’s a good chance they’re merely trying to lure you into the basement, where they intend to chain you up and prevent you from wolfing out.

HERE’S DADDY! | Fortunately, just when things seemed their bleakest, Papa Argent emerged from the shadows and saved Scott from Liam’s wolf-y grip. It was a glorious re-entrance, like when Gandalf returned atop a mighty white steed in the Lord of the Rings trilogy — only with slightly less beard. He looked so proud watching Scott take li’l baby Liam under his furry wing: “You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf like me!” (Oh, screw it. We were all proud of that.)

KILLER REVEAL | Mr. Mute — I call him that to make him less terrifying — tried crossing another name off his dead pool by attacking Peter with his trusty tomahawk. 10500524_743368619060697_4938834289104111334_nBut the truly unexpected twist came when the Beacon Hills Police Department actually managed to crack the Benefactor’s code and figure out that there’s a paid assassin on the loose. Derek even helped Sheriff Stilinski track the mouthless lunatic to Beacon Hills High, but thanks to Peter’s impeccable timing and insatiable need to kill, they didn’t get much intel out of him.

Had they gotten him to talk — despite his lack of a mouth — they might have learned that Liam’s buddies Garrett and Violet are actually assassins working for the Benefactor. (Ugh… freshmen, right?)

VOICES IN MY HEAD | Unlike her fellow pack members, Lydia decided to actually learn from the past by figuring out why she was inexplicably writing in code last week. The verdict? Our girl might be totally losing her mind, Stiles-style. Following an entirely inaudible exchange with Liam’s buddy Mason, Lydia started hearing muffled voices — and seeing muffled faces — through the wall. She used that to crack the code (Allison!!!) and uncover the entire dead pool, which of course, includes everyone in Scott’s pack.

10524691_743705052360387_8086371036362724663_nTHE POWER OF STILES | But Liam wasn’t the only one fighting off a change this week. Stiles also bore witness to Malia exhibiting all fifty shades of cray as she wolf’d out and waxed poetic about crushing his bones. Stiles was, of course, the perfect gentleman throughout the whole process, but it made me think back to when Shelley Hennig discussed Malia’s philosophy as Stiles’ new girlfriend: “She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

Teen Wolf fans, were you surprised to learn that Garrett and Violet are assassins? Who do you think will be the next to die? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CK says:

    The biggest reveal of the episode to me was that the keyword was Allison. Is Grandpa Argent going to come out of the shadows as “the Benefactor” or are they going to break my heart and make Papa Argent the big bad this season?

    • gene3 says:

      I think Isaac who is the benefactor because he was in love with allison and we have not seen him for a while

      • EdgarM11 says:

        No Isaac left the show the benefactor is kate because she’s Allison’s aunt duh

        • Sonita says:

          Omg you need to watch the trailers, Kate wants to kill the Benefactor he used her to get down in the vault when he knew that would not help her shift and she’s pissed off not to mention there are other pages with supernaturals on them Lydia unlocked the first there’s more to come and while Scott and the others are going after the assassins Kate and her berserkers return to find the Benefactor and there’s a scene where one of the berserkers are holding Deaton up in the air and Kate is saying something about supernatural creatures and blah blah and then she says “and no one knows who the benefactor is? then she says again ” who is the benefactor” so its not Kate. Oh Em Gee..

          • Nick says:

            Can’t find the trailer you seem to mention… can you link it? It’s not the main official trailer of episode 5, is it?

    • Cate says:

      If it’s an Argent, it’s gotta be gramps. Papa Argent could just invite everybody to dinner, feed them wolfsbane and then shoot Lydia and Stiles. They trust him (sort of). No need to hire assassins. Plus, he’s definitely the type who’d want to do it himself. Grandpa Argent seems like he’d have less of a problem outsourcing.

  2. michelle says:

    Its so sad to see what this show has become. No direction. They should have let Allison be written out, not killed .. The lack of her is evident. This season just feels so awkward for everyone involved. CR didnt asked to be written out. All these interviews with Jeff saying there was no way to figure out a story to send her off. Yeah, well you killed her and the only mention we get is a password..no mourning nothing. She deserved better. And the lack of chemistry with Scott &to Kira is dragging the show down..Kira had better chemistry with Malia..

    • ... says:

      Yeah, they should spend 12 episodes sobbing about Allison. That would make compelling television. You just sound like a bitter shipper who didn’t get what they want.

      • luke says:

        No its because this is the first real death any of them have face (Stile’s was his mum) not to mention she was murdered in front of their eyes.
        When a character, especially one of the original characters. dies it should send shock waves through every character, you should show how it affected them, you should see them grieve and try to move on and get closure.

        You cant have someone die and not have it affect anyone cause that’s just bad writing and its unrealistic.

      • Wil says:

        Thank you. Jeff said this season was set far enough in the future where our characters had time to mourn (2 months). They’ve mourned already. Granted, they could show a little bit more grieving, but they shouldn’t make the whole season about it. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slaher and Angel and even Charmed had major love interests killed off, and didn’t want to dwell too much on it. Calm down you crazy shippers, and let the show tell it’s own story. If you had such good ideas, you would be smart enough to have written your own series.

        • Cate says:

          Who said anything about an entire season? We get pretty much … nothing. Any grieving that supposedly took place conveniently happened off screen. It didn’t really change any of the characters.
          (Funny you should mention Buffy. Remember when Buffy sent Angel to hell and ran away? Or when Tara died and Willow went off the deep end? Or when Joyce died and got a terrific episode, plus Buffy struggling to hold things together for herself and Dawn?)
          It doesn’t have to be perfect. But this is just really lazy and awful writing.
          And this is not about some stupid shipping war. E.g. Scott could get super protective of Kira (and others) because he just lost somebody really close to him and he doesn’t want anybody else to die. Instead we just get business as usual.

        • luke says:

          Stiles’s mum died years ago and we got a haunting speech from fake-Papa Stilinksi in season 2 about how Stiles feels like a burden and failure, not to mention everything the Nogitsune bought up about his mum and her illness.
          THAT is grief… the feeling never really leaves you because you’re haunted until it becomes easier to bear over time. Real grief never really leaves you.
          2 months is not enough time to say “my best friend Alison was murdered bloody” or “the love of my life died, but I’m okay now after 8 weeks and it really doesn’t bother me anymore cause I dont think about it.”
          It’s a disservice to Alison and the characters who should care about her.

        • luke says:

          Oh and Buffy’s mum’s death was felt through the very end of the series, from Buffy having to grow up and become the mother figure to her depression in season 6.
          Not to mention how Prue’s death forced Piper to become the eldest sister and look after and guide the younger two.
          These deaths changed the series, because having someone die shifts your life and makes your grow up faster

        • sarah tay says:

          Seriously!! Buffy / Angel / & Charmed all referenced!!! Seriously way to go. These kids have no idea what heart ache is or even what amazing writing is – shows from even 10 years agowere great let alone 20+ years ago. Anyways bravo!

      • Sonita says:

        Ikr smh

    • James says:

      MIchelle, the problem is…Even Crystal Reed (Allison) herself said that sending her out of town is totally out-of-character and most of all unrealistic considering she was written to be someone who will stick it out to the end. Thus killing her off, which she agreed to, is the most logical thing the writers can do to give service to Allison’s growth as a character for 3 and a half seasons.

      • luke says:

        Kill Alison off, that’s fine and it was right storywise… but pretending she didn’t matter isn’t.

        • 'A' Has Spoken says:

          They are NOT pretending that she didn’t matter! Her death is still felt. Just because it’s not shown as much means nothing. -_-

    • She’s been mentioned in every episode so far, and the character most affected by her death (Isaac) left town to deal with it. Most people after a death want to return to something resembling normality as quickly as possible. Its now two or three month’s later in the show …and things have moved on. And there’s nothing like being chased by an axe wielding killer to focus the mind on other things.

    • J.B. says:

      @Michelle Umm. You lost me when you said Crystal Reed didn’t ask to be written out. She most certainly did AND she wanted Allison to be killed off. That was her idea.

      But I do agree that maybe they could have dealt with her death and absence a little more.

    • Crystal Reed DID ask to be written out. There are interviews with her saying so.

    • Nick says:

      CR totally asked to be written out, and in fact she liked the way her character was written off the show.
      I agree the season feels awkward but just because some of the “freshmen” are clearly not up to the task.
      She was mourned by all of them, and you could see it in the first few episodes… at the same time, this is a 12 episodes season, what should they do? Spend a whole episode just about her funeral? This is a supernatural teen drama, not a soap opera.
      Agreed about Kira. Her character is just way too goofy to be believable, even for a show like Teen Wolf. And since the love of his life just passed away, there was no need to give Scott already a new love interest… he can be single for a season, it’s not the end of the world.

    • Terence says:

      Actually she did ask to be written out, She said so herself. Should do your homework first beforehand. And to be honest having episodes about them grieving is just a waste of time and money. As said, it is set further in the future.

  3. FatherOctavian says:

    I think there were audio problems during Lydia’s scene with Liam’s friend, because the closed captioning had dialogue that was important to the plot; namely that Lydia needs to keep the lake house spotless because her mom is broke and they need the cash to keep from losing their main house.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      the cash from selling it, that is.

    • michelle says:

      I think it was suppose to be like that because of the soundproof room. we don’t know why. Thank goodness for captions for once. lydia will become poor rich girl like cordelia on buffy?

    • Damn says:

      Yer there was audio problems during broadcasting for that scene with Lydia and Mason. Teen Wolf have uploaded the scene on their Facebook, so you can check out the full scene there.

  4. EdgarM11 says:

    I’m i the only one who saw the guy standing behind scott while he was telling liam he wasn’t a monster that he was a werewolf?
    Also keyword was Alison of course its kate and maybe Gerard together but also garrett the new freshman and his GF killed a werewolf who took the beer to the party
    And the benefactor send Garrett a message that the money was on his account maybe he stole the money from the hales with his flat ass GF but b yeah its kate about the list and Garrett about the stealing and maybe along with late in the target list

  5. JJM says:

    Spiderman lost Gwen Stacey and found love again, so shut the hell up about Alison and Scott. Alison is dead and unless there’s a “turn back time” episode and they pull Alison out, she ain’t coming back.

    • J.B. says:

      Stay classy.
      Aslo, go back and read the Spiderman comic books again because you missed a few things here and there.

  6. Rook says:

    I don’t think Malia’s name was on the list. I didn’t see it. Also why did Derek have a 15 when Lydia had a 20? I’m assuming its how much you get for the kill, I would think Derek would be harder to kill. Poor Kira she had a 6 it was the lowest number I saw.

    • Cate says:

      I didn’t see Malia either. Or Stiles. Didn’t see Peter either? Maybe he was just a bonus for that guy.

      • janean137 says:

        I think its because malia and peter both at some point were presumed dead so maybe the aren’t on the benefactors radar.

      • Rook says:

        Stiles isn’t supernatural. He’s a human who was once possessed by an evil, very evil, spirit.

      • MixMi says:

        Stiles is human – no need to kill him.

        Malia is new – maybe the ” Benefactor ” doesn’t know about her yet? Or we did not see the entire list.

        Liam is most likely not on it either since he is a new supernatural.

        Peter… – I am not sure. He was supposedly dead and maybe the ” Benefactor ” did not see him after he came back to life.
        But ” Mute ” did attack him and was probably payed for it so I assume Peter got off the list since someone thought he was dead for good now?

        Yeah…Not sure about Peter…

    • MixMi says:

      Maybe it is how much they will get for that target ( like you said ) or maybe it’s people woting on who to kill next ?
      We need to wait for that one…
      But if it is how much one would get for the kill then it is weird how Derek is 15 and Lydia 20…
      Then again, Derek is a werewolf and Lydia is a banshee… Maybe banshees are rare and cost more? xD

  7. Samantha says:

    Yeah because Malia, “exhibiting all fifty shades of cray as she wolf’d out and waxed poetic about crushing his bones,” is oh so romantic. This is an abusive relationship and not a really consenting one considering she is “all out of whack,” in all senses of the phrase. Also, just because somebody prefers Allison and is making a concise point of how easily her death seemed to go over, does not give others the right to be rude about it. I love Kira and Scott together just as much as some of you, but honestly, there should have been more mourning time over Allison since she was a big part of most everybody’s lives, not just Scott’s.

  8. Lei says:

    I agree that Scott and Kira don’t have romantic chemistry…

    • Sonita says:

      Oh please, You can only get romantic chemistry when you are romantically involved to create the chemistry thotbot you probably don’t even care that Allison died just want to see her in Scotts bed smh and mad that Allison isn’t with Scott and on Youtube since 3A Teen Wolf Tyler Posey had said Allison and Scott were not getting back together ever. Yall just racist thats why most of you hate Kira, snap out of it she’s here to stay and I bet your relationship is in no position for you to be talking about other people’s personal lives. So go deal with yours.

      • Nick says:

        Wow that was harsh and unnecessary. Just because a large part of the fandom doesn’t ship Kira and Scott now we’re all racist and live in unhappy unfulfilling relationships? Can’t we just say “they don’t have the same chemistry as Allison had with Scott?” or “I found Kira’s character just a tiny bit too ridiculous and goofy to be enjoyable” or “what’s the point of being a Kitsune if we haven’t seen any of her power so far in this season, just her martial arts abilities?”
        Basically, the only thing that Kira adds to the show right now is a love interest for Scott. If you’re so invested and so vocal about her, you should be the one mad to the writers who don’t use the full potential of her character.

  9. Matt says:

    Keep reading reviews about silence during Mason and Lydia’s conversation. Mine didn’t go quiet until after he left the room, there is definitely a conversation between the two before that. As for the password being Alison; Lydia was looking for the key to the cipher she, herself, wrote in her math notes, so the password might just be her own password showing how much she misses Allison and not have anything to do with the identity of the benefactor. Just a thought.

  10. sfdsgdreg says:

    Its Peter,that’s why he killed the mute before he could do the type n talk.

    • aligmich says:

      Yeah that makes sense. Considering a) he and his daughter are both not on the list b) the 117 mill disappeared from his family vault allowing him to spend it with no one suspecting c) he wasn’t killed by the mute but just harmed (so it would throw off suspicion and also conveniently managed to get his glove to ‘help’ Derek figure it out and d) I still keep remembering how deaton told Scott and Derek NOT to trust peter no matter the cost otherwise they’ll suffer the worst consequences! – this could be those consequences!!!

      • Then why did The Mute chuck his tomahawk into Peter?
        That makes no sense whatsoever.

        • Michelle says:

          Peter was looking for Derek so wrong place wrong time

        • Aligmich says:

          Yeah, plus he didn’t kill him with the tomahawk, he just injured him, which considering he finished all the jobs doesn’t add up. Which could mean he revealed himself to the mute so that he didn’t kill him

      • Nick says:

        And it’s also perfectly possible that all the killers involved don’t really know that the benefactor is Peter, since all communications happen via computer and texts.
        But then why the password Allison? And why isn’t Kate on the list either?

        • Aligmich says:

          Hmm maybe Allison is the password because he’s trying to screw with them – and maybe he wants to deal with Kate himself – it would make sense as she is the one who killed him in the first place as well as been at the centre of his bloodlust since the beginning!

    • Sonita says:

      my goshh didnt you all see Peter on the ground gasping for air when the benefactor came in and took that money up unless you’re blind in one eye take my advice and go watch episode 2 again.

  11. Sebastian says:

    Did Stilinski forget the word mercenary, or did he honestly think an assassin won’t do anything unless there’s money involved? And that “dead pool” seemed more like a hit list. Could still be a dead pool, but we haven’t met anyone who’d gamble on something like that. Also, what was with the treatment of Liam? Did Scott just become stupid, or did he honestly believe kidnapping and not giving him anything straight was the right way to deal with it?

  12. Wolfbob says:

    Gotta be honest when Derek says “we’ve found a better way” I didn’t really get it…was he saying that killing you’re eny wasn’t the answer or something? I missed a few minutes of the ep so the explanation might be something I didn’t see. Anyone wanna help me out?

  13. MixMi says:

    Grandpa Argent seems a likely suspect for the ” benefactor ” role.
    He is crazy enough, doesn’t mind killing different races but also likes to make others do the dirty work.
    Besides, he’s probably still weak from that season 2 ordeal and his health issue.

    Kind of sad ” Mute ” went away though…The guy was interesting in a creepy way.

    The two high school kids kill for the money only – so it seems. Someone told them they will get money if they kill monsters and they do so because they want the money.
    Was not surprised… They probably think they are doing a good thing by killing monsters – even though some of them are good and not evil. But they don’t know that.

  14. Illya says:

    Wait a second. “Benefactor” by definition should be a good guy. Why is it already assumed and accepted that it’s a bad guy? That still isn’t making sense to me.

  15. MTV released a statement admitting there was a sound rror and the dialogue track was missing from the scene. They posted the scene via facebook with the sound intact:

    • Kait says:

      I thought the sound error was on purpose for dramatic effect because my sound didn’t go out until Lydia started messing with the album player, some people’s went out for almost that whole scene, and some people’s screens went black after Kira fell down (loved her outfit) and didn’t come back until later at the boat house/shed. After watching the full scene, I honestly enjoyed the whole wall-faces thing with a weird almost no sound muffle rather than the oddly sounding mumbling they were making over “each other.”

  16. klynn1075 says:

    on the Teen Wolf FB page they posted a video of the muffled scene with audio. they didn’t clarify if it was done purposely but the comment written “In case your audio cut out like OURS did last night, check this scene from #TheBenefactor out!” it sound like it might not have been done on purpose.

  17. klynn1075 says:

    on the Teen Wolf FB page they posted a video of the muffled scene with audio. they didn’t clarify if it was done purposely but the comment written “In case your audio cut out like OURS did last night, check this scene from #TheBenefactor out!” it sound like it might not have been done on purpose. The password being Allison makes me think it is either Kate or Grandpa Argent as the Benefactor.

  18. Lurch says:

    what if the benefactor is Allison’s mom and she didn’t die

  19. Sonita says:

    Kira trying to get Scott wolf out was the best part of this episode. You’re welcome

  20. Sonita says:

    You people are saying this person is worth 25K and 20K and all that but that’s not how a dead pool works its not about who has the most power will get paid the most for its a game like say Kira scott and Malia are being bet on someone will bet 6M dollars that Kira will die tonight so then if Kira dies that night they will send proof to the benefactor(unknown) that Kira is dead and that 6M will be transferred into their accounts and if it does not go that way it could just be a hit list and the numbers are odds like there’s a low chance of getting Kira killed because like Arden said in an interview on YouTube, Kitsunes can live for more than a thousand years, they stop aging at a particular age and Mistletoe, wolves bane neither electricity can work on Kira her only weakness is Scott, when Scott’s hurt or in trouble you will really see what Kira can do and she will explore the electricity thing that we all want to see in like episode 6 or maybe 5 and 7 like in the middle of the season

    • Nick says:

      And you know all of that about Kira because…? How do you know that her only weakness is Scott? And when we’ll see her electricity powers explored?

  21. Nick says:

    Not so surprised to see that Garrett is an assassin: I don’t trust blue-eyed people… that’s also one of the reason that really bothers me about Liam, I don’t want him in Scott’s pack.
    I understand that it’s an interesting plot twist: Scott had to turn him in order to save his life, he couldn’t think about it carefully, and now has to handle the situation because he’s responsible for that (this time, he’s actually responsible, unlike in the previous 3 seasons when Scott felt responsible for every little thing that was going on in Beacon Hills). At the same time, Liam looks like just a punk kid and the whole dynamics (Liam mentioned mom and step-dad, his best friend Mason looks smart but clearly won’t become supernatural) looks a lot like Scott and Stiles, which makes me think:
    1. Boring! Really there are no other group dynamics the writers can explore?
    2. The writers are already thinking ahead of when Scott, Stiles and so on will graduate (end of season 5?) and the replacements are ready. Kinda like they should have done in Glee.

    Next one to die: quite possibly one of the killers. There seems to be the death of another main character this season but I doubt we’ll see it before the end. I’d say Violet dies soon, two more episodes at most.