True Blood Recap: Bar Rescue

True Blood Recap

Death? Mourning? Ain’t nobody on Sunday’s True Blood got time for that. Less than 24 hours after losing Alcide, Sookie re-focused her efforts on saving her friends from the H-Vamps — and, of course, getting her flirt on.

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To be fair, Sookie and Jason did place some quick, tear-jerking phone calls to Jackson and Hoyt (Hoyt!!!) to inform them of their respective losses. Hoyt’s reaction was particularly heartbreaking, not only because he loved his crazy mama, but because Jason had to pretend like they didn’t know each other. (Calling Hoyt “Bubba” was probably not the best way to do that.)

Then it was “Alcide who?” as Sookie and her rag-tag army of sexy, undead warriors stormed Fangtasia and freed the captives. Honestly, the whole thing was worth it just to see Arlene freak out watching a mouse transform into a full-grown, naked Sam Merlotte.

A LOVE TRIANGLE REBORN | Rather than exact his revenge on Sarah Newlin, Eric demanded that Pam’s private plane redirect to Bon Temps so he could say goodbye to — wait for it — Willa, his progeny of five minutes. Not that I’m complaining about Eric returning home, as it triggered the long-awaited Sookie reunion of my Season 4 dreams. And even though we all know it’ll be Bill and Sookie forever and ever, don’t think I didn’t enjoy every precious second of Sookie and Eric’s shared screen time. “You can not die on me,” she told him, which was preceded by some noteworthy hair-smelling. (What are these writers doing to us?!)

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS | I’m not usually a fan of flashbacks — especially when we only have seven episodes left to wrap this whole thing up — but I loved seeing Fangtasia’s backstory this week. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for video rental stores, or maybe I was craving a dose of Vitamin Ginger, but it was all so perfect. Over the seasons, Fangtasia has almost become its own character, so it’s only fair it gets the same send-off as everyone else. (Except, you know, Alcide.)

GHOST OF SEASONS PAST | Nobody died this week — not anyone who mattered, anyway — but Arlene came pretty close to biting the big one during the attack on Fangtasia. Thankfully, new vampire (and soon-to-be love interest) Keith arrived just in time to heal Bon Temps’ token ginger. And yes, we’ve reached the point in Season 7 where Bill’s daughter’s boyfriend’s bandmate is becoming an important character. (Side note: Did anyone else squeal, at least internally, when Ghost Terry showed up? Another solid reunion.)

True Blood RecapHUNGER PAINS | Jessica still feels guilty for committing faericide, but fortunately, her guilt-induced anorexia finally came to an end this week, thanks to a generous serving of blunt honesty from Sookie. “I don’t give a f—k about your problems,” Sookie told her (I’m paraphrasing, but honestly, it was pretty close). Sookie just needed more healthy vampires to help save her friends from Fangtasia, and she didn’t have time for Jessica’s drama. (In other news, when are Lafayette and James going to start “groovin'” on each other?)

HOLLY MOLY | Speaking of Sookie making herself useful, how cool was it watching her fairie-probe Holly’s memory? If she’d always used her powers this effectively — rather than literally try to rid herself of them — she could have minimized a lot of her previous problems. And kudos to Lauren Bowles for that whole scene; I’m totally believing her Fangtasia basement-induced PTSD. She deserves a happy ending, that one.

Truebies, your thoughts on this week’s episode? Am I alone in my Sookie-Eric feelings? And did Alcide get the send-off he deserved? Drop a comment with your review of the hour below.

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  1. Wtactualf says:

    This episode is exactly why Eric and Sookie are right for each other.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m an unabashed Eric/Sookie ‘shipper. The fact that he’s dying make it that much worse!

      • Wtactualf says:

        @Andy, maybe you can spoil me and put me out of my misery now. Bill is the endgame, no?

        • Devon says:

          Well, in the books she ends up with neither Bill or Eric. The show seems to be shipping Bill and Sookie all the way.

          • Pokka says:

            I’ll be sitting here in my tugboat of denial until the end.

          • elouai says:

            I still hope she is going to end up with Eric. Bill has gotten so screwed up in this show, I can’t imagine how they could justify having her go back to Bill. And Eric definitely still has feelings for her. Well if she doesn’t want Eric, I’ll take him!

          • donna says:

            in the books she ends up with sam….

      • Cj says:

        Sookie and eric have way more chemistry than bill& sookie. My only happy thought is that sookie’a magic fairy blood cures eric

    • Totally agree. She never truly has to ask for his help, and she didn’t this time. He just jumped in and did it while he still could. He’s always made her character more tolerable too. It was ‘closure’ in a sense. Sorely needed since I don’t think their one scene last season was meant to be what it turned out to be. Switching showrunners will do that.

      • Sara says:

        I like Eric better than Bill, but I think he’s definitely on his way out. When she asked him to find a healthy vampire to help heal Arlene and he ended up feeding on a human instead, that was probably a sign for the audience that he’s too far gone with Hep V to be saved.

        • Rachel says:

          I was under the impression that he sent that vampire in to help Arlene, and didn’t he feed after him and sookie shared that look, or was it before.

        • DarkDefender says:

          An infected vampire infects the human. Eric didn’t want to make Sookie a carrier for HepV.

  2. larakingsley says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m sick of the way he writers are pushing so hard on the Bill/Sookie thing. I guess the Eric/Sookie moments in this episode are going to be the only one we’ll get this season.

  3. Leah says:

    They really need to stop with the not so subtle foreshadowing of Bill and Sookie being endgame. It’s like ok we get it already. Can’t stand those two together. She actually shined with Eric again

  4. S says:

    Wow, tonight’s episode was really good for the most part. I just LOVED the Eric , Pam, and Ginger flashbacks. Eric’s slow-mo was HOT! Eric and Sookie together again was great to see but annoys me at the same time because we all know she’ll end up with Beel. I hope Eric at least gets cured and a happy ending though.

  5. Ana Catalina Velasquez says:

    Was amazing!!!

  6. LWolf says:

    I freely admit that I’ve never been a fan of Bill, but the fact that Sookie reacted the way she did to Eric just showing up shows where her feelings lie between the two.

    At this point, while I do continue to hope, I realize that there’s no way there will be a Sookie & Eric happy ending. I just hope we get a proper farewell between them.

  7. Ruby says:

    I’m a little shocked that they brought Eric back into the triangle…I was pretty sure they were just going to wrap it up with Sookie and Bill, which I absolutely HATE the idea of. Great couple in real life, but on the show, not at all. I am not sure what happened at the end there with Eric & Sookie exchanging lingering looks, but I’d LIKE to think that he realized that he came back to Bon Temps for her all along, and she realized that she belongs with him. There was a definite change in chemistry when they had their scenes together, and it felt like the old TB I know and love. God I hope the showrunners are aware of this as well.

  8. Francine says:

    I used to love Sookie and Eric together, but to be honest…. She’s become so damn annoying to me that I would never want it anymore anyway.

  9. Irishbrat577 says:

    I think Sookie and Eric’s look at the end is them saying goodbye.
    I think Eric’s going after Sara, and may never see Sookie again.

  10. jen says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks its sookie and bill for endgame. . I think the writers obviously want us to think that and will then throw us a curveball. . I think its eric.. her interaction With Him is so more intense than bill.. I just hope he doesn’t die before she realizes it!

    • Rob says:

      Maybe it will be Sam. His girlfriend can be killed off, she’s never been a major player.

    • Priscilla says:

      I agree I hope she realizes she loves him more then Bill and helps him and maybe Eric will turn her into a vampire . If Sookie picks Bill I will be so pissed off, they just aren’t right for each other. That look that Sookie and Eric shared at the end can not be their last scene :(

  11. Lindilu says:

    I will not be able to stomach a Bill and Sookie ending, especially seeing how good Eric and Sookie are together. I think Sookie is always better with Eric. Their chemistry was off the charts good. It was great and, while it may seem like a goodbye from his pov because he’s dying, I’d like to think Sookie is spurred to help him. She cried for him at the end and I can’t help but think it’s not over.

  12. Josh says:

    So not watching this crap anymore, but has Pam said anything about Tara being dead?

  13. Donise says:

    Loved the eric & sookie moments best part of the episode. Im totally reliving season 4 best season by the way.. but heres to eric & sookie ending up together

  14. Marsha says:

    Glad the captives storyline is over, Just want to see Sarah Newiin die forever, Hope Sam Jason Jessica Skokie survive to the end

  15. Eliza says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Mainly because Eric is awesome and I loved seeing him back.
    Oh, and that Eric & Sookie scene ♡…. sigh. It was great.
    I have never cared about Sookie and Bill romantically. So, of course, I have zero interest in them being endgame.

  16. I found tonights episode very emotional … I was VERY happy to see Sookie & Eric together again … It feels like it has been forever … I too loved the origins of Fangtasia story (wow Ginger has been with Eric & Pam awhile) …Glad none of my favorites died tonight … Really wonder why they just killed off both Tara & Alcide with no closure for either character … They both deserve much better … Dreading to see who dies next week :(

  17. sls says:

    Sookie and Eric are endgame in my head…fingers crossed that it at least ends in a great way… And what was Pam’s comment to Bill…about how it’s never going to happen with Sookie? But also….there was a comment from Pam to Ginger about Pam and Eric being a thing on and off….so maybe that is the direction it could go? That wouldn’t be the best or worst ending but still…it’s always going to be Sookie and Eric…always….no matter what they do…

    • sls says:

      …also…the Fangtasia/Ginger backstory was the best! Loved every second of that….and that it was Ginger’s idea….and Ginger was at Tulane….hahaha the best!

    • Eric love Pam, but is not IN LOVE with her. So going that direction would feel and appear forced. Ending up together as we have always seen them, the best of friends and Maker and Progeny yes.

  18. Jill says:

    This totally made up for last week’s lackluster episode, no disrespect for the fallen Alcide

    • Jill says:

      Oh and I was so hoping that the next scene would be inviting Eric back to his cubbie in her house…oh how I wish that would happen.

  19. SW says:

    This was the first decent episode of True Blood in a long time. Maybe it’s because it *finally* felt like a “this is the last season, we should treat it like one” episode. I loved seeing Hoyt and Terry again, and the backstory of Fangtasia. And of course I loved the Eric and Sookie reunion, even though I know it’s going to be Bill&Sookie4ever when it’s all said and done, with Eric most likely dead (I’m not holding out hope for a cure).

  20. Judy Tolle says:

    I think it’s the first time Ginger was in a scene where she didnt do her scream!

  21. meridiean says:

    I am so incredibly tired of HBO’s collective erection for Beehl Frackin’ Compton and my throat already hurts from them trying to shove BS (the true definition of Beehl/Sookie) down it. Anything that has to be forced that hard just is NOT going to fit.

  22. Truefan says:

    The Ginger/Fantasia back story was great. Hope there will be more back stories with relevant characters. Sookie has become such an annoying character to me that in no way, would I want her with Eric. I do however think she’d be tolerable with Bill. Or she could end up with no one as she said might happen at the end of the last book.
    It was a joy to see Hoyt and Terry again. I even liked seeing the Magistrate and Nan of the Authority.
    I hope that is the end of Jessica’s guilt and not wanting to eat. The writers tend to go off on these side stories that are not that relevant and beat them to death. Boring.

  23. Really??? says:

    This episode was crap and I’m really sick of the flashbacks! I mean what’s teh point and who cares how it all started. And anyways, did they reallyjust rent videos for 20 years? It’s a pity creators and producers find it normal to ruin their last seasons. I just don’t like any of it so far and there are only 6 episodes left which means that this season will most certainly be the worst. I wa ssuch a huge fan! I’m so disappointed!

  24. Arya says:

    This episode left me in a fairly big emotional state and I can’t help but feel it was from the looong awaited Eric/Sookie reunion haha..I am team Eric/Sookie till the end, though they definitely make it seem like it’ll be Bill in the end.. But hey, if they wanna wrap up her relationship on a good note and please the fans, it’ll be Eric. But it’s also the last season so I’m sure they couldn’t care less what love interest the fans favor :\

  25. You are not along Andy Swift – I adore Eric & Sookie! They need to get back together in the end.

    Best episode of the season so far, when Eric met Ginger was hilarious and Eric & Sookie are just perfect. He actually manages to make her a likeable character. Is it too much to ask for that this could be a turning point in the season and it will stay this good?

  26. Pamela Ann says:

    I can’t understand the it will be sookie and bill forever and ever part, it was soooo obvious in the eric and sookie scenes that she is in love with him and not bill, the way she looked at him she didn’t look at bill like that in the previous episodes they spent together, even pam gave bill a blunt hint :)

  27. Ginnie says:

    Alcids have a funeral or are they just going to skip over it. Maybe it’s too soon for the funeral. It’s only been a day and they’re waiting for his father to come

  28. Luma says:

    Eric….is so hot…

  29. rarefied says:

    With all the Bill vs. Eric in this fandom, does anyone ever wonder if the show will end with Sam/Sookie like the books?

    • sal says:

      It will. I have felt this way since DEA Spoilergate. Get ready for Samkie and Seal Sex. :)

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      I just don’t see Sam and Sookie happening, not the way things are now. There are only six episodes left, and for seven seasons they’ve had almost no interest each other, except for Sam’s puppy love (HA!) for her in Season 1. To put them together now would be the most forced pairing possible, and it would make zero sense.

      Sookie and Eric all the way!

  30. Seric 4Ever says:

    The writer push Bill/Sookie so friggin hard, but the issue comes when Eric/Sookie are on screen together. Their scenes together just flow naturally, they have great chemistry that when Bookie happens, it’s just going to feel so cheap. Eric/Sookie should be canon, NOT Bill/Sookie. I agree Eric is there for her without having to ask as well. He was always better for her, even in the books until Harris decided to make him ooc.

  31. Dave says:

    I think that when Eric will die, I will cry like a girl. Even if we all know sookie and bill will be together in the end, my hopes for eric and sookie are still alive

  32. Liz says:

    I am a Bill and Sookie fan till the end, but I did enjoy that episode very much. And who cared about Alcide anyway…

  33. sal says:

    This episode tried to give the Eric/Sookie fans false hope. Nicole will conveniently die at the last second (perhaps the “emotional” scene that Sam Trammell referred to playing on TB during a Reddit chat?), and Sookie will settle for Sam at the last second, just like Harris’ books (Harris has a cameo in the TB series finale as a “director” in a scene with Eric and Pam). Don’t forget Sookie getting rid of her fairy powers and becoming full human either. Eric will probably continue to be written OOC to “justify” this as well, just like the books.

  34. Leslie says:

    Was on the verge of stopping watching the show after the last two episodes, but decided I invested this much time, I would watch to the end. Glad I didn’t stop, as this week’s episode was much better! Yes, I hate everythign Bill and Sookie, and hated they built up Billl when he was nothing towards the end of the books. But….while it looks like they are leaning towards a Bill/Sookie ending, I wonder if they will at least go to the end result from the books? Sookie ended up with Sam. But who knows? It was worth seeing Alexander Skaarsgard back on screen in some great scenes. Keep Eric Northman on till the end and cure him, for chrissakes!

  35. Savannah says:

    Awesome episode. Eric and Sookie reunited was so wonderful to watch I wanted more of them together. The chemistry between the two of them oozes out of the TV screen. Please please don’t let this be the end of them.

  36. i think/hope there will be a surprise ending. What if Sookie ended up with Eric and Bill was with Pam? Did anyone else see the second or two pause as Bill looked at Pam at the end?

    • pamela says:

      Yes! That crossed my mind for a second as well, bill/pam. It doesn’t make sense for the writers to have those eric/sookie scenes in the last episode if they aren’t going to end up together the feelings were just too strong imo.

  37. Tyna says:

    The only mistake they made on the flashbacks was that Etic should have had his Viling long hair. He had his long hair his whole life until Pam cut it season one.

  38. NCSouthernBelle says:

    UGH I need Eric and Sookie to be together in the worst way. HOT. And they way they looked at each other the second they locked eyes, the way he held her….has anyone actually confirmed that Bill and Sookie are the endgame? That breaks my heart. Bill gets Sookie in real life. Isn’t that enough??

  39. Dwynell says:

    Finally! An episode that was enjoyable from beginning to end. Where were these writers three seasons ago? It was so sweet and feisty. Loved to see Fangtasia’s back story and how about Ginger when she still had a brain? She’s such a cute character.
    I love the chemistry between Sookie and Eric (total shipper here). Fingers crossed they get together.
    I hope the rest of the season is now on track for a great finale. These actors deserve it for the s**t writing they’ve had to act through these past few years.

  40. Emily says:

    I agree sookie and Eric are good together but I don’t see it lasting.

  41. Better and better. Maybe Sookie will heal Eric with her fairy blood.

  42. joseph behr says:

    I always thought it would be interesting to add a character to the mix such as a vampire slayer to the mix.

  43. Genny says:

    ERIC AND SOOKIE 4EVA!!!! I am so writing that on my journal (lol). Their reunion was just epic. The running into his arms, him gazing lovingly into her eyes, THE HAIR SMELLING??? I swoon, people, swooned and squealed like a 12yr old!!!
    The thing I love about Eric and Sookie is that she fell in love with him knowing what an A***e he was before he lost his memory. And he never hid his true nature from her. Bill on the other hand…ugh. He did fall in love with her but pretended to be someone he wasn’t to do make her fall in love with him. I just can’t take it. Im dreading their “happy ending” so much; Im hoping at this point she chooses “herself” and doesn’t end up with either of them. I rather she be alone than with Bill.

    Jason Stackhouse: “THS IS OUR NORMANDY!” I love you. Don’t ever change! Hahahaha….
    Pam & Ginger: Hilarious. I love those two.
    1990’s Eric: Was it me or did he do the Edward Cullen cafeteria entrance????? LOVE!
    James & Lafayette: I know their being shipped but I so like Jess & James. Or rather the old James we were introduced to last season.
    Sam: no interest in whatsoever.

  44. MichelleOhD says:

    I refuse to believe theres no hope for Eric and Sookie, i think she will make him mortal and give up her faerie magic to save him. (A girl can hope) although im not Sookie’s biggest fan, I just want Eric to have a happy outcome.

  45. Faerie_Queene3 says:

    I’m going to be very POed if Sookie ends up with Bill. Couldn’t her fairy blood somehow cure Eric? After all, it does allow vampires to walk in the sun…

    And–since Jessica’s boyfriend apparently ends up with Lafayette–I think Hoyt is going to fall in love with her again, and she with him. For keeps this time.

  46. I aboslutely adored the Eric/Sookie scenes and for a moment my shipper heart had a moment of hope that maybe the show writers will see what all the fans see and even what Charlaine Harris failed to see in the books!

    When Sookie is with Beehl I want to punch her face because she is soo annoying! But when she is with Eric she is a completely different person. (Both in the show and in the books). Because Beehl prays on her weakness and makes her feel like she needs someone to save her but Eric is the complete opposite. He knows she is strong and brings that out in her.

    I really would love to see Eric and Sookie at the end but I will try to cope with it if she isn’t and is with Sam like the books as long as Eric does not die! Beehl can go roast in the sun for all I care!

    Also, I petition for a show about Eric and Pam (heck even Ginger) from the past because that was awesome!

  47. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed this episode so much last night for the first time in a long time. It felt more like Season 1. I’m in the minority, but I really DO want Bill and Sookie to get back together, but I also agree with someone who said that this is a curveball. (Eric and Sookie’s love scenes seemed like brother and sister–just never got it–and I read the books, too. But it was nice to see them banter last night.) Pam’s comment to Bill is a bit of foreshadowing, I think. I don’t think they’re going to keep her with either of them. As far as Eric’s sickness goes, has anyone remembered that Sookie still has that cluviel door (her magic genie in a bottle)–maybe she’ll use it to cure Eric? I thought she’d try and make Bill human for a while but I don’t think so.

    • Well the CD is something in the books, and hasn’t been mentioned at least YET in the TV series. BUT, that being said, it could explain why Niall is coming back this season. If that is the case, I am very worried. See this quote from the book…

      “If you have discovered it, I advise you to be very careful about its use. Think once, and twice, and three times before you expend its energy. You can change the world, you know. Any series of events you alter by magic can have unexpected repercussions in history.”

      If Sookie does unknowingly have this item, and chooses to use its power, it could alter history and an entire series of events could change. That to me could signal the dreaded…oh it was all a dream scenario. If they do that, I think I may throw-up. It would be the ultimate betrayal by HBO, Ball, and Bucky – playing us all for fools. Although anything they do to harm Eric, makes me furious anyway.

      Please, Pretty Please let the fans have a Happily Ever After – Eric and Sookie 4-Ever !!!

  48. MrsPurple says:

    I think sookie will be able to cure eric by allowing him to drink her blood… but then she will never be able to give her blood to Bill or any vampire…I’m not sure who she will end up with tho…hopefully eric.

  49. Christina Cox says:

    First, Alcide deserved a better death than that! It royally ticks me off. I’m going to try not curse here. Secondly, I am BEYOND pissed that they have written Eric out of Sookie’s life and ours He’s Eric EFFING Northman! He fights! I swear to you right now I’ll never watch HBO again. Cancelled. Done! These writers are basically giving us fans a big fat F You!

  50. Victoria Thomas says:

    No you are not alone when it come to SOORIC OMG!! Kill me now! How can you not see it writer they have the BEST chemistry on the show!!