Beauty and the Beast Finale Recap: Past, Present... and Future?

Beauty and the Beast FinaleBeauty and the Beast fans on Monday night laid witness to what the series finale would have looked like, had the CW drama not been renewed at the 11th hour for Season 3. Would it have satisfied, or left you hungry for more?

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With Gabe on the loose and more beastlier than ever, Catherine sought answers in her ancestor Rebecca’s journals, which spun a story amazingly similar to what she and Vincent were going through here in the present, 160 years later. Alas, she also checked in with her father, who warned that if Vincent were to kill Gabe, no matter how justified, he likely would cross a point of no return for a beast. That said, Reynolds allowed that possibly Cat’s love for Vincent had “changed” the rules.

As Gabe taunted Vincent again and again — by killing Agent Knox, assaulting (yet oddly sparing?) JT — it was all Catherine could to keep Vincent at bay. In fact, she ultimately locked him up, his powers compromised by the gem. But than, just as Cat set out to bait Gabe with a trail of Vincent’s blood, it dawned on her — Rebecca lost her beast, Alistair, while trying to save him. (In flashback, we see beauty-and-the-beast-season-2-finalehow the townsfolk found caged Alistair and burned him at the stake.) So, Cat freed Vincent, setting the stage for the inevitable clash.

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Laying in wait at a pool hall, Vincent chided Gabe for being a poor loser, saying that was his downfall. And then the boys started going at it, each getting in some good punches/tosses/body slams. But just as Gabe gained the upper hand on his adversary and went in for the kill, Catherine surfaced behind him and slapped the beast collar around his neck, the gem sapping his powers. Gabe made one last go at an old-fashioned human-style killing of Catherine, but she came out on top, spearing him with the business end of a pool cue.

After Cat got her badge back, she and Vincent raced to the hospital to check on JT, who was on death’s doorstep… and then wasn’t. His savior? The mysterious government agents who pulled Vincent out of prison last week to run tests. They said that, having seen what VinCat are capable of, they’d like the dynamic duo to join their super-secret organization, which apparently has a bead on other products of humans and weird science. Cat and Vincent mull the offer, but mainly end the hour/what could have been the series looking out over the river, eased back on a park bench, in each other’s arms without a care in the world, for once.

Before I turn it over to you, a few musings ahead of our weekly 20ish Questions column:

* Are we to believe that New York City circa 1854 had a bustling press corp, large enough to swarm Alistair and Bex?

* Gabe’s bloody, yucky heart-rips really bring to light just how elegant Once Upon a Time‘s Regina’s are, no?

* No passersby blink at the sight of JT repeatedly shooting a guy with darts in broad daylight on a busy sidewalk?

* The moment Tess expressed “doubt” about JT being “the one,” you knew he was (possibly) doomed, right?

* And lastly, shouldn’t uber-beast Gabe have heard/sensed/smelled Catherine creeping up on him, or do we chalk that up to his entire focus being on Vincent?

What did you think of the Season 2 finale? Excited for a future where VinCat (and presumably JT and maybe Tess) go monster-hunting?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AT says:

    Yeah, not happy. Five years ago I couldn’t believe the ending that Davis got in Doomsday from Smallville. I mean, it was the worst ending to a season of any show I’d ever seen. Not to mention, the worst ending for a character. PLUS, after a whole season of build up using the archetype of Beauty and the Beast, the beast gets no redemption. Just utter crap. But here writers go again showing a complete and utter lack of understanding for the BATB tale. And I’m not talking about the Disney cartoon, but the actual origins of the mythology. I knew it was a bad sign when recently Brad Kern in an interview said “you are what you are.” In a BATB story, even if Gabe isn’t the main “beast,” that is a very disturbing deconstruction of the archetype. “You are what you are” goes against transformation. This is fan pandering pure and simple and not to mention bad, inconsistent writing. Even if you hated Gabe and really wanted him to be evil, this path they chose to take with the character is just plain disturbing in a story calling itself “Beauty and the Beast.” Gabe’s death mirrors Davis’s in almost every despicable way. The orphan with “bad blood” couldn’t overcome “what” he is for “you are what you are.” This to me is the killer of the show. This has nothing to do with shipping and everything to do with good storytelling of which this show has clearly become incapable. It really is unfortunate. I guess this show will continue to be for those who hated Gabe, like the Vincent/Catherine relationship soap, etc…But thematically the show has failed. The title is called “Deja Vu.” Well the title couldn’t be more true.

    • DJ Doena says:

      So, it’s Doomsday all over again? Good thing then I cancelled BatB for myself half a season ago.

      The Doomsday ending was utterly ridiculous. And I’m not talking about the actual fight and the missing “epic”. I can forgive that in a TV show.

      I’m just talking about how the Davis character was treated a full season long, only to have his whole character destroyed for a “shock moment”.

      • xpetti4 says:

        If you cancelled the program, did someone else make you sit and watch?

      • AT says:

        Yes, it really does mirror “Doomsday.” So two BATB stories that now fail at epic proportions because the writers fail to understand the archetype. And not just that, the actual meaning underneath the writing is also disturbing. Both Davis and Gabe are orphans who couldn’t overcome “what” they are because they were “born bad.” It’s like the writers are on the side of the classist elite in the likes of “Jane Eyre” and “Oliver Twist.” Just a poor choice in the end. Gabe may not be the main beast, but he was still a beast trying to get redemption. And I completely agree with you about the Davis character. What they did to his character and to the audience for that matter was ridiculous and even rude. I compare everything to Doomsday now. “Well, it wasn’t as bad as Failsday…” I just honestly can’t believe that TWO shows telling a BATB story did the EXACT same thing. Wow, just wow. I thought maybe the show had a chance when Souders and Peterson left (since they were actually in charge of the Davis/Doomsday ending), but it seems they weren’t the only ones with this strange vision of “you are what you are.” Honestly, the fact that this story has happened twice now (especially since it failed so miserably the first time) has actually made me amused at this point.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oh, man — just when I had blocked the anticlimactic Doomsday finale out of my memory….

    • xpetti4 says:

      I loved it and glad it is returning. I like the new storyline. My question for you is, was that the only show to watch on tv on Monday night? And who says Gabe is gone?

    • xpettif4 says:

      Why are you comparing the shows. They are fantasy shows. They are not real do not take it personally. Remove it from you view list. I hope you find a new replacement that will make you happy. I did not watch Smallville. So I am glad I do not have to compare. I can hardly wait for Season 3.

  2. Well, a very good episode, for me, even though there are always some things that could be improved. Again, great performances in it. Moreover, these comic dialogues between Catherine and Vincent love me, give it freshness and lighten the anguish. Thank you for the recap!

  3. DenisefromNY says:

    Thank you for your recap. I absolutely LOVED the episode! Brilliant ending to the season. Can’t wait for Season 3!

  4. Debbie G. says:

    I loved the episode. The acting was stellar and beautifully done!!! I was on the edge of my seat from the get go. Can’t wait to watch it again…and am very excited about the direction for Season3!!!!

  5. Bwhit says:

    Well it had to happen in my opinion. Gabe chose his path by letting his appetite to bring down Vincent consume him. I feel the writers did a great job of showing that Gabe was never in fact changed no matter how hard he tried. He wanted to win and Cat was to be his prize. I really like that it was Cat that saved herself, sure Vincent was right there but he finally saw that they work much better as a unit. I am interested to see where they go for season 3.

  6. M3rc Nate says:

    I dont want to….but i mean honestly…B&TB fans….do we buy even for a second…Tess and J.T.? I know its not all about looks…i know someone can fall for someones personality…but come on….REALLY? I dont think in my 25 years of life on earth i have seen a bigger gap in attractiveness between a couple on TV. And its not like hes cute but over weight…that i could get…there have been guys with redeeming features (body or face)…no offense to him but he is straight up not good looking+overweight+receding hair line+the weird facial hair….does it go through anyone elses mind or just me?

    • i never thought J.T. and Tess would work but it has worked so well I am amazed…they are brilliant together and who cares about the looks

    • JJM says:

      Taking a realistic approach, I have to agree.
      I feel that the writers just needed something to do for these characters that didn’t involve sitting there listening to Cat/Vincent’s 99 problems, so they throw them together so they had something to do.
      The only sense Tess had was with Joe (no idea why they randomly) got rid of him and JT had chemistry with the woman he worked with back in season one (no matter how brief).

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I completely agree and this is the response i was hoping for (that people also get what im saying). I think that they just saw a single female cop friend with not much to do plot wise and the single male friend with not much to do plot wise and they pushed them together.

        Did anyone else have a problem with Cat consoling Tess saying “he knows how you feel! he knows you care!” etc….i mean the show has made it come off like ya they have some late night chemistry…have slept together at least once…but she was having legitimate doubts about him, and they werent together deep enough or long enough for him to be secure in how he thinks she feels for him when she was being a rude and short and dismissive to him. Its not like she told him that he loved him earlier…they are barely a couple, so when she goes all cold of course he totally thinks theres major issues and shes pulling away or done…that consoling was factually wrong. Should have been more like “You need to go be with him, make sure he knows how you actually feel, and tell him your sorry for being a cold brat”.

      • xpetti4 says:

        I agree. They make a better couple.

    • Angus says:

      Shallow looks good on you.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Fact of life, tons of respected studies on how we dont veer from the norm in choosing someone to like based on looks. We live in a harsh world, but its the reality we live in.

    • Tess and JT make perfect TV sense. Although it is primarily a sit-com trope, with a few exceptions, every regular looking guy who is a main character on TV is either a lonely guy who can’t get a date, or is involved with someone hot.

      The underlying story logic is that life is not unfair: Instead of getting automatically friendzoned with sadistic glimmers of hope from time to time, that the hot woman will give the regular guy a chance and occasionally it will work out.

      TV is still fairly sexist, so female leads don’t get as disproportionately attractive mates.

      True, reality is different. JT would probably have to be at least fairly rich to be with someone like Tess. Otherwise Tess would be with someone you’d say was “more appropriate.” Provider object and sex object are sometimes treated as rough equivalents. If Donald Trump worked at the DMV he might have settled down with a co-worker if he weren’t a lifelong bachelor.

      In the world of TV, the absolutely most unattractive regular character on a series is about average looking for real life. Then again, if real life was that great we would be living and not watching so much TV.

    • xpetti4 says:

      I like them together. She was looking for someone who would put her first. They both have cheerful personalities and plus he is intelligent. Someone Tess’s grandmother would (maybe) like to meet.

    • Mel says:

      I J.T and Tess are a perfect match it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as the love is there so I think there great

  7. M3rc Nate says:

    Okay lots of issues with this finale (and series since season 2)…but i’ll focus on one; the hypocrisy of Catherine. So this entire series she has been this kick ass independent woman, that keeps telling Vincent to stop protecting her, that as a cop he has to accept she will be in harms way, to let her do her job, to let her be free to be in danger, that the risk she might get killed is her decision…and then in this finale, she strips Vincent of all of that, forcing him to do what she wants, quite literally locking him up against his will….WTF?! He doesnt get all of those same freedoms? Wheres the “accept who i am and let me be me” for Vincent? Its not like running off to kill Gabe was insane…i mean that fight wasnt one sided, and she ended up killing him anyways (knew that was gonna happen) and shes un-affected? lol…after all that “we cant kill! we have to turn him in!!” she kills him, and the next day she is all smiles, getting her badge back (insane, shes a suspended cop that was involved in a murder (gabe) and she gets her badge back?) ….i mean this is just all over the place (per usual since season 2). What a joke. So i guess she can do what she wants, and lock him up and tranq him cause SHE thinks she’s right (lmao, and turns out shes dead wrong, and her plan is how the old timey Beast got killed), no regard for his freedoms or respect of his decisions…lol what a joke.

    Im also very confused as to the current status of Beast lore…i mean they are coming at it from every angle…first it was just genetic manipulation using cross-species DNA by a US Government Super Soldier program…then its a big evil company thats in charge of it, then its a secret beast gene from bones that is thousands of years old or w/e…then its this..then its that…and the new confusing thing is this “Vincent is only good cause you love him” thing…wait what? So if you break up and he does some “cross the line” stuff, he spirals into being a evil crazy beast? Wtf? Since when? What?! lol…what a joke.

    I think im done with this show…if it continues i think i might just wait till its cancelled and catch up on it on Netflix Instant when i’ve got the flu years from now…what a poorly written waste of time. I will say, my loyalty to Kristen Kreuk got me through a entire season of a crap show (i still argue season 1 was pretty solid…though i feel like they shoved them together as fated lovers WAY to fast).

    • I get your grievances. I watch a lot of TV and consider myself a diehard fan of BatB. I only have 2 major gripes about Season 2. I agree that Cat’s character has been somewhat inconsistent this season and the Gabe fauxmance just soured an otherwise stellar season 2 for me. Yes there was a lot of stuff thrown at us with the gem mystery and beast lore seemingly going every which way. I can only surmise that it’s because we have a new showrunner for Season 2 and according to some recent interviews he’s done, the network asked them to conjure up new ways to attract a broader audience hence the mishmash of plots floating around this season. There is no other show like it and therefore TPTB have tough decisions to make on how best to move BatB forward from the epic love story it was in Season 1. Brad did admit that they made mistakes. However I am proud to say that despite the invariable hiccups that most second seasons go through, our little show survived thanks to our passionate and loyal worldwide fanbase which in fact led to our very hard fought renewal for Season 3. The writing editing action effects and overall standard of Season 2 BatB have MUCH improved over that of Season 1. I love BOTH seasons for different reasons and BatB will always be my favorite show. The chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan is what got me hooked on BatB and that has remained constant and undeniable throughout both seasons. Therefore the plot inconsistencies are minor grievances which I feel will work themselves out now that Brad Kern has finally figured out that the heart of BatB is the very special love that Vincent and Catherine have for one another which is truly inspiring and worth fighting for and that is what BatB means to me.

    • Yeah I was going to say something too about the origin of Vincent’s beast-hood which was all over the place, as you mentioned. From the S1 plotline saying that Vincent was a ‘project super soldier’ from a govt black ops group ‘Merefield’, in a storyline similar to a combo of Captain America/Wolverine/Incredible Hulk, Tomorrow People and Nikita and Orphan Black…to now saying in S2 that Vincent & Catherine (& Gabe?) had ‘ancestors in the past’ who were also beasts or at least ‘connected’ to them in some way, with flashbacks etc akin to Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries/The Originals, and a little Orphan Black again. Very inconsistent, confusing, and technically not tremendously originals either.

    • xpetti4 says:

      Amazing, if it is so bad why would you look at on any media. Thanks for being a fan so long!!! Hope you find something to replace the show. I liked it and can hardly wait until it returns. Remember, this is not for real. I was under the impression Cat puts too much on her plate without asking for help. And, if I had a man like Vincent who rocks my world, I would keep him. I have had one for 46 yrs.. Keep up the good works writers.

    • Dee Dee says:

      Can’t believe you think this is a Crap Show. Like all the others on The CW are any better??? If you thought it was a crap show then you shouldn’t have watched it. No one told you to sit there and whatch a show that you think stinks. There’s nothing better than BATB and a lot of shows that are totally ridiculously worse. The best shows on t.v. are BATB and 24.

  8. liz says:

    Brad Kern ruined this show to such a degree I have no *making lack-of-words hand gestures*. The difference between season 1 and season 2 is SO vast that they aren’t the same show. They are barely even the same characters.
    I’m going to pretend that it only had one season. And really, the best thing to come out of this is Kristen Kruek earned herself a fan. I came in not liking her actually (Smallville), but now I’ll eagerly follow her to her next project…which god, I hope is better.

    • E. hooper(Tassie beastie) says:

      Have you read brad kern latest interview said they know season 2 was not great, and that season 3 will be back to what we want Vincat.

  9. KC says:

    I never watched a CW show before so I was surprised that this show had not a single teenager, was so ethnically diverse, had thirty-year oldish actors playing thirty-something year old characters, actors would could act, and decent production values. Whatever shortcomings there are story wise or in the writing, the cast keeps the show entertaining, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with season 3. And thanks to Beauty and the Beast, if the CW ever has another show that sounds interesting to me, I will check it out rather than automatically dismissing it simply because it is on the CW.

    • anna says:

      thanks for this – yes, this is the only show on the cw that I was actually interested in and I have tried watching others too, believe me. the show has many issues, the writing being probably the biggest one. And it is a low rated show which means they changed its storylines midway through season 2 since cancellation was a huge likelihood. So continuity was an issue. Having said that, this is also a UNIQUE show in some ways – never before on a tv show have I seen such chemistry between the main leads and the exploration of the theme of love in such an engaging, tender and beautiful way. and depite the issues it is hugely entertaining to watch and there is a certain humanity and warmth about it, which I do not see in other shows, definitely not any of the cw ones. so despite its flaws and despite what people may say I will always love this show :)

    • James says:

      Cat has a sister (Nicole Anderson), but I think she’s more or less in her early 20’s.

  10. AC says:

    I think this show had/has more potential than most other shows on TV; but that this potential is constantly wasted by Kern and his team. I love the chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan – it makes the show in my opinion – and I feel the writers haven’t taken advantage of that as much as they could have. For example, if they were too quick in bringing Vincat together in S1, they should have made more of bringing them back together in S2 rather than the love triangles and then the rushed reunion. I wanted pining and real, credible obstacles in their path.

    I thought this season was also extremely badly paced: the first half took way too long and was spent on pointless story lines that never really resonated with the audience. The good bit was saved for the last 6 episodes of the season, but then this felt rushed. I personally think this finale (which I actually thought was pretty good) could have been spread over an arc and explored in more depth. Another wasted in my opinion.

    All that said, I still see something in this show that I love (mainly the two main actors) and refuse to give up hope that it will relive its S1 heyday. The first season really had it all I thought. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a brilliant S3.

  11. Nina says:

    Just wondering…. When Vincent or Gabe or any of the beasts transform, they always show only the face and the hands. What about the rest of the body? The feet for instance, don’t they somehow change too? Shoes may be somewhat a constrain, right?

    Regarding the seasons 1and 2, I felt these were rushed and some plots just were not good. The Déjà vu episode was abrupt to me.

  12. Kim R says:

    I thought the finale was okay. I didn’t care for the flash backs to Rebecca and her beast at all. From the beginning I really liked the reason for Vincent’s inner “beast”. When the storyline started with the discovery of this happening in the past, it felt like they were starting to edge into a Once Upon a Time kind of feel. I want them to stay in the present and I’m hoping now that they will. I also found that they took Gabe’s character on a downward spiral awfully fast. And as the questions show above…there were a lot of holes in the plot.
    I’m hoping for a better season 3. Oh, I really like Tess and JT together. :)

  13. ChrisGa says:

    Yeah, S1 did a pretty decent job with a fairly focused season-long story arc. S2 has been wildly inconsistent and all over the place; spoilers being inserted into the show’s main couple–Gabe, then Tori, who the writers seemed to acknowledge didn’t work and cut their losses even though, to me, it seemed as though she was supposed to be more long-term–and the over-arching story being just ludicrous and clumsily executed. The chemistry between Kreuk and Ryan–both of whom are criminally gorgeous–is the show’s main selling point, although the acting and rapport among the four main characters falls in right behind it. Here’s hoping next season will find the writers bringing a tighter focus to the stories.

  14. Well I for one totally enjoyed the season finally. I thought it was handled perfectly considering the possibility that this could have been the last show. I liked the way the 1854 & 2014 story was shown. Catherine realizing that she needed to learn from the past and not relive it & that its not a weakness to work with someone, you don’t always have to do it all yourself. In my opinion Beauty and the Beast its cast & crew never disappoint. They will never ever make everyone happy. If you don’t like a show you just don’t like it and no matter what you will find something to hate on. Its a fantasy not a historical retelling, its a love story and sometimes love stinks before its great,

    • xpetti4 says:

      Thank you!! I totally agree. I love the show. I enjoyed the flashbacks. Most relationships have bumps and problems to make them stronger. In the beginning it was like the honeymoon state. Season 2 VinCat matured and acted more like a couple. Season 3 should be awesome.

    • Mel says:

      I agree the season finale was great ,when Kat finally that they had to work together to destroy Gabe after all the bad things he did and when he hurt J.T .Plus if you don’t like the show then don’t watch it.And it’s true love does sometime stink

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    That was awful. I barely got through it.

  16. Gerald says:

    I would have been happy for this to be the series finale and the CW kept The Tomorrow People around for more seasons. It was a better show.

  17. Penn says:

    I am a Jay Ryan fan, not just for his looks, but I think he is an amazing actor! I am one of the diehard fans of BATB because of Jay and am hoping for a better Season 3 than the Season 2 we had. Though, I did love the ending wherein Vincent is finally free and happy with his Catherine. Finally!

    To me, Season 1 was perfect and the reason I fell in love with this show. I will continue to watch this show until the very end– and I sincerely hope that there will be many more seasons to come because I feel this show has so much to offer– I want see Vincent and Catherine with Vincent’s family — I want to see a VinCat wedding! I want to see Beastie babies (baby Vincents)! Here’s hoping.

  18. sylvia says:

    As far as the finale went, it was better than most finale’s. It wasn’t as disturbing as the end of season 1. I liked the flashbacks but would rather have them about the gem than what happened to Alistar. I am glad that Cat was the one to actually kill Gabe as she was the one that defended and “fell in love” with him in season 2. I am glad that Vincent and Cat had their time at the end and that they truly now know that they are stronger together than apart.

    I could write a book about what I think the issues with Season 2 were but will stick to a few main ones. First the love triangles. Starting in August we heard that Vincent and Catherine would both have love trianges. One with a she-beast and the other with Gabe. I think that drove fans away right then and there. We left Season 1 with 1.2 million viewers and never got them back. I know it is not all about ratings but right from the start of season 2, the ratings continuously slid as the story unfolded. The change from Season 1 to Season 2 was too great in my book-there was a better way to change characters and have them develop over the course of the season than putting the main characters who have this epic love with other people. And Gabe, the second huge problem with this season. I bet if you counted the minutes of each character in each episode, the person with the highest time on screen would be Gabe-the redemption after last season to the point where Cat actually said she was in love with him or had feelings for him several times was too much. And then to top it all off, we saw next to nothing of JT or Tess in many episodes. When we did see Tess she was pushing Gabe on Cat.

    Then the story lines-so many that never got resolved. We have heard so many renditions of the Muirfiedl and Beast experiments-first Muirfield, then the secret society, and now the Beasts from years ago. We saw the gem but have never had the history explained. Again we heard all season that Cat and Vincent were destined and had a mythological connection-I am still waiting for the mythological connection.

    I guess the clincher for me was even after they got back together, the whole epic love feel never came back this season. They love each other and had some brief and I mean brief sweet scenes but none of the “there is danger around every corner so we need to make the best of it” passion in this season at all.

    It sounds from recent interviews that finally the showrunner gets what the show is and what the Beasties want and that is VInCat together. Throw challenges at them; put their life in danger but DO not do any more Love triangles and no more Vincent losing his humanity so it could ruin their love-that ship sailed already twice this year. We need the passion romance back-it got destroyed in Season 2 and never really got it back so now we need it back for Season 3.

    • xpettif4 says:

      You said it all I agree with most of what you said. But we also should remember that this is a fantasy show. I believe the experiments started with Rebecca, then Muirfield/military, and the secret society bought into it. What mythological connection are you waiting for?

      • Sylvia says:

        I don’t know! That is the question. We heard all year that Vincent and Catherine had a mythological connection that went deeper than their love, which was part of the destiny the two share. I was thinking something like a myth that there were two races one of beast and one of human and they were predisposed to be together to save the beasts from taking over or something, unless my definition of mythology is different then I don’t really see any mythological connection. Maybe the gem is the mythology and that would be cool but again it’s like there were all these things thrown up in the air but not all were resolved. I feel like we were left hanging in some instances especially a major story line which I thought the mythology was, but just my humble opinion.

  19. xpettif4 says:

    Response to statement about people ignoring Vin getting shot. People ignore crime happening a lot of times. I am not surprised.. and remember it’s New York!!!

  20. Thanks for finally writing аbout >Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Finale – Gabe
    Ɗies, Government Hires VinCat | TVLine <Loved it!

  21. denise byed says:

    i am doing cartwheels gabe is gone !!!!!!!!!!! vin and cath (not gabe and cath ugh)

    • xpettif4 says:

      I agree with you completely. Gabe did all the terrible things he predicted that Vincent would do to Cat. He was stuck on himself. I am glad he is gone. I can hardly wait until the new season starts. Do you are anyone else no the date of return yet?

      • denise byed says:

        sorry do not know date. hope cath is back to her strong self sorry but this was not the season 1 catherine,still love her though. thanks for the email

        • xpettif4 says:

          I liked her in this character. She and Vincent are developing their personalities and getting to know each other. She was strong enough to knock Gabe out. That was worth the episode. And they are back together. Season 3 hurry.

      • Mel says:

        I agree with you there the return date is May 21st not sure if ‘s Monday or Thursday nights we’ll just have to wait and see

  22. Johnnika mcmullen says:

    Best show ever in tv history!!!!;)

    • xpettif4 says:

      It would definitely made me want more. They have so many story lines to follow. Where is Vincent’s family, will they get to travel to England (any beast there?), how will Cat fit in as detective, will they take the offer from the two guys, will they make more beautiful love scenes., and what are the worst things mentioned.

  23. Ebearis-Scott Nana Tandoh says:

    Beauty and the beast is the amazing move i’ve ever watched…i just love those couples and i want to watch season three…i know it ll be more fun and interesting….

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  25. Macie long says:

    Cat should have a baby it will add more drama to the series and people will go after the miracle baby cause of course it will have some beast in it.

  26. denise byrd says:

    Finally! no more gabe, stupid story concerning gabe all useless

  27. Tabitha says:

    Awsome i loved it vincat you two are amaizin luv u all

  28. Jennifer goldson says:

    Beauty and the Beast is a awesome show to watch it keep you posted

  29. Lymette says:

    My Mom and I “LOVE”
    Beauty and the Beast shoe on CW
    Vincent is a hottie and lots if great chemistry between he n Katherine. Looking for to may more episides.

  30. charmaine says:

    its a great series i love it cant stop watching it

  31. Chyand Cece Guroong says:

    I jz love Vincent’s voice more than his looks.Love the series and very well portrayed characters.