Carrie Diaries, Tomorrow People and One More Cancelled, Three Others Renewed by The CW

cw renewed cancelled 2014Carrie Bradshaw has fallen out of fashion — and Tomorrow is yesterday’s news — at least as far as The CW is concerned.

The network has pulled the plug on The Carrie Diaries, its Sex and the City prequel series, after two seasons, and has also cancelled freshman dramas The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed, TVLine has learned.

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It wasn’t all bad news at The CW, however, as Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast and The 100 were each picked up for an additional season today as the network firmed up plans for its 2014-2015 roster.

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Carrie Diaries, a charming, ’80s-era teen drama, based on the Candice Bushnell book, ended its run in late January with an audience of 910,000 and a 0.4 demo rating, making its cancellation a widely predicted conclusion. It starred AnnaSophia Robb in the role made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker. (If you’re curious about how the show wrapped its myriad storylines, you can read our recap of the finale here.)

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On Monday, Star-Crossed served up its penultimate installment and The Tomorrow People wrapped its freshman season with similarly depressed numbers — 930K/0.3 and 1 mil/0.4, respectively — with the latter series’ capper scoring an average grade of “B-” from TVLine readers. (Read our finale recap here.)

The CW is expected to reveal next week which nights Hart of Dixie‘s fourth season, Beauty and the Beast‘s third season and The 100‘s second season will air.

Back in February, the network issued early renewals to five series: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Reign, Supernatural and Arrow.

Sad about these cancellations — or was it the right time to call time of death? Which characters will you miss most? (Mark this as one vote for Carrie Diaries‘ Walt.) What about Dixie, Beauty and The 100‘s renewals? Stoked? Surprised? Sound off below!

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  1. Crap. I liked Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed.

    • Rachel says:

      me too

    • Sam says:

      Ditto, this sucks!

    • alexandrrina says:

      well, they weren’t anything special, really… not bad, but not renewal-worthy

      • Yeah, I’m kind of surprised Tomorrow People has a fan base, what with the ratings being what they are. I watched nine episodes before bailing and I felt like I watched nine episodes too many. Sorry to those of you who liked it, though.

        • shunta says:

          Yea, Tomorrow People wasn’t very good. I watched about five episodes before I bailed. Star Crossed was off to a slow start but it is very good, really found its niche toward the end of the season..

          • Emily says:

            the Tomorrow People is a good series and i am surprised is got canceled because there are other shows out there that are way worse and you can just judge a show by watching only five episode you have to watch more because all shows start off with a rocky start but they get better

          • Joanne Maria says:

            Star Crossed deserves a second season with a better time slot/, The story line was very creative and different and could hsve gone in so many directions!!!

        • mayalotz says:

          well you were wrong about what you said about The Tomorrow People if you watched more of the episodes you might even like it ,well i guess some people are title to there one opinion and how dare the CW cancel these shows they were wrong for that

          • If a show takes more than 9 episodes to get good, nearly half the season, then therein lies the problem.

          • Autumn says:

            I loved the Tomorrow People I watched every episode. I can’t believe it was canceled. I especially loved the last episode it got better and better towards the end of the season. I would like every one who watched 9 or less episode to keep watching then add comments. That just makes me feel so mad at those people.

        • john says:

          Are you kidding me? The Tomorrow People is engaging!!! You probably like crap shows or reality TV. That’s all getting old. The Tomorrow People is awesome. If you watched from start to finish, you would have been hooked.

        • Joel says:

          The Tomorrow People had a larger fan base and more viewers than Beauty and The Beast but wasn’t as popular on social media sights.

      • JayLynnYoung says:

        please, save the non-supportive comments to yourself.

    • Christine says:

      Me too! :( this sucks.

    • suzyku says:

      I also like the Tomorrow People and am disappointed they didn’t give it another chance!

      • Lena120 says:

        I liked The Tomorrow People but wasn’t a fan of the finale. Some of the main characters were so unlikeable. I don’t know how you can have a successful show when a lot of the audience despises your protagonist. I’m referring to Cara by the way. I was indifferent to her, but so many other people hated her guts. By the end of the season, I hated Russell, which was sad because I liked him in the beginning. Stephen/Robbie was OK, but didn’t have a lot of onscreen presence. Not charismatic enough to be its leading man. Well, at least I got my John and Astrid for two episodes.

        • MaryLou says:

          I also couldn’t stand Cara, they gave her way too much authority but she was probably the most annoying person on the show. I think the show would have stood a better chance if they had focused more on John, because while Steven was alright, it was getting tiresome watching how totally naive he was. As a whole, I’m really going to miss this show, one of the bright spots on CW is lost, and aside from Supernatural, I don’t find anything else on that network worth watching anymore.

          • Melinda says:

            Madeleine and Luke were the only young actors worth watching on The Tomorrow People. Those two were charismatic and had chemistry with everyone. John and Astrid were compelling to watch. Peyton and Robbie as Cara and Stephen, not so much.

          • Lisa London says:

            Agree with all this. MaryLou – you should try Arrow, it’s really, really good (from a fellow SPN fan).

        • Crystal says:

          It was all about John

    • blabla says:

      Me too, especially star crossed

      • Laura says:

        i’M gonna miss STARCROSSED so bad. :( It’s my favorite show.. ;(

      • Leo says:

        I’m so upset about Carrie and Star-Crossed. At least they wrapped up Carrie nicely but I’m upset they don’t give SC a chance. It’s like The secret circle all over again!

        I’d rather they put The Vampire Diaries to eternal slumber. And start fighting for a new show. Star Crossed S1 > whatever trash they call The Vampire Diaries right now.

        • Maddimay_13 says:

          I miss the Carrie diaries, but I think they could of done the ending better instead of them basically breaking up! :(

    • Bonnie Mitchell says:

      I loved star crossed. This is why I hate getting wrapped up in a new series, cause the ones I love almost always get cancelled. I contacted all the networks that had shows I really liked that I was worried about so they would know people really liked the shows in danger. Guess it doesn’t matter how fans feel about things, the networks just like screwing with our emotions. Think I’ll go read a book now, at least the networks can’t take that from me. 😠

      • Me says:

        I totally agree with you Bonnie….I love the tv series star crossed!!!!! I also hate getting caught up in a new series b/c the networks have shown they don’t care about the fans..They play with people’s emotions!! I wonder if the networks could survive without the fans that watch tv…..I think it’s time to give up the tv.!!! So many other things I could do with my time!! Very upset with the networks choice of eliminating new rv shows!!

      • veronica says:

        yeah they really like canceling their shows, i wish they would finish what they started..

    • Gerald says:

      Me too :(

    • I considered Star-Crossed to be a worthy heir to Alien Nation.

    • jm says:

      the cancelled the only two new ones i liked it, and keep it HoD and BaB, which i could not see more than 1 chapter each… shame on you!

    • Kristi says:

      Man they always cancel the shows I like! I think they should have kept The Tomorrow People and cancelled Beauty – that show has lost it’s momentum and storyline. I like Star Crossed too, it was entertaining. Which of course is why one watches TV shows!

    • Tina B. says:

      Me too

    • Judy says:

      I liked The Tomorrow People also. Why can’t another network pick up this tv series, like Syfy! Where can we sign a petition to bring this tv series back . :)

      • When is the last time in recent memory that one network cancelled a show and another one picked it up?

        • HTGR says:

          If you count Netflix, then maybe Arrested Development? Otherwise maybe Cougar Town? Before that I think Scrubs jumped around network TV even not just over to cable. I think Baywatch also jumped across network TV channels (of course that one I guess was prior to recent memory).

          • All those except for Baywatch are sitcoms. Baywatch became a syndicated show after first airing on NBC, and that was decades ago. Are there any recent one-hour shows that have jumped from one network to another, in the last five years? Maybe it’s easier for sitcoms than for dramas.

        • Tammy says:

          Too many shows to count Arrested Development, The Mentalist, Family Guy, Futurama, Chuck, Reapers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jericho, Roswell, Friday Night Lights, Star Trek, Firefly (got a movie), Quantum Leap, Twin Peaks. If the fans really want it & push hard. It can happen.. Oh Jag. It moved & had 8 more seasons, so it can happen.

      • moll5y mac says:

        am with you on thee petition all the way The Tomorrow People series was cool they should bring it back

    • millie says:

      really sry that they cancelled both shows I liked both…..maybe syfy will be smart enough to pick them up

      • Judy says:

        Everyone who liked The Tomorrow People, go on twitter and sign the petition to bring the series back. I just signed the petition. It will be shared with all the networks. Please sign everyone. :) Thanks.

    • reddingv says:

      I agree!! Tomorrow People was getting really good and I was looking forward to next season. I also really liked StarCrossed!!!! There have been a lot of great shows cancelled

    • Joanne Maria says:

      Yep- the best show on CW!!!

    • Alex says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the tomorrow people, however right up to the end till about episode 16 perfect, until they decided to compact all the twists and turns and all the possible outcomes in the last few episodes. I didn’t enjoy the ending, there was no cliffhanger, simply wrapped up the entire series in one season, so i don’t see how they could even carry on the show if it wasn’t cancelled. Too many events have taken place. Many people fall in love, lose their loves, founder is dead in one sense, Jed has revealed his true face. They pretty much rushed the show, i don’t see any intrigue, only thing that might happen is something with John & Jed v the tomorrow people, also maybe the founder somehow resurrects. Even then there could potentially only be 1 more season and still its too predictable. “Flash forward” was rushed as well and got cancelled, not enough cliffhangers, intrigue, curiosity. Shame :(

  2. M says:

    This is really disappointing. I thought The Tomorrow People was fantastic. I really hoped to see more. I like how they ended it too, and was looking forward to seeing how they’d proceed.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I wanted to see what would happen after Steven discovered he could reverse time.

    • Ben says:

      Tomorrow People definitely deserved a renewal compared to some of those that got one. What a shame.

      • Olivia says:

        Ditto. The 100, for instance. The CW has a thing for axing shows with potential (and let them build a fanbase) like The Secret Circle and TTP.

        • Olivia says:

          Oops, I meant “and don’t let them build a fanbase”

          • JayLynnYoung says:

            So mad pissed and disappointed they cancelled star-crossed!!!!!!! It was THE best serioes ever. Nothing you do (unless its renewing the series) will get me to watch CW again. -.-

    • Amanda says:

      I will miss the tomorrow people too….but the CW has a problem with their shows, it just can’t be about the action, they always got to mess it up with romantic stuff! They practically shoved Cara/Steven down our throats, even when it didn’t make any sense that they were together.

  3. Pia says:

    Gah you scared me with that “and one more” headline next to the Hart of Dixie pic!

  4. Leanna says:

    I really liked star crossed and the Tomorrow People! Booo!

  5. Joel says:

    Beauty and the beast renewal seems silly based on the ratings

    • Irene says:

      Apparently they (BATB) do great overseas and in dvr numbers, or so I read somewhere. I actually liked Starcrossed and the Tomorrow People better than The 100, so I’m really disappointed by this news.

      • ... says:

        Agreed!!! The 100 lost me after the first few episodes, but I really liked Star Crossed.

        • L says:

          The 100 is much more promising.. Star Crossed is a poor man’s remake of Roswell, which was much better.

          • Ashley says:

            I liked both Star Crossed and The 100 but The 100 deserved a renewal more. They get way better ratings.

  6. Elle says:

    YES!!!! I’m absolutely in LOVE with The 100, it’s been a long time since a show got me hooked so fast. Thrilled about the renewal!

    • jenna says:

      was thinking of trying the 100 but didn’t want to get attached incase it was cancelled, glad they’ve been renewed!

      • Ashley says:

        Try it, I loved it. The 100 is one of those shows that gets better with each episode, they find their stride. They found great leads as well, to play Clarke and Bellamy. Fantastic actors.

    • Shreya says:

      OMG I am soo happy that they are keeping the 100. There are only two shows I love on CW the 100 and the originals. Both of which are renewed for a new season. The rest of good but annoying and too cliche. The 100 and an amazing plot line which as has source and every episode was amazing.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    They renewed BATB?!?! Now that’s a shocker for me. Sad about TTP but not surprised.

    • Elyse says:

      I can’t get over the shock that they renewed BATB. I don’t watch it but good for the fans!

    • jerrired says:

      Agree. I’m not that shocked by The Tomorrow People, but I am surprised it got canceled and BATB didn’t as well, or if they had to pick btw the two, I thought TTP had a better chance. But BATB has a big fan base in other countries from what I hear. So I’m sad but I guess it makes sense..

    • ChrisGa says:

      Totally surprised about BATB. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t it have the lowest total viewership of any of the CW’s shows? I know several weeks it was well below 900K.
      Not complaining mind you, I enjoy the show. Def super happy about HOD, which is still one of my fave CW series despite an uneven third season.

  8. Katherine215 says:

    Yay for HoD and The 100! Can NOT believe BatB was renewed after being pulled from the schedule earlier this year. huh.

  9. Laura says:

    I’m actually really bummed about The Carrie Diaries. It was sweet and really grew on me with every episode. It is too bad it didn’t find its footing and an audience a little sooner.

  10. Mike says:

    WHAT THE EFF? They cancelled The Tomorrow People?… What’s wrong with you, guys? Keeping SPN forever – a series without real good stories since season five but you cancelled such a great series?…

    • EJ386 says:

      Dude I’m on your side about TTP, it’s great and deserves renewal, but SN is still more awesome than most of the other CW shows.

  11. Phillip says:

    How can they cancel The Carrie Diaries and renew Beauty and the Beast when TCD ratings were better?!

  12. Charissa says:

    Beauty and the Beast has been terrible this season. The season arc killed the chemistry Kat and Vincent had in season 1, and I’m not even planning to watch when it comes back in June (and I won’t be surprised to find I’m not the only one). I can’t believe they would choose to bring that back over Star-Crossed, which has been so much more interesting and shows so much more potential.

    • Sapphire says:

      I agree…BATB’s first season was okay, but this one has been terrible, and I don’t think I will return either. I really liked Star-Crossed and thought the acting and writing was far better than BATB. I realize its not saying much, because some of the ridiculous lines on BATB actually made me cringe. There was so much more potential in Star Crossed. What a bummer!

  13. Lucy says:

    Star-Crossed was definitely Roswell if you swapped dELiA*s clothes for tattoos, but it was enjoyable. Too bad.

    • Pia says:

      I was nostalgically browsing the dELIA*s website the other day. They still have every Converse color!

    • Lena120 says:

      Oh girl, you just took me back to my youth! lol I remember when the Roswell cast did print ads for Levis. They were always in my Seventeen, Teen People and Teen Magazines.

  14. Lore says:


  15. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m not surprised the Carrie Diaries were cancelled because everything was kind of wrapped up in the finale.

  16. Pidge says:

    So happy for BATB!! Yessssssss!!!!!!

  17. Lysh says:

    William Shatner must be crushed.

  18. soycass says:

    Sad for TCD but at least they wrapped everything up, but I’m going to miss it, it was the best on the CW for a long time.

  19. The 100 is the best show of all of them but I would have gladly traded beauty and the beast for the tomorrow people.

  20. luvtheheaven says:

    Yay for BatB! People saying Beauty and the Beast is bad are crazy. It’s like a good cop show mixed with supernatural drama and I’m loving it a ton. Every episode is quite good. ;)

    I was thinking of maybe watching Star-Crossed because of Aimee Teegarden and me loving her on FNL or maybe watching The Carrie Diaries sometime, again mainly because of actors… but now they’re canceled… so I’m a little bummed that I never got around to checking them out before that point.

    • Guest(whose real name shall NEVER be revealed) says:

      Well luvtheheaven bad ratings and really bad reviews from the critics don’t seem to agree with you. You and the rest of your “Beasties” got lucky because it didn’t deserve a renewal then, it certainly doesn’t deserve a renewal now!

      • Madison says:

        Well since it got renewed, that means people must like it which means it’s a good show. Ratings don’t really mean much since most people don’t have time to watch cable tv(when I have time I watch shows on Netflix *its 2015 ppl!). First off B&B is one of my favorite shows and everyone has diff opinions, including critics, whose opinions I pay no mind to. Vincent is sexy, Cat is gorgeous and I like the action with the romance. I give it a 10! So lucky me! Don’t hate bc they didn’t renew shows to your liking..

  21. lisam says:

    So happy they renewed heart of dixie~

  22. Linda says:


  23. Inger says:

    Read an entry that we would have to wait until May 15 to get info about Beauty and the Beast. And now you say it´s been renewed!!!!! Thank you so much CW.

  24. Kristina says:

    Pleasantly surprised Beauty and the Beast got another one, and thrilled about Hart of Dixie! Hoping they get at least 13 episodes.

  25. Lies says:

    DAMN IT, they cancelled 2 of my shows. i loved the carrie diaries, but the tomorrow people was so GREAT! the actors are amazing, hope they get a new job soon, Luke Mitchell, Austin Butler and Annasophia Robb deserve better their acting was so good (better then i have seen on other shows of thecw with some of the actors) so sad.

  26. Sarah says:

    YEah, so happy Hart of Dixie and The 100 will be back!! Both deserve another season, I’ll miss The Tomorrow People but maybe the guy who played John will (deservedly) get his own show now?? Fingers crossed.

  27. Elyse says:

    BATB got a 3rd season? Wow. That is unexpected!

    YAY for HOD and the 100!!!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I wonder if this means HoD will be moved back out of Fridays and BatB will move there instead? I think HoD had to be drawing higher ratings than BatB when not on Friday. The fall schedule will be interesting.

  28. StarCrossed Fan says:

    So mad about Star Crossed!!! It was a great SHOW!

  29. Ashbash says:

    I can’t believe they keep renewing beauty and the beast that show is like the death of Monday night ratings it seriously ruined ever show’s ratings it was paired with. Why must they keep renewing this horribly rated show. Maybe they’ll finally get rid of it next year this show cannot be that lucky to survive another year

    • indefinitedesire says:

      funny you said that knowing that before BATB was even switched to Mondays…the ratings were BAD on Mondays. Do your research (90210…ahem). And considering the fact BATB is aired in Canada a day earlier basically gives it a right to be renewed (because some people are soooooo impatient). so um…bye.

      • James says:

        Mondays at 9 is never a friendly place for any CW show placed there. The only other survivors of that slot have been OTH, and Gossip Girl and they were drawing better numbers (yes, I know of Gunsmoke Rule but it is interesting comparison).

        9-Oh started dying the moment they were moved from 8 to 9/8c halfway through the season (with the network half-expecting a minor miracle given the initial hype brought by TCD last year). Had it stayed on its initial Monday slot, perhaps an abbreviated sixth and final season would have been a bright possibility instead.

        Unlike 9-Oh, BATB has not proven to be durable in attaining some sort of stability in its numbers for the two seasons it has on air.

        But hey, congrats to the Beasties. :)

    • Ina says:

      Wow! Blaming BatB for ruining other shows. That’s easy. You seem to forget that Mondays are very competitive nights so this affected their ratings too. How can you blame them? And it’s not only about ratings anymore these days. Don’t forget that. I’m sooo happy with a S3 of BatB!!!

  30. nate says:

    holy sh*t B&B congrats

  31. Kelly says:

    Very upset about The Tomorrow People. These last couple episodes were so good. Wish people had tuned in live! Hope to see Robbie on our TV again soon!

  32. KNR says:

    Hart of Dixie – YAY!!!! It may not be a critically acclaimed show, but it IS fun, and it’s happy. I’m quite pleased.

  33. Daniel says:

    You cannot renew BatB over TTP, CW!!!

  34. DiverKlein says:

    Ah, i can delete the last 5 unwatched tomorrow people eps from the dvr. No point in watching them now. Glad the 100 is coming back. much better show

  35. Amy says:

    Sad for The Tomorrow People. Left Star-Crossed already after a few eps so not aad for that and didnt watch carrie diaries so whatev. Like BATB and HoD renewal though, yaj.

    • brenna says:

      Star Crossed was the best the second half of the season. So much potential and I’m so disappointed.

  36. Cathy Joyce says:

    My favorite show all time is Hart of Dixie…..please! Don’t ever cancel it until I’m dead. (Within 10 yrs, most likely). Thanks! I still want her with George cuz he is so darn good-looking. Wade is a darling, but he belongs with someone else, not Zoe.

  37. helen says:

    I’m happy BATB was renewed, it lost me the beginning of the season but they were getting there groove back th last few episodes. Yea for HOD I love Bluebell. I wish they had programming on Sundays will miss TTP and Star Crossed.

  38. K says:

    I get B&B has a loyal fanbase but it’s ratings are awful, surely TP should’ve been renewed before that! – bad decision. Also it’s a shame I would’ve liked a maybe 5 episode Carrie Diaries season 3 to wrap it up.

  39. LE says:

    NOOOOOO TCD :(!!! Yay HOD!!!

  40. CBWBDK1 says:

    NOO!!! I liked the tomorrow people! It’s the secret circle all over again!

  41. Angelstorm says:

    Aww No ! :( I liked both the tomorrow people and star-crossed . . . huge shame :(

    • Carol says:

      I really liked both of them. This sucks. They did the same thing with Secret Circle. I’m still mad about that.

  42. webly3 says:

    WTF with B&tB

  43. Michelle says:

    Boo about Tomorrow People. I liked it. But WTF about BATB?! This season nearly killed any love I had for it! Maybe a 13 ep season to wrap things up ?

  44. Babybop says:

    Yay for Hart of Dixie! Now they can make up for how boring this season was.

    • Alice says:

      Here, here! Bring on Zade 2.0! Set right what was wrong! Give that poor couple a baby and fix Lavon! He went from being the cool, mildy eccentric mayor to being a man-child mess.

  45. James says:

    Excuse me what? The cancel The Carrie Diaries but keep Beauty and the Beast? That’s a shame!

    • Beth says:

      I like both but I am not too upset about TCD, they tied up loose ends nicely and we all know how the story ends with Carrie and Samantha and their journey.

  46. webly3 says:

    Happy about The 100.

  47. Amy says:

    The 100 got renewed!!! I was sure that it was going to be but it’s always great to get the news that it HAS been picked up for another season. Awesome!

  48. Debra says:

    I loved the tomorrow people. The 100 stinks. CW you are not making the right choices.

  49. MCO says:

    I don’t watch beauty and the beast so I have no idea if the show is good or not. However, I don’t understand the renewal. The show has the worst ratings of network TV (for scripted show) this season. Can someone explain it to me ?

    • Kiley says:

      I can explain it. The CW bosses are idiots.

    • Ina says:

      People, it’s not only about ratings anymore these days. Nielsen is an outdated system anyway.

    • Morgan says:

      Just because a show has low ratings doesn’t mean it’s a horrible show. Think about what shows it could be going up against. Moving it back to a more successful night will pick the ratings back up. They dropped considerably after the move to Mondays. I am a huge fan of BAtB even though the writers did their best to ruin the show. I am surprised and pleased they got another season.

      • James says:

        Another factor would have been that one or so 2-week breaks the show undertook after the move to Mondays. It was gaining momentum building on its lead-in’s audience for the first two Monday outings it had before it went kablooey with the break it had sometime between March and April.

  50. Jon says:

    *scratches head* How the heck did Beauty & the Beast make the cut it with the ratings they’ve been having? I gave Tomorrow People a fair shot (8-9 episodes) but just couldn’t get into it.

    • lll says:

      Between CBS owning BATB and apparently (from other people) doing good internationally was the reason for renewal.

      • Jorielle says:

        What the hell, I loved star crossed and the tomorrow people. Why do you cancel such good shows Carrie diaries suck, and I am not a fan of hart if Dixie what the hell man. Try new slots or taking polls of your viewers. I work nights so I have to DVR the I am sure allot of people have to do. If you were to ask people to sign on or call in to vote to keep the show and lerp the lines open for a week I think you might find out these shows have allot more viewers then you could ever imagine. In comparison to the initial numbers that you get from live tv numbers.

        • Autumn says:

          I totally agree. I loved every last second of it. I hope they change their mind. And FYI I think Supernatural is awesome. Star Crossed deserved to be canceled long with the Carrie diaries.