Beauty and the Beast: 'Supercharged' Showdown and 'A Leap of Faith' Loom Large In Season 2 Finale

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 FinaleBeauty and the Beasts Season 2 finale (airing Monday at 9/8c, The CW) is titled “Deja Vu” in part because it hinges on a rematch between Vincent (played by Jay Ryan) and Beast Gabe. This feral face-off however promises to be bigger and badder than their Season 1-ending skirmish, raising a big question that could inform Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent’s future together… or, gulp, apart.

Here, B&TB showrunner Brad Kern shares with TVLine a preview of the sophomore drama’s intense final hour.

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TVLINE | So, all season long I’ve been shouting at my TV, “Gabe, just take the serum!” But now that he’s done it, I’m admittedly very afraid.
Be very afraid, Matt…. I mean, Sendhil [Ramamurthy] is a terrific actor and we had a nice journey for him this season where Gabe really was trying to redeem himself, and he gave it his all. I think he actually did something that is almost impossible to do, which is get the audience to at least have some belief that he could actually have turned the corner. But, you are who you are and what’s then fun for us, and hopefully rewarding for the audience, is not to bring the ultimate bad guy out of left field but to bring it full circle back to the end of Season 1, that unfinished business.

TVLINE | You didn’t really get to play with this too much on screen, but in your mind what was the significance of the fact that Gabe took a life as a regular human? Because when he did that, I was like, “Ohhhh, [expletive].”
Yeah, that’s it. Knowing that he was going to beast out at the end of the season, it was important for us to not just have that just suddenly happen but to begin the slide of the character…. We needed him to cross that line as a human impulsively to begin to show that the beast in his heart is still there, setting up for the transformation back to beast.

TVLINE | How would you compare the new Beast Gabe with the one we’ve met before?BEauty Beast Finale Preview
Well, he’s much more formidable. When I was hired on the show, I was personally not satisfied with the season [one] finale fight between Beast Vincent and Beast Gabe. I just didn’t think it was cool enough and worthy of two beasts going at it. This year, when we realize the direction we were heading, we wanted to do kind of a sequel but “times 10.” With Gabe possibly even bigger and badder than Vincent, it will force Vincent to test the moral line we’ve established, that if beasts cross they lose their humanity forever. That’s where we wanted this last episode battle to get to. We aren’t just threatening the life of Vincent, we’re threatening his humanity, which threatens his and Catherine’s love…. It’s safe to say that the battle that we’re going to inevitably watch, Vincent and Gabe going up against each other , will be supercharged.

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TVLINE | What sort of role does Catherine’s father play in the finale? We see them talking in the promo.
There is a bit of a turn in his relationship with Cat. As everyone knows, he is in prison because he believes that Vincent is a beast and will only become worse and therefore will always be a threat to his precious daughter. But he will have an epiphany of sorts that will help him begin to believe that the love Cat shares does trump all.

TVLINE | Kristin described the finale for me as “emotionally traumatic for everybody.” Did she get it right?
I think so. I’m a big believer that a season finale needs to reward the loyal audience for watching the entire season, that it should be an emotional tsunami that crashes onto the shore and carries through emotionally and even mythologically all of the strands that we were building over the course of the season. I hope the audience agrees with Kristin, because that’s certainly how we feel.

TVLINE | She also said there’s a “big question” to be answered….
There are a lot of big decisions to be made in this episode. There is, I’ll tell you this, a leap of faith. The question is: “Do we take the leap of faith trusting that love will save all, or do we not take that leap?”

TVLINE | You probably won’t get to it in the finale, but will Season 3 be the time to throw some obstacles at JT and Tess (Austin Basis and Nina Lisandrello)?
Oh, there’s plenty of obstacles for JT and Tess in the finale — and going forward for Season 3. JT and Tess have developed their relationship to a point where it is both rewarding for us as writers and for them as actors, but I think the audience is enjoying them as well. Their relationship and the separate characters will continue to grow — if they can survive the finale!

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  1. THANKS MATT!! great interview!! you always keep beasties informed.. I can’t wait for the episode

  2. Roger says:

    We all Gabe is going to die.

  3. sin bella says:

    Thank you TV LINE for the above interview. Cannot wait for Monday!!!
    S2 has been such a roller coaster ride and the finale is going to be explosive.
    An anxious something bad will happen to our fab VinCat/JTnT. Ughhh hope Gabe vanishes after this episode!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    They need to settle once and for all whether Cat and Vincent are going to be together or not. All the back and forth is/was tiring and is dragging down the entire show.

    • Brenda says:

      I agree!

    • maureen says:

      I sincerely hope that has already been settled as per Mr. Kerns precious interviews. we suffered thru them being ripped apart, with other people, building their characters (which didn’t really happen
      ) finding their way back to each other and then ripping them apart again when V was arrested. Enough! We have already answered that question so let’s see it really be true!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Agreed. And lets hope they really satisfy the fans (and Vincent) and in this final epic boss battle, they let Vincent (in beast mode) lift Gabe above his head and slam him down on his knee, breaking his spine killing him (Batman v Bane style). I hate Gabe, have since the begginning, dont really even like the actor cause he always plays the same slimy, woman stealing, “shady bad guy”. Probably because how hes a pretty boy and indian so its seen as exotic. But every time Vincent has been like “I just want to rip his heart out” im like….uh whats stopping you? lol. Do it. If Cat is to naive and blind to see its gonna come to that anyways, and that hes already murdered someone cause of his obsession with Cat, and the court system and law is letting him off the hook….hes killed TONS of people cause they were bad…whats one more?

      • Mandy says:

        What has race got to do with anything? You should have just left it at pretty boy and you would have still got your point across. Sandhil is a good actor that’s why we loathe Gabe end of.

    • Serena says:

      Agree with you. In my opinion, they’ve already dragged down the show. And Vincent and CAt haven’t been together for most of the season…now they’re together, what’s up with all the interruptions whenever they start getting close.

      I wish the writers would stop playing these childish games with the fans and just let them be together once and for all and stop with the ridiculous interruptions. BatB is a romantic tale, but this version is WITHOUT ROMANCE!

    • Serena says:

      BatB is a romance WITHOUT ROMANCE! I am so sick of all the interruptions whenever Vincent and Catherine are getting close. When are the writers going to realise that one of the main reasons for fans being drawn to the show was to see true love and romance.

      For most of S2, Vincent and CAtherine’s characters and relationship were ripped to shreds and now they’re finally together, the writers are still pulling them apart by these childish interruptions. Just let us have our love story that we’ve waited almost a year for!!!!!

  5. Samson says:

    Thanks Matt for the interview! Im excited to see the season 2 finale but at the same time dreading waiting months to see season 3 – I want it all now hehe! I never felt threatened by Gabe as a Cat love interest. They should have introduced Cat’s past love. There was too much betrayal w/Gabe and KK & Sendhil didn’t have that sizzling passionate chemistry that KK & Jay share. Also excited to learn about the gem mythology and Cat’s ancestor Rebecca. The flashback scenes should be epic!

  6. mary lake says:

    Just reading this interview makes my heart race. Can’t imagine what watching will do to me and all beasties.

  7. Brad Kern describes a promising season finale. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for sharing Matt!!

  8. Chilly20 says:

    Wow, so it will be a battle for Vincent’s humanity as well. It explains Catherine plea in the promo saying to Vincent that what they have been through makes stronger together. Thanks for the interview, Matt.

  9. uh oh we are in for a wild ride…!!

  10. I think Brad forgot the show is called Beauty and the Beast…not beauty and Gabe…Hope he knows no one wants creepy Gabe anymore and fixes the big mistakes he made in S2…

    • Brenda says:

      I totally agree Donna.

    • Serena says:

      Agree with you Donna. They have been shoving these love triangles down our throats for so many months and they’re still doing it!!!! That’s why I didn’t enjoy “operation Fake DAte’…because it was all about Cat/Gabe’s relationship being re-hashed, and now is obsession with her.

      The love triangles have cause outrage from fans, so I don’t understand why most of S2 has been about Vincent and Cat in other relationships, when the writers know fans don’t want to see them with others. They obviously didn’t learn from the Alex fiasco.

      • Mandy says:

        Loved Operation Fake Date which I thought was great. However, I do agree with you about those love triangles. They need to stop as they are totally unnecessary – just as that faux date was redundant. Hated it!

  11. Rose says:

    Thanks for the scoop. The finale looks promising and exciting. Will miss watching new episodes of BATB on my screen during the hiatus. Hope season 3 starts sooner rather than later

  12. Hmm says:

    This was an interesting read because not once at all did I think Gabe was truly team Vincent. Even before the halfway mark I never believed he’d done enough to make up for what he’d done to Cat. And forget his psychotic view on “saving” her in 2b. His character used to be decent; I didn’t hate him in season 1. But after he dated Cat, I saw this going downhill from the second they broke up. His character is more of a nuisance than anything; he annoys me with his constant whining and pining over Catherine. I love Sendhil as an actor but I am ready for him to move on so we can be rid of Gabe. Clearly we’re headed towards a new obstacle for season 3 (whoever it was that took Vincent’s blood) and I have a feeling more beasts will appear. Close the Gabe arc and nail the coffin shut please.

  13. ted says:

    season 3 arc:
    return of alex
    return of tori
    other beasts
    more cops

  14. Wow! The finale seems like a tsunami of emotions, indeed!

  15. DenisefromNY says:

    Thanks, Matt, for this great interview! Can’t wait to see how it all goes down!

  16. Jared says:

    Cant wait for the finale!

  17. Phantom says:

    I love this show. It has gotten even better this year. All the characters are really good. Like J.T. and Cat’s partner also. Their relationship is really cute. All the characters have grown on my family and we look forward to this show each week. So glad there will be a season Three. That gives us so much to look forward to. There are just too many cop shows, medical dramas, and reality dramas……that is why my family likes something different….and this show is. Good acting… Cat and Vincent. They are all fantastic actors on this show….even Gabe..although I don’t like his character. CANT WAIT FOR SEASON THREE

  18. Brenda says:

    There should be a good conclusion to this episode.Mr. Kern took season 2 off the rails,I just hope he realizes how much the fans want the couple together.We are tired of the back and forth between Vincent and Catherine this season.Gabe must be killed in the finale for it to even make sense and our favorite couple has a happy ending for the end of this finale.If not,not too many fans will watch season 3.We can only take so much of Vincent either kidnapped,jailed,or Mr.Kern might even have the nerve to try to kill him,hence no Beauty and the Beast.You did a great interview,but still did not get very straight answers from Mr. Kern.Hope their is a great conclusion.Not every finale has to be a dark cliffhanger!

  19. maureen says:

    Thanks for the interview. All I can say is that if we end this season with Vincent and Catherine separated from each other no matter what the reason, there will be even more beasties bail. We know they are together iinS03 but what we hung in for and waited was the two together and it hasn’t been a pleasant ride. Don’t mess it up again! by putting them back together for 6 episodes then pulling them apart again. It is bad enough we have an extra long wait to see the next season, due largely in part to the creative choices this season so give us a truly rewarding ending? We deserve it!

  20. Thank you so much Matt! Yet again a spectacular interview!

    I just don’t know if this helped my already anxiety filled self for the finale LOL. But you were terrific! Merci beaucoup!

  21. Allison says:

    Thank you for the interview. I am both anxious and dreading the season finale. We never know what an episode will bring. It seems that Mr. Kern is the last holdout who still admires his noble hero Gabe. The fans abandoned that story line a while back. Lets hope Gabe is out of the picture at the end of this season. How many more times can he be killed and brought back to life? The unemotional creepy love scenes can’t be worthy of the fans so time for him to go.

  22. Maria says:

    Okay, now I’m nervous and scared for Vincat

  23. zaza says:

    I will beast out if
    a) Gabe is still alive at the end of the finale
    b) Cat and Vincent break-up again
    c) JT gets killed

  24. Marci says:

    I really hospe they will reward the audience! Because we can’ t stand Gabe anymore or Vincat apart!

  25. Marci says:

    Too sad this season was most about Gabe!

  26. Helen says:

    OMG – can’t say enough about how much the beastie fans want Gabe out of the picture. It has been quite the rollercoaster the past season but you need to give the fans what they want! The real romance between Vincent and Catherine. Whatever challenges come their way for S3 they need to fight together and not be apart!

  27. sophia says:

    Beauty and the Beast is a show with mediocre actors bad! The show had to be canceled at the end of the first season but unfortunately continues with poor 0/3 rating!

  28. So excited and so nervous at the same time for the finale! I just hope it does its justice and leave all the #VinCat fans a sigh of relief but hungers for much…

  29. Mandy says:

    Ok, am I the only one scared of the finale – in a good way though? From that interview it sounds mental. A Gabe with nothing to lose will be very dangerous one. It is going to be EPIC!! I cannot wait for Monday. Kinda gutted though that we won’t be watching our fav show for months!!Thanks Matt for the goood interview.

  30. sylvia says:

    It seems like Mr. Kerns decided at the end of season 1 that the focus for season 2 would be the full circle of Gabe. I really find that a strange vision given that the show is about Vincent and Catherine. It definitely took away from so many aspects of this season, including JT and Tess. I think there were many episodes where Gabe had more screen time than even Cat and/or Vincent. I remember reading an interview with Brad Kerns when he said that even though Vincent and Catherine would be on opposite sides for a while, they would be in almost every scene together. The only problem with that was, that Gabe was in them too! Can he please now admit that the show needs to be about the Beauty (Catherine) and the Beast (Vincent)?

    • Ina says:

      Sylvia, you obviously didn’t read the interview Brad Kern had with TVGuide. You will be pleased to read it. It looks like he gets now what the fans like to see on BatB.

  31. Melanie Ley says:

    Thanks for an excellent review of my favorite show – although I am holding my breath until tonight. So happy the Beasties have kept the show alive – not hard to do with excellent acting and great charachter chemistry and tension building story lines.