Under the Dome Season 2 Premiere Recap: May the Force Be With You

Under the Dome Season 2 Premiere

Show of hands: Who thinks Stephen King should pen all future Under the Dome scripts?

Although CBS’ adaptation of King’s sci-fi thriller often struggled to provide continuity and/or general suspense in its freshman season, Monday’s Season 2 premiere — written by King himself — brought the show back to its roots: a little creepy, a little confusing, but wholly entertaining.

Let’s recap what went down on our first visit back to Chester’s Mill:

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COME ON BARBIE, LET’S GO PARTY | Picking up where last season’s finale left us, the entire town is still eager to see Barbie hanged, but a sudden flash of white light from the dome delays things, causing onlookers to drop to the ground, unconscious. Linda suggests they take a trip to the dome to see what’s really going on, and upon arriving at the barrier’s edge, they realize it’s become magnetized. Keychains, guns and Barbie’s handcuffs — which are still, you know, attached to him — fly toward the dome. In a moment of self-sacrifice, Linda uncuffs Barbie but can’t move away from the dome fast enough before an oncoming car crushes her against the glass. (RIP Linda. I’d like to say you’ll be missed, but it’s probably for the best that you’re done with this mess. Plus, death does wonders for your hair!)

Barbie happens upon a high school science teacher, Rebecca Pine, who’s been (gasp) studying the dome since it came down and has noticed it’s messing with the electromagnetic frequencies in town — including people’s brains, which explains why more townspeople collapse every time a pulse of light emanates. The only solution, it seems, is to create a giant magnet in the center of town that can negate the dome’s electromagnetic current. (Or in the words of one Jesse Pinkman: Magnets, bitch!) The two construct the magnet from a giant fire tower — with the help of Norrie, Joe and other townspeople — but the charge can’t quite overcome the dome’s pulses.

CABIN IN THE WOODS | As Julia walks away from the lake where she tossed the all-knowing egg, a woman appears out of nowhere, thrashing in the middle of the water. Julia — who’s recovering from a gunshot wound, lest we forget — swims out and brings the girl to safety. She’s helped by a newcomer named Sam Verdreaux (played by CSI: NY‘s Eddie Cahill), who’s been holed up in a cabin while the dome has wreaked havoc this whole time. He and Julia bring the rescued woman to his place, where he informs Julia that he’s 1) a doctor who was put of work due to a drinking problem and 2) he’s been living in this cabin ever since his sister committed suicide a while back. After the two bond, they notice The Girl From the Lake has disappeared. While Julia goes to look for her, Sam looks through an old journal, presumably of his sister’s, that contains prophetic images of the dome and its powers — including a drawing of The Girl From the Lake. Which can only mean good things, right?

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MOMMIE DEAREST | Just as Barbie & Co. put their magnet to work, another pulse from the dome causes more people to collapse, including Angie and Junior, who were on their way to the police station for a gun that could kill Big Jim. (Did they fail to realize the gun would instantly be magnetized to the dome? Yes, apparently.) While Junior is unconscious, he dreams of encountering his mom on the streets of Chester’s Mill, who tells him she never meant to abandon him. (Hi, Dr. Lewis!)

THE BIG JIM SHOW | While every piece of metal is getting stuck to the dome, Big Jim takes to the storm shelter to retrieve more guns. There, he runs into the ghost of Dodee, who says cryptic things like, “You’re not listening, but you will” and ominously sticks her finger right into the gunshot wound Big Jim gave her. Ick. Big Jim chooses to ignore Dodee’s warnings of his selfishness, choosing instead to say, “Shut up and be dead!” (Good comeback, dude.) After he finds his way out of the shelter, the newly deceased Linda visits him next, telling him he must sacrifice himself for his son. And he almost does! In a moment of altruism, Big Jim sticks his head in the noose meant for Barbie and is ready to off himself… until Julia and Barbie, newly reunited, stop him. When Julia won’t pull the lever to hang Jim, he stomps through the floorboards until they give out, and it’s only Julia’s last-second cutting of the rope that saves the lug’s life. “The dome doesn’t want us to kill you,” Julia says, and as the dome’s fog clears, the townspeople come to and the magnetic force is released. “It wants us to stop the killing.” Cue Big Jim’s self-satisfied smirk that he’s not only alive, but things are returning to normal. Or, whatever normal is in this town.

TWIST OF FATE | The last 10 minutes of the episode pull no punches, and they finally feel like something out of a Stephen King novel. First, Sam Verdreaux visits the town diner, and Junior reveals that Sam is his uncle. Junior is unhappy that Sam has resurfaced and assumes it has something to do with the vision he had of his mom — which of course Big Jim waves off, because Big Jim is the worst. But it turns out Junior’s mom isn’t exactly dead and gone: As we see moments later, she’s living in a big city outside Chester’s Mill, painting (as she does) and watching (rather blasé) news reports about the supernatural dome that has encased a random town.

Then, in perhaps the most unsettling moment of the premiere, Angie encounters The Girl From the Lake and follows her into the local school. The girl looks frightened and runs off down the hall, leaving Angie to look inside a suspiciously ajar locker — before a character we don’t get to see swings down a giant axe and murders her. (RIP Angie. This one is way more genuine than my sentiments about Linda.)

What did you think of Dome‘s return? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Ray says:

    My feelings about this episode and this show in general at this point cannot be adequately expressed while remaining within the rules of this site. So I will just say that I will treat it exactly as it deserves to be treated from this point on: with nothing but disgust, regret, and apathy.

    Good bye, show. I look forward to the day when you are cancelled so that I can tap dance on your grave.

  2. Marcus T. says:

    Linda was such a badly written character they elected to kill her off instead of writing her with some common sense.

  3. raych says:

    annnnnnggggggiiiiiiieeeee!!!!! still picking my mouth of the floor coz well that was a hello and goodmorning from under the dome. now i remember hw much i missed u. but at least my prayers wr answered and barbie is still arnd………great episode

  4. Adam says:

    Could this show be more all over the place? Why are these characters even putting up with Big Jim? Just lock him up. It is so ridiculous. And then the acting…that kid didn’t even look phased when a nail FLEW THREW HIS HAND! This show could be so much better as I like the storyline for the most part, I just don’t get the way some characters react all bi-polar.

  5. Murph says:

    without Angie, I don’t know how much longer I will stick with this show

  6. Steven says:

    Seriously might be done with show now that Angie’s gone. Poor girl was locked up for almost all of last season, had her friend/boss killed in front of her, and now she gets murdered. Ridiculous.

    • J.B. says:

      She was supposed to die last season. Over on Entertainment Weekly they have an interview with her.

    • Zoe says:

      Yeah, Angie didn’t deserve all the horrid things that happened to her, especially if she was going to die in the end. Seems like they just kept using her as torture porn. Poor girl.

      • Mark says:

        Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel it frees her up to go and be Elsa on Once just a thought…..

        • Cj says:

          She’s better than that piece of crap show. She has a big moving coming out with George Clooney soon.

        • Margaery says:

          She’s way younger than the actors for Kristoff and Anna.

        • Joseph Adamski says:

          No. The girl that played Olivia’s adult daughter on Fringe is playing Elsa. Her name is ______ Haig. But this is only episode 14. She’s signed on for 10 more episodes. And they can’t be flashbacks!

      • TheVanerialDisease says:

        She was toast even sooner in the book…

  7. Zoe says:

    They killed off my favorite character. (Linda, although the writers were awful to her) I’m really angry but I’m going to stick by it because I’m interested in finding out what happens.

    -sigh- I really, really hate this show, but I can’t stop watching it. …And I can’t say anything else without breaking TVLine’s cursing rules.

    • B says:

      And yet I actually cheered out loud when they offed Linda. The actress was just so terrible, I could barely stand to see her on screen. Granted, the writers were partly to blame, perhaps it’s the director, but she was one of the two absolute worst on the show. The other, even worse actor (Joe), still remains…sadly.

  8. James says:

    They killed off 2 strong female leads. Wow. I was okay with Linda’s death but I really like Angie. Please dome save her she’s a chosen one remember?? :)

  9. excellent premier for Season 2. Mr Stephen King really knows how to bring the wild, weird and wow to a show ;)

  10. Minsmom says:

    I actually like this show. I was sad when Linda was killed, but I was truly shocked by Angie’s murder.

    Now to set a few things straight:
    1) Sam was an EMT, not a doctor;
    2) Julia left to go check on the kids and, possibly, Barbie; and
    3) It wasn’t until after Sam found lake girl’s picture in the journal did he realize she had left the cabin.

  11. reboot2099 says:

    Wow, this show is still as bad as last year. I had hoped for the King penned episode, but it’s not better.

    To be honest, the recap is what made me remember how awful this show is: I had forgotten it has been only 2 weeks since the dome came down and they had to make me remember it! TWO weeks.

    Julia discovered his husband was dead, killed by Barbie (by suicide or not, he killed him), fall in love with Barbie, hate him, forgive him, forget her husband and truly be in love with Barbie? Wow. And I’m saying nothing at Junior hating Big Jim. Loving him. Then hating him again. Then loving him. Then hating him. Angie forgiving Junior for kidnapping her just a couple days ago! And a lot more insanity I won’t get into here since we all know it anyways.

    As for this week, the everyone hates Big Jim (and Barbie), no wait they don’t anymore is continuing. Same with Junior hating his pops. Speaking of which, it didn’t occur to Big Jim to pull the lever BEFORE putting the rope around his neck and then JUMP into the hole? Isn’t he supposed to be intelligent?

    I hated this episode for lots of reasons that others have said and probably will say, so I won’t go into each of them.

    I will however end on a good note. I just found out that the actress portraying Linda is beautiful with her hair loose! And the last few minutes WERE interesting, with Junior’s mom still alive and Angie’s murder. Even the scene where Big Jim suddenly becomes a better man in the restaurant was nice. Too bad it is way too late for that and totally unbelievable. The town just accepts it? Nobody but Angie still hate him? Yeah right. But I do hope he stays more of a good man because I am way tired of the yoyo characterization and relationships of this show! I also did like the new girl’s mystery.

    The problem is, the concept of the dome and the mysteries make me come back for more. I don’t know why, I must be a masochist. But I do like some things in concept. It is the execution that I don’t like and hoped it would change between the 2 seasons. And I still have hopes.

    End of rant, sorry :)

  12. Jim says:

    Junior met his mom in a city whose name I can’t remember, but it isn’t Chester’s Mills. It’s name is in the globe that turns red (blood? rather thin). The tower inside the globe even sort of matches the strange tower he sees in that city. He used to collect globes everywhere he went to give to Angie when they were younger, I believe.

  13. zac says:

    Question: Why didnt Junior and his Dad and maybe Barbie didnt get magnetized? They were waeaing belts with big metal buckles.

  14. Cj says:

    Not too pleased with Angie’s death. I thought killing her was a big mistake as she was probably one of the few interesting characters on the show. Phil bushey needs to go, the black mom needs to go, and Julie schumway is kind of boring. Even Linda was interesting and they killed her. It’s always two steps forward one step back with this show. The science teacher is okay but the faith vs science thing is treading on lost territory and has the potential to be stale. I would like them to bring the environmental tones… Eg Climate change stuff from the book into the show more. Such as how the air was going bad as if the dome was a mini earth. And spice up Barbie a little more he is getting very vanilla very fast.
    Oh and what’s up with the lost dead people showing up thing? Not sure I like that.

  15. Sokratis says:

    the two most obvious deaths…sigh

    • dan says:

      I thought Norrie’s mom would be the second death (I knew that Linda was one death). As the show came to an end I thought “where is the second death I heard about?” I was surprised it was Angie, then realized that in the book that character dies early so I guess Stephen King really wanted to get rid of her this time!

  16. LaLucci says:

    Is Ange Dead Dead or Tara True Blood dead or what? IMDB has Britt on 11 episodes this season.

  17. david says:

    Loved your Dr Lewis comment lol good old ER

  18. Dee says:

    His name is James…lol

  19. Celesta says:

    Really? They kill the only “kid” on the show that can act? Why not the brother or the brother’s girlfriend? Eurgh, this show, these people.

    • B says:

      Please, please kill the brother. He is THE WORST actor on the show. And with this crew, that’s saying a lot.

  20. Deck says:

    No mention of the Stephen King cameo in the diner?!?

    • N0S4AT2 says:

      I know, right? It was a small part but I caught it (actually had to rewind to make sure it was Mr. King, and it certainly was!)

  21. Bark Star says:

    King is a terrible writer. Always has been.

  22. lizzy says:

    Season Opener was excellent – I can’t wait to watch it again so I can see the little things I missed. No one writes them like SK – he should do all of the episodes. Too bad about the girls but as we know they can still show up. GREAT SERIES! …… I feel so sorry for the people who comment that it was a bad show all last season and it is still a bad show this season – it must be such a downer to only have one station that you can watch, otherwise they might be able to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Odd that people who already hated the show took time to watch the s2 premiere. Wonder how many will tune in again next week so they can come back here and complain about how horrible it was…..AGAIN!!

      • Yuka says:

        If you all remember this was supposed to be limited series with a beginning, middle and end. It received very high ratings so they renewed it for a second season. IMHO this is why the last 5 or 6 episodes of last season decreased in quality. Hopefully they’ll realize it’s time to tell the complete story this season and end it.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Yeah, I’m aware of that. But that doesn’t explain why so many people who hated s1 tuned in to s2. I don’t normally watch something I don’t like.

          • CountryQueen says:

            Two words – Stephen King. I was done after last season, but with Steve writing this I had to watch. And I thought it was good. So hopefully he told the writers where to take this show.

    • elr says:

      If I could I would like your comment a thousand times, especially the end part. I found the season opener very entertaining.

    • reboot2099 says:

      I am one of those who thought this show was bad in season one and still bad with the premiere last night. I said in an earlier post, why I didn’t like the show and why I still watch it.

      I won’t go in details again, but there are some bad mistakes and continuity is just bad. The characters are cartoonish and not likable except for 2 or 3. Angie was one and she’s gone. The other I like is Big Jim but because I like Dean Norris only, I think. I even liked him in this role before I watched Breaking Bad (watched it last Christmas).

      But I am always coming back for 2 reasons. There is not a lot of good shows on and I want to watch TV while I’m eating :). And second, I like supernatural shows with mysteries. And this mystery got me. I want to know. And I keep telling myself the writers listened to everything the critics said last year and will improve on that. The showrunner is a great comic book writer and I know he can do great stuff. Stephen King is somewhat involved and can give of ideas.
      I can say what I don’t like in a project but I can also find some good stuff about it. It’s hard to find it in this show but I still do it and root for it. Everything I say against this show is not simply to bash it. It’s because I hate seeing things that could be great making bad decisions like that and I’m sure the writers know that and I have fate in them changing things up. It doesn’t look like it from the premiere, but hey, with all my perceived negativity I guess I am an optimist.

  23. Tim says:

    While I am not a huge fan of Under the Dome I did catch what most people seem to have missed about Stephen King. There is a HUGE number of references to The Dark Tower in this episode. The blood red globe Junior finds in his dream, the Tower inside the globe(plus it’s called Zenith) and the black door in the painting. I have a lot of theories about the girl who appeared in the river but my primary one is she walking along the path of the beams? Maybe we will see Roland or the Man in Black? If you are a Stephen King fan it’s worth reading as it touches every story he has written.

    I agree that the first season was awful but I think King has something very special planned for the second season. I hope I’m not disappointed.

    • CountryQueen says:

      I noticed those too! The Dark Tower has a cameo in much of his writing (it was HUGE in insomnia), people need to check the series out.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        There’s also Junior’s mother painting a picture that might become some sort of reality, much like in King’s book “Duma Key”, or, to a lesser extent, “Rose Madder”.
        King really gave the show some new life with some very cool moments in this premiere. I also liked how he added some great ideas to his own story that were not in the book, and he got a great handle on the characters, which, in the show, are often very different from the ones he created in the book. The episode felt more like true King than pretty much the whole latter half of season one – obviously because he actually has written it. :)

  24. Cate Amos says:

    I see the inconsistencies continue. The science teacher states that the center of the dome is the high school. Didn’t Joe calculate the center deep in the woods last year where he and Norrie found the mini-dome? I hate to admit it, but it’s the flubs like that that will be keeping me tuned in each week.

  25. Pat says:

    The only disappointment that I have is with the fact that two leading females died in the season opener. I love that Eddie Cahill has joined the show. It is interesting to know why Barbie, Julia and Big Jim were not effected by that last round of the magnetic wave. I hope this question will get answered. Also, the girl from the lake when she knelt down and closed Linda’s eyes and apologized to her. Is she the one that caused this magnetic craziness??????

  26. Maryann says:

    I would have liked the episode a lot more if Angie had not been killed. For me, she was one of the core characters and the show will not be the same without her.

    • mia says:

      Just be happy Angie stuck around as long as she did. She dies very very early in the book, killed by Junior.

  27. I haven’t decided, yet, how I felt about the season 2 premier…..Did anyone out there read the book? I wish the show was more like the book was, but I understand why it isn’t. I kind of wish that I did not read the book, cause I think that is why I am becoming a little disappointed with the show. I am surprised, however, that so many “main” characters are being killed off. The book was better, but isn’t that usually the case.

  28. Mike says:

    I don’t understand this adoration of Stephen King. He al,ways starts out with an interesting premise, but there is never any real payoff. His endings are always disappointing. Those who invest in this show will find at the end they will be saying to themselves “so that was it????” and hate themselves for wasting 2 summers watching charicatures, not characters, and story lines that make no sense, He has one idea and he repeats it endless ly: a car that goes crazy (Christine), a dog that goes crazy (Cujo).. you get the idea. So when you are disappointed whent he series ends, remember ” I told you so”

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I happen to love Stephen King and this show isn’t all that bad. I personally think people go into shows with way to high expectations and then they are disappointed. So if I want to “waste” my time watching it then that’s my choice. And I guarantee you I won’t hate myself for doing it.

    • CountryQueen says:

      His books are not always the same. And the ones you sited are about much more than a dog and car going crazy. We all have different writers that we enjoy. Steve is my fave. And this book is in my Top 5 – which is why I hated the first season – it changed way too much!

    • Carm says:

      Lots of series end badly. No time for disappointment, there is always something else to watch or do. It seems as though you may be more disappointed if the series did end well than others will be if it doesn’t. And Under the Dome (book) was great

  29. Steph says:

    How are people surprised by Angie’s death? Read the book. I thought it was an excellent premiere. I’m excited for this season.

    • ? says:

      The show is nothing like the book. Characters have names from the book but that’s pretty much it. Almost none of their actual characteristics and virtually none of their roles in the plot (itself almost completely different) are the same. So, yeah. Why WOULDN’T we be surprised? And disappointed.

      • CountryQueen says:

        So right. I have the most problem with what they did to Barbie & Julia – who was a soldier in the book, and here is a bookies enforcer? Julie owned the paper in the book – it was in her family so she was very invested in her town. Big Jim was also way more religious in the books – and they’ve only touched briefly on the drugs here.

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. It’s certainly not the best show on this summer but it’s by far not the worst either. Kind of surprised by all the negative comments.

  31. Diane says:

    I actually enjoyed it. I was truly surprised Angie got killed. I am curious to finds out who did it.

  32. KBC says:

    Glad for the wrap up –storms knocked out satellite in last 15 minutes of show. I will miss Angie. Something really bad should happen to Big Jim. Glad Barbie is still alive. Ugh, the way Linda went (but I agree her role wasn’t up to par). There’s nothing else on so I’ll keep watching.

  33. Dot says:

    YES! Stephen King needs to write and appear in all of the Dome’s episodes!

  34. Evan says:

    I don’t mind Linda being gone at all. Angie’s death really hurts because she was definitely my favorite character, not to mention Britt Robertson was easily the best cast member here (but if that means she moves onto bigger and better things, that’s fine by me). King did a good job writing the episode, and it seems like they’re trying to backtrack on some of the bad mistakes from season one. There’s not much else on in the summer so I’ll stick around!

  35. I-Quit says:

    So awful, I couldn’t watch past about 20 minutes. Magnetized? Seriously? Random, selective, and intermittent magnetization. A magnetized pair of handcuffs can drag a man across a road, but watches and belt buckles don’t matter. And flying knives and cast iron skillets? Come on… those things would, at best, hit the floor and slide across the room. Julia apparently can dive into a lake and provide a rescue swim with a fresh gunshot wound to the shoulder. Barbie is two punches into a man who tried to frame and hang him, and then suddenly doesn’t care about him. Barbie busts open the window of a truck, gets confronted at gunpoint by the truck’s owner, forcefully disarms her, then they immediately become partners in helping rescue Angie & Company. Ugh. What a big hot mess. I love Stephen King’s books, and I loved this book, which is why I’m so disappointed with this season opener (and the end of the first season, truth be told). I’m done with this series. The shark has officially been jumped…

    • MarcO says:

      I had to laugh at the ‘selective magnetism’ comment. So true! While church bells, garbage cans, the odd toy, bike, vehicle, nails and handcuffs get magnetized, the barbed wire fence nearby doesn’t budge an inch! I guess Linda Esquivez’s death HAD to be done by SUV.

      (By the way, recap writer, Linda was crushed between the SUV and the DOME, not the GLASS).

  36. D. says:

    Linda was annoying but the actress wasn’t bad, they could have reinvented her. And what about about Angie? Brittany Robertson was my favourite, why did they have to kill her too?

    • Lambsilencer says:

      I sort of figured that she might die in the premiere. She landed the female lead role in “Tomorrowland”, alongside George Clooney, shortly before the second season of “Under the Dome” was announced. So I thought that she might have to be written out for her to go do the movie. And since that part in “Tomorrowland” is considered a possibly “star-turning” role, I figured that she maybe wanted to be free to do more movies if that actually turns out to be the case for her, so they would not just temporarily reduce her appearances on “Dome”, but rather kill her off. (Leaving wasn’t really an option here, of course.). Maybe she still appears from time to time, that surely is possible even if her movie career should hit off.

  37. LKE says:

    I thought Sam was an EMT, not a doc.

  38. jasie says:

    What I’m confused about, when TVline teased two deaths, Angie wasn’t one of the two names named. Linda was named and Norris and norries mom and a few others but not Angie. Was it a change of plan or what?

  39. mpmp0 says:

    I really don’t like how PsycoJunior is now looking like a good guy after all he did…

    Waiting to see how they flesh out the new characters before I can get a real feel for the show. But, I will say one thing–if a triangle develops with the uncle and the couple, I’m out. I like my sci-fi (or whatever this is going to turn out to be) without soap opera overtones. I know it may attract more of the female audience, but it’s not for me.

  40. Beverly says:

    Did anyone notice that Stephen King appeared in this episode!

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Oh, of course. When I saw a picture of him on set on the CBS press site, making changes to his script on his typewriter, I pretty much knew that he would also have a cameo, as he does in many of the productions based on his work. And I was glad I was right. :)

  41. Radha says:

    What I’m shocked about is that everyone seems to like Angie.

    • Lisa says:

      I KNOW RIGHT. She was unbearable. Linda wasn’t the greatest (but who is on this show really), but she was waaay better than Angie.

  42. DebLG says:

    At least Angie got to serve Stephen King his coffee before her death. RIP Angie. Please be an enjoyable season, I’m giving you a second chance, Under the Dome!

  43. So I google “under the dome season 2” to see when the new season starts. Low and behold your site shows up with a massive spoiler in the title: Angie dies. What a bunch of jerks ruining the last few seconds of a show by adding a spoiler in your title instead of a few paragraphs into your article after a disclosure or warning.

  44. I have mixed feelings about this episode! After the S1 finale mess i think a lot of things are still very lost. When i saw the note saying the two characters were going to die, i was thinking that one of them would be Junior. I’m disappointed about Angie’s death. It wasn’t a shock, because in the books she dies too. But it’s sad to see her go, her character was a lot of potential on the show. I wasn’t too sad about Linda, she was a little ‘meh’ for me. Big Jim continues to be a asshole. I don’t know, but something about Junior’s uncle doesn’t look good. I think he’s bad news!

  45. Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.13 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.12 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.11 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.10 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.8 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.7 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Episode #2.5 (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Force Majeure (2014) … Angie McAlister
    – Heads Will Roll (2014) … Angie McAlister

    Maybe shes not dead..

    • reboot2099 says:

      This is not an official list. IMDB and other sites like it are updated by users, most of which don’t know any more than us. So it probably got updated by someone who went on thinking she was a regular for the second season 2, or maybe even someone inside the production to throw us off. Who knows.

      She might still be alive somehow (which I seriously doubt), but this list is not any more proof of it than the people in this thread saying she’s alive are.

  46. HB says:

    I just checked the IMDB and they listed Linda ( Natalie Martinez ) for 20 episodes and Angie ( Britt Robertson ) for 22 episodes. It looks like they’re not completely dead by any mean. They will come back in different forms as you’ve seen in the season 2 episode 1 with Linda.

    • reboot2099 says:

      As I said in another comment, IMDB is updated by users. This means most people updating it have no more clues than we have, since they are “regular” people. Sure, the production could still have updating it, but then why put the right info and spoiled everything when they could just lie and surprise everyone? Either way, IMDB is not to be considered a serious source for anything other than confirmed info.

  47. MarcO says:

    A key bit of information is missing. Shortly after Norrie’s death, the Girl from The Lake cradles the body of Linda Esquivel and whispers ‘Sorry’, hinting she may be in fact, the Dome egg in physical form.

  48. MarcO says:

    Silly question here… Now that Big Jim has declared Barbie innocent, why has NOBODY wondered who killed Dodie? Or shot Julia, for that matter? Both these crimes had been attributed to Barbie, after all!

  49. James D says:

    Stick to writing novels Mr. King because some of the dialogue in this episode was just atrocious. with that said i liked the episode to be honest i won’t miss Angie or Linda (especially Linda 2 eggs short of a bakers dozen if you get my meaning) we shall see how things progress, but don’t let Stephen write anymore dialogue that scene with Jim in talking to dotty in the shelter was hard to watch, Poor Dean Norris did the best he could.