Rising Star Premiere Recap: Wall-Eh

Rising Star Premiere Recap

“So wake me up when it’s all over.”

That was the refrain delivered by ill-fated boy band Beyond 5 during tonight’s premiere of ABC’s reality singing competition Rising Star, but unfortunately it echoed the sentiments in my own head after watching 10 fair-to-tragic acts limp their way through a series of dated or done-to-death ditties.

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You can’t say, though, that host Josh Groban didn’t tip us off in the show’s opening seconds with this dire warning: “Let’s introduce you to the main star of our show: The wall!”

Yes, Rising Star‘s gigantic, much-touted barrier exhibited more humanity and enthusiasm than “experts” Kesha and Brad Paisley (and the contestants) combined. (Ludacris, at least, wasn’t dull while boogying his way through a series of “No” votes.) But great television cannot survive on the singular of an inanimate object alone. (Not unless we’re talking about the enduring ratings appeal of Kim Kardashian, anyhow.)

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For the uninitiated, let me explain the show’s basic premise: Wannabe music stars take the stage behind a gigantic wall and sing for votes from the judges and the viewing audience via the Rising Star App. Kesha, Brad and Luda’s “yes” votes count for 7 percent apiece; the remaining 79 percent of the vote is comprised of viewers who “check in” via the app before each performance. If the singer’s total goes above 70 percent during his or her live performance, the wall is “raised” and the act moves to the next round; failure to raise the wall results in automatic elimination. (West coast viewers get a second chance to veto east-coasters “nos,” so the show isn’t totally pointless if you’re closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic, BTW.)

(Also: Thank you for not removing TVLine from your “favorites” during the preceding paragraph.)

With that said, since I’m not confident Rising Star will survive past July 4th weekend, I’m going to limit myself to reviewing the premiere’s 10 acts in 10 words or less — plus letter grade:

Joshua Peavy, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”
(advanced with 87% of votes, including all three judges)
Generic song for a generic singer. Initially, I thought his last name was “PB.”
Grade: B-

Lisa Punch, “How Will I Know”
(advanced with 80% of votes, including all three judges)
Ballady intro was not terrible; cheesy “boogying” on chorus was.
Grade: C+

Maneepat Myra Molloy, “Con Te Partiro”
(advanced with 87% of votes, including Brad and Kesha)
Teenager delivered classical tune with the blankness of a chalkboard in July.
Grade: C

Daniel & Olivia, “Counting Stars”
(rejected with 6% of the votes, including none of the judges)
That 6% says it all: Why throw a rock at a car wreck?
Grade: D

Jesse Kinch, “I Put a Spell on You”
(advanced with 92% of votes, including all three judges)
Soft-spoken guy with great pitch and grit, but overbaked vibrato.
Grade: B+

Beyond 5, “Wake Me Up”
(rejected with 46% of the votes, including Brad and Kesha)
Brad and Kesha voted for them because they were from Nashville? Revoke their priveleges!

Sarah Darling, “Merry Go Round”
(advanced with 89% of votes, including all three judges)
Country vet showcased gorgeous tone and restraint. Too good for this show?
Grade: A-

Colin Huntley, Age 16, Georgetown, TX
(rejected with 38% of the votes, including none of the judges)
It feels mean to vote “No” to children, and yet…
Grade: C-

Summer Collins, “Classic”
(rejected with 36% of the votes, including none of the judges)
Sweet teenager had a sad backstory — and, alas, a middling performance.
Grade: C-

Macy Kate, “Me and My Broken Heart”
(advanced with 93% of votes, including all three judges)
“Instagram auditioner” got “surprised” when Josh asked her to sing; and yet she showed up in thigh-high boots expecting only to be an audience member? Hrmmm. As dubious a setup as her final set of runs.
Grade: B-

With that, I’ll let you make the most important vote of all by grading the Rising Star premiere in our highly scientific poll below.

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  1. Mike says:

    Luda was great judge, other 2 were just sort there. Expected more personality from Kesha. Groban was decent, but went for lame jokes too often.

    Enjoyed the format, liked America’s choices for the most part except the last girl. She was terrible and a plant.

    • Mike says:

      The “plant” was Sarah Darling who has had at least 2 full cd’s. That whole bit where Brad’s like “I know we’ve never met but we have friends in common” was ridiculous. She put out her first album in 2010…of course they know the same people. A ringer so obvious in episode 1 isn’t a good sign for the show.

      • Debbie M. says:

        I was really surprised to see Sarah Darling on here. I have several of her songs on my iPod. Kind of disappointing that they are not giving people who really need a shot at success instead of people who just didn’t have the superstar success they thought they should have.

      • jamie says:

        That is my cousin and she has been trying to make it in Nashville for the better part of 10 years…Not a ringer she auditioned like everybody else.

      • Scott says:

        I think having a ringer is a good sign from an entertainment point of view, it did not hurt The Voice which featured Javier Colon and Frenchie Davis in its first episode. I wish there were more ringers because Sarah was the only singer I voted yes for (okay I did give a pity yet to another singer after becoming clear that they had no chance of advancing). Everyone else was either bland or dreadful I am surprised anyone else got above 50% let alone the required 70%.

  2. Michelle R. says:

    It was so bad. At the 35 minute mark, they had, what? 2 singers. Really boring. Mediocre singers made it through, with only the truly tragically off key not raising the wall.

  3. Cindy says:

    Boring show. I enjoy Josh Groban’s music but felt he was lackluster host.

  4. Jss0058 says:

    It was boring from start to finish. The biggest problem is the talent was so mediocre. The ones that got thru weren’t much better than the ones that did. The last girl was an obvious plant.

  5. Kaba says:

    MJs blog commenters told me it was a hot mess. MJ said it was a hot mess.
    I saw a 22 second peep of Jesse Kinch’s performance and some other…
    His name is the only one who I’ll bother remembering.
    As for that blatant plant girl who performed last….whatever.
    I’ll be watching next week because I didn’t watch this one.

  6. Kaba says:

    I also heard Luda was serving up a big “No” Rump roast tonight.
    Clearly he’s the sensible one of the 3. As I expected.

  7. Sharon says:

    West coast viewers get a second chance to veto east-coasters “nos,” so the show isn’t totally pointless if you’re closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic, BTW.)

    Wow! How special of Rising Star to throw West Coast Viewers a bread crumb! I think I will pass.

  8. CK says:

    Can you and Melinda use this show as an excuse to do a summer Reality Check?

    • Michelle R. says:

      I’d usually have any excuse to see them together, but they deserve better.

    • DavidSask says:

      The show won’t last long enough to do video re-caps on!

      • Hey says:

        It will last a whole. ABC has already green lit it for 10 episodes, and $50-$100 million into this show. And they carved out a huge chunk of their summer season for this show.

        • CK says:

          Yep. ABC wants to be in the singing reality show game since AI is faltering and The Voice took off after so many others failed. They did it a while back with the shortlived Duets and they are going to try to make this work as well.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          That’s what people said about Ready for Love. I would argue Ready for Love looks like The Wire or Hannibal compared to this mess, and RfL didn’t last 2 episodes it was so bad.

  9. DavidSask says:

    This show was so bad and insult to half the country voting wise as well! Ludacris as judge in singing competition? The show never made it to air and will fold as fast as the attempt on show few years back! Thank whatever presence you believe in there is still cable shows for summer as network is dead if this is best can do! Can’t wait for the ratings fail report tomorrow. Unfit people who can’t change channel, even know this is so bad they will go outside for a walk!

    • Kim Moores says:

      “Ludacris as a judge in a singing competition”…
      Do we continue to forget Simon Cowell’s existence?
      Just because he raps doesn’t mean he can’t determine a good act from a bad

      • Timmah says:

        Simon Cowell was a record executive, he judged acts for a living.

        • Bob Chobb says:

          Ludacris was a DJ, he played hit records for a living.

          • Jared says:

            A DJ? He is so much more than just a DJ. What about all of his #1 songs and how many he has had in the top ten? Also he is producer. He co-founded the record label Disturbing tha Peace. And all his Grammys. He hardly just played hit records for a living.

          • cg313 says:

            I do not think the DJ comment was meant as an insult. Bob was just saying as a DJ, (among other things he does in the music industry) Luda has an ear for music becauseyou would have to have one to be a DJ at least.

  10. Becki Hansen says:

    Brad Paisley..yeah baby

  11. greysfan says:

    What a horrible piece of television and here i thought i had seen it all

  12. Hey says:

    Rising Star was one of the worst reality-competition shows I’ve ever seen. They are lucky that ABC gave them 10 weeks to air this show, bc it’s sure to be cancelled.

    There are a million things wrong with this show. First off, how is Kesha a judge? She has no talent, and can’t even sing. Josh Groban has more talent in his nail clippings, than Kesha has in her whole body.

    Secondly, the sob stories were blown way out of proportion, and overly dramatized. What does any of that have to do with singing? Nothing. There is no need to know some random person’s entire life story, BEFORE we even hear them sing. It’s nonsense. They just use these contestants, and exploit their stories. Why would anyone agree to do that?

    Don’t believe me? Just read the release forms. I know legally they have to cover their butt, but it basically said they could portray you in WHATEVER light they wanted to, they could dig into the past of coworkers, people via social media, family members, your friends….. add or take away anything they want, final cut and edit of all interviews to make you look however they want, for entertainment value and if you spoke out against it AT ANY TIME, it’d be a breach of contract with a $50k fine a pop. The Voice’s or American Idol’s release is nothing like that.

    And lastly, a lot of people were complaining about the app, bc they didnt want to sign in with facebook or twitter. And other people were saying that it crashed several times, or wouldn’t let them vote.

    • Cheryl says:

      you are wrong. Idol contracts say they can not only dig into your past– they can make up stuff about you. Literally. Make. It. Up. I know, I was dumb enough to sign one for my underage daughter for a shot at the show. She was never portrayed unfairly– and she got a back story and some air time. But I worried myself sick till it aired. Stupid reality shows– nothing real about them– or the evil producers who produce them.

  13. Nedsdag says:

    If ABC is this desperate for a singing show, a narcissistic, chain-smoking, botoxed, egocentric Englishman who has one on ice.

  14. BillyBob says:

    Macy Kate is indeed a plant. She’s the poor man’s Christina Grimmie. Check her youtube vids out. search… macy kate kurt schneider and macy kate. She has her own band too. Macy Kate Band (MKB)

    • dee says:

      Being on Youtube and/or having a band in no way makes you a professional, or a plant. Does she have a recording contract with a major label? THAT makes you a plant.

      • BillyBob says:

        Ok? But this Macey girl is the plantiest plant that ever planted. IMO and all the other recappers opinions says the same. Boo hoo hoo.

        • BillyBob says:

          Again, this Macy girl / chick is the plantiest plant that ever planted on this planet. LOL

          • Jill Moy says:


            A PLANT? SHE WASN’T THAT GOOD ANYWAY! Wanna hear great singers, watch AGT! There aren’t many but they are all excellent! There was an 11 year old that beats ’em all!

          • And the “plants” they put on this show arent even that good. If we all compare these horrid singers to Mara Justine 11 years old on Americas Got Talent, it makes rising star look like a joke!Those judges have NNNOOOO PERSONALITY! I would much rather have electric robot judges! Why not that is what Keisha and Brad looked like. Keisha ANOTHER STEPFORD WIFE perfect makeup, eyes look glazed over and she looks like she is in a spell. I dont like Brad, he looks like he has an attitude! Luda was ok!

  15. Brodie says:

    The show sounded like a great idea. It was ok but I live on the West coast and our votes really don’t count and I guess Hawaii and Alaska don’t get to vote at all. It would be better is it was a truly live show nationally.

  16. Diz says:

    It sounded bad to begin with, but I think it was worse than I thought it was going to be which I cant believe was possible. The in-studio-audience gets to stare at a wall and the singers get to perform to a wall. How stupid is that. The wall should be behind the performers so they and the audience can see each other. I already deleted it off my DVR.

  17. Mary says:

    I don’t think the 3 host should encourage or discourage the. Audience. I definitely believe they should not be voting for other hosts & stay seated. It is rude to get up and do this.

  18. Presley says:

    I really liked Ludacris as a judge cause he told it like it was, the people needed to hear some honest constructive criticism, good for u Ludacris!

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  20. Adrian says:

    Before watching this show, I did a little bit of research, and Rising Star is actually created in Israel and becomes an instant hit with a 40%+ rating at its peak. Many countries have bought the rights to this show but so far only a few were playing it. In paper, Rising Star USA has potentials because it is a huge country with lots of talents, and the format is interesting and people have a choice to vote for or off someone. It is LIVE so producers can’t rig the result after they find out how people vote. However tonight was definitely not a good start.

    Josh Groban was both the mentor and the MC of the show, and given how much stuffs were going on during this live show. I gave him credits for doing an admirable job. It is not perfect, but this is the premier episode and it is LIVE with no margin of errors. In future episodes, I hope we can see more of the mentor sessions and no more sob stories. I know they need the 90 seconds of check-in time, but the show needs to focus on the MUSIC.

    The producers have a lot of homework to do! First, the pace was ridiculously slow and I need to hear more songs. Four performances in an hour are just simply ridiculous. Second, you need to explain how this show will proceed. Are we in audition phrases? How many final acts do we have in the end? Are we getting more fresh acts? Third, don’t play tricks, and Macy Kate was definitely not a surprise, and I had a feeling that all the acts knew the order of their performances too. Fourth, the experts were not contributing enough and they should be tougher too. If you vote no to someone, I wish they were given more time to talk about the reason why and how these contestants can improve. Finally can we find better talents? Or at least give some of these contestants more vocal training before coming to the show? Help them to arrange the song differently and make them find the right songs.

    Since there is no other singing competitions, I will possibly keep watching, but hope we will see some major improvement next week! More songs and less sob stories please! BTW why aren’t any of the television stations pick up the really hit Asian reality singing show called “I am a Singer” yet?

  21. Geeeeezzzzzz! That was the worst “so called talent” I have ever seen. I feel that American idol had one of its worst seasons BUT I would rather listen to ANY of the contestants on idol compared to this show! Is that really the best they could do? I think any of us on this blog could go find better talent at the nearest corner store or even at the nearest school. AWFUL The only performance that stood out a little for me was Jesse, That did ” I Put a Spell On You” and that might be cause it woke me up from a dead coma of boredom! Crap I thought this show would be better and was kind of excited to see it! DISAPPOINTED

    • So sad the X-factor will not be on again! This show should be the one “off” the air!

      • Jill Moy says:


        How about a new title for the show; THE STEPFORD WIVES REVISITED???? Also, I think 90% vote should advance them! They are looking for a star. Since when is 70% considered great? It’s barely passing! Had it been 90%, I believe only 2 would have advanced! Can you imagine 7 of these awful singers went through? I’ve seen much better Karaoke!

        • Yes Jill, Two of them made it over 90 percent! THE REST OF THEM GET THE WIRE HANGER! I personally know better singers that live down the street from me! I bet most of us people on this blog know 2 or 3 better singers than these people on rising star!

        • Keisha looks and acts like a stepford wife. Glazed over eyes and no personality. The only one who seemed to have some sense was Luda!

          • Jill Moy says:

            I agree with you 100% BECCA! STEPFORD WIVES all the way! Ludas was ok, but the others….TERRIBLE!

            People laugh at karaoke! Check out CASSANDRA MAE JOPP! She won a contest with 10,000. She won televised KARAOKE BATTLE USA against thousands. Then she won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN IRELAND against many countries! I heard 10 seconds of her and knew she would win USA and WORLD. She also has great showmanship too!

            So, there are good karaoke singers! Too many people laugh at Karaoke! To this day, the best singer I’ve ever heard was at a huge karaoke venue I went to before I got into singing! She was underage (maybe 17), with blond hair to her knees, wearing ripped blue jeans. She was a beautiful girl! She sang UNCHAINED MELODY and she was fantastic. I tried to get her to sing another song but she wouldn’t. She told me she had no interest in being a singer. You sure wouldn’t think that. What a talent she was! So people shouldn’t laugh at karaoke….it’s certainly better than this horrible show!

    • Jill Moy says:


      Hey! What a show! Did you see AGT…..every singer so far has been excellent! What a surprise, the 11 year old was on Sunday! AGT so far has great talent and again, GREAT SINGERS!

      Too much talking on this RS show…SO BORING!

      Good to see your comments out here. GREETINGS

      • Yes Jill, AGT! That 11 year old is Mara Justine! Just AMAZING! SHE BLEW ME AWAY! Im glad you liked her too! I think she is my choice to win on AGT

        • S Y says:


          She was on Maury awile back! She is also on You Tube at age 9! She is great….11 years old! AMAZING!

          • Jil Moy says:

            S Y,

            Get lost! You have been taunting me now you’re using same style writing as me, with BECCA in caps, etc. You threatened to reveal me…go ahead, take your best shot.

  22. Angie_Overrated says:

    This might be the worst show to have premiered since HBO cursed the planet with Girls. Josh Groban has all the charm of a toe nail clipping, Kesha looked bored out of her mind (which is honest because I was too), and the “talent” wasn’t even befitting X-Factor. Even by summer programming standards, this was abysmal.

  23. I am just amazed by this singer on Americas Got Talent! WHAT? 11 years old, Mara Justine. She puts everyone on Rising Star to shame WOW WOW WOW

    • Jill Moy says:


      I also commented on the 11 year old earlier….FANTASTIC! Also, Darling was just ok to me! A-????? NO WAY!

      • I agree Jill, I did not like “darling”. The only one who I thought was good was Jesse, The young guy with guitar, but bored to death by the rest of them! I cant believe those people were the best singers they could find? Just pathetic! I will watch next week to see if they have a better week, and I cant believe they even televised that crap last week!

        • Jil Moy says:


          PURE GARBAZZZZZZZZ! I, as well only liked same singer you did! No wonder Daring has been trying for 10 years to succeed! She’s average at best!

  24. Yo says:

    That was just awful. So much buzz, so little product.

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  26. Mary says:

    To be honest I only lasted 1/2 hour It just dragged on. I might give it a shot when they get down to the finals but to be honest I think I am burned out from singing competition. I know both Josh and Brad have personality but man they did not show it last night.

  27. chadcronin says:

    I am sure the judges will get more comfortable with comments and such as the show goes on, but I also feel the pace is a bit slow. Then after one commercial there wasn’t even anyone singing before it went to commercial again. Since we get to vote live, I felt like i was waiting for that more. I hope they can find a way to fit in more people in the future. Hot guys please.

  28. Jill Moy says:

    Kesha DID like Summer! All judges did not reject her!

  29. Robin says:

    Was fun to be able to vote. However way to many commercials! Way to drug out. Love Brad Paisley but the “pro’s” were very drab didn’t really seem to engaged in the show. Maybe this is one to many singing talent shows.

  30. Faye says:

    way to many commercialls and too much talking, need to have more entertainment.

  31. Alexa says:

    Deleted the app after the second performance. It was boring. Good idea bad follow through.

  32. Hillary says:

    That was awful. The pacing dragged, Josh Groban should be lucky he’s an extremely successful singer, because he stunk as the host, Ludacris was good but Kesha and Brad were useless as judges, and the talent was mediocre. Of the five people who got through, 2 were obvious plants (Sarah and Macy Kate) and 2 were beyond mediocre and probably only got through because they were the 1st 2 contestants. Which leaves only the guy who sang the Screaming Jay Hawkins song. I liked him the best, but he has to cut back on the vibrato.

    The one good thing is that voters didn’t put through mediocre to bad performers just because they were young and/or cute. I was especially glad to see that horrendous boy band didn’t go through. The one guy sounded like he had inhaled helium — why would the group give him solos?

    I doubt I’ll be watching this show again.

    • BillyBob says:

      Agree with everything you said and LOVE your comment. Sarah and Macy Kate… plant ALERT! lol. I was jumping for joy when boy band failed. Yes, the pace was so slow, like watching paint dry almost. haha! Have a nice day!

    • Debbie M. says:

      Funny how I also thought that the first solo singer in the boy band was sucking on a helium balloon also! I really thought it was a joke at first but sadly realized they were serious. The other guys voices weren’t that bad. Can’t imagine why they would think that his voice would be the best one to start off with!

  33. Anita Janner says:

    This program was such a disappointment!!! I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life. The show moved way too slow with a darn commercial between every single contestant. I kept waiting for something profound to happen….and it NEVER did. I won’t be viewing this anticlimactic, boring program again. I love watching singing/talent contests, but this by far had not been thought out and the WALL was unfortunately the RISING STAR as Josh Groban said.

  34. Timothy Hogan says:

    This show had great potential – was a huge disappointment- should leave the sob stories for after the audition and guest judges should not be allowed to vote public ally until after as this also influences. Lame judges, lame host , lame show- deleted voting ap

  35. Cheryl says:

    I feel that the public was mislead. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember any mention of judges in all of the previews of the show (I tend to fast-forward through commercials; doesn’t everybody?). Their single vote counted more than ours, which was a little insulting. After all, who’s going to buy the winners music? Them, or us?

    Also, I thought that we wouldn’t necessarily know the identities of the singers or their backstories, similar to The Voice. Since we could see them, and knew all about them, what was the point of “the wall?” We could have just voted them through, or not. It would have been far more interesting if we had voted, and then found out that we dashed the last hope of some starving artist to stop living in their car.

    Josh Groban was dull and seemed to talk faster and faster as the show progressed. Was he nervous or something (or did he has access to the Twitter comments on the show)? After the fourth or fifth artist (I don’t remember), my granddaughter and I turned off the app (so it would stop chirping), turned off the TV (it was getting late), and went to sleep (we were bored). To me, this was an obvious attempt to use the interactive nature of the show to get viewers to actually watch the myriad of commercials that aired between each performance. They’ll have to do better than that! Very disappointing after all of the hype!

    • BillyBob says:

      We were mislead by the promotional video. It seem they want the audience to believe we have 100% of the power. But the so called ‘judges/experts’ have EACH have 7% of the voting power. 21% total. So if the voters only voted 60% on the act, if 2 or more judges voted YES then they would go through bypassing the viewers vote. This show should be renamed ‘Falling Star’ lol Have a nice day!

  36. dee says:

    I did not watch. I did not watch because I saw Groban and the judges on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and the four of them sitting together was downright PAINFUL to watch. Not only no chemistry, but not even the slightest bit of interest or affection between them. Paisley is boring, Kesha is an absolute idiot, and Ludacris looked like he was planning his lawsuit against his agent for getting him into this mess, and Groban looked downright panicked–with good reason.

  37. Peaches Jackson says:

    Oh, ABC. You tried. I like the idea, and I like Ludacris. Honesty and Candidness is always entertaining. Where was the talent? It is a singing competition after all! But I’ll give the show a chance… For now.

  38. Timmah says:

    I feel like an F is too generous for this show.

    • LOL LOL EXACTLY! I cant even believe they arent ashamed of how bad their contestants were. Ive seen better high school talent shows! The GRADE should be INCOMPLETE for rising star!

  39. soso says:

    Honestly, I had très low expectations for this show going on, but wow, way to go dashing even the faintest glimmer of hope I had for it. Watching K$sha and Brad give “expert” advice was akin to watching paint dry. At least when Ludacris preached some sense, I was like “yes!” and then I immediately wondered how huge his pay day must have been to agree to this show. I felt really bad for Groban because he does have charm and immeasurable talent, but the live nature of the show (I think) forced him to speed things along and come across as frantic consequently.

    The two biggest problems (yes, excluding the judges and host) I see with the show:
    (1) Too many sob stories! I just muted the show and did something else while the video sob story played because I’m all out of compassion for reality singing show sob stories. Say what you will about Idol’s latest season, but I was beyond overjoyed when they decided to portray the contestants in an upbeat manner instead of focusing on their miseries. I think the auditions should be all about judging the talent, we can get to know the contestants as the show goes on.
    (2) The terrible production on this thing. Two hours of programming and we got, what, ten performances?! That’s unacceptable. The wait between the performances was excruciating as well. More singing, less…everything else.

  40. Steve F. says:

    Ouch. A lot of these singers wouldn’t even get past the audition rounds of American Idol. And, what happened to Josh Groban’s hair?

    • Jill Moy says:

      STEVE F,

      Are you kidding! AI judges let through horrible talent! BRISTON MARONEY was put through the top 15 boys! Look at the top 10 AI had….AWFUL!

      No, I’m not saying this show is good…IT STINKS, but AI was lousey in it’s own right!

    • Timmah says:

      He must have had it cut by whoever re-designed the TVLine website.

  41. TinLV says:

    Jesse Kinch singing “I put a Spell on You” made the whole show worth sitting through. A couple of others were good enough to have a career singing, but not sure this show is the one to get them there.

  42. RD says:

    I felt sorry for Josh Groban because he had to shoulder the entire weight of this unwieldy mess on his shoulders,and as a host I think he had merit. But this isn’t the show to display it.

  43. Jill Moy says:

    Just like AI, there’s conspiracies; people planted! Oh paaalesssse! Darling was ok and the last girl was just ok! Neither was that great! Wanna hear good singers, watch AGT! There aren’t many singers, but each singer is fabulous!

  44. xwiseguyx says:

    The live voting concept is great.. too bad the show had the pace of one of Josh Groban’s overwrought ballads… They should have considered making the voting experience a bit more exciting by using a Star Search format where you pit 2 performances against one another and we then live vote someone a champion of different categories – male performance, female performance, duos, bands etc… a golden opportunity to freshen up the genre was blown big time. That being said, I think Josh did a good job as did Luda… but the judging skills of Paisley and Keisha are ludicrous.

  45. Jill Moy says:

    Do we really need to hear about EVERY contestant before they sing! There’s way too much time on their “stories!” AGT sometimes knocks out 4 or 5 auditions without even an introduction; BACK TO BACK!

    The judges and host had personalities of a nail! Lucas wasn’t bad! The rest…TERRIBLE! For 2 judges to like the boy band was ridiculous! They had the worst singers one could imagine! And people thought RESTLESS ROAD was bad! This group made restless road look like geniuses!

  46. Jill Moy says:

    This show could save millions of dollars; get rid of the judges! They aren’t necessary.

  47. Name That Tune says:

    I am burnt-out on talent shows. This one plus sing your face off just makes it too much.

    Who cares? And will I care in September when The Voice returns ?

  48. Everyone was just settling in. I think they will pull this up within a few weeks. Can you sing? cos I thought 4 of the singers were fab. But then I only buy music I don’t rip it apart

  49. Have to give Rising Star a chance to establish itself. Give it & the judges to listen to some constructive criticism & see what happens in the next weeks.

  50. BamBiffPow says:

    Ok, what was that 2 hour stinkin pile of dog sh** ABC boldly and proudly aired??? I stepped into it while channel surfing having just left AGT. And as if I had arrived at the scene of a tragic multi-car accident, i was horrifically stunned…and stayed.

    Where do I begin? Let’s start with the hired talent. The first glimpse i had was the 3 sitting in some royal court: a sloppy, gangly scarecrow sportin a Stetson, a talking department store
    mannequin from 1971, and what looked like a gargoyle or one of the generals of the Wicked Witch’s flying monkey brigade: Paisley, KE$HIT, and Loofacrhis.

    There was no judging. The 2 boys (mis) behaved like 4th grades boys getting out of their seats and clowning while the teacher looks away. Paisley looked so I-could-careless during the performances but then had that Oh Crap! look on his face when he was called out to comment on his ‘No’ votes. Loofachris, on the other hand, was prepared…to, with full “Ah, Hell No” tude, impishly dance around the button and veto the contestant within 2 measure of their song.
    Realizing that he had to re-adjust from his ghetto-hood swagger, he mumbled and stumbled through his useless critique..He at least could have ‘run interference’ and phrased his comments in that non-sensical, encyclopedia babble Lil’ C does when he sits on SYTYCD judging panel,

    And then there was KES$HA, sitting regally in her Megan Draper mini and sporting her Miss Breck do. Is frosted hair back in? Whereas, her feedback is vapid, she’ll take any opportunity to tell that ” I snuck into Prince’s home” story. But my eyes were still fixed on her hoping that she would pull a “Sharon Stone Basic Instinct” leg cross and that the camera man would have caught it.