Fall TV Preview

Fox Fall Schedule Revealed: Gotham on Monday, Bones' Big Move, Brooklyn Invades Sunday

Fox Fall Schedule 2014Fox is the latest broadcast network to unveil its schedule for the 2014-15 TV season, and here are the big headlines: Batman origin tale Gotham has landed the Monday lead-off spot; the ever-reslient Bones is relocating to Thursdays; and the network is shaking up its Sunday animation block by adding two live-action comedies (including Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Also of note: The final season of Glee is being held until midseason, event series Gracepoint (aka the American Broadchurch) will follow Bones on Thursdays; and reality series, er, “social experiment” Utopia will air two original episodes a week — Tuesdays at 8/7 and Fridays at 9/8c.

On tap for midseason are the Rainn Wilson-fronted Backstrom, animated comedy Bordertown, hip-hop drama Empire, action-adventure Hieroglyph, Will Forte sitcom The Last Man on Earth, limited series Wayward Pines, Becki Newton’s Weird Loners, as well as returning series American Idol, The Following and the aforementioned Glee.

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All told, the Fox schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

9 pm Sleepy Hollow

9 pm New Girl
9:30 pm The Mindy Project

8 pm Hell’s Kitchen

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8 pm Bones

8 pm Masterchef Junior

Fox Sports Saturday

7 pm NFL
7:30 pm Bob’s Burgers
8 pm The Simpsons
8:30 pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9 pm Family Guy
9:30 pm MULANEY

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Almost Human, Dads, Enlisted, Raising Hope, Rake, Surviving Jack and The X Factor

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  1. Jen says:

    UGH! I really wanted a Brooklyn 99 and Mindy block! Are they trying to appeal to more men moving it to Sunday after The Simpsons? Brooklyn 99 and Mindy are my two favorite comedies right now. I want them back together! Also Mindy should come before New Girl. It’s better, has better ratings, and New Girl is so over.

    • John says:

      Hey, don’t complain. We wanted a SURVIVING JACK/ENLISTED comedy block. No more Fox at our house.

      • ugh says:

        Get over it.

      • S. says:

        Those are two shows that were nice but hardly quit-the-network worthy. We’ve all had those moments, but really? Surviving Jack and Enlisted? I’m guessing you’ve got family members in the service. Totally would get the attachment if that’s the case, but c’mon it’s not worth abandoning a channel over. Thought Surviving Jack was good enough in terms of quality for a renewal but I guess ratings must not’ve born out. Hardly their fault. Idol’s weakened. They should’ve given it a shot elsewhere. That and Rake were hung out to dry in a post-Idol Thurs. slot.

      • dman6015 says:

        Get over yourself.

      • Daisy says:

        Umm….. Did it say when Bones is returning? I know it said on Thursday which I don’t care I will follow Bones when ever date, but when. What in August, September, or October?
        Can someone comment back id like to know when to mark my calendar.
        If you do comment back Thank You.

    • Not a bad move for B99. It gets a higher rated lead-in and is the only show starting at 8:30. So it should hold, or build on The Simpsons. Nonetheless, I’m hoping it’s short term.

    • reccer says:

      I’m guessing your opinions are the source of these ratings because The Mindy Project is one of the lowest-rated series on FOX. When it comes to demo ratings (which count the most) New Girl is #5 and TMP is #13 out of 18. For total viewership, it’s #16 and New Girl is #8. Actually, after all the cancellations, it is the lowest-rated series on the network. So I really don’t see how New Girl has worse ratings when it’s actually doing better than TMP and even Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  2. Mark says:

    Why wedge B99 in with all that unfunny try-too-hard schlock? That’s just stupid. Simpsons hasn’t been good in years and Family Guy appeals to a different (dumber) audience.

    • Bartleby says:

      Look at the ratings. Those are still two of Fox’s higher-rated shows. They’re clearly trying to increase B99’s ratings.

      • Mark says:

        Yeah, except that trick only works when the shows appeal to the same audience. It isn’t as though no one owns a remote control.

        • JLK says:

          Andy Samberg’s humor does in fact appeal to many of the same men in the demo who tune in to Family Guy. I think they’re hoping those guys will find the show when it’s not on a night known for its female-skewing shows.

          • Pixley says:

            Except that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is less Family Guy and more a hybrid of The Office and Parks & Rec (both female-skewing). Samberg’s humor may appeal more to men, but he doesn’t write the show. They are shutting themselves out of the female audience with this Sunday move — though I agree with the above commenter that the show will just move back to Tuesdays if and when Fox’s new 8PM Tuesday show fails.

          • Brian says:

            I didn’t take to B99, but my girlfriend loved it. Nuff said.

          • rawley says:

            Heck, I’m a chick and I like both B99 and Family Guy. It’ll be fine.

        • jwbolin says:

          I for one like all three shows so this is perfect for me. Your generalizations are off base. Simpsons and Family Guy have both been around both decades. Insult me and the millions of people who watch it if it makes you feel sophisticated and better about yourself, but the success can’t be ignored.

          • Brian says:

            I would never deliberately denigrate someone’s viewing choices, and I do occasionally watch the Simpsons and Family Guy, it’s usually a matter of simple prioritization for me. Not to mention, I can pickup all these shows on Demand or on Hulu so when it’s on is irrelevant to me.

    • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

      I watch all 3 so it works fine for me.

    • alistaircrane says:

      The Simpsons is still lots of fun. I am a huge fan and I also love B99. I am glad The Simpsons will finally have a good follow-up show at 8:30.

    • Esaul says:

      Family Guy’s demographic is different, yes. But dumber? Both an offensive assumption and baseless. I enjoy a Family Guy tremendously but I’m far from “dumb”.

  3. Tracy says:

    Wow wasn’t excepting Glee to be a mid season replacement but can’t say I’m too surprised based on their ratings this year.

  4. Just let Glee die on Saturdays. There’s no room for it anywhere and it’s going to get a 1.0 or less no matter what.

    • alistaircrane says:

      No network schedules new shows on Saturdays. Glee might get burned off on Fridays, though.

      • I’ve seen a lot of cancelled shows get burned off on Saturdays, actually. There was even a joke about it in the most recent season of Episodes. If you watched Do No Harm, Zero Hour or 666 Park Avenue, you might have caught the last episodes on Saturday last year.

  5. sam says:

    Just put glee out of its misery.

  6. Sarah Betar says:

    don’t like or watch any of these shows…find shows with good story lines…pleasse

  7. Spoiler Junkie says:

    WTF??? Why are they doing this to Brooklyn99 – the best comedy of the 2013-14 season? Will there not be problems with football? It was perfect on Tuesday. They should have moved New Girl which has been slowly but steadily losing all it’s shine

    • CJ says:

      I am not loving having Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mulaney on Sundays, but from the looks of it, it seems like they’ve set themselves up just fine in the event that Utopia fails (which it likely will). Then we’ll see these two comedies head to Tuesdays at 8 and 8:30 and Glee to Fridays at 9.

      • Pixley says:

        Ah, that makes sense now. Great analysis. Perhaps there is a method to Fox’s madness after all!

        • herman1959 says:

          NOPE! The schedulers at Fox have lost their minds. Brooklyn99 on Sunday at 8:30 makes no sense – here they go again; they can’t leave well enough alone, the ratings drop, and then they cancel the show. Thank goodness for Hulu Plus because I will never see this show on Sunday.

  8. Gerry says:

    Still upset Almost Human cancelled, one of the few good shows, not much else out there.

    • Eveline Grimes says:

      BRING BACK, BRING BACK, Oh! BRING BACK ALMOST HUMAN TO ME. One of the very best shows on the Fox chan. May be you could put it on the FX chan. sorta like what USA does with original programming. Muchas Gracias. (B.T.W. USA’s COVERT AFFAIRS is GREAT.)

    • Lorinda says:

      I agree; I don’t think it was given a chance. It kept getting interrupted by “Specials” on tv. We have given up on Fox. Has anyone noticed that when a show like “Bones” has been on the air for quite a long time. Fox starts moving it around on different nights, and then the show gets Axed! Same thing happened to “Fringe” Loved that show !!

  9. tv2day says:

    Sleepy hollow is at 9pm. Fox has no 10pm programming. Still the only show I will watch on the network beyond NFL. May give Gotham a try but not that interested.

  10. Nate says:

    Didn’t Fox learn from their mistakes last year by moving Bones to a Friday? Leave it where it was otherwise you’re just going to make another announcement down the line about it moving back!

    • ian says:

      I so agree. I’m just glad that The Big Bang Theory is moving albeit not permanently because of football so the fans of both shows won’t have an issue until CBS is finished with there Thursday Night football

    • Alexandre Therrien says:

      Then again, Bones had better ratings on Friday nights this year… I know Fox played with it a bit too much, but you know, that’s pretty much what Fox does.

    • J says:

      When will Fox realize that Bones’ fans will follow them wherever they’re moved, no matter how much they f*** with their schedule? That being said, they need to quit messing with it!

      • slkmcs says:

        Fox figured that out at least 3 years ago.

      • betty says:

        Thank God bones has a well established viewership. If not fox would have found a way to kill it years ago. Fox is amazing at destroying good shows. JUST AMAZING!!!

        • MaryLou says:

          ITA, FOX is soooo good at destroying some of their best shows. I do love Bones, though, and am glad they’re back, but for pete’s sake, stop moving it around! Just because we fans try to follow it no matter where you put it, they are not being fair to the ratings and for those who can’t follow it everywhere. Thank God for DVRs and On Demand programming, too many shows are in conflict.

      • Lorinda says:

        I wonder if Fox even notices how P****d off we all our about scheduling and the shows they Axed!

  11. dru says:

    a comedy block on sunday???

    • dman6015 says:

      Where have you been? Fox has had a “comedy block” on Sunday for years. They were just all cartoons previously.

  12. TideGirl says:

    Ya’ll have Sleepy Hollow listed at 10PM – I think you mean 9PM, and Red Band Society is listed as Red Bad Society! :)

  13. greysfan says:

    Wow. Fox breaking their animated comedy night of Sundays to slot in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mulaney. That is interesting. No surprises to see Gotham to Mondays. Should be good paired with Sleepy Hollow. Can’t tell you what i think of the rest of the schedule. Glee mid-season was expected.

  14. dcl33 says:

    I cannot help but chuckle cause of Glee, excuse me, Blee. Shortened season aswell? Hopefully.

  15. Pixley says:

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Sunday is absolutely bizarre. What was the last live action comedy that did well on Sunday nights — “The Wonder Years?” Fox’s animation lineup has a primarily young male audience, and to pigeonhole Brooklyn Nine-Nine — a potentially broader appeal comedy — into that lineup is so strange. This is a show that has Comedy Emmy potential, with its Golden Globe win, and Fox is putting it on a night where half the time, it’ll run an hour late thanks to the NFL (so, goodbye DVR audience that can’t even find it). That’s fine for long-running animated series, but potentially deadly for a second-year comedy trying to gain some momentum. Audience growth is going to come from more of a female audience, not a male one — and they’re nowhere near Fox on Sundays. I hope this is one of those “bold moves” that mysteriously get undone when advertisers get irritated. You’ve got a good thing with this show, Fox. Don’t screw it up.

    • Christian says:

      Malcolm in the Middle ran on Sundays successfully for years. I don’t believe The Wonder Years ever aired on Sundays but I was only a toddler when the show originally ran so I may be wrong.

  16. Ron says:

    Why are these dumb-dumbs moving B99 to Sundays?!?!? It really doesn’t make sense if you think about it. FOX’s whole Sunday schtick was “animation domination,” and though I didn’t watch any of their Sunday programming, it still worked for them. I’m also still a little upset at the cancellation of Surviving Jack, which I thought retained decent numbers from a horribly struggling AI–especially the results show. Every network except CBS has made horrible renewal/cancellation/scheduling decisions this year, and the only reason CBS is the exception is because they always renew bottom-barrel shows (e.g., Mom, The Millers, Two and a Half Men), so there’s no surprise there. They’re so lucky they have The Good Wife to restore *some* integrity to their network programming.

  17. KC says:

    What the heck – Glee not until January? Of course, once Utopia bombs they will bring it back earlier.

  18. CBWBDK1 says:

    I still can’t believe fox cancelled almost human! I loved that show.

  19. JC1 says:

    Hell’s Kitchen and Red Band Society. That seems like an odd pairing. And I wonder what the backup plan is if Utopia crashes and burns.

    • Stinky Feet Lover says:

      I’ll say the Tues Utopia would go to Kitchen Nightmares and the Friday Utopia slot would be filled by Gotham reruns.

  20. Can they stop moving Bones? Are they trying to sabotage it?

    • Britt says:

      Exactly!!!!! The ratings were much better before they start moving it around!

    • Mike says:

      They are not sabotaging it I think they are helping Bones in a huge way! Monday’s against the Big Bang Theory and Voice is a death slot. Tuesday vs NCIS death slot. Thursday night at 8pm has the least competition by far.

      Bones can beat the Biggest Loser

      CBS Football is not NBC Sunday Night Football ratings: CBS cannot pick it games like NBC, it does not have all the games highlights, and the production on CBS is nothing compared to NBC. If the game is a blowout or a bad matchup people will be surfing. Sun has a built in audience. CBS Football will be big but not like Sun night.

      If the Big Bang theory dominates Mon it might stay there.

      ABC’s biggest shows are at 9 and 10pm.

      It is changing nights but the change only helps Bones. Thursday at 8pm helps Bones, Fox is not what it was so they are not trying to a kill any show.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        Sunday Night Football does not get to pick it’s games. While they can asked to have games to be flexed NFL gets to decide if that they get to be flexed and it has to be 2 weeks in advance. Football on CBS Thursday and NBC Sunday will dominate the ratings no matter what games are being played. Remember the CBS games are for only 8 weeks anyway they are producting all 16 but this year only airing 8. So what ever starts on Thursdays will start in Nov. sweeps week.

        • Mike says:

          You are correct that they do not get to pick their games but that was last season. This year NBC has the ability to switch games on an increased basis. Also, Sunday night football has the lead in of the highlight show on a day that everyone is watching football anyway. I am not saying the that CBS football won’t be big. However, Thursday night football will not be close to Sunday night. Sunday night football is event watching, Thurs seems far less likely.

          CBS has games like: Tampa vs Atl or the Colts vs Texans, and the Jets vs Patriots(blowout). the best games come after week 8.

          • rflairfan1 says:

            While I enjoy the NBC’s coverage of the game more than CBS I don’t think it will matter. I think CBS will be just fine for those 8 weeks. Just look at the crappy games ESPN gets and they do just fine. But I do agree that NBC will be bigger than CBS’s ratings. But CBS isn’t hurting themselves at all. LOL. I know CBS has football for the next couple of years so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do more next year. It is their choice on how many they air as they are producing them all now. I would much rather have CBS air all Thursday Night Football than trying to find a stream of the NFL Network. LOL

      • Lorinda says:

        Have you seen the line-up? Thursday night football!! and Fox moves Bones to thurs. Dumb! Here they go again, It might kill Bones! What IDIOT at Fox is doing the shows line-up !

  21. Peter Wall says:

    well i personally love glee and the message it gets across that no matter who you are and what you look like everyone is important and special , since moving to NYC its like a new show and i love it , considering all its been thew with the death of its leading man i think its remarkable how well they have treated it and how they have honored cory , its a shame so many people bash things they dont take the time to view and have accurate points about :)

    • Mark says:

      Sorry about your life and your lack of taste, but the vast majority of people who “bash” Glee watched it from season one.

      • dcl33 says:

        Yup. Watched it from the 1st epi, loved it. Now I dislike it with passion. And if I do watch it nowdays, I only see about 5 minutes of the entire episode. Blessed be the fast forward button.

      • Brian says:

        Gee Mark- let is know what your favorite show is so we can trash it. Immature jerk.

    • Emily says:

      I’ve been watching glee for about 3 years, probably closer to 4 now actually and I think it’s poorly written and crap. Most of the people I see criticising Glee have been watching it for ages and are upset with how the show’s handled certain issues and how it’s treated their favourite actor/character, and they have every right to be.

    • Forever Finn says:

      Honor Cory? They decided Finn wasn’t good enough for New York and needed to be a Lima loser stuck in his old HS to prop up the Newbies. Yet Sam that never showed an ounce of ambition or desire to be out of Lima gets a New York pass? I don’t consider their systematic destruction of Finn and Finchel honoring Cory. I hope they get their order cut down the to bare minimum to give RIB has less time to finish tearing down Rachel.

  22. JF says:

    For the first time in years, there’s really nothing I’ll watch on FOX. Hope “24” comes back again next year!

    • JC1 says:

      Yeah, there’s nothing I’m watching on Fox this year either. Almost Human was the only Fox show I watched last season, and nothing new is catching my attention this season.

  23. Forgot to list American Dad as a “not returning” show.

  24. TJ says:

    So does this mean Glee is being cut from 22 episodes to 13?

    • mike10dude says:

      no they are actually getting 24 this season

      • Andy says:

        No sure how true that is. That sounded like Ryan Murphy’s wishful thinking, Fox hasn’t said anything yet about 24 episodes. If Glee doesn’t return until mid-season there is no time for 24 episodes and depending on when mid-season it returns there might not be time for 22 episodes. The ratings are flirting with less than 2 mil viewers and got a .08 last week, they are reaching new lows each new episode. Glee is expensive to film. I think they will be lucky to get 13.

      • Gleek says:

        No it’s not. They haven’t decided yet. New report is Fox is sitting down w/producers this today to decide how many episodes S6 will have.

  25. Joey Padron says:

    Good pairing Gotham with Sleepy Hollow on Mondays. Hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine will do well on Sundays. Also looking forward to check out Gracepoint and Mulaney.

  26. TV Gord says:

    I don’t believe football delays Sunday nights on Fox anymore. I can’t remember the last time The Simpsons didn’t start on time.

    Also, I’m tired of people who don’t watch The Simpsons saying it’s not funny anymore. It’s plenty funny. A show hits a certain age and people arbitrarily decide it’s not as good as it used to be. People are starting to say that about The Big Bang Theory, too. Not true.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Agreed. I love The Simpsons. It’s sad that people think it’s cool to hate on that show when it’s still Fox’s best comedy series and still one of the funniest shows on TV. And I love pairing it with B99. Usually I just watch The Simpsons then flip over to my DVR-ed episode of The Amazing Race, but now Fox has me for the full 8 o’clock hour. Smart move!

      • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

        The Simpsons is pretty bad. Especially when compared to seasons 3-13. It has nothing to do with age. The jokes are just stale and can be seen coming a mile away. I usually check in about twice a season to see if it has gotten any better and it never does. I just end up sitting there for 30 minutes not laughing wishing that I was watching something else. At a certain point the writers just run out of original things for plots and jokes. This has happened to The Simpsons and it is in the process of happening to The Big Bang Theory. If you are the type of person that finds comfort in familiarity then The Simpsons is probably something that still appeals to you. If you are the type of person that finds familiarity boring, which most professional critics do, then The Simpsons is boring and retreading old ground.

  27. Boiler says:

    How stupid to move Brooklyn99 to Sundays. Between football over runs, Sunday night football, etc. I guess Fox continues to not get it. There is a reason their ratings plummet. Only good move I saw is Bones to Thursday

  28. Lysh says:

    I guess I’m going to be sitting on my butt for three hours on Monday nights, if ABC keeps Castle at it’s 10 pm Monday timeslot. And if Gotham is good.

  29. Emily says:

    I’m actually really glad about Glee not returning until January. Hopefully it gives the cast (specifically Chris and Darren) time to do other stuff. Maybe Darren can get his act together with his album and Chris will hopefully do a book tour and maybe release TLOS3. Plus because there’ll be a long time between seasons, it gives the fans time to forget all the stuff we hate about Glee and season 6 will start fresh.

  30. Trista says:

    I am so frustrated at how Fox treats Bones. Bones does well wherever it goes because of its loyal fan base, but Fox is determined to move it around to the point where it eventually dies.

  31. Lori says:

    Well, I’ll only tune into FOX for Sleepy Hollow in the Fall and Glee in January!

  32. Tony Lang says:

    Can’t help but be hesitant toward Gotham. Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome, but Fox will no doubt require mammoth ratings to cover the licensing of those characters. And given the network’s history of assassinating quality Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure shows (Almost Human being the most recent example) that don’t off-set their cost, is it worth watching anyway?

  33. Alex says:

    What in gods name!!
    Are these execs trying to kill b99 I hate them it’s the only good comedy left arghhh

  34. Sarah says:

    I’m happy that Bones won’t be up against TBBT, but putting it against Thursday Night Football. Ugh. :( It’s gonna get killed, IMO, and it doesn’t deserve that, especially if its the last season.

  35. anonymous says:

    I think that the move for Bones is stupid and they should just keep it on Monday because it does good on Monday and also I hope that the extremely stupid POC gotham CRASHES AND BURNS BIG TIME so that Bones is moved back to Monday!

    • Frankie707 says:

      I love Bones and have been pretty much obsessed with it since it first premiered, but really hoping another show crashes and burns does absolutely nothing to help Bones. The people who write, act, and otherwise work on Gotham have absolutely nothing with the scheduling and it makes no sense whatever to try and penalize them for decisions that others are making.

      I think Gotham looks interesting and will give it a try this fall. And actually Bones is back on Thursday where it has done well in the past. People whined and complained when it was moved from Thursday to Monday. Now we’re getting the same that it’s moving back to Thursday. I look forward to it being paired with Gracepoint.

    • Ana says:

      Even if Gotham crashed, they still wouldn’t move Bones to Monday because it’s an old show and they are probably going to try out new shows on there instead. Also, what do you think “POC” means because from your comment, I don’t think you know.

  36. Dragonfly says:

    There is absutly nothing I will be watching on FOX this year. Almost Human was the only thing after Bones started be ridiculous. Glad AoS was kept

  37. Lovell says:

    I had to ask but whatever happened to Fox’s cop drama Gang Related?

  38. Tran says:

    Can’t believe Brooklyn Nine Nine is moving to Sundays. Hope Fox continues to be like NBC to get stuck in the “ratings basement”. :-(

  39. Eric Payne says:

    Ummm… I see Hell’s Kitchen, and there’s Masterchef, Junior, but where’s Kitchen Nightmares? Masterchef?

  40. Jacqi says:

    Looks like I will have to watch bones online. I already have too many things taping on thursday (TVD, Big Bang, Greys, Scandal)

  41. LuLu says:

    Wow Bones on Thursday at 8 PM; it will go against CBS Football and then The Big Bang Theory. FOX should have scheduled Bones and 24 or Backstrom together on Thursdays that would have been my must watch Thursday since I no longer have Community. Gotham may not survive well on Monday night against The Voice and if they do move the Big Bang Theory temporarily at 8 or 8:30 PM on Mondays. UTOPIA will fail they will air Glee (they do have a gleek following), or two comedies like B99 and Mulaney or give the hour to Gordon Ramsay. Then again B99 might replace The Mindy Project because of its short run. Sorry Gracepoint going again Grey’s and the Blacklist, this show might move to Fridays. HELLO FOX Animation Domination on Sundays, you went and destroyed it with Cosmos now you moved B99 to SUNDAYS. Even with the scheduled FOX will do what it will always do change it without thinking of its viewers.

    • S. says:

      What are you talking about? Why would B99 replace Mindy? It’s not gonna have a short run, it’s building on New Girl’s audience (hardly an accomplishment but whatever…). If anything, NG would get canned first. They probably want the hour block for a female driven audience. They wouldn’t swap out Mindy for a show they obviously see as male driven that’s on a day where it’ll likely pick up ratings being between The Simpsons and Family Guy.

  42. fiberlicious says:

    Slightly off topic: Why are most (sometimes all) of the “You May Like” articles extremely – even years – old?

  43. Nicole says:

    Still upset they cancelled surviving jack. Networks need to give shows a chance to find a large audience. Shows like everybody loves Raymond where neve that popular in the beginning and look how that turned out.

  44. Andie says:

    Putting Bones on Thursdays opposite Big Bang Theory pretty much guarantees I’ll only watch it the next day on Hulu this season instead of when it airs like I did on Mondays since I like both and Big Bang isn’t available for online viewing.

  45. Okay, I think you’ve confused some reality show called Utopia on Fox with the HBO remake of the UK show Utopia about the graphic novel. The latter is the one the article you linked to is about. Unless they changed networks or something.

    “• HBO is developing an adaptation of the British series Utopia, which will be directed by David Fincher and written by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. Per Deadline, the project “revolves around the die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel who are suddenly launched into their pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. Unfortunately, the new manuscript is much more than just a book and those on the hunt for it suddenly find themselves in a game of shifting loyalties, conspiracy and shocking twists as the true meaning of the book is slowly revealed.””

  46. Reblogged this on Laura Don't Speak and commented:
    The Glee holding has me a little upset.

  47. Katherine215 says:

    Boy, there is not much of interest to me in Fox’s lineup this coming season. I’m sticking with Sleepy Hollow, of course, but other than maybe giving Gotham and Hieroglyph a shot, that’s it. I’m not even sorry, given they failed to renew Almost Human. Oh well.

  48. n8ball78 says:

    Wayward Pines was already supposed to premiere. Now their saying its being held back?

  49. Jenna says:

    I’m excited about Fox Mondays and Thursdays. I’m kind of over everything on boring CBS, including TBBT, and I don’t care for football, so these nights work for me. Has this been announced as Bones’ final season, or is it just speculation that I’ve read? Either way, Bones has been a steady player, and I hope Gracepoint is good; Gotham and Sleepy Hollow will be appointment tv for me.

  50. David says:

    I think I understand what they’re trying to do with the move for Brooklyn 99 but Mulaney inevitably isnt going to make it and they’ll end up replacing it with Bordertown. 99s ‘s ratings weren’t really stellar last season so hopefully it will get some more eyeballs before they end up moving it somewhere. Utopia sounds absolutely horrid and why would they waste it two days a week? Not sure how effective Idol will be 1 day a week. Will we have to wait for results the next week? Seems like they could keep a 30 min results show? The Glee move doesn’t surprise me. It really doesn’t deserve a full season. Creatively they pretty much ruined the show and alienated a lot of fans. They should keep it to 6 episodes and be done with it.