Ratings: New Girl, Mindy, NCIS: LA and Chicago Fire Rise, ABC/NBC Sitcoms and Voice Hit Lows

Trophy Wife RatingsFox’s Tuesday sitcoms had the last laugh this Tuesday night, while ABC and NBC’s half-hours were feeling mighty low.

The New Girl season finale drew 2.4 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating, adding a few eyeballs plus a tenth in the demo, while The Mindy Project‘s own season ender — which TVLine readers graded a high “A” — did 2.4 mil and a 1.3, up in audience and two tenths in the demo.

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Opening Fox’s night, Glee (2.2 mil/0.8) slipped a tenth to a series low, if the numbers hold. Read our recap.)

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NBC | The Voice (10.4 mil/2.4, down three tenths), About a Boy (6.4 mil/1.5, down a tenth) and Growing Up Fisher (5.2 mil/1.2, down two tenths) all hit series lows. Chicago Fire (7 mil/1.9) however ticked up a tenth in the demo to a seven-week high.

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CBS | NCIS‘ trés entertaining French folly (15.6 mil/2.3) nonetheless dipped 10 percent and two tenths week-to-week. NCIS: LA (14 mil/2.2) inched up a tenth, while Person of Interest‘s provocative table-setter for the finale (10.4 mil/1.7) slipped 8 percent and two tenths.

ABC | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5.1 mil/1.8) fell 15 and 14 percent, The Goldbergs (4.1 mil/1.3) dropped 15 and 24 percent and Trophy Wife (2.4 mil/0.7) tumbled  25 and 30 percent, with the two laffers hitting series lows.

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THE CW | The Originals (1.5 mil/0.6) and Supernatural (1.77 mil/0.8) both dipped in viewers and lost two tenths.


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  1. Rebecca Parker says:

    Hell yeah The Mindy Project! Way to go!

  2. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5.1 mil/1.8) fell 15 and 14 percent,” urgh…

    • DL says:

      Doubtful the Disney/Marvel machine will let S.H.I.E.L.D. go after one season, especially since 1.8 is decent. It’s a season three renewal we have to worry about, I’d say. Hopefully season two will have more direction from the start and draw in more viewers.

      • I think it’s fair to say that the series dragged on as much as it did because it started far too early in the season in relation to the release of Captain America. Had they held the series off for midseason or something, it might have been more beneficial for them. They did a lot more with their tie in to Captain America than they did with their tie in to Thor. Had they exploited that better than they did, then maybe those episodes wouldn’t have been received as they were.

  3. K says:

    Glee should just have a limited order for its next season. Maybe just 10 (which is generous). To finish up storylines and end it properly. I loved the show but it has seriously gone down hill.

    • kalana says:

      re: glee. the cast and crew have worked so hard on this show over the years. but you’re right. the show and the BTS have gone down hill. lets wrap it up in a nice way fox.

      • K says:

        I agree, they really have but I think even they are tired. Chris Colfer’s interviews (even the one from TVLine) proves that his heart isn’t it in anymore and that’s understandable. All these rumours of feuding and complications BTS just show that they’ve stretched their limit. Especially with the storylines. I want a good, clean ending to be a final farewell.

    • Brandy says:

      It’s been confirmed to be 24 episodes

      • rawley says:

        Yes, but Fox has a right to change its mind when it’s underperforming this badly. It’s obviously hemorrhaging money at this point. Fox won’t pay for 24 whole episodes unless the ratings are high enough to cover the costs. That’s just ridiculous

        • sharialynn says:

          I don’t know what to think about Glee anymore. I was really hoping that since they had all my fav’s in New York, they’d take a break, regroup & now end on a high. All this talk about branching out (especially if their going back to Lima) is making me cry on the inside. Not to mention its really not going to help ratings.

  4. DL says:

    Chicago Fire has been putting out fantastic episodes. Last night’s episode was funny and moving.

    • Kate says:

      I stopped watching after they raped a character.

      • Elyse says:

        They raped a character? What?

        • Beth says:

          I think she’s taking about Katie, Severide’s sister. They never said it but strongly implied that it happened. Not a reason to stop watching though.

        • Lynn says:

          Sounds like you need to stick to Disney Channel. that whole Katie rape story line was done sensitively and not exploitive in any way. Im a New fan to CF this season, have been loving it all year.

      • nate says:

        and thats happened on how many shows?? looks like you are gonna have nothing to watch

  5. J. Norman says:

    Isn’t a 2.4 a series low for the Voice? at least in the past 4 seasons?
    Why isn’t that mentioned in the headline lead in?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Frankly, I ran out of room in the headline. (Plus, The Voice has been posting lows for a few weeks now; not really “news.” Plus, ratings headlines this time of year need to skew toward endangered “bubble” shows such as the aforementioned ABC/NBC sitcoms.). But you, J. Norman… you prompted me to get industrious and make room. A win-win-win situation!

      • Stacie says:

        The Voice did this to themseleves by being on twice a year. I know I only will watch the Fall edition. With American Idol on at the same time it’s tough to watch 4 days of reality singing competition. Plus twice a year doing the same thing is tough, even if there are a couple different judges during each cycle of The Voice. This show has done what every other hit show usually does, overextends themselves. The ratings are still pretty good for NBC and they probably wouldn’t have another show doing quite as well, but it takes some of the specialness out of the franchise.

  6. Kevin says:

    Wow, 9 series lows in one night! What happened?

    • Wondering this as well. I’m hoping Trophy Wife will bounce back next week. It’s easily the best comedy for the whole damn night, so of course it gets the worst ratings. Of course.

      • drhenning says:

        I’m resigned to the fact that next week’s TW episode will be its last… Too bad people don’t appreciate it… By far my favorite comedy on TV..

    • Patrick says:

      There has been great weather across the east coast, which usually drives people outside to enjoy it. Plus, last night there were NBA playoff games. The NY Yankees were playing the LA Angles, and that is two of the highest TV markets.

      Perfect storm.

  7. Robby Horine says:

    I don’t know where I could put this, so I’ll put it here.

    Last night on Supernatural bothered me. Crowley let his son loose in the modern world. But Crowley met his son in Bobby’s basement (weekend at Bobby’s). Jr. told Bobby where Crowley’s bones were. Using that as leverage to get his soul back.

    So, Gavin is here now, he never got on the boat, he never went down with the ship, his ring was never recovered, Rufus never stole it, Bobby never got the intel on Crowley, Sam and Dead didn’t threaten to burn his bones and Bobby never breaks his contract with Crowley.

    Which adds up to, Bobby Singer is still in hell.

    • Dennis says:

      Crowley’ s son was dead but his father died before him. All they really needed to know is where his bones were buried so they could use them for leverage. Last nights show would not have changed his knowledge of where Crowley’s bones were. So I think, this doesn’t cause any of the changes you outlined.
      I don’t think he let him stay in 2014. Do you think, if he claimed to be the “Prince of Hell” today, that he would be in danger versus the colonial era. If he didn’t return him, then “Fate” would step in just like the titanic episode.
      My big problem with the “Weekend at Bobby’s” episode was that Dean got on a plane when he is so afraid to fly as previously established in season 1.

    • rawley says:

      Yeah, it’s about time for me to stop watching this show. It jumped the shark after Eric Kripke left, frankly. And the Bloodlines episode last week was so horrendous I couldn’t even finish it. It sucks, because I love Jensen and Jared, but the writing is just getting worse and worse.

  8. Tav says:

    Is that a series low for NCIS? It seems like it’s hasn’t been at 15 mil in years.

    • Jimpy says:

      It’s likely to inch up a bit for the final numbers, but if it stands, it’s the lowest since season 5 although a couple of season 6 and 7 episodes came close. It still was the most watched show of the night” it’s not like its numbers are in the toilet. All broadcast numbers are down. Every night. I’m sure the bring back Ziva brigade will ignore that last part.

      • KeithH says:

        “I’m sure the bring back Ziva brigade will ignore that last part.” — why should they start paying attention now? They’ve been ignoring reality since last July.

        • Jimpy says:

          And yet it’s still the most watched non sports show on TV. This week it didn’t have more viewers than all the other broadcast stations combined, but it has on a couple of occasions this year.

          The guys with the spreadsheets will be fairly impressed with this weeks and this years numbers. If they are worried about anything it’s the decline of broadcast networks vs cable and other forms of entertainment. This year blows away seasons 1-5 and is on par with most of the rest, it will finish about 3rd or 4th in the average NCIS season ratings. It won’t match season 8 or 10, but it’s still mighty respectable.

        • Mike Hammer says:

          Speaking of “paying attention”, aside from the silliness of the party hearty sorority chick on vaca from G’Town being a secret agent for the USA— and if that bit a brain deadness is not jumping the shark for all time— WHO put the top secret docs on Daddy the Admiral’s computer, and why???

          • John NYC says:

            That was her Defense Clandestine Service handler’s computer not her father’s. One message they decrypted (a federal agent with encrypted files, oh my) implicated the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, her father.

          • Gabi says:

            Please do no insult my alma mater, Georgetown, by implying that Bishop is associated with us in any way. No way do we have spoiled little girls like her who sit on the floor because they have no ability to think while sitting on a desk or can’t think without associating food to things. She literally is a joke and an insulting one at that. She is also insulting to young people who are now believed to have a desire to sit on the floor while working. Newsflash: As a young professional who knows other young professionals no one has ever told me they have a desire to sit on the floor. Hopefully they never have her even mention my university and we can be associated with good fictional characters instead such as Annie Walker, President Palmer, Olivia Pope, Alicia Florrick.
            Ratings are indeed down. Multiples TV sites, including TVBTN, have already commented on this fact. It is also more than a seasonal decline because all other CBS dramas are stable except LA which has been dragged down due to the ratings collapse of NCIS. Hopefully CBS fixes it before it is too late and brings back Cote de Pablo.

          • John NYC says:

            LOL. The Georegetown alumni was Amanda. So that entire snuggest was based on a huge mistake. That was the cover for the Sdmiral’s Fsughter!

          • Jimpy says:

            NCIS is often the most viewed non sports show in any given week. It will finish the season, at worst, the most viewed scripted TV drama. Yes it’s demo ratings and total viewers are down in the second half of the season, but it can hardly be said to be dragging NCIS Los Angeles down because the letters ratings are up on last year. Also CSI’s ratings are down in his total viewers are steady compared to last year it’s worst year ever. Variety and TV by the numbers are both reporting big downfalls in total viewers over last year for broadcast in general. NCIS can hardly be said to be in a ratings collapse.

            Ziva is gone. Get used to it. Also 150 word rant about Bishop sitting on the floor and attending Georgetown. Are you serious? I’m glad they didn’t make her a Ziva clone or a generic cookie-cutter character.

          • Jimpy says:

            Also Matt had a article earlier, on December 13 where. He pointed out NCS was the fall most viewed TV show demos it was fourteenth. NCIS has never been a demo champ.

  9. Christina says:

    How is SHIELD STILL dropping?! I don’t get it. Granted, seemingly everything is dropping. Maybe a few of the Nielsen viewers finally bought DVRs…

    • Angie says:

      1. SHIELD usually adjusts up in the final ratings.(it has for the past 3 weeks) so there is a good chance it will at least get a 1.9 or 2.0 in the demo.
      2. It has been bouncing around 2.0 mark for a while now. I don’t think it’s still dropping. Just a few bumps and dips here and there but it has stayed within this range for a while now.

      • Christina says:

        Yea, it’s definitely got a range, but I was honestly hoping it would gravitate towards the top of that range during this final round of episodes. At this point, my hope is that people binge-watch the good episodes over the summer and come back to the show this fall.

        • rawley says:

          IF it comes back this fall. Most of it’s viewers that quit, like myself, won’t be coming back.

      • Jimpy says:

        SHIELD did indeed inch up in total viewers and ratings (well I guess viewers could only go up).

        SHIELDS fate is in the hands of the bean counters. It comes down to a cost/benefit analysis, both long term and short term. I once got an email from a fox publicity person, after I asked them why they cancelled Married with Children and I got a way more candid response than I expected. There was a bunch of stuff about how proud they were to run the show and how great everyone was and blah, blah, blah. But they also said given how much the show costs per episode, considering that the sets had to have been paid off long before, I assume they meant how much the actors and crew were getting paid, that they felt it was in their best interest to cancel the show and go with something new.

  10. sarah says:

    Chicago Fire, Original and POI were all so good!

  11. Julie says:

    Wow to the shows on Fox! Very happy that Mindy ticked up, but I am so surprised about how low the ratings are these days. How do the DVR/online views affect the ratings for these three shows?

  12. Fosho says:

    Too bad, I thought the Originals was awesome last night.

  13. Valerie Tower says:

    Love Love Love Chicago Fire & PD.

  14. John NYC says:

    NCIS deserved everyone of those millions of eyeballs: terrific romp.

    “NCIS: Marseilles”, indeed.

  15. JC says:

    According to TVbytheNumbers, overall TV viewership was down 8% v. last week. So that may partially account for some of the lows.

  16. ggny says:

    I seriously didnt even know Trophy Wife was back last night

  17. Kiks says:

    Happy for The Mindy Project! Mindy really knows how to do romantic comedies. Truly enjoyable. Also liked that Chicago Fire fared well. It’s been such a steady show. It’s elements of drama are perfect….

  18. Et al. says:

    It took me a moment to realize Goldbergs still beat New Girl.

    • rowan77 says:

      New Girl was lousy this season. Last season was so good and this one really lacked creatively. I stopped watching about 1/2-way through. The Goldbergs is consistently good. I think the beginning if the season suffered from every Tv critic making such a big deal that the characters yell a lot. So what? The show is smart, has heart and has two breakout characters (the mother and Barry).

  19. Forwardad says:

    The Voice has lost it’s way. It’s boring yet at the same time it’s going too fast. Adam and Blake, especially Adam, need to take a season off.

  20. Kendall says:

    So happy for chicago fire it was great last night!!

  21. Bella says:

    Between the NBA finals, hockey finals, and some of the baseball games last night, I think those can account in part for the low viewership of the scripted shows, that people likely DVRed.

  22. Dennis says:

    For The CW shows in the Chicago area both shows were preempted for baseball . The Originals was to start at 11:30pm and Supernatural after that. The game ran over and they still fan had to air The Arsinio Hall Show. If I hadn’t set my DVR to record for an extra 2 hours, I would have missed out. So that means other events in LA, Chicago and NY, May have had a big impact on all ratings.

    They are not showing Thursday’s shows on The CW until Sunday which is different then they originally advertised last Thursday.

  23. Dave says:

    New Girl was trounced by About A Boy, so why does the first sentence make it seem like the Fox comedies did so much better?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Because it doesn’t matter how a show does relative to another network’s. It’s about how a show does among shows on the same network that (largely) determines renewals and such.

      • Simone says:

        But why did The Mindy Project get it’s number of episodes cut to 15 and New Girl still has twenty-two? I don’t get it. The performance of both shows is about the same.

  24. JAMANDAFAN says:

    The Goldbergs is amazing!! It needs to be paired up with Modern Family!

  25. Boiler says:

    Too bad for Trophy Wife. Its a great show, I think, but no ne is going to keep watching with everyone predicting cancellation. ABC really messed up with this shows scheduling

    • Beckers0505@yahoo.com says:

      I know! It’s a shame. I love it! I wish ABC would have given it a little more publicity. That would have helped it a lot!

  26. nate says:

    seriously??? why are people NOT WATCHING THE GOLDBERGS

  27. rflairfan1 says:

    The Goldbergs and The Middle should be paired together. They are very similar and quite honestly it would help me out they are the only shows on ABC that I watch. LOL

  28. Ms Thing says:

    What happened to the theory of those who say that the Lima stories are dragging Glee? Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer are front and center in this series’ lowest ratings.

  29. Beth says:

    The only problem I had with Chicago fire is that the season finale in next week :( Season two has been on point, not one bad episode!

  30. kate'shomesick says:

    Trophy wife is awesome. The cast is PERFECT. I like every character and the writing is hilarious…end of story. This should never be cancelled.

    • drhenning says:

      ABC dd promote the show by giving it to airlines for people to sample before it started last fall which is how I found it… And they did renew the back end episodes so they gave it a good run but viewers didn’t find it or preferred other stuff…

      • Jackie says:

        If they would stop promoting the crap out of reality shows then maybe people would realize how much better the scripted shows are! I wish they promoted Trophy Wife like they promote the Bachelor/ette crap!

    • Jackie says:

      This. Absolutely one of the best comedies on TV right now and in recent past! Seriously people, start watching – it’s heartwarming and hilarious, sometimes in the same moment! Plus an awesome cast!