Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos Talks Charlie and Monroe 'Weirdness,' Evolving Future With Connor

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersIs Revolution home to one of TV’s strangest, possibly unintentional love triangles?

Over the course of Season 2, heroine Charlie has been casually hooking up with Connor — but some viewers are also seeing sparks between her and Connor’s father, Monroe.

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Although the gal is still hurting from having had to kill Jason when the drama returns with a new episode this Wednesday (NBC, 8/7c), TVLine couldn’t help but press her portrayer Tracy Spiridakos about the future of “Charloe” and her relationship with Connor.

TVLINE | Following Jason’s death, does Charlie want to keep her distance from Connor? Or does she seek comfort in him?
There are a lot of different moments that happen between her and Connor going forward. You see their relationship evolve in a different way based on what’s happened, and I won’t say which way it goes. But you see, throughout the rest of the season, how it unfolds and why.

TVLINE | There’s a contingent of fans shipping Charlie/Monroe in a romantic sense – or maybe just strictly sexually. Were you aware, and what do you think of that pairing?
I was aware. I get some tweets about; I believe it’s “Charloe.” [Laughs] It’s really interesting that combination of [him being] the person that she’s hated her whole life… At the beginning of this season, it’s a mixed bag with him. He’s good, he’s bad, what’s happening? I’m not saying which side of it I’m on. I just think that it’s interesting that people picked up on the weirdness of that relationship. There’s a lot of emotions involved there, especially for Charlie. She’s got a lot of anger toward him and then it evolves into so many different things. It’s an interesting combination of people.

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TVLINE | Once you became aware of it, did you and David [Lyons] think, “Oh, this is something we could really mine. Maybe we should start playing up those scenes?”
We just went based on what we’ve been doing on our own and what’s come forward with the scripts. We never talked it out and played it any particular way. It just unfolds how it unfolds.

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Monroe has expressed some emotions about Charlie and Connor that could be construed as jealousy. Does he continue to make his feelings known about them?
I’ll let you watch. I don’t know which side it falls on. He definitely has an opinion about it, doesn’t he?

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TVLINE | Charlie’s had an interesting arc this year. They’ve really toughened and hardened the character. Have you enjoyed that aspect of it?
It’s been so much fun for me to play. Everything that happened last year had to happen to get her to where she is right now. She experienced so much so quickly, getting out of her protective shell that she was in for her whole life, and then she got thrown into all this craziness. She is harder. She’s tougher. She’s also a lot more confident than she was in the beginning, being completely unaware and thrown into this world and relying on Miles to tell her how to do what and where to do it. Now, she stands behind what she does, and she doesn’t apologize for who she is and what she’s doing. She just is. I love that about her. That’s a great trait for her to have. She doesn’t take any sh-t, you know?

TVLINE | I love that moment when she gets that army, and she looks so happy.
I could not not smile. I remember them saying, “Do one just straight.” I was like, “I just don’t know how!” [Laughs] It’s a very exciting moment getting to watch where she’s come from to where she’s getting her own army and having the upper hand above Monroe after everything that they’ve been through. It was such a moment of validation for her. She’s definitely got the wits and the strength to lead an army and somebody else saw that in her as well, which was really cool.

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  1. Jersey Jeff says:

    I really hope this gets renewed. Even a short season to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion would be acceptable. It’s one of the only things I watch on NBC anymore.

    • SouthernBelle says:

      Agreed. I didn’t like season 1 so much but season 2 is killing it. Despite all logic I love the thought of Sebastian and Charlie together. In any case, Connor and Charlie together are just HOT. Please give us a season 3!

  2. alex says:

    I want a season 3. I would LOVE Charlie/Monroe. Connnor/Charlie? Meh. Not so much. Not really any chemistry there and not very compelling to watch. Charlie/Monroe has way more intriguing story arc ideas and interest. Regardless, season 2 has rocked and would love a 22-ep season 3, 4, & 5. Love the cast, crew, showrunner, and the writing team.

  3. Janet says:

    Definitely a Charlie/Monroe fan!!!! So much chemistry! I just don’t see it with Connor and Charlie. Tracy Spiradakos sure isn’t giving much away, which I’m sure is the point, but she kinda has me thinking the writers are heading this way. Personally, I think it would be a lot more interesting to watch how this would evolve-someone she hated turning into the person that she cares the most about. And it would be great to watch the reactions from Rachel and Miles. Much better than boring Charlie and Connor! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Let’s go Season 3!

  4. Katherine215 says:

    The idea of Charlie with that sociopath Monroe is revolting to me. I’m not going to go through how many people she loves that he’s killed, directly or indirectly. Nevermind the fact that he’s old enough to be her father. Frankly, I think she’s disgusted by him, too, chemistry or not – the scene where Monroe’s randomly killing people and she asks Connor if he’s sure he wants to follow “that” said a lot to me.
    I think she and Connor have great chemistry and I’d really love to see them develop a relationship. I’m interested to see what kind of person they have him become – a better man than his father or a copy of his father?

    • Katherine215 says:

      But, whatever route they take, I just want another season!!!

    • Kathie says:

      Well, before I clicked on this, I saw that Revolution has been cancelled. BOOOO! The finale left us hanging and I HATE that. Priscilla is back, but tons of other nanos are taking over. YIKES!
      Charlie and Monroe?–EEEWWW! Monroe and anybody? EEEWWW! At least Charlie tells Miles he should be with her mother.
      I did like this show in spite of the violence. I like Billy Burke and hope to see him as Philip Stroh on trial in Major Crimes this summer.

  5. Dmav says:

    Didn’t Monroe kill her brother and imprison her mother? That would be a deal breaker for me.

    Why oh why do shippers try to take over shows? This isn’t a show about a love triangle or a love story and yet people take the most unlikely couple and try to make it happen. Why can’t hate be hate why dies there have to be something more. This isn’t Twilight or fan fiction thus is suppose to be a story of survival not catering to shippers.

    • april says:

      Because the show is about complex family relationships, broken families, friendships forged on odd circumstance, redemption, family secrets, a girl coming of age, power obsession and how it begins, unlikely consequences of tragedy and above all… Love – forbidden, fated, unrequited, unconditional and unabandoned

      • Dmav says:

        Seriously you people need a life. Revolution is not a love story tortiured or otherwise, it is a story about survival. Quit trying to live your fantasies through a show. Ugh.

        • april says:

          This was from the writers. So you’re wrong. Repeatedly they said it’s about love, friendship and family. I have a life. Thanks for your concern though.

        • katie says:

          Only 2 more good points I have to add: 1 is that the sci-fi element to the show is pretty cool…I loved it when Aaron was pyrokinetic and didn’t know why…I want to hear more about the nanotech 2: the sword fighting is super cool!, I am a fan of Fringe, LOST, and I know that this can go on successfully for a couple of more seasons :-D

  6. Alex says:

    The idea of Charlie/Monroe is utterly GROSS and disgusting. Why in the world would Charlie have ANY romantic interest in the man who was indirectly responsible for the deaths of both her father and her father? Who imprisoned her mother for years and had her tortured repeatedly? Who’s been directly for many innocent deaths?

    Look, I love Monroe as a character. He’s probably my favorite on the show. And I think Charlie is okay–I certainly don’t hate her like many other viewers do. I also like shipping on shows, when it’s appropriate and makes sense. I can see Charlie/Connor. I’m not a big fan of it, but I can see it. Charlie/Monroe, though? Insane!

    • the girl says:

      I don’t understand the romantic angle of it either. It’s certainly not romantic, but sometimes you can feel a sexual attraction to someone who you really wish you weren’t attracted to, or someone you shouldn’t logically be attracted to. For me, that’s what I feel like they were hinting towards, the sexual chemistry between the two of them. There is no romance there, or at least none that would make any sense. I wouldn’t want them to fall in love, but some hate sex, I could make peace with that.

  7. Tran says:

    Charlie continues to have issues of people who have lost: Maggie (episode 104), her brother Danny (episode 111), Nora (Season One finale) and now Jason (episode 218). Can someone give her a Kleenex or something?

  8. Amanda says:

    When I started secretly shipping Charlie/Monroe I thought I was going crazy and no one else understood. Glad I’m not alone here!

  9. Walter says:

    If Revolution gets renewed when Almost Human got cancelled, I will lose a bit more faith in Humanity. Already lost it in FOX.

    • Katherine215 says:

      They’re on two different networks; their renewals have nothing to do with each other. And personally, while I very much enjoyed AH, I think Revolution is better.

  10. Kar says:

    Loooove Charloe!

  11. Ally Oop says:

    This is my favourite show on NBC by far. I will be devastated if this show gets cancelled. I am holding out hope it will get a renewal. I hope that even with the long hiatus, it can maintain or beat its last 1.2 rating in the demo. A 1.3 would absolutely thrill me.

  12. Sammy says:

    I love this show. Agree with other posters that Season 2 has been way better. The plot, character growth, meta-questions it poses have all been fantastic to follow. Its the only show I watch every week. So hoping for a 3rd season.

  13. Sammy says:

    Fantastic show. My favorite on TV at the moment and I really hope it gets renewed.

  14. Tina says:

    Love this show! Thanks for asking about the Charloe business. Love those characters interacting. It’s as sexy as it weird. I like Connor a lot but don’t want a Connor and Charlie romance. I feel like it us to similar to the Jason/Charlie one – will he choose his father or me thing. I will be super sd if we don’t get a season 3

  15. Krindy says:

    Charlie and Monroe’s interactions are always so interesting, regardless of whether you like them as a couple or not. I don’t care if they get together; I just want them to have more scenes with each other.

  16. mjhui says:


  17. Christy says:

    I want to see a season 3. If there is no romance that is fine. If there is a little charloe I’ll admit that would be fine with me also. Renewal first. We can all squibble about who should be doing whom once we have a S3 announcement. :)

  18. Pel says:

    Definitely want a Season 3. It would be such a shame to have them cancel this show. I am looking forward to seeing how they will explore the nano and the development of the other characters. Will Patriots prevail or go into next season. Looking forward to seeing more of Bass and Miles hopefully on the same side. They have been great to watch together. Rachel and Aron trying to fix what they created. Can’t wait to see Rachel slap nano Pricilla. I am also Charlie/Bass fan. Certainly not gross out by any means. I find little to no chemistry between her an Connor. Bass on the other hand would be great storyline. I would like to see their pairing. Not only sexual. If done properly it could work. It’s crazy I know. I want to know if Bass capable of love on a different level or is he too far gone. NBC please renew for a Season 3.

  19. Fi says:

    I simply love everything about this show. Revolution has to be renewed. There is so much story left to explore. Yes I am a Charloe fan. They have really nice chemistry on screen and love their scenes together. If the show is renewed I would love to see more scenes with those two together. However that is not all that I am interested in. Entire cast is amazing. PLEASE don’t kill off Neville. Hated that you killed of Jason and yes I get it someone has to go but keep the rest of the cast :)

  20. Nadia says:

    Thank you so much for covering a Charloe article TVline!
    I am a hardcore Charloe fan. Their age difference shouldn’t be a problem because 1. it’s another world 2. tons of tv couples have HUGE age gaps and everyone acts like a little fangirl for them – they are not even gross! We never saw him actually torturing Rachel and as for Maggie, Danny and Nora, well… Guess what? Monroe NEVER ordered to actually kill any of them. They were casualties, even Rachel admitted that in one of the latest eps! PLUS, not only do they have AMAZING chemistry (also counting the fact they were never planned) but (if done right obvs) their story could be one of the most amazing and different story on TV – PLEASE NBC RENEW THIS AMAZING SHOW, FOR CHARLOE BUT FOR THE AMAZINGNESS THAT ALL THE ACTORS BRING (I read an interview where it said that lot of them improved lots of time)

    • V says:

      He did order his men to kill Nora after he had her tortured for information. That scientist guy snuck her out instead of killing her(and she was killed later on). He ordered Strausser to torture Rachel. He also ordered the helicopter to fire on Miles, Charlie, Rachel, and co. as they were escaping during the first season’s mid-season finale. So yes, he did actually order his men to kill them. He may not have been specifically targeting Danny when he was killed, but he did send those helicopters there to kill people who were fighting him because he was a psychotic dictator(so he was indirectly responsible).

      I love Monroe, he one of my favorite characters on the show; I think he’s interesting and complex, but I can’t stand the idea of Charlie getting together with him. I find it disgusting and completely unappealing. What kind of woman would get involved with a man she knows had her mother and friend(Nora) tortured; and was indirectly responsible for the deaths of her father and brother.

      • Tina says:

        I agree with what you said about Monroe’s part in the torture death stuff. But would add that charlie, Danny and Nora made a decision to participate in the war. They were all trying to kill monroe too. (He did deserve it). Monroe, miles, Rachel, gene, Connor and Charlie all operate area that is….morally mercurial? If you were to put them on a spectrum based on past and present actions charlie would be at one end and monroe on the other. But there would be a lot of people before and after them. What am trying to say is I can see why some find the pairing ridiculous but at the same time I could see it being an intriguing storyline that if done right would not be that much more ludicrous than other shenanigans that go between these characters

        • V says:

          I realize that they chose to participate in a war, I never claimed that they didn’t, and I don’t think Monroe is fully responsible for either Danny’s or Nora’s deaths. That they chose to fight Monroe, doesn’t negate Monroe’s actions though(and I’m pretty sure that you’re not saying it does).

          Personally, I don’t find the pairing ridiculous, I find it disgusting and not in any way romantic. To me, ridiculous would be a woman sleeping with her uncle’s ex-best friend and his son(or a man going after his best friend’s niece and the woman his son is interested in). If Monroe wasn’t partially responsible for the deaths of people Charlie loved, didn’t torture anyone she was close to(basically, if Monroe didn’t have the personal history that he does with Charlie and her family), and was just another morally grey to villainous character; I wouldn’t find it as unappealing and could possibly accept them as a potentially intriguing pairing; but that’s not the case here. Also, in my opinion, the show doesn’t need any more shenanigans between characters. Miles and Rachel(and their messed up relationship) is bad enough. It doesn’t need to turn into a full-blown soap opera, filled to the brim with romantic angst(any sort of romantic relationship between Charlie and Monroe would be angsty, IMO).

          • Tina says:

            I get thinking it is overly soapy or silly. But I’m here for that ( and all the nano stuff). I feel like shows do thus stuff with their characters all the time. (Obviously it was real life I’d feel differently) Don’t necessarily get the distinction with the “disgusting” IMO that train of thought makes the alliance minus any romantic stuff still disgusting. And charlie and miles and Rachel and miles and monroe and miles all disgusting. May as well remove monroe from the group again. (When I think disgusting I think people shipping incest).

          • april says:

            I agree. I don’t watch this show because it’s cookie cutter love story crap. It’s deep. It’s taboo. It’s tense and it’s passionate. It’s a fantasy world where relationships get forged by circumstance and moments of lust and passion. If Charlotte was like into it and so was Monroe… Then obviously I’m good with it. What girl doesn’t secretly desire the hot antagonist? What man wouldn’t desire an attractive 22 year old gal with a fiery attitude who has some great fighting skills? Who hasn’t had a crush on an older sibling or cousins best friend? Pfft. There is a lot more scandalous things going on in the real world than this world. Shoot if it wasn’t for amazing character development then I’d guess I’d be stuck watching reality shows and reading non fiction books… *yawn*

          • Nadia says:

            Well everyone has different opinion. I stand by mine saying that he didn’t want to kill them, so yeah they were all collateral damage (again, just like RACHEL admitted).. I agree with you though on the fact that I wouldn’t like Revolution either if it was a soap opera house but if the writers play their cards right Charloe’s potential could become so much more than that..

          • Katherine215 says:

            Well said. And I’m hoping last night’s episode puts an end to this Monroe/Charlie ickyness. While I love the actor, the character is morally reprehensible. He had sex with Rachel, likely against her will (because how can you truly give consent when you’re being held captive and your life is constantly in danger?). And then he kissed Rachel last night when she obviously did not want him to. I’m all for watching David Lyons and his chemistry with all the actors, but this “romance” idea is just eew.

  21. Yes for Charloe!!!!! Conner and Charlie are lame. How many more times is she going to treat him like crap before he goes about his way? First she calls him a skinny little nobody and then treats him like the one night stand that she regrets???

  22. Lea says:

    I’m obsessed with Charloe!!! I really hope they end whatever Charliie has with Connor so that she can move on with Monroe!! Connor is so boring and I just want to see how charloe would unfold because they have such an amazing chemistry!!

  23. unchienne says:

    Well, after tonight’s episode, Charloe is becoming more and more of a fantasy. Rachel and Monroe? Come on. What’s next? Monroe and the nanite possessed chick? Anyone and everyone except Charlie? Eh, I give up. After he pretty much bailed on Charlie (despite her traumatic incident with Jason) and doubling back after Rachel, I am to the point where I think Charlie could do better. Only I don’t really care now who that is. Charloe is the interesting part of this show, and without it, they can all just go on their merry little way. And this is not angry-ex-shipper talk either. The other aspects just aren’t as interesting. I mean, look at the nanite weirdness, the rather boring Patriot storyline, and the anti-climactic shed reveal. Snooze. Yawn.

  24. seda says:

    I want Charloe at season 3

  25. Linda says:

    if the Patriots get killed off and made gone this season, there really is so much more that can happen in this post-electricity show. Besides, there are little pockets of Patriots all over, most likely, that need to be gone so the action is always there. I imagine there are loads of little conclaves of people living peacefully off the radar. how to start a real government again without all of the violence. this show is depicting the post-apolocaptic (sp?) people, in general, mostly have evil and perverted tendencies. Willoughby seemed quite Mayberry before the Patriots. Just living in the difficult times going back before ANYTHING that made our lives comfortable is a story in-and-of-itself. Right now there is a need and purpose for fighting the Patriots. Afterthat, the writers need to be quite creative. Nanos only go so far. That threat is pretty interesting, but the sci-fy may get old. I trust the writers to do what they do, be creative. I really love this show and can see it having quite a different story arch than it has now IF the Patriots are wiped out.

  26. Stacy says:

    Love the show. By far my favorite in years. Will be really, really bummed if they don’t give it at lest one more season. Having said that, I think the writers have trouble figuring out what exactly they want. They started season trying to redeem Monroe, got alot of people on board that train, myself included, and then flipped back to him being a total sleaze bag. Yes, I like the charlie/monroe dynamic too. The writers know this. They’d have to be completely clueless not to know that a good percentage of the fans dig that pairing. So they hook her up immediately with Conner….then last night make Monroe put the moves on Racheal. I don’t think anyone digs monroe with her. It was odd, awkward, and more gross than an OMG moment. They need to get it together. But again, love the show. Hope for season 3.

  27. April says:


  28. pen says:

    maybe if they put a gay couple on the show they will keep it!

  29. Kelcee says:

    Is no one else worried about the whole Monroe being the same age as her uncle. I’m pretty sure he could be as old as her dad or something!