Post Mortem: Revolution Star Talks 'Intense,' Deadly Fight and Fearing [Spoiler]'s Wrath

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s episode of Revolution, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Revolution said goodbye to one of its regular cast members on Wednesday night — and it was another main character who did the killing!

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After Jason (played by JD Pardo) went killer cadet on her, nearly strangling her to death, Charlie was forced to shoot her former “friend.” It was an ugly, brutal battle, capped by an emotional farewell as Charlie held Jason’s lifeless body and wept.

Here, star Tracy Spiridakos talks about the “super intense” shoot and the toll it takes on Charlie. Plus, judging from what the actress had to say about Neville’s reaction, the Matheson gal might want to sleep with one eye open from here on!

TVLINE | What was it like having to take out a costar in such a direct manner?
It was so sad! So sad. It was a very intense day. We spent a whole day on that sequence… I’m so grateful that we were able to do that and give it as much time as we could. We both felt the gravity of it, because we’ve all been together since the pilot. When you see one of your own go, it’s always really hard to watch happen.

TVLINE | Did you talk to JD beforehand and suss out how you were going to approach the scene?
No, I like to just bounce off whatever’s happening that the other person is doing. I had my own stuff that I prepared going into it, just mentally thinking about what that situation would be like for Charlie and everything that she’s been through. And then I played off of what he was doing. But like I said, there was so much heaviness with what was happening that we were both there. You could feel the weight in the room.

TVLINE | The fight looked very physically brutal. He’s choking you, you’re trying to push him away…. What is that like to film?
It was intense to film. All those parts were me. Even if you just see my face in certain parts of the close-up, that was JD there with his hands [on my neck].  It was intense physically, it was intense emotionally, as it should be based on who it was…. I’m so glad that it was portrayed in that way.

TVLINE | Charlie has a very emotional reaction after she shoots Jason. She hugs him, kisses his cheek. Was that all scripted?
No, that was just in the moment, what was going on. Our director is so wonderful that she let us do certain things, and that was one of the moments that came out of it. That was my instinct of what to do. I just thought about having to do something like that and being in a situation like that. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking.

TVLINE | It was a nice reminder that she once cared about Jason – and still does, even though he’s been in this altered state.
Absolutely. We never really knew what happened with them. I think everybody wanted to see them get back together, and in that episode, we felt there was a lot of emotion between these two. There’s an attachment. As we were performing it, you can just feel like, “Aw, man, there might still be something there for the two of them.” The way it left off, things were unfinished for them.

TVLINE | How does Charlie handle the loss going forward?
It definitely affects her arc for the rest of the season and, hopefully, going into Season 3, I’m sure it will carry forward. It’s just one of those things that’s so tragic. And also the amount of guilt that she has from what happened definitely carries forward with her for the rest of the season.

TVLINE | Earlier in the episode, she said she trusted Jason — and then he turns around and this happens. Does it make her shut down and not want to trust anybody?
I don’t think so. No. She knows what has happened, and she knows that that wasn’t him. It’s not a matter of not trusting Jason. It’s a matter of what the Patriots did to him… The guilt doesn’t come from mistrusting him and making a bad call. It’s from everything else.

TVLINE | The teaser after the episode showed a bit of Neville. How is he going to react when he learns what happened?
I can’t tell you about how he’s going to react, but I can tell you they do come face-to-face. He’s looking for Jason, and obviously, Charlie knows what happened. It’s really intense. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

TVLINE | He doesn’t look pleased… which I think is Neville’s constant state.
He’s terrifying!

TVLINE | If I were Charlie, I would be worried about having a target on my back.
Right. Well, yes, he’s the wrong person to piss off, that’s for sure. [Laughs]

Revolution fans, what did you think of Jason’s death? Were you shocked that Charlie was the one to take him out?

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