Ratings: NCIS, Goldbergs, Originals, Mindy, POI, Supernatural and Wife Up, Girl and Boy Down

NCIS RatingsCBS’ NCIS this Tuesday drew 17 million total viewers and a 2.5 rating, rising three tenths in the demo to place second only to The Voice for the night.

Continuing the Eye’s line-up, NCIS: LA (14.8 mil/2.1) was steady, while another terrific Person of Interest (11.2 mil/1.9) added some eyeballs plus a tenth in the demo.

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THE CW | The Originals (1.66 mil/0.8) scored a 7-week high in audience and gained two tenths in the demo, while Supernatural’s planted spin-off (2.13 mil/1.0) ticked up in the demo to an 8-week high.

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NBC | The Voice (10.8 mil/2.8) dipped 4 percent and a tenth (to a series low), About a Boy (6.6 mil/1.7) fell two tenths, Fisher (5.7 mil/1.5) was flat and Chicago Fire (7.2 mil/1.8) inched up a tenth.

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ABC | S.H.I.E.L.D. (5.5 mil/1.9) was flat, Goldbergs (4.6 mil/1.6) rose two tenths, Trophy Wife (2.9 mil/0.9) ticked up a tenth and Seriously Who Cares Wife Swap (2.7 mil/0.8) dipped a tenth.

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FOX | Glee (2.4 mil/0.8) dipped a tenth and New Girl (2.15 mil/1.0) dropped two tenths, yet Mindy Project (2.16 mil/1.1) rose a tenth.

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  1. Ames says:

    WOW…TMP beat The New Girl!!! The New Girl has just been unwatchable lately…I am really happy TMP got another season I love that show!!

  2. ScorpionGlow says:

    In fairness, I got conned into that episode of Supernatural. I still can’t decide if I like the premise of the show or not. It’s definitely missing something if they intend to proceed with that as a stand-alone show.

    The Originals was excellent.

  3. Daniel says:

    Other sources say that The Voice did a 2.7. It also tied NCIS with a 2.5 in its first half-hour (8.00-8.30 pm).

    LOL at the headline, btw!

  4. JR says:

    Wonder when Fox will move Glee to Friday? Its ratings continue to drop and negatively impacting rest of Tuesday comedy line-up.

    • ... says:

      Probably next season. It’s too late in this current season for a move to make any difference.

    • T.J.A says:

      Wondering when Fox will just decide to cut their loses and reduce S6 in half. I bet they are regretting that 2 season renewal! At this point nothing they do will keep it from falling even lower.

  5. Claire says:

    Booyah, Mindy Project! So excited! Let’s raise it more for next week’s finale.

  6. Liza says:

    Why does Trophy Wife lose so many of The Goldbergs viewers? Both shows are hilarious!

  7. Renee says:

    Now that it’s the Rachel Berry show with blam and kartie along for the ride the ratings continue to decline because they all lack the shiny glow Ryan thinks they have.
    None of these ppl are talented enough to carry a show solo let alone a small ensemble. Naya who has abandoned ship cuz of Lea and her minions plus I think the finale was gonna blow ass for Brittana is always the highlight of the show. Amber is wonderful and together with Naya; it’s a talent overload.
    Hell Blaine blew a note big time. My dog ran to the tv to see what was wrong. The whole thing is a mess.
    If they wanna do a damn Lea Michele tv show so bad make it an after school special. This is what happens when you kiss enough gay ass kids! Your own Life on the E list!

    • T.J.A says:

      WTF? Kiss gay kids ass? REALLY? Did you not watch S1-S3 when it really WAS The Rachel Berry Show and had great ratings? This tail spin has nothing to do with Lea and everything to do with bad writing and focusing S4 on Mediocre Newbies and Blam and the biggest hit came from losing Cory. FYI, Lea can’t get someone fired! Contracts don’t work like that. IF she was fired they have to have just legal cause and only Fox & Glee show runners can fire her. It’s damn shame Lea has to be dragged through the mud because of Naya’s bad behavior.

      • i says:

        Because Rachel was kinda interesting, and she was a loser. From season 4 onwards, Rachel became diva Lea Michelle.

  8. tv2day says:

    Ratings r so outdated. I would say at least 35% of folks watch off dvr. I’ve been watching ncis forever. Never seen a live episode with commercials. BTW, person of interest was amazing as usual. One of the best shows on TV.

    • jenna says:

      those commercials provide ad money so unfortunately live ratings are a lot more important

    • Emily says:

      Ratings are not outdated. They are doing exactly what they are designed to do which is count viewers who watch the show LIVE.

      • Jillian says:

        The sample size is far too small to even consider them accurate. Nielson ratings are seriously flawed and until they are made more accurate, networks shouldn’t be using them to make renewal decisions.

  9. JC says:

    So NCIS was up this week. So where are all the people who declared it dead last week? ;)

    • Emily says:

      I was just coming here to post the same thing. Amazing how all those folks declaring the show dead seem to have disappeared this week.

      • Guest says:

        Emily, if the show was declared dead then CBS would have NOT renewed it for another season. If it was REALLY dead like NOT profitable anymore then CBS would have NOT renewed it either at the upfronts and/or especially NOT in March it would be cancelled.

    • Guest says:

      Who said it was declared dead? I don’t remember anybody saying it was dead.

      • JC says:

        Oh they may not have used those exact words, but there were people proclaiming that last week’s low was proof that Ziva’s departure and/or Bishop was killing the show.

      • Jimpy says:

        All I know is I’ve spent the last four or so episodes telling people that NCIS’s total viewers and ratings are down EVERY late winter/spring, and that this year may be a bit down on last year or season eight but in line with or blows away every other season for this time of year.

        People here have said it was dead in the water and should be cancelled and/or Bishop should be canned. And yes, I’m pretty sure people have argued for both.

    • BMF says:

      I don’t understand what happened last week. Last weeks episode was superior to the finale, IMO.

  10. leahbh says:

    Why aren’t people watching Trophy Wife? Sure, is got a terrible name, but it’s hilarious!

    • Stormy says:

      Because Brad isn’t hot? It’s aimed at females and he’s just not that cute. if it was David Sutcliffe, I’d watch it.

      • CountryQueen says:

        The wife is suppose to be hot, not the hubby. Thus the title of the show – Trophy Wife. That implies a guy who gets the good looking younger woman, not (necessarily) because he’s good looking but because he’s got money. Of course, this show is about showing us that all is not as it looks – the “Trophy Wife” is pretty awesome, as are the exes, and the kids.
        We LOVE Trophy Wife. It’s great. And Bradley is terrific (and not bad looking at all in my book), It’s a very good, old school sitcom. I hope it gets picked up next year.

  11. Christina says:

    Is SHIELD expected to tick up in the finals? Glad it’s at least not shedding viewers!

    • N tTVf says:

      Let’s hope so – I made some notes down thread regarding the SHIELD numbers. We’ll hope for help from the DVR+ final numbers when they come in. I assume we’ll see an uptick of perhaps just under 6m viewers and a 2.2 in the demo +/-. Still not what ABC (or SHIELD) really need from this series.

      How could fans not watch to see CS/Maria Hill return?! Even casual fans of SHIELD (which is probably the camp that I fall under). I don’t know what to say – I guess ABC *must* [?] make preparations to move SHIELD to another night/time if indeed ABC renews it in mid May at the Upfront.

      Bottom line – if the SHIELD ratings didn’t ‘pop’ with the return of Maria Hill, what’s left? Can this show bring in more than 6m viewers and a 2.5+ demo (live) in this current time slot? They need at least that, and probably more, to really justify (and compete) having this time slot. Otherwise, (good grief), maybe ABC and Paul Lee just go back to another night of DWTS. (NO-ooooo]

      • Christina says:

        It seems like ~1.9-2.1 is the best they can pull at this slot, so I’m really hoping they renew and move the slot. Literally anywhere but up against NCIS seems better.

  12. Babybop says:

    Happy for Mindy Project, sad for Trophy Wife and About a Boy… My renewal dreams are starting to die.

  13. Willow says:

    Sorry fans, I am amazed at the numbers for Glee. I can’t imagine that Fox is happy with those numbers, that is CW’s demo range.

    • Tom says:

      I’m not surprised, the writing for S4 and the first half of S5 was horrible and had no focus. Too many characters and focus on the characters fans were not invested it ie: Newbies. That split narrative was the worst thing they could have done. Add in losing Cory/Finn and Finchel and Glee is a lost cause. Now they have a smaller cast and are taking more time with each story and no one is around to see the improvement.

    • Tai says:

      It’s not surprising though. The show is just so hard to watch these days. I used to look forward to Glee and now I can barely watch. And I think along the behind the scenes drama isn’t helping either. It’s a shame. But they have another year to work it out. Hopefully it’ll go out with a bang.

      • Willow says:

        Sorry guys, I have not watched this show for a while now. I always watched the show with my girls and now both are in college, and I had lost all interest in it. Still it makes me sad that the numbers have dropped so much in a few years.

    • Jillian says:

      Honestly, with all the drama surrounding the show now, I’m not surprised that the numbers are dropping. The whole Naya/Lea catastrophe is really bringing down the show more so than before with the newbies.

  14. Eric says:

    I’m shocked that The Mindy Project beat New Girl. I watch both shows but will gladly admit that NG isn’t nearly as good as it was when it started. The ratings reflect that, I guess. Fox’s golden child comedy won’t make it past next year if it keeps up like this. They’re definitely having their issues this year.

  15. so happy about the Mindy Project. It’s so good. It deserves much more attention than Glee or New Girl have had.

  16. Pat says:

    NCIS was good last night. I was glad to see Tim go under cover and also was happy to see Abby, get out of the lab and help the homeless girl, Emma and she was able to take that beautiful dog in, so Emma could go home.

  17. An Irrelevant says:

    Great job POI! Woohoo!

  18. Ryan says:

    PoI and Shield were great.

  19. N tTVf says:

    I’m having my lunch and catching up on the ratings. What’s for lunch for me today? Some ‘humble pie.’ I can’t believe the SHIELD ratings didn’t go up this week – I can’t believe it – I was certain they would with the return of Maria Hill (everyone’s favorite CS!). And yet, flat ratings week to week. I don’t understand – perhaps when the DVR+ numbers come in … [look at me, reduced to waiting for the DVR+ numbers to come in – how sad ;) ]

    SHIELD was really good last night – I bet ABC is scratching their heads this morning as well. I guess moving the show to another night or time (9pm Tues?) this fall might help? Too bad – the episode last night was legend — wait for it (nah, I can’t, not with these ratings – darn it.)

    • rowan77 says:

      I know! I don’t get it either. The first 2/3rds of the season were uneven and slow, but the last month or so has been freakin amazing. And last night’s episode was a blast. This has turned into seriously good television. ABC needs to figure out a way to market it better.

  20. CourtTV says:

    Seriously, who does still care about Wife Swap?

  21. Kiley says:

    Seriously FOX?? Glee gets 2.4 million viewers and it gets another season, yet Almost Human has over 5 million viewers and gets cancelled? Anyone else think they cancelled the wrong show? Don’t get me wrong, I watch Glee, but it has not been good the last 2 years and it’s ratings reflect that.

    • rowan77 says:

      Yes, but Glee has hit syndication which is where they make all the deficient spending on the entire series to date back in one year. It’s a cash cow for them. Of course they’ll let it run a final season. They also have a strong relationship with Ryan Murphy, so the pros outweigh the cons to do season 6 (although, like you, I hope they truncate it).

      I liked Almost Human but it was expensive and the ratings didn’t support them having that large of a licensing fee. I’m sad to see it go, regardless.

  22. Lore says:

    SHIELD simply needs another night, going vs NCIS is just not working, maybe wednesday but not the same as Arrow obviously

    • Christina says:

      A one-two punch with Arrow at 8 and SHIELD at 9 would be awesome. That is, awesome if SHIELD keeps up the pace. SHIELD circa the Fall would just look bad after Arrow…

  23. CountryQueen says:

    Supernatural was pretty boring. The only way I will watch the spinoff is if it doesn’t conflict with anything else I’m watching. It certainly isn’t going to be appointment TV for me, unless it gets drastically better.

  24. Dee says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that another episode sans angels did better than expected. Even knowing that Sam and Dean were barely in it, the ratings were fantastic.

  25. Ethel says:

    So tired of The Rachel Berry gets everything she wants show. I was hoping she would be knocked down a peg or two from her quitting school.Nope,they make her the new star of Broadway. She becomes a diva, lies to her producer, gets yelled at and he threatens to fire her and as she is crying….oh my! Is she being taught a lesson?NO, she gets a call saying they want to build a TV show around her….more rewards. Tired of Kurt and Blaine, please have Kurt get a haircut. Did Artie fall down a mineshaft since moving to NYC?

    • Nicolas says:

      @Ether remember when she quit NYADA? What was she accused for? I believe that in the season finale she’ll bite the dust for all the wrong decissions she’s making. She almost got fired from Funny Girl but didn’t learn the lesson. Now next week she’ll go ahead with this show and will mm ot do any good to the play. I bet she’ll have no job by the end of the season

  26. Apples says:

    I’m enjoying Adrienne Palicki’s turn on About A Boy. I hope she gets added as a regular.