Supernatural Recap: Game of Monster Thrones -- Plus: Would You Watch Bloodlines This Fall?

Supernatural: Bloodlines RecapWelcome to monster mob city.

Tuesday’s episode of Supernatural saw the Winchesters traveling to Chicago, where five creature families rule different sections of the Windy City. But did the potential spin-off get your blood pumping?

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Before you weigh in, let’s review the action and players: Ennis (played by Episodes’ Lucien Laviscount) is about to propose at a fancy restaurant, which also houses a VIP monster area, when something with claws takes out not only the whole backroom of werewolves, shapeshifters, etc., but also his girlfriend. Of course, the police aren’t buying Ennis’ strange story, but Sam and Dean do, eventually giving him the birds and the bees monsters-are-real-and-we-hunt-them talk.

Elsewhere, David (Nathaniel Bozulic, a world away from the sinister Kol on The Vampire Diaries) returns from his life of living as a human — and selling test exams he acquired thanks to his handy abilities — to find that the shapeshifters and werewolves are at each other’s throats. His sister Margo (Heroes‘ Danielle Savre) thinks wolf Julian (Pretty Little Liars‘ Sean Faris) is responsible for their brother Sal’s (Pretty Little Liars’ Bryce Johnson) death at the club. She’s prepared to go to war, with the Djinn and ghouls backing her up.

Meanwhile, Julian is meeting with a Djinn to get them on his side and being a jerk to his sister Violet (Melissa Roxburgh), telling her that as the bitch of the family, her job is to be silent and pretty. (Faris seems to be having fun playing bad, but man, do I dislike this wolf.) Things get messier when Margo informs David that his ex Violet is engaged and that their dad pimped her out to the New York wolves to seal a deal. The former lovers exchange some words about that fateful day three years ago when she didn’t show up at Union Station even thought it was her idea to run away. But before they can get all their feelings out into the open, the clawed-thing attacks David — surprise, it’s Ennis who saves him, not Dean and Sam — and captures Violet.

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Supernatural Spin-Off SpoilersEnnis is not too keen on working with David — “He’s a frickin’ transformer!” he exclaims — but Dean knows, sometimes, you have to take the bad to get to the even badder. However, in this case, the evil turns out to be just a man, who lost his son in the monsters’ war. Now, he wants to start a freak-on-freak war as payback.

“I only see one monster here,” Ennis responds, shooting the man.

Freed and alive, David confronts Violet about Sal’s last words (“David… I didn’t have a choice”). Via flashback, it’s revealed that she did come to Union Station, but in order to keep the bloodline pure, Sal threatened her into leaving. “You can walk out of here alive, or I can take you out and dump what’s left of you in the lake,” he said.

Violet doesn’t tell David this, but that doesn’t stop her from kissing him, even drawing blood. That and his dad’s plea to prevent war-hungry Margo’s plans are enough to convince David to stay. He gets a hug and a “welcome back” from his sis, but she’s clearly not happy to have him around.

Then there’s poor Ennis, who can’t unknow everything he’s discovered. Sam urges him not to go after the monsters himself. “You get into this too deep, there’s no getting out,” he warns, not that it does any good. As Ennis looks over the crazy man’s board of articles, he gets a call – from his supposedly dead dad! And he’s got a message: “If you start hunting, the monsters will kill you.”

Bloodlines was definitely high on exposition, which is a necessary evil of pilots and oftentimes got in the way of allowing the characters to just breathe. But the idea of Ennis and David being unlikely allies is promising, and by golly, I need to see Violet lay the smackdown on her brother Julian at some point.

And finally, some memorable lines:

* Julian: “And I want to eat Taylor Swift’s heart, but we can’t always get what we want.”

* Dean: You’re with me, Romeo.
David: Sounds good, Buffy.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of Bloodlines? Let us know if you’ll be tuning in should it goes to series via the poll below and then hit the comments to back up your pick.

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