Fox Sets Finale Dates for Bones, American Idol and Others; Kitchen Nightmares to Bump Enlisted

Enlisted Off Fox ScheduleWhen Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares returns, the beloved bubble comedy Enlisted will find itself on the maple chopping block.

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Fox has revealed a slew of spring premiere dates, and among them are the Season 6 premiere of Kitchen Nightmares, which will air Fridays at 9/8c starting April 11. (Enlisted, which already is bumped on April 4 for the hour-long Raising Hope series finale, will resume its run at a date TBA.)

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Other Fox series getting spring premieres are MasterChef Season 5 (being served Monday, May 19 at 8 pm); So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 (Wednesday, May 28 at 8 pm) and I Wanna Marry “Harry,” a new dating series in which an average British bloke tries to pass himself off as royalty; that bows Tuesday, May 27 at 8 pm.

Additionally, the Steve Carell-produced Riot, in which celebs and comedians face song, dance and sketch challenges whilst on a stage that’s at a 22-degree tilt, will debut Tuesday, May 13 at 9 pm (leading out of Glee‘s season finale), the Terry O’Quinn-fronted cop drama Gang Related will (finally) premiere Thursday, May 22 at 9, and Hotel Hell Season 2 opens its doors Monday, July 21 at 9.

As previously announced, The Mindy Project resumes its season Tuesday, April 1, for the first two weeks serving up double episodes in the 9 o’clock hour (before returning to its apres-New Girl home on April 15).

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Fox also laid out season finale dates for 13 shows, as follows:

9 pm Raising Hope (hour-long series finale)

9 pm The Following

9 pm New Girl
9:30 pm The Mindy Project

8 pm Bones

8 pm Glee

9:30 pm Surviving Jack

7 pm Bob’s Burgers
7:30 pm American Dad
8 pm The Simpsons
8:30 pm Family Guy

8 pm American Idol (season finale, Part 1)

8 pm American Idol (season finale, Part 2)

9 pm Cosmos

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  1. sillyemmy says:

    Why does FOX hate Enlisted? It’s such a sweet show. Ugh.

    • Dav says:

      They don’t hate the show. They hate it’s ratings. It has the second lowest ratings average of any show on the network.

      • Kayla says:

        Its ratings are a direct result of FOX’s decisions regarding how the show was aired, so it does seem like they wanted the show to fail from the start.

        • sillyemmy says:

          That’s exactly what I mean. They never even gave it a chance.

        • joe says:

          this. Don’t see why they didn’t air the show in the summer instead of just letting it burn off on fridays

        • e says:

          the creator, kevin biegel, has repeatedly tweeted that their live+ numbers increase by around 80% weekly (i am totally averaging here…). is the network not at the point where they seriously consider those numbers for renewal? any way to gauge hulu views as well? it just seems like the audience for enlisted based on twitter, tvline comments and elsewhere on the web is stronger than what the actual ratings for friday’s are reporting… (i fall into that category since i never watch live on friday/not a nielsen box owner/typically view on hulu)

          it seems like we’re in a weird transition phase for tv where nielsen ratings cannot be measured as the sole, most accurate portrayal of who is watching these shows, yet they still determine renewability. shows across the board seem to have lower ratings this tv season, which can be related to changes in viewing formats, as well as a decline in content (i.e. modern family, new girl)

          • April says:

            You misunderstand the purpose of Nielsen ratings. It doesn’t matter who is watching a show, it matters how many people watch COMMERCIALS. Although watching live isn’t a guarantee that people will watch commercials it is the most likely chance. So…no, watching on the DVR or online doesn’t count. Keep in mind the advertisers are the ones who push the “Live only” ratings. Networks would LOVE to include everyone who watches no matter what the platform but it just doesn’t work that way. The money comes from live viewers so that is what the networks have to care about.

          • Jax says:

            The “Why can’t they count all the viewers” argument is flawed. Let’s say for the sake of argument that they do put a system in place to count all the viewers. Yes, the numbers will go up for your favorite low rated show but they will also go up for the other shows as well. So the low rated shows will STILL remain low rated shows. Remember, it’s all relative to the other shows on the network. Your show could have a billion viewers. If all the other shows have 2 billion…your show is still getting cancelled.

          • Number Runner says:

            An increase percentage wise may mean very little versus an actual number.

            Example: If show A has a 0.5 rating and gets a 100% increase that is only a 1.0 total rating where show B rated a 2.0 may only get a 50% increase, that comes to a 3.0 total rating. The second show is doing better than the first show before and after the increase. The starting number matters more when doing percentages. Sharing the percentage increase was to keep morale high I guess.
            High DVR views may help a show to get a better time slot if the actual number of DVR views is so high that it suggests a show may do better on another day because there is a lot of interest for a show as shown by a delayed viewing audience. Unfortunately as of late ENLISTED has not done so great in DVR as it did in the beginning.

          • John says:

            It’s a terrific show. Could run for years like The Office. It’s the only show on Fox we watch beside American Idol. Enlisted needs to be recruited to a better night.

    • suzyku says:

      Enlisted is really bad! NOT funny!

      • mike says:

        surprisingly humour is subjective. shocking, i know

      • Good Grief says:

        Agreed. Enlisted is terrible. No compliment is paid to M.A.S.H., Sgt. Bilko or Stripes by comparing them to Enlisted.

        • misha says:

          1. who is comparing M.A.S.H. with enlisted, one was a drama the other a comedy
          2. who is comparing movies with a tv show!?!?
          3. i can’t take your opinion seriously if you think sgt. bilko is worthy of any type of compliments

          • m says:

            haha i had the same reaction when sgt. bilko was mentioned. That movie was terrible!

          • Good Grief says:

            WHO COMPARED? uhhh let’s see
            1. Mike Royce
            2. Kevin Beigel
            3. A number of critics and cast members dating back to PRE-Season reviews!


            Try a search engine privately before publicly ranting unaware of facts.

          • Pdiddily says:

            And I can’t take your comments seriously since you called M*A*S*H a drama. Weird how not a single one of the Emmys M*A*S*H won was in a drama category. Also, it had a laugh track which pretty much screams sit-com.

            M*A*S*H won a total of 14 Emmy Awards during its eleven-year run:

            1974 — Outstanding Comedy Series – M*A*S*H; Larry Gelbart, Gene Reynolds (Producers)
            1974 — Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – Alan Alda
            1974 — Best Directing in Comedy – Jackie Cooper: “Carry on, Hawkeye”
            1974 — Actor of the Year, Series – Alan Alda
            1975 — Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series – Gene Reynolds: “O.R.”
            1976 — Outstanding Film Editing for Entertainment Programming – Fred W. Berger and Stanford Tischler: “Welcome to Korea”
            1976 — Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series – Gene Reynolds: “Welcome to Korea”
            1977 — Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series – Alan Alda: “Dear Sigmund”
            1977 — Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Gary Burghoff
            1979 — Outstanding Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Series – Alan Alda: “Inga”
            1980 — Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Variety or Music Series – Loretta Swit
            1980 — Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Variety or Music Series – Harry Morgan
            1982 — Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – Alan Alda
            1982 — Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Variety or Music Series – Loretta Swit

          • really? says:

            Mash a drama? Since when? misha didn’t type in CAPS but if I were you I would be pretty scared anyway any body making a list means business.

          • jess says:

            drama? no.
            dramady, yes

          • liz says:

            wow ‘good grief’ someone clearly forgot to take their anger management pills this morning….

          • rowan77 says:

            Sorry Fake Misha, but I think you are lacking a great deal of info about this.

            1. MASH was a sitcom, not a drama. Because it was about people in a war, they tried to make sure it wasn’t all hijinks, but calling it a drama tells me you’ve never watched an episode. Even the episode where Henry Blake dies “Abyssinia Henry” is predominantly hilarious and touching.

            2. Sgt Bilko was also a hit TV show in the from the mid to late 1950’s staring Phil Silvers – long before they made a crappy movie about it.

            3. Stripes is F-ing awesome! And Enlisted has clearly tipped their cap to the film more than a few episodes.

            So lighten-up Francis.

        • James says:

          Don’t forget about Major Dad. Never forget.

    • rk535 says:

      I love Enlisted!!! So bummed!!

  2. M says:

    What a mistake. Enlisted is such a good show. This is ridiculous.

  3. Mary Kate says:

    NOOOO Enlisted is so good! Better than this season on New Girl by a mile!

  4. jamz says:

    So does this mean Glee is only getting twenty episodes?

  5. KC says:

    Glee only airing 20 eps? Most likely due to the late start last year.

  6. Christina says:

    Welp. It was nice knowing Enlisted for a few months. Such a sweet comedy and FOX has no idea what to do with it. Hope we Indians out when the finale airs soon!

  7. Lindsay says:

    I love Enlisted! I keep checking my DVR to see if a new episode is recorded, only to disappointment. Premiered during Olympics, aired on Friday nights…it’s like FOX isn’t even trying to let it succeed. Such a bummer. I think it’d fit so well with all the zany Tuesday comedies. I say air it alongside Brooklyn 99 and give it more of a shot.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      It premiered well before the Olympics, but I agree that Fox didn’t really give it a chance to succeed. When it was bumped from November to January, they didn’t even release new promos featuring the new premiere date. They didn’t air a single promo for it during the Super Bowl, either.

  8. Dan says:

    What about Rake?

  9. Nicole says:

    Wow, Fox really doesn’t want Enlisted to succeed. To premier it on a Friday and not even bother trying it out on a different night. Boo to Fox!

  10. Curt says:

    what? New Girl (really dreadful) but not Enlisted? good grief

    but, maybe, when Surviving Jack bombs, this will be moved up (sorry but having a control freak dad is less than funny and makes me want to punch him)

    Enlisted is probably the best new show Fox has!

    and Rake, sorry but I saw the Aussie version and this just doesnt have it. People here dont see lawyers as severely flawed

  11. Ruth Switzer says:

    I couldn’t get into Enlisted! It didn’t seem like the real thing. I am married to a retired Navy man. He did 30yrs. So I have a good eye for these things! Love that American Idol! Great judges!

    • r0ckmypants says:

      Enlisted is about the Army, not the Navy. And no one said it was supposed to be realistic.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Daughter of the Air Force here, Enlisted has been doing an awesome job of putting comedy into everyday “on post” situations, as well as dealing with tougher subjects like deployment and PTSD. It’s a tv show, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate because it’s not a documentary. It deserves more than what Fox has given it.

      • gdv says:

        Agreed. My husband is active Navy. He loves Enlisted. (He especially cracked up at the Marine digs from the last episode.) Obviously it’s meant to be a goofy comedy and not a serious military show. I really hope Fox moves it to a good timeslot and pairs it with B-99—it deserves to stay on!

    • jen says:

      This makes no sense. Tv shows aren’t documentaries, medical shows like grey’s anatomy, house, nurse jackie etc. are not similar to the real thing in the slightest yet somehow this is a common complaint with enlisted.

      • Sandy says:

        These are senstive times for Military families. Besides, lots of servicemen and women support Enlisted. The ratings are horrendous.

        • liz says:

          to be fair I think it will always be a sensitive time for military families as long as there is still an active military

  12. Helen says:

    The Bones finale is going to leave my heart in pain again *sniffles*

  13. Babybop says:

    Damn. Enlisted is SO cute. Going to miss it.

  14. Tran 2.0 says:

    OMG! The Survivor finale vs. the IDOL finale on May 21st? Didn’t see that coming.

  15. Tai says:

    I seriously hate watching anything on FOX for this exact reason. I love Enlisted. I was really surprised by how much I actually enjoyed given that they have literally one other comedy I watch and that’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. But I have Enlisted a chance and it was great and now it’s most likely gone. I seriously hate FOX.

    • Two says:

      Perfectly rational thoughts there. Because, you know, no other networks cancel shows.

      • Tai says:

        Thanks for the belittling and unnecessary comment. I am actually very much aware that other networks cancel shows. But my comment was about Enlisted which is on FOX. Also FOX has a history of canceling shows I like. So I felt justified in commenting on that particular network. Next time I’ll make sure to acknowledge all the other networks that have nothing to do with my comments. Makes sense.

      • Booooo says:

        Other networks do cancel shows…but they at least give the show a chance to succeed, which FOX does not do. Im still mad about them cancelling Tera Nova like they did, leaving it with a GIANT cliffhanger, Fringe at least made it 5 seasons, but i really feel thwy could have kept going with it for at least another 2-3 seasons. It almost feels as if FOX gets bored of shows and loses interest, if it wasnt for The Following and Enlisted i wouldnt even watch FOX anymore for how many times they have left huge cliffhangers on shows and then cancelled them.

  16. belle says:

    ARGH – once again we are getting a raw deal!!! We love Enlisted so much I am tired of FOX not showing their support for this awesome way under-rated comic gem in the making. I mean holy crapola, Seinfeld would have been canned after 3 episodes if it came out in this culture :( Come on FOX keep enlisted and put in on with The Mindy Project & New Girl – I’m just fed up with losing shows we want before their time!!!!

  17. Iakovos says:

    FOX is foolish if it does nto give ENLISTED a second chance and stronger push. It deserves better. But this is the newtwork that today unveiled I WANT TO MARRY ‘HARRY’. Really? I sometimes think FOX does not know what it wants to be.

  18. Lillian says:

    Wasn’t the star of Enlisted cast in a new show? Could that be the writing on the wall? I love Enlisted, so sweet. I love the last line in the into, “Yes, we’re soldiers.”

    • Zach says:

      It’s common practice to sign on for a new pilot if it’s not a guarantee your show is coming back. Damon Wayans Jr and Adam Pally signed on for new shows (New Girl and Best Friends Forever, respectively) but had to be recast when Happy Endings was renewed for a second season.

  19. Omar says:

    So after the 9×23 of Bones, there will be a break for the 2hr premiere of 24. then the finale a week after, is that correct?

  20. mdbchud says:

    very sad about Enlisted. Such a fun show with heart. Great potential to grow. Everyone remember M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Seinfeld are 3 examples of shows that didn’t have great ratings their first year, and we all know what happened with them.

    Worst decision since Firefly, Fox!!!

  21. Liz says:

    I really hate that The Mindy Project has been off the tv screen for a while. I would love to see better ratings for TMP. This series has gotten so much better. It has a fantastic cast, witty dialogue and it’s just plain funny. My allegiance as switched from New Girl to TMP. New Girl has become so annoying and stale very quickly which is too bad. Here’s to The Mindy Project.

  22. John NYC says:

    Cute show. Too bad.

  23. Good Grief says:

    I tried to watch Enlisted more than once. It was so not funny. Cute in a painfully obvious this show is getting canned kind of way.

    • MC says:

      I know people love “cute” and “sweet” shows. I suppose that’s the draw with Enlisted, but unfortunately I didn’t find it to be funny.

  24. This network is old like his president; it airs just trash reality shows wich are payied with Simpsons and Family Guy. The X Files and BH90210 times are so far gone

  25. Gerald says:

    I love Enlisted. Please find a sweet time slot to air the rest of this season and maybe the numbers will increase. It really is a sweet show.

    On a Side note; REALLY FOX??? Must you produce SO MANY reality TV shows?? Some are alright, but looking at that list FOX is guilty of WAY TOO MUCH Reality programming.

  26. wasabi says:

    So, no reason to watch FOX on Friday nights after April 4, I guess.

  27. 'A' is Alive says:

    Glee’s finale is May 13th? So, does that mean its only 20 episodes then? Following the schedule, that’s what it would mean. Unless the last two double with two others? Like 19/20 and 21/22?

  28. Mark says:

    Looks like the writing is on the wall for Enlisted. Bummer. I really enjoyed that show.

  29. rowan77 says:

    Even though I knew this was coming – terrible timeslot, inadequate support from the network – I am really bummed. I like the show very much. I was ready to hate it at first. I’d already set my cap at hating it before it aired because it looked like it would be dumb, and I wasn’t a fan of Geoff Stults. Until this series, I found him to be too surface in his performances. But I loved the pilot and looked forward to each episode. It should be given another chance in a more supported timeslot, so people can find it. But it’s Fox, so into the trash heap it goes. Sad.

    • Leah says:

      Same. I had no intention of even checking it out until it got unexpectedly good reviews. I can see why some people would think it’s too saccharine, but I watch too many dark, heavy dramas. I really enjoyed that it was such a heartwarming little show.

  30. Ally Oop says:

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t announce an airdate for Us & Them. I realize they pulled the plug on the show but I still really wanted to see it. And is Surviving Jack really only 8 episodes? That sucks. It’s also a bummer Enlisted was doomed from the start by being put in the timeslot it was in. FOX execs are seriously stupid.

  31. Joey Padron says:

    Sucks Fox put Enlisted’s season finale on hold. They want show to be canceled. It’s a good and funny.

  32. Kat says:

    If Fox cancels enlisted I’m do e with them. It’s such a good family show with a great cast. Fox never gives new shows a chance. Damn them!!!

  33. Megan says:

    I’ve already mentally prepared myself for this. It’s such a great show, but Fox didn’t give this much of a chance and its ratings reflected that. Same with Rake. Awesome shows, crap network.

    • Diane says:

      Totally agree with you! They did absolutely no PR for this show. I didn’t know about it until I heard some TV critics talking about it on a podcast I listen to. Fox didn’t even try switching nights to see if that would help numbers. Let them air stupid Gordon Ramsey crap…I will be watching Enlisted over and over on Hulu.

  34. MoshiMoshi says:


  35. Alia says:

    Such a bummer about Enlisted. It’s a sweet little show with three great leading men, but Fox has really given it the shaft, with the horrible time slot and episodes clearly aired out of order. It deserved to be paired with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesdays. It would have done so much better there, and certainly is more worthy of it than Dads.

  36. Amy says:

    Agreed. Enlisted with Brooklyn 99 would be a perfect comedy hour. C’mon Fox don’t pull a Firefly.

  37. Diane says:

    It’s rare that a show can make me laugh and take me to tears in 30 seconds. Enlisted is such a show. It’s sweet, charming, hilarious, and respectful of those who serve or have served. I do not watch a lot of comedies. I just can’t handle how stupid they can be. I get embarrassed watching it. It’s a shame that a fantastic comedy like Enlisted probably won’t return.

  38. Beth says:

    It would be nice if another network takes a chance on Enlisted and picks it up. It’s a good show.

  39. Jen says:

    Bummed about Enlisted. Never felt like Fox gave it a good chance relegating it to Friday nights and airing episodes out of order. A shame to see it get bumped. :(

  40. Just Stop says:

    I mean come on. Fox aired “Dads” for an entire season and that show is horrible with low numbers. At least “Enlisted” is an awesome show. They should at least try and give “Enlisted” a decent time slot and see what happens.

  41. Funny says:

    Low numbers? Enlisted scored 0.4 last week.Comparing Enlisted to Dads doesn’t help your case. Dads had enough episodes rating on par with Fox’s senior weekday sitcoms to be considered for renewal.

  42. Seth says:

    I never knew Enlisted existed till I saw it on Hulu and was already on episode 9. I watched it and I really like the show. It’s very funny.

  43. Denise says:

    Matt, is there any update on the fate of Enlisted? I’m still hoping it doesn’t get cancelled, and although I realize it would take a miracle, I’m hoping that Surviving Jack bombing will open up the post-Idol spot and Fox would decide to give Enlisted a shot there.

  44. bred13b says:

    I am former Army and I loved enlisted. No it isn’t completely realistic but then it isn’t meant to be but anyone that says that it doesn’t come close is full of it. This is the Army here at home and I remember doing alot of the silly stuff from the show. Fox just needs to change the day and time.

  45. Shiloh says:

    We’re talking a network that is letting Glee die a slow, horrible death. Hey, let’s free up an hour a week by getting rid of that show and put Enlisted back on.

  46. Kenny says:

    Hey we should cancel all funny shows and just make everything a cop show. Laughing is bad I guess

  47. AMC says:

    I find it funny that I only watch 1 of the shows on their current schedule…
    If they don’t bring back Enlisted or Almost Human than I’ll probably stop watching this channel all together…

  48. Me, Myself, and I says:

    I’m not pleased at all with Fox about Enlisted. They didn’t even give it a chance. I don’t think I saw any promotion for it at all. The only way I knew it existed was by browsing Hulu. It is the only comedy I watch because I think, unlike other comedies, it has a lot of heart. Some people may think it is too sweet, but in a world of dark TV, I think it’s a breath of fresh air. I have family in the Navy and Marines, and they think it’s hysterical. Not to mention the brothers are spot on. It’s crazy how they’re personality types are like my three brothers. I just wish Fox would give it a chance. It seems like, out of all the networks, For seems bound and determined to air a few episodes out of order, then cancel the show. I wonder if they are going for a record of most cancelled shows after the first season.

  49. Grant says:

    Don’t cancel Enlisted it is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  50. Grant says:

    Fox should find a better time to air the show it only got bad ratings because most people have plans on Fridays.
    If they found a different day it would have better reviews.