Mindy Project @ PaleyFest: A 'Miniseries'-Style End to Season 2 -- Plus More Office Romance?

MindyEP216_Scene18_774_1Get ready for The Mindy Project: Nemesis!

Fox’s Tuesday-night rom-com will wrap its addictive second season with an eight-episode run that feels like a Starz miniseries, the show’s cast and creative team shared on the red carpet and during a panel Tuesday night at PaleyFest.

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“We were asked in advance to plan the last eight [episodes] as one story,” explained executive producer Matt Warburton, who jokingly coined the “Nemesis” subtitle. “It’s going to play out like a roller coaster, just straight through,” adding that the show’s writers were able to plan “the best eight episodes we could tell” about “this crazy thing the fans have been waiting for the entire season.”

Warburton, of course, was referring back to The Mindy Project‘s January 21 winter finale, which ended with Mindy and Danny’s sudden and very passionate makeout session on an airplane.

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Star and series creator Mindy Kaling said the post-kiss hiatus created a real “excitement that the fans have to see the show come back on the air” — an anticipation that will be rewarded with back-to-back episodes on both April 1 and April 8. “I’m so jealous of our cable friends,” Kaling shared. “And we got to say we were a miniseries [too], with these last eight.”

PaleyFest featured a screening of next week’s midseaon premiere, “French Me, You Idiot” (April 1, 9/8c), which picks up immediately after the fateful smooch, and follows the central couple into a cramped airplane bathroom — with disastrous results.

There’s more turbulence on the road to a healthy relationship, too, when the eloquent email Danny helped write for Mindy to send to ex-beau Cliff proves too effective, leading our titular heroine to try to get Cliff to break up with her, rather than having to do the dirty work herself. A Mariachi band, a death, an inferno and a very jealous Danny all factor into the action before the installment ends.

Of course, Mindy-Danny isn’t the only coupling that’s percolating at Shulman & Associates. “We accelerate in a very pleasing way, Morgan and Tamra, in an episode coming up,” explained Kaling. “[There’s] this delightful scene where Chris [Messina’s] character late at work walks in on the two of them. And weirdly, Tamra’s fully clothed, but [Morgan’s] basically naked.”

“The thing is we just started kissing, and I just took off all my clothes, like I was in a hurry. And she’s like, ‘no,'” added star and writer Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan.

Xosha Roquemore, who plays Tamra, noted that her character has a “hard decision” ahead, choosing between current beau Ray Ron (Josh Peck) and new prospect Morgan. “Ray Ron and Tamra have been together for [like] 20 years, but Morgan is awesome,” she said, adding during the panel that, “no shade to Morgan or Ray Ron, but Tamra’s kind of into pale freaks.”

Barinholtz also teased upcoming guest appearances by Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn and Private Practice‘s Tim Daly. “[Anna Gunn] is amazing,” he shared. “She plays the rival at a fancy downtown Ob/Gyn, and she tries to woo Mindy away. She is so funny on the show. We’ve seen her do the craziest dramatic stuff in the world, and now we see her do this light touch.”

Daly, meanwhile, guests as “this kind of tough, New York cop who’s older,” previewed Barinholtz. “He and Mindy kind of hook up a little bit.”

Roquemore also spilled some intel on an upcoming episode with JoAnna Garcia as the sister of Adam Pally’s Peter. “In the office, he’s Mr. Confident, and shutting people down,” she said. “But when his sister’s there, he’s a different person.” –Reporting by Scott Huver

Excited about Mindy Project‘s return? Do you think Mindy and Danny can/will make it work? What about Morgan and Tamra? Sound off below!

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