Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Blue Bloods, Beast, True Blood, Once, The Bridge and More!

Castle Spoilers 1970s EpisodeWhat will turn Castle into that ’70s show? Is Blue Bloods‘ Erin due for a bad date? Is Beauty and the Beast unleashing a new twist? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Neal go dark? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I‘m extremely excited about Castle‘s episode set in the 1970s! Does the case revolve in that particular decade (á la “The Blue Butterfly”) or are we actually going to see flashbacks of Kate and Rick‘s early years? –Martina
The answer is… neither! As Stana Katic explained to me the other day, “In order to get information from one of our characters, we have to pretend that we’re in that era — because he believes that he’s still in that era.” But does that mean groovy threads and ‘dos for all? “I don’t know how extreme they’re going to go,” Katic answered. “But they’ve been playing around with, like, different hair and stuff — for the guys, mostly.”

Is there anything spectacular Holt McCallanycoming up for Blue Bloods‘ Erin? –Jen
Will you settle for spectacularly awkward? I’ve learned exclusively that Holt McCallany (Lights Out) will guest-stars in a springtime episode as Robert McCoy, a candidate at a speed-dating event Erin gets roped into – and one who calls her out for bad behavior when she repeatedly takes calls during their convo. When the two later happen to meet in court…? Oops.

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Do you have any information regarding Beauty and the Beast‘s future villains? Who’s going to ruin VinCat’s “happily ever after” after Sam? –Madge
Whoa, slow down, Sam isn’t going anywhere just yet — and certainly not until he drops some major knowledge, as seen in this exclusive clip from Monday’s episode:

Loading video...

You gave a lot of good stuff for Once Upon a Time premiere! Any chance you can tease something beyond New York City? Rapunzel? Blackbeard? Glinda? – Jacquelyn
I choose Door No. 2, Rapunzel. Josh Dallas touted that episode as “awesome,” “dark” and “very psychological, an episode where you have Charming facing a lot of his ultimate fears. He’s going to have to really look at himself, when confronted with something that challenges his strength and courage.” As for the well-tressed lass, Dallas promises, “She is, like all of our women, very strong.”

Can I please, please, please get some Once upon a Time info on Belle, and Rumple? Possibly Neal, too? –Karen
I’ve already told you about Belle’s plan, and while Rumple’s fate isn’t explored much in the midseason premiere, watch for Episode 13 to dive deeper into that mystery. As for Neal, he is not taking his latest separation from Emma and Henry well, at all. As cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained, “In a lot of ways Neal finds himself in a similar position that his father did, which is: I’m stuck in a land and I need to get back to the people I love.'” But while “Rumple was willing to curse everybody to get what he wanted,” Kitsis reminds, “Neal has, up until this point, kind of been a really moral center for his dad… So the question is, ‘Will he follow the same path?'”

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Will Chris O’Donnell be directing a Season 5 episode on NCIS: LA? –Cari
O’Donnell will be directing an episode, I am hearing, though it might not air until next season.

I’m getting into the show The Tomorrow People. Is there any word on if it is going to be renewed for another season? –Donald
There’s nothing official yet, no, but the show is nonetheless setting the stage for a comeback. A casting call has gone out for the role of Natalie, an unstable and sadistic rabble-rouser/self-determined leader who speaks her mind without putting a lot of thought into the outcome. She’ll debut in Episode 20 and recur in Season 2 (if there is one).

Any news on the new villains/Big Bad of True Blood Season 7? —Tom
Who needs a new Big Bad when you’ve still got Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin hanging around wreaking havoc at every turn? And in the show’s seventh and final season, we’ll be introduced to the vampire exterminator’s Texas socialite parents and angry, bitter, gothed-out sister. (Fun fact: Sarah’s spot-on maiden name? Crabtree!) While mom and dad will appear in just one episode, Sarah’s sis, Amber, will be staying put for an arc — an extremely juicy, twisty, this-will-explain-a-lot-about-why-Sarah-is-the-way-she-is arc.

I really enjoyed The Bridge. Is it coming back? –Jesse
Yes, the FX drama was renewed back in September – and now we have a sense of the new faces who will be showing up. You;ll meet Jack Dobbs, the blue-collar brother of the guy who killed Sonya’s sister and thus shares a strange connection with the lawman. The show is also casting the recurring roles of a deceptively sinister Mennonite woman and thirtysomething Lucy Solana aka Adriana’s significant other (who is surprisingly charmed by Matthew Lillard’s Frye).

I know that the Florrick Agos versus LG is an important part of The Good Wife now, but is either of them going to have a case with another law firm? –Ana
TGW cocreator Michelle King assured me that the future won’t be limited to repeated clashed between Alicia and Will’s respective firms, saying, “We are not going to only see the two going against each other. There will be other ways to see them interacting, as well as taking separate cases.”

Do Looking‘s Patrick and Kevin hook up by the end of this season? Or does something happen to at least hint at a romantic entanglement between the two? –Alexandru
It may in part depend on the March 9 season finale, in which Patrick looks to mend fences with Richie — and how successful (or not) he is in that effort.

Do you know what is happening with Callie and Jude on The Fosters? –Marissa
As you may know, their MIA dad is about to resurface, rousing a variety of emotions. “Callie makes contact [first] so that she can protect Jude, but she ends up wanting Jude to meet him as well,” Maia Mitchell tells us. “She kind of does a 180, and it is scary in the beginning. There’s a lot of processing for them.”

Do you know the name of the song that played during the final scene of the newest Psych episode, “1967: A Psych Odyssey”? –Quanita
That was “Big Strong Girl,” by Deb Talan.

Did I hear right that NCIS‘ Ellie Bishop is married? Are there plans to meet the husband? –Jayne
Though he has no hard and fast timetable in place, NCIS boss Gary Glasberg told me, “At some point we’ll spend some time with her husband, but we wanted to introduce her first and let people connect with her and understand who she is first.”

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  1. Alia says:

    Blue Bloods: Where the H**L is Jamie????????. Maybe they should chage the name, Daniel Reagan’s Law would be a perfect name.

    • mary ceee says:

      I agree but first Blue Bloods was a sure bet to return, now it could go either way. My husband is a retired L.A County Sheriff. He sees the show as the only true representation of the police. The troubles they have on and off their beat is so important. PLEASE CBS… Do not cancel Blue Bloods. Not to mention we have such awesome actors…

      • todd says:

        True representation?? That’s hilarious!

      • Robin K. says:

        I really love the show Blue Bloods. I Like it when they all have dinner together!!! Would like to see a possible love interest for Frank that is age appropriate for him. Also would like to see the same for Erin and Jamie!! I think they could also do a story about the son that was killed on the job, I think that could be interesting!! But I really look forward to the show and hope it is renewed.

      • dragons3 says:

        Only CBS would consider cancelling a show that’s the top rated show on it’s night and is consistently in the top 10.

      • PATTY says:


    • Nancy Howard says:

      I love Blue Bloods its a really good show about family values and doing the right thing.. And of course the actors are fantastic. Please don’t cancel the show.

  2. SandraM says:

    Well I am sorry to say that I am not connecting to Bishop at all on NCIS, nor am I interested in meeting her husband. With all respect to Mr. Glasberg, this character just isn’t working.

    • CindyS says:

      I totally agree with you. I am not connecting to Bishop either.

    • Marsha Sorba says:

      I do not care about Bishop. I do not care about Bishop’s husband. Sorry to those few who do.

    • SusanB says:

      I like Bishop. She is refreshing. I am sick of the “love” connections and the bickering. Gibbs has accepted her and Tony and Tim look on her as a younger sister. She isn’t suppose to be Ziva, just as Ziva was not suppose to be Kate. I couldn’t stand the character of Kate. There just so much battle of the sexes one can take. I can’t watch the old Kate episodes.

      • Larc says:

        Bishop probably isn’t supposed to be a flaky lightweight either, but she is. How safe would you feel going into a dangerous situation if she was the only one who “had your back”?

        • John NYC says:

          The show is about vastly more than gunfights at the OK corral. Ever notice that “I” in the title? It stands for Investigative.

        • yes, she's gone says:

          I’d much rather have someone that thinks before they react unlike the z character that used violence as the first and last resort.

      • CCHIARO says:

        Totally agree. Smart of the show to introduce a younger ‘techie/analyst’ and get away from Tony’s work-place sex drama. Bishops selection shows that Gibbs is smart enough to round out his team with all skill levels needed, even if their personalities are his polar opposite.

    • D says:

      I like Bishop, she’s breath of fresh air on a show that was starting to get a little stagnate, I think it would have worked better with Zeva was still around but Cote de Pablo wanted to other things

    • marycat says:

      I agree completely. In the last episode, I was rooting for her to have on one of the faulty vests. Just too weak a character for Gibbs’ team.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Yup. During her run so far, she is either been annoying the hell out of us or acting like a naive little girl who lost her barbie doll!

    • Karie says:

      I agree Bishop is not a fit. I tried to give her a chance but just don’t care for her. Please don’t concentrate on her so much. Would rather not have anyone taking Ziva’ s place.

    • czariana says:

      I agree. I’m not feeling it for Bishop at all. I love the show. I’ve watched it regularly since the beginning and on any station that is showing re-runs. The transition from Kate to Ziva was slightly bumpy te first couple of episodes but the transition from Ziva to Bishp is just painful. Really bad choice guys. You should have continued to rotate the fillins until one of them clicked and was available long term.

      • LindaM says:

        I don’t like the Bishop character and don’t feel she fits in. I don’t even think of her as a Ziva replacement because they are so different and their abilities so different. But what I DO object to is her over -the-top “quirkiness”. We already have very quirky lovable Abby and it feels like they have really take away airtime from Abby to give to Bishop. I guess producers figured if everyone loved 1 quirky girl so much that 2 would be even better. WRONG. Give us back or Abby and stop making this the Bishop show please. She’s just a lightweight ditz.

        • cookiekirk says:

          LindaM,I love Bishop,she’s just enough different to make it work. I love that she is quirky. Abbs is abstract and interesting, plz give this woman a chance. I love that she was raised with brothers that helps her transition to the team. One thing I think the producers should do is really make her stand alone. Tim is the resident geek and computer genius,u can’t have two of them.Also Deliah should be figured more. Its nice to see a member of the team disabled. Even though my body is injured there is nothing wrong with my mind.

          • BJG says:

            Being a computer geek and an analysis are two different things. Bishop analyzes data that is given to her while McGee is basically a hacker – BIG difference.

    • April says:

      Oh, I am so with you. I thought I was the only one who did not like this newbie.Have lost interest in NCIS

    • brina says:

      SandraM you hit the nail on the head! I don’t know what is wrong with NCIS but I feel like they are far from fixing it. We use to wait for new episodes anxiously. Now this season I have fell asleep during 3! NCIS-LA is still good for me though, love the episodes, action and characters. I’m finding myself not caring if I watch regular NCIS anymore. I wish the coast guard lady had been picked up as a regular, I have a feeling things may have been more interesting.

  3. The introduction of Bishop has been just a mess from the very beginning, and it’s not getting any better. I feel sorry for the actress at being put in this position.

    • JimC says:

      To all that don’t like the Bishop character…..don’t watch… go watch The Biggest Loser or something. For every one of you, there are literally thousands that like where they’re going with NCIS. The ratings prove that out. So go, move on…they don’t need you.

      • Funny thing… it’s quite possible to like (or even love) a show, be a dedicated watch and not like a particular character or storyline! I love NCIS and am totally loyal. That said, I do not like the way this character is being handled. I didn’t mind her in the beginning and tried to give her a chance but it feels like they have been overdoing the Bishop centered show.

        I get that others might like this character a lot. That’s cool, that’s their opinion. But my opinion (and from what I’ve gathered I am far from alone on this) is that the introduction of Bishop has not gone well. The show has veered off course and it’s not the same.

        • Angie says:

          I happen to like Bishop, they might have played her up a lot & “centered” the episodes around her, but let’s face it, whenever you have a new character introduced into a well established series, they center a lot of the episodes around him/her. Remember we came from a ninja fighting “person” to a calmer person & to come from fighting all the time to “calmer” episodes is not quite the same. So i will give her a chance & so far I am liking the episodes with Bishop & am looking forward to meeting her husband, Just my opinion, so……..

          • John 1138 says:

            Her husband was a VERY welcome change: get the soap opera nonsense off the table from day one.

            Nicely done TPTB!

          • flootzavut says:

            Totally agree, John – I’m hoping very much that they are willing to let her have a stable, happy marriage. Nice not to have it be all about will they won’t they.

        • April says:

          Yes, Yes, Yes. I agree with all of this

        • yes, she's gone says:

          There are a lot of fans that continued to watch NCIS even though we did not like the z character, and you are correct the show has changed, there is no snarkiness in the bull pen, there is more of a team feel rather than a z feel to the show now. Tony has again become a good agent and not just z’s whipping boy. Time has again become a field agent not just the second bananna to z. Gibbs has again become the leader of the team rather than everyone’s daddy.

          • Tim and TOny barely have anything to do any more. They aren’t back to being great agents at all. They either stand around and admire Bishop, or they have to keep her from getting herself and everyone killed in the field. The team feeling is completely gone. Bishop has become a shadow of his former self and acts like a doting Daddy to Bishop nonstop, letting her get away with anything at all. If you prefer this to the show we have loved for 10 years, I am very happy for you. You are in the minority.

          • BJG says:

            Did you actually watch the last episode or are you one of the former fans, Ziva/Tiva fans who have not watched the show since episode 2 and are relying on other Ziva/Tiva/Mote fans to get your information? Because the last episode had Tony in interrogation with Gibbs, helping Delilah feel relaxed, McGee teaming with Gibbs & going into the field? The Parsa arc was used to introduce Bishop and now NCIS is going back to it’s traditional episodes.

          • Darlene says:

            Oh, Lucy probably watched the episode, BJG, but talking points are talking points. Gotta keep saying the same thing over and over until everyone believes it, regardless of what is actually happening on the show.

          • flootzavut says:

            Lucy also thinks she’s in the majority despite the facts, so I wouldn’t expect too much logic, BJG.

          • yes, she's gone says:

            So true Darlene, they won’t believe anything except what they want to believe, and the truth has nothing to do with it.

      • Didn’t a lot of people watch NCIS for 8 years even though they hated Ziva? Never stopped complaining, either.

        • EmilyD says:

          Or, as was explained to me by one of the Bishop haters a month ago, “we are paying the Ziva haters back, it’s OUR turn!” Yeah, that was such a mature response. If that is the case, it shows just how silly some people have become. I am now totally sick of both the pro/anti people, the constant bickering and claims THEIR side is in the right or giving delusional “payback”. Frankly, I feel sorry for everyone on NCIS who has to put up with such immature and unreasonable children who do not know how to play nice–these people aren’t fans of NCIS, they aren’t adult enough for that. When Ziva was brought on board to replace Kate, almost every story in the beginning was centered around her character and how she was adapting to working with NCIS and America. It would be nice to see Bishop’s character given the same courtesy, but, due to this blood feud going on I seriously doubt that will happen–sad behavior from so called “adults”. SMH

      • Bishop isn’t that someone who belongs in the church lol I do t care for her . But then I. Not so hep on the show .sorry.

      • Karie says:

        We can not like the Bishop character and still love the show. Personally I watch it because I really like Mark Harmon and David McCallum.

        • LindaM says:

          I was not a huge Ziva or Kate fan, but love all the other characters. So of course I watch the show. But nobody has annoyed me like Bishop does. I still haven’t figured out what her function is to the team. She doesn’t appear to have any field experience, had never shoot a gun before, can’t sit at a desk like an adult, but had to sit on floor. Everyone else dresses in professional attire while she wears blue jeans and short sweaters et. She just does not fit the profile of who would be on this team

    • Luanne Walsh says:

      Exactly. Just poor writing. The actress is probably good. I don’t care for the ‘let me bow to the wimp’ we keep getting. Have quit watching live, but still catch it sometime later on DVR. At least for now. I was surprised that Mark Harmon did not speak up regarding the scripts, but perhaps he is ready for NCIS to fade out while he puts all his attention to his new show.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      lucie, I see your back, you don’t seem to have any issues dissing her on twitter.

  4. Azerty says:

    Does this mean Neal will go dark to get back with Emma? I would definitely love that.

    • jerrired says:

      That could definitely be interesting. I just hope it’s not just a plan to destroy Neal as a character and then justify killing him off.

      • Azerty says:

        Agree! But why everybody suggests he will be killed off? It’s not the first time I hear this kind of theories. Did the actor express feeling about wanting to leave the show?

        • nate says:

          there was a spoiler saying a main character will die this season

        • jerrired says:

          Well Matt revealed on TVLine earlier this yr (or last) that one of the series regulars will die. I think a lot of people assumed (and some annoying CS shippers hoped) it would be Neal. But the Neal dies theories seems to be gaining steam because some fans are claiming on Twitter that they talked to OUAT crew and saw MRJ getting out of a van for show that wasn’t OUAT. MRJ just denied his character’s death on Twitter. However, we all know actors are forced to sign confidentiality agreements and of course would do anything to cover up their character’s deaths. Personally, I’m hoping whoever does “die” is just a another sort of deception and they’ll appear again later next season. But Neal is looking more and more likely unfortunately.

          • Azerty says:

            Thank you both for your answers I may have miss that. I hope it’s not Neal, he is the reason of the show. Emma may be the saver, but Neal is the reason why Rumple manipulated everyone in order to be brought in the real world to find his son. So I really hope he won’t die there is a lot of potential for the son of the Dark One, he should have a storyline on his own, not involving Emma or Henry…

          • jerrired says:

            No problem. And yeah I didn’t think of it like that, but I saw someone else suggested the same thing on Tumblr about the show not existing without Neal. Yeah, I was watching OUAT before Neal came but I’ve been a fan of MRJ for awhile, so when I heard he was cast on the show I got really excited. I would hate to see him depart so soon, especially when his character has untapped potential like you said.

          • Lily says:

            The interesting thing about OUaT, is due to the flashbacks, a dead character can still appear. If it is Neal who dies, it is possible he died before everyone returned to Storybrooke…. making him a flashback-only character.

  5. Fernando says:

    I’m team Patrick and Riche, but Kevin is a cutie and sweet.

  6. jerrired says:

    I can’t wait to see how next week’s The Fosters plays out with the introduction of the dad, and I’m hoping The Tomorrow People does get renewed. I think it’s a good show, just needs time to find its audience.

  7. Annette says:

    I’m having a hard time warming up to NCIS’ Bishop since she arrived and I don’t see that changing. So I could care less about meeting her husband.

  8. GG spent the whole season to introduce Bishop. Still not interested in her charakter, neither her husband. I miss my old team and don´t like BCIS.

  9. Anna says:

    NCIS: I thought with the 250th ep and a Tony centric storyline Bishop would be forgotten for a while!
    Please don’t bring in Mr. Bishop, one Bishop is already more than enough!

    • Greg Timms says:

      I am a little worried that a husband for Bishop actually does exist. He has cried ‘wolf’ so many times these last 6 months I am not sure Gary Glasberg is being truthful about her being married – this may just be her quirky little way of not getting ‘hit on’ after the ‘Parsa’ experience so long ago and so she wears a wedding ring. She never did answer Tony when he asked. I have a feeling he thought we would all fall in love with her – he was mistaken. Bishop is the worst character since EJ and Dr. Ryan.

      • Deanna says:

        I completely agree that Bishop is the worst character since EJ and Dr. Ryan. She is beyond annoying, childish and somehow is a know-it-all at the same time! And somehow she has managed to put “Gibbs” in a corner! I cannot abide Bishop and have less than zero interest in a husband.

        I don’t know what happened to NCIS. There was once chemistry and storylines that made sense and had an incredible dramatic arc. But for the last few years the stories have fallen apart, been anti-climatic and made little sense. Someone needs to give the writers a connect the dots book so they can practice putting together a mystery that doesn’t have plot holes you could drive the Enterprise through!

  10. Mel says:

    Bishop works just fine for me. Liking the new Probie. As long as it’s just a little story insert I’m fine with meeting her husband at some point.

    • John NYC says:

      Sort of this. Around and about the level of Delilah would be fine. Plenty of time to get to know a team member’s partner.

      I’m enjoying both the refreshed NCIS and the newest team member. Early days with 7 episodes in but so far so good…

  11. leigh says:

    If the boys can pull off Elvis costumes on Castle bring on the 70’s!

    • ana says:

      ugh, if it’s anything like “Heartbreak Hotel” it’s going to suck big time. at least for me.

      • Annie says:

        Lord, help me. How can anyone hate on Jevin and Castle in Elvis costumes with “Super Bon Bon” as a soundtrack?

        • ana says:

          where have you been living? that was one of the worst episodes ever.

          • Rich Abey says:

            Really? We finally saw Gates warming up a little, the 12th trio arguing about Ryan’s best man & running around a casino causing mayhem to hilarious effect. Yes it is not exactly the best Castle episode but it certainly wasn’t the worst.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Haha exactly. That was probably the best scene of the whole episode. Esposito’s “I’m Alves!” comment did a number on my tummy!

    • missteff says:

      that would be funny……….no what I was thinking for the 70s was flashback kind thing-nothing to do with a murder but like a glimpse of the past…….some of the characters wouldn’t be that old in the 70s…………….Castle would be a kid-10 max and Beckett well…..that would be a hard one-lol

      I was thinking like another father son moment back in the day or the “jorden” (not spelled right) car company….boarding days………..um…….

      a sing a long show might be funny too…..oh so many ideas……..can’t wait for that one.

  12. Christine says:

    I thought NCIS is a show about Gibbs and his team but it seems as if it is Bishop and her team now! This Bishop character is annoying, no need to meet her husband!

    • Karie says:

      I am not a Bishop fan. I could stand her if they would tone her back a little. Jethro is supposed to be #1 and she seems to be taking over a little too much. She is just no Ziva. Ziva had me her first episode.

      • John 1138 says:

        Gibbs? With those dark eyebrows not matching his lighter hair?

        How do you overcome such a distraction? The world just spirals, spirals I say.

        • I’m more concerned about Gibbs’ instant lobotomy. Who is this guy?

        • Darlene says:

          I know!!! Those eyebrows have got to go, or Gibbs has got to go.

          I was talking to one of my dear friends the other day, and I noticed that her dark brown eyebrows did not match her hair color (I watch for this now; it’s that important!). I don’t know how much longer we can be friends. Lol!

    • Alisa Neely says:

      Kinda like the show ended up being the ZIVA SHOW….while, i’m NOT 100% in LOVE with bishop and her “little miss know-it-all” crap…..i’ll take her OVER being FORCED FED ZIVA & TIVA….scoops started out about other characters, but ALWAYS ended up about ziva and or tiva….it got OLD…at least bishop ISN’T using the “daddy card” with gibbs all the time, the way ZIVA did……as long as a ROMANCE doesn’t OVER TAKE a show….and it’s the RIGHT pairing….i say; GIVE IT….there HAS to be MORE to the characters, then JUST their JOBS…..i want to KNOW about the characters…and see them AWAY from the job some times…..i’d like to see MORE “FAMILY -TEAM” moments.

  13. Jared says:

    True Blood has such a large and talented ensemble cast. HBO should really spinoff a character and launch True Blood 2.0

  14. Marie says:

    Enough of Bishop – Bring Back Cote!!

    • John NYC says:

      Rumor is she’s doing a talk show in Peru: so, not going to happen.

      • Sally Chandler says:

        No thank you to meeting Bishop’s husband, brothers, parents, or cleaning lady. All I want to know about Bishop is how soon does she leave? Show is ruined now. No more team, no more action, just Bishop.were done in my house, after being loyal viewers for years.

        • John 1138 says:

          Same writing staff, producers etc and all but one actor is the same. I find the show is renewed in energy.

          I hope Cote is happy and to the extent her leaving catslyzed the change I’m grateful as recent seasons had felt tired. Watchable but tired. Not this seasons.

          • Sally Chandler says:

            So you’re saying it really is only the addition of Bishop that had made the show so boring and insipid, has made Gibbs into a zombie, and Tony and McGee into babysitters. in that case she needs to be fired yesterday. The show we’ve loved for all these years in my family is gone. oh well , couldn’t last forever.

          • John 1138 says:

            Of course saying nothing of the sort. Lol

            Saying the show, to my experience, is better than it had been in recent seasons and that’s due to the same people getting a fresh start. For whatever reason.

          • flootzavut says:

            Sally Chandler clearly needs to brush up on her reading comprehension if that’s what she took away from your post, John! Wow.

      • Where do you people come up with these things? No, of course she is not doing a talk show in Peru. That was a nice try though. :)

        • John 1138 says:

          So then what country is she hosting the talk show in? I don’t follow South American media news so I’ll totally accept it’s another nation, probably not Brazil though given the language difference between Chile and Brazil .., ah, maybe Chile?

          • Where did you get that she is hosting a talk show? Are you thinking of her mother?

          • John NYC says:

            Lucy: No, just read a reference somewhere. It might have been meaning to mention she was simply a guest on a talk show. But so many actresses and actors make that transition it seems credible from a career standpoint. And it would be nice if she had found something.

          • She is not hosting a talk show in Peru. Her career is fine. Last week she just wrapped her film “The 33” about the Chilean miners, with Antonio Banderas and Juliette Binoche.

    • D says:

      get over it, she’s gone on to do other things, like she wanted to, don’t hold it against a new character because an actress decides to leave a show

      • flootzavut says:

        Don’t hold your breath for common sense to have any part in this, D. Cote seems to be happy and doing well, but it doesn’t stop people screaming for her return and Bishop’s head in a platter.

    • Alisa Neely says:


  15. Jolena says:

    I once thought NCIS was about team effort and different people with different backgrounds solving crimes and as a TEAM. Now it’s only one person and her name is Bishop. No need to add anymore to her storyline. More is impossible anyway since it’s all about her. It’s pretty sad actually.

    • leia says:

      I guess you didn’t watch the show this week, she was a regular player not the center of attention, But those who are unhappy will, never notice that as any Bishop will be too much for them. The porridge was more just right this week.

      • Darlene says:

        I think the show has found the Goldilocks solution, leia. If folks aren’t watching the show, but are still commenting with the same old anti-Bishop points, they certainly do look uninformed.

  16. marcia lowe says:

    Did the pilot from USA network called Rush get picked up?

  17. Patti says:

    I love Neal on Once Upon a Time. So good to see scoop on him. Thanks!

  18. abz says:

    Ugh, please tell me that OUAT episode isn’t entirely Charming-centric. Charming is annoying/boring enough as it is without another whole episode devoted to him.

    • You k ow I think maybe him and snow will both leave the show maybe not at the same time but close like his feet could be a old. Love like repunzle ,or beauty. And he gets killed off .or maybe snow it with there baby on the way one needs to go story but I think k its one of them

      • abz says:

        I honestly doubt they would ever kill the Charmings off. Despite how annoying they are, they are a little more essential to the foundation of the show than certain other characters. The only characters they could easily get rid of are Neal, Belle, and Hook. I’m personally hoping its Neal. Really bad acting on MRJ’s part and overall a meh character. Kinda wish he took Rumple up on the offer of making him a 14 year-old boy again, because I definitely preferred the character more as young Bae.

  19. Natalie says:

    There is nothing that interests me less on ncis than bishop. As boring as he is, I would rather see dorneget. Even dr Ryan returning would be preferable to bishop. So as for her husband? Who cares. Yawn. In fact, that’s the way the whole show is at this point. One big yawn!

  20. Kelly says:

    The info on Once Upon a Time is lovely. I look forward to Charming being explored more as a character and Neal is one of my favorites. I hope to see Neal explored more and more of Neal and Henry bonding as well as a reunion with Emma.

  21. Guesto says:

    So are the Castle team incapable of writing a decent case file anymore? It seems all we get now is complete nonsense:

    This 70’s stuff, Time Travellers, Telekenesis and soon Beckett going undercover despite the fact they just announced the wedding in the paper, and the fact her shooting was publicised, and the fact she has worked in New York as a cop for years having interacted with thousands of criminals who could recognise her…

    It seems like we are getting character scenes now, but everything else has went to hell.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Criminals aren’t that smart, there was no picture in the engagement announcement and we need crazy cases to foster Castle’s crazy theories so Beckett can ruin them with her logic and we can have witty, Caskett, foreplay banter. It’s what makes the show work.

    • missteff says:

      love them all, that’s why “Castle” is different then all the other shows around…..I had lots of thoughts for the 70s show. anyway great show and to see the worst of ny is why they show it like that, and criminals are not that smart to pick up a paper and read it…..
      let me ask you something what would you like to see on the show?

  22. Adele says:

    Can’t wait for Monday’s episode of BATB!! So exciting!!!

  23. Kat says:

    Why must we be subjected to more Bishop? A more destructive character addition I do not think I have witnessed! I agree with the person who said NCIS is now BCIS ’cause everything is about her now and I really cannot stand her!

    Gibbs is completely different from the Gibbs I’ve come to know in 10 seasons – I am not counting this season cause it is just THAT bad. I am almost praying for a Dallas-type revision. It was all Gibbs’ nightmare! And he wakes up after a drunken stupor inside a new boat he is building in the basement to find Tony, McGee and Ziva peering over the rail with coffee in hand for him. I’d rather buy that than watch anymore about Bishop!

    • John NYC says:

      “Why must we be subjected to more Bishop?”

      Well, the actor they had in that team slot bailed on them and they filled the show with another character, one distinct from the previous, as they’d done before with other changes (Kate to Ziva).

      So the Bishop character? de Pablo’s responsibility if it comes to that… lol

      • Kat says:

        I do not agree it is Ms. De Pablo’s responsibility. That is an odd statement. Even if Ziva doesn’t return, which I would prefer because I liked Ziva, that does not excuse the horrible job they did with the Bishop character.

        The character is a failure IMO. I gave her a chance but right in her first episode I thought there was something off but I gave her another chance and OMG was the character annoying!

        For me the most inexcusable thing is that Bishop has somehow castrated Gibbs! He isn’t Gibbs, the gruff boss with the uncanny gut instinct, he is now someone who doesn’t seem to care much and lets the unknown, new agent take the lead. And accepts her suggestions over his orders. That is not Gibbs at least not the Gibbs I had come to know.

        Also, there is absolutely zero chemistry with Tony and McGee. She lives in her own childish bubble and somehow miraculously comes up with the right answer every time! Why have Tony or McGee when Bishop can do it all? With Ziva there was more of a balance. Ziva wasn’t a computer geek, she took Tony’s invesitgative advise and she added an element that completed the team with her, to paraphrase Tony, mad ninja skills! She was fun. Bishop is .. I don’t know, she feels like a Mary Sue and not in a good way.

        • John NYC says:

          She left the show thus creating the gap in the cast.

          Were she still on the show there’d be no a Bishop would there? Looks a lot like “responsible” to me. For which, btw, I’m grateful given how stale and overly soap opera the show had become. One of the many reasons I wish de Pablo well in whatever her new endeavors entail, whether she returns to her talk show roots of not.

      • Tullat says:

        She’s responsible for things that happened months after she left? We’re on episode 16, that doesn’t fly any more. According to Gary Glasberg and a thousand press releases, Bishop was supposed to be the second coming. She was appealing at first, but with every episode becomes more annoying and has fewer redeeming qualities. She has no chemistry with any of the actors. At this point her character cannot be redeemed. They can only find a way to write her off discreetly.

        • blaming de Pablo at this point is just pathetic. we’ve had 15 episodes. Poor storylines and episodes are on the producers now. Honestly the show runner should have had a backup plan in place since everyone was FULLY AWARE that Ms. de Pablo had not signed a contract, and it is standard to have a backup plan in place. Blaming her for the FAILURE of the show since she left is pathetic and lame.

        • leia says:

          That’s a delusional statement “second coming” GG never implied greatness, he merely said she, meaning the actress fit in with the cast, meaning she is well liked. I find her more appealing now that she is the probie, and out of her element. As for chemistry that is subjective, I find that she works well with the guys, good natured about the newness of the duty. Gibbs isn’t shielding her either, It’ll be more interesting now that she is basically a full time female Dorny, and I’d like to see who Jake is and how they interact.

          • She’s no Dorny, he was fully trained and had a badge and a gun before he was on the team. She’s a female high school student off the street. It’s not fun to watch, at least for me.

          • BJG says:

            And Dorny is such a well-trained agent that he forgot he gun when on assignment.

          • Darlene says:

            Well, if you’re anti-Bishop, there are different standards for Dorny than for Bishop, BJG. Dorny forgets his gun, that’s an ‘oops’ and maybe even funny. If Bishop did that, it’d be “off with her head”. Different Standards.

  24. Pat says:

    I am just curious, does Gary Glasberg read any of these sites where NCIS is mentioned? It is incredible this year alone, the character of Bishop has truly been a negative for the show. More people cannot stand this character so I just do not get what Mr. Glasberg is saying about all of us connecting with her, when unfortunately there really is no connection.. Please ask him this, because I would sure like to know what his answer will be!

    • leia says:

      Perhaps he saw the poll that showed 60% said she was ok. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Actually if you count the repeat responders its’ hard to judge how disliked the character is. Some people have running on of the keyboard. Those who want to tear the show apart and those who argue the contrary. I always felt that Ziva thought she was superior to the rest when she first started, I mean the character not the actress so I wanted her to be dressed down so to speak, GIbbs slapped. She became more of a coworker and less dominate later on that first season, then the traumas started, and frankly she became such damaged goods after season 6 and beyond, the girl should have had a nervous breakdown. I didn’t like the road travelled, at the end of season 6 but that had to do with Legend, and NCISLA, coming on. THat being said there have been high and low points every season, and I really did enjoy the probie action last week. Maybe they need a more provocative crime story, but even the story needed to be told as this has happened to troops for real. We don’t supply our troops well, at times. That usually results in so sensationalized news story. I think they handled it pretty well. Dealing with disabilities and malfesence just isn’t a “sexy” subject.

    • flootzavut says:

      He’s probably more concerned about the ratings than the people determined to hate Bishop who are whining on internet articles.

      Your assumption is that the people repeatedly complaining about Bishop on the ‘net are representative. Given that the show is enjoying strong, consistent ratings in the US alone of 19-20 million, first in their time slot, the demo, and overall on afaik every night there’s been a new episode, they’re acting on that information, not a few dozen irate people complaining online.

      Last time I looked, the much hyped international petition to get Cote/Ziva back had yet to reach 18K signatures. Do the maths. Those who dislike Bishop (and many of them on principle, because she replaced Ziva) may be talking loudly, but the concrete numbers tell a different story. Why would they be worrying about a few disgruntled people who are complaining when the ratings are strong?

  25. Sally Chandler says:

    Bishop is a dud.she is refreshing like a wet blanket. She sucks the life out of every scene. Please just write her out so we can enjoy the show again.

  26. Jenna says:

    I don’t know how anyone could feel sorry for Neal , after ababding his teenage girlfriend to go to jail for him who never tried to contact, even after he knew where she was.Can’t wait for her parents reaction when they find out about that, it will be the end of Snow pushing her at him, I’m sure they won’t be the only ones who are upset.. Than there was his fiancé, who he said he needed, brought her to their home, who tried to destroy the town , kill everyone in it, shots Neal throws a bean at him and then kidnaps Henry. Barely a week later, like not even a week swears himself to Emma. Ugh not only does he not understand the women she’s grown into but is also, annoying and pushy and very annoying. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him by the can be Henry’s father but Emma does not own him anything

    • Joey says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Neal’s storyline as presented by the mind of a twelve-year-old, or at least someone who thinks like one.

  27. Sarah says:

    What ever happened with Erin and her ex husband on Blue Bloods?
    Slept together after the hostage on Ep 3. That storyline was kind of swept away?!

    • Alisa Neely says:

      TRUE….i’d rather have an UPDATE on that….then deal with whatever character the actor who she meets up with….you can NEVER trust his characters….CSI:MIAMI, L&O:CRIMINAL INTENT…etc.

  28. Renee says:

    Has anyone heard when the remaining episodes of Beauty & The Beast will be shown?

  29. John NYC says:

    Those sorts of “clever” episodes such as a Castle “70’s” one always makes me nervous, often they succeed in being as clever as intended, but by dancing on that edge the failures are also spectacular flops… and at the end of the day in either case a jarring disruption of shows that don’t “do” peculiar as part of their entertainment dan and so interrupt the season’s flow. (Cue any musical dance number episode for any number of otherwise great shows…).

    • missteff says:

      didn’t say a musical esp. it said 70s……that could be anything lighten up a little, I thought of many ways they can show the 70s (none had to do with a musical or murder for that matter) and it said “get info” out there, not that the whole esp was set in the 70s……although it might be a fun on…..the Character could be that old anyway……a baby and kid what no more then what 10. ha ha

      these are the esp that bring you history into their lives and makes for a stronger show, yes they are far out there-short of speak- but that’s what makes this show different then all the other ones. if you don’t want to watch this esp (after seeing or hearing spoilers-closer to the esp airing) then don’t watch it.

      me he!! yeah I’ll be watching…..I don’t abandon a “Castle” esp, I’ll watch it once and if I don’t like it I don’t have to see it again. (there has only been maybe 3 I wont-cause I’ve lived through them. ((the shooting of Beckett and sniper on-I too have been shot by one! and the 3kkk killer esp.) all others are great))

  30. Ashley says:

    Its always awesome to see Neal scoopage. Charming too. I love them both and they’re both so underrated.

  31. ruahticsn says:

    Woo-hoo!! COD is directing another episode! “Wanted” was awesome, can’t wait to see what episode he’ll direct next!!

  32. Matthew Weber says:

    I think they made Bishop married so that people didn’t get any ideas that her and Tony could become an item. Kate and Ziva and Bishop would have made Tony seem clingy to the desk.

    • John 1138 says:

      And a huge hallelujah to that!

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i totally agree with ya…..i LOVE that we finally have the “work smarter, NOT harder” tony….we need to STILL see him taking LEAD and shown REPECT as SFA.

        • not gonna happen with Girl Wonder on board. Tony is now her babysitter. He has no job any more, he just has to change her diapers and give her candy.

          • BonnieQ says:

            What a rude comment, weren’t you the same one who just left a comment earlier how you “felt sorry for the actress being put in this position”? Yeah, your comments show just how sorry and hypocritical you really are. No wonder your comments are so two faced–you think people don’t notice this? What–going to say now, someone is “pretending to be you–you would never say stuff like that”? Nasty and rude remarks are nasty and rude remarks–have the decency to own what you say.

          • You need to learn to tell the difference between criticizing the actress and the character. It is completely unrelated.
            I absolutely feel sorry for the actress to be put in this position. The character is atrocious. Not the fault of the actress. That goes on the show runner one hundred percent. The actress and the writers are doing the best they can with this bomb of a character. Shakespeare couldn’t make her work. As someone said, you can’t polish a tur

          • of all the words to cut off. You cant polish a TURD.

          • BonnieQ says:

            Spare me, you can try and rationalize your various comments all you want. Whatever mood strikes you, out come the catty remarks. You would find some fault with whomever took Cote’s place, either by the writing, looks or some other imagined horror. Only polishing I’m seeing is by you. Nice try…….

          • BJG says:

            I don’t understand… One minute you complain that Bishop can do everything and the next you’re complaining that she needs a babysitter – which is it?

            And let me add that Tony is NOT a babysitter, he is a SFA training probie. Did you have a problem with Dorny when he messed up with both McGee and Tony? He was a trained NCIS agent & he forgot his gun!

          • Joni says:

            Bishop is older than Ziva was (22 – born in November 1982) when she arrived at NCIS and got assigned to Gibbs’ team – and she’d already served 2 years in the Army, gone to college, trained for and served missions for The Mossad and gotten a promotion from Agent to Handler.
            Bishop is around 27-28 (6 years with the NSA post college). She like McGee before her (with just a short period of time as a Case Agent in Norfolk) will grow as an agent under the tutelage of Gibbs, Tony & Tim and speaking only for myself I think she’ll do great. Gibbs sees her potential. Tony & Tim welcomed her. All 3 of them want her there (as does Vance – or he wouldn’t have approved her becoming an agent and Ducky, Abby & Jimmy).

          • Lily says:

            Lucy, you need to decide. Or Bishop is a Girl Wonder who knows anything, or she needs a baby-sitter.
            I agree with you that there’s a difference between characters and actors (though many tiva/mote don’t understand it), but sometimes critizing one means criticizing the other one too, like when you and your friends called Tony, Bishop’s “old fat Uncle”. Did you realize that Tony’s body is MW’s body? Did you realize that you were calling Michael ‘old and fat’?
            And then you all claim to be his fans?!

            If I were you and your friends I would pay attention to what you all post on Twitter, especially now that Michael is following a couple of tiva/mote to keep an eye on all of you… or did you think he is following people who ship him with CdP because he agrees with them? ;)

  33. Brian says:

    The NCIS show runners and CBS are probably thinking that their 19-20 million viewers before they replaced a major character turned into … 19-20 million viewers, all while crushing a potential hit in Marvel’s new show in the time slot. I expect they are ecstatic.

    The only fan feedback they will react to is a hit in the ratings, either in the total viewers or the demo. I believe they have held on to a solid 3. That’s about as well as this show, which skews older, has done lately.

    • Annette says:

      Funny that you should mention the rating, especially now that Bishop is here…..don’t you think with them bringing in someone younger, they would have gained more viewers instead of holding steady? As for the demo, it is lower this season than last season, which tells me the targeted 18-49 demo isn’t watching the show as much. I would have thought a show in its 11th season would be gaining even more viewers and have higher demos, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that this season.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Curious, what’s the argument for a show IN ITS 11TH SEASON to be GAINING viewers…? And considering the bulk of its viewers are longtime viewers, wouldn’t them getting OLDER go against the demo getting BETTER?

        • as of this week they weren’t gaining viewers, and I didn’t think the demo was getting better?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Exactly. Because, realistically, why would an 11-year-old show be gaining viewers and “getting younger” in the demo? Illogical.

          • respectfully, I guess we are reading different numbers. :)

          • DarkDefender says:

            Respectfully, Lucy.. I think you are missing Matt’s point.

          • flootzavut says:

            Yes, Lucy has missed the point by such a wide margin she probably didn’t even spot it flying past.

            People also seem to be miss the point that one of the important things with ratings, as I understand it, is how the show does against others broadcast the same night/in the same timeslot. By that metric, NCIS is basically destroying its rivals… the nearest of which is its spinoff, NCIS LA.

          • flootzavut says:


            I hope links work!

            Just quietly leaving this here, making no comment, just subtly gesturing at an interesting article about how the younger demo is not as powerful as it once was and how that makes shows that skew older that much more powerful…

        • Mel says:

          I think I love you, Matt.

        • leia says:

          You’re spot on Matt. I’ve now left both demos. I’m so bummed!

        • Joni says:

          Hi Matt,
          I find it rather ironic that in a split second back in 2009 I went from being in the demographic to being out of the demographic – yep, I turned 50. “NCIS” (like “JAG” before it) has always skewed older and there’s nothing wrong with this.
          Only guessing here but I would think that CBS and the cast and crew at “NCIS” are very happy with how the show is doing ratings wise here in 11 seasons in. Also guessing that a whole slew of newer shows would be thrilled with the ratings “NCIS” continues to get.

          On the topic of meeting Ellie’s husband – I’m looking forward to it (perhaps next season?) and being an NSA lawyer I can see him being introduced in a way that would work with the “case of the week”.

      • Darlene says:

        Well, considering that NCIS experienced an almost identical increase in the 25-54 demo as they lost in the 18-49 demo, I’d say some 49 year old NCIS viewers turned 50 within the past year. And the slide in the 18-49 demo was present during at least the second half of last season, as well.
        Plus, that “coveted” demo is more illusive as viewers turn to different platforms to watch their shows. NCIS is still the top network drama in the 18-49 demo, which really is amazing. Contrary to your belief that a show should grow in its 11th season on the air, the opposite is what inevitably what happens (and usually a lot sooner than 11 seasons in).
        Matt is right. His numbers are right. His logic is right. I’ll add that I think CBS is very happy with NCIS’ performance. As much as the anti-Bishop people want it to be true, the sky is not falling; the ratings aren’t tanking…NCIS just keeps going strong.

  34. MikeM says:

    In this week’s episode, I was hoping they would test some of those bad vests on Bishop. Longtime fan. Liked Kate and Ziva. Blonde girl is a lightweight. She doesn’t make the cut. And Gibbs needs to get his balls back.

  35. Jan says:

    NCIS has been awful this year. The Bishop character adds nothing to this show. Fans are dropping it from their TV schedules. The people in charge are not paying attention to their viewers. You cannot force feed this person down viewer’s throats. I thought EJ was annoying. This one is worse. The only good episode this season was the one with Ralph Waite. He will be missed.

  36. Margarete says:

    Bishop is the character who will bring down NCIS! I didn’t care much about Ziva but have never thought the people responsible could create this!
    Once again she is an insult to people working in law enforcement! Now add the guy who married the most incompetent agent I have seen so far, no thanks, instead get rid of Bishop herself!

    • Completely agree on this point. She is on an elite team, and she is just starting basic training NOW. What’s funny is this was obviously retconned. On Tuesday they made some excuse that a trainer had been fully booked so that’s why Bishop couldn’t do it before now. She is squeezing in 15 weeks of required basic training in her spare time, in between going out in the field with an elite team. On her first case she got shot in the chest. Seriously? Is this supposed to be endearing? It’s an embarrassment, and a setback to all WOMEN LEOs who have to fight every day to be taken seriously. Apparently on the “special” Gibbs team a fluffy little girl can waltz in and be handed a gun. Never mind all the other agents who have worked for years. I fully understand suspension of disbelief, but this is over the line.

      • John NYC says:

        The fluffy little girl (at thirty? Interesting use of “little girl”, sexist much?) was a fully experienced NSA analyst. Adding additional brains to the team rather than some simple assassin (foreign agent or not) seems a logical move. The “I” does stand for Investigative right? She’ll aid in that one would expect. It’s what NSA does after all.

        But let’s get back to Gibb’s eyebrows… HOW can that remain?

        • The team was already overloaded with brains, they didn’t need any more. The team does need members that can protect themselves as well as their teammates in the field. Analysts are not agents, and vice versa. I’m an analyst myself. I’m fine with suspension of disbelief, but this is ridiculous. Analysts work with their brains, in secure locations. Agents go out in the field. Both get lots of training which is COMPLETELY different. you can’t just flip one into the other’s role and expect them to learn on the job. It’s just a stupid, stupid concept.
          Bishop is a perfectly ok character, as long as she is doing the job she is good at … in an office. She would be fine as an office worker that they consult. in the field, she makes no sense at all.

          • BJG says:

            But having a foreign spy, trained assassin with NO investigative skills being FORCED on the team was a good call. As others have pointed out NCIS is an INVESTIGATIVE federal agency. They don’t purposely go around trying to kill people.

      • JimC says:

        This is hilarious. Check out the Bishop Bashers…..it’s 95% women doing the bashing. Wake up ladies, it’s a TV show. If you don’t like it….don’t watch it.

        • I actually agree with this somewhat, but it’s not what you’re thinking. You’re assuming “bishop bashers” are jealous. Well I had no problem with any of the other beautiful women on the show. I love Kate, Jenny, Ziva. Women DO have a problem with BIshop because she is a helpless cute little thing, and everything is handed to her unearned. I have worked in the scientific community and the defense community and have struggled for years to be taken seriously. One reason I loved Ziva was that she was so competent, skillful, and serious. She didn’t need the boys to protect her. Neither did Kate or Jenny. Now we are given this stupid little wisp of a girl who can’t be trusted to cross the street, she massively mishandled the Parsa case, and she got hugs, candy, and a promotion. Call it jealousy, it’s reality. I am a DOD contractor and it’s ugly in this industry for women. Bring on your ignorant sexist criticism.

          • JimC says:

            Don’t assume. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. You have no idea what I’m thinking. What I said could not be more straight forward….it’s a TV show. Change the channel if you don’t like it.

          • BonnieQ says:

            Well, I am a woman and I totally disagree with everything you say. I don’t have a problem with Bishop at all, are you speaking for every woman out here? Better have proof to back up your outrageous and jealous comments. You don’t speak for me or anyone else, so stop it.

          • for Bonnie, I have spent the last decade in this field what proof are you looking for? it is brutal.

          • for Jim, you’re right, I have no idea what you were thinking. Please elaborate what you were thinking.

          • BonnieQ says:

            For Lucy–I’ve been in law enforcement in Los Angeles for the last thirty years. Is that long enough for you? Yes it is brutal. HOWEVER, people gain their training by learning, and the proof I was speaking about was your outrageous comment, “Women DO have a problem with BIshop because she is a helpless cute little thing”. What women are you speaking for besides yourself? Not me. Where are all these women you speak for? You want to rag on a character, fine, go ahead, your comments speak volumes about you–just remember, you are not the voice of women everywhere.

          • BJG says:

            Let’s see “the boys” had to save Ziva from the P2P killer & from Somelia & both of these times it was her INCOMPETENCE that lead to her having to be saved. And this was years after being on team Gibbs. Bishops only been “officially” on the team for about a month.

  37. Erin says:

    suggestion for cast on the Tommorow People Julie Marie Berman would be great for that role she has three daytime emmys and can play attitude.

    • JimC says:

      @lucy LOL, you’re still at it? You want to know what I’m thinking…..okay, fine. I think you are possessed by a TV show. You might want to step away from the screen and actually go out and live your life, if you even have one besides the one Mark Harmon provides for you. It’s a TV show!! Get over it!!!

  38. Kim R says:

    I’ve said this before but I really think they should have brought her in, here and there, as a temp along with other people and let the team work that way for a while. Then, gradually let her become the permanent choice. That would have given the viewers a chance to adjust, enjoy the difference fill-ins and then accept someone that we started to get to know. I’m a fan of NCIS from the beginning and am not going to stop watching because I’m unhappy with the choices (I am hoping the PTB will listen to the loyal fans at least a little) much like I didn’t stop watching The Good Wife during the horrendous “Kalinda’s husband” storyline. That being said I’m not sure what they could do now to dial it back. It is hard to get toothpaste back in the tube. :(

  39. Amy says:

    Thanks for the Charming scoop! I’m really looking forward to ‘The Tower’ and seeing how they spin the tale …the pre-released image of Charming and Rapunzal looked great.

  40. Heathers says:

    Holt McCalleny! :)). I can’t wait for the Bridge to return too.

  41. Chris from Raleigh says:

    I think the NCIS people felt they had to come up with something fast and thought that Bishop would be the answer. My idea would have been to have the CGIS lady come in. I think if they tried to do McGee type transistion, the show would have jumped the shark.

    • well I asked Brian Dietzen this question on twitter and he said TPTB wanted to fill the lead female position ASAP. I think Gary Glasberg intended to take it slower but CBS insisted on a different time frame. In any case, the person they chose does not fill the position. not just IMO, look at the FB page. The fans are very unhappy with the new direction. The regular characters we love are unrecognizable.

      • BonnieQ says:

        And of course, everything on Twitter and Facebook is 100% accurate and correct because it’s the Internet–I just gave myself a CAT scan from eye rolling. Do the fans of Facebook speak for all NCIS fans, like you speak for all women? Yeah, right, I didn’t think so.

        • Dragonfly says:

          what is wrong with you? you are attacking Lucy under every comment she made. we get it – she does not speak for you. but majority of people are not happy with new addition to NCIS. IMHO Bishop is not good fit for the team, I would so much prefer second Abby. FB and Tweeter maybe are not accurate but people do comuincate that way nowadays. Lucy said it is not only her opinion as she is right, she I’d NOT speaking for everyone and she does not pretend to be. Get a life

          • John NYC says:

            “The fans are very unhappy ”

            It’s this sort of sweeping generalization that gets objected to. SOME fans are unhappy, others clearly are not. And the toxic BS such as the incessant whining over an actor’s eyebrows is completely tiresome.

            They had a huge hole in their scripts when de Pablo didn’t return and they filled it as best they could. Actually producing, somewhat to my surprise, shows that were actually overall superior to recent seasons. I tend to attribute that more to TPTB rising to the challenge of a more open storyboard wiped clean in a big way by a characters exit, they woke up from just phoning it in, but also to the new character, a change from before that opens up possibilities instead of the same old, who do we kill this week? Which, coupled with the soap opera pining, had gotten stale.

            The onscreen and off reaction of the rest of the cast has also shown a positive reaction overall that I find nice.

          • leia says:

            A majority of people who respond to on line web content, may be unhappy, and that may not even be a majority. That represents a small fraction or real world viewers. I belong to a fan site, and the general reaction has been favorable to Bishop and season 11. We have people who’ve posted as many as 15000 times, on the site, while we aren’t a unanimous voice, and certainly we have our picks about some writing and such, overall reaction is positive.

          • Max Ames says:

            Uh, no. BonnieQ raised some good points after a couple of more outrageous comments–and you accuse her of “attacking Lucy”. WOW, hyperbole much? I object to the sweeping comments as well, but never take the time to call people on them because, the SAME people make the SAME comments ALL the time, and I find them silly and exhausting to respond to. Seriously, Dragonfly, you should get a life for yourself before telling others to.

          • yes, she's gone says:

            What majority are you talking about? Most people do not communicate on facebook or twitter, so going there for your numbers is rather one sided. In my opinion Bishop is a good fit with the team, is your opinion more important than mine because I don’t agree with you? Maybe you should take your own advice, you are stating that “majority” of people, what majority the ones on facebook and twitter???

          • There are about 10 well known people who have clustered on this message board for years, insisting they are the majority. They hate Ziva, they attack everyone who likes Ziva, and now of course they adore Bishop. If you go to any other message boards on the internet it you will see a completely different situation – especially the FB page. Just because they bury this page in posts doesn’t mean they represent most fans.

          • She is never coming back! says:

            Says the troll who uses multiple names on every thread to attack anyone who disagrees with her. Oh, the irony.

          • flootzavut says:

            The more compelling evidence, Lucy, is the fact that the predicted drop off in ratings that the extreme Ziva fans predicted simply hasn’t happened. The FB page is a pit of voles – people even used the memorial post for Ralph Waite to whine about Cote having left.

            Face it, those of us who post online about the show – pro Ziva, anti Ziva and indifferent to Ziva – are already in a minority and don’t represent the average Joe who watches each week and doesn’t give it a moment’s thought in between times. The fact that the show is still attracting a consistent audience of 19 million per week, winning the ratings battle in its time slot and overall on its night, in its ELEVENTH season, says it all. Last time I looked the petition to bring her back hadn’t even limped to 18,000 signatures _worldwide_.

            “The fans are very unhappy” is a huge generalisation, and the concrete information we have suggests it’s also simply inaccurate.

        • yes, she's gone says:

          I’m not on twitter or facebook, and I am a woman, I love Bishop, I think she fits perfectly with the team. No matter what lucy and her small group of z worshippers think, most people are not on twitter or facebook. NCIS is doing quite well without their precious princess and they can’t stand that.

          • if you’re not on twitter, how are you seeing my tweets?

          • She is never coming back! says:

            You don’t need to have a Twitter account to be able to see your disgusting comments. You might want to remember that your posts are PUBLIC, even the really nasty ones you do not cc the publicists in on. They can see those as well as the butt-kissing you actually cc them in on, dontcha know?!

        • as524 says:

          Bonnie – most of these ‘fans’ have been attacking the show since July and have been attacking ziva’s replacement for just about as long as well.

          It wouldn’t matter how wonderful the character was written or who played her – the new agent is not ziva and in the end that’s all that matters for many, whether they are on here, twitter or the FB page unfortunately.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t a tweet or post somewhere urging everyone to come here and post how they feel about Bishop. They’ve done it before with polls and other characters.

          Poor EW has now had to block various fans from her twitter because of the abuse she has taken from the die-hard ‘ziva fans’ and ‘mote shippers’

          • flootzavut says:

            The Mote shipping is really sick. Michael is happily married with kids, Cote is in a long term relationship that appears happy and stable, and moreover they are real freaking people. It’s disturbing that people ship them as if they were fictional. I’m sadly not remotely surprised that such delusional individuals would attack Emily Wickersham :-/

        • flootzavut says:

          “I just gave myself a CAT scan from eye rolling”

          Bwahahaha love it.

          Yes, Bishop haters keep talking about them being a majority of fans, and referring to the FB page and similar to “prove” it. Probably is, that proves exactly nothing.

          There’s so much Bishop hate and bring Cote back there – usually coming from a small but repetitive group of people – that for people who don’t hate her, it’s tiresome. Not so very long ago there was a sweet tribute to the late and beloved Ralph Waite, and there were actually people using the ACTUAL tribute post to whine about Bishop and beg for Ziva to return. Zero respect. It was pretty disgusting. Fortunately the people running the page did a pretty good job responding and deleted most of the comments, but that’s the level of ridiculous and cringe making we are talking about. A lot of people are simply avoiding the page because of the same people whining over and over again, often on topics that have nothing to do with either character (for example, McGee Monday posts). The NCIS FB page is currently a pit of voles.

          The ratings, on the other hand, show a consistent audience is watching week by week, that they are attracting more viewers overall and in the demo than other shows, both those pitted directly against them and those in other time slots, and that their nearest rival is the spinoff, NCIS LA. The ratings are what counts, not a group of fans complaining, no matter how repetitive their claims.

          If that isn’t good enough, compare the international petition to get Cote back with the ratings. 19-20 million views in the US alone. Last time I looked, the petition had yet to limp past 18K signatures, despite being some seven months old. You may not like it, but the position that “a majority of viewers hate Bishop and want Ziva back” is pretty hard to defend outside of niche groups like the Facebook page and similar. Being vociferous is not the same as having a majority.

          People are keen to use phrases that suggest a majority – “the fans are not happy” being a perfect example – but the numbers simply don’t back that premise up.

          • JimC says:

            @ Flootzavut FINALLY…..someone who gets it. And to the collection of twits crying for a Ziva return….WAKE UP!!! De Pablo left on her own accord….they offered her a lot of money which she turned down, so it’s not a matter of “bringing her back”. She does NOT want to come back. Once again, if any of you don’t like what they are doing….CHANGE the channel…there are millions of viewers. You will NOT be missed.

          • mimi says:

            Very well said!
            What I find really interesting (and annoying) is that some members of this small group of whiners, have so many nicknames and Twitter/FB accounts that their group must be even smaller than we think LOL
            For ex., I know for sure that one of them has at least 4 different identities and sometimes she replies her own posts and agrees with herself… ridiculous!

          • BonnieQ says:

            Thanks for your astute and well thought out answer. I come to read other people’s comments after work to relax. I’ve watched NCIS since it started on JAG. I do know the difference between fictional shows and the harsh reality of life–I get my escape from a very demanding job by watching shows like NCIS. Normally, I do not respond to childish whining and rude manners that is prevalent on these boards regarding the pro/anti Ziva situation, I mean why should I? I have two kids at home who do it a great deal–but they are 4 and 7 and they know how that doesn’t fly with me. Television shows have changes in personnel, it happens. I feel very badly for Emily Wickersham and the other actors of NCIS for having to be hounded by a niche group of ill mannered people who don’t seem to grasp the concept that Cote De Pablo left, she wasn’t fired, she wasn’t run out of Dodge on a rail, she, herself, made the decision to not continue as Ziva.
            I will continue to watch NCIS as long as it stays on. I doubt if I will respond to any more comments from the “Wah! I want Ziva back crowd!” because, I agree, it’s simply too tiresome to waste my time with delusional and juvenile comments. I saw that tribute post to Ralph Waite and was totally disgusted by the attempts to shanghai the intent of the post for another round of “bring her back”. I wonder how Ms. De Pablo would view the antics of her so called “fans” after episodes like this? I’ve seen her in a few interviews and she always came across as a warm and compassionate woman–I believe after the whole Ralph Waite snafu, she, like I was, would be horrified.

          • flootzavut says:

            I was totally horrified by the attempted hijacking of that memorial post. I imagine anyone who knew him and worked with him would feel the same. It was just so disrespectful.

            I’m forever baffled by the people who behave like total assholes and then get all injured innocence when they’re called out on it. There are a few tweets etc from last summer of which I wish I’d taken screenshots, because it’s sickening how some people who sent rude, abusive tweets to cast/crew/family are currently acting as if they don’t understand why negativity is being sent their way. Naming no names, but one person in particular was being defended vociferously by other twitterers last time I saw the OpBBC feed, and I know, because I saw with my own eyes, just how vile that person was being less than a year ago.

            So far every time I’ve pointed out the numbers this way, things have magically gone quiet. The only exception – and a rather amusing one at that – being the genius who informed me I’d spelled “maths” wrong, as evidently she had no idea that it might not be “math” outside the US.

            I did see someone else claiming that most of the people watching week on week have only been doing so because they were watching to criticise. This is the level of critical thinking happening over this. It’s ridiculous, and would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing. It doesn’t surprise me to see a continuous fallback to talking points and/or rudeness, because the facts just dot support their claims. I am also highly amused by certain people who are or claim to be analysts/doing jobs within the intelligent community. For people who are supposedly intelligent and capable when it comes to analysing stats… Wow. These people are part of the agencies that protect the US. Be afraid, be very afraid.

            Frankly, I expect NCIS will end within the next few years because the cast are ageing, particularly some of the core members: There’s a fine balance between doing a job you enjoy and are well paid for, and flogging a dead horse when you’re not longer fit for it. It’s done well to last eleven years, and given how well it’s done to keep its audience, it’s hardly surprising that the demo is getting older. It’s amazing how well it’s doing this year considering it’s up against a well hyped spin off from an immensely popular franchise that was specifically aimed at a younger demo. All things considered, if Cote was as central to the show as some would have us believe, the ratings should have plummeted.

            There are seriously some people who need instruction on how to use their remote controls to change the channel or simply turn the goggle box off. I’m sure it would be happier all round if they’d just start watching something else. But again, that would require common sense. I’m not holding my breath…

            Oh and ps you’d think that if posters had to reply to themselves/use multiple accounts to get their points across, they’d make the connection that maybe, just maybe, their opinion wasn’t the majority they thought it was. Apparently, instead of going, okay, so I was wrong, and finding something else to fill their Tuesday evenings, these folks have decided that the best use of their time is agreeing with their own posts and pretending to be more than one person in some kind of attempt to get CBS to ignore the ratings and go along with a few dozen kooks on the ‘net. Again, it’s almost humorous, except that they take themselves so very seriously.

          • Angela says:

            What scares me about the whole pro/anti Ziva/Bishop debate is that these are supposed adults posting here. People who have jobs, families, etc. And yet you sure wouldn’t believe that to be the case judging from the nasty insults, both about the actresses, and towards each other, that play out here in seemingly every single “NCIS”-related article.
            It is fine to like a character. It is fine to not like a character. It is fine to criticize if a show isn’t to your liking anymore. But it stuns me how many people on this site, not just in regards to “NCIS”, but other shows as well, can’t seem to tell the difference between legit criticism and flat out nasty, rude behavior/comments. What on earth makes any of you people who engage in these inane debates honestly think the rest of us readers/commenters want to scroll through pages of this every single week? Newsflash: we don’t.
            So if anyone’s still in the mood to act less mature than a five year old on this site about a show or an actor or a character, or towards other fans, please, I beg of you, take it elsewhere. Or grow up and act your proper age. One of the two.

          • flootzavut says:

            I’ve seen more than one of the extremists post things long the lines of “I’m in my forties, doncha know?” It’s frightening that they seem to think that makes their behaviour okay. It makes me want to say, okay, the fact you have a life, responsibilities, a job, even kids… That makes your behaviour more worrying, not less. The idea that some of them are primary carers for young children is disturbing.

  42. Liz says:

    Thanks for the spoilers for “The Good Wife,” Matt. :)
    I have been increasingly interested/curious about what sort of interaction (if any) we would get between Will & Alicia because of the separate law firms and after the dust settles from the huge blowout this season. I’ve started really sort of rooting for the two because during hiatus (after a phenomenal first half of the season) I’ve started marathoning the show from season one. I’m now on season three and I’ve found they are truly one of the best written/best acted pairings out there. They have phenomenal chemistry, they’re realistic and nuanced, just great, really – as you would expect from such fantastic writers as the Kings and co., not to mention such gifted actors such as Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies. I’ve been thinking they really outshine all the rest out there on any current show I’ve watched. So I hope they do have interactions because it would be a shame if it was done with now that I’ve started catching up and found out how great they are.

  43. sarah says:

    More important question for Blue Bloods: When will Jamie get more than just the dinner scenes again? Erin had a bigger part on last nights episode.

  44. Tom says:

    Bishop is a NCIS nightmare! Quit watching because of her! Never loved Ziva but wish she was back to save the show! Bishop is the worst character I have seen for a very long time played by an actress who seems to be learning to act on the job! No doubt Bishop will bring NCIS down!

  45. Martha says:

    First let me sing: “Matt… I think I love you!” LOL
    (Do you know anything juicy about NCIS 250th ep. and SF?)

    I really like Ellie Bishop. She’s a breath of fresh air.
    She’s smart, but not arrogant; funny but not mean and/or disrespectful. So luckily. she’s completely different from the character who was sitting at her desk before, CdP quit the show to do movies and move on with her life.

    I’ve read some people saying that Gibbs would never bring such a green probie on the field because it’s dangerous… did these people forget that Gibbs worked for months with a team made of an experienced field Agent (Langer), an NCIS lawyer with little experience on the field (Lee) and a veeeery green probie-computer geek who was barely able to find his desk in the bullpen?
    Some other people complained because Ellie (very slightly) whined when she got shot in the chest in “Bulletproof”. Did they forget Kate and her reaction when a terrorist shot her just before Arri killed her?

    I agree that Delilah is a good character and I hope to see her again, but I’m sure that, if the roles were reversed, Bishop’s detractors would whine about Delilah and applaude EB. It’s not the character or the actress… it’s just that she’s sitting at their idol’s former desk.

    So… Go Bishop! Go EW!
    You’re what NCIS needed and, as S11 ratings show, many people love you both :)

  46. Erin says:

    I think that the Ellie Bishop character has the potential to be a nice addition and breath of fresh air for the show. I agree with Martha in that I was so tired of Ziva’s superior snark as well as the overdone dramas. Her temper tantrums didn’t do the character any favors either.

    I do hope that we will see Ellie take a bit more of a back seat to especially Tony now that the character has been introduced. I don’t want Ellie to turn into the mary sue of problem solving for the team. I really want to see Tony come up with solutions and be portrayed as a valuable and gifted agent. It’s just not enough for Gibbs to mention that Tony is a good agent or that he trusts him once or twice a season. I want to SEE evidence of it.

  47. mimi says:

    If Bishop is dangerous because she has little experience on the field, what was Ziva?

    Ziva was a violent woman who thought “you first shoot and then ask questions”.
    She screwed up all of her undercover missions except the first one with Tony, calling him by his real name in front of many potential enemies. Luckily her SFA immediately corrected her and the killer didn’t hear her.
    A suspect died in her custody, after she punched him because “he was annoying”. Luckily Jenny saved her a** or AI would have investigated her.
    She pointed a loaded gun twice to her susperior just because she didn’t want to accept her responsibilities in her boyfriend’s death after Tony had saved her from Rivkin and her daddy. Did she ever apologize for that? No!
    She discussed and disregarded her SFA and Boss’ orders in Cloak and Tony got the worse in that fight.
    She stared at her target during the undercover mission with Sr. and when her SFA ordered her to leave and get his father (a civilian) out of the building, she said ‘no’. Luckily Sr. was able to defend himself and stop the bad guy before Tony and McGee’s arrival.
    I could go on and on and on and on… but I’ll stop here ’cause I think that’s enough.
    So who is/was a danger for Gibbs, Tony and McGee?

    Ellie Bishop is smart and humble enough to ask for advice and listen to poeple who have more experience than her. This is what clever people do ;)

  48. Lorrie Carroll says:

    Tony has a piano in his home and Michael Weatherly plays the piano. Will we be seeing Tony play on NCIS? Lorrie

  49. tejasjulia says:

    Love Ellie Bishop and the more we see of her the more I like her. Great chemistry with all the rest of the cast and all the characters are more *in* character than they’ve been in years. After the awkward start, this season has been phenomenal. Looking forward to the rest of it. Best season in YEARS.

    • flootzavut says:

      A lot of people of my acquaintance are saying the same thing. The angst drenched stuff is not to everyone’s taste, although some people miss it.

  50. Lakeisha says:

    I agree, Bishop is kind of making NCIS boring, it doesn’t feel like a team anymore. Ziva and Kate created a team. I’m still trying to give her a chance. It only took me a couple of episodes to like Ziva. I think Deliah would have been a better fit. Hopefully she joins the team. She doesn’t need her legs to investigate; that can be done from a computer. Like I said I’ll keep watching, because I love NCIS