Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Once, Arrow, Grey's, Glee, New Girl, True Blood and More

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Question: I hope I’m not too late to beg for Castle scoop! —Mandy
Ausiello: This season’s 20th episode is called “That ’70s Show,” and word on the street is it will literally be set in ’70s New York. Please tell me Nathan Fillion will be channeling his inner Travolts!

Question: Is the death of Ralph Waite going to be written into NCIS and Bones? —Kevin
Ausiello: It’s TBD on both fronts, although I hear there’s a good chance Bones‘ next original episode — tentatively scheduled for March 10 — will pay tribute to the beloved actor in the form of an “in memoriam” title card.

Question: I see your colleague Matt Mitovich visited the Once Upon a Time set. Did he get anything on Neal? —Viviane
Ausiello: He most certainly did. The good news is that Neal is resolved to reunite with Emma, some way, somehow. The bad news is that his Oncebaby momma’s parents don’t immediately agree with his agenda, since they know that Emma is now living in NYC, partially oblivious yet unarguably happy with son Henry. As Josh Dallas explained to MM on the set, “When we get back to fairytale land, Neal is determined to go find Emma, but Charming and Snow just want their daughter to be happy. So they try to say, ‘Look, this is where we live now. This is what we have and that [other realm] is where she and Henry are. We have to let them go.'” But will Neal listen?

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Question: In Episode 2.05 of Once Upon A Time, “The Doctor,” there is a scene with young Regina, Rumple and Jefferson at his castle. When Rumple mentions something about the “ruby slippers,” the camera focuses on Regina’s face and she appears nervous and drops something on the table, indicating that the mention of the ruby slippers had some effect on her. Was that on purpose? Is Regina somehow connected to OZ or the footwear in question? —Ana
Ausiello: First off, the slippers you refer to “probably won’t be ruby,” exec producer Eddie Kitsis reveals. Adds fellow EP Adam Horowitz: “The ruby slippers may have been a false road because, in the books, they were silver slippers.” And Once will be “sticking to the book for legal reasons,” confirms Kitsis. Now, back to your actual question regarding Regina’s connection to OZ, I have no clue. But at least I cleared up the ruby confusion! That’s gotta be worth something!

Question: Please tell me Sara/Canary isn’t going anywhere on Arrow. I’m loving her so much! —Joseph
Ausiello: If you caught sight of a certain TVLine editor’s Twitter background — which was snapped on his visit to the set last week, during the filming of Episode 18 — you’d see that Canary is alive and well. Thus far. Though her big sister Laurel may wish otherwise. Coming out of their icy reunion, “Sara is heartbroken,” Caity Lotz tells us. “For Sara to be like, ‘I’m not dead, yet [the fling with Oliver] is still that big to you?’ It’s heartbreaking that Laurel isn’t over that [comparatively] small stuff. Sara feels like her sister would rather have her dead!”

Question: I heard that Nashville is finally bringing on Scarlett’s mom/Deacon’s sister later this season. Any scoop for the remaining Claybourne?  —Jill
Ausiello: The role hasn’t been cast yet, if that’s what you’re asking. I can, however, share that mother and daughter have a very strained relationship, even by Nashville standards.

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Question: Are there additional episodes of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland to be aired? If so, when will the season resume? —Larry
Ausiello: There are five episodes left, the first of which is slated to air Thursday, March 6. For an update on where a possible second season stands, click here.

James Frecheville New GirlQuestion: Do you have any New Girl spoilers on Schmidt and Cece? Please and thank you. —Tiffany
Ausiello: Cece’s going to hit it off with a new guy at the bar (Aussie actor James Frecheville of Animal Kingdom fame; pictured, right). There’s just one problem: He’s 10 years her junior — although it might not be too much of a problem since he’s sticking around for more than one episode.

Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Meredith and Derek? —B
Ausiello: Next Thursday’s installment will have you asking the question, “Is there a little Derek Shepherd running around out there that we never knew about?!” Speaking of the midseason premiere, which picks up immediately following Jackson’s wedding-interrupting proclamation, the first five minutes are so bananas I totally thought it was going to turn out to be a hallucination — but it didn’t!

Question: Any scoop on the decision Calzona will make about their relationship when Grey’s Anatomy returns? —Ashley
Ausiello: It’s connected to something I teased in Ask Ausiello last month.

Question: Is it too early for True Blood scoop? I could use some hot Bon Temps news in my snow-filled life! —Jenna
Ausiello: Is there life after love for poor widow Arlene? My guess is mmmhmmm after reading a new Season 7 breakdown for the recurring role of Keith, a romantic vampire who moonlights (get it?) as a drummer in James’ (Luke Grimes Nathan Parsons) band and who takes an instant liking to a certain grieving waitress. Now I have a Q for you, Jenna — did we know that NuJames had a band?!?!

Question: Us Grimmsters still have another week to wait until the next new episode. Any word on what to expect when the show returns? –Will
Ausiello: We’re going to meet at least one more member of the royal family: King Frederick, aka Sean and Eric Renard’s father, a formidable man whom we’re guessing is going to lay down some regal smack regarding all of this Eric’s death/Adalind’s baby nonsense.

Question: OK, I’ll bite: Which two Glee characters that have never been linked romantically will make out in the second half of the season?! —Jeffrey
Ausiello: Tina and [Spoiler]. Also, this may be the scene it happens in.

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