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Question: On The Crazy Ones, I loved the moment between Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Sydney and Hamish Linklater’s Andrew when she tells him she can’t date him because she can’t lose her best friend. These two are totally going to end up together, right? —Angela
Ausiello: Conventional wisdom says… duh. My crystal ball, meanwhile, says the sexual tension between those two Crazy kids will heat up when sparks start flying between Andrew and Syd’s new assistant (played by The Vampire Diaries‘ Tiya Sircar — EXCLUSIVE!). Will this new office romance finally push her to admit that she wants to be the Buffy to his Spike?

Question: Any fun scoop on my favorite crazies over at The Crazy Ones? —Jenn
Ausiello: Not only are we about to learn that James Wolk’s Zach was a private-party emcee when he was discovered by Robin Williams’ Simon, we’re going to see him bring his bar mitzvah alter ego, “Dr Z,” out of retirement.

Question: Will we see Peter Pan in the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3 (premiering March 9)? I was thinking that even if he’s dead, that doesn’t mean he can’t show up in flashback or maybe in Rumpelstiltskin’s subconscious. —Natalie
Ausiello: Series cocreator Eddy Kitsis shares your fandom of Robbie Kay’s run as Pan, saying, “We definitely would like to see him in a flashback, because the character was so much fun to write. I’m not sure it will happen this season, but there is a potential.” Concurs Adam Horowitz: “We would hate to not be able to use him again.”

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Adam Pally The Mindy ProjectQuestion: Do you have anything on The Mindy Project? —Alayna
Ausiello: The show is flirting with giving Adam Pally’s Peter a full-on love interest via Lauren, a potentially recurring single mother and surgeon. The two meet at a British game night party (they’re the only two Americans) and agree to go out to dinner. Their first big obstacle: He likes bimbos and she’s anything but.

Question: Will there be a time jump after Glee moves exclusively to New York later this season? Or will they be stuck in the past forever? – Jack
Ausiello: Unofficial word on the street is the show will leap ahead several months between the graduation episode and Sam, Blaine and Artie’s arrival in the Big Apple. BONUS SCOOP: Two characters with no shared romantic history whatsoever will do the tonsil tango this spring (and their PDA will be met with a resounding, “Ewwwww.”)

Question: Anything new about Mercedes in upcoming Glee episodes? —Mary
Ausiello: Amber Riley will be back for the show’s big 100th installment — that’s old news. Here’s some possibly new news: She’s sticking around! “You’re going to see where Mercedes’ life is going in a couple of episodes,” she teases. “You may even see her in a new city.”

Question: When will Booth’s buddy Aldo return to Bones? —Mark
Ausiello: If not this season, “We definitely want him to come back [in Season 10],” per exec producer Stephen Nathan, who calls Mather Zickel’s priestley character “a great asset to the show. “

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Question: Can you give me any scoop on Stiles from Teen Wolf? He’s my favorite character. –Amy
Ausiello: Scott and Stiles’ friendship will be tested to the limit this season… possibly with fatal results. [Cue ominous thunderclap, wolf howls in distance]

ArrowQuestion: Not going to be picky — I’ll take anything you have on Arrow. —Josh
Ausiello: How ’bout I give you everything I have: Cynthia Addai-Robinson will next appear as Amanda in the mid-March episode “Suicide Squad,” which flashes back to Dig’s days in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, we’ll find out what Ollie’s biz partner (and sometimes business partner) Isabel Rochev has been up to when Summer Glau resurfaces in Episode 18.

Question: I’m begging for some scoop on Pretty Little Liars! I’d like intel about Ezra, but I’ll take anything! –Estee
Ausiello: Now that Spencer has told Hanna and Emily about Ezra, it’s only a matter of time before Aria finds out. But given Spencer’s recent dalliance with pills, Aria vehemently refuses to believe her soul mate is evil. (Fun fact: I don’t have the foggiest idea what I just wrote.)

Question: I love The Fosters. Got any scoop? — Cora
Ausiello: We’re only halfway through the season, but you might want to start bracing yourself for the winter finale, airing March 24. When we brought up the episode with exec producer Peter Paige at the Family Equality Council’s Annual Los Angeles Awards Dinner this past Saturday, where he and fellow EP Bradley Bredeweg were being honored, Paige got choked up. “I literally almost cried, just now standing here talking to you,” he said. “It’s a freight train. And it’s coming for your heart.” Added young star Hayden Byerly: “It’s so dramatic. It’s so heartbreaking for Callie and Jude, especially. Something terrible happens to both of them.”

Question: Any scoops on my new obsession Looking? —Fernando
Ausiello: The two men in Patrick’s life — his hot boyfriend Richie and his even hotter boss Kevin — will soon cross paths for the first time, and it’s about as uncomfortable as you’d expect. Also, memo to HBO: We’ll go all “Red Wedding” on your ass if you even think about canceling this show.

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Question: Have we seen the last of Thierry on The Originals? —Laura
Ausiello: We have not. According to exec producer Julie Plec, the vamp will resurface later this season and could maybe-potentially-possibly “come in handy to one of our characters.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Season 6 of Royal Pains? Will Hank ever get a love interest? —Laura
Ausiello: Not sure about Hank, but I hear Jeremiah is going to get some action courtesy of Natalia, a drop-dead gorgeous immigrant who is spending the summer working as a bartender in the Hamptons. And it looks like their romance will be semi-serious; the character is slated to appear in roughly seven episodes. Casting is underway.

Question: Any new intel on Fitz and Mellie’s two oldest children on Scandal? —Dan R.
Ausiello: Jerry and Karen (as played by Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll) will buck the episodic drama’s annoying teen trend and be “complicated, substantial and interesting people” in their own right, according to their onscreen dad Tony Goldwyn, who adds that their arrival from boarding school “really escalates” things for the Grant household.

Question: Please make my day with some Scandal scoop. —Whittney
Ausiello: When the show returns on Feb. 27, Cyrus will be in full-tilt damage-control mode, both on the home and work fronts. “He has rocked his marriage to the core and he also screwed up every chance he has of keeping Sally on the ticket,” explains his portrayer, Jeff Perry. “Cyrus is more scared of what he’s done than we’ve ever seen him, and he’s scrambling like hell to get out of it.” BONUS SCOOP: Perry tells us he’s been spending “a bit of time” working with Columbus Short (Harrison) of late, which makes us go, Hmmm….

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