Game of Thrones Recap: Wedded Diss [Updated]

Game of Thrones Season 3 RecapNed Stark’s beheading in Game of Thrones first season was brutal. This week’s episode makes that murder look like a gentle mercy killing.

If you’re among what some fans of the series refer to as the “unsullied” – aka those who haven’t read George R. R. Martin’s book series and are therefore unspoiled about what’s likely to happen in the TV series – the hour probably put you into a catatonic state. I am decidedly sullied… and it was still a really sad, grossly violent, hard-to-watch episode.

Let’s all get through this together, shall we? Here’s what happened in “The Rains of Castamere.”

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HOUSE TARGARYEN | We’ll start far away from The Twins – how about outside of Yunkai, where Daario Naharis is advising Daenerys on the best way to take the city? His plan of attack boils down to, “I’ll knock on the back door, kill the guards and slip around to the front door, where I’ll let your army in.” Daario, you stole that scheme from any high-schooler trying to sneak his or her friends into a movie through the theater’s exit door. Is it any wonder that Jorah and Barristan are wary of the pretty interloper? But Grey Worm trusts him, so Dany tells them they’re to go that very evening. Though it looks dodgy for a minute or two – at one point, Khaleesi’s three look like they’re about to be made into Yunkai chowder, and I fear for Jorah because he’s strong but old and you just know he’s got a trick knee or bad back or something – but the former knight returns to report that the slave soldiers “threw down their spears and surrendered.” Daenerys only fully exhales when Lotsa Locks Ken Doll is back safe, too, kneeling at her feet and saying, “The city is yours, my queen.”

THE (CURRENT AND FORMER) MEN OF THE WALL | Sam leads Gilly through the woods, telling her about the black gate: a secret passage through The Wall that’s buried deep in one of the castles along the gigantic block of ice. She’s dumbfounded that he knows all of that just from reading, a skill she clearly doesn’t have. “You’re like a wizard,” she sighs. The geeky glow of pride on his face at her inadvertent compliment is fleeting, but THINGS GET BAD LATER and I need to hang on every moment of happiness that I can, OK?

Elsewhere, Jon’s having a hard time convincing Ygritte and the gang of wildlings not to murder a horse trader whose farm they’ve stumbled across. Of course, they don’t listen to him; they storm the house and then pursue the trader when he takes off on horseback. (Side note: Now that they’re south of The Wall, aren’t the free folk sweaty in all of their fur trappings? The weather looks positively springlike, guys. Lose a raccoon tail or two.)

When they corner the man, Tormund and Orell think it’s a good idea for Jon to kill him. Though Jon stands in the pouring rain and holds his sword to the trader’s throat, he can’t bring himself to do the deed… so Ygritte does it for him with an arrow. Tormund and Orell immediately go attack both Snow and his “crow wife.” Jon knocks the redhead out of the way and winds up killing Orell, who wargs into his eagle and screams down from the sky, claws ripping at Snow’s pretty face. And for that, I will cut you, bird. Through a sequence of events we’ll get into in a minute, Summer the direwolf jumps into the action and saves Jon, who hops on a horse and takes off. It’s probably best he’s outta there; Ygritte looks ready to divest him of his most important parts.

HOUSE STARK: TALK-TO-THE-ANIMALS EDITION | Unbeknownst to Jon, Bran, Osha, Rickon, Hodor, Meera and Jojen have taken refuge from the storm in a nearby tower. A panicked Hodor is scared of the thunder and makes a ruckus; as the group tries to quiet him, Bran’s eyes roll back, turn white and he falls slack. At the same time, Hodor instantly calms and falls gently to his knees. Yep, Bran was somehow able to enter the simple giant’s mind and chill him out. Jojen urges Bran to mind-meld with Summer in order to see what’s going on outside. Though the Stark boy claims he can’t, the greenseer politely disagrees. “You’re a warg, Bran,” he says. “It’s in your blood.” So it’s actually Bran – in Summer’s body – who saves his half-brother.

When Bran comes back to himself, he relates what he saw and then instructs Osha to take Rickon and Shaggy Dog to a nearby safe site. His little brother cries and protests, but Bran is resolute. “Robb’s at war, and I’m going beyond the wall,” he says. Osha knows it’s for the best. As Rickon says goodbye to his brother for probably the last time (good God, how much heartache can this family endure? Don’t answer that), Osha asks Meera and Jojen to “Keep this one safe. He means the world to me.”

HOUSE STARK: NICE-DAY-FOR-A-RED-WEDDING EDITION | Just before they arrive at the Freys’, Robb consults his mother about his plan to take Casterly Rock. After all, he didn’t heed her advice against sending Theon to deal with his father, and now the north is crawling with Ironborn and Winterfell is in ruins. She is clearly touched that he wants her input, which she gives gladly: “Show them how it feels to lose what they love.”

The Starks’ arrival at The Twins is marked with a ceremonial sharing of salt and bread and Robb’s formal apology to Frey’s long line of daughters and granddaughters, a plain-looking lot trotted out like the Von Trapp children in a women’s prison production of Sound of Music. Even Frey can’t remember all of their names; maybe that spot in his brain is taken up by the letchy comments he aims Talisa’s way. He deems her “prettier than this lot, that’s for sure” (and he’s not wrong), then announces, “When I was your age, I’d have broken 50 oaths to get into that without a second thought.” Charming. He also notes that he “can always tell what’s going on beneath a dress,” which will prove horribly important later. He ends their meeting by telling everyone to prepare for Edmure’s marriage to one of his other daughters. “The wine will flow red, the music will play loud and we’ll put this mess behind us,” he says.

While Robb’s men drink and carouse in camp outside the castle, Edmure is pleased to see that his bride Roslin does not take after her sisters in the looks department. She’s very young, yes, but quite pretty. (Side note: I love the moment that the Blackfish looks over and is taken aback by Frey’s other daughters, who’ve been drinking him in like Dornish wine throughout the ceremony. Heh.) Edmure and the girl are wed, and the reception begins. Roose Bolton is there, sweet-talking Lady Catelyn. Talisa and Robb happily talk about their baby, and when she suggests naming it Eddard if it’s a boy, both the King in the North and I get a little verklempt. “Don’t you want to teach little Ned Stark how to ride horses?” she coos, and they kiss.

Hold onto the memory of that happy moment, everyone, because it’s the last one we’ll have for a while. After Edmure and Roslin are carried off in the bedding ceremony, Catelyn seems to know that something’s amiss. One of the Frey sons closes the door to the reception chamber, and Frey halts the music. “Your grace, I feel I’ve been remiss in my duties,” the old man says. “I haven’t shown you the hospitality you deserve. My king was married, and I owe my new queen a wedding gift.” As that’s going on, Catelyn looks down and realizes that Bolton is wearing chain mail under his wedding finery. She slaps him and tries to warn Robb, but it’s far too late. One of the Frey sons pulls a dagger from his sleeve and – in a move that was not in the book and therefore horrified me just as much as it did you – stabs Talisa in the belly multiple times. Chaos breaks out as Frey’s archers hit Robb and then various Frey folk attack the Stark contingent present in the room. Even Catelyn takes an arrow in the back.

Before long, nearly everyone related to the Stark cause is dead. Robb drags himself over to his lifeless wife and holds her while Catelyn grabs Frey’s young wife and holds a knife to her throat, screaming that she’ll kill the girl if Robb isn’t allowed to go free. Frey shrugs. “I’ll find another,” he tosses out nonchalantly. Just then, Bolton swoops in and drives a dagger into Robb’s midsection. “The Lannisters send their regards,” he intones as Ned’s oldest son falls down, dead. Lady Catelyn screams and slits Frey’s wife’s throat, then just stands there with her mouth agape. And then, just when you’re absolutely sure it can’t get any worse than what you’ve already seen… a man steps into the frame and does the same to Catelyn.

But wait! It gets even more heartbreaking! Arya and the Hound arrive at The Twins just in time to see Robb’s wolf Grey Wind get arrowed into the afterlife and to see Frey’s men finishing off the Stark loyalists in the camp. The dashed hope, which becomes utter horror, on Arya’s face might be the worst thing in the entire episode. Knowing that stuff is about to go down, the Hound knocks her out and carries her away.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. xaverie says:

    Cue the screams of everyone who hasn’t read the books.

    • cookie says:

      Thank u, that wasn’t how the “RED WEDDING” went down!! They ommitted they most important thing at the end when Catherine sees Rob get slaughtered she takes her hands and with her nails drags them down her face in horror,before they slit her throat. Also the signal that Walter Frey gives to the musicians is key. And his dog was there, and Ros Bolton left to go to the John was key, they missed some very key elements to this killing. Very disappointed. If one thing the directors should have kept true was the telling of the Red Wedding. Catherine scarring her face is very important down the pine in the story as when she becomes a ghost.

      • aleksa says:


      • JEst says:

        The show omitted that and the books omitted a character named Catherine that you just made up along with making up Walter Frey. I know what you meant though.

      • kate says:

        George RR Martin writes and consults on the eps, I’m sure if it was actually THAT important he would have said something about it, no?

        • Brian G. says:

          LMAO! If it wasn’t that…. If it wasn’t that IMPORTANT?! Jeyne getting killed is… oh I don’t know… kind of a big freaking deal seeing as how she was carrying the heir to the throne and King of the North!

          And I’d say it’s a big freaking deal that Jon Snow isn’t riding around Westeros with Ygritte’s arrow in his freaking leg. But those are just minor details…

          • kate says:

            I was talking about Catelyn’s scars, I guess that wasn’t clear. However, I’m just assuming that details left out aren’t major plotline killers in the future.

          • Matt G says:

            The point is that the writer, Martin, consults on the episodes. Since this is his brainchild, don’t you think he probably knows what is most important? Or are you really more knowledgeable about the story than the writer? If so, congrats, that’s pretty damn impressive.

          • Lia says:

            Talisa isn’t Jeyne and that part of the story is completely different from the books. Jeyne wasn’t in the Red Wedding in the first place.

            And the guy who went out to find a tree was Blackfish Tully, not Bolton.

          • Ruby says:

            LOL Ohhh, you’re one of THOSE.

      • Matt says:

        Cat’s scars aren’t major plot points. Tyrion should be missing a nose too, but that’s too hard to makeup for filming every episode. Probably the same things with Cat’s scars.

        Who really cares anyway? Same net result — no real effect on coming plot points.

      • yollo says:

        Did you also want to see them decapitate Robb and sew on his Wolf’s head? I think the wedding was graphic enough. Also, Robb’s wife being killed was a certainty as that storyline didn’t exist in the books…not sure they went that way in the TV show, but it’s over now.

        • rowan77 says:

          She was pregnant, then killed to give viewers (and Robb) hope for the future of the Starks. Killing her by stabbing her in the womb (and killing the baby) was a personal touch that devastated Robb (and Catelyn) before he also died.

          • Summer Syn says:

            To be THAT person, she wasn’t pregnant in the books (I realize she was a different character) because they make a point of letting her live to see if she IS pregnant.

        • Emily says:

          Apparently the wolf head part was filmed, I guess we’ll see it next week.

          • wordplaydiz says:

            I’m hoping they don’t stick to the book altogether. I was even more horrified watching it than reading the book. I hoped the rumored deviation they made would have been for the better, darnit. And the hound…

      • rowan77 says:

        None f the thing you describe are that important to the telling of the story. How does signal Frey gives to the musicians matter in the long run? It doesn’t. There are only so many minutes in each episode to tell several stories at once. Little details that don’t really matter will get left out. So what if Catelyn’s scars are seen when she’s a ghost? Do they matter to her story? To anyone elses? Nope. So why nitpick over unimportant things? I think they did a great job on the Red wedding scenes. I was really dreading this episode. No more Robb or Cat. That’s very sad.

        • Mike R. says:

          The only aspect of Cats death was her being slit in the throat, because tht has major ramifications later.

        • Lia says:

          Amazing how instead of mentioning Lord Frey’s signal, you didn’t notice that the song that started to be played after the door was closed was the Lannister’s song “The Rains of Castamere” – that’s when Catelyn realized something was incredibily wrong.

        • cookie says:

          Tomen its very important that Catherine s are her face cause when she comes back as Lady Stonheart she is horribly disfigured as a ghost,pale,brittle hair,half of her head gone.Its terribly important;!!

          • tripoli says:

            You’ve really got to get your names straight if you want people to take your comments seriously. It’s Catelyn, not Catherine.

          • rowan77 says:

            This is TV. If they aren’t going to show Tyrion with a missing nose, then they aren’t going to show Catelyn (not Catherine) with half a head. They can show her with a deeply slit throat, pale with brittle hair. She will still be horrifying. It’s not important to the story to completely disfigure her.

        • I agree with you. I dreaded watching this part of the show knowing what was going to happen. I was disappointed too with them killing Robb’s wife. I know they never make a movie or show exactly from a book but it was an important part, I feel to the story. It only gets better/worse from here:)

      • Fido says:

        so she becomes a g in a future ep, geee thanx for spoiling that for us non-book readers :grrrr:

        • Lia says:

          Not a g, don’t worry.

        • cookie says:

          Stop being a non reader and pick up books,Feast of the Crows,Clash of the Kings,Storm of ???, u get the idea.

          • Matt says:

            Well, you are wrong about her becoming a ghost. That is, unless you also consider Beric Donderrion a ghost as well. I know what you meant, but as a reader of the books, I just feel like “ghost” is the wrong word. Also, this website is called, not If you wanna talk about the books with someone and not be a douchebag spoiler, go find another comment section. Try “a wiki of ice and fire,” you’ll have more bookies there to theorize with you all you want.

          • waterbug says:

            I agree with Matt, if i wanted to discuss the books, I would haunt the book reader’s site, not a tv site. Please stop it with the spoilers!

          • Nancy Hall says:

            I read books and lot of them, so I’m not a “non-reader.” I do make an occasional excursion into low-brow fiction, but don’t want to do that in the case of these particular books. The fact that you find them intellectually challenging doesn’t mean that this will be the case for everyone. However…I enjoy the TV series and this is a forum devoted to the TV series. So, you need to accept that your gushing over the books and comparing the books to the TV show will range from tedious to maddening to others reading these posts, depending on whether or not you disclose spoilers. I just stumbled on this site. Given that the owner doesn’t seem to monitor the site for off topic posts, I probably won’t be back.

          • cute as a button says:

            wow, nancy. that stick is wedged up there pretty tight, huh?

      • Josh says:

        That would NOT have worked in the show. The reason it works so well in the books is because we are in Cat’s PoV…we’re hearing her break apart as she laments about the lose of her children and then is about to be killed, she laughs…It just wouldn’t work on screen. Some book fans seem to struggle with the fact that some things just don’t translate well, no matter how amazing they are in the books and that was one of them.

        Also Cat doesn’t become a ghost…I have no clue what you’re talking about. Also, don’t make any references, false or otherwise, to future plot points. It’s incredibly inconsiderate.

        • cookie says:

          Such denial,any google,Wikipedia will fill u in,stop being lazy. The information is already out there. Cue alien music. Ha haha

          • Castle Lover says:

            Are you sure you read the books? Because not only you don’t know the characters’ names, you also seem a little bit confused about what happens next.

    • TV fan says:

      Does Brienne knows Jaime has been rescuing her at the rhythm of a bedding song this whole season?!

    • Just as horrifying as the book. With the book, we used imagination. With all those visuals and only 45 mins to tell the story onscreen, dang! We didn’t need the face-scarring. The author weighs in heavily on each episode. This was his creative decision.

  2. Lili says:

    Loved it.

  3. aleksa says:

    I knew it was coming, and I still have a feeling I’m going to be ugly-crying off and on for the rest of the night.

    • I just said the same thing! Even though I knew what was coming – and dreading it – I was still unprepared. I was really shocked at what they did toTalisa. That was pretty vicious.

      • SybilT says:

        In the books, Robb’s wife doesn’t attend the Red Wedding, and survives. But I knew Talisa was a goner several episodes ago when Talisa said she was pregnant. No way the producers could leave her at Riverrun with a baby King in the North in her belly.

        Even knowing what was to come, I was sick at heart through the whole episode. My husband, who hasn’t read the books, didn’t know why, and I couldn’t tell him.

        • aleksa says:

          I was kind of glad to be watching it alone.

        • Patty says:

          My husband hasn’t read the books, but he didn’t need for the episode to give him anymore tension since i provided plenty by hiding in the kitchen every time lord frey came on screen (awww, come on…that’s where we keep the booze anyway). I’ve been dreading this all night and I’m not too proud to say that some of those scenes left sobbing and shaking.

        • rhewtani says:

          There were plenty of theories that Jeyne had carried and delivered Robb’s child. Guess this closes the door on that.

  4. Kat says:

    I never read the books so I AM JUST STUNNED! I should have remembered the lesson that Ned’s death taught – nobody is safe!

  5. Jessica says:

    Thanks to an idiot on one of these boards spoiling it I knew it was coming, but wow!

    • xaverie says:

      I love how it’s an ‘idiot’ ‘spoiling’ a book that’s been out for years.

      • teatime says:

        Uh, yeah. We are watching the SHOW. Not everyone read the books. There is no excuse for spoilers.

        • teatime says:

          I will say, though, ‘idiot’ isn’t the term I would use.

          • Warren says:

            I would. Only an idiot would ignore common courtesy and post spoilers for the show when they know there are still a lot of people who haven’t read the books.

          • kate says:

            only an idiot would think that they are going to be spoiler free on a TV website that regularly discusses/spoils TV shows, and who reads comments on articles about a popular TV show that is based on a popular book series.

          • YowzaPowza says:

            @Warren, or you could just try reading.

          • teatime says:

            When I said I would not use the word ‘idiot’ I was thinking of worse words… that would probably get moderated. This is a site where people talk about TV shows as they happen. There’s no excuse for people to give spoilers from the books. We should be able to talk about Game of Thrones just like we can any other current shows. I am sure there are sites where people who read the books can discuss them without spoiling things for the people watching the show.
            It’s like the people who read the books don’t know they are posting spoilers. They know exactly what they are doing.

          • george gras says:

            A Freakin Idiot then ?????? How’s that work for you,,,,Eh???

          • teatime says:

            The word SPOILER is used for articles that have them. So people can avoid them. This article does not have that because it was posted after the show aired on the East Coast. Articles that do have SPOILERS for shows before they air, will use that notation so people can avoid them. That is the convention non-idiots use.

        • lauren says:

          Yeah we’re watching a TV show based in a pre-existing, popular book series. so not really a spoiler

          • teatime says:

            Of course it is a spoiler. It is a spoiler for the people watching the show who did not read the books. It would be like someone from the production posting comments on line that ruin the suspense for up and coming episodes. It’s ignorant.

          • Brian G. says:

            To be fair, I’m a massive fan of the show/books but even I didn’t get into it until last year… So speed reading through (doing the math) 4,000+ pages might not be something that everyone is capable of doing… But I’m also smart enough to know that there are hundreds of thousands of people who HAVE read all of the books and I’d have to be a special kind of stupid to read too much about the series online because spoilers are inevitable!

            Read the books, people, or accept that you are taking your unspoiled-brains into your hands every time you read about GoT online.

            PS – Cathryn’s not dead :)
            (hugs and kisses)

          • george gras says:

            Your making too big a deal about people should be aware because so many people have read the book,,that’s a bit snobish of you because so many people haven’t read or won’t read them regardless,,It’s they’re choice to read or not,,,no one should trump conversations about the show with what happened in the book,,it’s not what we expect,,,,people don’t usually introject Book info,,it’s not fair and definitley “out of bounds”,,,or Borders if you prefer,,,

          • I remember my foreign film days. That series of Japanese films that truly glorified ghosts. Ha. And for any Lust Caution fans, the idea that if one ills a tiger, that tiger now owns one’s soul. Very interesting.

        • xaverie says:

          So then the fault is yours for expecting people to somehow intuit that non-spoilers are somehow spoilers to a random person.

          • kate says:

            yep. everyone else has to censor themselves for the people who don’t want to read the books/can’t be bothered to read the books and if they don’t, THEY ARE MEAN, BOOHOO. because the internet is a spoiler free zone, or something.

        • cookie says:

          Teatime stop being lazy and do ur homework. Besides the ruining of the spoliers it already was posted on east coast feeds.

          • teatime says:

            What was on the East Coast feed? People on the West Coast know not to read items about a show just a couple of hours before it airs. That is not the same as people spoiling events long before the show ever airs for anyone.

      • JEst says:

        I love how you can’t comprehend that a lot of people view movies and shows based on their own accord and not based on the source material, therefore making it spoilers to them. I gues that if someone likes you lacks the common sense to know that, you cant’ be expected to understand common courtesy.

        • sara says:

          It’s common sense to imagine that while discussing a television show the arcs of the books might be discussed. So…what?

        • LDMR says:

          Why would you read a thread through if you were avoiding potential spoilers? Folks who have read the books will make a comparison. If you’re not interested in spoilers, don’t take the risk of scrolling through discussions. Personal responsbility is your friend.

      • Josh says:

        But this is the show…as a book reader, I respect the fact that others haven’t read this book…so yes xaverie…whoever spoiled what happened is an idiot.

        • sara says:

          I guess if they came out and said something like “ROBB AND CAT GET MURDERED!” but if it’s in a discussion of the television show arc compared to the book and where the show might go, that’s really not surprising.

          • Warren says:

            You may not have been paying attention, but the above poster was spoiled under another recap- so someone did, in fact, come out and say “Rob and everyone else dies!”, not under a post where spoilers were invited.

        • kate says:

          please. enough of this crying from “the great unspoiled.” if people don’t want to be spoiled, they should read the books or find a different website to visit where the comments are more strictly monitored or something.

          • teatime says:

            And when you were reading the books, did other people spoil them for you because they had read the books before you did?

          • kate says:

            I don’t get my tail in a twist over spoilers from a book that’s been out for years, and if I don’t want to be spoiled, I avoid places that are high risk for spoilers. It’s really that easy. I don’t expect everyone to censor themselves as if my feelings about spoilers are extra special.

          • Troy says:

            Your elitist attitude is quite sad. I didn’t know by reading a book someone could be so much better than others and do as they wish to those who have not read it.

          • waterbug says:

            Really kate? This is–not Even the kimberly the reviewer had a enough sense not to make comparisons to the book that has not happened in the show yet for the “unsullied”. There is no excuse for being inconsiderate. I agree with teatime and the others.

          • kate says:

            we’re talking about people showing up in places where they’re likely to be spoiled and crying about it endlessly. by the way, reading hasn’t been elitist for quite some time now. keep up the fake outrage though.

        • cookie says:

          I mostly blog on websites that have readers of the books and non readers. Its so much more intellectually stimulating when u can make comments and share w/readers who have read the books like myself. Its just like in season 1 when Ned was decapitated fans were shocked,mostly non readers were outraged,cause they didn’t see it coming. Not the book readers!!! It took me 2 years to get thru GEORGE R.R. MARTINS books,least Google some stuff,please.

  6. JORDAN T. says:

    Great ending pure utter silence as the credits roll helps us pick up our jaws and it is very sad and heartbreaking. R.I.P. Robb Stark.

  7. Robb says:

    I can’t wait to read all the reactions for this episode

  8. Matthew says:

    I read the books, knew it was coming, and was still nervous as hell when watching it – Wow!

  9. strachpa says:

    I thought it was pretty cold when they stabbed Talisa in the stomach numerous times. Really graphic, and made it feel real

  10. Elena says:

    It was awful to read about, but I think it was even worse to watch. I’m going to go cry some more now:(

  11. Cheryl says:

    I have no words.

  12. gabby says:

    I knew it was coming and I still wasn’t ready….everything hurts.

  13. Epic episode. Did great adapting this episode from the books.

  14. Patricia says:

    I knew it was coming but it was still shocking, there’s nothing to say, just silence. Nobody is safe

  15. Tim says:

    Knew it was coming but still doesn’t detract from how sad I am that they’re dead. Only part that doesn’t work with the book is the queen dying as well but it added a LOT of emotion to the scene.

    Worst part was Grey Wind dying :(

  16. King says:

    I thought Bolton was on Robb’s side? How did that happen??? My face is so hot right now!!!

    • Jimmy says:

      Well, since the series has to leave out a lot of what happens in the novels f to keep it at 10 episodes you miss out on a lot of back story, but there was a hint in a previous episode where Jaime said something to Bolton, which he repeated when he killed Robb.

    • Lia says:

      In the previous episode (?), we saw Lord Bolton making an agreement w/ Jaime and their dialogue was very explicit explaining his reason – he sees that Robb is losing the war and doesn’t want to stay in the losing side. He was the one that freed Jaime. It was clear at that point that he decided to betray the Starks.

    • cookie says:

      King how could Ros Bolton be on Robb’s side when he’s married to Fat Wanda Tully??? And got tons of gold for marring her.

  17. sdm says:

    I can’t believe what I just saw.

  18. Jay says:

    I know no one is safe but that was horrific. I can’t wait for Walter Frey to die.

  19. kate says:

    poor stupid Robb. I knew it was coming, but the worst part for me was when they killed Grey Wind. I love the direwolves more than anything. I’m waiting for Arya to reunite with hers.

    • BrianR says:

      Arya has a dufferent path Valar Morghulis.

      • george gras says:

        You can say that again,,,WAIT,,,Don’t,,,,,,,,, shhhhhhh,,is he here ??????,,,don’t tell him it was me who gave the plot away,,,whewwwwwwwwww

    • TV fan says:

      At least Arya has a Hound. And, oddly enough,this Hound seems comfortable enough with his Arya. I just loved their scenes together, they do look like father and daughter from a certain distance.

    • The Queenmaker says:

      Yeah, watching a fierce, large direwolf get shot with arrows, which I would call a quick death, beats a pregnant woman being stabbed in the stomach over and over again.

  20. Joanna says:

    I really thought the red wedding would be in the last show of the season, but they did the book justice.

  21. Mapatx says:

    Poor wolf :(

  22. WTactualF says:

    And there’s one more wedding left to go!

  23. Mick says:

    Them killing Talisa’s baby and in turn her has to be one of most horrifying scenes I have ever watched.

  24. T. A. says:

    I’ve never read the books so I was absolutely SHOCKED! I’m still reeling from the whole thing. This is going to sit with me for the whole week now.

  25. Jimmy says:

    I remember when I read A Storm of Swords I was stunned when I got to this point in the book. Even knowing this was going to happen, seeing it visually occur was unreal. For those who haven’t read the book, hold on because the bumpy ride isn’t over.

  26. Amy says:

    SPOILERS** And now the Frey’s name will forever be sullied there entire house now has no honor and I believe most of there family is killed off eventually.

    • Diva says:

      Thank you for putting the SPOILER headline first so I didn’t have to read it. Common courtesy people.

      • Matthew says:

        And the funniest part was the only thing in this thread labeled as a spoiler was actually speculation.

  27. Melinda says:

    So what is what’s left of the Starks supposed to do now?

  28. Sandra P. says:

    R U Serious? I never read any of the books so I am very heartbroken right now. Actually, speechless would not be out of place. I knew something was up but not this. Not sure if I want to watch the season finale now. I think I’ll finish crying now.

    • BookGirl says:

      Sandra we all know how you feel! The majority of people who read the books threw them across the room after this happened, and I know it was about a week before I could pick it up and go on. Give yourself this week to process it, but don’t give up–there’s plenty of good (and horrible) things to come.

      • BrianR says:

        My response was oh sh*t not again but I kept reading. Plus this guy sure hates the Starks.

      • Sandra P. says:

        Thanks Bookgirl. I am still trying to process this, but I love this show so much that I WILL be watching Sunday night, no doubt.

  29. sara says:

    LIVING for the people whining about being spoiled right now. Best part of this post!

    • Rose says:

      Haha. Same here. It happens all the time with each episode recap. I got called a jerk for theorizing that Theon’s torturer was Ramsey Snow.

    • Amanda says:

      They also probably complained about being spoiled for the Harry Potter movies.

    • Alex says:

      Thank you. I’d feel bad if they weren’t, oh I don’t know, reading a website that posts television spoilers. Here’s an idea – if you don’t want to be spoiled (on source material that has been around for nearly two decades), avoid these websites!

    • kate says:

      I agree. I try not to spoil stuff for people, but honestly, enough crying about it already. people who don’t know what happens can’t even make predictions without being yelled at that they’re spoiling it. spoilers happen on a website that frequently discusses spoilers. and not for nothing, knowing what’s going to happen hasn’t affected my enjoyment of this show an ounce, that’s how good the show is.

      • tripoli says:

        It’s one thing to read an article that clearly warns that it contains spoilers, at least people know up front what they may read. It’s a completely different thing when commenters spoil major upcoming plot points, just because they can. I have no problem with speculation and some great discussion amongst book readers and non book readers, but there have been a number of comments posted here this season that were just straight spoilers, nothing more. I agree it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the show but it is rather frustrating to see those types of comments. I don’t see why people can’t just stick to discussing the episode at hand, which is what this article is for. But, alas, as a yet to read the books commenter, I expect the spoiling to conitnue. It is waht it is.

  30. Rose says:

    It was nice having you for three seasons, Richard Madden. Robb will be missed. The Stark siblings are no longer complete and they haven’t even reunited yet! :(

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      This! As horrifying as this episode was, the saddest part to me is his beautiful face won’t be gracing my screen anymore.

  31. Dick Whitman says:

    Ugh, I thought I was ready and I was literally shaking as the credits rolled (genius move to have them without any music).

  32. steel says:

    One more show to see let’s see how that will turn out.

  33. Mick says:

    Also interesting they played Rains of Castamere which references the death of the Reynes but they killed only a few of the Starks. Never give an enemy time to recover.

    • Amy says:

      I believe that the Lannisters do consider the Starks are mostly dead. They now have killed Robb and Catherine, they have Stansa married to a Lannister, Arya is believed dead along with any younger brothers and Jon is technically a “bastard” in there minds they now own the North thanks to Sansa’s marriage.

  34. angelfire17 says:

    I’ve read up to the fifth book in the series, so I knew this was coming, but my stomach still bottomed out when they started playing “The Rains of Castamere.” I literally sat on my couch in silence for 10 minutes after the episode finished and then, well, the rules say “don’t frakkin’ curse,” so I can’t repeat what I DID finally say, but I think you can imagine.

  35. frank says:

    that was the single most disturbing scene i have ever seen read heard of period….
    I didnt read the books so to me it was a complete surprise i knew robb would eventually die but didnt know when how or where , thats about the only spoiler i was aware of.

    I dont understand why or what it is about this scene that has shocked me so much and provoked such an emotional response in me. Ive seen plenty gory disturbing shows. But this by far has put me in an actuall state of shock.. when I saw the door close , the chainmail then the heard the music i had a sinking feeling, i screamed out in horror when julisa was stabbed the way she gasped that image will remain burned into my mind forever i cried like a baby, even now 30 mins later i can barely hold back the tears. watching catlyn beg for her son and watch him die you could almost taste the horror. feeling pain for arya as she came so close only to witness more of her family taken from her. when i only finally let go of any hope that anyone would escape alive when grey wind was killed, that was just as sad as seeing the rest of them put down. What i cant put my finger on is why this was soooo shocking and disturbing i have never felt this much emotion from a show or book. maybe its because of how quick and ruthlessly characters that you grow to love are put down without any warning in this story, that’s the best i can come up with. anyone have any other theories about why this scene is sooo much more shocking then others ? Im thinking its because im used to holly wood’s routine of only killing off minor characters so unexpectedly, and rarely giving main characters such treatment. my initial reaction was that i don’t want to continue watching this show , and i would stop if i could resist, im greatful theres only one episode left, im thinking of reading spoilers now to prepare myself because i cant have my emotions turned inside out like this on a sunday night when all i want to do is relax and enjoy good show.

    • Cat says:

      I agree. I have NEVER reacted to any television program/ movie like this.
      Out loud
      Heart pounding
      Jaw on the floor
      I am utterly stunned.

    • Alex says:

      I think that you hit the nail on the head with your comment that audiences aren’t used to seeing main characters killed (at least at this rate). George R. R. Martin seems to really enjoy taking tropes or patterns that people are used to seeing in literature, and then completely flipping them over. For example, in the first book/season, you expect Ned to be the hero, but he’s killed… then, you expect his son to avenge his death, but he is killed as well. Personally, I love it – as someone who reads the books, I think part of the fun is not being able to guess where the story is headed. But I can see how it can be polarizing or disturbing, especially on TV where everything is so much more graphic!

      • What really amazes me is that most people don’t realize that the non-magical story lines are ripped directly from the War of the Roses. It’s all history. Even when I read the books for the first time I wasn’t surprised by any of it. Good ol’ English history people. This is in our past. There is nothing original or exciting about the political plotlines. Only the fantasy aspects are unique to Martin.

      • cookie says:

        Alex this is pay per view!! They can do anything. How is different from the Saw movies which I thought were very graphic.

  36. Pat says:

    Be honest: before that final, grand, shocking scene, how were you liking the episode? BORING as all hell, wasn’t it? Walking, talking, telling stories, minor stuff sometimes here and there. In every episode, we have about 10 minutes, at the most (when it’s not a good five or so), of things really happening. Everything else is banter. They sure can do a better show than this.

    • frank says:

      I couldnt agree more and before this episode i was complaining about that … I shouldve known better

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Not really. The scenes at The Gift and the Yunkaii were great.

    • Mike R. says:

      Sorry I have the opposite opinion, beside Sam and Gilly’s scene and honestly Robb and Cat’s scene at the beginning, I thought this episode was all around awesome, Bran learning to be warg, not to mention Bran actually being interesting for once, heartwarming good bye between Bran and his little brother, two awesome fight scenes, one including the dire wolves, the other Dany taking another city. This episode was anything but dull IMO.

    • tripoli says:

      I don’t think boring is the right word but considering that the Red Wedding has been hyped for some time now it felt a little tame for the first 40 minutes or so, although there really was quite a bit covered. All in all a good episode though. Those last 10 minutes were something to see.

  37. what! says:

    So, like others I haven’t read any of the books… Insane episode. Damn! That was cruel! I couldn’t even watch all of the Veep episode (maybe HBO should of scheduled Veep n Family Tree for another night). The Starks just can’t get a break, poor Arya. I’m thinking she is never going to get her revenge. Obviously, there are two more leeches to be claimed, I do hope Joffrey gets it worse than Talisa!… Thanks Amy for using the good old SPOILER ALERT sign! I HOPE others can be respectful and do the same, WE are all fans one way or another.

  38. D says:

    spolier or not spoiler..I think it’s pretty darn pompous of anyone to give this aristocrat tone of “I’ve read the book, therefore you should of read it” or “you should have done your homework” really people???? who gives a crap whether you read the book and who gives another crap if the scenes didn’t depict the exact images or tone of the book..really?? one would think that “geek” and “snoody” like demeanors would change with age, but I guess age and maturity don’t always swim in the same waters…..Just enjoy the show people and enjoy the conversation without including your baggage…

    • Gaara says:

      DUH that makes no sense.. And fyi A Storm of Swords was published 13 years ago. I’m pretty sure that even spoilers have an expiration date, after more than a decade.

      • Gaara says:

        * Sorry, reply to the wrong comment. Damn phone lol

      • Alex says:

        That’d be true if this was an article or blog about the book but since it’s about a tv show that is currently unfolding then spoilers are still needed and appropriate. Movies/tv shows are totally separate from books and should be treated as such. Little Easter eggs or wink/nudges to the reader are great and should be open to discussion but blatantly giving away spoilers is just being a dick.

        • Then don’t go to a website whose main purpose is to spoil TV shows. The vast majority of articles on TVLine are spoilers either about casting, new shows or information on current hits. If you stand in the middle of a freeway and complain that everyone is driving too fast you are the annoying one.

          • Louie says:

            I don’t mean to imply that you’re an idiot (or maybe I am) but this particular article is a recap of the episode that just aired, not a “spoiler” of casting or a “spoiler” of what’s to come in future episodes. If these book readers who insist on throwing their “knowledge” around then perhaps they should be posting on specific websites that are indeed discussing the correlation between book and show and not feeling high and mighty with their ill-placed superiority on a website discussing TV SHOWS, NOT BOOKS

          • I’m merely pointing out that the recap articles are posted on a spoiler website. That is what TVLine does. So the vast majority of people who read and comment here are going to be people who enjoy spoilers and come to this website to get them and discuss them. So if you go to a spoiler based website and expect not to be spoiled you are destined to be disappointed. If it is so outrageous and disappointing to be spoiled then don’t come to these websites. Obviously that is the only way to protect those with delicate sensibilities.

          • cute as a button says:

            to be fair, before they updated the review, it said to post predictions. some people’s predictions are just going to be more accurate than others.

          • Kim says:

            What part of “recap” is unclear? People came to the thread to react to the episode they’ve just watched, not to have what happens in the next book spoiled.

          • waterbug says:

            WRONG! TVLine articles are recaps, not spoiler blogs.

    • kate says:

      maybe if you read more you’d know it was “aristocratic tone” and not “aristocrat tone.” just sayin’.

      • Matthew says:

        You arrogant worm. How dare you accuse someone of not reading just because they haven’t read what YOU have read? Why don’t you take a minute or two to think about someone that’s not yourself.

        P.S. I’ve read the books and wouldn’t dare spoil this moment for anyone. In fact, I hinted to all my friends that something good was happening at the wedding so they’d be even more shocked. Why would you want anyone to know beforehand that something bad is happening? It takes the entire impact away.

        • kate says:

          I was accusing someone of not reading based on their poor grasp of the English language, not because they haven’t read what I’ve read. Good try with the fake outrage though. Side note: I didn’t spoil this for anyone, but if people are so sensitive to being spoiled, maybe they shouldn’t read websites and comment sections where spoilers are likely to appear. You know, instead of expecting the entire world to censor themselves for the benefit of their delicate spoiler free life.

          • cookie says:

            Thank u. These posts r no different than an Critic reviewing a movie,get over yourselves.

        • Arrogant Worm says:

          Don’t tar us all with the same brush, my friend.

  39. LK says:

    I was hoping this season would make it through Joffrey’s wedding and end there… but it looks like they are leaving that for next season… bummer…

    • BrianR says:

      ***SPOILERS?** They are about halfway through the book or a little more. Some of the latter stuff was done earlier but not a lot. Plus some character deletions trimmed it down. And none of the Theon stuff is in the book (SoS).

  40. jonathon says:

    crazy episode. I purposely am not reading the books because I like to be surprised every week on this show. maybe I’ll read them after the series is over but I feel it would ruin it for me if I read ahead at this point. Hate seeing spoilers so I purposely have to avoid a lot of the comments. I think its very ignorant to post spoilers because i’d hate to ruin things for everyone else if it was me, but what do I know. :(

    • Game of Thrones is the very rare bird that is the show is better than the book. Also, you can appreciate the show better for having read the books. There are a lot of things they leave out of the show and I keep meaning to get together with someone who hasn’t read them and do a comprehension check because I’m not sure how people understand what is going on without having read the books. I’ll admit that I don’t feel really sorry for people who haven’t read the books complaining about being spoiled but that is mostly because this entire website is about TV spoilers. If it’s that important to you then don’t go onto a website famous for spoilers.

      • Halo says:

        I understand and follow the show quite well and have not read the books! Granted I do watch each episode at least 3 times! I’m very analytical so I pick up on a lot that others may not.. Such as when the band started playing the lannister song I knew things were not going to go well for the Starks ! Roose sent Jaime home .. I knew that was a betrayal of Robb so when I say him at the wedding I wondered what he was up too.. And we already knew that Robb broke his oath to the freys and since he married that girl it’s been down hill! He never listened to his mother and she was always right but when he finally does listen he should have done the opposite .. Going to miss you Robb!

      • kate says:

        true. knowing what’s going to happen has only made the TV experience better for me, because there’s so much to look forward to and then the execution of it is fantastic. love it.

  41. LaLa says:

    Man, is NO STARK SAFE??!! The question is rhetorical (Don’t need any book readers spoiling anything for me ;) ). Poor Arya. I guess what’s-his-name was right. I knew something was up when they started playing that song. I yelled out, It’s a trap!
    (sigh) My hope is that Jon Snow and Arya will avenge them and their father, but, hell, Starks keep dropping like flies. And, it’s not looking particularly hopeful for Jon Snow at this time.
    One day, I’ll read the books and get the pieces I’m supposedly missing, but I gotta say, I’m enjoying this adaptation.

    • Futurologist says:

      ************************* SPOILER ALERT *****************************
      All of the Starks come back to life at the White Wedding in Book 8. Except Ned is resurrected with Robb’s head, and vice versa! Imagine the laughs and misunderstandings that follow! Also it turns out that Danaerys and Sansa are one and the same. Think about it, have you ever seen them together?

  42. Sam says:

    Who the hell is Stansa?

  43. Daniel says:

    Tonight’s episode completely caught me off guard, not having read the books, and as sad as it was, I Ioved it! And best part, it’s not a stunt that will be cheapened by a future episode revealing Lady Catelyn safe in bed lying next to Ned and saying, “I’ve had the strangest dream…”

  44. A.B. says:

    Now bring on Jeoffreys wedding. There will defiantly be a different feeling after that episode.

  45. ggny says:

    Awesome more going for the cheap shock value. Really how where these good books?

  46. Bh says:

    The only thing cheering me up right now is the idea of Jofferys wedding.

    Spoiler alert.

    Sh*t goes down!

  47. Mike R. says:

    Non-Book readers reactions are priceless

    • Halo says:

      Please get over it! Just because we have not read the books does not mean we don’t read! I for one am glad to have a show on that I can watch and not predict everything that’s coming .. When the show is over I will read the books.. Sorry for you you’ve been spoiled already! The book readers come to the boards to whine and complain that it didn’t happen that way in the book well guess what? It’s the tv show and not the books!

      • The Queenmaker says:

        Mike’s comment wasn’t meant to be offensive. People who read the books get to relive the shocking experinece through the reactions of non-book readers who were not spoiled. I think you should take care of that sand in your vagina asap.

        • Mike R. says:

          Exactly, you should of seen me when I read through these events in the books, I threw my copy around the room, and didn’t continue reading until a few days afterward.

          • tripoli says:

            My brother is the same way. He recently was so angry while reading a Theon chapter that he had to stoip reading it all together for a few days.

  48. Brett says:

    Amazing ending with the credits rolling entire silent.

  49. Jason says:

    It seems like this series loves to kill anyone with a G in their alignment, meanwhile all the N’s and E’s have free reign and pretty much run the place.

  50. Wayne Ridenhour says:

    This is for everyone who worries about the transition between book and screen (even the small one), books use words & Television uses sound and visuals. Read what Christopher Keane has to say about adaptations in his book, “How to Write a Selling Screenplay”