Grey's Anatomy's Jerrika Hinton Teases Botched Wedding Fallout, Stephanie-April 'Solidarity'?!

Grey's Anatomy Jackson StephanieWhen last we left Grey’s Anatomy in December, a gobsmacked Stephanie looked on in horror as her boyfriend (Jackson) proclaimed his undying love to another woman (April) — during said woman’s standing-room-only wedding to another dude (Matthew). The most shocking aspect of that sequence, at least from the vantage point of Steph’s portrayer, Jerrika Hinton, was that her jilted alter ego stuck around to watch the horror show unfold.

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“I find it fascinating that she stays there for it and doesn’t just bolt,” the actress tells TVLine. “Anyone’s natural reaction would be, ‘I’m going to get the heck out of Dodge.’ But she stays.”

As Hinton notes, “It’s the worst kind of betrayal. It’s one thing to say, ‘I’ve been harboring these feelings and I thought I dealt with them but I haven’t and I’m actually involving you in this decision.’ But it’s another thing to devastate someone in such a public way in front of people that she has to work with the very next day.

“Something that I kept bringing up when we were shooting the scene was, ‘So, guys, Jackson and Stephanie drove to the wedding together,” she recalls with a laugh. “What’s that car ride home going to be like? Are we thinking about these things? Because I am.”

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Tonight’s midseason premiere (9/8c, ABC) picks up mere moments after Jackson’s ceremony-stopping proclamation and, without spoiling the fallout, Hinton says Stephanie and Jackson’s relationship will be forever changed. “Whether or not their romantic relationship continues, there’s no turning back from something like that,” she shares. “Because it is such a betrayal. They like to develop characters through devastation [at Grey’s]. And it’s a great growth moment for her, and that’s something that’s been a real treat to explore. How does somebody put the pieces back together after that?”

For starters, she doesn’t blame The Other Woman. “April didn’t do this,” Hinton insists. “Call it feminist solidarity, but I think Stephanie should have little to no beef with April. All of this is about Stephanie and Jackson not doing enough soul searching on their own.”

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  1. H.Houston says:

    Grey’s tonight is going to be CRAZY. I have been waiting to see the fall out from what Jackson did. I don’t think April marries Matthew. I am not even sure if April is the one that calls off the wedding. Matthew has had reservations throughout most of their relationship because of Jackson.
    If I was writing the scene – Jackson finishes speaking. Matthew looks to April hoping/expecting her to shut Jackson down. April hesitates a moment or two longer than she “should have”. The “light/truth” dawns on everyone in attendance. Matthew takes matters into his own hands and walks out. Another beat passes before April runs after Matthew apologizing to him as she runs. Everyone sits/stands around in shock because no one is really sure how to handle what just happened.

  2. Kat says:

    Please, April! Please, go through with that wedding! Jackson doesn’t deserve you! You gave him more than one chance to tell you NOT to marry Matthew but he didn’t and Matthew has been nothing but good to you! Don’t disappoint me, girl! *sighs*

    I’m maybe the only one in the whole world thinking like that since everyone else I know found Jackson’s gesture “romantic” and “awesome” and whatsoever, but I thought it was awful of him to do that to her, to Stephanie AND to Matthew for egoistic reasons and there wasn’t anything romantic about that…

    I want April to kick him to the curve and go through with the wedding and get married to Matthew, but I’m sure that’s not gonna happen and that whole thing will leave a lot of people heartbroken! It was supposed to be the best day of April’s life but Jackson decided to make it one of the worst by destroying it all for her!

    • Laura says:

      I also did not find Jackson’s speech romantic at all. It was selfish and honestly pretty cruel.

      I don’t want April to go with Jackson, but I don’t really want her to marry Matthew either. He deserves better. If you have to ask your ex-boyfriend to give you a reason not to marry someone, maybe that’s a hint you shouldn’t marry that person.

  3. Frankie says:

    I totally agree, this isn’t April’s fault so it would be silly for Stephanie to be mad at her. (though, in life we women have the tendency to get mad at the girl instead of our guy that did the wrong – we’re nuts like that! lol)
    At least Jackson turned to her and said, “I’m sorry” before he got up and professed his love. lol (I really don’t care about these new guys. I gloss over their nonsense. Except for Jo – she’s alright!)

  4. meah says:

    I know plenty people hate stephanie,but I actually like her a lot!!she was good to jackson and they were cute together and he absolutely betrayed/embarassed her. I used to like jackson a lot,but my love for him has reduced.the only dudes I like now are karev and derek.
    Matthew is such a sweetheart I feel so bad for him!!!its all Avery’s fault!!can’t wait for this EP

  5. Jacqi says:

    I think April will end up marrying matthew, although I would love for her to be with Jackson.

    • justsaying says:

      This is exactly why I don’t watch this craptastic soap opera anymore. Is there anyone left who is likeable? At all? I think those that like these characters must do so out of loyalty as opposed to actually liking the way they are written. Ask yourselves. Would you be friends with these characters in real life? Would you feel for them and their well being? Or would you be thinking, all of you are idiots and deserve your crazy dysfunction. I found myself thinking the latter and that’s why I checked out of Greys. Every now and again I read a recap and resting assured that I made the right decision. I get that it’s a soap, but can they at least be somewhat realistic in their over-the-topness? Jerrika is right. Her character would not have stayed. Jackson probably would either not have waited till the wedding to make this declaration or would have spoken with her after. I mean, at least wait till the reception and do it in private. There’s always annulment. SMH.

  6. Andrew Hass says:

    Tonight’s episode is going to be great.Now even though Stephanie won’t be blaming April for what Jackson did she could still be mad at her depending on what April does next.As for April i think she gave Jackson chances before the wedding even if it was subconscious on her past to say something to her but he didn’t.So i could see her been mad at Jackson too for making a scene at the wedding and also hurting Stephanie.As for if April and Matthew get married i don’t see it happening at least not right now and i could see them both agreeing not to marry.However April may not reunite with Jackson because she may want to make sure he won’t change his mind about wanting her.

  7. Janet W. says:

    …”They like to develop characters through devastation [at Grey’s]…”
    Truer words were never spoken. Jerrika Hinton seems to be a very intelligent girl as well as the character she portrays, Stephanie. However, those are the type of girls that end up with jerks [insert Jackson Avery]. *sniffle, tear*

    Oh well, at least Grey’s is back tonight and we will finally have April’s answer. I like Matthew so I hope he gets his happily ever after. But this is Grey’s so devastation cometh.

  8. Abc says:

    I don’t know why people like Matthew so much. He’s boring and bland. I don’t care how sweet he is or how great he is, the fact is April doesn’t love him like she loves Jackson and for anyone to say she should marry him just because he wasn’t an idiot once or twice in his life is dumb. Jackson has beendumb sometimes, that’s been established but so has April. In fact, almost every male I know has done some dumb thing in their lives. Heck even females. The fact is you hurt the ones you love most in life sometimes and Jackson has proved that. All he needed was to grow up a little bit and see the light. At least he saw the light before she married Matthew and didn’t try to carry on some sort of affair.