Camilla Luddington to the Grey's Anatomy Fandom: Jo Is Not 'Izzie 2.0' — and Here's Why

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Jo IzzieGrey’s Anatomy‘s Jo is a fiercely independent and outspoken woman who survived a tumultuous childhood before launching her career at Grey Sloan Memorial.

She’s also in love with a fellow doctor by the name of Alex Karev and is partial to updos.

Hmm… sound like anyone else we know?

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Yes, Karev’s current squeeze shares a few things in common with his first love, Izzie, but, as Jo’s portrayer Camilla Luddington points out, the two characters are very different people — particularly when it comes to how they treat Alex.

“I feel like Alex can be more himself in front of Jo,” the actress tells TVLine. “She doesn’t see anything wrong with him. His hotheadedness is the same as hers. She accepts him. I almost see them as partners in crime.”

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Case in point: Alex’s sad little apartment. “I feel like Izzie would’ve made it look all pretty,” Luddington offers. “It’s still a little bit trashy, and I can see Jo and Alex thinking that it looks nice. Like that’s nice for them. Like they made an effort to buy some crappy thing from CVS and put it in the corner and they’re ready to throw a party. But I think that’s what’s endearing about them.

“I do think that they’re different,” she adds. “I know people think that because Jo grew up with not a lot of money that she’s Izzie 2.0, but I just don’t see it that way.”

Should Katherine Heigl’s previously-announced desire to reappear on Grey’s result in an actual return engagement at some point — something that is admittedly looking less likely as time goes on — what would an Izzie-Jo showdown look like?

“I think Jo would want to throw down,” Luddington says with a laugh. “I really do. That would be very interesting. I don’t know what Alex would do. I would like to think he would stay with Jo.”

Grey’s Anatomy resumes its current 10th season Thursday at 9/8c. 

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  1. LE says:

    Despite all the drama involved in Katherine Heigl’s departure and all the open holes they left in Izzie’s departure. Izzie was one of the best characters of Grey’s, I think Jo is the best of the new interns but they can’t top the original cast…

    • trainwreck says:

      Yup, while some claim that her character was destroyed with the whole George dating, Denny hallucinating drama.. i found it showing a different perspective of that character.

      and one should not forget that Heigl is the ONLY actor actually WINNING the emmy for the show. (and the show’s cast is a powerhouse with Sandra Oh, Chandra and Ellen herself)

    • Frankie says:

      And, also, Izzie made Alex a better person (his words! Season 5!), and it sounds like Camilla is alluding to Izzie not having loved Alex for who he was – which was so not true. Just because Jo/Alex are the EXACT SAME PERSON doesn’t mean they are more fitting than Alex/Izzie. Alex and Izzie challenged each other. The character of Jo, right down to her background, was basically fitted for Alex at inception. She’s alright (certainly better than the rest of her newbie friends), but I’d take Izzie back any day!

      • Shannon says:

        No, Camilla said Jo accepts him for who he is. Which to me is a complete contrast to Izzie, who even used the words ‘you’re not good enough for me, you’re not good enough for ANYONE’. I’m re-watching seasons 2 and 5 right now and it is just so obvious not only how much Izzie loved Denny, but how little she actually SAW of Alex deep down. I mean for goodness sakes, she only choose Alex over Denny’s hallucination a few episodes before the end of season 5! It’s just so refreshing to see Alex with someone who can relate to him on such a profound level, and who he can be his exact self around, who even encourages that! I loved Izzie/Alex at the time. But even then I got annoyed at how badly Izzie treated him, never fully accepting that he is capable of good things as she showed by jumping to conclusions. I never even saw them as a distinguished couple of greys until the cancer storyline where Alex was extremely supportive, but I genuinely believe he would do the same, if not more for Jo.

        I think the fact that Shonda properly brought in the father story line for the first time on greys speaks levels, as Jo was the one with him through it. Family was always an issue for Alex that was spoken about many times throughout the series, and I think it really means something that he trusted her to guide/help him through it. I LOVE them together and in my opinion, Alex would not leave Jo for Izzie, I don’t think it’s even a question at this point. They’ve been through so much together by now and have such a deep understanding, which is why she’s called him out on his grief about his father. I love them and think they’re the most refreshing part of greys right now.

        • Rachel says:

          I agree with every single thing you said. Bravo!

        • Frankie says:

          Actually, Izzie and Alex started off hating each other. Then, as season 2 progressed, they were growing closer together but Denny showed up and swept Izzie off her feet – so he put a cog in Alex/Izzie’s wheel. And for all the names Izzie called Alex, he gave her just as much grief over “Dr. Model” stuff. They were foes, that became friends, and ultimately lovers. I’m not trying to defend how Izzie left Alex high and dry at the end of it all, but when they were good they were SO GOOD – far and away a more interesting pairing than Alex/Jo. Alex/Jo are vanilla. You like it enough, but it’s hardly exciting.
          And again I say – Jo was LITERALLY made for Alex. I’m sure somewhere in the writers room when they were discussing adding 5 new interns (most, a waste of space), they had in mind that one of them – eventually – was going to be a love interest for Alex because the guy needed one. By the 3rd episode of season 9 you knew that Jo was going to be “the one”. Izzie and Alex at least had a more organic relationship – you never knew where it was going to go. If it weren’t for the behind the scenes issues with KH and Shonda, and if things didn’t go south, Alex and Izzie – faults and all – would have continued to be one of Grey’s IT couples.

          • candie says:

            I couldn’t have said it better myself. Izzy and Alex were the best and with Usst not in the picture yes Jo is good for Alex and I like them together but that is ONLY bc Izzy isnt there. They are completely boring compared to Izzy and Alex. And for whoever said alex would chose Jo over Izzy I really dont think so. I have every seasonseason on DVD and I have watched each show a million times. U must not remember the chemistry between not only alex and izzy but Justin and Katherine they had great chemistry! I love Izzy/katherine I really wish she hadn’t ticked Shonda off by saying all that she Said bc izzy was and is a true fan favorite I know a lot of my friends stopped watching greys bc of izzy. I had to force my sister to keep watching after Izzys departure. I really think that katherine was young and that Hollywood life can get to u and I think it got to katherine but I dont think it was unforgivable I really feel like she should b brought back if her new NBC show doesnt work out especially since she chose tobeing back Preston issac and his comments and mistakes were way worse.. what he did was something u cant really apologize for those were his feelings and rude beliefs. What he said was not like it was said bc of the fame or hollywood getting to him its almost unforgivable what katherine a aid I feel like was her getting a little bit of a big head and she obviously knows what mistakes she made and I feel like that can be something u could explain and forgive and change. Izzy needs to come back I guarantee ratings would JUMP like crazy and its just what alex and jos dry relationship needs is a little izzy. Plus her character had no ending and as a fan favorite we deserve to see her as a real dr and where she is now. If it wasnt for Shonda we wouldn’t have greys but if it wasnt for us loyal fans shonda wouldn’t have greys either. We want izzy back and I feel like there is story for her especially like I said with alex n jo it would be the new “mcdreamy dr. Montgomery-shepard Meredith” triangle. It would b amazing bc we really care about alex and we loved alex and izzy and now alex and jo have there own fan base that is y it is the perfect plot/story line. It is really what the show needs. I havent been excited about a relationship since the beginning of the series and there hasn’t been a love triangle that had meas devotd since the beginning. The reason it would be great is bc right now if u try to break up any relationship then its all gonna b one sided. April n avery meradith n Derek caley n Arizona alex n jo if any of those relationships get messed with we will all obviously root for them to get bk together n if there end up being any love triangles we will b all obviously rooting for all the couples I just mentioned its too obvious and one sided. IF IZZY CAME BACK RATINGS WOULD JUMP BC EVERYONE LOVES IZZY N ALEX AND ALEX AND JO HAVE A NEW FAN BASE it would b so NOT obvious and so debatable it would just be AMAZING!!!!!!! Greys needs a triangle that we care about and thats not one sided. Btw again I must say Alex would out of being a good guy deep down hed at first stay w jo but izzy has a power over him that he wouldn’t be able to resist hurting jo and ending up w izzy just as Derek did w maradith. Issy is the love of Alex’s life and she is who he and the show needs right now. Im telling u greys is still hot but hot w a lot of new watchers if izzy came back imagine how hot greys would b w all the original fans clinging back every week. Really.. were gonna bring Burk back when Christina leaves yes I think he is the best way to end het story but what I loves most a about burk was him and Christina so now what? Hes here alone? We forgive issac his sins (lol) or his hurtful bullying name calling to poor George and thats fine I think it takes a huge person and a good person to forgive someone I think it says alot about that person if they can forgive but its easy to forgive someone who said something about someoneeelse its takes a bigger and stronger person to forgive something that was more directed to u. I think shonda is obviously AMAZING and I love her story I think she is awesome and she identifies w her fans and she loves her fans but I think she will eventually and I pray she will eventually put her fans over her ego and BRING IZZY BACK come one girl do it for the fans the show the ratings and mos of all DO IT FOR ME I am ur BIGGEST FAN EVERRRRRR. AND GREYS BIGGEST FAN. ok now im talking like I am taking to Shonda lol. Ughhh just wish she forgive and forget and bring izzy BACK *tear. If u agree comment issy and Alex forever lol jk

      • Hannah says:

        As long as Shonda lives she will never allow KH to return (I imagine her being a surgeon in a completely different place, like Tulsa).
        I think it was a mistake to make Jo an Alex carbon copy and I would find her more believable as some middle class girl next door, but there’s no reason she can’t develop while being with Alex.
        If they ever want to do the returning ex thing they could use:
        1) Original Izzie 2.0, Lucy Fields (Rachel Taylor has 2 failed shows on her resume, and possibly a third one this season so she might be game),
        2) Crazy Rebecca/Ava now returned to sanity (no idea if Elizabeth Reaser would do it, but I’m really curious about what happened to her character after she went insane).

        • Shannon says:

          I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a dig at Tulsa, but as a resident of the city, I will tell you it’s a great place to live and very interesting.

          • Hannah says:

            Not a dig, I’m sure Tulsa is very nice. I was just thinking about a place very far and different from Seattle and Tulsa came to mind because I never heard of a tv drama set there, but I could have said Topeka, Des Moines, Lincoln, Bismarck, Cheyenne, Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Little Rock etc.
            She could be anywhere. Maybe she can see Russia from her home ;)

    • Whatevah says:

      I disagree. I think the best thing to happen to Grey’s was when Katherine left. The show as becoming Izzie Hospital and she was just not that interesting to me.

    • dude says:

      I love them both but I’d take Izzie back in a heartbeat.

    • tammy says:

      I agree izzy was the best,it seems alex isn’t the same since she left,as for jo I don’t like her character and I flip the channel whenever she is on.

  2. kara says:

    Girl BYE Izzie and Alex are soulmates! Jo can’t compete with that.

  3. trainwreck says:

    well i like Jo and like where the show is going with Jolex, I still can’t help but swoon for IZZEX! Izzie and Alex are the classic story.. the good girl bad boy thing was the perfection in contrast with MerDer’s perfection.

    While i like Camilla (and Jo, as stated earlier), i would like to see the Izzie-Jo showdown VERY much.. but i won’t be too optimistic about Jo’s chances .. Izzie is trailer park supermodel barbie :P

    • Jess says:

      Sorry but, I mean try to think like Alex. Would you all of a sudden leave your girlfriend (who has shown you nothing but support till now) for your ex-wife who left you with a note and didnt call you back for weeks (whom by the way you havent seen for 4 years) only because she is a “trailer park supermodel barbie”? That sounds pretty shallow lol and as shallow as Alex used to be, I don’t think he is that guy now. I find both Jo and Izzie pretty by the way, but that’s unimportant here.

      • trainwreck says:

        I get your point. I didn’t meant it from Alex perspective.. i was referring to her characterization (remember the time she went all kung fu on Callie?). She was a tough kick-ass yet stunningly beautiful girl (and Heigl embodied it, as shallow as sounds )

        I agree that Alex might not take her back, but Izzie wasn’t just about Alex! She was a main character along with Meredith, Cristina and George! The longtime Grey fans feel bad about leaving a main character hanging lose without being given a proper directional end.

        • trainwreck says:

          *mean .. ugh!

          • Jess says:

            I’m okay with her coming back, but I certainly wouldn’t want her back with Alex. He has finally moved on after all these years and he should be happy with Jo now. But Shonda doesnt want to work with Katherine anymore anyway, so I don’t think she’ll ever come back.

          • trainwreck says:

            yeah Shonda can be difficult. I don’t blame either, Katherine or Shonda for the fallout – it was just blown way too much out of proportions. K-Heigl was right in her own way while Shonda has a right to chose people to work with whom she genuinely likes. BUT that said, we , the fans, are still looking for a Izzie comeback!

          • lara says:

            From what I heard, Katherine took back her Emmy nomination because she didnt think her character had enough of a storyline to deserve an Emmy, then bashed the writing of the show on various occasions , then wanted to leave when her contract wasnt done yet. And when they told her they couldnt let her go off the contract she didnt show up on the set when she was supposed to shoot scenes. That’s why suddenly Izzie was gone, because Katherine didnt show up. Shonda is definitely not the nicest boss, but I dont blame her for not wanting to work with Katherine anymore. I mean, you can’t pull that as an actress, only because you got famous with your movies. I get that she wanted to spend more time with her family, but so did Chyler Leigh, and Shonda doesnt say anything negative about her. Btw even Ellen Pompeo complained about Katherine’s way of leaving the show, so I dont think that these are just mean rumours.

          • trainwreck says:


            come to think of it, SIX years at he same job, while you are at a place in your life where you are getting recognized for your acting, getting married and adopting children.. you tend to make decisions that make you move to greener looking pastures. Movies are one-off things with a less crazy schedule than Grey’s where actors have reportedly gone 16 hours for a single day.

            Like i said earlier, both Katherine and Shonda are right at their own way. BTW Ellen clarified it on twitter later that she didn’t mean to point at Heigl. She actually is on good terms with her.

  4. kat says:

    I loved Izzie! But I’m not going to stress with joy and Alex breaking up over her. Shes not coming back ever I believe! I just like that Alex found someone!

  5. Sarah01 says:

    So sick of people comparing Jo to Izzie. Like camilla said, they are two different characters and they do treat Alex different. I personally think Jo is better for him, he can be himself around her. And I used to love Alex & Izzie, but she left him and shouldn’t come back. But if she did, I hope Alex would stay with Jo, too.

    • hazel says:

      EUGH I am so done with it too. I liked Alex and Izzie but something always felt off for me, slightly tainted, and it was the fact that while Izzie MAY have loved alex a lot, she didn’t SHOW it like Jo does. Jo hasn’t said ‘I love you’ in a serious form yet but I don’t doubt her love for a second. because you can TELL. She is always there for him, and she understands him and his reactions like she shares the same. She sees beneath him, and Izzie never could. She’s so right for him, and I really really hope they last.

  6. Whitney says:

    Let’s be real, Jo would probably beat the crap out of Izzie if she came back to try and get Alex back. And she deserves it, regardless of the Hiegel created drama on set, her character treated Alex like crap.

    • tamara says:

      don’t be so sure. I think Izzie will be great too? She defended Meredith with Callie and was ready to fight with her later. Katherine speaks her mind but poorly but honestly she was right, her & georges then ghost denny was crap! and then she apologized so move on. And yes it’s because of drama bts that Izzie left in that horrible ways. It was out of character. And it’ why I don’t like how shonda mix the drama off show and the show itself.

      Btw all the characters of grey’s except Calli were mean, horrible, direspectful & more to their partners

      • Addie says:

        i always thought the KH drama was blown way out of proportion. She could have found a slightly nicer way to say that she wasn’t thrilled with the George/Ghost Denny stuff, but at that time every media outlet was basically saying the same thing. That the ghost stuff was ridiculous and that the Gizzie “relationship” ruined both George and Izzie. She certainly wasn’t lying, and how many interviews have we seen with Patrick or Ellen where they haven’t looked that thrilled with the storyline? Quite a few.

  7. cc says:


  8. JJM says:

    I always considered Jo similar to that of Lexie, but a much more undeveloped character. The only thing that had me remotely caring was the traumatic childhood she endured, but even then that seems to be EVERY character on this show.

  9. tamara says:

    I don’t ship izzie & alex and surely not jo with alex! they made her too perfect for him just because shonda want in her way to destroy izzie character and her relation with alex since she hates Katherine. But when they were on good terms Shonda says izzie & alex are meant to be… so it’s just about her mood & katie leaving. Izzie threaten poorly because Katherine was leaving and the BTS drama. Without that, they were supposed to end up together.
    Maybe I don’t like jo & alex because I don’t like jo as a character, for me she’s just there for alex. And to be honest Katherine is a better actress than Camilla. Oh and Izzie if I remember she kived in a caravan, doesn”t have a father and a weird mother so her & jo have more than no having money in common.

    But seriously what’s the point after all these years to still compare them and all. Izzie was Alex’s first love (and biggest till now) and Jo will be her big & last one

  10. hello says:

    Jo is Lara Croft, nothing can beat that

  11. Mariam says:

    They are still mentiong izzie that breaks my heart and give me hope in the sametime , i really hope katherine come back oneday , i miss alex izzie so much , they will always be my otp ,

  12. Sara says:

    Alex deserves someone who put him first, like Jo is. For Izzie it was Denny, George and Alex at the end. With Alex always doing stuff for her. It’s refreshing to see Alex in this relationship. Go Jolex!!!

  13. Mel says:

    Are you people all forgetting how crappy Izzie treated Alex in the end or am I the only one who still remembers? He stood by her side during the cancer and she just left with a note, blaming him for something he didnt even do. Alex shouldn’t take her back, especially not after four years of no word or whatsoever from her.

    • Sara says:

      Yes, she was the worst, how she treated him like garbage after everything.

      And cancer or no cancer all the disgusting season 5 Dead Denny sex.. it was clear if he was still alive who she was going to be with.

    • Whatevah says:

      Thank you! I remember! She was awful to him. And not just when Katherine was leaving. Lizzie was horrible to Alex as soon as she met Denny..(still shudder over that WHOLE storyline)

  14. greysfan says:

    People seem to e forgetting how badly Izzie treated Alex. I mean the way it ended there is no way I would want to get back with her and I am happy for Jo and Alex. I’m team Jolex all the way and it’s time to put Izzie in the past already! If she came back ten Jo would kick her ass. Personally I hope she never returns. I’ve never liked the idea of it.

    • marie says:

      I COMPLETELY agree!! Izzie is the past, jeez its been 4 seasons!! I hope she never comes back, its not necessary at all. If she does, it wouldn’t make a difference, Alex has moved on, everyone has. I’m so happy for jolex, they work so well, and I love the dynamic

  15. D says:

    If greys goes past the next 2 seasons Pompeo and Shepard signed on for, I think Shonda can get over her grudge and end Izzie’s storyline appropriately. Especially during its final season, whenever that may be. Like ER and Clooney, they even showed him doing his thing and there was closure. If Shonda is still pissed, I’m sure she’ll kill her off screen with a cancer reaccurence and then it’ll be something that the cast will deal with on screen. Maybe her mom will cameo or something. Either way it’s better than what we did see. Besides,it’s nice seeing Alex get his happy ending, so to speak. They made a character for him he can really relate to.

    • abz says:

      I agree, it’s been so many years now and I don’t care what drama happened behind the scenes, they should bring her back and finish her story. ANY storyline with Izzie in it would be better than all of the intern storylines put together. God, I HATE Shane. When will they kill that character off already.

      • D says:

        I agree with you a 100%, I hate Shane too! I LOVED Mousy! She was like a mini Mer! Sad she got another show and they killed her off so there’s no chance of her returning. Back to Shane tho, he got even worse with Cristina. Her lil bad bitch boy! Ugh! I do hope Alex kicks his ass! I wish shondaland can think of the fans and put Izzie’s story to bed. Anything! She even said on twitter that they are going to mention Teddy soon, whatever that means. But it’s better than nothing.

        • abz says:

          Oh, I had no idea about the Teddy mention coming up. That’s another Grey’s character that I really adore and grew to love very much. I was pretty sad when she went away. Her story line with Henry was one of the most heart-breaking of the show. Honestly, Grey’s wasn’t always bad in terms of their addition of characters. Addison, Lexie, Callie, Owen, Teddy, Mark, Arizona, April, Jackson, Amelia (especially on PP). These were all characters added a bit later into the show, yet they meshed very well with the original cast and the Grey’s world may not have been the same without their addition, However, it’s been a season and a half so far of them trying with these batch of characters and it just isn’t working. The only one I can somewhat tolerate is Jo. I freaking hate Shane, I don’t care about Stephanie, and Leah is just crazy, and Mousy was the only one I somewhat liked and they ended up killing her off. Things need to change. Anyway, after almost 10 seasons, I’m gonna stick with the show till the bitter end. Too much time invested.

          • D says:

            I share many of your opinions! ;) I loved Teddy too, I hope they give her a good send off, or maybe she’ll come back after Cristina leaves. I liked her with Owen but I LOVED her with Henry! That was horrible when he died! I like Owens new GF now. She’s cute. But after ten years you gotta see it through to the end.

  16. Trista says:

    I think it is about time that someone would fight for Alex. I think that is what Alex has missed out on… someone who loves him enough to fight for him.

  17. Addie says:

    Ausiello has always hated Izzie/KH since his EW days, so this article is not surprising at all. Why even bring her up? I liked Izzie a lot, yes she did crappy things but so did every other character on this show. And yes, Shonda pretty much destroyed her in her last few appearances but I’m not entirely convinced that it had nothing to do with her obvious grudge against KH. Jo is barely a character to me, she’s a love interest that was tailor-made to fit every one of Alex’s characteristics- that’s boring. I think they should have waited another year or so before going down the Jo/Alex route and let Jo develop on her own . Oh well, at least Alex/Justin has been getting screentime.

  18. Will says:

    Jo is better for Alex than Izzie? PSHHH Bye Felicia!

  19. KK says:

    Agree with what everyone else already said (which I am surprised about), I will always be an Alex and Izzie fan. Despite everything that went on behind the scenes, I will always hope for Katherine to return. Alex and Izzie were one of my all time favorite tv couples and I love accidentally catching an older episode with them whether they’re sparring or in love. If Katherine is never coming back for Alex, I like Jo and Alex enough to be happy about it, but always second to Alex and Izzie.

  20. Em says:

    Personally I think most of the comparisons come from Jo looking like she could be Izzie’s younger, brunette sister.

  21. abz says:

    I really miss Izzie so much. Aside from my love for Christina and Callie, Izzie was pretty much one of if not THE best character on the show and without her, I doubt the show would have gone on as long as it did. I mean, of course there was all of that drama with KH, but the acting was flawless and even the Denny hallucination storyline was well-acted and heartbreaking. I never disliked it as much as other people did.

    • dax says:

      very true! She won the damn emmy for the show – hell she made me cry on that denny death scene and I am a tough nut to crack! Izzie was a pivotal character for the show and her character deserves closure as much as the other four original interns!

  22. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare Jo to Izzie because they both met Alex at different times in his life.Over the years Alex has matured.Now if Katherine Heigl ever came back to Grey’s even for a short stint it could be very interesting to see what Alex would do.Plus Izzie may have changed since we last saw her.I also don’t think Heigl is ever coming back full time but she could come back for a few episodes sometime during the next 2 seasons to give the fans some closure.Izzie could return for a medical case and see everyone.

  23. Pat says:

    I see no comparison, whatsoever, between Izzie and Jo. So why even bring something like this up? Katherine Heigl left the show to move on to bigger opportunities. So with that, let us concentrate on the character of Jo and not have her be compared to someone who is not on the show.

  24. JJ says:

    IMO The thing that bugs me about Jo is that the writers were too obvious in making her ‘Alex’s love interest.’ Like this article said, Jo and Alex are almost exactly the same, which is weird. They come off more as brother-sister to me.

    Not saying that Izzie-Alex relationship was better, but it came off more organic.

    • Addie says:

      This exactly! Jo seems like she was created to fit with every single one of Alex’s traits, and that to me is not interesting. How much more exciting would it have been if Alex fell in love with someone who came from a good life/had no real issues? Someone who could make him realize that he can be loved by someone who isn’t a screw-up but also someone who doesn’t let him fall into self-pity/aggressive mode? If Arizona wasn’t a lesbian, that would have been a fun relationship to explore.

  25. Alichat says:

    Alex’s apartment?? What apartment? Doesn’t he own Meredith’s old house….or rent it?

    • Name(less) says:

      No chit. This was the only thing I got from the whole article – she doesn’t even realize Alex’s crappy apartment is Mer’s beautiful old house?! I can’t stand Luddington or her character. She’s a poor actress in this part.

      • ec says:

        She never says “apartment” in the interview – that comes from the article text (which, yeah, is an error). It sounds like she’s just referring to the decor of his place, which is a bit trashy since Mer moved out.

  26. Kendall says:

    Alex and Jo wouldn’t buy anything from CVS, not for a couple more years at least. ;)

  27. Linderella says:

    I finally quit watching GA last season when I realized Katherine Heigl was never coming back. The writing was crap, she said so, and the rest is history. She’s moved on and so have I.

  28. Fernanda says:

    We hope that Shonda doesn’t bring another Denny Duckette look like storyline between Jo and Alex. I prefer the typical Alex story lines about cheating, angry issues, more cheating and everyone forgives him all his problems because he is a great doctor, great in bed and a nice person. I hope Jo will be his endgame.

  29. Sean says:

    I agree with most people here. Alex and Izzie were a much more interesting couple, and Katherine a better actress. Haven’t watched it as much since but the new one seems by-the-numbers (like a lot of the newbies)

  30. Kay says:

    I don’t ever want to see an Izzie/Jo showdown. I don’t ever want to see Izzie on Grey’s again. That character brought so many things that I disliked about the show. Denny, George/Izzie, hallucinations that brought Denny back, etc.

  31. Mary Carl says:

    This whole discussion about who Alex would choose is ridiculous, because there isn’t a competition. But the most ridiculous of all is to write an entire article comparing two characters that have much more interesting this to be said about. Of course they have things in common and other things that are completely different. Pick any two people and you’ll find this, because it’s life. Nobody is perfectly equal and nobody is perfectly different. I don’t see people comparing Meredith and Addison, Owen and Burke, Arizona and George, Catherine and Adele… or Even Jackson and Matthew or April and Steph, competitions that actually exist at this moment. Why Alex is the only one who is not allowed to move on without this kind of crappy discussion? He deserves to be happy, why people hate him so much to wanting him alone, waiting forever for someone who didn’t love him enough to stay? Grow up!

    • unbelievable says:

      THIS. THANKYOU!!! the entire thing is pathetic, making an entire article about it is absolutely ridiculous. even more so as Izzie hasn’t been so much as properly mentioned for about 3 YEARS. I don’t even understand why this is even a discussion, you have two people that love each other and someone who isn’t even in the picture and has been out of it for years. what’s there even to discuss???

    • GA_fan says:

      I don’t want Alex to be alone, I’ve accepted that Izzie will never come back because Shonda holds a crudge towards Katherine (wich is childish). All I want is Alex to have a woman who feels right for him. Jo does not feel right, mainly becase Camilla Luddington is not believable as Jo. Wish they had an actress who actually could bring that character alive. But Camilla Luddington is, I’m sorry, just a terrible actress.

  32. Jo Jo Ma says:

    I think it would be interesting to bring Izzy back because she would be an attending now…but what specialty did she choose? She could be brought in to consult? I’d be for it. Not necessarily re – pairing with Alex, but just to see what happened. Also – I still miss intern Steve. I liked that guy!

  33. believe741 says:

    You can’t compare Jo with Izzie.And you can’t say Izzie didnt care about him or love him or that Alex didnt feel the same way for her.We are talking about a, in TV terms, 6 season relationship vs a 2 season relationship. Izzie and Alex went through ALOT and even thought its TV and nothing is reality, its hard to forget a relationship he had like with Izzie.People also need to realize that Izzie and Alex wouldve ended up together but Katherine left and never came back.Shonda had tweeted how “no matter what happened Alex and Izzie were meant to be” Like if you look at it Alex would still be with easy.So dont say she treated him like garbage cuz if i remember he was a total ass in the beginning seasons. Izzie should really come back. not to get back with Alex neccesary but to get closure cuz she seriously needs it and theres A TON of people that would love to see her return.Seriously Shonda bring her back at least for half an episode lol.

  34. GA_fan says:

    Izzie and Alex are the endgame, period. The only reason people are angry at Izzie is because of Shonda. She threw Izzie under the bus at the end, because she was mad at Katherin. Katherine Heigl is a wonderful actress and her and Justin Chambers scenes were always the best GA gave to viewers. You just don’t believe Camilla Luddington when she tries to portray this girl who has had a rough past. I don’t believe her as Jo for one minute. The scenes with Alex and Jo are so bad, because Justin gives all that he can but Camilla just doesn’t deliver back. And it’s really embarrasing how Camilla acts like a fangirl of Jolex on twitter… So embarrasing. Shonda knows what the viewers want and need and that is Izzie and Alex. Katherine has reached out to her when she said she would like to come back on the show, but Shonda showed how petty she is with giving crappy comment about her and something that happened 4 years ago. She should really let go of her crudge already.

  35. GA_fan says:

    Also, I must add that people here on the comments have been saying what’s the point in comparing Izzie and Jo. Well hello, did you not reed the article? That is what Camilla Luddington is doing. She is bringing Izzie up and claiming that Izzie did not let Alex be herself and also saying that Izzie would have decorated the house differently. Like what the heck with the house comment? What kind of comment is that to say about a character that is not on the show anymore. Those comments from Camilla just prove how insicure she HERSELF is about the relationship that is Jolex when compared to Izzie and Alex, what she herself keeps bringing up. She is desperatly trying to sell us Jolex. Well, sorry I’m not bying it with her acting skills!!!! No matter how hard she is trying to get Jolex trending on twitter… Desperate, desperat

  36. CR says:

    Bring Dr. Izzy back!

  37. N says:

    I miss Izzie!

  38. Patti Spear says:

    Bring back Katherine Heigel for a guest appearance and also Teddy. Maybe Teddy and Owen could finally get together.

  39. firstseasonsfan says:

    I think the reason i watch Greys still is because of the originals, the rest is really just a filler. Jo is fine, I do think she should be with maybe a hot young doctor. Karev and Izzy were a perfect match, Shonda and the writers wrote an amazing first couple of seasons. I wish they would wrap it up and not try to continue the story, rather honor the work. For me Izzy returning and Karev ending with her would make the most satisfying finale. Jo is young and hot, she could make new history with someone else, or hey, what about not needing a man? Just being satisfied being an accomplished doctor?

    The whole new storylines dont interest me one bit, The beginning was much sweeter and so hard to top–just hanging on and hoping for a beautiful end…