Ratings: The Bachelor and Castle Tie Lows Vs. Olympics, Star-Crossed Does Better Than Dixie

JUAN PABLO GALAVIS, CLARENBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics this Monday night averaged 23.5 million total viewers and a 5.6 demo rating, both improving on its Sunday tallies (21.1 mil/4.8) and up 11 percent and a tenth versus the comparable night in Vancouver 2010.

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Over on ABC, The Bachelor (7.6 mil/2.2) shed some viewers and a tenth in the demo, while Castle (7.8 mil/1.7) fell 22 and 19 percent from its previous Olympics-free outing — with both shows tying their series-low demo ratings.

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Fox’s Almost Human (5.3 mil/1.6) and The Following (5.1 mil/1.7) matched their week-ago Olympics-impaired series lows, though the latter added some eyeballs.

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The CW’s Star-Crossed — which TVLine readers gave an average grade of “B+” — premiered to 1.24 million total viewers (the network’s largest audience in the time period this season) and a 0.4 demo rating, improving on Hart of Dixie‘s most recent outing by 20 and 33 percent. Beauty and the Beast was flat with 770K/0.3.

CBS’ Intelligence (5.7 mil/1.2) was down 20 percent and a tenth.

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  1. leigh says:

    I always wondered why they show new shows against the olympics. Ratings tonight for castle reflect this. Shame since it was a good episode.

    • S. says:

      Sounded like a lot of people got their hands on it at least a day early. There was lots of buzz about how good it was from people who’d seen it already. Whenever Canada got it, someone put it online and people snuck it. Geez, wait til it shows up in the US. It’s not like it’s Downton Abbey for God’s sake. You don’t have to wait months otherwise.

    • RBA says:

      Canadian airings do not affect ratings…. To do so the people that watch the Canadian airing would have to have downloaded and watched the Canadian episode and be in Nielsen Households. If anything the positive buzz would have generated more viewer interest.

      The ratings last night just prove that it was a mistake of ABC of airing a new episode against a special event like the Olympics. They wasted a new episode that they could have used in the weeks ahead when Castle will more than likely be showing reruns. With about 12 weeks to go before end of the season Castle has now aired 15 of its 22 episodes (there has been no confirmation from ABC as to the rumor 23), so 7 episodes to air in 12 weeks means many reruns or weeks without Castle.

      • EJ386 says:

        Actually it does when Nielsen households download the episode illegally and so don’t watch Castle on TV. Not sure if that happens though, but still the possibility is there…

      • c-mo says:

        The problem is is that February is a sweeps month so networks need to at least try to pull in decent ratings against the Olympics even though they know that it’s a somewhat losing battle.

    • Manuel Schuster says:

      Hello leigh!

      I absolutly agree with you. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT was a a really good episode ( from the crime case and the romantic factor ). It is really sad that the rating wasn´t very good. The CASTLE – Crew don´t deserve it. I hope that it will be better next week and that there will be a 7. season!

      Many greetings from Cologne / Germany by

      Manuel Schuster

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks ABC for airing a a new Castle and a new Shark Tank in a week against the Olympics with no other new shows! Did the they use NBC schedulers this week?

  3. tp says:

    So what do those numbers really mean for HoD? This is the lowest HoD has been but SC is starting off low. I feel for the HoD fans. Only thing is you never know with the CW, HoD could still have a fighting chance.

    • mslexicain says:

      I think it depends on how much SC’s numbers fall/are consistent for the next few episodes. I was lukewarm on the premiere so prob won’t watch it again. Plus lots of people think they will renew HOD just for syndication purposes.

    • ... says:

      Honestly, I think the only numbers that matter for Hart of Dixie are the ones it puts up on Fridays. I don’t see The CW returning it to Monday next season, not after the ratings it’s been putting up this season, so it’s Friday or bust.

    • Win says:

      HoD is A 3rd season show that will have 66 episodes that for first reached a .3 against the Olympics, other than that it has reached a high of .5 and a multitude of .4’s. Will move to fridays come March. Will need 22 episode to reach the magic 88.

      TCD is a sophomore show with 26 episodes that reached as low as a .2 this year and never broke higher than a .4. Did not receive an order for more episodes this season (Some will say it’s a limited series) and ended before may. Would need at least 62 episodes for the magic 88.

      BATB is a sophomore show that will have 44 episodes and has gotten a .3 for almost every run of this season minus one where it got .4. Will disappear from the schedule and will return in may. will need 44 episodes to reach the magic 88.

      Star-Crossed is a freshman show that will have 13 episodes and premiered with a .4 against the Olympics and opens the night. Slight chance it could improve being a new show. Would need 75 episodes to reach the magic 88.

      looking at this situation, who would you think is the safest of the four?

      • hallie says:

        You forgot about the tomorrow poeple who priemered at .09 and there lowest being a .05 is moving to monday come march as well 100 still needs to priemer but right now TTP have the highest ratings

  4. Sarah says:

    I didn’t KNOW there was a new Castle until 20 minutes before the show—-but boy was I glad! I don’t watch the olympics because I don’t like NBC’s coverage. So it was nice to have a new show to watch:)

  5. lupe says:

    Not bad numbers for Castle against the Olympics, but the people that didn’t watch it missed a great episode. Hopefully they’ll come back next week:)

  6. Melody says:

    I loved that I had something to watch other than the Olympics and the Castle episode was really good. I also like Star Crossed and look forward to seeing more. The Following, I watch it and am glad they put it up against the Olympics so after the Olympics I have something to watch. Why can’t they count all the people who dvr it and watch it later, that should count? We still watched.

    • It does count I believe…ratings numbers are Live + SD (same day) usually, meaning it counts if someone watched it in a second airing that night or from DVR that night.

      • I really wish that they would count us who watch online via hulu or their own network! I watch pretty much all of my shows on hulu…most the next day, but not always! I am surprised that with all of the new technology we have that they haven’t came up with a modern way to count the viewers! Too many shows are being cancelled without knowing the actual number of viewers!

  7. Autumn says:

    I don’t know why CW thought it a good idea to air a new show against the Olympics…Not to mention, on a Monday and without a good lead in. This is no surprise for Star Crossed. I liked it though if didn’t love it yet. Certainly no Roswell but I’m willing to give it a chance. I hope they have an ending planned for the short run.

  8. spindae2 says:

    Shame for Star-Crossed it was a solid pilot bit overcrowded but it’s a pilot the follow up is usually better.

  9. Ava says:

    Still enjoying The F bubollowing this season. Miss HOD. Last season was fabulous, this season not so much. I wish the writers would return to what worked.

  10. Aimee says:

    Star-Crossed does better than HOD? That’s a pretty low bar you’re stepping over CW.

  11. wingsstef says:

    I like Hart of Dixie, but I also liked the Star-crossed Pilot. Time shall tell to see if either show does well enough to be returned. I like Hart of Dixie, and will follow it to Friday. After HIMYM ends in about a month and half, I won’t really have a Monday 8pm show so, it might be interesting to see how Star-Crossed does. Though, The Voice is pretty popular.

  12. MAS says:

    I really liked Star Crossed. I think it has a good set-up to explore a lot of storylines.

  13. Miriam Maurer says:

    I agree not that big of a drop considering the Olympics numbers…also ice dancing.

  14. Jovana says:

    Can somebody please explain to me what does ‘syndication’ mean? I noticed a lot of talk about HoD and Revenge being renewed because of syndication. No idea what is that about.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      A show generally is not sold into syndication — meaning, to channels that will air its repeats — until it reaches the “magic number” of 88 or 100 episodes. (Generally, it’s far easier for sitcoms to get syndicated, though the rare hour-long drama can gain traction.)

      • Jovana says:

        Oh, I get it now! Thank you so much, Matt.

        • hallie says:

          Not only that this is where shows make there money back when a show originally airs the get money from commercials aired but it doesn’t really cover cost but if a show reaches syndication networks will bid to gain the rights to air it the more popular the show they more networks will bid the more money the show makes.

  15. DavidSask says:

    HOD is not really a teen show so no surprise Star Crossed was able to beat it in ratings, be interesting to see how show proceeds as is owned by CBS not like other new series coming the 100 which looks better even from trailer. I personally think Fox should give Almost Human a renewal over the awful super violent The Following.

    • hallie says:

      That isn’t necessarily true alot of there shows are focused on a yonger s/l sort of but TTP, Arrow and BATB really are for any audience but they get a wide range of audiences but you also have to remember HOD (which would have been cancelled a long time ago on any other network) has been on the air for awhile and it really hasn’t clicked with fans while SC is a priemer so like all priemers people wanted to check it out so i really expected it to get an even higher rating. After the primere is when shows tend to lose some of there audience it happens to every show in this case not sure because SC had a very low priemer so it can’t efford to lose its audience in fact they need to gain more of an audience. The only thing i think they are hoping people will tune in after the olympics but generally ratings usually go down and that is the audience they get most shows after a priemer look to keep 80 percent of there audience.

  16. DarkDefender says:

    Hey Matt.. Can you update with the +3 (or is it 7 days?) numbers for Castle. I’d like to think once people had time to watch their DVR (after seeing the Olympics) they would want to watch a fresh Castle (especially with all the buzz of that end scene).

  17. cali says:

    Well not everyone watches the Olympics…I loved the Castle episode…Networks should realize this…

    • hallie says:

      Not everyone does but alot of people do so it isn’t worth the risk of putting your show in jeopardy because no matter what show it is it can’t compete with the olympics