Did The CW's Star-Crossed Leave You Beaming?

starcrossed325In the new CW drama Star-Crossed, which landed Monday night (8/7c), Friday Night Lights alum Aimee Teegarden plays a high school girl named Emery who gets wrapped up in a world of secrets, betrayal and romance when a pack of aliens try to integrate into a futuristic society. But did the show’s out-of-this world concept crash and burn or keep you wanting more?

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Before you vote in the poll below, a brief recap. The pilot opens with an alien invasion: Shots are fired, space beings are on the run, and no one is safe! After watching coverage of the invasion on TV, a little girl goes to her shed where she finds a little alien boy is hiding. Instead of screaming at the sight of a stranger (like any rational human would?), she feeds her new pal some spaghetti because well, an alien’s gotta eat, no?

Fast-forward 10 years, and our little spaghetti-smuggler is all grown up and in high school — and so are the aliens (or Atrians as they are called). Sadly, no one really wants the Atrians at their school… including the Atrians, who are given strict curfews and are forced to stay in a government-sanctioned facility.

At school, Emery meets a sarcastic Atrian named Roman (90210‘s Matt Lanter) – who she later discovers is the boy she fed all those years ago. Near the end of the episode, the two have a serious handhold sesh and then almost kiss — until they are rudely interrupted by a phone call.(Technology sucks!)

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When she’s not almost-smooching forbidden hotties, we learn a lot about Emery. Before returning to high school, girl was out sick for four years in a hospital – the same hospital where her friend Julia (Malese Jow, The Vampire Diaries) now resides. A love triangle is also established among Em, Roman, and some guy named Grayson (Grey Damon, Friday Night Lights), who clearly just wants Em for her scrapbooking skills. Oh yeah, and her dad works at the facility that houses the Atrians.

While much of the pilot is spent establishing the futuristic setting — and not necessarily a realistic high-school world/dialogue (what kind of teacher tells a classroom full of students, “Yes, I have been laid recently, thank you!”?) — there are certainly tried-and-true CW elements that could make this one a hit.

Now, let’s hear what you have to say. Can Julie Taylor Aimee Teegarden carry this show to hit status? And what’d you think of that hip “Age of Aquarius” cover? Grade the new series via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

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