Castle Recap: They're Playing Our Song

Castle Recap KateThis week on ABC’s Castle, Rick got Carrie’d away with his theory that a telekinetic girl was at the center of a prep school murder, while Kate labored to keep her partner’s feet on the ground.

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THE CASE | Mean girl Madison is seemingly killed after being mysteriously thrown around her bedroom like a rag doll, at least based on the Facetime call she made to gal pals Kris and Hillary. All roads at first point to prep school outcast Jordan, who appeared to exhibit telekinetic powers in the cafeteria weeks prior.

But then it is discovered that Madison had a secret of her own — namely that she was a thief, her antemortem haul being $2.3 million in German bearer bonds (which apparently exist outside of the movie Die Hard). Helping her pull off that particular heist was Jordan’s geeky pal Lucas, who orchestrates special effects as a hobby — Jordan’s cafeteria outburst included.

In fact, Lucas also helped Madison stage her bedroom “assault,” which was intended as a mere prank on her gal pals but instead was co-opted by Kris to afford her an alibi after killing Madison for real, having been unable to extricate herself from the bitch clique’s bling ring. In the end, Lucas gets the girl (Jordan) — and so does Rick, as he asks Kate to the school’s “A Starry Knight” dance.

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THE CASKETT | As the investigation leads Rick back to Faircroft Prep, one of his alma maters, we and Kate and made privy to some of his delinquent ways — including a prank that cost him a hot prom date. As it turns out, Kate didn’t go to her prom, either — because “rebel Becks” was too cool for such things and instead attended a poetry slam in the East Village. throughout the episode, starting with a bedroom debate, continued later over wine and then concluded at the dance, Rick and Kate discuss what “our song” is, for the purpose of their first wedding dance. In the end, it is not “Witchcraft” or “Dancing in the Dark” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” but “In My Veins,” which when it is played at the dance causes both Rick and Kate to comment, “I always loved this song.” (Probably since it played during Seaon 4’s “Always” love scene.) AND THEN ZOMG SO MUCH KISSING.

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THE QUOTABLES | “Isn’t it obvious? Madison made the Hulk angry.” * “I see you’ve managed to extricate yourself from a life of delinquency, Mr. Rodgers, and become a writer… of sorts.” * “I cannot wait to tell Stephen about this case.” * “I am not choosing our song off a list that includes Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me.'” “That song I am sure ignited many a strip club romance in 1987….”

THE REVIEW | Listen, I enjoy Rick’s penchant for buying into the far-out theory — it’s his “thing,” I get it. But in a season that has already featured time travel and The Da Vinci Code, it can come off as the go-to device a la “Let’s find a case that will send Rick spinning in some wackadoodle direction! While Kate divines the plausible!” (Especially since the “Facetime “video appeared so obviously fake from the get-go. Plus, a teen kills instead of just going to the cops for a plea deal?) That said, the episode had a good blend of procedural and personal; I was surprised to also get a Caskett-y loft scene at the midpoint versus the usual bookend placement.

What did you think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”?

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