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Post Mortem: Sleepy Hollow Co-Creators on Jeremy's Big Reveal, Who's Dead, Who's On Their Way to Town and What Katrina Saw

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Post Mortem And now, Sleepy Hollow fans, we wait.

The Fox drama capped its freshman season Monday evening with a supersized episode that answered one huge question – who is the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse? – and posed a slew of new ones that won’t be answered until the series returns in the fall. [Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen the finale, it’s probably a good idea to bail out now.]

Is Jenny dead? Who’ll save Abbie from Purgatory — and for that matter, Ichabod from his grave and Katrina from Headless Abraham? What’ll become of jail-bound Irving? And is there any way Andy could’ve survived Washington’s tomb coming down on his head?

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To ease the pain of the months-long wait until the Season 2 premiere, Sleepy co-creators/executive producers Len Wiseman and Alex Kurtzman gave TVLine some inside scoop on the finale… and what might lie ahead.

“For it to be embraced the way it’s been embraced has been such a pleasure,” Kurtzman says. “And I’m so glad to finally be able to talk about it!”

Read on for more about Henry’s true nature, possible new characters (hello, Mama Mills?), Katrina’s raised eyebrow and fist bumps left on the cutting-room floor.

TVLINE | Did you fear that fans would figure out Henry was Jeremy before that moment?
WISEMAN | I did… We were looking at the final cut and there was one shot, a look of suspicion on Katrina once she comes out of Purgatory and is introduced to Henry. She says, “Oh yes, you’re the Sin Eater.” And she has a look on her face when seeing him that something’s not quite right. I was worried about that one.
KURTZMAN | Terrified. Oh my God, we were so scared of that. We all spent an enormous amount of time figuring out how to best obscure that, and how to trick the audience. It’s funny because some of the references we saw today online were exactly the references we used as perfect embodiments of how to pull that off. The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects are pretty much the gold standard in “Holy s—t!” [Laughs] The genius of those movies is you don’t see it coming at all but of course, when you get there, it instantly makes sense… For the most part, everything Henry has been telling you from the minute you meet him is true… The whole time he’s talking about his father, he’s talking about Moloch. You just don’t realize he’s talking about Moloch. He says, “I was terrified of my power until my father came along and showed me how to use it.” That’s absolutely Moloch. And knowing that we were going down that road allowed us, from the beginning of the season, to plant those seeds and constantly make sure we were hiding the ball enough while being emotionally extremely honest with what was going on in the storytelling.

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TVLINE | How did Jeremy age underground?
WISEMAN | Well, he’s aged from getting out of the ground, as well. He’s continued to age from the time that he has awoken, as well. In terms of being the old man, I don’t have the exact time frame, but…

TVLINE | He didn’t pop out as John Noble, is what you’re trying to say?
WISEMAN | Exactly. He has existed in Sleepy Hollow, and he has been aging as that has been going on.

TVLINE | We saw the Headless Horseman show up at the end and hand the seal to Henry, who broke it. Are we to infer that the seal was given to him in exchange for handing over Katrina?
WISEMAN | It was the trade-off. He was not going to hand over the seal until he had gotten his deal, [which was] why he had agreed to do his part of it.

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TVLINE | In Purgatory, Abbie takes the protective amulet Katrina gives her and pushes it into Moloch’s skin to escape his grasp. Does that mean that she’s no longer protected?
WISEMAN | That’s correct.

TVLINE | Is Abbie stuck in the dollhouse in Purgatory?
KURTZMAN | She’s definitely stuck there. The question is, is she going to find her way out herself, or is somebody going to help her out? Abbie’s a pretty self-reliant person. I think she would have a very difficult time sitting in there reading the newspaper while she was waiting for someone to rescue her. Since there’s obviously no cell reception in hell, she’d have to read the newspaper. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Has there been any talk of  a new character coming on to help save the Cranes and Abbie?
WISEMAN | I don’t want to give away too much. But there’ll be another important character coming in the second season.

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TVLINE | Is there any possibility we’ll meet anyone from Abbie’s family in the next year?
KURTZMAN | Absolutely.

TVLINE | Her mom, perhaps?
KURTZMAN | Perhaps.

TVLINE | Can you give me anything on Jenny’s prognosis?
WISEMAN | I cannot.

TVLINE | How about Luke? He wasn’t mentioned when Irving’s superiors were talking about the murders at the cabin.
WISEMAN | Luke is also… He’s an unknown, I’ll leave it at that.

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TVLINE | I imagine Andy falls under that category, too? He’s probably not actually dead, given that a projectile through his skull couldn’t kill him.
WISEMAN | Andy might actually be dead. He also has the Enterprise to be on. [Laughs] [Note: John Cho plays Sulu in the new Star Trek films.]

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that goodbye at the church – it looked like Katrina noted how important that moment was to both Ichabod and Abbie. Was that me reading too much into that scene?
WISEMAN | No, not at all. Even with everything that’s going on, you’d still be a bit pissed. [Laughs] There’s going to be an issue. It’s something that is very real. He’s spent a lot of time with Abbie, creating this bond, and their relationship has been a very tricky one in terms of the emotions involved between the two of them. So that’s definitely something that Katrina’s going to wonder, “Where does that relationship lie?,” wouldn’t you think? Once you get past the “Thank you for saving me from Purgatory and thank you for saving me from the demons and from being dragged down to Hell, but can we please talk about that woman you were hugging?”
KURTZMAN | It was not an accident that you see her clock that moment. It’s the first time where she actually gets to see them together, to see what that dynamic is. And it’s obviously going to raise a lot of questions for her. That being said, Abbie and Crane, lots has been written and said about will they or won’t they? I think that they care for each for each other so deeply and the bond is so deep – and I think more than anything, that’s what Katrina is responding to, the fact that they do share something that he doesn’t share with his wife. And yet, Katrina is still his wife and Crane is a man who’s very much in love with his wife. It’s a complication but it isn’t necessarily, “Oh my God, he’s in love with another woman.”

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TVLINE | In the finale, you had a bunch of callouts to previous episodes – Yolanda, the fist bump – that seemed like a love letter to the fans. How did you choose which ones to include?
KURTZMAN | We are as addicted to our fans as the fans are addicted to the show. We pay a lot of attention to the moments they loved and the moments that resonated the most for everybody. The tricky thing is you want to tip your hat to those moments, but you don’t want it to just be a repeat of those moments. You want to bring something new to it.
WISEMAN | In fact the fist bump… Episode 5 is where she teaches him it. And we actually had put it in the closing of [the episode] when they found the hidden message in the bible from Washington. We actually shot a fist bump in that moment. He silently was like, “We’re awesome. We did it. We figured this out. Give it up,” and they did a fist bump right there, just quietly. It was really sweet, it was really nice. But it would take away from if we were going to use it as the one thing they could have between themselves in Purgatory. So we kept it for [the finale], but we did shoot it in the other one.

TVLINE | Did Ichabod buy more than one outfit at the reenactment?
WISEMAN | He did, indeed.

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  1. Angela says:

    I don’t doubt Abbie’s friends, and Jenny (presuming she’s alive, and I seriously hope she is), would all come to help her next season, but like stated, Abbie’s tough. I think it’d be pretty awesome to see her fight her own way out of Purgatory.
    I like the idea of Mother Mills showing up-that could be fun. And indeed, it’d be very interesting to see how they handle everything with Katrina returning…but I hope she and Abbie become friends, and see Abbie and Crane’s bond for the close friendship that it is. I don’t doubt there will be some tension at first, and not just of the jealous kind, which is fine and to be expected. But I do hope they can all manage to work together in the end.
    As for Noble, yeah, I was totally fooled by that reveal. I guess I was so caught up in wondering how they were going to handle getting everyone out of Purgatory, and Noble was so convincing as Henry, that I didn’t even consider thinking, “Maybe we shouldn’t trust this guy…”. Hats off to everyone for keeping that under wraps so well. Here’s to more craziness, as well as more fist bumps and Yolanda and other fun things like that, next season. I cannot wait.

  2. tp says:

    Can’t wait for their return next fall.

  3. Lucy says:

    Excellent finale. Wrapped up a lot of threads, left us with new questions, did everything a perfect finale should do.
    And I will admit I jumped off the couch with a “WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?!!?” over the Jeremy/Parish reveal! Fantastic! I cannot wait until next season- I just hope it comes out on dvd/Netflix at least a week earlier so I can re-watch and be ready to jump back in without any forgotten bits!

  4. jen says:

    Yeah yeah Ichabod dearly loves his wife even though everything is her fault! Ugh just make her sacrifice herself and go away already. Honestly don’t want Crane and Abby to get together for a looooong time but Katrina needs to go. Please!

    • Bon says:

      I agree, Katrina needs to go. Crane and Abbie don’t need to rescue her anymore, let Headless have his reward.

    • Angie says:

      Just b/c you don’t like Katrina doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. I love her and Ichabod’s love story. You Ichabbie shippers are so jealous of Katia, it is as funny as it is sad.

      • Helena says:

        I don’t know about sad but it is ridiculous the wishful thinking and outright projection of a romance between Ichabod and Abbie – with some so far gone to hope and pray for a hookup between Tom and Nicole (don’t we all want a date with Tom?!).

        I grant that there is a great chemistry between Ich and Abbie but mostly because of their union in a dire situation (ala unite under adversity scheme). But I’ve thought Ichabod and Henry had wonderful dialogue and scenes together (of late of a whole different kind!). And he and Jenny have been sparkling too especially with Jenny’s snarky comments.

        And I agree that Katrina has been underwhelming but I think it’s due to how her role has been confined to exposition or warnings (not exactly a table for romantic hearts floating in the air). Whenever Ichabod lands in Purgatory with Katrina he’s too consumed with seeking answers…and not trying to figure out the idiosyncrasies and attitudes of the modern world.

        BUT I have glimpsed a great potential between Ichabod and Katrina in the scene when she manufactured a makeshift compass and tapped into her powers as a witch to locate the direction. Then Ichabod uttered “I married a witch. How cool…” And Katrina was dumbstruck what “cool” meant and he replied with something to the effect of “It’s a figure of speech. You’ll get used to it.”

        That interaction was an opening of how the writers could fashion the relationship Ichabod and Katrina into one of the memorable wife-husband teams on celluloid.

        A lot of fans loved Mison’s delivery of the line (when does he ever fail in his comedic spotlights?). But I don’t think I’ve come across others (even those who like Katrina/Katia) who appreciated Katia enhancing the scene for Mison .

        All in all I wish there wasn’t such a strong divisive faction with all the shipping business. It detracts from the show.

        • Angela says:

          Well said. I’ve always liked Katrina, even if I can understand the complaint some have about her role being a bit limited in the first season. I agree with you on the moment you note with the compass-there have been a few sweet moments here and there between them. And I’d love to see her role expanded next season, to have some more husband/wife moments.
          Considering how devoted Ichabod was and still is to his wife (he recreated a map of Purgatory just to try to find and rescue her! THAT is love), anyone who honestly expects him to just dump her and get together with Abbie right now is frankly setting themselves up for serious disappointment, I think. Even if he wasn’t attached to Katrina, they just finished their first season. It’s way too early to pair him and Abbie up romantically, if they ever do. They have to let their friendship continue to grow and breathe a little more first.
          I have absolutely no problem with people supporting a romance between Crane and Abbie-they’re very cute together, I can’t deny that one bit, and they had some powerful moments in the finale, too. I completely get why that pairing is popular. But slow down.

        • Alexandra says:

          If Tom and Nicole did “hook up” I don’t think that’s anyone’s business if you ask me. There are already tons of couples in real life that even look like Tom and Nicole, so it doesn’t really make sense for everyone worrying about something for a TV show when it happens in real life whether people like it or not.

          However, I agree the “shipping” does distract. This show is not a drama, it’s a fantasy/adventure show. It’s not about who’s prettier or who gets the “hottie”. A little romance doesn’t hurt, and I honestly would like to see Abbie and Luke get back together, but it’s not the sole premise of this show.

      • Jen says:

        Ok, let me ‘splain myself a little better. Ok first, am I Team Ichabbie? Yes. Do I want Ichabod to toss off his wife for her? No. Do I want them together right now? No. Can my mind be changed? Yes. Case in point: I am still a huge fan of Lost. At first I hated Sawyer and Juliette. That reveal was a WTF moment for me. However, they won me over. Why? Great writers telling an interesting story and two actors who sold it and totally changed my mind. In the end they rivaled Sun and Jin for my favorite couple on the show. Which brings me to Katrina. I spent all 13 episodes wanting to and trying to like her. I swear, I honestly want to like her. If the writers love her so much they could have worked in more for her to do or given me a real compelling reason to like her. In the end I feel like everything is the result of her poor and selfish decisions. I don’t understand why Ichabod loves her so much when in reality he doesn’t even know the true Katrina. And maybe neither do we. So, the writers have not given me a reason to care about her. And the acting, well we all know how brilliant Tom Mison is. The man has chemistry with inanimate objects for crying out loud! So why is every scene with Katrina so boring or lacking the spark he shared with everyone else? I think that every scene she is in shows that Katia Winter is way out of her league. She is either wooden or intimidated or just plain boring. A great actor can do a lot with a little and rise up to the level of those around them. If you really watch the scenes with Ichabod and Henry I notice the camera rarely cuts to her and even then it seems they used the same shot several times. Plus I am still not sure I believe her woe is me, make this sound as bad as possible so Ichabod will forgive me tale. Not sure she isn’t working for a different big bad not named Moloch. Not sure Ichabod isn’t bewitched. Maybe a different actress would have made a difference, I don’t know. Now, once they rescue her from Headless, quickly I hope, and all of them are in the same place, maybe my mind will be changed. Maybe the writers can make her interesting after all. But I don’t think so for the simple fact that she is a subpar actress. I will just have to wait and see. If I am proved wrong, I will admit it on the same pages that I am using to criticize her. In the end we’ll see who is right. Bottom line, if I am wrong I will say I am wrong.

    • Aimee says:

      What do you mean everything is her fault? No it isn’t.

      • Jen says:

        Every bad thing points back to every crappy or selfish decision she made. The Headless Horseman is the man she jilted. The second horseman is the son she abandoned. And saving her split up the only two people who can save the world.

    • Really says:

      I need to say this and get this off my chest. All you Ichabbie shippers hatred for Katrina is getting stupider and irritating by the minute. Katrina’s character will probably will be well developed in season 2. Everyone knows Ichabod is in love with Katrina and he went hell over backwards to try to get her out of purgatory. That scene when they had to burn the map and Ichabod was in the cabin by himself, he had tears in his eyes, because all he wants is his wife. I am glad Katrina is out of purgatory. That scene with him and Katrina is the woods with henry, he hugged her and seemed happy when he made that comment about being married to a witch. Just becayse you and some other people don’t like Katrina, that doesn’t mean half of the fans do. I hope they show a romance story between Ichabod and Katrina next season. I hope they keep Ichabod and Abbie relationship a friends.

  5. hello says:

    I really hope Jenny isn’t dead. Also the Henry-twist, didn’t see that coming. I did however think that when he protested when Ichabod burned the map that he couldn’t be trusted, but i thought that Moloch may have infected his mind when he touched Andy

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah…the map moment was when I realized the twist was going to be about him. I had heard the rumor that he was Jeremy, so once he protested about Ichabod burning the map, everything he said after that sounded suspicious. I am really hoping that we have a moment sometime next season where Jeremy/Henry begins to realize that his anger toward Ichabod is wrong. How could Ichabod protect him if he didn’t know he existed…oh yeah…and if he was dead? I want to think that at the moment when he was “cleansing” Ichabod of his sin, he saw the goodness in Ichabod. Now, his anger toward Katrina and her coven…..ehhhh….that one will be a little harder to work through.

  6. yay says:

    He bought more clothes? Is he being paid by the sheriff’s department? God I already miss this show!

  7. joseph says:

    hahaha you know we’re all casting Mother Mills in our heads right now!

  8. charlotte says:

    It’s going to be such a long wait till the fall!!! Sleepy Hollow was amazing. I can’t wait till season 2.

  9. Drew says:

    Katrina did say that a person could get out of purgatory once they were forgiven. I don’t know what it means to Abbie but it is another way out.
    Or, maybe they will send Jeremy in so that Abbie can get out.
    I worry about Jenny. She better not be dead. I also hope that if we meet their mother it isn’t an Alias moment. She doesn’t have to be anyone special. That is kinda expected at this point, isn’t it?

    • JohnD says:

      I worry for Jenny, because her death (and travel to the intermediary world of purgatory in death) would make a very elegant resolution to Abbie’s situation. Jenny arrives, forgives Abbie, and Abbie returns.

      Good plotting, but I’d miss Jenny!

      • Hannah says:

        I agree that that would make a very sad but ultimately neat escape plan but i really hope it doesnt happen! They could do it other ways though which would be much more pleasing! For example it would be nicer if her escape from purgatory could be more focused on her confrontation with mollock and more about her inner demons. i dont feels she has fully come to terms with what has happened in her life there are some areas she doesnt want to remember (like denying what she saw thus betraying jenny) and i think she doesnt forgive herself for that so maybe facing molloch will help her accept who she is and realise what happened to jenny wasnt anything she could have stopped. Plus i really like the character of jenny and feel she has much more to offer though i do conceed to why some people say that she isnt really needed anymore because we now have katrina who knows stuff which is kinda all that jenny was used for in the end which is a shame. Fall is gunna take waaay to long to come!

  10. Jenna says:

    I love Ichabbie, but I don’t want them together romantically. Part of the reason I love Ichabod is because of his eternal love for his wife, and his desire to be reunited with her. Now with their demon child, it makes that storyline even more intriguing. Hopefully, their love and marriage will survive.
    An awesome finale! Kudos to everyone involved.

    • KK says:

      Same, I enjoy Ichabod and Abbie as a friendship. Ichabod is so madly in love with his wife, and that’s what I root for. I hope they get to reunite and actually be together for a long while.

  11. Robert says:

    I wish they give Katrina more power next season,she must be getting tired of having to be rescued. I am confuse about what they said about Jeremy not coming out of the grave as a old man because that looked like John Noble being pulled out of the ground, and he did state it happened ten years ago which was the event that happened to Abby and her sister.

  12. Whatever says:

    Fantastic Finale! Did not see the demon sin eater son coming at all.
    Ichabod didn’t even know his wife was pregnant when he died and Henry still blames him .That sucks !
    The Fall seems so far away…

  13. Elliot says:

    Kurtzman and Orci need to decide if they want Ichabbie (and move Katrina out of the way), or quit leading us on. Their filming is what make us think it will happen, so if it’s not going to, the show better stop pretending it might. If Katrina of the improbably red hair is going to be in the present with them, and it’s a Ichy-Katrina lovefest, with Abbie sidelined, I have other show to watch instead.

    The Jeremy thing..annoying. So all the evil leads back to Mr. Crane? It ties things up too soap-opera neatly, too cliche’. I have adored this show since I laid eyes on it, but the finale’s end was a let down.OK, so the son isn’t Mulder’s wonder-baby, it’s Angel’s demon-baby Connor, BTDT. It’s less interesting to me to have it all in the family.

    • Angie says:

      I think the fact that Ichabod is married and in love with his wife tells you that Ichabbie is probably not gonna happen. No one was ever leading you on, you see what you want to see. If you watch just as a shipper, then perhaps you should find another show to watch.

      • Helena says:

        It is funny how some viewers have turned a supernatural fantasy tv show into a ride-or-die test to carry out their own desires or political POVs. I’ve seen some say that they are so disappointed (and there are more than a few who are downright mad and upset) at the direction of the story with Ichabod right in the middle.

        They want Abbie to have it all. SHE’S the one who should never end up with the short straw out of the draw. Mind you I think Abbie is a great character period as a foil to Ichabod. To top it off she’s darn plucky and resourceful. A man out of his familiar world needs somebody like that – whether it’s in the form of a woman, man or even a dog (dogs are smart too right?)

        Then I’ve seen those who are so wrapped up in their political attitudes that Ichabod’s rants about the social and political landscape offends their sensibilities. What? Where’s the tolerance for dissenting opinions? Especially where fictional characters are concerned.

        But more important…whatever happened to escapism? lol

        I love the show and am in awe of Tom Mison. But I can’t be invested like the hardcore Lost fans who pore over every little minutiae to figure out the mystery about the island (I was a Lost fan too). I check out all my deductive thinking and eye for details and just enjoy the wonderful performances and interactions among the players (even that moment between the female re-enactment participant and Ichabod was an absolute delight and that actress should somehow make a return!). (But I do hope they leave behind the ex-Mrs. Irving or recast her. That actress was awful and too stilted.)

        • Helena says:

          ” I’ve seen some say that they are so disappointed (and there are more than a few who are downright mad and upset) at the direction of the story with Ichabod right in the middle.”

          Aaah…lost my train of thought there and didn’t quite finish the sentence. I meant to say that those viewers are so disappointed and frustrated they have declared they would bail on the show.

          Somehow I wish they would cause that kind of bellyaching is tiresome. I enjoy more reading the insights some perceptive fans have been in predicting plot developments (even though I’m so out of it lol). But more than that I love the fans pointing out the amusing moments I missed the first…second…and repeated viewings. Or the brilliant acting touches Mison puts into his performances (as with his flicking fingers).

      • Nove1 says:

        I’d have to agree with Elliot in that the producers are indeed leading us on. I can’t help but remember what Kurtzman himself said just a few days before the premiere of Sleepy Hollow aired, he said there will indeed be a will they or won’t they. And he added “for sure”. They clearly wanted us to ship Ichabbie. Does that mean that they wanted anything romantic to happen between Abbie and Crane… maybe not. Maybe they always knew that it was not the route they wanted to take, but they definitely gave us reason to hope. And there were lots of little hints throughout the course of the season that supported this will they or won’t they theme. Not outright obvious signs, but several hints that contributed to make people hope (and coming from secondary characters of the show too, like Jenny, who made at least three references to something more than friendship between Abbie and Crane). The producers are clearly playing with that possibility. Why? Probably just because it “sells”. They know that it will draw more viewers in. I have no doubt that they genuinely care about their show, but they also have to make it successful.
        I consider myself an Ichabbie shipper. I do want them to get together (not anytime soon though). If we had been given absolutely no reason to want more than friendship between them, maybe I would have been ok with them being just friends. That being said, you can’t prevent people from shipping them. Tom and Nicole (and thus Abbie and Crane) have natural and obvious chemistry. That kind of chemistry – in ANY tv show, not just in Sleepy Hollow – would make some people want to ship them. It was inevitable. The thing that bugs me in that interview is the double-sided Kurtzman/Wiseman reply to that question about Ichabbie. If they want people to stop shipping them… fine. But then I want them to give us a clear, unambiguous answer, and I will stop shipping Ichabbie right away. Shipping a couple that has no chance of getting together is – in my opinion – too exhausting, and I would not be here for that.
        Just another thing I’d like to add. Some people do watch this show mainly because of the fact that they ship Ichabbie. That’s a fact. And that’s not something that they should be ashamed of. Everyone has their own reason(s) for watching a tv show. They should not stop watching or find another show to watch just because they ship Ichabbie. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the shippers were one of the main reasons why this show has had good enough ratings to be renewed for a second season…

  14. Alyssa says:

    Aww, man. I love Abbie and I really hope she can fight her own way out of purgatory. How awesome would that be! I hope Jenny, Andy and Luke will be back next season.

  15. alistaircrane says:

    TVLINE | Did you fear that fans would figure out Henry was Jeremy before that moment?
    WISEMAN | I did… We were looking at the final cut and there was one shot, a look of suspicion on Katrina once she comes out of Purgatory and is introduced to Henry. She says, “Oh yes, you’re the Sin Eater.” And she has a look on her face when seeing him that something’s not quite right. I was worried about that one.

    Yeah, that was the moment that tipped me off. I was surprised that he was War, though.

  16. Pat says:

    When I first watched this show, I was not sure if it would survive. Being a new show it can go either way, in this day and age. Anyway, from day one this show has had me hooked and I love it. My only regret is that the season was not extended, so I have to wait until Fall for the start-up. This show has truly become a hit especially with all the craziness and far fetched plots which I have come to love. I attribute this show becomming a hit do to all the actors that the Producer’s hired and they have all been fantastic, so Bravo to the Producer’s and the actors. So with that, I like everyone else who follows this show, will have to wait with baited breath. I just wish I was a witch for a brief moment, so I could twitch my nose and Fall would be here, already!

  17. Christine says:

    I think the desire that viewers have to pair two main characters together is beginning to ruin TV shows. It focuses so much attention to ‘What did that look mean’ or ‘When will they kiss’ that it diverts from the overall show. I like watching shows where two leads are the same sex because, most of the time, there isn’t a whole will they/won’t they.

    • Angie says:

      I agree. The shippers are usually the loudest fanbase, and when the writers start writing to please them, it ruins it. On Lost, they turned Kate from a badass to a yoyo between Sawyer and Kate, and it made me hate that show. Please SH writers, don’t ruin this brilliant show with that nonsense. I beg you!!

  18. yay says:

    I’m a huge Ichabbie fan. But I also don’t really want them together. I do hope they keep teasing us with the ichabbie moments though. This is what TV is all about. Keep us coming back for more. They little friendship is adorable. One of my fav moments is when she left him that voicemail. “I am respectfully ‘leftenant’ Mills”.

  19. Mikael says:

    I’m assuming that Jeremy did age, but slowly as a result of his pact with Moloch. I’m confused about the seal. Was he not War until he broke the seal? Another question? Isn’t Len Wiseman married to Kate Beckinsale in real life? I’d love for her to appear on the show. I’m also hoping for Katrina to not be a damsel in distress and develop her relationship with Ichabod more. I like him & Abby as really close friends.

    • Really says:

      I second that. This dislike for Katrina is getting irritating. Now there are a lot of angry Ichabbie fans that is not so pleased with the way the ending went. It seems they can’t handle Katrina being out of purgatory and feel it will ruin special screen time between Ichabod and Abby. They need to get over it and realize that Ichabod is in love with Katrina and never saw Abbie in a romantic way. Like you, I hope the writers do show more development with Ichabod and his marriage to Katrina. I don’t think she will end up a damsel in distress if she gets her powers back. I think that while she was in purgatory that might have stripped her from her powers, because she couldn’t do anything once she and Ichabod got out of purgatory at the ending.

      • Alexandra says:

        I don’t think any Ichabod/Katrina fans have to worry about Ichabod having “jungle fever” as it seems the lot of you are worried about. *sigh* Interracial relationships/marriages happen in the real world anyway whether you like or not! Just saying….

  20. Carrie says:

    I love all of the female characters on the show! I hope that they continue to be strong, powerful women in their own right, and that the fans can appreciate them as such.

  21. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t particularly care for the twist, but I’ll live with it. I hope that someone gets Abbie out of Purgatory. Jenny and/or Ichabod preferably. I’m also interested in not only seeing Abbie/Jenny grow in the next season, but getting to know their parents. It’s good stuff to explore, but please do NOT make them out to be more horseman. Honestly, it’s getting tiresome. Otherwise, I look forward to more Ichabbie in the next season. Should be quite interesting spin on things with others in the mix.

  22. clearhaven says:

    Lol I think Katrina is wonderful. She’s calm and pretty. The hate for her doesn’t make sense although I think it’s because the shipper’s just really want to Ichabbie to happen lol.

    Also, there was really nothing boring about her scenes. She was in purgatory for goodness sake! Was she supposed to hike her skirts and go running around kicking Mo’s ass?
    It’s obvious she felt she deserved to be there because of so many things that occurred due to her wrong choices. Choices she made out of good intentions! I believe in S2, we’ll see the real Kat functioning in a normal environment – the real world. Let’s not tag her as ‘evil’ or ‘boring’ until then.

    Team DontCareShip

    • Really says:

      Agree, what you said. But, you are going to have a hard time convincing people with your statement on giving Katrina a chance, know that she is out of purgatory. I know everyone is allowed to not like someone, but that does not mean that others hate her. This hate has been going on since the show started. It’s all the hardcore Ichabbie fans doing this shipping nonsense. People need to understand that Ichabod is in love with his wife and wants to be with her. Need that saying, they have their minds set up with this fantasy notion that the writers should hooked Ichabod and Abbie as a couple and throw Katrina under the bus like she does not exists. We all know that Katrina is barely seen on screen or giving a good storyline, but that draws the line for me. If i see a character that is underdeveloped and doesn’t have much interaction with the rest of the cast, i will defend that character. I like Katrina, i see alot of potential chemistry between her and Ichabod in that last scene in the woods when she tried to use her powers. I found that scene very cute when Ichabod says, i married a witch, cool. I want to see her character get her powers back and kick that horseman’s butt.

    • Alexandra says:

      Abbie is just as pretty in my opinion, and I’m not even black. It’s too bad that because of the way American society looks at black women that Abbie can’t also be seen as desirable. Abbie is a cop. She is trained to see and deal with certain things differently. And I don’t think that because a woman is a cop that means it takes away femininity. Abbie still does her hair, and shows emotion and care just as most women do. That being said, I’m sure if Abbie were to get dressed up for an occasion she would look quite lovely in a gown.
      This doesn’t mean that I think Abbie and Ichabod should be together. I like Abbie and Luke together in my opinion. And I think Abbie SHOULD have love in her life, on the contrary.

      I think that if Abbie and Ichabod were to be a teaser the writers wouldn’t have Ichabod and Katrina a married couple. They would have simply made them “betrothed”.

      • Chanelle says:

        I agree Alexandra, there is no reason to suggest that Abbie is interested in Ichabod romantically. If people paid attention they will see Abbie cares a great deal about the man being reunited with his wife (HELLO, she took Katrina’s place so she could leave purgatory with her husband).

        It seems people are trying to pin Abbie as some sort of potential Jezebel from “da hood” who will steal Ichabod away from Katrina. And I’m certain that’s not where the story will go. As far as a side romantic plot, I can see (am hoping), that Luke comes back so he can be with Abbie. I can even see the writers plotting a new male character who could be a potential love interest for Abbie, and to become another ally for the team.

        I hope people will get back to the fact that they are all a TEAM. none of this “soap opera” business.

        And yes, Abbie is just as pretty, at least to those who see beauty in different women… ;)

  23. frankIrving says:

    the finale really cool! the best part is, when they reveal who’s jeremy and Henry parish where i did realize sooner than that that Henry Parish is hard to trust yet no point to to put a curious. once Jenny thought of sign, yosh, its signboard and even the church look exactly same inside the purgatory. Honestly, so far, all 13 episode, i cant see any real romantic between Ichabod and Katrina. even the scene they were together for a while…slowly, the feelings of him loving her make me realized, “heck- why can’t i feel everything in them? love? their love like stick. Gimme the real feeling! the feeling when someone deeply miss and crazy about each other!! Katrina more like messenger to him” okay- whatever…need to wait the second season and see who’s going to show up saving them.

  24. Megan Schmidt says:

    I don’t want to rush summer. But can’t wait for season 2!!!! Such a great finale. Looking for exact premier date to mark my calendar.

  25. Aerin V says:

    It never occurred to me in the finale that Katrina would wonder about Ichabod and Abbies relationship. They’re the witnesses. They have to have a bond. I was a huge X Files fan and so I assumed I/A would be like Mulder and Scully. They were devoted to each other and had too much respect for each other to turn they’re relationship into something about sex or lust. Sleepy Hollow does resemble X Files in other ways too.

  26. Kroko83 says:

    I agree with Aerin V. I was also a huge X Files fan and the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie reminds me of the one between Mulder and Scully. I always kind of shipped Mulder and Scully but I didn´t want them to get together on the show because it would have changed the show too much and I didn´t want the show to become focused on a love story suddenly. It´s the same way for me with Sleepy Hollow. Well, Sleepy Hollow is partly love story (Ichabod and his wife) but I want the relationship between him and Abbie to remain the same – at least for a couple of seasons. I like the idea that a man and a woman can be close friends and have good chemistry and care a lot for each other without falling in romantic love.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with the Scully Mulder comparison. I wouldn’t mind a bit of romantic conflict between the two, but nothing that takes away from their overall relationship. As the producers said all along in terms of S&M they share a much deeper love, based on a kindred kind of spirit friendship.

      Just a really cool show that I love with characters I love.

  27. scully8 says:

    I loved that Crane bought more than one outfit at the reenactment. Just sayin . . .

  28. jimmie sprewell says:

    I really like the show, for me it was too short you should have made more shows and please do not get rid of Katrina I like her and all of the cast they are brillant together. I can’t wait till the second season and I hope there are a lot more seasons Pleasel; Jim.

  29. Chanelle says:

    I like the idea of Ichabbie but I feel it’s kind of unrealistic for the series at least right now. And contrary to what what most certain people think, I think Abbie is gorgeous, just as Katrina is. Both actresses are very attractive. Abbie is a cop. She does not wear dresses most of the time. To compare her to Katrina is complete nonsense in my opinion because they are two different women with unique qualities and beauty in their own ways. And I’m sure Abbie looks incredible in a dress!

    That being said, I adore the love and connection Ichabod has with Katrina as husband and wife. What they have done and gone through for each other really sends a good message out there.

    I personally would like to see Luke come back into the picture and be with Abbie. I’m probably the only one that thinks Abbie deserves love too, (as certain people tend to believe women like Abbie shouldn’t have nice things, especially like love). I would love to see Luke really team up with Abbie and both of them could bring back their romance and save the world together along with Ichabod and Katrina.

    My thoughts on the “shipping”.

    • Alexandra says:

      THANK YOU! I totally agree! It is silly to compare two different women especially with looks. America still can’t grasp that women of different races and backgrounds, can ALL be looked at as beautiful. There are very attractive people on the show including the men. ;)

      And I am with you on the Luke/Abbie story. I thought I was the only one! Glad to find another person who likes THEM at all, and THEM together!

      I hate that shows like this turn into a “who’s hotter/who gets the hero” war instead of looking at the fact that they are ALL a team!

  30. E. says:

    well lets see whats is going to happen, what if Ichabod gets tired of all Katrina’s lies?? maybe she do it to protect him but they still are lies just in one seasson he find like 3 lies or so dont count them lol but yeah i think its to short time for ichabbie, =)