Costume Drama: Sleepy Hollow's Tom Mison Dishes on Ichabod's Finale Look

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale Spoilers Ichabod ClothesWhatever else unfolds in the Sleepy Hollow season finale Monday night, star Tom Mison wants you to know one thing: Ichabod Crane will be snappily attired.

For the second Monday in a row, the Fox drama will put the Revolutionary War transplant in new knickers. After nearly a whole season in the same shirt, coat, trousers and boots, this is a big deal.

And so without further preamble, we present to you Mison’s unfiltered thoughts on the state of his alter ego’s threads, past and present.

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TVLINE | Let’s just talk about the skinny jeans.
[Bursts out laughing]

TVLINE | They looked painful.
They are painful. Boys shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.

TVLINE | You don’t have to tell a girl about how painful skinny jeans can be.
Do girls not like skinny jeans? I thought girls liked them.

TVLINE | No one likes them.
Well, why wear them?!

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TVLINE | Because sometimes they look really good! But in “The Vessel,” they just looked painful.
They were painful.

TVLINE | Were they as tight as they looked?
Well, I don’t own a single pair of jeans, let alone skinny jeans. So yes, there was no acting required when I sit down and grimace.

TVLINE | I noticed that in some photos from the finale, Ichabod has  a new “old” shirt and a new “old” pair of pants.
Yup. I can confirm that he has some new clothes. And it’ll make you laugh out loud again, I think.