Sleepy Hollow's Tom Mison, EP Len Wiseman Tease the Finale: 'We Don't Use 'Sacrifice' Lightly'

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale Spoilers Tom MisonYou’ve known it was coming, Sleepy Hollow fans. And you might think you’re ready. But when Monday’s season finale (8/7c) reaches its climax, says co-creator and executive producer Len Wiseman, the shock of one character’s choice might make you lose your head, anyway.

“We’ve said that there will be a sacrifice made,” Wiseman tells TVLine, adding that even “the audience, once they find out what’s happening in Purgatory, would be just as hard-pressed with the decision.”

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He adds: “You know that you would never sacrifice anyone you love, but when you’re faced with what they’re faced with in this episode, you would have to reevaluate if you would take somebody else’s life or not to get through what [the characters] are going to get through… We don’t use ‘sacrifice’ lightly.”

This is starting to sound dangerously like friends/partners/Witnesses-in-arms Abbie and Ichabod may have to give one another up for some terrible reason, no?

“Oh God, just you saying that breaks my heart,” star Tom Mison says, a pained look crossing his face. And yet, he doesn’t say no…

Mison and Wiseman offered plenty of scoop on what to expect as the Fox drama nears its first season conclusion. Read on for some more spooky teases from this week’s two-hour finale.

I CANNOT TELL A LIE | The “true” date of George Washington’s death, as well as the show’s take on what actually became of the first president’s body, will become a focal point in the season-ender. Wiseman says the idea arose when the writing staff learned that Washington’s body was buried at Mount Vernon in 1799 and later moved from its original resting place. “There’s something there that just doesn’t fit,” he adds. It made the scribes think: “How does that tie into our mythology, and what could we possibly gather from that mystery?”

WHO’S THE TRUE WITNESS? | What about the idea – recently raised by series co-creator Roberto Orci and seconded by several TVLine readers – that we don’t know exactly who the two Witnesses are? “That’s the good thing about the show, that it makes people think,” Mison says. “Every time we give an answer, there’s always a question with it.” Yes, but back to who’s actually destined to stand against the apocalypse? The finale has “lots of discussion about the Witnesses,” Mison says, laughing. “I can confirm there are two of them. The Bible was correct.”

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HORSE FORCE | Wiseman confirms what Orci told TVLine a few weeks back: The Horseman of War will make an appearance during the finale.

THE (DAMNED) GANG’S ALL HERE | Katrina, tidy up the hell dimension, because you’re about to have some guests. “We travel to Purgatory,” Wiseman previews, and we’re pretty sure he’s using “we” in the Witness sense. “I think it will be a surprise of who survives that and who doesn’t. It’s not what people are going to expect.” On a related note, sin eater Henry Parrish also will be on hand when the supernatural hits the fan; Mison says Crane and Parrish’s “bonds are strengthened even through the finale.”

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BIG DADDY CRANE | The finale also introduces Crane’s father, played by Alias‘ Victor Garber. As we learned at the end of “Sanctuary,” Ichabod’s “got this real father complex,” Mison says. “He turned his back on his family and his country to go and fight in the Revolutionary War – on the wrong side. And so that comes back into play: Ichabod’s drive to please his father, above anything, being a real albatross around his neck. That’s where Victor comes in.” Mison also had just about the highest praise a British actor can have for a Canadian one: “He does a perfect English accent. Absolutely spot-on. I wouldn’t have guessed that he wasn’t English.”

THE SON ALSO RISES? | “People rarely die,” Mison says when the topic of Ichabod’s long-lost (and kinda sorta dead) son comes up. “Jeremy will absolutely be addressed.” Wiseman elaborates: “Jeremy will be there in presence for all of us to go, ‘Holy s—t!'”