Might Sleepy Hollow's Jenny - and Not Abbie - Be a Witness? EP Roberto Orci Says Perhaps

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Spoilers Jenny WitnessRight from the start, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has been fond of reminding us that two Witnesses – prophesied by the Bible’s Book of Revelation – are destined for a seven-year fight against the forces of darkness.

But the show never guaranteed that Abbie and Ichabod were the two, did it?

The popular drama gallops back tonight for its last episode before next week’s two-hour season finale. The hour, titled “The Vessel,” finds both Macey Irving and Jenny Mills in some seriously demonic trouble and tees up what series co-creator Roberto Orci calls a “juicy” season-ender.

Even more interesting: “You may even come to question whether or not [Jenny] is one of the two Witnesses… or whether or not it’s Abbie,” Orci tells TVLine.

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During the installment, the evil spirit that’s been bird-dogging Capt. Irving’s daughter ups its game, forcing Abbie and Ichabod’s boss to ask for the duo’s help. As Crane and the leftenant search for answers, they stumble upon something very disturbing – and very close to home – in Corbin’s files. (Spoiler alert! If you can’t wait to find out exactly what we mean, watch this video.)

Orci says the episode will allow us to better understand Lyndie Greenwood‘s Jenny. “The trauma of having seen Moloch with Abbie as children was only the beginning for her,” he previews. “Abbie got off on a different track because she was not willing to tell the truth about what she saw. Meanwhile, Jenny continued to experience things with the supernatural that Abbie is now catching up to.”

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Just as the other Mills sister’s past becomes more clear, the question of which sibling is fated to fight by Ichabod’s side turns murkier. “You’re going to find out that she went on a lot of adventures that may be what Abbie is going through now,” Orci adds.

Do you think Jenny might be the true Witness? Got predictions for the finale? Sound off in the comments!