Why'd Castle Keep a Secret? Originals Adds Sexy Zip? What's the Skinny on Ichy? And More TV Qs

Enlisted300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and Nashville!

1 | Enlisted simply has to get someone from the military comedy Stripes to guest-star, right? (That’s the fact, Jack!) Or did the show give you a pleasantly M*A*S*H-like vibe, instead?

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2 | Did you hear that 10 percent of the Golden Globes telecast was spent watching winners walk to the stage? Think maybe you can lay out the seating better, Beverly Hilton?

3 | After everything that’s happened, why would Revenge‘s Emily just accept Victoria’s word that her shooting rendered her infertile? Shouldn’t she have at least read the (possibly fake) doctor’s note?

4 | On The Good Wife, when exactly did Cary have time to orchestrate that elaborate Paisley Group ruse — including the drink-spilling and the misleading text from Robyn — when he had no idea Kalinda was even going to be at the bar?

5 | Did Matthew McConaughey’s gaunt frame JAE JUNG, STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONdistract you a bit from True Detective‘s disturbing murder case?

6 | So, are Castle fans to believe that Rick shared with Kate almost nothing of substance from last season’s kidnapping/ Paris storyline? Also, “a friend” wants to know: What is it that “flexible” Beckett can lift….?

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7 | Why did Sleepy Hollow‘s Abbie and Ichabod automatically assume that George Washington had written the date in his Bible after he reportedly died? And was it just those jeans, or does Tom Mison have much skinnier legs than you would have thought?

8 | Did it seem like The Fosters‘ Brandon dropped that “I love Callie!” a little too soon?

The Bachelor9 | What was more visually alarming during The Bachelor this week: The creepy “stylist” guy’s unexplained turquoise goatee or Renee and Victoria’s bare feet in a public restroom during the latter’s drunken meltdown?

10 | Where can we order a pool table with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the felt?

11 | Do you think Trophy Wife reaped any complaints to the FCC based on the stunning length of Kate’s (hilarious) bleeped-out tirade after Warren and Hillary destroyed her iPhone?

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The Originals12 | How did Supernatural‘s Dean and Sam manage to stay dry during their episode-ending convo in the rain?

13 | Which was sexier: The Originals‘ Elijah zipping up or unzipping Hayley dress? (We vote the latter.)

14 | Is the moral of the Killer Women story that trumpeting “From Executive Producer Sofia Vergara!” does not move the ratings needle?

15 | How did CBS’ Person of Interest and CSI decide whose airplane-centric episode got to use the “Fasten… Your… Seatbelt!” promo line? And speaking of the former…

16 | How many passengers, exactly, did Person of Interest‘s Reese beat-down or otherwise KO in first class without anyone on the plane noticing? And ever since POI killed off Officer Simmons, isn’t it jarring to see Robert John Burke in uniform as Law & Order: SVU‘s Sgt. Tucker?

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17 | Come, now — would Arrow‘s Sebastian Blood really have held a public, outdoor rally knowing a terrorist threat was looming? And can we hope that’s the last we’ll see of Diggle demoted to Referee for the Lovebirds?American Idol Premiere Ratings

18 | Is Nashville‘s lawyer lady officially and without a doubt the most disposable character on TV right now? And couldn’t the show have coaxed Kelly Clarkson into singing a line or two?

19 | Why couldn’t American Idol‘s J.Lo have simply kept quiet and let Harry Connick Jr. finish his explanation of the pentatonic scale during the Season 13 premiere, rather than interrupting him to say he would scare audiences with so much knowledge?

20 | When will Pawn Stars‘ Chumlee learn how to talk around his new, startlingly white veneers?

21 | The cheeky way Aisha Tyler introduced presenters at the CriticsWhatsPopN Choice Movie Awards — amusingly irreverent and un-stuffy, or just a bit cringe-worthy?

22 | TVLine reader Iakovos wonders: Shouldn’t ABC repeat Season 1 of Mistresses on Fridays or Saturdays in late winter or spring as a way to build excitement for its sophomore run?

23 | Pop quiz: Which kills more brain cells: A night of blackout drinking or a few minutes of The View‘s “What’s Pop’N With Sherri & Jenny”?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!