Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Glee, Big Bang, New Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary and More

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Question: You were on the Grey’s Anatomy set yesterday — what did you find out? —Constance
Ausiello: Well, I stepped foot on several new, potentially permanent sets — one of which will be a major plot point later this season for a longtime couple. Also, something happens in Episode 15 that required Jessica Capshaw to have a stunt double.

Question: Are we going to meet the POTUS that phoned Derek in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? —Megan
Ausiello: Nope. He will remain an off-camera presence for the foreseeable future (which means I can continue pretending his name is Fitz Grant).

Question: Any chance I can get an update on Almost Human‘s renewal chances? —Megan
Ausiello: Good timing. I literally just updated our 2014 Renewal Scorecard with some fresh Human intel.

Question: Did you get to talk to the Bones cast at the FOX TCA party last night? What can you tease about the second half of this season? —Amelia
Ausiello:  A resolution to Hodgins’ cash-flow issues appears to be on the horizon, but there’s a twist! “He’s not going to get his money back, but that doesn’t mean he doesnt come up with a way to make money,” teases series creator Hart Hanson. “Hodgins finds out that the blood of entrepreneurs and job creators is in him, whether he likes it or not.”

Question: I, like you, am growing quite fond of The Crazy Ones. Any cool scoop you can share? —Robyn
Ausiello: It’s going to be raining Keanellys this spring when the rookie comedy introduces us to Andrew’s six tough, hard-drinking, Irish sisters.

Question: On Sleepy Hollow, I didn’t understand why Abbie and Ichabod automatically assumed that George Washington had written in his Bible after his death. Did I miss something? –Andy
Ausiello: TVLine put that exact question to Ichabod himself, Tom Mison, who had this answer: “This is Sleepy Hollow, and it’s in hidden ink, in Washington’s Bible that was buried with Ichabod. My spoiler is: Yes, something weird is going on.” (Now imagine that in Crane’s clipped accent, and you’ll feel exactly as stupid as we did when he schooled us.) BONUS SCOOP: Nicole Beharie describes the Jan. 20 Season 1 finale thusly: ” It’s clandestine… gory…  surprising…. and passionate.” Word on the street is it also leaves viewers with a big question.

Darth Vader The Big Bang TheoryQuestion: The force is with you, Aus, for bringing us the scoop on The Big Bang Theory‘s big Star Wars episode. Well done. Now tell us what leads Sheldon to cross paths with Darth Vader and Princess Leia. —Diego
Ausiello: A Comic-Con crisis sets the stage for the epic run-in. “The guys for the first time get locked out of getting Comic-Con tickets and they’re not going to be able to go,” explains exec producer Steve Molaro. “So Sheldon sets out to start his own new comic book convention and is hell-bent on getting an A-list panelist. If he gets one, it will be a real convention, and he sets his sights on the voice of Darth Vader.” (And where Vader goes, Leia follows.)

Question: I hear something big happens between Sheldon and Amy in Big Bang‘s Valentine’s episode. Know anything? —Joyce
Ausiello: Molaro confirms that the slow-burn couple “have quite a moment” in the installment, which finds Sheldon/Amy and Howard/Bernadette enjoying a romantic double date on a train to nowhere. Elaborates fellow EP Bill Prady: “We keep dealing with the immovable object that is Sheldon and the irresistible force that is Amy, and inch-by-inch she moves things along.”

Question: Got anything on New Girl? —Craig
Ausiello: Apologies if this is already out there — the perfect storm of the Golden Globes and the TCAs leaves very little time for me to Google stuff — but I hear Winston is going to become a police officer later this season. Pretty ingenious move on the show’s part, if you ask me.

Question: Sam is going to New York to be a male model, Artie is going to film school — but what is Blaine going to do in the Big Apple? —Trip
Ausiello: Maybe spend some time with his fiancé? “I could be nuts, but I feel like if you get engaged to someone you should probably be with them,” Darren Criss says with a laugh. “I don’t know if they’ll live together, but that would be cool. That’s a big step, a big change for any couple. It presents a whole new set of rules.”

Question: Any Watson-related Elementary scoop? Please? —Henry
Ausiello: Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 15. “A small-ish case that Joan picks up on the side forces her to share with Sherlock a little bit more of her family history and life,” shares EP Rob Doherty. “It’s an episode with a few quieter scenes in the brownstone, and it brings a few things to the surface.” Can we get a few examples? “We’ll find out where the name Watson came from,” teases Doherty, “and we will learn a little bit more about her father.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about The Middle sending Frankie directly to jail later this season? What she do? —Karen
Ausiello: Dummy neglected to return Brick’s overdue book to the library — or so we’re led to believe. Suffice it to say there’s more to the story. (Get it? Book? Story? Oh, nevermind.)

The Mindy ProjectQuestion: Just wondering if you have any Danny/Mindy-related Mindy Project gossip to share? The chemistry between the two of them is amazing! —Lisa Marie
Ausiello: Do not miss next week’s episode. Trust me.

Question: Got any Patrick/Nolan-related Revenge scoop? —Tommy
Ausiello: A guy from Nolan’s past will turn up later this season, and he sounds like trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for Prison. His name is Javier, he’s an accomplished hacker just like Nolan, and he’s on parole from the clink. He also needs a place to crash, and wouldn’t you know, he lists Nolan’s killer crib as his house-arrest address. Casting for the recurring, twentysomething role is underway.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)